Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF :kabhi alvida na kehnaa chapter 31, page 33

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helllooo peepsssBig smile!!!

continuing thiz FF...the owner is as she culdn't write so she give me the privelage of continuing...i hope u guys enjoy it n support me throughout!!!

it would be my first here u go

i'l continue frm the part where shirlys stop so first u guys hav to read the previous story to get into storyyy!!!

                                  kabhi alvida na kehnaaa!

 one fine morning in mumbai gayathri ma is trying to wake prem our hero the same time here in delhi teji ma is trying to wake heer our heroine up but they r sleeping so teji n gayathri went n bought a bucket full of water n pour it on them they both wake up at the same time yelling 

In juneja mansion

prem: y did u do this mom
g mom: u only toldme to wake up at 10:00 but now its 10:30
prem: omg omg i'm gone all is over y dont u wake me up early god plz help me
g mom: u r telling me that i'm not wake u up early u r the one who is sleeping peacefully ok
prem:ok sry leave it mom 
he took his laptop n turn on it

At same time in maan mansion 
heer do same thing as prem then she also turnrd on the laptop n went online
they both came online at the same time
prem as MR.X:hi cinderella i want tell u something
heer as cinderella:me too sry for coming online late i slept sry plz forgive me
prem thougt that ab ajayega mazza 
MR.X: i came to tell u that i just dont want to talk with u ok gud bye
cinderella:plzz sry
but he went offline
so heer call prem to say sry but he dint atten one call she started msging sry
he dint reply for that too once again she call him he attened the call n said i'm busy now dont u get that she dint leave him she continued saying sry at that time g mom came n told prem wat r u ding u told me that u have some important work already u woke up late now u r relaxing heer heared all the things n said oh so u r playing wih me ok u dont want to talk with me na so dont talk to me bye prem told hey cinderella its just for fun sry but she already cut the call.

part 2
        prem try to call her but she dint atten one call after so much effort heer 

atten the call n talk to prem .They both r friends through chatting they dint even 

know their real names.prem knew all about heer likewise heer also knew about 

prem.prem fell in love with his cinderella he dint have the courage to tell her 

about his love but he decided to tell that he loves her when he meets her.she is 

also egarly waiting to meet her MR.X.prem told her that his sister's marraige is 

coming so he wont cum online daily heer said ok for that n say bye to him n cut 

ther call.
In maan mansion
heer is sitting in her bed n thinking about her MR.X.she came out of the thoughts 

hearing her mom yelling she came down teji told heer that her aunt wants to talk 

with her n gave the phone to her she talk with her aunt n jumping in joy that her 

cousin sweet sis is getting maried her aunt ask her to come home for marraige 

heer also agreed for that n went to her room to get her things packed.teji knew 

that if heer come to know this she will be very happy .so she also went to talk to 

balraj about going to mumbai .He also agreed for that but he had to atten some 

important meeting so he told heer n teji to go first n then he finish the meeting n 

atten the engagement party directly . Heer call MR.X n told that she was coming 

to mumbai he was so happy to hear this news that his cinderella is coming to 

mumbai to him they talked for a while suddenly prem ask her to sing a song first 

heer says that she cant sing then after so much effort she said ok then tell him 

that this is her favourite song so close to her heart so she sing it for him then she 

Prem Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Prem Meri Saason Mein Hain
Prem Mere Hoto Pe Hain
Prem Meri Baaton Mein Hain
Bani Bani Bani Re Bani
Prem Deewani Bani
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Lagi Lagi Lagi Re Lagi
Prem Ki Dhun Lagi
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Prem Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Prem Meri Saason Mein Hain

Auron Ke Chehre Main Dekhun Chehra Jiska Jiska Jiska
Auron Ke Sang Jodti Hoon Main Naam Uska
Hoto Pe Maine Sajaya Hai Har Geet Jiska Jiska Jiska
Nas Nas Mein Meri Samaya Hai Pyaar Uska
Prem Mere Apnon Mein Hai
Prem Mere Sapnon Mein Hai
Prem Meri Palkon Mein Hai
Prem Meri Alkon Mein Hai
Saji Saji Saji Re Saji
Prem Ke Liye Saji
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Find More lyrics at
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Prem Mere Hoto Pe Hain
Prem Meri Baaton Mein Hain
Kehna Hai Kehna Hai Kehna Hai Aaj Tujhse Tujhse Tujhse
Le Jana Le Jana Le Jana Mujhko Mujhse
Baithi Huvi Hoon Main Tere Liye Hai Kab Se Kab Se Kab Se
Tujhse Kahan Hain To Kehdoongi Main Ja Ke Sab Se
Prem Meri Dhadkan Mein Hain
Prem Meri Tadpan Mein Hain
Prem Mere Mann Mein Hain
Prem Mere Tan Mein Hain
Chali Chali Chali Re Chali
Prem Se Milne Chali
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Bani Bani Bani Re Bani
Prem Deewani Bani
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Lagi Lagi Lagi Re Lagi
Prem Ki Dhun Lagi
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Prem Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Prem Meri Saason Mein Hain 
he was in dream hearing her singing this song he felt very happy atlast the song 

ended she say bye n went to sleep to dream her MR.X...

part 3

Next Day
Heer n Teji started thier journey from delhi to mumbai after long drive they 

reach their destination.Heer dint know that her destiny is here.she came out n 

gave the car keys to one of the driver to park the car n she ran inside the house 

happily shouting "didi"she dint see that some one is coming in her direction she 

realised that wen she ran into someone she lost her balance she closed her eyes 

tightly suddenly two warm hands went around her waist before she fall on the 

floor n steadied her.heer slowly open her eyes to see two chocolate brown eyes 

watching her.she suddenly pulled him n started yelling at him 'dont u have eyes 

'he was shocked to hearing her yelling at him he saved her from falling actually 

she have to thank him for saving but she is yelling.the man said'hey mind ur words 

ok dont u have any manners u r yelling at me u have to thank me for saving u'heer 

