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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 79)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zeee

oh no khushi! hope arnav looks after her! ;)
love the arhi scenes, but not enough!lol

ofcourse ... he ll b thr arnd her ...
arhi scenes not enuf ??? OuchOuchOuch ... someone's jes getting a lot more greedy ShockedShocked

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FebruaryFlower

Loved the update Nishi!
It was absolutely fab!
The garden scene was so cute!
I loved the way Khushi told Arnav that he should be a botany lecturer...made me laugh!!
Arnav's scene with Anjali was great to read too.
Looking forward to the next installment.
Thanks for the PM!!

thank you soo much FebFlower ... glad you liked this update Smile

I know ... garden scene ... it came out of the blue ...
I know guys who jes get nervous and blabber ... abt their interests ... some talk of electrical circuits , some sports , some gadgets ... D'oh ...
new name naa - Botany lecturer ... WinkWink

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by littlemoi

omg hope khushi is well!!
continue soon!!

she will be littlemoi ...
don worry Smile
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Smileyface

omggg what an awesome ff!!
i love ittt!!!
totally love the whole revelation of slimy shyam! he deserves to rot in hell! what a jerk!
didn't see that coming!!! but awww...i really like this kaajal! shes funny! 
my fav part (apart from the ArHi scenes ofcourse) is definitely the friendship between laad governor kaka (arnav)  and kaajal bitya!! 
I love how shes playing cupid between the two of them...thats awesome!!!
Loved the whole Plant talk between ArHi!
aww no poor khushi..what happened to herrr?!?!?!?
its okie...arnie boy is there to comfort her so im sure she will be fine...looking forward to them bonding <333
AWW u have to add more ArHi scenes!!! i wana see more arhiii!!!!!
i love this ff!
it is awesome!!
(yeah i know i said that already...but ur just that good that i wanna say it again hehehe)
oh and i think u should give up on those new chappals/sandals/shoes...ur not getting any hahahaa!

and i believe u already did but just in case...please PM me when u update hehe..and continue sooonnn!!


ps: i know i reserved a post earlier...but i forgot and posted this instead lol! hehehe

first of all - boohooo CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry ... for no shoes ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...

sec of all - this is one of the sweetest comments I have got EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
wow !!! I had got another liker of my KJ ... Big smileBig smileBig smile

thanks a lot for that dear ...

now coming to the FF ...
yup ... Khushi has a twin and now a whole bandwagon of a family LOLLOLLOL ... n she z infact richer than ASR ... WinkWink... so no aukaat , haisiyat n bla bla talks from him ...
n KJ is the eviler twin amongst the two ... a devilish angel ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...
I am tryin to make sure these three cannot be apart from each other ... Smile ... so most of the times in my FF , you will find these three together ,fighting ,bickering or working ...
and mor ArHi scenes will be incrementally increasing per part WinkWink

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sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
NO! neva! i'm throwing my OLDEST jootis at you!

how could you????? MORE ARHI!!! next time, you better get me some more drama okay! esp. between arhi! 

not fair. here i am, softly sobbing away into my pillow because of you! Cry

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nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharneil92

NO! neva! i'm throwing my OLDEST jootis at you!

how could you????? MORE ARHI!!! next time, you better get me some more drama okay! esp. between arhi! 

not fair. here i am, softly sobbing away into my pillow because of you! Cry

nahiii ... (total KKG ishtyle from the Dhabba scenes) LOLLOLLOL ... OLDEST jootis ?? ShockedShockedShocked ...

ArHi scenes aayenge dear ... zaroor ayenge ... and DRAMA ??? you will find more drama in this part Evil Smile ...

Awww baby ... am soo sorry for spoiling ur pillow EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...

cholly Smile

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nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Part 22 :

There ... stood in front of him ... Khushi whose eyes spoke of unseen horror ... tears flowing out of them ... gasping for breath while she muttered words inaudible to anyone ...shaking and shivering horribly out of control ...sweating profusely... holding on to Arnav for dear life ...asthough some one would lurk out of the shadows and take out her life ...


