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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 81)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by anukrati

Abhay is very resourceful so i have no worries on what will happen to Alina but they will be in hiding until the time is right and their only ally is a human. Pia holds the keys. Alina will begin fighting back now as soon as she gets her strengths back up

Vidya_luv_SaRun IF-Rockerz

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great upd8 ... continue soon :x

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--Rose-- IF-Rockerz

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xxAqeelahxx IF-Sizzlerz

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Great update... jeh easily believes pia ... dat what a despo he is haha ... all da scenes were superb ... cnt wait to see what chand and haseena do ... wanna c da fight :) Smile update soon

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by xxAqeelahxx

Great update... jeh easily believes pia ... dat what a despo he is haha ... all da scenes were superb ... cnt wait to see what chand and haseena do ... wanna c da fight :) Smile update soon
 Jeh makes me laugh even in the show so i like to keevhaow his leg. Where Pia is conerned he is fully lattuuROFL Chand and Haseena fight should be interesting. Can the parents truuly harm ABHAY or will they cave to parental love?

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Great update!!! So piya s with sid nw...nd chandeena wnt to kill d unborn whts gonna happn nw?? Will thy succeed?

Thx fr d pm..tcr...

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by lost_in_love

Great update!!! So piya s with sid nw...nd chandeena wnt to kill d unborn whts gonna happn nw?? Will thy succeed?

Thx fr d pm..tcr...

:iconlonelyimmortal: Indu right now Pia is Abhay and Alina's only link to surving from both CHANDEENA and the werewolves along with the superiors. Sid will find himself into the mist of Abhay's life. Pia will do what nobody has done for the brothers. Bring them together. Pia's pure HEART will help them settles their differences and fight with each other for once and not against each other.
Just goes to show what one good woman can do and what one evil woman can do.

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Chapter 21:::Replacement Lovers:::

To Sid taking Pia away from danger itself was his first instict above his own survival instincts and that of Maithali's. What was wrong with him? Had one taste of Pia's blood compromised him this much he'd replaced Maithali for Pia? Is this what Abhay did? Could one's love change this drastically and for a human? It was so confusing. Since when did he become like his brother? He was meant to be selfish, conniving and ruthless but he was starting to scare himself now. Was this what love felt like? Is this what true love is meant to be all about? This strong and this potent forgetting everything but this one special person in front of U. Pia never left his mind even when he wanted to kill her he could not and when he didn't want to kill her he couldn't let go of her. Sid's head was more messed up than he had anticipated he would be. Dobrials sure knew how to screw with someone alright he thought thickly first Panchi, then Misha and now Pia.

Sid lay Pia down tracing her face with his fingers then let it rest on her lips. It was so inviting, so alive and calling out to him. Sid leant closer stealing a gentle kiss only made him want her more He closed his eyes savouring the kiss searing the feel of it into his brain. Sid felt Pia stir in his arms feeling cool breath against heres opening her eyes to see Sid's eyes flashing brightly at her smiling back at him in awe of him as soon as they broke their first kiss off but her cute face changed into a troubled look of fear set in her big brown eyes clinging on to him with her arms sounding very urgent as she mumbles rambling nonsense.

