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New ABHINA FF::My Dark Angel::17 feb 12 pg112 (Page 28)

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when is new update coming?

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Wow ayesha you are the best writer n honesty itne sare ff ek saath kaise handle karti ho.superb update n the way u describe it its really nice.
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Originally posted by matwamango

 53.gifThis is exactly my point. How would it have been had Abhay never met Pia? Is there such a thing as more than one SOULMATE I think there can be especially in the magical World.
I maybe an ABHIYA fan but i LUV ABHINA a lot hence my dedication to this FF based solely on Abhay and Alina. UnderWorld Luv Track funveiling very soon.
I am into the whole virginal LOVE of ABHINA. One that isn't marred by negativity and all it is down to is positivity.
 Yup underworld track Tongue love between Lycan and Vampire wow sounds more amazing I so cant wait for itTongue
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Chapter 6:::Light it Up:::

The festival of lights was on for a big display in the twon hall at night for all to see. Alina was very excited to take part in the festivities of Diwali. She'd spent her entire life cooped up not allowed to join in with any of the celebrations for being a danger to her family and others. Apparently it was the price she had to pay for being bestowed with powers and she should thank her lucky stars she was next in line. It was a surprising change to see how her brother had done a complete U-Turn on her being friends with Abhay. Alina was highly suspicious of her vindictive brother. He maybe sweet to her but when he hated a being he hated them with a passion and Abhay had rubbed Jeh off the wrong way just for being a vampire. Jeh was acting very peculiar and Alina was in no mood to spoil a good night with a fight. All she wanted to do was enjoy the ride she was on right now. Who knew if this moment would come again or would it pass her by? Alina wore a bright red Lengha a colour code to match their clans robes. For some reason red was their emblem almost. Alina preferred to wear dull colours but tonight she wanted to shine like a bright star with Abhay.

Jeh stopped his sister in her tracks from leaving the house-Alina U can't be serious? I can see your back in that top. Take it off and wear something a little more appropriate.
Alina rolled her eyes at her brother complaining-Jeh U gotta be kidding me right? I don't want to discuss this with U. U don't have a right to order me about ok? I know U are my big brother but U have to let me make my own decisions. Its not like i am walking around like some of the girls you've dated in the past. There is a sense of double standards going on here.
Jeh bellowed raising his tone-Tough. U are my sister and there is no way on hell's earth is Abhay going to lay his smarmy hands all over U.
Alina flashed her angry eyes at Jeh-Now i am your sister. Abhay isn't like U bro. He doesn't take advantage of girls throwing themselves at him. And i am not going to do anything that will put shame on our family.
Jeh mocked holding Alina's arm-Yeah right Alina. Just because i gave U permission to date the vampire does not mean U give yourself or our clan along with our family secrets away ok and nor do i expect U to let a vampire take advantage of U. If he so much as looks at U in a perverted manner i will kill him.
Alina did a mental note (U can't kill him by yourself. U need me and i will never allow U or Mom to even touch Abhay)-I got the memo now let me go (Snatches her arm back) My date is picking me up. I don't want U to scare him away.
Jeh muttered-Nothing scares Abhay away Alina. Look at his galls of dating the enemies sister! He has a death wish.
Alina smiled at Jeh-Just the kind of guy i've been searching for my whole life. Someone who can give U a run for your money. If U weren't at each other's throats you'd have been great freinds bro. U both hold family to great importance.
Jeh growled in his mind (Abhay cares more for a human than his own family)-Aren't U going to invite Abhay in?
Alina shook her head-No. I don't want Mom to see him. She'll spew. Cover for me huh?
Jeh gave Alina a crooked smiling waving her out peering out of the door to see Abhay in his black mercedes shouting out-Make sure U bring my sister in one piece leech.
Abhay smirked staring through Jeh-Sure will my mutt!

Alina let herself in pleading Abhay to go. During their ride Alina and Abhay sat in silence in the car till they got out to the town hall where all their friends were waiting for them with anticipation. They'd never seen Alina looking so pretty before. It was a hell of a transformation. Alina gave a look of pride pouring out of her with Abhay as her escort. Her shining light. The very spark that lit Alina's life back to full bloom switching her head back on.

Abhay whispered in Alina's ear-This is all for U Alina. Look at the awe in everyones eyes. Its all for U. Might i add U look beautiful. (Abhay took Alina's hand in his and kissed her hand smiling at her) Get used to being the new IT girl in town. U already have a few male admirers. So your spoilt for choice. There's no need for me to tag along cramping your style.
Alina gave Abhay her puupy doe eyed look with her lips quivering in disapproval-U think i'd leave U over those nobodies? Think again Abhay! I value the simpler things in life and only want the best. That's U Abhay in whatever form i can get U in. Be it a friend or a ...
Abhay kept his virile chiselled features still swiping his brow with his hands-Alina U know my past. I only came with U...
Alina finished-Out of pity? Sympathy? As an obligation?
Abhay saw the hurt in Alina's eyes-I am not going to mislead U Alina. I saw myself in U. This is the reason i spent time with U. U are me once upon a time. Until someone special came and turned my life upside down. The darkness U carry is the same as mine. The burden U are lumbered with is the same as mine. U are born into a legacy to become a leader while i have had this thrown my way be default. Only i can never harm U or any human for that matter to get one over my enemy. I like U Alina because U are different. U are Unique and most importantly U have potential to be very good.
Alina saw Pia and murmured-Pia! (frowning at Abhay now with her mood turned grey) I know i can never be her but at least try to move past your history Abhay. I can't change the past but the future is not set in stone. I know she is what U measure every girl to and i can never take her place nor can i ever be her. Just try for your sake as well as mine to see where this goes? If we can make a go of it. My family all agree then why can't U?

