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Hi folks,
Happy news...we are starting daily updates for this serial. To start with I am doing...but soon karthik80 will also join me...( we need some more updaters please come forward)...I will add  a brief story line so far...
Since I wrote brief update with the pictures for the whole week...I am starting this thread with these updates...from Monday onwards you will see detailed updates...I try and post as much pictures as possible...
If there is not much discussion and cliks on like button etc...then this daiuly update will be discontinued...
Please give us you supprot as usual...

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Originally posted by doot

           Free Animation BulletsAbout The ShowFree Animation Bullets

                 Pirivom Santhipom is a story of two sisters, Revathy (beautiful) and Jyothi (unattractive). Revathy is the adopted child in the family. Life is pleasant for Revathy as she is beautiful but society is a bit rude and harsh on Jyothi, who faces a lot more challenges because she is not good-looking. Both the sisters love each other immensely and are good natured but societys approach towards them makes Revathy life difficult as her mother starts differentiating between them. Revathy is treated like a step-daughter in the house and feels punished for her good looks but Jyothi loves her unconditionally. All-in-all, the story is about these two sisters whose 'looks' determine their happiness. This unique story embarks the journey of two sisters and makes one question the belief - Are beautiful people happier than ugly Bettys?
Free Animation BulletsCharactersFree Animation Bullets

Free Animation BulletsRevathyFree Animation Bullets

           She was 2 year old, her mother died, since then she's been living with her Mama and considers his family as her own. She younger than Jyothi, but is more mature and understanding. Her beauty is her biggest enemy, because of which she has never got the love of atthai. She is a caring, understanding and hard working girl. She's Jyothi's best friend and both share great rapport irrespective of their looks.

Free Animation BulletsJyothiFree Animation Bullets

           She loves her sister Revathy and can't live without her. She will go to any extent to see a smile on Revathy face. like her mother, she is also dark skinned because of which her mother nags her to apply various fairness creams. She is aware that she is not beautiful and also lacks confidence, yet she's waiting for her prince charming.

Free Animation BulletsShanmugarajanFree Animation Bullets

           He is protective about Revathy, his sister's daughter, and has brought her up as his own daughter after his sister died. He is a jovial person and seeks happiness in small things. His biggest concern is about the future of his daughters and his happiness lies in his daughters, as they are his pride and strength. He showers his love equally on his own daughter Jyothi and niece Revathy

Free Animation BulletsDhanamFree Animation Bullets

           She is Jyothi's mom, who dislikes Revathya because she is beautiful.. She has faced a lot in life because of her dark skin and she doesn't want it to happen with her own daughter Jyothi. Due to these circumstances she has become a racist and has started hating Revathy who is fair and beautiful. Her greatest fear is that Jyothi will never get a nice groom as long as Revathy is in her life.

Free Animation BulletsSangeethaFree Animation Bullets

           Arunachalam's wife. She is a selfish and an insensitve person just . She keeps telling "I never tell lies and then goes on instigating family members against each other. She enjoys creating misunderstanding in the family and lives for it.

Free Animation BulletspaatiFree Animation Bullets

           She is Dhanam mom. She comes to visit the family at times. And when she does, she keeps poisoning Dhanalakshmi's mind against Revathy.. telling her that Jyothi's life will be ruined because of Revathy.

