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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 22)

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by littlemoi

awesome update!!
so emotional.. sweet and touchy!!
cant wait till he expresses his feelings to her!!
so damn excited for the next update!!
thank you soo much for the pm!!

Thank you soo much for your comment and for liking the update dear SmileSmile
Arnav wont express his feelings to her soo easily OuchOuchOuch thodi si judaai uske liye accha hai ...

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arhi-fan

It was a touchy and romantic update. But being a litte greedy we need more arhi scenes. Thanx for the pm.

awww ... even I wanna write their scenes dear ... but if I go by my idea thoda muskil haiOuchOuch ... so will try to add as much phone convos or flashbacks WinkWink
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ilive2laugh

aww you seperated them nahiii lol jk
but i am excited for their meet up...hopefully
asr will realize his feels for her by then lol
anyways thanks for the pm

LOLLOLLOLLOL I realise the risk I took by separating them ...
I can promise their meeting would be Dhoom Dhadaka !!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged

Part  10 :

Khushi didn't even realize when the chopper took off while she sat staring at Arnav and unknown to her tears were flowing from her eyes. She squeezed her eyes to see Arnav again , but now he was just a dot , so closed her eyes . Kaajal felt that may be for the first time she wasn't sure if she had done the right thing by separating Khushi from the people whom she knew.OuchConfused She reached out to Khushi and wiped her tearsSmile and that's when Khushi opened her eyes and looked at her sisters and smiled .

Kaajal – Kaun tha woh ?? ...

Khushi – Arnav Singh Raizaada ...

Kaajal – Friend ?? ...

Muskaan – Boyfriend ?? ... WinkWink(smiling naughtily ) ...

Khushi – Nahi nahi ... woh anjaliji ke bhai hai ... hum unke liye kaam karte the ...

Muskaan – Oh !!! toh yeh hai Laad Governor ??LOLLOL (Khushi nodded ) ... dekte hi pata chalta hai ki kitna Akdu hai ... LOLLOL

Kaajal – Lets leave the topic of Laad Governor (seeing Khushi uncomfortable) ... abhi we need to think about Naani ... Minnie kuch soch ... I know its difficult for u ... but still ... Bhai ne kaha ki unka gussa abhi pressure cooker main pressure ki tarah build up ho raha hai ... humari toh seeti bajj jaayegi ... OuchOuchLOLLOLLOL


Arnav was rooted on his place , everything went numb for him . He was lost in his own world , nothing else mattered other than the fact that Khushi had left . He didn't know for how long he was at that place staring at the helipad . His brain didn't register his sister's voice calling him Unhappy. Finally Anjali came and nudged him or to be factual shook him with all her might.

Anjali – chotte ... tum yaha kya kar rahe ho ... aur kya ghoor rahe ho ?? ... ConfusedConfused(looking at the direction of helipad) ...

Arnav – Kuch nahi di ... (coming a bit into his senses) ... woh Khushi ...

Anjali – Woh chali gayi chotte ?? ... oh !! toh tum use see off karne aaye the ... chalo accha hua ... hume toh bura laga tha ki humari parivaar ki taraf se koi nahi tha unhe see off karne ke liye ... chaliye abhi aap andar chaliye ... (she pulled him with her ) ...

Anjali – (in the hallway ) ... waise chotte ... tumne dawayi laga toh li naa ?? ... humne use Khushiji ke haaton bheja tha ..

Arnav – Haan dii ... Khushi ne laga diya ... (he smacked himself mentally for the slip of tongueD'oh) ...

Anjali – Khushi ne ???ShockedShocked (almost shocked) ... aur tumne unhe lagane diya ?? ... Kyaa baat hai chotte ... ab kya aap dono dost ban gaye ?? Wink... ya kuch aur pakk raha hai ?? WinkWink...

Arnav – (now getting irritated) ... Dii ... agar aapki baatein khatam ho gayi ho toh kya main andar jaake so jaao ?? ...

