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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 29)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RIFkutty

Huglike like like.!!!!1Clap
i loved anjali's spirit

Thank you sooo much dear !! Hug

maghalakshmi Senior Member

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
oye nishi...what i feared came true... atlast it was shyam who called arnav... before commenting about this part i want to tell you one thing... i read everyone's comment still now... many has guessed it to be khushi or kaajal... pl pl pl pl pl let it be either one of them... i know about your brain... as usual pl dont give the twist as muskaan is the one who is getting the awardWinkLOLi too wanted it to be kaajal and i badly want arnav to meet kaajal...
RIFkutty Groupbie

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
superb ...plz cont...Clap
arhi-fan Goldie

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
Awesome! So our khushi is back. And thanx u fast forward the story so that we were not tortured by judaai etc. Thanx for pm.
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maghalakshmi

oye nishi...what i feared came true... atlast it was shyam who called arnav... before commenting about this part i want to tell you one thing... i read everyone's comment still now... many has guessed it to be khushi or kaajal... pl pl pl pl pl let it be either one of them... i know about your brain... as usual pl dont give the twist as muskaan is the one who is getting the awardWinkLOLi too wanted it to be kaajal and i badly want arnav to meet kaajal...

hey maghalakshmi ... your guess was bang on target Thumbs UpClapClap ...
this time in guessing u r giving options also ?? ... LOLLOLLOL ...
Muskaan taking the award ... hmmm ... not a bad idea ... WinkWink... don blame me if i put that ... after all you gave my evil brain that idea EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...
Its high time he meets Kaajal na ... even I think soo ... actually part of my brain thinks so LOLLOL

Am sooo glad you liked the update Hug
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RIFkutty

superb ...plz cont...Clap

Thanks dear ... SmileSmile ... I ll continue soon
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 October 2011 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arhi-fan

Awesome! So our khushi is back. And thanx u fast forward the story so that we were not tortured by judaai etc. Thanx for pm.

yayyy ... Khushi is back Thumbs UpSmileSmile

you know I actually had written about the 2 years ... it was freaking 3 parts ... and when I read it , I was sooo annoyed that there were no ArHi scenes at all ... only some flashbacks .
Then I wondered if I myself didn't like what I wrote , you guys would toh make me into chutney for that LOLLOL ... So I saved myself and you guys from the judaaai wala torture EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Part 12 :

 She looked totally different. She wore a tailored skirt suit in black which ended 3 inches above her knees , stilettos ,a red scarf around her neck , with neatly defined eyes and red lipstick and nails. Her hair was shorter with waves and it glowed with a hints of purple and red in the bright light. With a bright smile she walked up to the podium. She reached the podium and gave a customary hug and kiss to the host ."wow !!! ... its good to see you back KJ ... ladies and gentlemen who else should be destined to collect the award other than the chief strategist responsible for the rebirth of The Mehra Group. We would really love to hear some words about your future plans", saying which he handed over the award. Kaajal received the award and was to give an acceptance speech for the award.


Kaajal – (looking at the host) Wow !! You really made me sound like a 75 year old granny with that introduction of yours!!LOLLOL ... Unless you wonderful ladies out there want to fruitlessly ask me the secret of my jawani Wink...let me make one thing very clear ... I am not a vampireLOLLOL ... nor did I have a weird Chinese surgery which rewired my aging genesLOL ... and definitely its not make upLOL ... although it's not really good for a girl to tell out her age ,but kya kare hum majboor hain ...I am just 24 ...WinkWink  (the audience and the host laughed at her comment ) ...

And as usual ... my dear hatta katta and tandarust elder brother who can take on 10 mustande has "oh soo gracefully" just chickened out from coming to the stage to accept this award LOLLOLLOL... (the cameras focus on Prem who looked amusedEmbarrassedOuch)... i am confused whether its because he thinks usse buri nazar lagegiLOL or may be coz he is plain afraid that some of you might wanna take his life because of his wonderful speeches ... no worries bhai ... as usual I am here to save u(bows)ROFL ... ... and now he is goin to say ... dekloonga tujhe ... (which he does and again the audience laugh) ... ROFLROFL

Now without further delay ... I just hope that the organizers have taken the pain of removing any substance which can probably cause harm to the person who is giving the speech,LOLLOL like rotten eggs , tomatoes , shoes ... etc ... if not I pray to god to provide you all with awesome patience ...atleast for the next 5 mins ... LOLLOL