Free Animation BulletsArunachalamFree Animation Bullets

           Jyothi brother.He keeps lying to his parents that he earns very less, just so that they don't ask him for any financial help. 
Free Animation BulletsPrabuFree Animation Bullets
Reavthi's husband who is a nice guy but mentally not stable. Reavthy is trying her best to make him normal.
Free Animation BulletsAbhiramiFree Animation Bullets
Famous industrialist who runs the business ( multi crore business) in India and in abroad. For some reason her only son Prabu hates her and calls her " kolai kaari" She loves Praabu so very much and arranges wedding for him with Revathy
Free Animation BulletsAbi's Husband VasudevanFree Animation Bullets
He is a good man who helps Abi in business but always gives in to Abi's words...
Free Animation BulletsUmaFree Animation Bullets
Vasudevan's bortherds wife Uma who brought up Prabu since his childhood. She has a son called Prakash
Free Animation BulletsPrakashFree Animation Bullets
Uma's son who is thre head of many of Abi's companies. He is a bad guy who hates Prabu but pretends that he lovwes Prabu infront of others...He and his wife Pavithra always do something which will irritate Prabu and make him angry and go crazy. They both are planning to swindle the whole of Abi's properties.
Free Animation BulletsPavithraFree Animation Bullets
Prakash's wife
 Abi, Vasudevan and his brother
This brother of Vasudevan is the husband of Uma and father of Praakash. He looks after all the abroad business.
Free Animation BulletsKarthikFree Animation Bullets
Abi's own brother who is based in London looking after the business there.
Free Animation BulletsNirupamaFree Animation Bullets
She is KArthik's supposed to be girlfirend. She has an eye on KArthiks properties and not on karthik. She is planning so much with her firend Diva to chase Reavathy from that family
Free Animation BulletsDivaFree Animation Bullets
Free Animation BulletsAshokFree Animation Bullets
Revathi and Jothi's college mate. He was working as Abi's PA but he was fired by Abi when he questioned about Reavthi;s marriage with her son Prabu.

