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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 92)

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:::Chapter 24:::Vampire VS Werewolf:::

The noise levels had risen outside in the night full of howling, snarling and body bashing was enough for Abhay to get the hint a war had ensued with both Vampires and Werewolves all vying for control. Hell would freeze over before Abhay let anything touch his baby. The power hungry creatures of the night would have to go through his ashes before they entered this farmhouse. He hoped Alina stayed indoors with their daughter Aaliyah tucked away in her arms feeding while he sorted out the racket outside.

Abhay planted a kiss on both his girls before heading out-I don't want U worrying about anything. I won't be long.
Alina stopped Abhay from leaving holding his hand-Abhay, you'll be careful right? I won't promise anything but i'm not going to run any more. We have a family to protect now. Just make sure U come back to me just the way U are right now.
Abhay saw the creases on Alina's forehead already stressed out fearing for his safety-I'll try baby. U just relax and conserve your energy and feed my baby ok?
Alina cradled her baby in her arms handing Abhay his daughter-This is what U have to come back to Abhay.
Abhay rubs his daughters cheeks with his cool fingers-Alina; i know what i am coming back to baby. we'll be fine.
Aaliah takes Abhay's finger to her mouth sucking on it while giggling then gives him her bright green eyes sparkling away at him and mouths-Dadda.
Abhay kisses her cherubic cheeks-I know princess. I'll be back. Take care of Mummy for me.
Aaliyah kicks her little legs and blurts-Yeah (Giggling away hugging her father as he lays her upright so her cheeks touch his. She touches his face with her small hands then smacks Abhay with her wet lips drooling on him) Luv U Dadda.
Before handing over Aaliyah, Abhay for the first time feels like his heart would burst out with an overwhelming unconditional Love he had only for this precious little girl in his arms-Daddy loves U too now be a good girl while Daddy comes back.

Alina rocked her baby in her arms bidding Abhay farewell for now heading into the same room as a sleeping Pia looking completely out of it. Poor thing had been exhausted from all the running round she'd done for her sake, fetching, nursing her back to health changing her dressing and minding the Raichand brothers was a mean feat. Only Pia knew how to deal with them. Alina checked the time on her wrists hoping the night would be over soon. She was pacing up and down the room unable to continue waiting it out here while who knew what was going on out there. All Alina could hear were the sounds of bodies being thrown about and the screams, of one woman, her Mother was here. Meaning Jeh was here, meaning their entire clan was here and the place was almost being fumigated of vampire smell not of the Raichands.

Alina to her daughter looking out of the window to catch a glimpse gasping at the chaos outside-Mom can't be up here while Daddy is alone!!!
Aaliyah clapped-Outside. See Grandma.
Alina baffled by her 6 hour old baby who could speak like a toddler already making requests-Grandma's not a nice she-wolf.
Aaliya beamed-Outside. (She was jumping with excitement)

Alina got out the potion as a last resort to ensure her daughter was left unharmed allowing her to consume the full contents leaving but a few drops for Pia. After all she was part of the package now. Pia had Maithali after her and Jeh meaning her life was in danger anyway thanks to her. Alina didn't want anyone to suffer because of her sadistic mentally insane family or the power hungry vampire Maithali. Alina feared the evil vamp would be return to take Abhay back not to mention what she'd do to Aaliyah, Sid and Pia.

Out back the action was heating up with the Raichand family handling the werewolf attack among the vampire superiors and Maithali. Abhay had begun to square up against several vampire superiors at the same time as dealing with Maithali.He flung as many as possible with immense strength with his brothers help. For the first time they were fighting on the same team which felt good. Sid had placed a dent on as many vampires superiors as possible killing a few with his bare hands while Abhay managed one vampire superior. Maithali was by far the fiercest of them all surpassing the vampire Superiors in POWER accumulated over the years.

Deepanita had taken advantage of the Raichands distracted by the numbers so she could break in and take care of her daughter and finish off this bad omen brought to them in the form of this child whatever this thing was had to be killed. It was driving Deepanita beyond crazy to know this thing was born from her own flesh and blood. Abhay saw Deepanita trying to back up but was stuck fending the superiors and Maithali off. Sid was helpless to divert Abhay away from this situation and Maithali's smirk was p*****g him off. 

Maithali hissed in pleasure at watching the two brothers completely out of their depth-I always knew U were both weak but this weak! (Shakes her head gloating rasping at them) Pia and Alina are both dead. So dead with U both at the helm as their saviour. You've never done one job without a hitch. They are better off dead trust me. This way we can be a family again.
Sid rolls his eyes laughing in her face adding salt to her wounds-Family. What world are U living in? All U want is POWER. All U love is POWER. U worship and idolize this only. Where do we fit in? U just want muppets. Puppets. Both of us don't need U but U need us to fuel your ego right? Feed to your vanity. 
Maithali spewed her animosity towards Sid blasting him mentally-Not laughing now are we? (To Abhay licking his lips pinning him against the walls) U were always mine Abhay and always will be Power or no power i own U. (Catches him glancing over at Deepu) Alina's weak. Why do U always inclined to champion such a docile and worthless creature. When U can have a lioness in your corner. I still Love U.
Abhay manages to free himself off of her-After spending so much time with Sid and then Jeh please your love is full of empty words. It means nothing.
Maithali rages attacking Abhay like a scorned vampire she was flashing multiple power bolts in his way breaking a rib or two-Do not insult my LOVE. U never tried to know me Abhay. Jeh was just a fling. A means to an end. (Maithali actually felt bad for the werewolf he was lovesick for Pia. How disgusting but as much hatred she had for the werewolf she'd also felt a small part of her had something in common with him. They both had lost out in love and were still trying their best in love and in holding on to power) I will only love U Abhay. Even if i  use others for personal gain it is U i CRAVE.

