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I can't tell u that I LOVE U # 7 (Page 84)

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i dont liek this arya is missing precap.. poor baby... CryCryCryCry

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wow vl 2 waiting . .
Precap z scary . .

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Maan hanged up the phone and said "what the hell?...Y r these women so sensitive?...don't they understand their stupid decisions will effect others lives?

He got worried and reached the hospital...he is about to call Geet then he heard someone calling him and turned back.

Maan: what's wrong with her?...y did she do this?

Geet: I am also worried Maan...let's go fast

They entered the lift

Maan: which floor

Geet: 3rd floor

Maan: how is she?

Geet: pata nahi...oh god!! plz make everything fine

Yash came outside of the room and called Geet's number

Geet: is she?

Yash ended the call and answered Geet.

Yash: don't worry...she is fine now

Geet: thank god...where is she?..can i meet her?

Yash: Geet just a moment ... i need to talk with u

Geet: ha batao

Yash: voh..voh

Maan: Yash tell us what happened?...what made her to do this?

Yash: that's my fault...i shouldn't have left her alone

Maan: what r u saying? does this happen?

Yash: because of over dosage of sleeping pills

Geet & Maan: sleeping pills?

Yash: yes...she got used to sleeping pills...i have warned her several times..but she gave me the excuse that doctor told it's safe

Geet: i don't understand what u r saying?

Yash: she is taking stress unnecessarily thinking about her inability and feeling depressed..she is suffering from head ache and sleeplessness ...we have consulted the doctor, Pari told the doc that she couldn't sleep because of the work stress...she hid her exact problem from the doc though i told her to tell the truth...whenever she felt depressed she is taking the sleeping pills but yesterday ... yesterday she took 4 times  more the dosage she takes usually...I thought she is sleeping but in the morning...i never thought she would do this

Geet got shocked when she heard Pari got used to sleeping pills

Maan: Oh Man!!!...what's all this?...Is she fine now?

Yash: yes

Geet: did she...did she...attempt for suicide?

Yash: I don't know I have asked her so many times...but she is giving me the same answer what she gave to the doc...she told me that she was unable to sleep because of the normal dose so she took more pills to sleep...Geet i want u to help me...plz find out what's bothering her...she is not telling me anything...u r the only one who could find out y she has done something stupid like this

Geet didn't come out of her shock and didn't listen to him properly...she remained numb without answering Yash... Maan placed his hand on her shoulder and moved her taking her name.

Maan: Geet...Geet

Geet: ha...ha Maan

Maan: Geet go inside and find out y she has done this...r u ok?...can u do this?

Geet: ya...i will find out...Maan take care of Arya

She left Arya with Maan and went inside the room to meet Pari. She has seen that Pari closed her eyes and tears are rolling down her cheeks...Geet's eyes became moist and she wiped the tears trying to escape from the corner of her eyes...she went near her and placed her hand on Pari's cheek.

Geet: Pari

Pari opened her eyes and she has seen Geet infront of her...she hurriedly tried to wipe off her tears and Geet stopped her from wiping the tears.

Geet: u might wipe ur tears but what about our tears...u want us also to hide our tears and leave u to ur need to wipe off the tears...what r u trying to hide from us?...y did u do this?...don't u know that ur stupid decision would make us suffer...u don't have to bother about me...what about Yash?...u r his wife..y did u do this Pari...speak out ...cry out ur heart..tell me what's bothering u

Pari: I didn't do anything intentionally...I am not brave enough to commit suicide...I just took so many tablets without my knowledge

Geet: what made u to consume over dosage...y did u get used to these tablets ...I am there for u right..if anything is bothering u y didn't u tell me

Pari: what could u do when i am so unlucky...u tried ur best to help me...but i am not lucky enough...

Geet: y do u want to think about the same thing repeatedly...u r too young to think about all this..u and Yash have a long life to go...

Pari: i know that Yash loves me so much...he is consoling me whenever i feel low...but will he be the same forever?... won't he ever change?...will he never think that he couldn't became a father just because of me...will he love me in the same way if he thinks in that way

Geet didn't expect this from Pari...she doesn't have any answer to console her...she is looking at her blankly...she remained silent.

Geet: tum kya soch rahe ho...y r u making ur life a living hell?

Pari: it's not so easy Geet

Geet's self thought: i know Pari...i have to do something to get u out of this...but what should i do?

Geet: plz stop thinking non-sense...Yash is a nice guy..he loves u a lot..he won't leave u for any reason

Pari: i know that he loves me...but what if i my guess comes true..what if he changes after some time ..i won't be able to bear if he..

