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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 51)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Riasa

wowww dammm gud awesme ...
sooo well written ...
thnxx for the pm...
 So sweet i try hard to do my best

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by kuttu

Oh Oh big time trouble looks like for Abhay and Alina. Will she be strong enough to stand up against her family for the child and love. Waiting to see that. And why does he have to walk into the trap knowingly is something I fail to understand.
brick wall peepin Abhay likes a Challenge and won't shy away from DANGER. He'd rather fight back
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by mandy1024

Originally posted by matwamango

Originally posted by mandy1024

Nice update Ayesha Smile Feeling so bad for Alina right now. Wonder how Abhay will react to this news n not to mention the wrath of his clan if they get to know about this child Ouch Eagerly awaiting the next part to see Abhay's reaction.
Hey about Twisted Love, u never answered my question Cry What happened to Sid Metz? U never mentioned them in the epilogue. About their baby n also if Metz is a vampy like Pia?
 This child will be hated and wanted by both species for either Domination or for the reputation of their kin. No half breed will be tolerated here.
If U want i can add a small note at the end of TWISTED LOVE on Sid Metz and their mini me.LOL
Yes, please! Big smile Twisted Love was complete n perfect but I missed Sid Metz in the epilogue Cry Am so sad that my fav FF came to an end but it had the best ending ever.
Vampire werewolf hybrid is something I always wanted to see after I saw Underworld series. Was disappointed when Sonja died before giving birth to lucian's kid.
I was so  upset when Sonya died as well Mandy. The baby would have been a miracle baby. Her father was a SADIST. Cruel to end his own Child and grandchilds life.Poor Lucian was never the same. How they suffered?
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by sohiniluvsabhay

Sry for late reply aysha but the update was superb so alina is pregnant!!nd m sure abhay will accept their baby luvd hassena-abhay's convo thanks for the pm nd tc:-)
I know Abhay will accept his baby and Alina. How can he not? Its Abhay our PERFECT VAMPIRE can do no wrong.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Chapter 12:::Family Affair:::

Alina felt awkward around her mother and brother but they all needed to get used to the idea of having Abhay around permanently especially with the arrival of her unborn baby making her unconsciously touch her stomach shielding her baby from the reality of their sparring clans. Abhay pulled up a chair for Alina allowing her to take a seat first and then sat beside her holding her hand under the table. Abhay kept his eyes on Jeh to make sure there weren't any nasty surprises about to jump out of the blue. Deepanita gave Abhay her evillest smirk boring her eyes through Abhay at disgust. Abhay simply smirked right back at them. This was going to be one long night he thought to himself brushing his jet black hair with his fingers.

Jeh opened up a bottle of fine red wine handing one glass to his mother-We have another guest on her way. I thought if we are hosting for one guest why not add another? Pia's on her way.
This made Abhay give Jeh a sneer but he remained cool. Pia was no longer his problem. He still cared for her and always would but a life with him was not meant for her. He belonged with Alina. Abhay gave Alina a reassuring smile-So i guess we are in for a real treat huh?
Alina made an anguished look at Abhay-U bet? I know U don't eat so i drew some of this up for U.
Abhay took the vial out of Alina;s hand and gave a wicked grin-U really do spoil me don't U Alina Khurana?
Alina's eyes sparkled at Abhay. He was trying to show her all he needed was her and nobody else-Drink it before the others see ok?
Abhay did as Alina asked of him gulping the red liquid down him-Wow. This was very intense. What have U mixed in that blood of yours Alina? Alcohol?
Alina gave Abhay a weak smile. Did the baby change her blood somehow? Alina stammered-Wwwhat do U mean?
Abhay elaborated curling his mouth into a wry confused expression-Its a little potent. Its a mix of a torrent vitriol acidic alkaline tatse like its part U but part i can't quite put a word for it. It hits the spot for sure. U have any more of this stuff Alina? It tastes so pure, sweet as well U know what i mean. I'm starting to think you've been taking something to make me fall further in love with U Alina..
Alina knew what Abhay meant squeezing his hand. It was their baby who'd changed the taste of her blood-Abhay there's something i have to tell U but not here ok?
Abhay followed Alina's eyes at Jeh and her mother nodding-Ok. Now smile for me. I'm not going to run out on U ok?