yelled back'how dare u tell me that i dont have manners who r u i'll tell to my 

aunt to send u out of this house'n she started shouting for her aunt to come.he 

was wtaching her yelling for his mom to tell her to send him out of his house he 

stopped her from yelling he shoted'who r u to send me out of my house han'she 

was shocked n said'wat?...'at that time g mom came down runing n asked'wat 

prem wat did do now?'prem said'mom i dint do anything shes the one who yelling 

at me'heer said'why r u calling my aunt mom'g mom said'he is prem my son ur 

childhood friend u used to play with him wen u r small dont u remember'heer said 

'i dint remember this jerk'prem yelled'wat did u say me?'for that heer said'dont 

u know jerk... jerk... jerk...'prem yelled'u i dont leave u'he started runing after 

her she went n hide behind g mom.gmom stopped them at that time teji started 

scolding for her behaviour towards prem.heer made a sad face gmom supported 

heer n save her from teji's scolding seeing this prem is smiling heer is fuming in 

anger.Teji said'heer say sry to prem'heer said'mom plz dont do this to me i hate 

this jerk i wont say sry plz'prem said'me too hate u ok stupid'n he leave the place 

n fuming in anger outside kicking the car tyre

part 4

               heer is sitting with her sis n aunt suddenly her mobile started ringing 

she saw that its from her MR.X she excuses and attens the call.prem'hi how r 

u?'heer'i'm fine'prem'where r u now?heer'i'm in my aunts home why?'prem 'will 

u come n meet me in taj restaurent'heer'no i cant now only i came here my mom 

wont leave me already she is angry on for irritating my cousin if i ask her now she 

will kill me sry'prem'its ok'heer'why ur voice is so dull is everything alright 

there'prem'one girl is irritaing me like hell i just hate her'heer'ok leave it 

'prem'then wen r we going to meet'heer' i have to go we'll chat abt that now bye 

cum online ok bye'prem'bye i'll miss u'heer'me too bye'she cut the call n went to 

select her room she saw one room it contains all her favourite things at that time 

gmom came.gmom'wat r u doing heer?'heer'this room is very beautiful i just cant 

take my eyes of this room whose room is this?'gmom'this is prem's room if u like 

this room u can stay here'heer'no then where will he go and sleep'gmom'u 

dontworry abt that he'll stay in guest room'heer'no its ok aunty'gmom'heer u r 

staying here thats all now go inside'heer'but'gmom'no buts'heer'ok i'm going'she 

went inside n put all her thing in the cuborad n she came outside with prem's 

things to place it in the guest room.seeing this prem came to her.prem'wat r u 

doing with my things han?'heer'i'm going to put it in the guest 

room'prem'why?'heer 'cos i'm staying here in this room thats why'prem 

yelled'wat this is my room i wont give it to anyone especially u do u get that in ur 

mind'gmom cut him n said'i only told her to stay here'prem'but mom 

why?'gmom'no questions go to guest room now'prem'this is unfair all this is 

becoz of u i wont leave u for this'telling this he leaves the place heer felt some 

kind of pain in her heart she went into the room n closed the door n started 

crying her cell started ringing she wiped her tears and atten the call its MR.X 

they talked for a while they decided to meet in taj at10:30am 2morrow then they 

went to sleep .


prem n heer woke up early to meet their love life.Prem put red shirt n black pant
heer wear a red stone work short chudi.heer put her light makeup n went 

downstairs to hav breakfast.In dinning table prem is sitting n eating his 

breakfast he was stunned he cant blink his eyes kulraj di said 'prem close ur 

mouth u'll catch flies'prem closed his mouth kulraj started laughing heer came n 

silently sat opposite to prem n started eating her breakfast after finishing the 

the breakfast heer went to her mom n ask perimission to go out teji refused to 

send heer out then gmom said'prem will take her where heer wants to go so ur 

daughter will be safe ok thats final heer u go with prem'prem n heer both r 

shocked to hear this.prem take heer to the car and started driving...

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part 5

            heer is sitting in the passengers seat looking outside thinking 'oh god plz 

help me i dont know wat to do now'suddenly one one idea struck her.heer'prem 

stop the car'prem'but why?'heer'cos i said so'prem'i'm not ur driver keep that 

in mind ok'heer'ok sir i want to buy some gift for my friend so plz stop the 

car'then prem stopped the car then they went into the gift shop prem n heer 

bought some special gift for their love n paid the bill.heer'prem i'll manage by 

myself so u go'prem thought for a while n said ok n he leave tat place.heer call 

one taxi n she went to the the restaurent heer went n sat on the 

table where prem resereved for his cinderella in the middle of the table bunches 

of red roses r there.heer's eyes is searching for her MR.X.suddenly her mobile 

started ringing she saw that it was MR.X.she atten the call heer'where r u i'm 

waiting for u its 10:50 now'prem'sry i wont come coz now i'm in city 

hospital'heer'wat happend? r u alright now'prem'i'm fine nothing happen to me 

mu uncle met with an accident'heer'is he fine now'prem 'yah he is absolutly fine. 

i'm sry for not coming'heer'hey its ok take care of him now'prem'wen will we 

meet?'heer'we'll meet soon ok we'll discus about that later k bye'prem'wait... 

ok bye'heer'wat?'prem'nothing bye'.heer went to home there was no one in home 

she directly went to her room n closed the door.her eyes fell on the dairy.she 

took the dairy n saw that it was prem's dairy she thought for a while n opened 

the dairy n started 



atlast she closed the dairy she was shocked to know that prem is MR.X her MR.X.
she closed her eyes n started thinking about her first meeting with 

prem.suddenly she heared a knock on the door she opened the door kulraj didi is 

standing infront of her with the sad look heer'wat happened didi y r u so 

dull?'kulraj'heer uncle...'heer'wat happened to papa?kulraj'no heer nothing 

happened he met with an accident prem took him to the hospital he is safe he is 

coming home so only i came to tell u'heer eyes welled up but she dint cry kulraj 

take her to the the living room where teji is sitting tensed heer went to her mom 
and sit beside her.prem came with balraj heer ran to them n saw that balraj is 

alright.heer'dad u alright nah?balraj'heer beta i'm absolutly fine prem saved 

me'n he explained about everything happened.heer turned to prem n said thanks 

to him prem dint say anything just smiled n went to his room.