Geet closed Pari's mouth

Geet: bus bahot ho gaya...stop it right now...aisa kuch bhi nahi hoga...I know what u r going through but plz don't let these thoughts influence ur me everything is going to be fine...plz for my sake

Geet wiped of Pari's tears 

Geet: not any more..i don't want to see u like this

Pari : Geet where is Arya?...did u leave him at the could u...

Geet: relax...he is with Maan...they are outside...wait a moment i will bring him inside

Pari: ok

Geet came outside to meet Maan and Yash...Yash is waiting for her to say something.

Maan: how is she?

Geet: she is completely broken..she is thinking all the stupid things in the world..i didn't understand how to console her...Maan she is not listening to me also

Yash: what happened Geet?

Geet: Yash u r the only one who could make her feel better

Yash: but she is not saying anything to me

Geet: she is feeling insecure...she is blaming herself for not able to give u kids...he wants ur assurance..he needs u..plz Yash do something that she comes out of this otherwise I fear we might...we might lose her

Maan: Geet kya baat kar rahe ho

Geet: yes Maan...we won't be lucky every time...we have to find a solution for this...but for now Yash only could bring her out of the depression

Geet took Arya from Maan

Maan: where r u going?

Geet: she wants to see Arya...u guyz also come with me...she is feeling alone

All of them went inside the room

Pari has seen all of them and smiled heartily...she felt extremely happy when she has Yash, Geet, Maan and Arya.

Pari's self thought: I thought I am alone and nobody cares of i am wrong...these are the people in my life...i really have someone who will cry if i ...if i leave this world..

Geet: Arya maasi ko samjao ki voh kitni buddu hai

Pari rose to sitting posture and took Arya into her arms

Pari: he is growing has been 2 months since i met u..Arya did u recognise me..look at me...Arya

Arya really didn't recognise and started crying when Pari took him into her hands...Geet went near her and pacified took few minutes to make him sit in Pari's lap...he started playing with the toy present in her lap.

Yash has seen her smiling whole heartedly after a long time...he felt relieved when he has seen her playing with Arya and laughing for Geet's jokes.

Maan: Pari I thought u were strong

Geet placed her hand Maan's shoulder not to say anything...Maan felt very sad looking at her condition and couldn't stop himself from questioning her...but immediately realised what he is doing when Geet stopped him.

Pari: i am sry Maan...for troubling u guyz unnecessarily

Maan: unnecessarily?...Pari u r the u think we don't care for u...what made u to think that we don't think about u could say that?...

Geet: Maan plz

Maan tried to calm down and said in a controlled voice

Maan: Pari ...all that i wanted to say is...don't forget that we are there for u...don't think that u r alone

Pari: hmmm.. I am sorry

Geet went near her and hugged Pari from the back.

Geet: that's ok...we can understand...plz calm down

Geet stayed along with Pari till she recovered completely. Geet and Arya's company kept her away from imagining things...Yash felt thankful to Geet when he has seen that Pari is back to herself and being normal.

Yash: thanq Geet

Geet: everything is there in ur hands from now...don't leave her alone..i know that u r also going through the same pain..but u have to be strong to make her feel better..i hope u understand me right?

Yash: yes...i will take care of her...i know what to do

Geet: good...and don't hesitate to tell me if u need any help from my side

Yash: ya..sure


After 2 days @ Pari's House

Yash: hurry up ... Pari...Pari..what r u doing?

Pari: what's up?...y r u shouting?

Yash: i told u that we r going out?...but u r not ready yet..

Pari: Yash plz...i am not in a mood to go anywhere... i am fine at the house..plz i don't want to come anywhere

Yash: y?...what's bothering u?...don't u want to spend a romantic evening with ur hubby

Pari: plz Yash

Yash: kab tak ek hi baat ke bareme sochte rahoge

Yash: what if we can't have kids?...we are there for each other right...and we are so young to have kids

Pari:what after 5 yrs..ok then after 10 yrs then also u don't want to have kids...will u suffer..

Yash: Pari what will u do ... if the problem is with me?...will u think in the same way...that u have to suffer because of me ...will u leave me for my fate?

Pari: stop it Yash...

He hugged her from the back

Yash: i love my wife and will always be with her till my last breath...vaise..i don't want my wife to lose her her frnd Geet

Pari broke off the hug and hit him on his shoulder

Pari: hey.. Geet is fine and her husband doesn't have any problem with her ...then y r u worried about her

Yash: oops!! Sry...i won't say anything about her shall we go...all plans will go to drain if u don't come...Pari plz say yes...common say yes

Pari: ok..ok...yes...we are going...but to my favourite place

Yash: as u wish dear



@ Khurana Mansion


Geet: yash how is she?...did she come with u?

