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Casa 15 Part 203 B on 136 (Page 22)

SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Adi, so gayi kya? Lets see update aata hai ya nahi...nahi to kaal subah check karenge...
Its like I on a clockwork...check it first thing in the morning and always the last thing before I sign out...

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SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rbo_d_best

GoooD Mooornnning !!!!
Hi Shals...Sunday kaam karvaya boss ne?
-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SachDJ

Originally posted by rbo_d_best

GoooD Mooornnning !!!!
Hi Shals...Sunday kaam karvaya boss ne?
Cry Cry Cry YES !!
There should be a smiley which enacts "Banging head on the wall" !!!

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Part 199 A

Sunday October 13th 2012


She gets off the auto, pays the guy and walks up, Ritu had called 3 times since morning, surprised to hear she spent the nite at samar's Not even believing her at first, Khanak later told her how it happened

Ritu asked if Shaan was around, she had said he was the reason she went, Ritu had asked if they've patched up, Khanak had said "Its not a "tiff" "Its formal separation. With Dad's ultimatum thrown in, its taking on a legal angle now"

Ritu scolded her for being negative, she told her in turn how Shaan played along and laughed at her epxense

Ritu reassured her all will be well'''. Khanak did not know any more'..

The task was arduous and she was all alone''..

No sign of Shaan in the morning, Samar didn't even wake her, in fact she had, herself around 10:30, Samar's maid had fixed her a huge breakfast, giving curious looks all the while

Samar had joked about how enraged Shaan would be if he found out that the amid thinks Samar and Khanak had a thing going

Khanak had laughed too

He was a perfect host, kind, compassionate, not saying or asking one word about their relationship

Asked her if she would go shopping instead to buy something for the "friend"

Khanak had agreed instantly

He had given her a ride until IIT Gate and then she had insisted she wud take an auto


She let herself in, her phone rang again, it was Pradyun wanting to know when she was meeting him for lunch, shedeclined saying she spent the nite out

He being his impatient, curious, edgy self, had asked "Are you dating some one?"

"NO!" she had denied

"Phew!" was his response

Prad: Lets meet Khanak

Khanak: I am not sure it's a good idea Pradyun, aapko padhna chahiye

Pradyun: Speak to me in hindi when we meet

Khanak: I cant meet you this week

Prad: Are you and Shaan getting back together?

Khanak being super private, had said " Shud you even be asking me this question?"

Prad: Ofcourse! I want to know

Khanak: I will always be your friend'..

Prad: Khanak, be honest'..

Khanak thinks "Your brother will kill me first"

Khanak: Pradyun apna project complete karo aap

Pradyun: I am coming by next week, I havent seen your apartment

Khanak; Its brick and mortar and has two rooms

Pradyun: YOU live in it

That line makes her super wary'

Khanak: Hmmm

Pradyun: See you next week?

Khanak: Maybe'

Hangs up, walks up to the mirror, stares at her reflection, well rested eyes, sad, but well rested, crumpled clothes, dishevelled hair '''.

She takes a shower and changes into her fave pink cotton track pants and an old life is good tee.

Putters around in the kitchen, trying to fix lunch, her mind wanders to Samar's bedroom, and Shaan, "I am celibate" he had said''. "There is no one then?"

A quick smile escapes her lips

A warm glow fills her all over, she goes to the living room, turns the AC on and leans on the wall, hugs a cushion and shuts her eyes'''

Reliving every second of the intimacy''' he was so close, so demanding,'''..

"Dad's not going to like it?' Reality hits her


"Dad has no idea I went chasing after you like a fool, if he did he would never approve" Khanak thinks shamefully

"He had asked me to stay away from him"

Her heart pumps huge amounts of blood in fear, Vishal Desai, Dad was not kidding, if Shaan and her did not work it out, he would make it all final with Vishal

"What if Shaan does not want me back?"

Fear shocks her into standing up, she picks up her phone in auto pilot and calls her Aada

He picks up

Kaise hain Aada?

He sounds pleased "Ekdum fit"

"Aap khush hain?"

Tumne call jo kiya" he says

Khanak is shocked  "Haan magar"

"Kab aa rahi hai milne?"

"Main aaoon?" (Will you let me)

"Zaroor" he says

Khanak is overjoyed, wants to know why he is happy

"Bus khush hoon, tere, mera matlab Sunil ji ka phone aaya tha"

The moment he switches from "tere sasur" to "Sunil ji" she knows there is trouble

Khanak: Haan? Kya kaha unhoney?

Aada: Yahi ki tumhe aur Shaan ko do mahine ka time diya hai

Khanak's heart sinks she worries how much more Dad has said

Khanak: Aur?

Aada: Aur kuch nahi, kyon?

Khanak: Kuch aur nahi kaha?

Aada: nahi beta

Khanak: Main milne aoon?

