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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 69)

tina_1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:00am | IP Logged
amazin part...kj is sooo cute i luv d way she talks to sadu sooo cute

007jindal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Nishi pls upd soon. I want to read it b4 sleeping
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Part 20 :

What the one speaks to Arnav Singh Raizaada like thatAngry ... and what did she mean by his stare was creepy like serial killersConfused ... oh !! wait she knew he had stared at Khushi ???Ouch Oh no !! ... the room was filled with most of his family ... did Nani or Dii or Mamu realize ... ?? ... shit !! what if they did ??ShockedShockedShocked This hit his panic button ... then he calmed down when he realised no one ever bothered him about girls anymore Stern Smile... his dii and Nani had given up hope on him settling down since Lavanya left ... or rather they seemed to have forgotten in the chaos that their life had been in the past two years . It took Anjali a whole year n a half to actually get over her ruined marriage and then there were other issues like court cases against Shyam , divorce proceedings , Nani's health and business. Yup , although he hated it , work had suffered during the past two years , but thankfully it was not a total wreak . They had managed pretty well when the cracks had started to appear .Payal and Aakash had been a great help . He rarely acknowledged good work , but he had to in case of Payal. Thumbs Upshe had a knack for firefighting and had skills of a good lawyer. He had insisted on her completing her LLB and she had complied to that , but she had refused to let both Arnav and Aakash take the load of work. She was in her 3rd year of LLB now and was doing pretty good job of juggling work and studies while helping at home. And it was since last couple of months that life had started to be soothing and becoming a routine for them. In the back of his mind, he had dreaded that Nani and Anjali would start bothering him about marriageUnhappy , but it kinda irked him now since they didntLOLLOL.Did they think of his life once all the problems were sorted ??? Was he merely a problem solver ?? another voice in his head chided him for thinking such a thought , whom are u kidding ? you were the one who wanted to be not bothered and why are you complaining ?? If things go against you, you get annoyed and even if things go as you want them to, you still get annoyedLOLLOLLOL .While he was bantering with himself , his phone rang ...

Arnav - What ?? ( in a very irritated voice) ... Angry

"Duh uh ... tum kya kuch special pills lete ho ... hamesha aise grumpy or irritated rehne ke liye ??LOL ... or are you having a unique and special case of permanent PMS ?? ... I wonder if its even possible Ouchsince you are supposed to belong to the *male species* ... but itna pollution aur climate change hai ki ... " LOLLOLLOL

Arnav - (let out a really heavy sighD'oh) ... Kaajal ...

Kaajal - I know ...  I know that I am Kaajal ... tumhe usse mujhe remind karne ki zaroorat nahi hai ... Wink

Arnav - Kya chahiye ?? ... aur mai serial killer jaise nahi ghoorta ... LOL

Kaajal - ohhh ... so isiliye mood itna accha hai tumhara ... but dear ... sacchayi hamesha to put it in a nice way ... ahh ...weird hoti haiEmbarrassed ... u know ... the way u stare at ppl ... how can u judge tat ?? ... did u even check urself in the mirror while staring ?? (and actually as a matter of fact he was doing thatSilly ) ... or ...are you doing it *now* ?? (in a slightly unsure voice)Evil Smile

Arnav - (he tried to stare back at his reflection and he had to admit it did look creepy) ... uh ... no ...OuchOuch

Kaajal - hey bhaggu !!! ... stop staring at urself and baahar aao ...

Arnav - kya ?? ... mai baahar kyun aaunga ?? ConfusedConfused

Kaajal - fine ... mat aao ... Mai waapis chali jaati hoo ... OuchOuch

Arnav - what ?? ... tum baahar ho ?? ShockedShocked...(She cut the call .he rushed out to see her standing near the gate of his house ,leaning on to her red ducati ... She saw him and acknowledged his presence by raising her hand and gestured for a minute . He noted that she was wearing a jean ,boots and t-shirt on which she wore her biker jacket and was still yelling at someone on the phone)

Kaajal - well ... I dont alrite ?? ... I told you its not goin to work ...(pause).. oh ya ??AngryAngry ... u shd have thgt abt it before wetting that bimbo's face by licking her or sorry smooching her ..(pause)... so ?? what difference does being drunk make ?? ... newaz get a grip and move on ... (scoffs) ... dude ! get a life ... couple of dates n movies doesnt mean we r dating or in a relationship ... which btw u sinked like a titanic even before it left the port... bye ...n don eva bother calling ...Angry (cut the call ,looks at Arnav) ... Phew !!! Men !!!Thumbs Down ... I wonder mard itne irritating kyun hote hai ?? I mean cant they use their damn brains ?? ... all they just care is if they r gonna get into a gals pants or not ...