Arnav – Khushi !!! (shaking her a bit) ShockedShocked... Khushi ... kya hua ??? ... Khushi !!! (he panicked since she didnt respond to his calling) ...


Arnav tried to move to get help , but Khushi held on to his hands very tightly ,although unaware of it . He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do . she looked petrified as if she had seen a ghost . He couldn't leave her alone , nor could he make her stand here in the rain. She already looked tired and unwell compared to 4 years back and god only knew what would happen if she fell ill now . using all his strength he yelled , "KAAJAL !!!! ... DIII !!! ... " ...


Kaajal being the nearest, rushed to see her sister and Arnav at the other side of the glass door . She managed to push the jammed door and came near them . She was still trying to take in what was happening to her sister and planning what to do next , suddenly Khushi's legs gave in and she collapsed on the floor. Khushi became totally numb and cold all of sudden . The terror and restlessness still on her face. Arnav tried his best to reduce the impact of falling .Kaajal tried cradling her sister in an attempt to calm her down ,"Khushi ... shhh ... kuch nahi hua ... dekho ... hum sab yahi hai ... " .

Kaajal looked helplessly at Arnav ,when he decided that its better to move Khushi inside the room. He scooped her trembling body and placed her on his bed. She still clutched on to his hands. Kaajal sat next to her and hugged her sister, placing Khushi's head on her chest and trying to calm her like a mother would calm her child. That was when both Arnav and Kaajal heard faint voices from Khushi's mouth ... "maa ... nahi ... amma ... " . For a moment Kaajal looked asthough she was struck by lightning but she came back to her senses soon and started patting Khushi assuring her that she was here and she need not worry about anything.


Kaajal – (to Arnav) ... can you please call bhabs and get my mobile ?? ...


Arnav nodded and using the intercom called his sister and the rest of the people in the hall and informed them the situation. He also told them to not hoard into his room , since it would panic Khushi more. It was Anjali and Priya who rushed to his room . Priya quickly took Kaajal's place next to Khushi ,while Kaajal took her mobile to make some calls . While Anjali , took Arnav's place , Arnav went near Kaajal who maintained a calm composure while talking to someone.


Kaajal – I don't understand sunny ... why now all of sudden ?? ... I thgt aapne kaha tha ki she would be fine after her sessions with you ... yeah ... can you come to India ?? please ??? ... she needs you ... I need you bhaiya ... yeah ... I know ... no ... I haven't yet given her any dosage of Ativan(tranquilizer) ... yeah mere paas rehta hai ... but no ... I wont ...aapne kaha tha unless it is very necessary, we need not give it to her ... ya ... bye ... meet you soon ... (looking at Arnav) ... Sunny Bhaiyaa ... he is a psychiatrist ... Khushi ke unke saath sessions the London mai ... so that she doesn't suffer from PTSD ... I am not understanding anything ... kya hua hai isse ... woh bhi ab ??? ... (she broke down, Arnav placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder) ... I cant see her like this ... Khushi nahi toot sakti ... kabhi nahi ...

Arnav – you need to be next to her ... (she nodded and they entered the room) ...

Kaajal – NOOO !!!! ... no ways bhabhi ... I am not giving her that ... (she went ahead and snatched the injection of Ativan from her bhabhi) ...

Priya – par Kaajal ... abhi ... is waqt ke liye wohi sahi hai ... she needs to calm down ...

Kaajal – no bhabhi ... (in a final tone) ... I have seen the effects of this (showing the injection) on people ... mai apne behen ko un logo jaisa nahi dekhna chahti ...

Priya – (now losing her cool) ... toh kya chahti ho ??? ki woh isi tarah raatbhar tadapti rahe ??? ... Kaajal ... hum bhi Khushi se pyaar karte hai ... dushman nahi hai hum uske ... so jaayegi toh theek ho jaayegi ... Sunny ne bhi wohi kaha hoga na ...