In Prem's room

     prem call heer i mean his cinderella.heer'hello'prem'hi r u free now i want to 

ask u somthing?'heer'yah wat do u want to ask?'prem hesitantly'wats ur real 

name?'heer'y r u asking this now that too suddenly?'prem'coz i want to 

know'heer'cant u wait for one week'prem'wat one week? no way i cant'heer 

started simling n said'oh i wont tell u.u have to wait for one week coz i have so 

many important works u know'prem'this is too much ok'heer'oh really i dont 

think so'prem'ok where r u now?heer'i'm in ur room'prem'wat?'heer'oh sry in my 

room ok i have to go i'll talk to u later bye'prem'bye'he cut the call n went 

outside with his friends.


its kuldi's engagement all r enjoying the party kuldi ask heer to sing a song she 

said ok n searches for prem he is sitting with his friends n chatting she thinks for 

a while n started singing

Prem Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
(prem stood up in his place wen he heared her voice)
Prem Meri Saason Mein Hain
Prem Mere Hoto Pe Hain
Prem Meri Baaton Mein Hain
(he is searching for her all around the party but hide behind a piller)
Bani Bani Bani Re Bani
Prem Deewani Bani
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Lagi Lagi Lagi Re Lagi
Prem Ki Dhun Lagi
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Prem Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Prem Meri Saason Mein Hain
(he went n saw so many girls n says sry to them his head started spinning
suddenly his eyes fell on heer he went to her but shes not singing n he went away)
(coz at that time kuldi sings)
Auron Ke Chehre Main Dekhun Chehra Jiska Jiska Jiska
Auron Ke Sang Jodti Hoon Main Naam Uska
Hoto Pe Maine Sajaya Hai Har Geet Jiska Jiska Jiska
Nas Nas Mein Meri Samaya Hai Pyaar Uska
Prem Mere Apnon Mein Hai
Prem Mere Sapnon Mein Hai
Prem Meri Palkon Mein Hai
Prem Meri Alkon Mein Hai
Saji Saji Saji Re Saji
Prem Ke Liye Saji
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Find More lyrics at
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Prem Mere Hoto Pe Hain
Prem Meri Baaton Mein Hain
Kehna Hai Kehna Hai Kehna Hai Aaj Tujhse Tujhse Tujhse
Le Jana Le Jana Le Jana Mujhko Mujhse
Baithi Huvi Hoon Main Tere Liye Hai Kab Se Kab Se Kab Se
Tujhse Kahan Hain To Kehdoongi Main Ja Ke Sab Se
Prem Meri Dhadkan Mein Hain
Prem Meri Tadpan Mein Hain
Prem Mere Mann Mein Hain
Prem Mere Tan Mein Hain
Chali Chali Chali Re Chali
Prem Se Milne Chali
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Bani Bani Bani Re Bani
Prem Deewani Bani
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Lagi Lagi Lagi Re Lagi
Prem Ki Dhun Lagi
Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Hai Ab Kya Kare Dil Deewana
Prem Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Prem Meri Saason Mein Hain 

atlast the song ended but he cant find his cinderella...
part 6

               prem is thinking 'wat to do now?'suddenly idea struk him he took his mobile out n call cinderella.heer's mobile started ringing she smiled seeing her mobile n atten the call.heer'hai'prem'r u in kuldi's engagement party now?'heer'yes why r u asking do u know her?'prem'yes she is sis where r u now ?'heer'i wont tell u u have to find me prem'prem'u know my name but how?'heer'leave it prem if u have luck u'll find me'prem'i have everything i'll find u'heer'oh really then ur time starts now the party is going to over in 20mins before that u have to find me ok'prem'but u dont cut the call ok'heer'ok deal'prem started searching for her his eyes fell on heer he went to her talking in the phone he turned her around she gave him a weired look n actioned him to go away he searched for her allaround the party but he cant find her.heer'ok prem ur time is over u cant find me bye'she cut the call n looked for prem.he is sitting in the couch with the gift box he brought for his cinderella. heer went n sat beside him.heer'wat r u doing here all r enjoying the party but u'prem'just leave me alone'heer'prem i want totell u something important'prem'i said just leave me alone'heer'no i wont hey wats this in ur hand'she snached the gift box from him.prem'heer give it to me'heer'no'she started running prem also ran behind her to get the giftbox from her.atlast prem caught her and slapped hard on her face heer's eyes welled up prem yelled'i just hate u do u here that i hate u dont interfere in my things ok after u came all things r going in a wrong way just leave from here i dont want to see u again near me just leave'heers heart broken into many pieces.heer'ok i'm leaving i wont come to u in any situation n sry for everything bye'she ran outside prem felt pain in his heart wen she says bye to him he sat on the couch.prems friend rahul came with an camera.rahul'prem i saw one girl shes hot man i asked abt her to everyone they told me shes ur cousin plz man tell me abt her'prem threw the camera n yelled'just leave me'rahul was shocked suddenly prem hears the song he slowly went and took the camera in his hand he was shocked to see that heer is singing the song n it struck him that heer is his cinderella.he thinks about everything happen between him n heer she came to tell him but hes the one stops her n slaps her.he ran outside to see her but she is not there he went to her room she was not there also he came downstairs all are searching for her but they cant find her anywhere teji started crying prem went to her n said 'aunty dont cry i'll bring heer back home plz dont cry'teji'i belive u prem u go n bring her plz'prem left to his car n started driving suddenly one thing came to his mind that she love to go to hilly places wen she was happy or sad.he went one hilly place his eyes fell on heer who is standing there n crying he went to her.prem'heer'heer turned n saw him standing infront of her n said'go away prem'prem'sry heer i'm not in my sense at that time sry'telling he went near her.heer'no prem dont say sry i'm sry for interfiereing in ur life sry'she take her steps backwards.prem'heer stop moving'heer'no i wont'prem'r u mad why r u doing this?'heer'coz i dont want to disturb u'prem'plz heer dont do this not for me but for MR.X.'heers leg slipped she was abt to to fall prem held her hand tightly n pulled her to his side n hugged her.she hugged him back tightly.prem held her face in his plams n says'if something happens to u wat will i do?'heer says nothings tears rolled down her cheeks he wipped her tears n hugged her...

