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ARHI FF : Life and its twists !!! *On Hold* (Page 15)

pri12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 October 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
plzzz  pm me whn u updte

nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarach

wow..ijust loved this part the mostt...alll goody good,,and a emotional saga

Glad you liked it SmileSmile ...
After watching the "sorry" episode , i thought why not make Arnav a little less khadoos ... WinkWink and make him comfort Khushi SmileSmile
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ushankitvc

a very emotional and touching updt... loved the ArHi convo... so emotional... Kaajal makes promise to herself to keep khushi always  happy... loved it to the core... hope arnav will be able to confess his feelings fr Khushi and she will not leave... updt sooon...

Glad you liked the part SmileSmile
Arnav just realised that there is something going on btwn him and Khushi , so it ll take a bit more for him to realize that he is in love with her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Also , I wanted someone equally strong as ASR to be on Khushi's side ..and that's where Kaajal comes SmileSmile

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arhi-fan

Awesome part! Looking forward 2 what going to happen next?

Next ??? ... Arnav ka band bajega LOLLOLLOL ... I am through with the script for next part , just needs some final touch ups TongueTongueTongue
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by littlemoi

nice update.. very emotional and very sweet!

loved the way how arnav comforts khushi and kaajal promises to keep her happy...

Glad you liked it ... SmileSmile
Actually if I get through with my idea of the story Kaajal does more than what she has promised WinkWinkWink ... lets hope my brain doesnt go on snooze mode till i finish the story ConfusedConfused

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FebruaryFlower

This was a smashing update hun!!
I loved it.
Arnav and Khushi's scene was the best. I really hope they get together soon. Kaajal is fab, but I don't think she can comfort Khushi the way Arnav can, and hopefully she's seen this too!!
Looking forward to the next!
Thanks for the PM darling!!

Thank you for again for ur wonderful comment dear TongueTongueTongue

Yeah ... Kaajal is going to be the catalyst for the next part of the story Wink

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nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2011 at 1:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pri12

plzzz  pm me whn u updte

sure pri ...
I shall PM u when I update the next part
nishi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Happy Navratri Guys !!! Tongue
Time for all fun , masti , dance , celebrations and ofcourse Sweets and Savories WinkWink

Here comes the 8th part of the story Smile

Hope you guys like it ...
Please do let me know ur comments ...


"I promise ,that as much as possible , I wont let anything hurt you sis. I will make sure you become so strong that problems will think twice before bothering you!',Thumbs Up she said to herself . She looked at the silhouette of two people , one of her sister and another she recognised of the person with whom she had an argument earlier . Although , initially she wanted to push that man away from her sister since he was manhandling herAngryAngry , she later saw her sister speak out to him and that was when she decided to let them speak. She was pleasantly surprised to see that , this man who had spoken to her rudely , was actually consoling her sister
Thumbs UpThumbs Up. She had heard her sister , talking, she was spilling her heart out , talking about how tired she was , how she was at fault , how she was the cause of all the misery , how she even thought about death.CryCryCry At that moment , Kaajal just moved towards them , all she wanted to do was hold on to her sister and rip away these feelings of despair. But when she heard Arnav speak , she stopped . A part of her was glad that this man was handling Khushi Thumbs UpThumbs Up, perhaps in a better way than herself . She was even glad that finally Khushi spoke her mind and heart out , these feelings of despair had to get out of her system. Kaajal was sure that Khushi wouldn't have told any of this to her or any members of the family or to anyone else. But Khushi told these to Arnav, these two seemed to have a connection , what was that Kaajal didn't know and for now she didn't want to know, she would probe into it later.Wink It could wait , rather it had to wait until things settled down she decided. For now , she was glad that they both didn't notice her presence and she left them on their own , in each others arms and retreated to her room to find Muskaan sleeping like a baby.