Aada: Shaan ko bhi saath lekar (smiles)

"Ofcourse! That's so easy" she thinks'.. but says "Jee" "Shaayad who busy hongey, main akele nahi aa sakti?"

Aada: Aa sakti ho, kyon nahi hamari phone par baat karwa dena (gushes)

Khanak is caught between a rock and a hard place'''.

Khanak: Main Thursday tak call karoon?

Aada: bai bua ke ghar gayi hai, who bahut khush hai, tu sham ko phir call kar achha?

Hangs up

She stares at the phone, worrying just how many people will be disappointed if they legally end the marriage'''

She orders Chinese take out and spends the afternoon working, she sees her husband online but does not ping him, he doesn't either''

Seeing emails from him reminds her of every word they exchanged, last nite

"Gawd! What a fool he must think I am" she shuts her eyes in shame''..

"He talks to me if I am around, If I am not I don't exist for him any more"


Monday October 14th 2012

DLF Towers

11:37 AM

She steps out of the meeting, Sabina is mighty pleased with her, all her Sunday slogging resulted in some good review of designs and a lot of timely modifications

She had vowed not to worry about her personal crap furing work hours "Yep! That's me! The new Khanak" "I don't know if I am a Gujral or  Mistry any more" "But I will have a good time at work and not worry about where my life after work is headed"

Swati and Ira had pinged her about coffee twice already,

She had told them to head downstairs, she set her laptop on her desk and rushed out, her hair was untied this morning, part damp''. Part dry

She snuck into the elevator in the last minute''.

A handful stood in it, they got off at 10th, and her husband entered''..

She took a step back and felt the icy brass rail on her back

He had an inscrutable expression

She deliberately ignored him

Shaan: Not very chatty now I see (mocked)

Khanak smiled, artificially

Shaan: All conversation dried up on Facebook ?

Crowds her, playing with a lock of her hair behind her ear''

"Oh God!" formed in her mind''. As she tried to recall the convo

Pradyun had posted a picture of his, a new one with stubble and a caption

"YOU know why? ;)"

She had written: "Why?"

To which he had responded "Weekend project" (meaning, "meet me next weekend and I will shave it off")

She had responded "BusyWink"

To which he had said "Bored Cry"

To which she had said "Never bored being busy Big smile"

Many of his friends had typed a "???" to the convo between the two

Khanak: just trying to intrigue peopleEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!

(Trying to free her hair)
Shaan: Intriguing the husband is just not enough anymore? (bland)

The elvator stop and more people get on, he puts a lot of distance between them just before the doors open




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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
yay!!! lengthy update...
oh my god!!wat r these 2 upto??
neha come soon n whack pradyun n take him away..
he needs a whack very badly...hitting on his bhabhi..
really he needs to know she n shaan r getting back together..
do something soon neha else prad is not for u...
poor khanak..between rocks n hard place..
shaan reminding abt her talk over FB..
really adi we need shaan's POV on all this..
please write one abt that..

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IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
wow... superb aditeeClap

i really hope everything gets fine soon

yipee finally adaa is talking to her and he's happBig smiley

i at times feel like to strangle pradEmbarrassed

but he add so much spice to the relationWink

nice she is doin gud at work Smile

the FB chat was very interestingWink

when i read the stubble part the first escaped was OMGGGShocked

the blue and pink lines fantasticThumbs Up

update asap

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tina2mina Senior Member

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
It's 1:20am right now, & I should have been asleep since I gotta work early in the morning. But Nope! I choose CASA over sleep. The last 2 parts were so darn goood that I should be bouncing off the walls now.

In One way, I like it that you don't update the parts with the corresponding pages on the thread title or on the 1st page. Just randomly finding an update in one of the pages (I read almost all the comments) gets me so excited & happy that I can't even describe.

You are just literally mind-blowing. Exceptionally good.

I m liking this phase/track a lot. So much so that, even though I want them to be together, I don't want them to get back together so soon or quick. I want more tadpaing, bechayni, the anxiousness, ...

While reading the last update, in the room part, My heart went "dub dub" ( audibly :p).

May be I m weird, but I liked that Shaan stopped himself and didn't give in to Khanak's ploys & moves. He should stick to his plan/game that he has been playing all this long. Khanak would have gotten it too easily if it led to what she was expecting or wanted. But I also hope that now, after he left, Khanak doesn't get all mad/angry at him and stop doing what she has been doing after her self-realization of not being able to let go of him. ( I don't even know if I am making sense?)

All in one, CASA is Awesommme!

Take your time to come up with another juicy update.

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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He May TRY and Even Succeed In Pretending to Ignore Her !!!!!!
But with Pradyun Around ... LMAOOO !!!!
LOOK at him !!!!!!
Hahahhahahahaha ... LOVED it !!!
They are Sooo Cuteee ... Burthals !!!!!!

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