Anjali – haan bhai !! ... raat raat bhar khushi se baatein ki ... kya baat kiya yeh pata nahi ...LOLLOL phir subah ko gale main moch aayi ... aur dawayi bhi Khushi ne lagayaWinkWink ... aur yeh kyaa ... abhi tak Khushi ke shawl ko pakde hue ho ... arrey ... (now realising another cloth in his hand) ... ab Khushi ka duppata bhi tumhare haath mai hai Shocked... Kyaa baat hai chotte ??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...

Arnav – Dii ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed (almost shocked at the duppata part and a bit embarrassed ) aap jaisa soch rahi hai ... waisa kuch nahi hai ...

Anjali – Hum kya soch rahe hai chotte ???WinkWink ... hum toh kuch bhi soch nahi rahe hai ... (she said playfully) ... waise ek baat samajh main nahi aaya hume...

Arnav – Kyaa di ??

Anjali – Yehi ... ki Khushiji ke kapde aapke paas kaha se pohunch jaati hai ... (she giggled) LOLLOL...

Arnav – Comeon dii ... (Now entering the room and holding the door) ... main sone jaa raha hoo ...aur aap plzz mujhe 10 baje tak utha dena ... (and he closed the door when anjali nodded . Anjali couldn't help but stop smiling at her chotte) ..

Arnav tried in vain to get some sleep . He closed his eyes , her face came to haunt him and he opened his eyes , his train of thought was stuck at Khushi . "Really ?? ... Cant you think of anything but her ?? she left Arnav ... She said good bye ... Unhappy" , he tried to convince himself . "But she didn't actually say good bye you knowErmm " , another thought tried to convince him . "Maybe it wasn't a good bye kinda good byeLOLLOL " , it continued . "But what will I do now ?? I don't even have a clue where she went ... and with whom she went ... All I know is she is with her sister Kaajal Mehra . Will I ever get to see her again ?? ... What if I never get to see her", he panicked a bitShockedShocked. After some time , one of his thoughts seemed to finally think something , " Payal ... yes payal ... she will know where Khushi is ... why not ask her ?? Thumbs Up", he smiled to himself for his brilliance ."Cool ... I will go now to Payal and ask her..", he got up and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 ... "Damn !!!" he said " , it had been just 10 mins and his brain had gone to an overdrive thinking about Khushi LOLLOL. "Dont you think it is stupid of you to go and ask Payal and what makes you think she will tell you anything considering the awesome reputation you haveD'oh ", he said to himself. Yes , he would be the last person Payal would tell about her sister , so he had to take someone with him whom she trusted. Dii ?? Nani ?? ... Aakash ?? ... why not all of them ??Wink but he had to play this carefully . Payal had an information dear to him and he had to get it from her smoothly without any risk. He thumped himself to the bed trying to get some sleep which he was not destined for .


At 10 , his sister called him for breakfast and to her shock , he agreed on the first call.Confused He managed to bring the topic of Guptas with reference to their security from Shyaam and that's when Nani suggested that she would want to meet them . To his shock , both he and Aakash volunteered to take her there. WinkFinally it was Anjali , who gave the idea of all of them going to meet the family . As soon as they reached the Gupta residence , Arnav was shocked to see 4 policemen near the place , who enquired their purpose of visit. It was Shashi Gupta who convinced the security to let them in . after the initial talks about well being and the regular elderly talk they talked about shyaam and the case . Both Arnav and Aakash looked at Payal for different reasons noted AnjaliSmile. Aakash as usual was shy to look at her and Arnav was hesitant to talk to her . She smiled to herself ,thinking for the first time , her chote was at loss for words . So she took the matter into her own hands .

Anjali – Waise Khushiji dikhaayi nahi de rahi ??? ... ( Nani , Arnav and Aakash thought she had gone mad OuchShockedWacko. Didn't Khushi just leave right in the morning) ...

