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I can't tell u that I LOVE U # 7 (Page 71)

sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Myra.nelly

I just finished reading all the parts and i am jus wow,this is a fabulous story and u are an amazing writer! What i like very much is geets character!! This ff is just superb! Thanks for ur pms,i would love to read more!

thanx for loving

kawaii_geet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 1:40am | IP Logged
heyyy when r u gonna update hun??
waiting so very badly..

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mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Fab prt,geet is hellbent on hlpng pari.luv their frndship

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JayaR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
hhmmm Maan is so matured...

He knew how to handle Geet...and he did it that way...

Good that she understood and now I hope she doesnt bring out this topic again...

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sukklover IF-Sizzlerz

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1stly dear 4 PM me..Tongue..
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me said u guys ealier if u don't like plz tell me...but it really hurts a try to reply each of u...many serials me don't watch but me read ur ff's ...checking out ur updated stuff's...n try to make a sweet comment which u guys liked...but u never check my any really busy wid my studies...but also don't want to hurt my frndz...i try to comment ecah of u woh Pmed me...but only few of u ans my Pms...if don't want me to bother u...plz tell never pm u...4 my any update...
but i updated 4 whom woh know just few..but me updated for them surely...but that surely me said..that me really hurt abut u guys...Cryme uncontorled sob.sob..Cry

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sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
PRECAP: what the hell?...Y r these women so sensitive?...don't they understand that their stupid decisions will effect others lives?

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sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Geet felt really bad that she couldn't help her friend in any way. Maan feels that she is interfering in Pari's life but she feels that she is just trying to help Pari finally she learnt that Maan doesn't want her to interfere in Pari's life...she also understood that she is unnecessarily inviting trouble in her married life, so she thought of staying away from it because she tried all the possible ways and failed in each and every attempt.

She thought of changing herself so that there won't be any problem between her and Maan. She kept her conversation minimum with Pari. She is doing all her duties of being a good wife but Maan is not liking her behaviour...Y is not Maan liking her?


Maan: hmmm the breakfast is nice today...Geet i know u didn't prepare the breakfast today right

Geet smiled as response and filled his glass with juice Maan got surprised when she remained silent.

Maan: Geet

Geet: ha Maan

Maan: r u ok?

Geet: i am absolutely fine...what's wrong with me?...y r asking me this

Geet answered Maan soflty

Maan: because i am expecting my demon to revert back on me...but surprise u appear to be cool everything OK?

Geet: i am fine Maan

Maan: ok then...bye sexy

Geet: bye honey


Maan felt a change in her behaviour ...Y because she is not fighting with him when he complains about the food prepared by her, she is not complaining when he comes home late, she is not giving back when he is teasing her, she is not bothering him with her non-stop chatter, she is not arguing with him for petty things, ... she is not being herself...this is what is bothering Maan.

Y is Geet not being herself?...she got scared when Maan slapped her, she doesn't want her stupidity to ruin their relationship, she is being more careful than she has to be...which is annoying Maan.

The relationship between Geet and Maan is slowly changing and taking a different shape...who is responsible for all this?... Is the answer: Geet's over concern for her friend?...Geet has done a lot to help her friend but her friend is not aware of all this..we are seeing only side of the coin...what is going on in Pari and Yash's life?...what are they doing to come out of their problem?... let's have a look at the other side of the coin. 


@ Pari's House

Pari lifted the ringing phone

Pari: hello

Amruta(Yash's elder sis): hello r u?

Pari: fine...aap kaise ho?

Amruta: fine..Yash kya kar raha hai

Pari: he is in the washroom

Pari heard a sound from the other side of the phone

Pari: hello ...hello...

Amruta: ek minute Pari

Pari can hear what Amruta is talking

Amruta: what's going on?...chintu who has done this?

Amruta heard a noise when she is talking with Pari...she went to the balcony to see what's wrong

Chintu: voh maine nahi kiya...sab usne kiya hai

Chintu pointed towares his younger sis saba

Amruta: y did u spoil the plants...u two broke the pots and all this mud...OMG!!! now who is going to clean all this mess

She is scolding her kids and meanwhile the she heard her younger son crying in the cradle...she rushed towards the cradle

Amruta: oh baby!! Plz don't cry...chintu u guyz r making my life hell...see u woke him up

She patted on the baby and made him sleep then she dumped some toys before chintu and saba to play...she sat before them so that she could keep an eye on what they are doing.