 (taking a deep breath)My Nanu started a small cloth shop which sold embroidered sarees and duppatas to make a livelihood and slowly that shop turned into a group of shops and then into a small factory employing around 100 to 150 workers . My father who had an entrepreneurial streak ,with the help of my mamu aka Girish Mehra , further developed this factory into Mehra industries. Well, I was impressed to learn that my dad and mamu were besties and their friendship turned into a relation when my dad married my mom and the happy story continued for further 10 years when Mehra group became one of the leading companies in textile business and thats wen the story took a sad turn.Unhappy I am not going to bore you wonderful guys with that story, which anyone who has seen baazigar can guess.LOL

 My dad's dream was that Mehra group reach new heights but yet stay rooted and being one of Papa's pari, I decided to help mamu in achieving that dream. Now that we have started to achieve a small part of the dream I would like to thank everyone who is involved . My mamu for being our beacon of hope when we thought we were lost, my bhai Prem who is our backbone , my nani who is our support ,my parents who are our inspiration, my wonderful sisters for keeping us grounded throughout our journey, my mami for treating us like kids even now ,seriously guys she fusses over our food even now!!LOLLOL ... our staff and workers who are the real heroes and the main reason for this achievement ,our suppliers , our customers and ofcourse our fiercest competitors.

And now safely assuming that the question regarding the future plan was not about my personal life which is would kill the hopes of page 3 reporters for chatpata newsLOLLOL , I shall speak about the immediate future plan for Mehra Group. Right now we are planning to launch a Indian bridal collection named "Phoenix collection" which would be headed by my wonderful sister who has just finished her Fashion designing course.Thumbs Up Also we plan to have another launch related to the Heritage ethnic draperies for interior decoration to feel the real Golden era at our cosy homes. We shall announce the mentioned launches officially in time to come and we hope to work in tandem with the best for the mentioned projects. Please let your best wishes, appreciation ,criticism and ofcourse orders coming .

Thank you all and have a wonderful evening .




The dinner was to be served and luckily for Arnav , their table was next to the Mehras.Anjali was feeling a bit uneasiness in her leg,so Aakash offered to take her to the doctor since a missing Arnav wouldn't stand good with their competitors and customers alike. Grudgingly,Arnav agreed with Aakash and he sat down with his managers.  He kept stealing glances at her and she barely looked at him.Wink She treated him asthough she didn't recognise him at all. ConfusedAfter her speech ,she had come back to her table gracefully accepting hugs and pats on her back from many, but she didn't even seem to recognise them. "OK Khushi Kumari Gupta ... if you are planning to play this game ... I will ..."AngryAngry, he promised himself.


Meanwhile there was a huge uproar at a nearby table . A young girl, who had barely worn a decent dress was shouting,"Ladies and gentlemen , Karan Malhotra has just proposed me ... and I have accepted it !!! I am getting married ". And the guy there had just spit his champagne on his plate looking shocked.ShockedShocked It was very clear to the people next table that this guy hadn't done anything like that. Arnav eyes went and rested on her again, she looked amusedLOL by the turn of events and she had just indicated Karan Malhotra to move out of the table. Both of them got up and moved towards the restroom. Not able to control himself Arnav had excused himself to follow them without their notice. WinkWinkWinkThey were barely near the pathway when he heard her speak .

KJ – Wow !! Karan !! Congrats yaar ... suna hai teri shaadi hone waali hai ...

Karan – Comeon KJ !!! you know ... Maine kuch nahi kiya ... (tried to control her laughLOLLOL) ... But yaar Manini loves me ... and ... and...

KJ – And ... tu darr gaya is proposal se ... Tongue

Karan – Yaar ... mere samajh main nahi aa raha ki maine kab aur kaise usse propose kiya ... its a shock to me that I proposed her ... LOLLOLLOL

KJ – Relax dude ... Its an old trick ... champagne main ring ... ladka talli ... and u know the story ...

Karan – Oh !! come on ... main abhi talli nahi hoon ...Manini aisa nahi kar sakti ... she cant be that cheap ...

KJ – toh tum maante ho ki woh cheap ho sakti hai Approve... newaz uska asli naam Urvashi hai ... aur woh sirf tumse tumhare status aur paison ke liye shaadi karna chahti hai ...

Karan – tu yeh sab kaise jaanti hai ?? ...

KJ – kyunki 2 saal pehle woh mere office apna portfolio chodne aayi thi ... well... and not to sound very cheap ... she tried to bribe the manager by trying offering to sleep with him ... woh paison ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hai ... DeadDead

Karan – paisa ??? paisa toh pairon ki dhool hai ...