Arnav - excuse me ?? ... (offended) ... tum aise kaise generalise kar sakti ho ?? ...OuchAngry

Kaajal - eh ?? ... (realising ) Hey bhaggu !!! ... another mard !!! .D'oh... newaz ... mai yaha anti-men morcha start karne nahi aayi hoo ... Mai yaha sirf yeh dene k liye aayi hoo ... (pulling out a file from her backpack) ... my dear yet dumb aur lazy sister ne bheja hai ... pata nahi kyun khud nahi aayi dene k liye ... (Arnav looked at her incredulously while taking the file) ... well ... actually I dont blame her ... Ouch

Arnav - kya ?? Shocked

Kaajal - ya ... itna dukhi shakal dekhna kaun chahega ?? ... LOL

Arnav - Dukhi shakal ?? ... aur meri ... (in full mood to have a war of words ) ...

Kaajal - aur nahi toh kya ?? ... I guess years of practice makes ones face(pointing his face) Plastic LOLLOL... aur kuch toh kaha tha usne (scratching her head) ... oh yaa ... (she took out a package containing packets of seeds of different plants) ... n yeh tumhara gift hai ... quite wierd ... but newaz ... usne kaha ki tumhe pata hoga ki tumhe iske saath kya karna hai guess is you may grind and eat them or somethingROFL.. (saw his shocked face with a mixture of expressions of wonder , gladness , surprise , sadness) ... hello Kukooo !!!Ouch (snapping her fingers) ... earth to mars ... earth to mars ... (waving her hands in front of him)LOLLOL

Arnav - Kya hai ?? ...

Kaajal - wohi toh mai pooch rahi hoo ... kya hua ?? ... tum toh us packet ko aise dekh rahe ho jaise koi lame seeds nahi ... usme time bomb rakha hai ...ConfusedConfused (he then stared at her) ... ur again doing that ... Stern Smile

Arnav - doing what ?? ...

Kaajal - creepily staring ... (rolling her eyes) ... on the creepometer I would give you 15 out of 10 ... (Arnav looked down as if he was dealing with a lost cause) ...(Pause).. Hasn't neone taught you ?? (staring at him) ...

Arnav - Kya ??

Kaajal - (as if teaching a kid) ... ki agar koi tumhe gift deta hai toh use *thank you* kehna chahiye ... yeh toh *Chotte* *Chotte* bacchon ko bhi pata hai .WinkWink... oh haa ... I forgot ... ki tum *chotte* ho ... par bacche nahi ...LOLLOLLOLLOL

Arnav - (glaring at her) ... gift tumne diya hai kya ?? ... toh tumhe thank you kyun bolu ??? ... jisne gift diya hai ... usiko thank you kahunga ... WinkWink

Kaajal - technically maine hi diya hai ... newaz tum ... (her phone rang)(with a pause between each of the phrases) jest a sec ... yaa Khush ... de diya hai ... arrey aa rahi hoo ... I know I know ... KYAAA ??? ShockedShockedShockedUss stupid Sid ne tumhe call kiya ??? ... arrey tujjhe batane waalithi re ... Khush ... woh ... arrey ... nahi ... i am not doing it ... dekh tujhe apna recently discovered brains ka bharta banane ka shauk hai toh gladly us freak se baat kar ... mujhe nahi karna usse koi baat ... arrey ... apna deal hua tha na Khush ... is maamle mai koi emotional atyachaar nahi ...(longer pause) hey bhaggu !!! what on earth makes you think that *I* am heartbroken ... come on Khush !!! ... me and heartbroken ... woh bhi us Stupid Sid k liye ??? ... yup ... am fine ... arrey jhoot kyun bolungi ?? ...Khush... bye ... bye ... byeee ... (she shook her head asthough she wanted to throw something out of her head) ...

