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Casa 15 Part 203 B on 136 (Page 103)

kiranc Senior Member

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Wonderful updates. Waiting for Khanak's response to the blue line.
Thankyou for giving us the updates inspite having a tough nite with kidoo. I know how it feels really appreciate it.

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Part 202 E

10:36 PM

Vasant Vihar

Sunday Oct 21st 2012


They eat. she quietly, he creates a lot of noise moving dishes around...

Never believing in beating around the bush, Shaan by nature is straight forward and direct to the extent of being blunt

Shaan: Does he want to start dating you now?

Her spoon falls to the floor as she looks at him startled


She bends to pick it up

Khanak: I don't know, I didn't ask (calmly)

Shaan: Do you want to know?

Khanak: I am not sure where this is going

Shaan: Ditto!

They both look at each other pensively

Jamuna walks in with more chicken tikka

She pauses by Khanak, "Khaana bahut achha hai"

Jamuna smiles and nods and disappears

She has eaten 80% of whats on her plate, she is ready to go to bed

"Mujhe chalna chahiye"


Shaan: Did you take him to your school?

She starts walking towards her room turns around and  shakes her head saying "No!"

Before continuing on'


Goes to look at her prayer room one more time, smiles at the lush green wheat stalk and turns off the light int the ante room


Goes to bed, wonders if Ritu's family has returned from Chandigarh after seeing her Dadi. The phone rings

R:Hey you

K: Hey u 2

R: How are you?

K: Good, aur tum? Kaha ho?

R: Shatabdi

K: Oh really? Khaanka kaisa hai


K: Oh no

R: Tumne to tasty sa kuch banaya hoga, wretch!

K: Mmm''.. paneer, dal and roti

R: Wwow! On a Sunday nite? Miya ko khush kar rahi hai kya?

K blushes "I don't know"


R:Where are you?

K: Not in Vasant Kunj

R:KYA? Really? Liar. Not a word! You are such a scum

K: Meri baat to sun

R:Hang up right now!


R:You guys patched up?

K: Nahi (sad)

R:Then HOW?

K narrates the turn of events''

R:Oh! No! I am so sorry sweet!

K feels a lump "I am just so drained Ritz''. So drained' Ive been running away from one thing or another for over a year and a half. First him, then the wedding, then the consummation, feared he would leave me, then the work crisrs, separation, I am so'.. drained"

R:I understand'..

K: Bai se subah baat ki, who chahti hai main Diwali par ghar aaoon Shaan ko lekar

R:To ja na Mystery

K: We are ROOM MATES not husband and wife, I paid him RENT

R is flabbergasted "I don't bel it"

K:Its true'' he was totally unemotional taking the check God! I hate him!

R:You've hated him since you saw him at the elevator

K is ashamed''.


R: I don't bel that rent thing I want to beat that guy up

K: If I don't kill him first (fierce)

R:Aachha sun Karwa Chauth par Def Col aaja Mom ke ghar? Saath fast karenge. (gushes)

K: I am not fasting, I am going to eat at Taj Man Singh

R:Really now! (sarcastic)

K: Ritz, he doesn't care''

R: Lekin pati parmeshwr hota hai meri jaan

K: Knock it off

R: You guys are the worst, you will be fighting even when you are 100 I know

K:Unless I kill him first

Ritu laughs out loud "Your kids will loathe you"


Khanak imagines possibilities, delectable ones, of being pregnant with his child, his children''. A baby just like Amogh'''. Shaan spoiling him unmindful of her stern looks

K: I will play with your kids

R: You will have yours, I am not sharing mine


R: Go make ur own silly woman!

K: Not happening''..

R:I know sweetie you love kids, I had no idea he doesn't care for them

K:I wish I had asked him''. I would have never married him

R:IF he had given you the choice''.

Khanak realizes the profoundity of the statement''.she lays in bed and shuts her eyes savoring the wedding week''..


R:Sun network kharab hai I will call u in the morning. Love you lots

K: You two

R: Oh BTW, ek imp baat

K: Kya:

R:make sure you make out with the guy when ever you can WinkLOLWinkBye Gnite

Before Khanak can curse her she is gone!

She holds the phone shuts her eyes and drifts into the most relaxed secure sleep in months



October 22nd



She is up at 7 ish on Monday, ready by 8, steps out of her room, finds him on the phone. She is wearing her marroon silk wrap around skirt and peach blouse with boatneck and cap sleeve, her Bday present the pink rose is tucked deep inside her blouse' she rushes to the pooja room to finish her prayer, runs to the kitchen to get milk'.. is done in 20 minutes, there are various covered bowls on the dining table

She finds idlis in one, is ravenous, has 4, has two cups of tea and gets up to leave.

She opens the tall frig to get some water, finds a box of truffles, helps herself to one, chews on a piece. Sets it on her plate to drink her water


Her husband stands in the doorway of the study

Shaan: You have a new driver, its an Accord, Brajesh is the name

Khanak: Thanks

He nods checking her out, waits for her skirt to part to reveal things that tempt him, he gets a glimpse''.

His phone rings, she leaves,

Shaan: Khanak

Her heart skips a beat she waits turns around, he walks over

Shaan: forgetting something?

Khanak :I Umm.. I (turning beetroot red)

She shakes her head and steps back, he steps fwd

She hits the door on her back''.