Kaajal – no ... aur yeh decision mai loongi ki ab use kyaa dena hai aur kya nahi ... kyunki I am the only one who is related by blood to her at this moment ...

Priya – (gasped) Kaajal !!!!...

Kaajal – sorry bhabhi ... par aapne aur koi chaara nahi choda ... mai chahe toh raat bhar iske saath baithoongi ... isse sambhalungi ... humari wajah se kisiko koi takeleef nahi hogi ... (she went ahead and cradled Khushi to comfort her shivering body) ... aur is waqt mai iss baare mai koi behes nahi karna chahti ... (she told in a decisive tone) ...

Arnav – I think ... aap sabko neeche jaana chahiye ... (everyone nodded and left) ... (to Kaajal) I guess ... I ll change and come back ... (he took out a towel and handed that to Kaajal so that she could dry Khushi's hair lest she fell ill and thankfully since Arnav had shielded her from rain , her clothes weren't wet)

Kaajal – thanks ... (she gave a weak smile) ...


 After some time , when it had stopped raining and Khushi had been silenced to sleep by Kaajal and Payal , Arnav entered his room .

Arnav - how is she ?? ... tum chaho toh yehi ruk sakti ho ...

Kaajal - (still holding Khushi's hand) ... so rahi hai ... but I guess hume ab nikalna chahiye ... not to sound rude , but it would be better if she wakes up in her room than here ... (looking at Arnav's confused expression, she placed Khushi's hand on her stomach and indicated him to come out) ... Maine Sunny se baat ki ... he told us it would be better for her to wake up in known surroundings which wont confuse and stress her mind more ... But I still am not able to understand ... after every precaution we took 2 years back , after she had taken sessions for PTSD ... ab kya hua ?? ...

Arnav - I donno ... ek minute pehle woh baat kar rahi thi ... then baarish shuru hua ... we were rushing inside ... power gaya and when it came back in a minute ... I see her like this ...scared ... jaisi koi bhayanak cheez dekh liya ho ... Mujhe pata tha ki usse andhere se darr lagta hai ...isiliye uske saath tha ... par ...

Kaajal - I dont think yeh andhere ki wajah se hai ... moreover shez not scared of darkness anymore ... (Arnav looked at her surprised) ... uske liye bhi sessions liye the ... for overcoming her phobias ... but ... (she went to her thinking mode staring at nothing in particular with a serious expression) ... anyways ... sunny and muskaan toh kal tak aa jaayenge ... till then ... everything has to be in control ... (it looked like she told that command to herself than him) ... and btw ... am so sorry that you had to see this at ur place ...

Arnav - dont be ridiculous Kaajal ... she is more important ... (he added unknowingly) ...

Kaajal - WHAT ???? ...

Arnav - (coming back to senses) ... Kya hua ?? I just told its OK ...

Kaajal - Really ??? ...

Arnav - yeah ... (trying to change the topic) ... anyways ... tum use kaise le jaaogi ?? ... usse uthana toh padega ...

Kaajal - That i dont want to ... I meant I dont want her to wake up now ... but may be hume usse uthana hi padega ...

Arnav - nahi ... uski koi zaroorat nahi hai ... (he went and lifted the sleeping Khushi effortlessly as always ,making Kaajal give him a look) ... what ??

Kaajal - looks like you are an expert at lifting or holding her ... (she smirked for the first time after 3 hours) ...

Arnav - and mujhe laga tha ki shayad tum serious ho ...

Kaajal - sadu ... Main serious hoo life mai ... but itna bhi nahi ki mai zindagi jeena bhool jaao ...


Arnav placed Khushi carefully in the backseat with her head resting on Kaajal's lap and Priya sat in front in the passenger seat ,since Arnav decided to drop them home . He drove carefully making minimum use of brakes ,so that it would not disturb Khushi . Once they reached Mehra's place , he again lifted Khushi and entered the house with Kaajal and Priya . Once , she was placed in her cozy room , what followed was too much of worried talks and looks of anxiety at Khushi,who seemed to be oblivious to the surroundings. It had started to rain heavily once again.