Sid was taken by surprise stunning him into this gentle caring being he never thought he was capable of sounding calm-You're safe now Pia. I won't let anything happen to U.
Pia felt his strong arms stroke her back making her heart skip a beat. It was refreshing to have someone to lean on someone now and those intense blue eyes burned through her eyes-They..they aren't human. I sa...saw them. They...(Eyes open wide now) Abhay!!!!!!!! Jeh wants to kill him. They want Alina. Her baby!!!
Sid felt Pia pulling away from him trying not to show his annoyance keeping her firmly in his arms making her face him cupping Pia's face-They've left. Jeh would never harm his suster and why would they want Alina's...
Pia had to see for herself-No!!! I have to help them. I don't know why but i can't desert them when they need me the most. 
Sid wanted to shake Pia pondering on how he would do this without sounding insensitive. He was jealous of Pia's protective nature towards his brother wanting Pia to only feel this way for him and not Abhay-You've have enough excitement for one night Pia. Abhay is a big boy let him deal with Alina and his baby. They aren't your problem. U have Jeh to worry about and Deepanita.
Pia scrunched nose resiliant to Sid's words of advice-No way. For Abhay id gladly lay my life down so he may live. I don't know why but i feel strongly for him (CATCHES Sid's grim look) Its complicated ok. U sort of remind me of him. Those torn eyes, theres so much otential i see in U guys not to mention...I won't waste any more time on dissecting my lost feelings for Abhay. You're my future.
Sid's eyes lit up finding hope in Pia yet-What happened to just having fun?
Pia smirked playing Sid collaring him towards her-We can have both. Will U help me? I have a vacant spot open for a guardian Angel. U want the job?
Sid was more than up for it-Yeah! (Flirting back) Does this mean i get a pay rise?
Pia kisses Sid back sealing the deal by enticing Sid's senses with a playful wink-Not a rise but a promotion. U help me then i'll make U a permanent fixture in my life. Deal?
Sid prolongs the kiss further-Deal. (If helping Pia meant she'd be his then so be it. It was bad enough Jeh wanted her and so did no Abhay no longer wanted Pia but Alina. Abhay'ss loss was his gain after all now Pia would remain bound to him forever. Sid craved Pia's love and keeping her alive was now his only goal in life) Why is Abhay so important to U?
Pia responded without hesitation-Because he just is as i am to him. The same way U are important to me as i am to U. Except something changed. They are my friends and we have to help those who need it by showing some humanity and empathy. Sid, one day U may be in trouble you'd want someone to help U in your hour of need. I am just being me. 
Sid muttered-Come on lets go. (Sid was in no mood to let Pia out of his sight. Pia was a full time job he was beginning to learn fast. Sid wanted to see Abhay's face when he came to little bros rescue. Should be fun not to mention his folks face would be a picture) There's a family secret U might wind up uncovering some secrets. 

Chand and Haseena were rounding up an epic fight against their son single handedly fending them off of Alina. They wanted the root of all their problems ended this night even to their detriment. They were determined to reclaim their status back and show the superiors they weren't in on this preposterous scheming. Alina weakly orbed at them to back away from Abhay only draining herself further. She'd had no energy left thanks to her brother locking her up with no food. Alina mustered as much will power as possible aiming it in Haseena's direction. Abhay turned to make sure Alina was still bearing up but her agonized look had only fired him up further smacking Chand straight into a tree.

Abhay grimaced at Chand-Don't make me hurt U!
Chand rasped fuming-Hurt me! U haven't even made a dent yet.
Abhay slams Chand again this time meaning it baring his fangs out at him-U are getting weak old man. (Smirks making a few more moves towards Chand flinging him in the air) Don't provoke me. Let us go.
Chand refuses to budge-Never son. Alina has to die and so does this thing she is carrying. It will be the end of us. We can't allow it to live. It will destroy us all nature never intended this to happen. Can't U see we already have the werewolves against us and now the superiors know about this thing. We will be blacklisted out of here.
Abhay refused to listen-So for a few dead blood suckers i should sacrifice 2 living beings.  Never. 
Chand with a grave heart-Then it saddens me to do this. (Grabs a stake out of his sleeve attempting to drive it through Abhay's heart)
Abhay was ready for the old tricks-U didn't think you'd get me this easily.
Chand smirks expecting just this bringing the other stake into play only to be stopped in his tracks by an uninvited guest. Sid appeared out of nowhere protecting Abhay had him under a pause-Why U...
Pia could only stare at both Abhay, Sid but it was Chand's eyes that spooked her-What are U people?
Sid kept his cool but it was Chand who'd shown weakness-Pia if we told U. You'd never believe us oh wait U would. I'm afraid theres a war being pursued by both parties. (Sid wasn't going to do what Abhay did to Pia and treat her like a china doll even though she was just this to him) You've seen what the Khurana's are? U still want to help Alina despite knowing they are animals. Well theres a flip side to every despicable creature out there. Meet the top predatory name on the food chain. Vampires. Oh and let me introduce U to my brother. Abhay Raichand.