Arnav - Khushi ka phone tha ?? (she nodded) ... kya hua ?? ... woh pareshaan kyun thi ?? ... Ouch

Kaajal - Hey bhaggu !!! ... woh isliye pareshaan thi kyunki woh samajhthi hai ki mai pareshaan hu kyunki supposedly mera dil toot gaya ...Broken Heart

Arnav - tum pareshaan ho ?? (confused) ... Confused

Kaajal - arrey nahi re ... woh actually ...thodi derr pehle ... I broke up with my so called boy friend ...

Arnav - Sid ??

Kaajal - (impressed) ... Smaart boy !! ...Clap ya sid !! that Dog !! actually no ... not a dog ... kyunki dogs faithful hote hai ...aur cute bhi ... that douchebag ... n of all the people use jaake Khushi Maiyaa ke saamne rona tha ... phew!!! and my stupid stupid sister ... believes *I* am upset ...

Arnav - tum andar kyun nahi aati ... ghar ke andar bhi baat kar sakte hai ... (guessing she would behave like typical woman would ... i.e cryLOLLOL and he didnt want to upset Khushi's sister and Kaajal being her twin didnt help the fact the he couldnt see tears in those eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ) ...

Kaajal - ... i dont think so ...

Arnav - (guessing she didnt want to break down in front of all of them) ... fine ... garden tak toh aa sakti ho na ... u can park ur bike inside ...

Kaajal - hmmm ...i guess so ... (she gave him her helmet and backpack and parked the bike inside) ... nice garden ...

Arnav - thanks !! ... nice bike ...

Kaajal - hai naa ... !!!Big smileBig smile(fully excited) my baby (patting the bike)ducati 1198... man !! ... main toh ise dekhte hee fida ho gayi ...what body yaar ...  hot ,strong , sexy , sturdy, dependable(if she had not clearly told him it was a bike , he was sure neone would have thgt she was speaking of a manLOLLOLLOL) ... 0 to 60 in 2.5 secs and max speed of 300kmph...

Arnav - aren't you scared of high speeds ?? (thinking of Khushi) ...

Kaajal - are you kidding me ?? ... I love driving fast ... I love speed ... eh ... btw koi punishment hai kya ??? kahi baithke baat nahi kar sakte ??

Arnav - ya ... (showed her the chairs in the lawn while he sat down next to her ) ... tum theek ho ?? (in a worried tone)

Kaajal - Oh !! No !!! ... not you too !!! ... tum Khushi types kyun behave kar rahe ho ??? ... I am fine ... infact super fine ... infact more than fine ...

Arnav - Khushi types ?? Confused

Kaajal - ya ... shez worried that this is my 3rd brkup in 1  year ... pata nahi ... use yeh kyun lagta hai ki mai Khush nahi hoo ... I mean ... do I look depressed ?? ... I know I dont ... coz I see myself everyday in the mirror ...a lot !!! ... I mean relationships mai breakups normal hai na ...

Arnav -(not knowing what else to say) haan ... ur right ... breakups normal hai ...

Kaajal - I know !!! ... usse lagta hai ki mai kisi cheez se bhaag rahi ho ... I mean ... mujhe khud nahi pata ki mai itna bhaag rahi hu ... pata hota toh mai gym jaati hi nahi LOL... bhaagne se exercise ka quota bhi ho jaata ...arrey koi marathon jeet leti... she worries and fusses a lot and madam mujhe kehti hai ki mujhe itna worry nahi karna chahiye ... I worry about valid things and she ... she worries about real , imaginary , possible , impossible , improbable things too ... itni stupid hai ki ...

Arnav - (involuntarily)Khushi stupid nahi hai WinkWink... (correcting) woh tumhare liye care karti hai ...

Kaajal - ur right ... shez not stupid ... she just has obsessive compulsive disorder ... all the best for working with her ... (she smirked) ...

Arnav - woh kyun nahi aayi ??

Kaajal - woh ?? Confused... oh Khushi ?? ... i dono ... but I guess may be coz you stared at her asthough tum usse zinda khaa loge ... wait a minute ...btw ... tumne abhi tak nahi bataya ki tum Khushi ko itna kyun ghoor rahe the ?? ...