Pia arrived to see Abhay sitting down with Alina, her smile fading into a frown. Jeh did this on purpose. He said he had a surprise for her and wanted to rekindle their flat relationship by flaunting Abhay and Alina in her face. This was the last straw. Pia let Jeh place her next to him feeling out of place. Pia was jealous as hell watching Abhay so close with Alina but they were happy. Pia recollecetd a time when she clung to remnants of her old flashbacks of her being this happy with Abhay but they weren't meant to be. 

Pia handed Jeh a little gift-This is for slapping U the other day. I shouldn't have done it in front of everyone. 
Jeh gave Pia a dark look-I'm sorry i shouldn't have reacted like a JERK.
Alina got up and handed everyone a plate apart from Abhay-He's on a special diet. I have something prepared for him already.
Pia was now very curious-What's the point of coming to a dinner party when you're not going to eat?
Jeh smirked-Yes Abhay. Look at me i eat like a horse.
Abhay scoffed-It shows. I prefer to stay lean an mean. I want to look right for Alina.
Alina handed Abhay his own drink not trusting her brother-We can all start now.

Deepanita rolled her eyes at them-So my child what are your parents doing?
Pia answered softly-Moms shopping while Dad is busy chasing his dream. They are very happy thank U Auntie for asking.
Deepanita smiled eagerly-So i hear U and Jeh have been in a fight? I hope U children can patch up again. I like having U around Pia.
Pia saw Abhay's eyes seeking hers-I'm over it now but Jeh has to start acting his age and not like a kid. 
Jeh kissed Pia's hand-U bring the animal inside of me Pia. I'll try to behave ok? I love U.
Pia brushed her hand aside-I'm sure U do. The starter looks amazing. Caesar Salad my favourite and the shrimp is mouthwatering. (Changing the topic. Her and Jeh were history.)
Deepanita to Abhay-What about your folks Abhay? They never seem to socialise with anyone.
Abhay responded flatly-We prefer our own company. We don't like mixing with people we don't like. We like to keep it real than be fake.
Jeh bemused-At least we try to be civil and don't alienate people. We don't try to freeze people out.
Alina saw this turning into a war-Bhai Abhay isn't into causing a scene. Cool down.
Abhay briskly answered-We are who we are Jeh. I didn't come here to argue or start something. I came for Alina. She wanted us to get on for some reason i accepted her offer.

Jeh wanted to expose Abhay in front of Pia and to show his sweet sister what a user Abhay was. He brought out the carving knife and pretended to accidently drop it on Abhay slicing his hand a little. Pia got up and started to grab a hankerchief wrapped round her neck and placed it on Abhay looking very worried for him only to see the wound has healed while Jeh smiled at Alina's pale face feeling sick running from the scene to the bathroom. Abhay's eyes darted from Pia to Alina shifting away from Pia he rushed to Alina's side. Pia saw his hand had alreay started healing making her suspicious of Abhay while Jeh sat back enjoying the floor show.

Abhay knocked on Alina's door listening to her wretch. The sight of Abhay's blood and the meat had made her stomach churn. Damn at this rate her secret would be out very soon and Abhay would be dead. Alina washed her face coming out looking composed again giving Abhay a meek smile twitching her nose.

