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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 70)

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wow ayeesha it's very interesting now :D Loving Siya and ABhina to core! N hope metz and jeh find solace in each otherClap fabulous work but one request plz do kill Dipu aunty for sureLOL

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:::Chapter 17:::Secrets Out:::

That night Maithali would disclose the secret Abhay and Alina had been keeping under a tight lid pretending to feel guily at betraying their trust. She'd shed fake tears to make it look like she was genuinely upset by the ordeal. Jeh would believe any lie she'd spun because he was totally too deep into Pia's love he would never question anything she had to say. Jeh felt the wet tear drops fall to his chest. Maithali wiped her eyes and started to shake in his arms. She saw Jeh automatically reach for her to kiss her eye lids tasting the tears and started to pry. Maithali kept her head down for effect. She should win an Oscar for this performance she thought smiling to herself.
Jeh caressed her head softly sounding very attentive-Pia!! (Maithali glared at Jeh for calling her Pia and suddenly remembered she was playing a role) why are U so upset baby? Did i do something? Don't U want me to kiss U?
Maithali gave Jeh a weak smile holding his gaze-I'm not into any of this Jeh. (Bites her lips) I've been keeping something from U.
Jeh was a little wary now but kept is cool-Pia U can tell me anything. What is it?
Maithali felt her temper rise again. Pia was a name she detested seething-U can't tell anyone U got this from me Jeh. We are dating and i don't want to keep secrets from U but she's my friend. What do i do? I've never thought i'd find myself in a predicament before this Jeh. How can i break her trust to keep our trust?
Jeh heard the severity of the situation in Maithali's voice-Tell me now!!!! I swear i won't tell anyone.
Maithali inwardly laughed yeah right. This bombshell would create a rift. Abhay would be in a heap of s**t. Maithali sounded like a dear caught in headlights still shaking in Jeh's arms-Its Alina Jeh! She's pregnant with Abhay's baby!!!!! I heard them both Jeh. They are going to run away together. Alina never told me i saw them from afar and then caught them kissing. Abhay held Alina's stomach and vowed to elope with her.
Jeh started t hold Maithali tight round her waist-U must have heard wrong. Abhay can never father a child with Alina (It was preposterous to even fathom such a notion. Vampires couldn't breed this too with a werewolf. Jeh hoped his siter wasn't stupid enoough to sleep with the vampire but he knew how dumb Alina was so anything could happen but not this!) Alina wouldn't...
Maithali rasped showing Jeh her fiery side-Are U calling me a liar Jeh? I should never have told U anything. U are a lousy boyfriend. In fact why am i wasting my time with U? I saw them with my own eyes not once but twice. I heard what they said. How blind are U not to notice Alina putting on weight this too around her abdomen? (Starts the waterworks again) If Abhay wasn't with Alina i'd have been off with him instead of U. He's a much better lover than U Jeh.
Jeh held Maithali even tighter threatening her-Don't ever say you'd rather be with him because i will kill the b*****d now. (Come to mention it he had noted Alina had put on weight) If this is true then i will put a stop to this. I trust U Pia more than i trust myself.
Maithali smiled wryly curling her mouth-Good Jeh!!!!!! I ...
Jeh nuzzled Maithali not wanting to let her go-I love U so much.
Maithali did what she set out to do no longer wanting this smelly animal's paws all over her. He was making her gag-I have to go Jeh. Dawn is upon us and Mom might come looking for me.
Jeh still holding Maithali-Don't!!!!!
Maithali peeled away from Jeh using her strength against him-I have to Jeh.
In the morning Jeh now at home stormed into Alina's room to see a bag on her bed with clothes. His sister wasn't there. She was in the bathroom and he could hear her retch sparking more fuel to the fire. Could Pia be right about Alina after all? Jeh thought he could trust Alina but it was Pia he trusted more than his own sister namely because with Abhay involved his sister was bound to be compromised. Jeh started throwing all of Alina's clothes out of the bag. He found passports in there with all of her aliases. So his sister was planning this for some time he thought.

Alina in the bathroom cleaned herself up and emerged out of there to see all of her clothes scattered on the floor. Her brother had this look on his face mainly showing disgust towards her. Then his eyes scanned her midriff where Alina covered with her hand like her brother was going to do something to harm it. Jeh knew if this got out their family, their clan would be under heavy scrutiny that an abomination would befall upon them all. Jeh compared Alina from a few week back to now. She was still slim around her face, arms and legs but her stomach was a dead cert. There was a bun in the oven and he'd be damned if it lived another day. His mother had to be notified and she'd decide what to do with it. He already knew the answer but he couldn't protect his sister from the grave she dug up for herself. Jeh heard Alina's hesitation, the super rate her heart was beating at terrified him but it was the little sound of a small almost faint heartbeat that had rocked him.

Alina felt the sting of tears begin to build up. She could hear Jeh's thoughts of murder going through his head. He wanted her baby dead and wouldn't care if she died in the process but he identified her child as filth. This hurt more than what he thought of her. Alina trembled with fear when Jeh zoomed at her shaking her like she was a rag doll and then the slap across her face making her cheeks redden. His hands were printed in there. Jeh slapped Alina again causing her to fall to her bed one hand on her cheek the other on her tummy.