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The story so far..A breif write up
Episode 1 to 109 From April 4th to September 10th
Sundaresan lives in SIngapore and is planning to visit India to be with his only daughter Revathy. Revathy is brought up in her maama Shanmuga Rajan's house. Shanmuga Rajan is a writer and he has a daughter called Jothi.. When Sundaresan's wife passed away ..he decided to earn enough money for his daughter Revathy. He hands over Revathy who is just five year only and comes to Singapore. For the past 15 years he has not returned to India. Now he is planning to come to India for good with all his savings. In fact he has been sending money and Shanmugarajan was keeping all that money on Revathy's name in FDs. Shanmuga Rajan loves Revathy and his wife Dhanam is jelous that he loves Revathy more than Jothi.
Dhanam always fears as Jothy is dark and Revathy is very fair...any one will easily accept to maary Revathy and not Jothi. This grows fire in DHanam's mind and it turns out as a hatred. DHanam always treats Revathy different than Jothi. 
The arrival day of Sundaresan comes...Revathy is too excited and asks Jothi to go to the airport with Shanmugarajan as she wants to cook food for her dad her self...But Jothi and her dad returns without Sundaresan as the plane he was travelling was crashed and all the passengers on board were dead. Reavthy is shattered..
Life goen on...Revathy and Jothi had a common friend called Ashok. Who really loves Revathy but Revathy consider5s him as a friend. Jothi loves Ashok and she thinks Ashok cames and talk to them because he loves the end Ashok comes to Jothi's house for "ponnu Paarka" thinking he is going tro see Revathy but In Jothi's house they think Jothi is the ponnu. Finaaly Ashok tells the truth and goes away.
Revathy starts looking for job as Shanmugarajan was in so much debts due to his son Arunachalam and his wife Sangeetha. Finaaly Revathy found a job as home tutor in Abirami's house. Abi is a big industrialist who owns muklti crore companies ion and out of India. Abi's husband is Vasudevan, her brother is KArthik.
In that mansion live Abi, her husband Vasudevan, Vasudevan's brothers family...that is Vasudevan's anni Uma and her son Prakash and daughter in law Pavithra.They have two children a boy and girl. This Prakash and Pavithra are evil minded who plan to swindle Abi's entire properties.
Another important person in that house is Prabu who is the only son of Abi. Prabu is mantally not stable...he is in his own world..Prabu is scared of red roses, bright light etc. There are occassions he gets wild when he sees any of the stuff he does not like...He for some reason hates his mother and calls her kolai kaaree. He is brought up by Uma.
When Revathy takles up the tutor job  to teach the children of Prakash and pavithra..she comes to know about Prabu...slowly she starts to change prabu by talking to him nicely and Prabu seems tro like her too. Abi decides to make Revathy as her marumahgal...When she proposes this to Revathy..she agrees with a conditon," I will marry your son butn you should make Jothi to marry your brother Karthik" Karthik is studying in London, UK. As there is no other option for Abi she agrees to this condition.
Soon Abi helps Shanmugarajan to come out of his debts not directly but indirectly. The wedding goes on..well..On the wedding day  of Prabu and Revathy Karthik brings a girl and announces that she is the girl for him to share his life. Ravathy is shocked and well as Abirami. That girls name is Nirupama who has a friend called Diva. Nirupama and Diva are friends who plan to cheat Karthik and swindle all the propertiesd of Karthik and Abirami. Nirupama also plans to chase away Revathy from the house. Revathy slowly swtarts liking Prabu...Prabu shows a lot of improvement in his behaviour ..he is no more shows his temper and no more screamings from him.
Monday, September 12th, Episode 110
Prabu is reading Shanmugarajan's story book and enjoys it as they pass Nirupama and her boyfriend ...
Nirupama goes to her BF's place...mean time Karthik finds her cell phone and brings to Nirupama...which is noticed from the balcony by N & her friend...she acts innocent and comes down to KArthik and joins him telling her aunty is not at home...
Prabu starts teaching Reva to paint...and they get closer to ewach other...which is portrayed so beautifully by these two actors...
Suddenly Prabu feels strange and goes and sits on his bed...Reva asks why is he away from her...Prabu tells that he wants to sleep on her laps...
Sahuni Niru is waiting for Abirami to come down and pretends to call Reva...She tells with an innocent face that some male is trying to call Reva ...5...5 times already without even giving his name abd details...