Khanak: I really'. Don't' (places a hand almost on his heart to push him away)

Shaan: I meant the K

She interrupts "I don't usually kiss my room mates" (husky but sarcastic)

Shaan: I don't either!! (mocks)

"He doesn't want to kiss you Khanak" screams her mind

As his hand pulls her right hand and places the key in it''.WinkBig smile


 he walks over to the dining table and picks up the half eaten truffle and chews on it slowly walking out to the balcony to look at his wife''



October 22nd

Monday 7:48 PM

She is happy, lets herself in she is holding a huge bag of strung marigold flowers and some roses. She sings a tune, an old Gujju movie song, hops skips and jumps to her room, sets her bag, Jamuna walks out looks at her curiously''

K: Main hoon (smiles)

J: Yes maam!

She goes back

K washes up asks for chai, and takes a shower and goes to the ante room to string them on the walls to decorate the place for Ashtami. Sabina had given her a good review today, she was pleased, she hadnt seen her husband all day either so no clashes


She drinks her tea, brings her tiny radio/CD player and plays some old Gujju devotional songs

She is wearing a green Life is Good tee and orange polka dotted jammies'.

She lights the diya, climbs up and down a step stool, stringing them meticulously

Goes to the huge mirror on one wall and admires her work every now and then'.. and smiles smugly

Its almost done'' she stands on the stood and spreads her arm with a flourish and looks at her reflection and declares "If you were any cuter or if you were any more awesome at work, you would be positively dangerous Ms KhanakEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smileLOL"

Winks at it only to realize her husband has been watching the ego trip

He almost trips falling off the stool


Shaan:If you arent hazardous enuf already! Embarrassed(softly)

She crushes a flower in her hand and pretends to straighten a strand as he walks in. looking around













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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Goood Morrrnningg !!!!
I can seee Aditeee onlinee ... Holaaa Aditsss !!!
How are youuu???

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dishbhan Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
I ...
... am speechless!

She is so cute ... and he absolutely adores her ... they are madly in love with each other ... Kash ki main thodi si Khanak jaisi hoti ... aur ek Shaan mere pas bhi hota...

She decorated the pooja room ... btw Punju's bhi woh pooja karte hain? ... I thght its gujju's, that too married woman who do the pooja na... Will Shaan support her? Will he stop eating non-veg for her ... maybe not this year, maybe next? or year after that ...

I'm sure Adi will let us know ... :-) we will wait endlessly and keep reading this story ... till their grand children have their own lovestory to tell.

Next update will be more of roomies falling in love? or start of friendship?


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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
Killler !!!!
I really wonder HOW can both Fight so much when the Pink and Blue can make us gooo HOT and Weak in the Knees !!!!
Sigh !!!!

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
OMG !!!!!
She is hummming .. She is HAPPY ... Content !
Peace at Heart !
OFcourse ... How Much ever they pretend ... Somewhere Deeep They are Madly in Love with each other !!!!
LMAO @ K !
Hahahahahaa ... She was EXPECTING him to Kiss her ... LMAO !

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SachDJ Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Whoa!!!! That is one long update!! ClapClapClap
Adi you are one consistent writer, totally dedicated to CASA...hats off to you!!!
Excellent update...So Prad did not get the school tour...good, Shaan should get it first. Smile
I love it when Ritu shows up, she brings a freshness with her, it just perks up everything, suddenly things don't look shabby at all, she has a flair to make Khanak smile again and yet stay true to Khanak, by not always being on her side but showing her the reality...love her to bits. LOLLOLLOLLOL
I am glad Ritu and I agree on the whole bloody rent business...Ouch
I loved the red line...Make out? they should make up...LOLLOLLOL And yes love the part, go get your own...kids...LOLLOLLOL
Shaan is loving this whole staying together...it does make it easy for him, It makes Khanak happy too, yet I feel it won't be long before they realize they have not solved a thing...maybe after a while they will not have to? Will they move into the routine and then realize what idiots they have been? I can't wait to find out how Adi is going to take this tale forward, it will be great to see them struggle and accept and find a middle ground...I am not expecting sorrys or anything dramatic...it is CASA so it will be something different...Big smile
Looking forward to next update...

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IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 27 September 2011 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
wow a long update... thanx aditeeBig smile

awesome updateClap...  loved when she said i donno where is this goin

both 've diff meaning for it or either the same but dont say itEmbarrassed

loved ritu and khanak's convClap

especially the kids part

hmm if khanaks doesn't kill ritu shd strangle him for taking rentAngry

the red line was superb... loved itParty

as room mates thet shd be in the same room naWink

finally she has a peaceful sleepBig smile

a gud start for the mor...  everything wentt well Smile

she must be luvin it ... its kinda similar to hill life style... juz a bitEmbarrassed

but as they are together i hope they soon sort thing out but i guess first they'll make out and then sort things outEmbarrassed

i laughed at the keys part... poor gurlConfused

hmmm as u described the day went gud ... she must be happy and satisfied after a long time

loved the part where is decorating the pooja room

If you were any cuter or if you were any more awesome at work, you would be positively dangerous Ms Khanak
If you arent hazardous enuf already!

these lines were fantasticClap... i am glowing wid gleeBig smile

update asap

em luvin it more

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