Jeh ranted at Alina-U stupid girl!!!!!! Why did U have to go in bed with the enemy? My own sister (Spits on the floor) You've not only shamed this family but our kind. I could strangle U for this. How can U be such a sl-t? I thought U being a freak would make it impossible for anything to touch U but i guess a monster with no class like Abhay could want such a thing like U. How could U breed with that thing; Alina? How could U let him touch U forget bed U? (Alina could see the veins on Jeh's temples. Jeh could rant and rave all he wanted at her but nobody said anything about Abhay) U have to get rid of this b*****d? 
Alina licked her bleeding lips shaking shot back angrily at her brother-U can't insult Abhay! Or my child! I love them bhai. They are my life. Insult me all U like but don't say a word against my baby or Abhay!!!!!! I'm not getting rid of it!!!!!!! Its too late for it now. 
Jeh got hold of Alina's by her arms and shook her violently with rage injecting something in her-U will get rid of this thing even if i have to kick it out of U Alina. I don't care if U are my sister, I won't let it live. I'll kill both of U.
Alina flashed her angry bloodshot eyes at her brother using her powers to blast on him-I won't let U touch me!!! My baby remains untouched.
Jeh laughed at Alina-U think a little blast will scare me off? Your powers are weak. For now i'll leave U locked in your room and don't even think about escaping. I've had this sealed for our benefit. Time to flush Abhay out. He will come to save this b****d. You'll see killing 2 birds with one stone will be easy.
Alina cried for Jeh to let her go-Have mercy on me Jeh. I'm your sister.
Jeh muttered-I have no sister. U died the day u fell into bed with my enemy. Sleep well Alina. Tonight your fate is sealed.

Alina pushed the door with force but it wouldn't open. Her powers were rendered useless. Jeh had done something to her.  
Alina fell to the floor fainting.

While Pia was sat waiting for Sid at Amores later than she'd planned. She made sure she came a few hours late. Sid was checking the time on his watch when Pia'd seen him first making her laugh. He was a gentleman getting the chair for her so she could sit down. So chivalry wasn't dead after all she thought. He wasn't like Jeh who was more in your face and seemed a little desperate. The fact he was so like Abhay was a positive in Pia's eyes. It meant she could at least try to move on with her life.

Pia wondered why Sid wasn't touching his food was he on some fad diet?-So the Linguine is absolutely divine. U should try some.
Sid revealed smiling back to Pia admiring her smile-I don't eat past midnight. U can say i'm a little gremlin but its a new diet i'm on. I prefer to keep toned. Only protein shakes for me thanks. So a glass of red wine suits me best. I'm glad U are enjoying your meal. U had me worried then. I've never been stood up by a date. U were about to break my record then!
Pia found Sid's smile was quite infectious and his sense of humour was spot on. She needed a good laugh-Well its a girls prerogative to be late for dates. I wanted to look good for U Sid. I take pride  in the way i look. I find it makes U feel good inside. So is this where U bring all your dates to? Wine and dine them?
Sid had never noticed how Pia's eyes just lingered on U like they were looking through ones soul before. In fact he'd have rather drank her dry back then had it not been for Maithali-Actually this is the first time i've come here. This place is new. So U are the first. I'm hoping U maybe the last date i ever bring here. I want to keep seeing U Pia.
Pia kept her eyes on Sid trying to determine what to do next. She'd be working for him as his model-Business and pleasure????????? They don't end well. What the heck? I'll date the boss provided he knows not to push my buttons. So any family Sid? U never mentioned them.
Sid nodded-I have an estranged brother who i don't get on with. We split long time ago. 
Pia sighed-Oh!!!!! U aren't a clingy or possessive boyfriend right? I don't need them in my life.
Sid shook his head-I'm a very secure guy. I don't like to share my woman but i won't go following them everywhere they go unless they want me to. So Pia i take it we are on course for a second date?
Pia nodded sure. Depends if we have chemistry if not theres no point flogging a dead horse.
Sid touched his heart-I'm a dead horse????
Pia laughed making Sid want to just sit here and listen to her-No. Its a metaphor. I had a good time. I can't believe we've spoken nothing on work.
Sid beamed-I'm saving this for our next meeting.

Sid drops Pia off to her home kissing her cheek softly. He was tantalised by the call of her blood snapping himself out of it-Goodnight fair Pia. See U tomorrow!
Pia headed home with a smile on her face-Wow this is a good change.

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Oh no Ouch Jeh now knows n he'll tell Dipu? Ouch Poor Alina Cry Hope her dark angel comes to her rescue before its too late Smile Awesome update Ayesha Clap

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great I just want to cut that WW's tail for hurting Alina he is such a Censored

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged dt jeh cm to no bt alina's baby...he tried to kill hr...Angryalina is lockd...???? Ouchi hope abhay saves hr n d baby soon...Confusedmaithli s smthng yaar!!!!!LOLsiddy boy wd pia ...hmmm...hoping to c sm nyc buddng romance btwn dm...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by vikramdey

great I just want to cut that WW's tail for hurting Alina he is such a Censored
 I seem to be in a violent mood on writing. ETERNALLY waiting 4 U was bad but this i made Jeh hit Alina wow!!!!! Must be the weather making me feel so sad.Ouch
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Originally posted by purple_shadoz dt jeh cm to no bt alina's baby...he tried to kill hr...Angryalina is lockd...???? Ouchi hope abhay saves hr n d baby soon...Confusedmaithli s smthng yaar!!!!!LOLsiddy boy wd pia ...hmmm...hoping to c sm nyc buddng romance btwn dm...Embarrassed
Jeh ki sar hil gaya hai. He is bonkers. Raving mad. Show had him crazy i made him triple crazy.
Maithali is a ray of sunshineROFLROFLShe cracks me upROFLROFL
Sid and Pia are getting there lets just see how i take the next step?I can be a little too OTT at times

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Great update love it!!! :)

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