Nani - Mujhe lagta hai aapko aaj raat yehi ruk jaana chahiye (to Arnav) ... Priya ... guestroom tayyar karwa dena ... (seated next to Khushi with her hand brushing her Grand-daughter's hair lovingly ) ... aur aap log khana khaa lijiye ... mujhe pata hai ki aapmaise kisi ko khane ka mann nahi hai ... par yeh mera hukum hai (before anyone would protest) ... fikar mat karo ... main gudiya ke paas rahungi (she told her son Girish,her daughter-i-law Hema and Kaajal in particular) ... jaao ...


Arnav called up home and informed them about the arrangement for the night. He assured a clearly worried Anjali ,Payal and Nani that Khushi was better. After a quiet dinner which was new to the Mehra household ,almost everyone moved to their rooms ,except a small boy who was busy throwing tantrums , "Nahi ... mujhe Khushi bua ke saath sona hai ... " .


Priya - Neal !!! ... bua ki tabeeyat kharaab hai beta ... unko rest lena hoga naa ...

Neal - nahi ... !!! mujhe Khushi bua hi chahiye ... (he pouted and sat down on the sofa with arms crossed,making Priya's temper rise)

Kaajal - (coming to the rescue with Arnav tagging along with her)...Bhabs you know what ?? isko Khushi ke saath aaj rehne do ...

Neal - (delighted with a huge grin) sacchi ... (Priya glared at them) ...

Kaajal - haan ... toh kya hua agar Khushi bua ki tabeeyat aur kharaab ho jaayegi ??? ... toh kya hua agar Neal ko bhi bukhaar ho gaya ?? waise bhabs ... aaj doctor uncle ne bua ko injection diya tha naa ... kaafi bada injection tha naa ???

Neal - (now a bit scared) Injection ??? (making his eyes bigger) ...

Kaajal - haan ... woh bhi Itna bada (making a huge gesture) ... aur woh bhi teen teen ... '

Neal -(gulping) teen ... ???

Kaajal - haan ... ab tum kal beemar padoge toh tumhe bhi teen injection lena padega na (she said making a sad face) ...

Priya - haan ... woh bhi ek hafte ke liye ...rozzz... (smirking at her son's fear) ... ab Neal injection se thodi na darta hai ... kyun Neal ?? chalo ... ab bua ke paas chalte hai ...

Neal - (started to cry) ... naaaiii .. mujhe nahi jaana ... mujhe injection nahi lena ... mai mai ... kal bua se milunga ... mammaaa ... (Priya lifted him and tried to console him)

Kaajal - OK OK ... ab rona mat ... waise bhi water shortage ka problem hai humare country mai ...

Neal - good nite bua !!! ...(he kissed her cheek)

Kaajal - Good nite handsome(she kissed him back)... n don call me bua (she added in a lil irritated tone) ... it sounds soo auntyish ... (priya rolled her eyes and took her son to his room) ... KIDS !!!! ...

Arnav - good nite Kaajal ... (he was trying to walk past her when she held his left arm and made him turn) ...What the !!!

Kaajal - not so soon sadu ... I need to talk to you ... In the balcony ... n don worry ... its protected from the rain ... (she pulled him there) ...

Arnav - bolo ??

Kaajal - main nahi tum bolo ... (Arnav had a big question mark on his face) ... (rolling her eyes) ... what the hell is going on between you and Khushi ??? ... kya pakk raha hai tum dono ke beech ?? ...

Arnav - (turned around trying to avoid her eyes) ... what ?? kuch bhi toh nahi ...

Kaajal – your lying ...

Arnav – No I am not ...

Kaajal – comeon ... don even try to lie to me ... I have proof ... your not meeting my eyes when speaking ... when I asked you the question ,your eyes were shocked and you lowered your gaze ... then you turned ur back on me ... you placed ur hand inside your pocket which signifies you are hiding something ... and lastly there is a significant change in ur tone when you answered my question ... n adding to it , it was without any confidence ...

