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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 42)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vsc94

Right now I am bheja fried with kaajal and khushi...drop kaajal and give me some pure Arnav-Khushi scenes...after all he's missed her for 2 yrs!Wink

lol ... someone's actually in Arnav's situation here LOLLOLLOL ...
Pure ArHi scenes ll come ... but after a couple of updates ... Wink
until then you ll have to bear their scenes with others in background Embarrassed

moon_mine IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 October 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
loved this part!!!!!
it ws damn funny!!!!
zafi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
you write so well, can't wait to read the next part. Please update soon. i am getting impatient.StarClap
nishi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by moon_mine

loved this part!!!!!
it ws damn funny!!!!

I shall post the next part today nite or at max tmrw Smile
Glad you liked this part
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zafi

you write so well, can't wait to read the next part. Please update soon. i am getting impatient.StarClap

Thanku soo much for the compliment dear SmileSmileSmile
I shall update the next part by max tmrw Smile
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Part 15 :

Khushi - ... aap dono ko mujhse nahi ek doosre se maafi mangni chahiye ...

Arnav and Kaajal - what ?? ShockedShocked

Khushi - haan ...

Kaajal - no ... no ... no no no ... nooo no no ... nooThumbs Down ... mai iss sadu se (Arnav glared at herAngry) maafi nahi maangungi ...

Khushi - (took one look at Arnav and he didnt look like he was goin to budge if she didn't ) ... theek hai ... jo tere mann mai aaye woh karr ...Stern Smile (she stomped and turned to leave)



Arnav – seriously ??? 11 no's ?? ... (to himself) ... LOLLOL

Kaajal - (making a face and looked at Arnav) ... soo... Sor (Khushi just turned)... Sorry ... Clap

Arnav - (now feeling Khushi's gaze at him) .. Sorry ... EmbarrassedClap

Khushi - that's better Smile... ab aap dono chaliye ... yaha sabke saamne mujhe aur drama nahi karna ... (they started walking)

 Arnav who was still a bit confused silently walked behind them. He couldn't trust his voice to not speak some crap. Just then Kaajal got a call and she excused herself from them .Wink Arnav and Khushi , silently walked without speaking a word , trying to act calm,while their insides were bursting with questions and the silence was killing them a thousand times every second. Suddenly ,both Khushi and Arnav spoke at the same time "Kaise ..."Embarrassed ... Both looked surprised and smiled at the co-incidence. Arnav gestured Khushi to talk.

Khushi –  Anjaliji kaisi hai... aur Aakashji ... aur Nani ... aur Mamaji ... aur Mamiji ... aur Laxmi !!! woh kaisi hai ?? ... koi bakra mil gaya kya unhe ...(she chuckled at her own jokeLOL)

Arnav – Khushi !!! ... ek saath itne sawaal karna zaroori hai kya ?? you are unbelievable ... Smile

Khushi – arrey ... yeh kyaa baat hui ?? ... aapne humse kaha baat karne ko ... toh humne apni baat khatam kar liya ... baad mai jab aap baat karna shuru karenge... toh hume toh baat karne denge nahi ... toh humne socha ki hum apni baat poori karlenge ... kya burayi hai is baat mai ??

Arnav – (giving out an amused expression) ... tumhe pata hai ?? ... (Khushi looked at him) ... tumne apne har line mai atleast ek baar "baat" ka use kiya hai ?? LOL ... (he almost chuckled) ... ajeeb ho tum ... WinkWink

Khushi – (mocking an anger) ... dekhiye ... hum ajeeb nahi hai ... maante hai ki hum sabse thode se alag zaroor hai ... aapne bataya nahi ki sab kaise hai ??

Arnav – sab theek hai ... (after a pause) ... Payal tumhe kaafi miss karti hai ... tumne usse baat nahi kiya ?? ...

Khushi – hum bhi jiji ko kaafi miss karte hai ... par hum unhe surprise dena chahte hai ... (she added with a mischief in her eyes) ... woh kya hai naa ... agle hafte jiji ka janam din hai ... humne socha ki hum achanak se unke saamne aa jaayenge toh kaafi accha tohfa hoga naa ... aur waise bhi ... hum unse kaafi naaraaz hai ... woh kyun nahi aayi humse milne ...