Abi tells her need call Reva now as she is with the kids teaching them... Niru goes away from her and using her cell she calls Abi's land line...and keeps quiet...
Mean time Reva un temple praying for Prabu and  for maintaining the trust of Abi on her...reaches home...stopped by abi...who tells her..." in future you are not allowed to go out like this alone...since you are this veettu marumagal...there may be some danger" Revathi is confused but said ok...
Reva goes from there and  Abi's Husband noticing all this asks Abi what is running in her mind...
Tuesday,September 13th,  Episode 111
Abi's husband asks her what she talked to Revathi but Abi gets so irritated with him and stops him. He tells Abi that she does not do justice to Revathi and leaves from there
Revathi comes to her room where Prabu is busy painting something. He does not let Reva see that painting as it is something special to surprise her. He asks her to sit for some time. She sits there and starts thinkjng about what Abi told her...Looking at her stressed face Prabu takes some thailam and starts massaging her head...Revathi  becomes very emotional...
Prabu continues with his painting work...Reva sits and enjoys watching him with so much of pride on her face.
It is Arunachalam 's office. He is called to the boss's room who mocks at his dress and watch and tells him to buy nice him 10 000 Rs ( some digil music is going on???
Prabu finished his painting and lets Reva see it...he gives explanation that he likes the moon and he likes to see that every momemnt while the moon watches him...Revathi becomes very emotional...
Arunachalam reaches home and tells very proudly about his 10 000 RS to take new clothing...But Sangeetha has her own plan for that money ...she wants to use to that money to take back her bangles which were pawned to get some cash.
It is late in the night...Niru's friend Diva...jumps into the balcony of Abi's room and he calls Niru on her cell...both of them discuss some plans...then he slowly moves to the balcony...Abi notices him...and shouts. He then starts running to Reva's room side...After so much commotion Diva runs away and the watchman tells that he almost him when he was jumping out from Reva's balcony...Abi's  eyes popped hearing this..
Wednesday,September 14th,  Episode 112
Abi and her husband run to Revathy's room and she asks whether anyone came there...Reva says "o" and  abi tells," ok you go and sleep...palanaal thirudan oru naal agapaduvaan"
Abi and her husband question the watchman who After After talking to the watchman once again Abi's husband tells that they should go to police...but abi stops him. Niru watches all this from her room
She calls Karthik and tells about the thirudan...Karthik goes and checks and comes to her room...He explains about everything. Niru is happy that they are not going to police...KArthik is some romantic mood but Niru chases him out of the room
Jothi is so bored...her mom gives some work to do...Jothi pleads her dad that she wants to look for a job i Abirami's companies like her sister. Her dad does not agree with this proposal...he asks Jothi to go and visit Revathi if she is that bored...with some palahaarams...
Prabu and Revathi is  going to the temple. Reavathi comes to Parubu's dad and tells him...He tells that not to worry about Abi as he will inform Abi. Reava asks Prabu to say bye to his dad...Prabu tells," apppaa naana pittu varom" His dad becomes lil emotional and happy too
As soon they leave...saguni Nirubama runs to her room and calls Ashok and changes her voice and tells," this is revathi...please come to the temple ...I need to talk to you" Ashok is shocked to hear reva speaking like this...
Niru cuts the call and changes the sim card and calls Divaa...and asks him to be on line as it is time for Abi to return home...Here comes Abi...Niru calls the home line  and asks Diva to talk...Abiu picks up the phone and Diva asks...for Reva...and Abi tells that Revathi has gone out...Diva tells," oh Revathi koilukku kjelambiyaahcaa...ok...ok...that is what I want to know" he cuts the line...Niru cuts the line too...Confused Abi goes out...
In the temple Reva is so happy to be with Prabu...when they are done with praayers in the temple...Reva sits with prabu. He asks her what she prayed and Reva tells that she simple thanked God for all the blessings and she asks What did Prabu prayed...he tells that he asked God to make him to be with Reva always...
Diva comes and sits behind them...suddenly reva's happy face changes as she notices Ashok standing infront. Reva thinks of the past where Prabu got upset when Reva told that Ashok is her friend...Reva...tells Prabu to sit for a minute and goes to Ashok and screams at him...Diva gets up and goes and stands behing them and listens to their conversation...
Here come Abi...who notices Reva with ashok...