KJ – aur tu duniya ka sabse bada fool hai LOLLOL... sunn ... meri baat maan ... just test her ... jaake usko bata  ...kameeni darling...LOLLOLoops manini darling ... mere dad ne apna saara property kisi charity ke naam kar dena ka socha hai ... main bhi wohi chahta hai ... since main apne daddy cool ki tarah apne pairon pe khud khada hona chahta hai ... so I really hope u will stay by my side as my strength thru thick and thin ...

Karan – really ??? itna filmy dialogue ??? ...

KJ – trust me bacche ... real life bhi kaafi filmy hoti hai ... jaa ab ... (she pushed him)

Karan - main yeh kabhi nahi kahunga ... kabhi nahi ... ( and she nodded with "yeah rite" WinkWink)

Karan had just finished speaking these lines to Manini when she just disappeared telling her already dead mom met with an accident ROFL. and after 5 mins he received an sms from her telling she doesn't want to be with him Party. Karan just ran up to Mehra table and kneeled down .

Karan – KJ !!! you are the best !!!!ClapClap ... bacha liya tune mujhe ... tu sach main meri best friend hain ... I love u !!!... and did I tell you ... you are the best !!! (and hugged her Hug)

KJ – well silly ... I know that ... and as usual ... I have to save ur ... u know what Silly... seriously mere baigair tumhara kya hota be ... Khoteya kahinka ...

Prem – Kya ho raha hai ?? ... tu phir se koiAngry ... (asking Kaajal) ... kabhi toh sudhar jaa Disapprove... (he sighed) ...

KJ – bhai ... chillax ... mai sudhar gayi toh aap yeh dialogue kise batayenge LOLLOL... aur waise bhi ... maine is Malhotra ke bacche ki jaan bachayi ... accha kaam kiya hai bhai ... aap toh acche kaam ke liye bhi daant te ho ... not fair u knowWink ... (she mocked) ...

 Arnav had just curled his fist in angerEmbarrassed and was about to get up and bash that Karan guy ,when his phone rang. It was Anjali ,

Anjali – chotte ... kahan hai aap ??

Arnav – Dii ... aap theek toh hai naa ...

Anjali – haan chotte ... woh hum jaldi mai dawayi lena bhool gaye the ...

Arnav – Kitni baar kaha hai dii ... aap apna khayal bilkul nahi rakti ... main abhi aa raha hoo ...

  With what little sanity he had left with him , he walked past the Mehras .Kaajal just looked at the man with extreme anger walk past her. She had a weird feeling that he was staring right at her throughout. ConfusedConfusedShe just brushed the thought ,thinking she was being suspicious as usual.Ermm


 At Shantivan as soon as Arnav reached home :

Arnav – PAYAL !!!! ... PAYAL !!!! ... (shouting at the top of his voice)

Anjali – Chotte ... tum Payal ko kyun bula rahe ho ...

Payal – (came running down towards them with the whole house being gathered) ... Ji Arnavji ... Kya hua ... aap chilla kyun rahe hai ?? ConfusedConfused(with a worried and tensed look)

Arnav – Payal ... (now tryin to control his anger) ... Khushi ne recently tumse kab baat ki ?? ...

Payal – 3 Maheene pehle ... aapko bataya toh tha ...

Arnav – uske baad usse tumhari koi baat nahi hui ???

Payal – Ji ... Nahi ... usne bola tha ki woh India aa jaayegi ... par shayad humse naaraaz hai ki hum waha usse milne nahi gaye ... kyun Arnavji ... kya hua ??? Ouch

Arnav – Baat yeh hai Payal ... tumhari behen India waapis toh aa gayi hai ... par tumhari behen nahi rahi hai Shocked... woh badal gayi hai ... woh tumhari pehle waali Khushi nahi rahi ... uske tevar hi badal gaye hai AngryAngry... aur meri maano toh tum usse milne ki ummeed mat rakho ... bhool jaao usse ... main nahi chahta ki uski wajah se tumhe ya phir is ghar ke kisi member ko aur kuch takleef pahunche ... samjhi tum ??? AngryAngryAngry(he stormed off to his room and shut his door ,without even a look at Payal who was in tears by nowCryCry)

Payal – (to Aakash and Anjali ) ... Zaroor unhe kuch galat faimi hui hai ...CryCryCryCry. ( to which Anjali came and squeezed her shoulders in understanding)


Nothin what happened today had made sense to Arnav. ConfusedOuchKhushi worked from the age of 14?? She was the chief strategist to get Mehra Group up ?? But what was she doing at AR ?? Plus she never looked like she did todayOuchOuchOuchOuch . There was something different about her . He had wasted 2 years waiting for her like a majnu .Cry He threw his coat and vest and kicked his bed .Angry He went ahead and splashed cold water on his face to check if all this was real . He was furious at Khushi but angrier on himself for being such a fool . He just wanted to get rid of her from his mind so went ahead and opened his files and laptop and was in for a rude shock when he looked at the third file in his hand .