Arnav – Khushi ... (with a bit of uneasiness) ... Payal ko pata hai ki tum yaha ..India mai ho ...OuchOuch

Khushi – kyaa ?? (almost agitated) ... Shocked

Kaajal – (now returning back,she had heard Arnav's last sentence) ... and I don't need to guess ki kisne bataya dii ko ?? (she added looking at him) ...

Khushi – aapne jiji ko kya bata diya ?? ...

Kaajal – Khushi !!! ... tumhari koi aakhri khwaahish ???

Khushi – kya ?? ...

Kaajal – kyunki ... is Mr.Perfect ne poore perfection se extra tadka aur masala daalke kaha hoga dii se ... kyun sadu ... added nethin super fabulous to make sure Payal dii hates us ??  and Khush ... ab agar tum dii ke samne gayi toh ... (she made a gesture of murderLOLLOL)

Arnav – aisa kuch nahi hoga ... maine aisa kuch ...

Kaajal – lemme guess ... tumne jaake dii ko bataya hoga ki khushi ab pehle waali khushi nahi rahi ... woh badal gayi hai ... which is not entirely wrong ... aur woh aise behave kar rahi hai jaise ki woh hum logo ko nahi jaanti ...

Khushi – kya ?? ...

Arnav – Kya payal jaanti hai ki tumhari ek ... i mean ... yeh ... Wacko(pointing towards Kaajal) tumhari behen hai ??

Khushi – haan ...

Arnav – then don't worry ... use pata chall gaya hoga ki main kiske baare mai baat kar raha tha ... (he looked irritated at KaajalLOLLOL) ...

Kaajal – oh ... I am soo flattered (she mockedLOLLOL) ...

Arnav – Whatever ...I need to leave ...ek meeting hai ... (looking a bit worried when his phone buzzed him )

Khushi – lekin ... aap theek toh hai naa ?? Kaajal ne kaha ki aap gire the ... Heart

Arnav – I am fine ... Mujhe kuch samples dekhne the kapdon ke ... jo maine dekh liye ... bye ... (khushi just nodded at him and he left)


Khushi just stared at his retreating form which Kaajal found amusingWinkWink . she snapped her fingers in front of Khushi's face .

Kaajal – aap dreamland se waapis aa gayi madam ?? Wink(she asked with a bit of mischief in her eyes)

Khushi – woh itne pareshaan kyun dikh rahe the apne phone ko dekh ke ?? Confused

Kaajal – woh pareshaan kyun tha yeh toh pata nahi ... but why are u so worried sissy?? ...

Khushi – aisa kuch bhi nahi hai ... aur tu jaake apna kaam dekh na ... koi ladka dikha nahi mujhe uske saaath chedna shuru kar deti hai ... WinkWink

Kaajal – Kaisa kuch nahi hai Khush ?? LOL... kahi  woh not so charming sadu... tumhara Prince charming toh nahi ???ClapClap ... aur waise bhi ... is sadu ke saath tujhe chedna ka plan toh maine banaya bhi nahi ... kyun ?? shuru karu kya ??WinkWink (she teased her) ... sadu hai ... lekin dikne main itna bura bhi nahi hai ...Thumbs Up

Khushi – (rolling her eyes) ... Kaajal ... tu kabhi nahi sudhregi ... mai jaa rahi hoo ...




Arnav was back at AR in half an hour . He was still trying to decipher the revelations about Khushi . Yes , he knew she had two blood sisters , but he was shocked that she had a twin , who was quite opposite to Khushi . But he was amused that both these girls had an amazing knack at insulting him and to talk non-stop . Then his thought went to her other sister , Payal , whom he had lately started to consider his another sister . He called her to his cabin.Payal timidly knocked at his cabin worried that he might be still upset . He called her in , but was amused to find Aakash roaming near his cabin .Wink Arnav rolled his eyes wondering what exactly was brewing in-between these two ,not that he didnt know . Arnav had a fair idea that Aakash was in love with Payal and that she also reciprocated his feelings to an extent . But what he didnt understand was why his brother was chickening out from proposing her , it was not that the family wouldn't accept her . They would be more than glad to have her as their daughter-in-law. It was Payal's "Sir" that bought him back to his senses .