Garima – Jiii ... woh ... apne behen ke saath chali gayi (sadly) ...

Anjali – accha ... yehi kahi gayi hogi ?? ... kab tak lautengi ?? ... (now arnav got a clue as to what his sister was uptoSmile) ...

Payal – Ji ... woh ... kuch maheeno ke liye unke saath gayi hai ...

Anjali – Kaha gayi hai ?? ... Phone number kuch deke gayi hogi na ??? ...

Payal – Ji ... hume pata nahi ... Kaajal ne hume kuch nahi bataya ... kaha ki yeh Khushi ki security ke liye hai ... Kaajal ne hi un police walon ko yaha pe aane ke liye kaha hai ... (she replied sadly)

Both Arnav and Anjali looked at each other . Their last hopes of finding her whereabouts was a flop. Thumbs DownBroken Heart

Garima – Khushi bitiya ke bina humara mann nahi lagta yaha ... par kaa kare ... uski suraksha bhi toh zaroori hai ... lagat hai bitiya ki zindagi main hamesha sankat hi aavat rahegi ... bachpan main chacha se ... aur ab us Shyaam se ... hey devi maiyya ... bas humari bitiya ki raksha karna ... (Shashi told them the whole story about Khushi .The Raizaadas were shocked to hear this part of story about Khushi's safety from childhood . Arnav couldn't digest the fact that someone would actually plan to kill Khushi for property)

Shashi – (convincing Garima) ... Kuch hi maheeno ki toh baat hai Garima ji ... phir hum apne bitya ke saath honge na ...

Payal – Nahi Bauji ... Kaajal keh rahi thi ki woh Khushi ko apne saath le jaa rahi hai ... Videsh mai ... (she added sadly , which crushed Arnav's hopesBroken Heart) ...

Anjali – Payalji ... aapne kya socha hai ... aap kya karengi aage ?? ... Ab aap humesha ke liye toh aise bodyguards se ghire nahi reh sakte na ...

Payal – Pata nahi anjaliji ... hum toh Kaajal ke yaha Khushi ke bina nahi rehna chahte ... Disapprove

Anjali – Ek baat kahe ?? ... Kyun naa aap humare saath aa jaaye ?? ... Humara bhi mann laga rahega ... aur aap chahe toh AR main kaam kar sakti hai ... ya phir aage padna chahti hai toh woh bhi kar sakti hai ... Clap(both nani and Arnav nodded at her suggestion)

Payal – Par hum kaise ?? ...

Anjali – Kisi anjaan shehar main akele rehne se toh behtar hai naa ?? ... waise aap chahe toh humare saath reh sakti hai ... Shantivan main ... is tarah se aapko kisi baat ki chinta nahi rahegi aur naahi aapko aapki suraksha ka chinta rahege ... humare saath rahengi toh koi aapko choo bhi nahi payegaThumbs UpClap (Arnav noticed the way she avoided taking Shyaam's name) ...

Buaji – Payaliya ... Anjali bitiya sahi keh rahi hai ... soch lo ... accha mauka hai ... kaam bhi kar logi ... thoda kama bhi logi aur Khushi bitiya ke bagair tumhara mann bhi thoda behel jaayega ... humara kaa hai ... hum tumko roz phone karat rahenge ...

Payal – par ... (looked at her parents who gave her a nod telling it was her decision completely) ... itna bada ehsaan ... hum kaise ...

Nani – Ehsaan kahe ka bitiya ??? ... ulta aap humpe ehsaan karengi ... Anjali bitiya ko koi sangat mil jaavegi aur aap chahe toh Arnav aur Aakash ki thodi madad bhi ho jaayegi ...

Payal – jii ... theek hai ...Smile (and it was decided that Payal would accompany the Raizaadas in the evening so she left to pack her belongings . While the raizaadas left to Sheesh Mahal informing either Arnav or Aakash would personally pick Payal up ) .

Once at Sheesh Mahal , when Nani left to her room .