art 7

              heer pushed prem away from her n turned to the other side n said 

'nothing will happen to u'prem'dont behave like a kid come with me'heer'i'm not 

coming with u'prem'i'm not requesting u its my order'he dragged her to the car 

she yelled'leave me i'm not coming'prem'chup'heer was scared.prem'finger in ur 

lips'heer'my car...'prem'get inside the car'heer'but my..'prem'i said get in'he 

called the driver to take the car.the drive was very silent atlast they reach home
prem take her inside teji hugged heer n cried.heer'mom plz dont cry see i'm 

fine'teji'dont go anywhere without telling anyone ok'heer'ok mom app rhona 

banth kijeye plzzz'.all r happy to see heer similing.


heer is lying in her bed n watching one hindi movie.prem came inside n locked the 

door.heer'wat r u doing hear 'prem'i came to give this to u'heer'i dont want 

anything'prem'so u dont want ferro rochar ok bye'heer'wait wen i said i dont 

want anything give it to me.'its her fav.prem'i'll give it to u in one 

condition'heer'wat condition?'prem'bolo ki tumne mujae maaf kardiya'heer'ok 

maaf kardiya give it to me'premgave the chcolates to her n went to sleep.

DAYS PASSED prem n heer's love increased but they both r afraid to confess.
heer came running to the living room.lalit'wat happened beta?'heer'i got seat in 

bangalore university'lalit'arrey congradulations beta prem also got seat in the 

same college'heer'really wow it sounds cool where is prem 'lalit'he went for some 

work beta'heer'oh ok i'm going to kuldi's room bye'.

lalit asked balraj for heer's hand.balraj was so happy he said ok to this rishta n 

they ask gayathri n teji to talk abt this to prem n heer.teji n gayathri went to 

heers room n asked abt this heer said ok.heer was so happy.

all are waiting for prem in the living room.prem came home he saw that all are 

sitting in the living room.prem'app log yahan bate kya bath karahihen muje bhi tho 

bathayeyae'lalit'prem heers marriage is fixed'prem's heart broke into many 

pieces he silently see that heer was happy she was smilling with 

kuldi.prem'con..grad..ulations... heer'heer'thank u'prem silently went to his 

room.all watched him go away all started laughing lalit told heer to go n talk to 



prem is sitting in his bed with heers photo in his hand crying.heer knocked the 

door prem wipped his tears n opened the door he saw heer standing infront of his 

room. she came inside n sat in the bed.heer'prem come hear see this photo how 

handsome he is'telling this she dragged prem he came n sat beside her but he dint 

see the photo.heer'his hair,eyes,lips his'prem'stop it heer'heer'see this photo n 

tell u also start admiring him'prem'yah yah he is like salman khan'heer'yah he 

is'prem'stp talking abt him if u want then leave from here'heer'y r u yelling like 

this i'll leave u but plz tell me we r made for eachother heyna' then only prem saw 

that heer is having his photo.he turned to heer she similed n asked'prem u r a best 

friend,best son,best brother will u be best husband'prem dint say anything heer 

hugged him. 

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part 8

prem came to his sense wen heer hugged him he hugged her back n said'i'll always 

be there for u heer'heer'i know that prem howz my selection'prem smiled n kissed 

her forehead n naughtily asked'then wat r u saying abt my lips,hair,eyes?' heer 

shyly'prem woh...'prem'heer kya woh'heer pushed prem n ran to her room prem 

smiled at her n went to bed


its kuldi's mehendi function heer wore pink lengha.kuldi wore a blue color lengha all 

girls r putting mehndi in their hands.boys are not allowed so all girls are enjoying 

heer is putting mehndi in her hands one girl came n dragg her to middle of the 

group of girls all girls reqested heer to sing a song heer sings

(Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai) - 2
O hariyali banno
Le jaana tujhko guiyyaan aane waale hai saiyyaan
Thaamenge aake baiyyaan, goonjegi shehnaayi
Angnaayi, angnaayi
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

(all dancing around kuldi n heer gayathri n teji feel happy for their daughters heer 

drag them to the dance floor they also danced with their daughters happily 

Gaaye maiya aur mausi, gaaye behna aur bhabhi
Ke mehndi khil jaaye, rang laaye hariyaali banni
Gaaye phoofi aur chaachi, gaaye naani aur daadi
Ke mehndi mann bhaaye, saj jaaye hariyaali banni
Mehndi roop sanwaare, o mehndi rang nikhaare, ho
Hariyaali banni ke aanchal mein utrenge taarein
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

(prem watched his heers happy face from upstairs n he feels very happy to think 

that this angel will be his forever )

Gaaje, baaje, baraati, ghoda, gaadi aur haathi ko
Laayenge saajan tere aangan, hariyaali banni
Teri mehndi woh dekhenge
To apna dil rakhdenge woh
Pairon mein tere chupke se, hariyaali banni
Mehndi roop sanwaare, o mehndi rang nikhaare, ho
Hariyaali banni ke aanchal mein utrenge taarein
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

atlast the song ended heer sees that prem is watching her she feels shy prem 

signaled her to come upstairs she first denied prem signaled her that if she is not 

coming then he'll jump from there she turns to the otherside.prem made a 

disappointed n sad face. seeing this she agrees n then went upstairs to him. prem 

trapped her between him n the wall she tried to escape from there but she cant 

prem came closer to her n said'do u know how beautiful you are'telling this he 

moved closer now their nose were touching.heer'pre...m'prem'heer i just cant cant 

resist u'heer'prem plz leave me this is not correct'prem'heer plz only one'heer'no 

prem leave me'she treid to pull him but he was too strong.he kissed her lips lightly 

heer pushed him n slapped him hard.she dint mean to hurt him but it 

happens.heer'prem sry i...'prem'dont say anything'he leave the place.
heer tried to talk to prem but he ignored her.gayathri saw prems sad dull face she 

asked him but he went to his room without telling anything.gayathri called heer n 

asked'heer beta is any problem between u n prem'heer'no aunty i'll check 

prem'she went to prems room.prem is sitting in his bed heer put kneeldown infront 

of prem n said'prem i'm sry i dint mean it'prem'no its my fault heer'heer'no prem 

its not ur fault its my fault u have all rights on me'prem yelled'i'm telling u nah its 

my fault'heer was scared heer dint say anything she suddenly kissed his lips first 

prem was shocked then he kissed her back they kissed for a while. then heer 

hugged him to hide her blushed face.prem smilled at her action .they both went 

downstairs holding hand gayathri sees this n similed.prem leaves heers hand n they 

both went to dinning table n eat their dinner without speaking.lalit announced that 

prem n heer's engagement is day after 2morrow.2morrow is kuldi's marriage n the 

next day premeers engagement.heer feels shy n silently stood up n went up to her 

room.all laughed n lalit said that premeers marriage is after their higher studies 

that means after two years so prem n heer have so many time to enjoy their love 

prem also feels shy n he also leaves the place.then lalit call one preson n asked abt 

the preparations overthere n said all should be ready u have only five days ok he 

cut the call n tell abt his plan to everyone.everyone was happy.they talked for a 

while n all leave to thier respective rooms.