A smile arrived on Kaajal's face watching Muskaan , God, she hated it when Muskaan spoke silly and nonsensical stuffs to her , she hated it when Muskaan tried to imitate her . but she loved her more than her life ,because it was Muskaan and her family which had kept her grounded and sane through the past 13 years .At the age of 9  when girls played with barbies,her parents were killed, she was ripped apart from her sister. At the age of 15, when girls talked about boys and dating , and read romantic novels , she was reading papers related to business deals and helping her mamu with strategy to get back her father's company.At the age of 19 ,when girls thought what to do with career , she had finally claimed her company. The last 2 years was a break forced upon her by her Mamu and Bhai , who wanted her to finish her studies ,not that she was doing bad in her studies , but her family thought she deserved a break from fighting .Although she grudgingly agreed  , she focussed on finding her sister and Garima masi . After a fruitless 1.5 yrs of search when she was almost giving up , she heard what she wanted to . Her sister , Khushi was spotted in a fashion clip with Arnav Singh Raizaada in lucknow.Finally she got her and now her family was complete with Khushi ,after 12 years. Actually it was more than complete with the gupta's too joining it and now she could finally have a peaceful sleep and she silently slept , hugging her little sister.



Khushi heard something vibrate near her and that was when she slowly opened her eyes . After some moments she realised she was out in the cold ,but she didn't actually feel coldConfusedConfused , there was something which gave her warmthWinkWink. Something was hugging her tight and that was when it dawned to her , the current situation she was in . It was her Laad Governor, Arnav Singh Raizaada , who was holding her in his arms and she had infact slept in his embrace.ShockedShocked Part of her was overjoyed , another part was confused , another one was angry and a huge part of her was embarrassed. Involuntarily she blushedBlushingBlushingBlushing ."Hey Devi Maiyaa !! yeh kya ho raha hai ?? " ,she thought.She slowly tried to free herself from his arms , but even in his sleep he had a strong holdLOLLOL. why did he have to be so strong even in his sleep , she cursedLOLLOL. She had an idea of waking him up , but when she looked at his face , she decided it best that he remain asleep. One, she didn't want to wake up a sleeping monsterLOLLOL and secondly he looked serene while he was sleeping since he wasn't brooding or angry in his sleepEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. As though by reflex or her prayers ,his hold loosened a bit . Taking a cue, Khushi slowly and gently shifted his hands and finally set herself free from his embrace. Finally she got up and looked at him. He was sleeping in an uncomfortable position, but Khushi didn't want to disturb his sleep. She stared at him for a long time and was again disturbed by the vibrating phone. She decided to attend the call, unless she wanted Arnav to wake up, which she definitely didn't want .she would die of embarrassment if he woke up nowBlushingBlushing . Hurriedly she picked up the phone and moved a bit away from Arnav. 


Khushi - Hello ... ( a male voice answered her back)


Voice - Finally ... Minnie , tu kya ghode bech ke so rahi thi ?? Kitni samay se try kar raha hu ... uth !! aur jaldi se tayyar hoja ... 6 baje ko tum log ko waha se nikalna hai !! ...


Khushi - Maaf kijiye ... Hum Khushi bol rahe hai ...


Voice - Khushi !!! (almost screaming in joyTongueTongueTongue ) ... Khushi !!! tum ho ??? mujhe toh yakeen nahi ho raha hai ... Main Prem, tumhara bhai ... kaisi ho tum ??... yaad bhi hoo mai ??? ... arrey mai bhi kaha tumhe apni baaton mai uljha raha hoo ... tum aa rahi ho na ...tum yaha aa jaao ... phir phursat se baat karenge ... aur mere baaki ke do shaitaan behene kaha hai ??


Khushi - ji ... woh andar so rahi hai ... Muskaan ne hume apna phone diya tha ... hum bahaar baithe the naa ... isiliye ...


Voice - Accha theek hai !!! ...zyaada derr thand mai mat rehna gudiya...tabeeyat kharaab ho jaayegi tumhari ...accha ... kya tum ek kaam karogi mera ??


Khushi - Kahiye ...


Voice - Un dono ko utha dena please ... varna aur late hogaya toh dadi ko mai nahi sambhal saktaOuchOuch ... aur suno , muskaan ko uthane ke liye tumhe zyada koshish karni padegi ... itni aasani se nahi uthegi wohLOLLOL ... toh pehle Kaajal ko utha dena ...


Khushi - Ji ... theek hai ... hum kar denge


Voice - Khushi ...


Khushi - Jii ...