"Dammit !!! ... what the !!! ... ", he had just signed a deal with Mehra Group for textile materials for his heritage hotels and for the designs . He had to make this contract void . He was not going to work with a woman who didn't even acknowledge his presence in her life . First he thought he would send Aakash and then decided he would go ahead and do that himself . Remembering the time Khushi had come to Shantivan to give her so called resignation , telling Nani , she wanted to do this herself since she didn't want someone to think her backing off is her acceptance of defeat.


 The next day he left for Mehra Group's office in the Morning.

At Mehra group :

KJ – What the hell is happening here ??AngryAngryAngry ... (shouting) ... tum logo se ek bhi kaam theek se hota hai ki nahi ??AngryAngryAngry ...I had told you clearly I am not to be disturbed from Morning 10 to 12 . Bola tha ki nahi ki koi appointment mat rakhna ?? (she thundered at her PA ) ...

PA – Par madam ... woh Arnav Singh Raizaada hai ... OuchOuch

KJ – Aur main Jhanshi si raani !!!LOLLOLLOL ... tum mere liye kaam karti ho ?? ya us Raizaada ke liye ... I don't care ... 12 ke baad hi main usse mil sakti hoo ... usse wait karna hai toh karle ...

PA – OK ma'am ... ( Kaajal just stormed into her office)


After around 30 mins


Arnav – What the ... ???AngryAngry ... what do you mean that I have to wait ?? Appointment ka matlab samajahthi ho tum ?? It means I need not wait ... that time specified is for me ... (he ran his hand through his hair in anger) ...

PA – One minute sir ... please wait kijiye ... Main try karti hoo ...

Arnav – Forget it !!! ... where is her cabin ???

PA – Sir ???... Ma'am doesn't like to be disturbed ... unka mood kharaab hai aur kaafi gusse mai hai ... OuchOuch

Arnav – Aur main usse bhi zyaada kharaab mood mai hoon aur usse bhi zyaada gussa hoon ... where is her cabin DAMMIT !!! AngryAngry

PA – sir ... (and as Arnav was looking around her saw her move towards her cabin. He took fast steps and entered the cabin without looking at the nameplate )

He obviously didn't know it was Kaajal and mistook her for Khushi.

KJ – W*F... !!! ... ShockedShockedAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

Arnav – (raised an eyebrow )... Oh !!! so tumne apne aap ke saath apna language bhi change kar liya ??

KJ – who the hell are you ??? and tumhe kisne ghusne diya ??? ... Angry

Arnav -  Oh !!! who am I ?? itni jaldi mujhe bhool gayi ... Arnav Singh Raizaada ...

KJ – so ??? I don care a damn ...I am busy now ...

Arnav – mujhe tumse baat karni hai Khu...

KJ – (cutting him in between)but mujhe tumse koi baat karni nahi hai ... aur nahi mere paas time hai ...

Arnav – what the ... ?? samajhti kya ho apne aap ko ... AngryAngry

KJ – none of your business ... ki main apne aap ko kya samajhthi hoo ...(and started walking towards the door) ...

Arnav – RUKO !!! ... AngryAngry

KJ – Mr Raizaada ... Aap shayad bhool gaye hai ... yeh office mera hai and I am the boss here and I give orders ... jaha tak mujhe yaad hai ... mai tumhari naukar nahi hoon ... AngryAngry

she was about to walk past him when he held her arms and she almost fell off balance but within a microsecond she managed to stand still trying to understand what the hell did this man want . ConfusedOuchAngry

KJ – you Psycho !!! AngryAngryAngryAngry... mera haath chodo ...

Arnav – Nahi toh kya kar logi ??

KJ – you know ...what you are doing is incredibly stupid ... main sirf ek baar warn karti hoo ... but tumhari bhalayi ke liye dobara bol deti hoo ... leave my hand ...

End of part 12

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