Abhay was in a dilemma now thinking what Jeh was up to? What was going inside of that devious head of his? This had to be part of his master plan now. He already had Pia wrapped round his finger and now he wanted his sister as bait to lure him in. Abhay saw Alina was still searching for an answer. She knew what she was getting herself into. He warned her and if she was glutton for punishment then so be it. What harm could it do to date her? It would keep him occupied and try to get his bearings on track and get inside the enemies territorial lines. He wasn't going to use Alina but maybe she could help him with ending this ridiculous war. 

Abhay handed Alina a sparkler from Angad smirking her way-Fine. On one condition.
Alina sighed letting out a big sigh-Don't expect anything from me Alina. I have a habit of breaking hearts and if U think U can handle my dark moods and my whiplash can knock one senseless then i'll give this a shot. Alina i will always have a reserved spot in my life. Its the way i am. I can't let go. Do U think U can handle my baggage.
Alina took the sparkler smiling at Abhay-For U Abhay i can take on the world. U are first my friend and then U are my special someone.
Abhay hoped he did not break Alina's fragile HEART. Unfortunately his track record was appalling taking Alina's free hand in his-Ok then girlfriend. We can make this official. What do U say?
Alina flasher her dazzling white teeth at Abhay-Really? Now?
Abhay pulled Alina close to him-Now's a good moment as ever. 

Abhay saw Jeh arrive smirking at him holding Alina a little too close showing the Dobrial's, and their small circle of friends his intentions by placing a light kiss on Alina's cheek.Abhay twirled a beaming Alina around and blew out her sparkler. Abhay got a kick out of seeing Jeh clench his hands into a fist and his jaw tightening. If future saala was this happy to see little sister with him then he couldn't imagine how he'd be if little sister and he were kissing. It gave Abhay a naughty thought but he kept it reined in. Abhay saw from the corner of his eyes the smell of burning coming off of Pia who had crushed Abhay everytime with her eyes draining his life force. Pia had this capacity of drawing energy out of him exhausting him. The million questions to her dirty looks were annoying as hell. Abhay knew she'd always be searching for answers it summed her up but he had no time for Miss Marple. He had a Mother to worry about.

Alina whispered in Abhay's ear-Oh i can't wait for the fireworks to go off (clutching Abhay close and making him break eye contact from Pia.) I know U still have feelings for Pia but i am hoping my love is enough for the both of us Abhay. I know the facts and i know what i'm getting myself into. Just try to focus being with me Abhay.
Abhay gave an apologetic look to Alina-Old habits die hard. Come one lets go ...
Alina cut in tugging at Abhay to join her-Dance! Its slow and i don't have to fear U treading on my toes.
Abhay expressed the look of faking a hurt look touching his dead heart-I am offended by your ...
Alina smiled pulling him close-Hey U know its the truth. Fast dance and U don't go together.
Abhay smirked hypnotically drawing Alina in-Thanks for the vote of confidence Alina. Oh thanks for showing me how to have fun again. I needed it.

Alina and Abhay swayed in each others arms drowning out the rest of the crowd. Abhay wanted to give this first night out in the name of friendship and whatever this was with Alina dedicating it to a very sweet girl. Abhay made sure Jeh was looking at Abhay and Alina flirting with her bare back to irritate his arch rival. Abhay was revelling in seeing Jeh turning red with anger. Made him look like a terrier.

Tracker with Angad did her usual nosy rounds butting in-So when did this all happen?
Abhay swiped in a harsh sarcastic tone-Why? So U can broadcast this all over twitter and facebook?
Alina gently nudged Abhay-Don't. (Alina smiled cheerfully) Just now. I guess we hit it off right away. Its early days yet so keep this quiet.
Abhay muttered-U can't keep this quiet. Everyone knows we are together. We gotta go. 
Moving away Alina smiled-Phew!

The fireworks were a delight to watch for Alina. It was the first time she'd ever truly felt happy in her own skin. Abhay was officially her boyfriend cum best freind. To share this experience was like a dream to her. A beautiful dream she never wanted to get out of. It made Alina flare up the fireworks creating a brighter sky. The fireworks seemed to have lit up longer than they should have as Alina's powers took the effect to another level. Abhay held Alina's hand throught the whole night until he saw Pia almost burn herself with a sparkler in her handing forcing Abhay to go save her.

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 Awesome one ayeesha Clap My Abhina hand in hand swaying on musicDay Dreaming N jeh and Pia are always spying on abhina can't they leave them aloneOuch

Can't wait for next oneEmbarrassed

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updated my commentSmile

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thanks for the update 

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awesome update ayesha Embarrassed pia can cross all the limits to get back her abhay LOL jeh was burning seeing alina's bare back , so possesive about sis hun Wink lets see what happens next n wid whom u pair abhay ?Embarrassed i think only 1 or 2 parts r left ? thanks for the pm n update soon . take care Embarrassed.

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