Yash: don't worry Geet...she is fine now...thanx for being with me

Geet: thank god...have fun...bye

Yash: bye

Geet's self thought: thank god...we were able to manage this time

She closed her eyes laying on the couch and again the repeated the same words in her mind "this time?"...she opened her eyes with this thought

Geet's self thought: what am i thinking?...what do i mean by this time?...iska matlab is there any possibility that she repeats something of this sort again...oh god!!!...what am i thinking?...she recollected whatever Pari said to her in the hospital and got worried...there should be a permanent solution for this...but i have tried all the options...what should i do know?

She is thinking deeply how to solve this ... she got frustrated unable to find any solution and later she got angry for no reason and became furious unnecessarily

Maan: what r u doing here?

Geet: nothing

He came near her and has seen the tension on her face and he got worried looking at her.

Maan: r u fine?...what's bothering u?

Geet: plz Maan... i am fine...plz leave me alone for 10 minutes ... everything would be fine

He has observed that she is very angry for something

Maan: what's wrong?

She turned away from him

Geet: Maan plz...give me 10 minutes...i will be fine...just leave me alone...otherwise i don't know what i would do...i don't want u to get me wrong...plz leave me alone for few minutes

Maan didn't understand y she is behaving furiously...he wants to pacify her but she is pleading him to leave ... he thought for few seconds and said

Maan: only 10 minutes...after that i won't leave u alone

Geet turned back listening to what Maan said..Maan has seen her looking at him and left from the room leaving her alone. Geet tried to control her anger and pacify her nerves...suddenly something came to her mind

Geet's self thought: no Geet...Maan would never agree for this...accept the fact that u can't change Pari's fate...calm down try and understand it's not there in ur hands...if Maan comes to know what u r thinking u will be in trouble again...stop thinking ...calm down



Maan went to the bedroom and laid on the bed...he mad Arya to sit on his chest.

Maan: Arya ur mom has gone mad...she is behaving weirdly...she asked me to leave her alone...i am not going to spare her if she won't come to me after 10 minutes...what does she think about herself?...she is a real Demon

Arya is smiling and playing with his collar...Maan has seen him smiling innocently and smiled in return

Maan: i think she got scared to share anything with me... i shouldn't have slapped her that day...but i didn't do it happened so...Geet i don't want to believe that u r hesitating to be urself infront of me ... what should i do to remove the fear in u

Geet came to the bedroom and has seen him playing with Arya...she calmly went near the bed and laid beside him...she touched his shoulder with her head and closed her eyes...Maan waited for her to say something, but she remained silent...he placed Arya in the cradle and went near her.

Maan: Geet r u ok?

She opened her eyes and said "ya .. i am fine"

He sat beside her

Maan: r u scared of me?

She rose to sitting posture but didn't reply anything

Maan: i am sry for slapping u that day

Geet: u have the right to correct me ... if i do something wrong

Maan: what r u hiding from me?

Geet: nothing

Maan: i know there is something...r u thinking of Pari?

She nodded indicating yes

Maan: Geet u have tried ur best to help her...u have tried all the ways..but she is not lucky enough...all that we can do is give her moral support...i am also feeling sad for her...but we can't do anything

Geet: still one option is left

Maan: what?

Geet got surprised and said "did i say that loud?...nothing i was just...Maan i am feeling sleepy..i will.." she then closed her eyes tightly

Maan: Geet tell me what is running in ur head

Geet: no use Maan...u won't agree for that...leave it

Maan: what u mean by i won't agree...what r u thinking?...about which option r  u talking

Geet: if u agree we can help her

Maan: matlab

Geet: i want to give her our baby

Maan didn't believe his ears..he turned towards Arya and said "u mean could u Geet?"

Geet: no Maan i didn't mean Arya...don't get me wrong...i want to give birth to a child and give the baby to Pari

Maan didn't react for few moments..he felt completely devastated listening to what Geet said...he got off the bed and faced his back towards Geet.

Geet: Maan..

Maan: stop it Geet...i don't want to listen to u...u might be a Mother Teresa...par mera dil itna bada nahi hai...i agree i am selfish...i am also worried for Pari...iska ye matlab nahi hai ki mai apni bacha ko lekar uski god me bitane keliye tayar hu...u know what hamara bacha matlab khurana khandan ki pota.. he deserves a better life...and i won't agree for ur stupid decision..u don't have the right to decide about my child...did u get that?