Thursday, September 15th, Episode 113
Revathi reaches home and looks worried and confused...Prabu's dad asks what happened..Reva  tells nothing but she is tired...and goes to hedr room taking Prabu
Diva calls Niru and asks what is happeninbg...Niru tells that Abi is not yet home...she is also waiting to see the gallaattaa soon...
Revathi notices Abi coming upstairs...She calls atheh and goes to her...but Abiramni rushes into her room and shuts the door on Reva's face...
Jothi comes to reva's house taking palahaarams. She meets first KArthik and Nirupama. Karthi introduces Jothi to Niru...and Niru is so sarcastic...Karthin takes the adirasam etc from the dabba and start eating...he goes on telling good things about Jothi's mom';s cooking...Finakly he returns the dabbas to Jothi to be given to Reva...
Jothi comes to Reva's room...they both hug each other...Jothi hands over the palahaarams to Prabu...who starts enjoying eating them...
Jothi tells that she misses Reva so much and Reva tells the same. Jothi asks for Abirami aunty...Reva tells that she has gone out...
Prabu asks when will aunty send him palahaaram next...Jothi tells ," whenever you want...just a give a call to us and we will bring for you okavaa..." Then Prabu tells ," when we went for shopping Revathi bought so many stuff for all of please take them and go ...sariyaa?"
Friday, September 16th, episode 114
Jothi returns home...and tells all about how Happy Reva is there...She starts showing all the gifts for every one...While Shamugarajan is watching all this...waiting for his present...
Finally Jothi runs inside to try her new gifts...SR thinks" appo ennakku onnume kuduthu vidalaiyaa? that mean did she forget me?"
Here comes Jothi and asks," appa...why are you looking sad...? how caould Revathy forget you it is your gift from is a pen set...must be very expensive like 3000Rs or so..." SR is happy to take that pen...ahe immediately clips on into his shirt pocket...proudly.
It is night time...Ashok is thinking about all the past happenings and he thought he should warn Revathy and calls her...As the phone rings...Abi starts climbing the stairs...Revathy comes out of her room and notices the phone ringign...she picks it up...and tells..after knwing that the call is from Ashok," why do you call me like this? what do you want...? there is nothing to talk to me...please do not phone me again..." Ashok asks," one minute revathy please do not hang up...tell me are you happy there?"
Now Abi has reached upstairs and can hear Reava talking too...Now reva tells, loud and clear..." ok...naan inge santhoshamaa illeh...intha veedu enakku naragamaa irukku...inge ellaarumeh ethiri aayittaanga..." Abi is so shocked to hear this...
Friday, September 16th, episode 114
..The telephone conversation between Ashok and Reva continues...Now reva tells, loud and clear..." ok...naan inge santhoshamaa illeh...intha veedu enakku naragamaa irukku...inge ellaarumeh ethiri aayittaanga..." Abi is so shocked to hear this...but she goes into her room...The conversation goes on Reva tellss, I do not have any friend anymore...why don't you let me lead my life happily...why do you interefere...let this be the last time you call me ok?" She cuts the line...
Shanmuga Rajan is in the terrace some deep thoughts...Dhanam comes there with an envelope...which he received from his fans...Dhanam asks why is he not happy as ge always did...SR replies," I am worried about some thing...which I want to do for bringing reva and Prabu here and send them back after a couple of days with some good presents...for which I need atleast 10 000Rs...where will I go?" Dhanam asks him not to worry as she will ask Arunachalam for the money...
Worried reva is waiting near the stairs to greet Abirami in the morning...Abi comes down but turns her face away and goes down...Niru greets her "good Morning" and Abi tells the same and clims down the stairs...Reva goes and tells her," atheh stop...I need to talk to you" but Abi simple ignores her and went away. Seeing this Niru asks what is happening whether she should talk to Aunty ...Revathy tells," nothing...but some misunderstanding and I can handle it..."
Dhanam tells about this virundu and gifts for Revathi to  Arunachalam and Jothi and Jothi asks to arrange for that 10 000Rs...Arunachalam is worriesd and then goes in and asks Sangeetha for the money he gave her last evening.
Sangeetha refuses and tells, " you do no know how to save at can you decide to spend all the money you get for this family...I have already joined two seettu...and paid 8 thousand fr that...eacg seettu is a lakh theriyumaa? here the balance 2000"
Arunachalam comes to Jothi and tells some reason and gives that 2000 but Jothi gets so angry with him and refuses that money
Reva is waiting for Abi to reach home...herecomes Abi and Reva asks her to talk to her ..Abi replies,If I talk unnaala thaanga mudiyaathu,,,,can you answer all my questions?"
Reva tells," There is some thappaana thoughts about me...I want to clear that"
They reach the terrace...Abi tells," Do not call me athen herafter...kaaranamma...don't you know the reason...I am not punishing you...who am I to do that..." She walks away from there...
Reva stops her by calling loudly " madam" minute...without knowing the reason I can not be punished by you like this...what did I do ..tell me.." Abi tells," che after all that boy was working for me ...getting money from me..? since when you knew both joined hands and cheated me..." Revathy replies," ayo ...please believe me...he was my class mate and he was in love with me but not me...athuthaan unmai...I really do not know how he came to the temple...that was a co incidence...I promise that there is no one in my life except Prabu..."
Abi replies," after all you are brought up by a writer illiyaa? that is why you are able to act this is ok...I am feedind thousands of people...and you be one among can be in this house...yes...unakku edam intha veetuleh mattumthaan...not in this mansu" She walks away and Reva weeps and weeps,,,,
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Nice Job Atina ClapClapClap...really likes the picture-text form really well done ClapClapClapClap

for you Big smile

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Thanks Atina for the pictures/ updates...Clap

To me:
Updates are like reading the novels / thodar kadhai ...
yours is like a 'chithira thodar'...Star 

'un thanga kaikku muththam tharen kaattu pApA'DancingSmile

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Promo for This week

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thanks for the video...
I really hope that abi will not reva out...
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