Pari is listening to all this as Amruta carried the cell phone with her all the while.

Amruta: hello Pari

Pari: ha

Amruta: ab kya bolu...u r listening right...these kids are making my life hell

Pari: bache hai...itna shararat toh karte hai

Amruta: it is easy to say...but very difficult to manage 3 kids...i am advising u Pari don't think of having kids early...they won't let u sit peacefully for 5 minutes

Pari remained silent

Amruta: vaise Yash also likes kids...don't listen to him if we wants to have more kids...they would go to office but we have to manage the kids...chintu...saba stop it...oh god they are fighting again...Pari I have to solve their fight...tell me Yash to call me once...i have something to discuss with him...bye

Pari: ok...bye

Yash: with whom r u talking with?

Pari: that's ur sister...she wants to talk something with her after sometime she is busy solving the fight between her kids

Yash: hmm I will call her later...Pari I have some work..I am going outside it might become late don't wait for me finish the dinner and sleep

Pari: Ok

Yash went outside leaving Pari alone in the house. Pari sat on the couch and started thinking about something...she closed her eyes and imagined something...she imagined three kids in her house... one is trying to grab the phone from Yash while he is speaking with someone...Pari is struggling to make the baby sleep in her hands while one kid is pulling her dress asking to give her a chocolate...the entire house is filled with noise and Yash and Pari are busy handling their kids...she smiled to herself imagining Yash trying to plead their son to return back his cell phone.

She opened her eyes and came to reality she has seen that nothing has changed noise and no kids...the same silence prevailed that entered her life when she came to know about her problem. Initially Yash consoled her whenever she cried and asked her to stay away from Geet...but when Geet came to know about her she tried to help her and console her in all possible ways...but know neither Yash is talking anything to her nor Geet is trying to help her...she is feeling all alone...she wiped her tears and glared at her wet fingers.

Pari's self thought: what is the use of dreaming about something that could never happen and cry unnecessarily...accept the fact and come out of it... u can't announce to the whole world not to talk about kids infornt of u... u have to face this till the end of ur many days will u be like this...ab toh Geet bhi tumhare bareme nahi soch rahi hai...she has her own life..Y should she bother about u...Yash is also not saying anything...but Amruta told that Yash likes kids he never mentioned this before me because he doesn't want to hurt me

She is left all alone and her mind started thinking all the stupid things in the world

Pari's self thought: he is not complaining anything now...but what after 5yrs...will he be the same?...will he love me the same way as he does now?...will he never feel that because of me he was unable to become father?...will he leave me?...Geet is also getting away from me now a days...will i be left alone in my life again?

She felt head ache and touched her head with her hand...she is giving unnecessary stress to her brain...she went into depression imagining the things that really didn't happen. She was unable to bear the head ache and she was facing sleepless nights from many days...she got used to the sleeping pills without which she couldn't sleep  now...she rushed for the medicines and took the sleeping pills...she then rested on the bed and closed her eyes tightly.


@ Office

Maan's self thought: Geet what's wrong with u?...y r u not being urself?...what should I do to make u understand that everything is fine between u and me...I don't like ur's killing would be better to send her to her home town for few days...she will have some change...her family would keep her busy and she won't think of unnecessary things..i think this would be fine...

His cell phone's ring tone brought him to this world and he attended the call.

"ya tell me"

"What r u saying?"

"Ok ... i am coming ..i will meet u there "

He hanged up the phone and said "what the hell?...Y r these women so sensitive?...don't they understand their stupid decisions will effect others lives?"

PRECAP: Maan comes to know the reason behind Geet's obsession to help Pari

P.S: sorry for typos and other mistakes that have crept because of my limited knowledge

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
part 71
oh no this is completely a different twist...
yes if a woman is barren, others show sympathy for sometime and then times change...
poor Pari...
for all communication is needed...
Pari's insecurities are justified...
only Yash can make her feel secure now and then and forever...
Geet is trying to behave mature to not make Maan irritated of her or the relationship not knowing that Maan loves the Geet who she is or was before this fiasco happened...
Maan is worried on Geet's changed behavior, Geet is trying to ne more matured, Pari is insecure and Yash dunno...
cont soon dear...

PS - commented before ur pm...but dont stop pm-ing...

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