its kuldis marriage all were enjoying prem told heer that their marriage will also 

happen like this.heer simles. atlast the marriage is over.all went to sleep coz 

2morrow is premeers engagement.

next day evening all guest arrived prem is waiting for his angel to come downstairs 

his fell on his angel wearing red lengha coming down with kuldi she came n took the 

the blessing of his n her parents n stood beside him .all ask prem to propose to 

heer.he kneel down before n asked 'heer will u marry me?'kuldi says something in 

heers ears n heer said 'no' n started moveing away with kuldi.prem started singing

Dhak dhak dhak dhak – 2 times

(she stood in her place without moving prem started dancing around heer)
Make some noise,
Dhak dhak dhak dhak – 2 times
Lets scream
Common common now,
Break with the beat down,
Say common common now,
Sing it along soniye..

Dhak dhak dhak mera dil dha dke
Dhak dhak dhak dhak – 2 times
Tere bina tere bina, dil naa lage,
Dhak dhak dhak dhak – 2 times
Hoye dhak dhak dhak mera dil dhadke
Tere bina tere bina, dil naa lage,
Jab jab dekhu tera mukhda haseen,
Ankhiyon mein milne ke khwab saje,
Tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,
Ho soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye – 3 times
kehte hai pyaar kise aaj humko yeh batala de – 2 times
Matlab pyaar ka deewane zara samjha de,
rakhdo kadam tum apne jahan par,
jaan wahi hum de denge,
itni ijazat rab mujhe de de,
sajda mein ishq ka kar lu..

Haan tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,

soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye

dhak dhak dhak dhak
Shake this down
dhak dhak dhak dhak

chod ke mein apno ko, tere saath kaise jau,
dhak dhak dhak dhak
Ho chod ke mein apno ko, tere saath kaise jau,
ajnabee rishto ko soch soch mein ghabrau,
hogi kami mehsoos naa inki,
itna khayal mein rakhunga,
keh naa saka jo baat zaban se,
aankhon se meri padh le..
Ho tujhe doli mein bitha ke,
Teri maang saja ke,
Le jau mein sabse chura ke,

soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye
soniye ve, soniye mere naal aa jaa soniye – 3 times 

atlast prem put the ring in heers hand n heer put the ring in prems hand.prem 

kissed heers cheeks.

part 9

Prem n Heer is standing with Prem's friends n talking Teji called Heer to 

introduce her to someone.teji "Heer this is Geeta my friend" Heer " hello aunty" 

Geeta" hello beta you both are made for eachother" Heer "thank u aunty"Geeta" 

ok beta you go n enjoy " Heer "ok aunty bye" Heer turns to leave she saw Prem 

hugging one girl she was fuming in anger Prem signals her to come she went near 

him.Prem introduces " Heer this is Ash my friend n Ash this is Heer my fiance " 

Heer " hello ash nice to meet u " Ash " hai ok Prem come with me " she drags him 

to the dance floor . Prem sees that Heer is standing there watching him dancing 

with Ash she gave him a angry look n turned to leave someone held her hand n 

asked " will u dance with me " .Heer " ofcourse Rohit ". He gently held her hand n 

take her to the dance floor n both started dancing. Rohit " so u remember my 

name ". Heer "yes, sry i forget to call u " Rohit " ok leave it where is ur fiance ". 

Heer " plz dont talk to me about him " Rohit " why dear wat happened from now 

itself u started fighting with him ah?". Heer" see Rohit he is dancing with that 

bitc* Ash " Rohit "oh so sad dont worry dear now Rohit is here " Heer " yeah u r 

here but my Prem is there " Rohit " wait n watch dear " telling this he grabs the 

mike. Rohit " ok guys lets play a game in this bowl there r so many chits u have to 

select one chit n u have to do wat is written in the chit ok " all yelled " ok " Rohit " 

ok lets start " all started playing the game. Prem came near Heer n asked " Heer 

whose that guy ?" Heer " my friend Rohit " telling this she turned to leave Prem 

held her wrist n turned her around n asked " where r u leaving stand with me " 

Heer " no i dont want to stand with u if u want any company go to Ash now leave 

me " Prem " no i wont leave ur hand so my Heer is mad at me " Heer " yes ". Rohit " 

Prem now its ur turn come on ".Prem went n took one chit n gave it to Rohit. Rohit 

"u sing a song for Heer ". hearing this Heer turned to leave the place but she cant 

leave the place hearing prem singing

Tu hi mere hai saaree zameen
Chahe kahin se chalun
Tujh mein hi aake ruku

(he came n gave her a bunch of red roses )
Tere siva Main jaun kahan
Koi bhi raah chunu
Tujh mein hi aake ruku

Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham gaye
Tum mile to Saare gum gaye

Tum mile to muskhurana aa gaya

Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda

( all started dancing around premeer )

Tujh mein kinara dikhe
Dil ko sahara dikhe
Aa meri dhadkan tham le

Teri taraf hi mude
Yeh saas tujhse jude
Har pal yeh tera naam le
Tum mile to abb kya hai kami
Tum mile to duniya mil gai
Tum mile to mil gaya asra
(Prem held Heers hand n both started dancing ) 
Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda

Din mere tujhse chale
Raatein bhi tujhse dhale

Hai waqt tere haath mein

hooo Tu hi shehar hai mera
Tujh mein hi ghar hai mera

Rehta hai tere saath mein

Tum mile to mil gaya humsafar

Tum mile to khud ki hai khabar
Tum mile to ristha sa ban gaya

( both hugged n moved to the music they where in there own love world )
Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya

Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda

hearing the clap sound both came to sense n Heer shyly hide her face in Prems 


Heer introduces Prem to Rohit. Rohit " so man u r MR.X right " Prem " yes but how 

do u know ? " Rohit " Heer used to tell me about her MR.X u have all the qualities 

which is in him" Heer" wat an inteligent brain yaar ?" . Prem n Heer smiled at Rohit 

. Rohit " ok thodi der pehelay someone is crying for someone i'm the one who 

helped her " Heer " ok ok leave it guys i'm so tired i'm going to sleep gud nite". 

telling this she left the place Prem n Rohit smiled at her they went to their 

respective rooms.

part 10

heer is lying in her bed watching her engagement ring she came out of her 

thoughts wen she hear a knock on the door she opened the door suddenly prem 

pulled her inside n lock the door. heer " prem wat r u doing hear ?". prem " i came 

here to say sry to u ". heer " but for wat ? ". prem "coz u cried na . heer believe me 

she only drag me to the dance floor " . heer " prem i trust u so plz dont say sry " . 

prem " really " . heer " haan baba really ". prem " after now onwards u wont cry ur 

one drop tear is precious to me ok" . heers eye welled up hearing him saying this . 

prem " see u r crying now only i told that " she cut him in n said "tum mujse itna 

zyaada pyaar katri ho ". prem " isse bhi zyaada karta hoon " heer hugged him n 

wispered " i love u prem " he hugged her back n said " me too dear " . prem took 

her in his arm n placed her in the bed n put the blanket over her n gave her a gud 

nite kiss in her forehead n left to his room.

ten days later 

teji told heer to pack her things n ask her come downstairs in ten minutes. heer " 

but mom why so suddenly" . teji " do wat i say ". telling this she leaves the place 

heer put all her thing in the suitcase n came downstairs n sees that all standing 

there prem is also having his suitcase with him. heer asked him through eyes " 

wats happening " prem gave her a i dont know look. lalit " prem u n heer are coming 

in ur car ok " . prem " ok dad but where r we going ". lalit " wait n watch now come 

" . prem " ok dad ". prem n heer put their things in the back n settled in their car. 

lalit " prem u follow our car ok " . prem " ok dad " . prem started following his 

dads car. heer " prem where r we going u have any idea about that " . prem " no 

heer " . heer put her head in prems shoulder n started sleeping prem smiled at her 

n he continued his driving. after long drive they reach their destination place. lalit 

call prem n heer to come out of the car. prem " where r we now " lalit " heer beta 

come here " . heer silently went near lalit he gave a bunch of keys to her. heer " 

uncle wats this ? " . lalit " go n open the door prem u too go with her " . he pointed 

a big house to them . heer n prem silently went to that house n heer opened the 

door . rose petals fall over them they both were surprised to see the photo 

frames in the wall which contains their engagement photos. lalit ,gayathri, balraj 

n teji asked at the same time " howz the surprise " . prem n heer smiled n hugged 

their parents . lalit " this our gift for ur engagement " . prem " thank u dad ". lalit 

" why r u guys standing outside come inside " . heer n prem sees that all the things 

in the house is their favourite. lalit " from now onwards u both r going to stay 

here for ur higher studies " prem n heer smiled . lalit " if u guys want a caretaker 

i'll appoint one lady . wat say u want or not " prem n heer looked at eachother.

part 11

prem suddenly said " dad we can manage " . lalit laughed at prem's reaction n said 

" ok now put all ur things in ur respective rooms " . prem " ok dad". lalits mobile 

started buzzing he atten the call. after talking in the phone he said " ok we r 

leaving now itself i have some important work to do " prem n heer " but ..." .lalit " 

sry beta its urgent u both takecare bye " . balraj " prem i'm leaving my liottle 

angel to u takecare of her " . prem " dont worry uncle i'll always be with her " . 

balraj smiles n gave both of them a kiss n he leaves. gayathri "take care of my 

sweet bahu ok " . prem " ok mom, u take ur medicines at correct time ok " . she 

pats his cheek n leaves . teji " heer take care of prem ok " . prem " atlast i have 

one person in this house who cares about me " . heer " ok mom bye i'll miss u n dad 

" . prem n heer say bye to them n went to their respective rooms to put their 

things. heer arranged all her things n went to prem's room. she was shocked 

seeing that prem is dumping his thing in the cupboard. heer " prem wat r u doing ? 

" . prem " arranging my things " heer " its not arranging its dumping, give it to me 

i'll arrange ur things " . prem " i can help u in arranging ". heer " no thanks ". heer 

started arranging his things prem hugged heer from the back n started nuzzling 

her cheeks with his nose . heer " prem stop it i have so many works to do " prem 

without leaving " i wont stop u , u do ur work n i do my work ok". heer tried to 

push him but he was too strong so she started working atlast she finished her 

work. heer turned to prem n said " prem i'm so tired " prem " ok dont wory we'll 

go out for dinner ok " heer kissed his cheek n said " so sweet of u " .prem " ok now 

get ready " heer leaves to her room to change the dress . prem n heer left to the 

restaurent. prem ordered heer's favourite food n heer ordered prem's favourite 

things. they talked about random things n ate the food . prem payed the bill n 

they went to home. 

In heers room 

prem put the blanket over heer n gave a gud nite kiss n turned to leave. heer held 

his hand n made him sit in her bed n she leaned in his shoulder n said " prem 

dayafter 2morrow our college is starting i'm very scared " . prem smiled n said " 

heer dont be scared i'm always with u, u trust me nah ? " . heer " i trust u more 

than anyone in the world " prem " then wats the problem now u sleep 2morrow we 

r going out for shopping ". heer " wow ok gud nite " . prem smiled n leaves to his 



heer made coffee for prem n went to prem's room. she smiled at prem seeing his 

cuteness. he was sleeping like a little boy he had a smile in his lips heer put the 

coffee cup in the side table n sat near him n says " prem wake up " prem "plz heer 

thodi der aur " heer " no now get up " prem " heer kya yaar u too sleep with me 

come " saying this prem pulled heer into him n started sleeping. heer " prem leave 

me " . she pushed him away n stood up from the bed n said " ok u want to sleep nah 

sleep well but dont talk to me " prem woke up n said " wat ? " heer " u hear me 

right i wont talk to u " .heer turned to leave prem hugged her from back n said " 

heer sry plzzz". heer smiled n said " ok now drink ur coffee do u know wat i 

made it for u for the first time".prem " really sweetheart then it must be good " 

telling this he drinks the coffee n his expression changes. heer " how is it ?".prem" 

its very nice i told u nah u made it for me then it must be good". heer " prem i 

want one sip give me ".prem " no i want this if u want then then made a new one 

for u ". heer takes the cup from him n before he could took it back she drinks n 

spit it out n said " yuk no sugar but u told that it was nice " . prem " coz u made it 

for me with love ". heers eye welled up n she hugged him prem similed n hugged her 

back. prem" ok heer get ready quick in 30 monutes ". after thirty minutes they 

leave to mall.