Arnav – (shocked and turned towards her) ... Unbelievable ... tum kya mujhe interrogate kar rahi ho ??

Kaajal – its just Psych 101 , and topic change karne ki koshish bhi mat karo ...

Arnav – (trying to dodge the topic) ... you know ... you are much smarter than what people give you credit for ... jabse mai tumse mila hoon ... I always felt you to be easy-going , a bit intelligent and but a rebel ...

Kaajal – I know ... and I even know ki tum topic change karne ki koshish kar rahe ho ... back to  the topic ... what is it that you are trying to hide ??? ... (she looked into his eyes as if reading his mind ) ... I want to know everything that happened between you and Khushi ...

Arnav – aisa kuch nahi hua ...

Kaajal – really ?? ... whom are you trying to fool Arnav ??? Me or yourself ??? ... My bet is both ... and moreover ... you think mai information dhoond nahi sakti ??... if anything I take pride in ... its in my ability to dig into facts and get the truth out ... no matter how shielded or old it is ... and bina reason ke , meri behen , jo kisi ladke ko ghaas nahi daalti , ek poore company ke,which btw belongs to you , day to day activities ko follow nahi karti ... is there no reason why you two behave differently around each other ?? there is no reason for the awkwardness you guys share ?? ... is there no reason why you stare at her ,as if nothing else exists in the world?? there no reason that *you* were the last person whom she bid farewell to.. while leaving from Lucknow two years back ??? ... or is there no reason that you can distinguish between me and Khushi pretty easily ,considering the fact that except Minnie no one else even in my family can do that ??? is there no reason that she held on you for support and comfort when she was petrified ??? or bina reason ke Arnav Singh Raizaada , who has a reputation of not caring for anything is staying at my place ?? and bina kisi reason ke ... ur are in *High Alert* mode ,trying to safeguard Khushi from anything that can harm her ,including her lack of co-ordination of limbs and brain at times ...I am not accusing of anything or judging you by anything ... I am giving you a chance as a friend to tell me the facts ... which whether you like it or not ... I *will* find out ... today or tomorrow is the only question ...


Arnav – (shocked and giving up since there was no use denying anything that had happened between him and Khushi )...Fine !!! ... I will tell you everything ... but I don't want you to judge me by my past and I don't want to lose the only friend I have made in the recent years ... and most importantly ... I don't want you to tell any of this to Khushi !! ... (she nodded)


Arnav gave a detailed information of each and every event that occurred with Khushi and him .How they met , how they hated each other, how she ended up working at AR & at his place,Shyam fiasco etc ... Ofcourse , he tried to mellow down the diwali night sequence by omitting the almost kiss and conveniently omitted the part of his feelings towards Khushi . Kaajal patiently listened to him , with a unbiased expression as if she was reading an interesting novel.


Kaajal – OK ... Although totally weird ... I still don understand ... kyun tum log aise behave karte ho ... ek doosre k aas paas ... (after around 5 minutes of eerie silence, she gasped) ... OMG !!!!

Arnav – Kya hua ???

Kaajal – (she looked intently into his eyes,with a slight confusion) ... you LOVE her !!!! ... (Arnav looked stunned at Kaajal)

End of part 22

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Hey ppl ...

I have posted the 22nd part of the FF ...

Hope you like it ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I know ... I know ... not much ArHi , but see ... I did put Khushi into his arms .EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... and the best of all ... Kaajal came to know !!!!!! Big smileBig smileBig smileWinkWinkWink ...

I know you guys want to know what's happening to Khushi , but I cannot reveal it soo soon ... It's gonna be a HUGE stuff !!! and will change her to certain extent ...

OK ... enuf of spoilers ...

As usual ... plzzz do lemme know ur views abt this part via comments...
Any ideas/suggestions are always welcome ...

and plzzz don forget to "LIKE" the post if you like the update ...

and I am all game for new jootis/chappals/sandals ... u can add in boots too now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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