Maithali allows the vampire superiors to attack Abhay and Sid again. Both Pia and Alina were in for her wrath now. They stole her men from her now she'd steal everything they had. Abhay's daughter would remain safe as leverage so she could attain Abhay by sheer force. But Alina and Pia had to die.

Alina had already sensed her Mother present waking Pia up from her sleep. What could she do with her daughter? Aaliyah was busy playing with Alina's hair-Mom won't let anything happen to U i promise.
Pia tried to block their room with whatever she could find but against Deepanita this was a joke she thought angrily at her own stupidity.

Deepnaita transformed partially in front of them full of disgust-So this is the monster U bore with Abhay! U should have killed it at birth, would have saved U the misery of watching it die before your very eyes Alina. U were always the stupid emotional, irrational, useless girl i had the misfortune of bringing up. Maybe i should have killed U before U became so weak huh? I'll rectify this mistake now. Give me the brat!
Alina kept her daughter away from her moth handing her to Pia-Over my dead body. I won't let U harm her.
Pia screams at Deepanita-What kind of a mother wants to kill her own Grandchild?
Deepnaita smirks with her red lipstick shining at Pia, eyes boring into hers-The kind of a Mother who isn't afraid to chop down dead weight. I'm a Queen wolf before i am a Mother. Alina's made the mistake of letting emotions get n the way. Your mother should have killed U at birth too, then U wouldn't be facing this day.
Pia had a good mind to...not in front of the baby sounds her distress-U think U can...
Alina hushes Pia keeping her eyes locked on her Mother-Enough is enough. Tonight its either U or me Mom because i won't let U anywhere near my daughter. I now know what its like to be a mother. What it means to think of another life before your own and U don't have a maternal bone in your body. 

Both females fought to the death a bloody match in their animal form bruising the other. Alina found the edge she'd been lacking and showed her mother nobody dared to hurt her baby. Even if it was her own mother. The fear, the insecurites all washed away replaced with the primal need to obliterate and demolish anything that threatened her family. Jeh had managed to get past the radar of the other vampires sneakily attempting to side with his mother. 

Jeh to Pia-What are U doing here? I left U outside.
Pia gave a blank expression thinking he'd lost the plot-I've been with Alina the past few weeks. How would i be outside when your deranged psychotic Mother had  us trapped?
Jeh turned round to look down and saw Maithali almost getting a heart failure and then spat recalling his mouth all over...-You've been here the entire time.
Pia nodded-Yeah!!! If U think you'll hurt me or the baby...
Jeh blurted-You're pregnant????
Pia was dealing with an idiot-No U fool! This baby. Your niece...
Jeh skulked towards Pia watching the human looking baby, It didn't look like a baby, nor did it smell human, it was a cross between a vampire and a werewolf scent almost mesmerised by this halfling smiling away at him but it didn't last long. Pia kept the baby away from his grasp-Pia give me the freak now!!
Pia weent backwards-No. Aaliyah remains with me.
Alina got in the way of Jeh attacking her brother. and then Alina did something. It shocked Jeh blasting her Grandmother allowing Alina to topple her and finishing her off for good.
Alina pushed Jeh over panting full of adrenaline. She saw Pia and then her daughter-I'll try to defend U best as i can Pia. Take my daughter and run like you've never run before. This place isn't going to hold for long and my daughters safety is all that matters to me. 
Jeh pins his sister-Give me the potion Alina.

Alina smirks-You're too late. I've used it all up on my daughter and (Looks at Pia) Her. Sorry. I had to keep U safe somehow. U have power to defend yourself now but i don't know when this will kick in. 

With this Pia heads out with Aaliyah leaving Alina and Jeh circling each other.

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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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wow great story plz update soon

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great story love it plz continue!!

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abhay and aliyah scene was adorable ... so cute... aliyah such a sweet baby ...
wow the fight was intense...
i hate that maithli ... but its good to see sid and abhay fighting against werewolfs...

deepanita is such a b*tch ... trying to kill her grand daughter... and jeh is just a jerk lol
thank god pia has run away thanks to alina fighting her own mom and bro ... i just hope abhay comes and saves her ...

nice story :)

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superb Embarrassed

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Rmuk IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update. Loved the way Alina fought for her daughter. Pia's part was also nice. Pls update soon and pm me. Thanks for the pm.

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snitchseeker IF-Rockerz

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Superb update. woo hoo the he wolf & she wolf to fight yay
BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Jeh was at his dumbest best ROFL Best part was him asking Pia if she's pregnant LOL R u planning on finishing Jeh off? Ouch Deepu is so cold hearted Angry She wants to kill her n her child? I guess Viktor(Underworld series) was far much better than her. Atleast he cried for his daughter. This woman would've gloated about her victory rather than feel any kinda guilt for killing her own daughter. Gr8 update Ayshu Clap Want to see how the superiors will see some sense n back off.

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