Abhay saw the distress in her eyes-Alina what's going on? Aren't U supposed to be immune from sickness?
Alina's smile was absent now hinting at him to shut up grabbing his hand-Mom, Abhay has to go. (Alina glared at her brother. Silver carving knife to cut the meat was below the belt) Don't wait up for us ok. Bye Pia. 
Pia was staring at Abhay and then at the stained hanky in her hand. Abhay didn't even look back at her once. She was just another girl to him now. Jeh had hurt Abhay and wasn't even sorry about it-I'll give U guys a lift.
Alina spoke too fast-no! I need some fresh air Pia. U go with Jeh. OK?
Pia looked disappointed-Its ok i'll go alone. Jeh U could have apologized to Abhay. U didn't have to let him bleed out like this.
Jeh looking unapologetic-Pia where's the blood huh?
Pia saw no blood on her white material. It was black now like it had been dried up but this soon-Jeh U are too aggressive at times U scare me. (Watches Abhay and Alina head out then warns Jeh) U wanted me to see them together didn't U Jeh? U think i'll reconsider my decision again. I don't feel for him any more (Lying through her teeth) but i want nothing to do with your sick games Jeh. What is this obsession with Abhay anyway? We are through. 

Pia stormed out of the Khurana mansion riled up. How dare Jeh do this to her again. Most importantly Abhay and Alina were moving on with their life while she was right where they'd left her. It was too much to take for Pia. She had to know Abhay's secret. Alina was hiding something dark as well. Both Abhay and Alina were behaving suspiciously. The Khurana family were eccentric people with a temper to match an animals. Deepanita freaked her out while Jeh was pitiful. It was almost like he was competing with Abhay in a race for something. Why were they always picking fights. Jeh had cut Abhay deep burning hsis kin it brought back an old memory.

Alina blurted out the truth to Abhay about the baby in the woods hoping to find what she was looking for inthose icy blue eyes. She'd been holding his hands with dear life.

Alina looking fragile-I'm pregnant Abhay. (Alina places his hand over her swollen stomach) This is going to make many of my people and yours angry. 
Abhay's features remained expressionless like he was processing the information in his head-When did U find out?
Alina gulped-This morning. I haven't been feeling well for a few days and today i discovered i was late. What are we going to do Abhay?
Abhay was in shock-Its obvious what we have to do Alina. This baby is going to get a lot of our kind killed. U have to either kill it or hide it.
Alina felt like Abhay had slapped her across the face-Kill it. Are U out of your mind? I can't do it Abhay. I won't do it.
Abhay curtly chided-Then do U have what it takes to stand up for this baby Alina? Look at U even now U are afraid of having me around at your place. How will U protect our baby huh? I mean this logically Alina. U have to make a stand baby. What is it the baby or your family Alina U can't have both?
Alina hadn't thought about the decisions she'd have to make-I want our baby to live Abhay. I'm scared.
Abhay kissed Alina's forehead-Then i will support U with this Alina. Every step of the way we will be in this together ok? Just don't tell anyone until the times ready ok?
Alina nodded-You're not mad at me Abhay?
Abhay shook his head-Alina this baby was meant to come in this world then it will. Its not like we did this onn purpose. I'm supposed to be dead and U are meant to be with your kind. Not with a dead corpse Alina but a miracle happened. I didn't want to force this decision on U Alina. Its your body your say.
Alina a little relieved-U aren't just saying this ABHAY? I know U never asked for this. I'll handle it. I love U Abhay. U do want this right?
Abhay reassured Alina-Yes i do Alina. Stop worrying. This si why you've been on edge all morning isn't it? (Alina nods) I love U a lot Alina. We'll make it work. I just have to keep our families out of our lives.

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that's all?? well its nice... eager for more..
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Jeh and his tricks. And his plan back fired. Pia still is in love with Abhay very much. so now what is he going to do. Therre is a baby and Alina who has made a way into his heart. Somehow I cannot understand Pia Abhay relationship in this fanfic. What are you trying to potray here. but Pia as usual is inquestive will this land her in the middle of the war betwen the warewolves and vampires. Waiting to see what role she has to play int this story. And Jai can we have some sense added into that guys brain.

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Brilliant Update!ClapClap

Jeh seriously needs psychological help. What was that? When Abhay is there with Alina then nothing else matters. Together they'll overcome any obstacle. Update Asap. Big smile

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