Geet said in a low voice

Geet: i know that u won't agree for this...i don't want to do anything without ur consent...i just told u what is bothering me...i didn't mean that we have to do this

Maan got surprised at Geet's reaction...she is answering without any expression on her face..she appeared to be very determined...his anger didn't show any impact on her.

She laid on the bed and said "i am waiting for u ... i am feeling sleepy"

He didn't understand what to say...he staring at her blankly

Geet: Maan..i am waiting

He went and laid beside her...she cuddled to him and closed her eyes...Maan didn't sleep looking at her in confusion.

Maan's self thought: what do u mean by sharing ur thought with me?...u mean to say that i don't have heart to respond sensibly...u mean to say that i am heart less...ofcourse i am selfish..y should i give my child to Pari?..i will let u know it is not as simple as u think


Next day evening 7:30 PM

Geet came out of the shower and has seen Maan in the room.

Geet: hi honey

Maan: hi...i want coffee

Geet: ya ... i will bring it

Geet is preparing coffee and arranging snacks for him...then Maan came from behind and hugged her

Maan: u r too slow

Geet: i have finished just now

Maan: where is Arya?

Geet: he is sleeping ... didn't u see him

Maan: i have checked for him in the bed room he is not i thought he is with u

Geet: wait a minute ... let me check with the maid

Geet called the maid and asked about Arya...she said she is not with him...Geet & Maan got worried and searched for Arya in the entire house...Geet started crying when she didn't find him in the house

Geet: Maan where is Arya?...he is sleeping in our room...who would come here and take him away?...where is my son?

Maan has seen her crying but didn't say anything she became angry and started shouting at him

Geet: y don't u do something?...find him...Maan i am talking to u

Maan: don't cry...Arya is fine

Geet: what?...where is he?

Ramu kaka came inside the Mansion when Maan called him...Geet has seen Arya is Ramu's hands and rushed towards him...she took Arya into her arms and kissed him madly.

Geet: what is this?...when did u take Arya with u?...don't  u know that u have..

Maan: Geet that's ok...Ramu u can leave

Geet: how can u be so relaxed ?...Arya is missing and u...

Maan: i gave Arya to Ramu

Geet: what?

Maan: yes

Geet: i don't believe this...but y did u do this?

Maan: to make u understand how stupid u r?...u can't live without Arya for 15 minutes..and u r saying that u want to give ur child to Pari...y do u think of those things which u can't do...forget about me if i agree to whatever u said...u will suffer more than u understand?

Geet: Maan...i know that i am not strong enough...Arya is symbol of our love...isse me Pari ko kya bhagwan ko bhi nahi doongi..he is my son

Maan: if u aware of everything then y r u taking stupid decisions...tell me Geet y r ready do something which no woman would do?...y do u want to help Pari?

Geet: because I see myself in Pari

Maan remained silent when Geet started giving the reason for being so stubborn in helping Pari.

Geet: yes...i see myself in Pari...u r aware that i have been facing problem with my menstrual cycle from years...when i am young i used to cry because of the pain..but when i have grown up and came to know what is what?...then i got scared whether i will be able to become a mother or not because of my cycle problem...because i know the importance of giving birth to a child in a woman's life...i still remember the happiness in Dadima's eyes when she has seen Arya for the first time...she is overwhelmed that i gave Arya to this u know about my happiness when u have shown me Arya...i am worried till the last minute but i never told u...i am lucky enough that Arya came to my life and filled our lives with happiness...Maan what if i am unlucky like Pari and couldn't become a mother?

Maan felt like someone slapped him when Geet questioned him

Geet: imagine our lives without u understand now y i am obsessed to help Pari...i don't want to become Mother Teresa by sacrificing my child...i want to help my unlucky friend by sharing my luck with her...i know that i am not strong enough... and i don't want to do anything without ur consent but I could do anything if u r there with me

He doesn't have any answer for questions...he understood what is bothering her and y she is being vulnerable whenever she thought of Pari's infertility. He hugged her and patted on her back to comfort her. She is still crying to let out all the pain that she is going through without sharing with anyone since many days.

Maan's self thought: i am sry Geet... i didn't understand u properly

P.S: sorry for typos and other mistakes that have crept because of my limited knowledge


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Wonderful update! But plz I don't want Sweet arya to be lost Cry

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awesome update
loved it
but plz keep maaneet family together
continue soon

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loved it
thanks 4 the pm
eagerly waiting for next part
please continue soon

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nice part
now wt is maan,s next step 
will he agreed with geet decision
eagerly waiting for next

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amazing update...loved it...

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