Aakash – (Hugging AnjaliHug) ... Diii ... you are the best !!!! ... thank you sooo much dii ... thank you !!! (Arnav raised an eyebrowConfusedConfused trying to figure out what was wrong with Aakash)

Anjali – Woh kaa hai naa Aakash bitwaa ... aap chahe kuch kahat na ho ... par hum thode naa aapki duppatewaali ko aise jaane dete ...WinkWink. (She winked at Arnav .Arnav sighed ... finally understanding what was going onD'oh ) ... Chaliye ... aap andar chaliye ... thodi derr main nikalna hai naa aapko unhe pick karne ke liye ...

Aakash – ( now panicking) ... Main ??ShockedShocked ... dii main nahi ja paaungaa ... meri toh band baj jaayegi ... Kyaa baat karunga ... kyaa drive karunga ...

Arnav – Really ??? ... (a bit amusedConfusedLOL) ... theek hai main chala jaata hoon ... waise bhi unki security ka sawaal hai ... tum toh Payal se baat karne se bhi darte ho ... kuch emergency hui toh handle nahi kar paaoge ... LOLLOL(both Arnav and anjali smiled at Aakash ) ...

Aakash – Bhai !! aap bhi ?? ... aur aap smile kar rahe hai ?? ... ( he said shocked) ...

Arnav – Kisi ne kaha hai ki smile karne se problems thodi aasaan ho jaati hai ... so try kar raha hu ...WinkSmile (anjali looked at Arnav and aakash not believing his brother left the room ) ...

Anjali – Kisi ne kaha ?? ... ya Khushi ne kaha ?? ... WinkWink

Arnav – mere samajh main ye nahi aa raha tha ki Payal ko aap ghar pe rakhna chahti hai ?? ... obviously Aakash usme interested hai ... aur uski security bhi sahi hogi ...par ...sirf yehi toh wajah nahi hai ... Question

Anjali – (now nodding her head smacked lightly on Arnav's head) ... Woh kaa hai naa Arnav bitwaa ... Khushi kahi bhi rahe par woh Payal se baat toh karat rahengi ... aur agar Payal humare saath rahengi toh hume asani se pata chall jaayega ... ClapClap

Arnav – wow !! aap sach mai the best ho !!! ... (he hugged herHug ) ... par dii ... aap theek toh hai na ?? ... I mean kal jo bhi hua ... uske baad ... maine expect kiya tha ki aap ro roke apna haalat kharaab kar lengi ...

Anjali – Hum theek hai chotte ... hume jitna rona tha woh humne kal ro liya ... aur kal humne taay kar liye ki us insaan ke liye humare aankon se ek bhi aasoon nahi  niklegi ... aur waise bhi kisi ne kaha hai naa ... haste rehne se , muskuraate rehne se ... zindagi thodi asaan ho jaayegi aur mushkile thodi si kam ??? ...Smile


Everyone at sheesh mahal was ready to leave when the phone rang . Almost everyone was out except Arnav , who picked up the call . The person at the other end didn't answer and just cut the call .Confused Again after a minute the phone rang , Arnav picked up , " Khushi !!! ...  Khushi Kumari Gupta ... Kuch aur na sahi ... kam se kam phone pe baat karna toh seekh lo ... "

------ End of part 10 -----------

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Ok guys ... now many of you would want to smack me (leastOuch) or kill me (mostCryCry) for separating the two lovebirds who haven't yet realized their love for each other ... but please do read thru and do not forget to press the like button and give ur comments ... Smile

I promise ... that I shall make them meet soon
Big smile
Big smile
.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
it was goood..arnie was missing her so..loved the precap..hoping to get arhi convo and meeting

Edited by sarach - 10 October 2011 at 12:36pm
-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
AWW! arnav is real cute in this one! love him so!
great update!
Yazzy91 Goldie

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Awww finally arnav is realising that he can't stop thinking about khushi!! Can't wait for the next update! thanks for the PM xxx

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