Arnav - Arnav Singh Raizaada ko kisise kuch bhi bolne ki zaroorat nahi ...

Kaajal - kyunki woh brains ke beech main brain waves se binary mai information transfer karne ki koshish kar rahe hai LOLLOLLOL(like a newsreader) ... fine !! ... Mujhe nahi toh kam se kam apne kisi friend ko bata dena ... coz you mite become less creepy ...

Arnav - Friend ??

Kaajal - don temme ... tumhara koi friend nahi hai ?? ... someone out of family ?? ... (he nodded) ... NO ??? Hey Bhaggu !!! ... tu toh total gone case hai ... kuch nahi ho sakta tumhara ...

Arnav - Actually Payal ...

Kaajal - Khabardaar agar di ko kuch bola toh ... ppl can misinterpret you know !! ... specially family ... Wink

Arnav - (thinking she might be of some help) ... tum ??

Kaajal - mai kya ??? Confused

Arnav - tum meri friend banogi ??

Kaajal - (thinking a bit ) ... hmmm ... sure why not ... although I can do without one extra psycho in my life ... I would be glad to take the trouble for my behana ... mind it haa ... it means I can trouble you , annoy you , pester you , blackmail you and bore you too and at times punch you and Kick any time ...

Arnav – (rolling his eyes)fine !!! ... Friends !!! ...btw itna drama karna zaroori hai kya ??? Thumbs Up

Kaajal – Khandaani problem hai humara ...drama karneka ROFL...btw kya mai itni depressing hu ?? (Arnav looking at her puzzlingly) ... smile yaar ... (he did try his best) ... tats better i guess... although pathetic ... chalo me gtg ... n try not to get overworked about the project ... one overworking caffeine addict with OCD is enough ... I dont want to add another one to it ... (she gave him a half hug of sorts and was leaving)

Arnav - sambhalke jaana ... (she rolled her eyes ,but he was used to telling this dialogue to Payal since 2 years) ...



Part of her work was done . She had voluntarily taken the file and remembered Khushi buying those seeds before coming to India mentioning some Arnavji liked plants . she had just taken a chance with that and it had worked ClapClap. She was now pretty sure these two were suppressing something . "Well sis , I promised I will not pester you , but I never promised I wouldnt pester someone else for information".Evil Smile  she was glad that she had made friends with Arnav. She really needed a male friend who wasn't family member , who wouldn't ever fall for her and who was not gayLOL . She smirked as she waved at him before zooming out.


 Arnav ,"Kitna bolti haiConfused ... and mujhe laga tha Khushi was the limit ... LOLLOLLOL",stared at the packages in his hand, involuntarily running his hands over it."Khushi"... he smiledWinkWinkWink


End of part 20

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007jindal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Yupiee Me 1st
lolz ur post got sandwiched b/w mine again, n this time ur fav cheese one. Haha

well thank u so mch 4 upd
lovd the upd
bechara arnav, kj ne use paka daala.
God i luv this kj , itne jazab dialogues lati kaha se hai ye.
She is super cool
wow arnav n kj bcum frnds is intresting
luking 4ward 4 more.

Edited by tinu.jindal - 12 November 2011 at 11:25am
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
OK guys ...

As promised , I have posted the 20th part of my FF ...
since today I have posted 2 longgg updates ... I hope , I get a brk for atleast 3 to 4 days for the next update WinkWink

I know ... I know ... this part was only ASR n KJ ... but I wanted them to develop a friendship ... aakhir biwi ko patane k liye saali ki madad to leni padegi ASR ko WinkWinkWink ...

Do lemme know ur comments/suggestions/ideas ...

and plzzz do not forget to "LIKE" the post ...

Oh btw ... new shoes are always welcome WinkWink(In pairs )

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tina_1234

amazin part...kj is sooo cute i luv d way she talks to sadu sooo cute

thanku tina ... glad you liked the update ...
n super glad that you like KJ Big smileBig smileBig smile
-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
yay! kajaal and arnav are friends!! so cute!
moon_mine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
loved it!!!!
too good!!!!

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