Pia was speechless only blinking here eyes but her mouth was wide open-What???How?...
Sid fanged out revealing the sad truth-How? Why? What? Questions don't have an importance in this matter because the answers are simply too mind boggling for a sane person to digest. Nobody has ever heard of a vampire fall in love with a human before neither have they heard of a vampire falling in love with a werewolf but my brother here has done the hatrick. He even fell in love with a human when he was a human but kept her love alive even when she turned into a vampire. Have i scared U yet Pia? Can U stomach the real answers to your questions?
Pia gulped wishing she could drink some water. She was parched but no for some reason unknown to her she wasn't afraid of them but werewolves she was scared of shaking her head-You're all vampires!
Abhay tried to think of a plausible explanation but nothing came to him-Pia...
Pia eyeballed Sid now-U are telling me this now because???????
Sid smiled at how inquisitive Pia was-You've seen half a truth why not the full picture. I love U Pia. (This raised eyebrows from Abhay, Chand, Haseena and even Alina) Yeah i could have kept this bombshell from U but I'm not going to patronise U by keeping this all from U. Its not fair on any of us especially U not when U are hell bent on risking your neck for immortals. U are just a human baby. U don't know of all the players involved here. (Sd just realised he said it out loud. He loved Pia but he only knew her for a little of what a week and prior to this as a colleague) I love U!!!
Abhay glares at Sid for opening his mouth-Why are U undoing all of my hard work? U don't love Pia this is just another act of yours so U can...Wheres Maithali? She's behind this isn't she?
Sid sneered back growling at Abhay-Maithali is busy with Jeh. I think she's found the love of her life. Power was all she loved after all and Jeh's dumbness would go perfectly with her manipulative ways. Maithali is history.
Pia wondering why this name rang a bell?-Maithali...
Sid and Abhay both gave the RAICHAND look-She was a princess who both of us fell for but all she loves is POWER. Oh and ABHAY!!! Trust me U don't want to know about her till U meet her face to face for now worry your pretty face about getting out of our lives and back into your perfect little world.
Pia got up and folded her arms staring at the trio-This is all real. I should run but my heads telling me not to. If U wanted to kill me you'd have done it by now. 
Sid was still holding Chand by his throat while Abhay was busy holding Sid-True.
Pia to Abhay-So this is what your stay away missions were all about protecting your identity. I know U love Alina and me in some ways but i don't appreciate being taken for a joke. (To Sid touches his marbled cheeks) Thank U. For being honest. Some of this rings a bell. Abhay i will help U. I'll tell Jeh to let U both go.
Both Abhay and Sid shouted at Pia-NO!!!!!!
Pia now daring both brothers to test the waters-I'm sure he won't do anything to me. All he wants from me is my LOVE. I can give it him and his mother wants to kill me then let her. Its the least i can do for U Abhay. And Sid can help his princess acquire power. 
Sid protested-Pia!!! I can't lose U. Not to Jeh! Abhay or even Maithali. Even death won't take U from me.
Pia got all the answer she was searching for-So does this mean U really Love me Sid? This means you'll be ready to protect me from death itself meaning U really do love me. (Pia hugged Sid with a striking smile aimed at him) Neither of U will let anything happen to me. meaning Sid's on our team. Unless he wants me dead of course. In case you're wondering i have some of the key parts to my life back thanks to this freaking night but its all a haze. Its probably why i'm not screaming out of here.

Sid and Abhay both managed to get Haseena and Chand on their side for now understanding they ahd to fight together not against each other. No matter how dysfunctional their family was they were still a family. To Abhay it was a lifeline while to Alina she'd got her hopes back of fighting another day with Abhay. He was carrying her in his arms to safety so Sid and Pia could come up with a new plan.

Yeah Abhay couldn't believe how Sid had changed. Pia had completely done a personality transplant on Sid. Around her, Sid had turned into this puppy mesmerised by Pia. Abhay was partially on the fence with both of them as a couple. It was surreal to even box them together. There was something wrong with Sid mentally because he had the tendency to fall for women he'd dated before. Abhay wouldn't put it pass Sid to start falling for Alina making her laugh.

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