prem n heer went to many shops. prem select dresses for heer n heer select shirts 

for prem .while paying the bill prem saw a chain in a jewel shop he said " heer 

heres the car keys u go to the car i hav to buy a charger i'll be there in a minute 

ok " . heer " ok prem " . she put all the shopping bags in the car n a idea hit her she 

went inside to buy a gift for prem. she searched for a gift n she saw a wrist 

watch she payed the bill n came out of the shop one group of boys stops her she 

tried to escape but one guy held her wrist n came near her she pushed him away 

with all her srength n started running for her dear life. here prem buy the chain 

n he came n saw that heer is not there he started searching for her . again one 

guy hold her hand she tried to push him but all went in vein he came near her he 

tried to kiss her but before he could do anything prem gave him a punch he fell on 

the floor. heer hugged prem n started crying . prem " plz dont cry heer i'm here 

nothing happen to u ". that guy stood up in his place prem went to him n started 

beating him heer ran to prem n stoped him. prem " if u tried to look at my heer 

then i'll kill u mind it " . prem took heer to the car .      

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part 12

prem took heer to her room n made her sit n he knelt down before her n held her 

face in his plams n wipped her tears with his thumbs n said " heer plz dont cry i 

have told u that ur each dropof tear is precious to me dont waste it for that 

bit**". heer" ok i wont cry " prem " thats my heer . ok close ur eyes i have 

somthing for u " heer " wat ?".prem " first close ur eyes ". prem took heer near 

the dressing table mirror n put the chain around her neck. heer " wat is that prem 

".prem " ok now open ur eyes ". heer opens her eyes n saw the chain n said " prem 

its beautiful".prem " becoz of u its beautiful " . heer touches the dolor its a small 

heart,the heart is filled with small diamond stones. heer " it must be very costly 

".prem " not more than u ". prem hugged her from the back n asked " heer promise 

me that u wont remove this chain ". heer " i promise prem i wont remove it " heer 

took prems hand n kissed it n gave the watch to him . prem " for me " . heer " no 

its for our neighbour". prem " heer " . heer "obviously its for u it 'll remind u that 

my heart is beating for u ".prem felt happy n he gave her a kiss in forehead . they 

both went to the living room n watch a movie after that heer made dinner n ate 

the food n went to sleep.


prem n heer get ready for the college heer wear a red with black anarkali suit n 

prem wore a red shirt n black jeans. prem n heer ate their breakfast n left to 



prem n heer went to their class room prem sat near a boy heer sat near a girl. 

their bench was side by side. prem smiled at the guy n said " hi i'm prem " that guy 

"hi prem i'm raj " they shook their hands . raj " this is priya my friend ". prem " hi 

priya ". priya " hi prem " prem " this is heer " heer " hi guys " raj n priya"hi friends".
premeer" ofcourse ". raj stared at heer. she was talking to priya ,he thinks " wow 

shes looking like an angel " . prem who was talking to raj noticed that he was 

staring at someone he turned n see n he thinks " oh he is starring at priya".prem 

coughs raj came out of his thoughts prem started teasing him" hey man flies went 

inside ur mouth spit it out ".raj was embarresed. heer" prem stop teasing him".raj 

looked at heer n smiled at her n said " thanks ".heer " hey yaar we r friends now 

so plz stop telling sry,thanks etc etc". raj" ok madam ".heer n prem shared a hi5 .
professor comes n started his lesson . raj stared at heer during lecture but prem 

thinks that he was seeing priya n smiled at him. atlast the lecturer leaves the 

class. prem, heer,raj n priya went to canteen.


prem - ok guys tell me what to order 

heer - for me pizza 

raj n priya - for me too.

prem went n order .he turn to leave he saw preet is standing there with meher .
he went to them.

prem - hai guys.

preet - hai wat r u doing here.

prem - i'm studying here.wart r u doing here?

meher - hello guys i'm also here plz anyone talk to me?

prem - sorry meher then howz u ?

meher - i'm fine sry i cant atten the engagement.

prem - its okay yaar i can understand.

meher - i want to see her plz show me her photo.

prem - she is here only come with me.

prem take them to the table n introduce them to thier friends n heer.

meher - hey prem she is very beautiful.

prem n heer smiled shyly. raj sees that but he cant get anything.meher talks to 

heer n all talk for a while in a sec all become very good friends 

prem - ok guys today u all r coming to our house ok.

all said ok but raj was confused that prem is telling our house.

heer - u'll come nah raj?

raj - ofcourse.

heer - thats my friend.

they all atten their classes n went home.

part 13

prem n heer went to home n heer started preparing dinner. prem went to heer n 

hugged her from back n asked.

prem - may i help u mam.

heer - no thanks now leave me i hav lot of works to do.

prem - no i wont leave u 

heer - prem plzzz.

prem - then give me the kinfe i'll cut the vegetables u prepare other things.

heer - no prem i'll do it.

prem - ok then i wont leave u.

heer - ok .

she gave the knife to him n started preparing rotis. prem n heer do thier work 

silently hearing some new songs.

prem - ouuoch...

heer - prem wat happened?

she saw that prems finger is bleeding. she put all the things down n went to prem 

n put his finger in her mouth n said

heer - i told u that i'll do these things but see now wat happened?

prem wiped heers tears n said 

prem - heer nothing happened its just a cut.

heer - just a cut.. see ur finger is bleeeding.