Arnav – Payal ... tumse kitni baar kaha hai ki tumhe mujhe sir bulane ki zaroorat nahi hai ...

Payal – jii ...

Arnav – mujhe tumse Khushi ke baare mai baat karni thi ...

Payal – ( a bit shocked) ... jii ?? ... Khushi ke baare mai ?? ... Arnavji ... hume lagta hai ki aapko koi galat faimi hui hai ... humari Khushi aise battameez nahi ban sakti ...

Arnav – jaanta hoo ... Smile

Payal – woh kabhi aapko na pehchaan ne ka natak nahi karegi... hum jante hai ... 

Arnav – Payal ... maine kaha na ... main jaanta hoo ... par mujhe tumse kuch aur poochna tha ... Tum uski beheno se mili ho ??

Payal – jii ... Kaajal aur Muskaan ...

Arnav – toh tum ye jaanti thi ki Kaajal uski judwaa behen hai ...Confused (now his temper raising when he saw Payal nod her head ) ... par tumne mujhe yeh kabhi batana zaroori nahi samjha ??OuchOuch ... Kyun ?? Why on earth did you not tell me ??Angry (just then Aakash barged in) ...

Aakash – Bhai ... kya hua ?? aap Payal ji pe chilla kyun rahe hai ?? ... Embarrassed

Payal – Arnav ji ... aapne kabhi poocha hi nahi unke baare mai ... par waise bhi ... humne kaafi baar kaha tha ki woh dono ek jaisi hai ...

Arnav – par yeh toh nahi kaha ki woh dono ek jaisi *dikti* hai ...

Aakash – kaun ek jaisi dikti hai ?? Confused

Arnav – Khushi aur uski  behen Kaajal ...

Aakash- judwaa hai toh ek jaise dikhenge hi na bhai ... LOLLOL

Arnav – tumhe pata tha unke baare mai ?? ShockedShocked... (Aakash nodded ) ... What the !! ... Wink


Just then Arnav's phone rang . He picked up and it was his lawyers who were on the other end . After about a minute of talking he stiffened and was back to his ASR mode . He just looked at Aakash with a stiff expression which Aakash pretty much understood to be a very serious matter . He kept the phone and said , "Payal , aaj main aur Aakash ghar nahi aayenge. Kaafi important meetings and kaam hai ... humara driver tumhe ghar tak chod dega . Kal ek bahut important meeting hai , jise saare board of directors ko attend karni hai toh Nani ,dii aur mamu ko bata dena tayyar rehne ke liye . tum kal unke saath office aa jaana . Main un sabko phir se bata doonga meeting ke baare main . (Payal nodded and was about to leave ) ... Paayal (she turned to face him ) ... Kal ke liye I am sorry ... aur ghar pohunchne ke baad mujhe yaa Aakash ko phone kar dena ". Payal just nodded and left .


Arnav explained the situation to Aakash . 40% of the company's shares were with the shareholders while the family had 60% of the shares of AR . It was divided into 4 parts with Nani , Anjali , Mama and Arnav holding 15 % of the shares initially . But when his sister had married Shyaam , Arnav had transferred his part of the shares to her name as a wedding gift .After much cajoling from Anjali's side , he had retained 5 % of the shares of AR . But the problem was in the past couple of years the value of the shares had decreased due to rumours about Shyaam-Anjali fiasco , then Arnav couldn't completely concentrate in the business as much as he liked since he had to tend to his sister's broken heart . His chacha had managed to somehow buy 30% of the shares and was trying to claim the post of CEO of AR since as an individual he had the majority of the shares  and tomorrow was the meeting . Arnav still couldn't understand how his chacha had managed to accumulate so much money to buy the shares. He couldn't let his company fall out of his hands , he had toiled hard to  make AR an successful enterprise . Both Aakash and Arnav sat through the whole night consulting lawyers , making sure the paperwork was fine and were preparing for the meeting .