Voice - Tumse baat karke accha laga ... aur waise ... Kaajal aur muskaan mujhe Bhai bulati hai ... mujhe accha lagega agar tum bhi mujhe bhai bulao toh ... Big smile


Khushi - Hume bhi aapse baat karke accha laga ... BhaiTongueTongue ... milte hai ... (she smiled and cut the call)

Khushi was ecstatic at the way her new day had started , she woke up in the arms of ArnavHugBlushing , she had her sisters who had come to take her back to her familySmileSmile, she had a brother and most importantly she finally had people who were her own , with whom she shared her blood , she had a person with whom she had a deep connection from her first second of existence , with whom she shared a bonding even before entering this world . Lost in her thoughts , she looked at Arnav who was now sound asleep on the swing . Slowly chillness engulfed her which had nothing to do with how she felt right now.OuchOuchOuch It was actually cold outside. she looked at the time in the phone , it was 4 in the morning. She didn't want him to catch a cold or flu because of the weather and definitely not because of herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed .After all, he had consoled her and made her feel better.  Swiftly she went into her room and came back with her shawl and a cushion. She just spread the shawl on Arnav,hoping that it would at least reduce the chillness and adjusted his head on the cushion without waking him up. Now that she was sure, he was a bit comfortable she went back to her room , to find Kaajal come out of bathroom .


Kaajal - Good Morning !! TongueTongue(she went ahead and hugged Khushi)


Khushi - Good Morning ... Aap kab aayi ?? hume pata bhi nahi chala ... (she stammered) Shocked


Kaajal - Main toh kal raat hi aayi ... tumse phone pe baat karne ke 15minute mai , main yaha pohunch gayi thi ...


Khushi - Hume pata nahi chala ... (embarrassed) ... Ermm


Kaajal - Haan haan ... pata kaise chalta ... madam toh kaafi busy thi ... aur waise bhi hum jaise naacheez ki ab kya zaroorat aapko ?? LOLLOLLOL(she gave a naughty smileWinkWink) ...


Khushi - JiiiShockedShockedShocked ... (now seriously flushed thinking what if her sister had seen her with Arnav that too in *that* condition) ...Blushing


Kaajal - Jiii ?? ... jiii nahi jaldi LOLLOLLOL...Madamjii ... jaldi jaakar fresh ho jaayiye ... we have to leave by 6 today ... aur is sleeping beauty ko main utha deti hoo ...


Khushi didn't want to face Kaajal at this moment lest she let something out EmbarrassedEmbarrassed, she nodded and went inside the bathroom ,while Kaajal tried waking up Muskaan. After many attempts , finally her younger sis got up , grumpy , angry and confused and was pushed into the bathroom to freshen up by Kaajal.




Arnav woke up suddenly , he didn't know why but guessed it was because he felt a bit cold .He was kinda confused with his surroundings Confused.Why on earth was he sleeping outside on a swing in an uncomfortable  position. Then the events of previous night dawned to him . But if he had held Khushi in his arms , where was she now ??Ouch Why wasn't she here in his arms ?? Was it again one of his dreams where she haunted and teased him ??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed He then had a look at the shawl on him and the cushion near his head and realised it wasn't a dream after all.WinkWink He removed the shawl and saw a kohl mark on his shirt . It was real then ... He had actually had her in his arms , he smiled at the thought SmileSmile.Then he remembered, He had woken up once in the middle of the night to find Khushi snuggled in his embraceWinkWinkWink .Although he wanted to move her somewhere warmer , he didn't have the heart to disturb her .Frankly he didn't want to disturb their situation, deep down somewhere ,he liked the way they had slept. WinkWinkSo , he had just let it be as it was and he had tried to hold her closer if it was even possible in their situation .he now rejoiced the feeling of holding her , comforting her and sleeping with her in his arms . He liked the feeling and part of his mind told that he could get used to it ,but where the hell was she now ??AngryAngry


 "Good Morning",said a voice behind him . He jerked his head and felt a stabbing pain in his neck .He realized he had a catch in his neckOuchOuchOuch ,but the pain melted when he saw her, smiling at him TongueTongue. Finally she was normal .Big smileBig smileBig smile

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