heer drag him to his bedroom n put bandage in his fingers n said.

heer - u take rest i'll prepare the things ok.

prem - hey its just a cut ok. u r telling me to take rest like i hav met with an 


heer - dont talk like this if somthing happens to u i wont be able to live for one 


prem hugged her n said 

prem - heer nothing will happen to me wen u r with me.

prem kissed heers tears away n they went to prepare .

heer - prem u sit here i'll do all preparations on my own ok

prem - but...

heer - no buts its my order.

prem - ok madam .

heer finished all her work n they went to the living room n started watching tv. 
they heared a knock on the door n heer open the door n saw that preet,meher n 

priya is standing there.

heer - hi guys where is raj?

priya - sry i dont know. dont worry he'll come soon

heer - ok .

looking at the sad face of heer preet told

preet - hey hello three of us r standing infront of u but u r asking about raj.

heer - sry guys come in.

they all sat in the couch priya saw the pictures around the wall n asked.

priya - if i'm not wrong r u guys r engaged.

heer shyly smiled prem leaned in heers shoulder n said

prem - s u r absolutely right howz my selection?.

priya - its so superb prem. i'm so happy for u guys. wen i first saw u both in 

college in think that u guys r made for each other. but why u guys dint tell us?. 

raj will be very happy.

heer - i'll call raj n ask him to come early.

heer called raj. she hears the mobile ringing near the door she ran to the door n 

opened it n saw raj smiling at her heer gave him an angry look n turned to the 

other side n asked.

heer - who r u ? wat r u doing here?

prem n all others started smiling seeing raj's facial reaction.raj gave them a stern 

look n turned to heer n said

raj - sry heer i know i'm late. i hav some important work to do . sry.

heer - its okay raj i'm just playing with come in.

priya - raj i hav somthing to tell u . if u hear that u'll be very happy.

raj - wats that tell me?.

he saw a bandage in prems hand n ask

raj - wat happened prem is everything ok?

prem - yeah its just a cut i'm fine.

raj - ok u tell me wats the matter.

priya - our heer is in love with someone n she is going to marry him.

raj was surprised to hear this he was happy that heer loves him. 

priya - n that person is nun other than our one only ...

raj - one n only...

priya - ppprrreeemmm

raj's heart broke into many pieces his welled up with tears he suddenly wiped his 

tears n smiled .

priya - do u know one more thing they r engaged yaar..

she show him premeer's engagement photos. he saw all the photos. he cant control 

his tears . prem saw this n felt weired suddenly heer asked raj.

heer - wat happened raj why r u crying?

raj - i'm very happy for both of u.

heer - wat raj why did u say this if u hav said u dint like prem then i wont marry 

him n then i would hav married u n lived happily everafter like fairy tales.but u hav 

flopped all my plans.

prem got angry hearing heer n he said

prem - if u want go n marry him i wont stop u okay .

he stood up to leave heer smiled seeing prems reaction. raj gave an angry look to 

heer n held prems hand n put heers hand in it n said.

raj - u guys r made for eachother dont fight for small things it will make a 

distance between u both. 

prem smiled at raj n asked - raj r u ready to marry heer.

raj - no i wont i'm waiting for my angel u know.

he wipped his tears without anyone seeing.he saw prem n heer playing with 

eachother n heer beat prem seeing this he smiled through his tears..
part 14

they all sat in the dinning table n started eating their food. heer served food for 

all of them. heer saw that prem is strugling to eat she went to him n took the 

plate n started feeding him.

heer - i told u i dont need any help but u dint. see now its paining nah?

prem - sry i wont do that again ok.

heer - promise.

prem - pakka promise

raj - u both are behaving like kids.

prem n heer smiled n she started feeding him.after a while all said bye n went to 

thier homes.


raj's mom - wat happened raj why r u sad?

raj - nothing mom i'm fine.

mom - no there is something that is bothering u. i know u well tell me.

raj yelled - no there is nothing.

mom - why r u yelling.

raj - mom sry. my head is paining like hell. i'm going to my room

telling this he went to his room. mom stood there staring at his weird behaviour 

she thinks - i know that something is bothering u i'll found out soon.
she went to her room.


raj started crying n yelling - why me god? why me ? 

he thinks about wat happened in premeers home how heer is asking him if she can 

marry prem or not.then thinks about how heer n prem is smiling happily.he wipes 

his tears n thinks that they r made for each other n i see the love heer is having 

for prem n prem for heer. i'll be their best friend ever.n he slowly drifted to 



heer - hai priya why r u sitting alone where is raj?

priya - i dont know where he is my trying to his mobile for half n hour but he he is 

attending the call.

prem - is everything ok 

priya - i dont know. i think he'll be ok if anthing happen he'll inform us so dont 


prem - ok 

heer is not satisfied. prem sees that n says

prem - heer dont worry 

heer - no prem i think that raj needs our help.prem plz take me to rajs home.

prem - ok i'll take u there but after the classes are over ok.

heer - no i want to see him now u take me there now thats all.

prem - ok madam. see priya how she is treating me.

priya smiled seeing his expressions.

heer - prem i'm serious come.

they all leave to rajs home.

after here i'l start my my waySmile!!! i hope i can stand by r expectationss!!

see u  guys sson wid next chapter soon...till thn read thiz!!!

P.S: any mistakes or in any way i hurt anybody...any criticism n comment most welcume...share wid me so tht i can do my bestSmile!!!

love  u awlHug

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repunzell Goldie

Joined: 03 July 2011
Posts: 1308

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by seema.sharma86

i loved it...
my first readerBig smile!!

thank u!
Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 April 2011
Posts: 3463

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 9:07am | IP Logged
hey hey hey yusra di is this the surprise its like wow... i frankly speaking i just loved it it was awesome...
so henceforth since u r going to continue this
i m surely looking forward to the story...
i knw its   going to be suprr duper... i would love to read... plz di update soonnn sooney soon...

love u
love u so much...

update soon


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Hcsee17 Senior Member

Joined: 02 March 2009
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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
its a lovely ff
JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 September 2010
Posts: 13068

Posted: 17 September 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
i'm totally in shock...
lovely ff yaar...
pls write more...
i'm sure u will become a wonderful writer...

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