The next day everyone entered the meeting room at 10 with tensed faces. Only Arnav and Nani had some confidence in them . Just then the door opened and Arnav's Chacha entered giving his best smile (which made others uneasy) . everyone sat down at the seats of the Oval meeting table while Arnav walked towards his seat as the CEO when his chacha spoke,"Chote ... aap shaayad bhool rahe hai ki woh kurzi aapki nahi rahi ... woh humari hai ... Dead". Arnav's blood boiled with anger and he glared at the man .

Chacha –  Itna gussa chotte ?? ... hum toh aapko bachpan se kehte aa rahe hai ... gusse ko kaaboo mai rakhiye ... warna ... aap gusse ke kaaboo mai ho jaayenge ... aur waise bhi ... humne toh kaanooni tareeke se apna haq maanga hai ... kyun lawyer saab ?? ... zara humare chotte ko papers dikh dijiye ...  

Nani – (sensing that Arnav was about to snap any moment) .. Mr.Mallik ... humare Arnav ko aapki salah ki koi zaroorat nahi hai ... woh acche se jaante hai ki kaarobaar ko aur apne gusse ko kaise sambhalna hai ... aise hii unhone itna bada karobaar nahi sambhala hai ... ClapClap

Chacha – Arrey ... Mausiji ... hum toh bhool hi gaye the ki aap yaha hai ... Namaste(making a mock out of itDeadDead) ... woh kya hai na .. agar aapke chotte is kaarobaar ko itne acche se sambhal sakte toh yeh naubat nahi aati ki hume ise sambhalna pad raha hai ... woh kya hai na ... humne socha ki baahar ke logon ke haath kaarobaar lagne se toh accha hai ... ghar ke logon ke haath lage toh accha hoga ... isiliye toh humne mehenat karke itne saare shares jo khareed liye ... aur mausiji ... hum aapse yeh sab kyun pooch rahe hai ... aapke samajh mai ye naye nukse thodi na aayenge ... aapki toh umar ho gayi hai ... humari maaniye toh aapko ghar baar tyaagkar theerath yaatra pe nikal jaana chahiye ... ab is umar mai yeh sab dekhna accha nahi lagta hai naa ... (Arnav's temper was brewing like a lava in a volcanoAngryAngry. Trying his best to control his anger he curled his hand into a fist)

Anjali – (not able to stand Nani's insult) ... chachaji ... yeh aap kya keh rahe hai ...

Chacha –Arrey Anjali bitiya ... kaisi ho ?? ... hum toh bhool hi gaye the ki tum bhi ho yaha ... kahi khade rehte rehte tumhara pairon main dard toh nahi ho raha ?? (he mocked at her ) ... hume toh tumhari chinta lagi rehti hai bitiya ...byaah toot gaya ...pati ne chod diya ... hume to yeh sochkar kaafi takleef hoti hai ki aapko do kadam chalne main kitni takleef hoti hogi ...

Arnav – ENOUGH !!! ... apne kaam se kaam rakho ... AngryAngryAngryAngry

Chacha – wohi toh karne ki koshish kar rahe hai ... Lawyer saab inko papers dikha dijiye ... ab chotte ... hum thehre is company ke sabse bade share holder ... toh hume CEO hona chahiye ... agar aap hume humari kurzi de de ... tab hi toh hum kaam shuru kar paayenge ... hai naa ...


Arnav went through the papers , and he was shocked that his Chacha was right . He was the highest shareholder and he had every right to be the CEO. What even shocked Arnav was his Chacha was not holding just 40% of the shares but actually he held 55% of the shares ,due to which his family couldn't help him to still hold the office of the CEO .He had to grudgingly let go of his post .

His Chacha had moved towards the chair and had pulled it to sit when a voice told " Ek minute Mr.Mallik" .Everyone froze at the sight of the owner of the voice .


End of part 15

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
hello guys !!!

I have finally posted the 15th part of my FF ...
hopefully it keeps up to ur expectations ...

Please do not forget to gimme ur precious comments and suggestions .
and Do not forget to "LIKE" the post if you like the update .

It is a fairly long update considering the amount of time taken ...

Not sure when I shall update the next part ... kind swamped by work Cry

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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
thanks for the pm!!!

loved this update! yay they made up! i can so imagine arnav's expression when akash also knew that khushi and kajal are twins, LOL
who is the voice!!!???


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