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I can't tell u that I LOVE U # 7 (Page 31)

love4maaneet Senior Member

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
lovely update dear...

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sruthi8 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
wow...waitingDay Dreaming

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sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 6:10am | IP Logged

Arya stopped crying as Geet is entertaining him with the toys...he took a toy into his hand threw it away..he started crying after throwing away the toy..Geet placed her on the floor and went to bring the toy.

Geet: lo milgaye

She turned back after picking up the toy...she got surprised looking at Arya and smiled out of happiness. 5 months old Arya is laying on the floor with his tummy touching the floor... he is moving his hands to reach the toy which is at a distance of four feet from him...he slowly lifted his body from the ground with the support of his hands and legs to move from the place and reach the toy...when he balanced his body on his small hands and legs he started crawling towards the toy and again laid on the floor when he caught the toy with his hands.

Geet is overjoyed looking at Arya trying to crawl and move on his own...he smiled out of happiness when got hold of the toy and again relaxed on the floor...he is chewing the trunk of the elephant smiling at his victory. Geet went on her knees and crawled just like a baby and went near Arya...she touched his forehead with hers'.

Geet: so u trying to move on ur kid is growing...i have to tell this to Maan

She raised her head and didn't understand whether to wake up Maan or not.

Geet: should i walk him up or not...he will feel happy if he comes to know what u r doing?...what should we do now? u want me to wake him up?

Maan: kya chal raha hai yaha pe...what r u both doing here during mid night?

Geet took Arya into her hands and rushed towards Maan.

Geet: Maan u know what...Arya started crawling ...he is moving on his own

Maan: really?

Maan took Arya into his arms and kissed him.

Geet: Arya is learning the things would normally take one more month for the kids to crawl

Maan: he is my son don't forget that

Geet: oh yeah!!...i know that...when did u wake up?...i thought u r in deep sleep

Maan: how would i sleep without u and Arya beside me...i got worried and came here searching for u...but both of u are playing happily here

Geet: what do u want me to do...u have become so busy that u r coming late and i don't want u to disturb when u r sleeping i brought him out of the room

Maan: Vicky is going to join the office from tomorrow so from tomorrow onwards my work burden would be reduced

Geet: kal se?...nice then u will get some time to spend with us

Maan: yes...but it seems that u won't be available as u appear busy with Pari...whenever i call u the reply would be...Maan i am with Pari

Suddenly Geet's smile vanished when Maan mentioned Pari's name

Maan: What happened?...what r u thinking?

Geet: nothing

Maan: r u still worried about her?

Geet remained silent

Maan: Geet u tried ur best to make her happy...if science can't help her and if they are not ready to adopt a child what would u do? many times i should tell u.. plz stop bringing this topic infront of her...and u also don't take stress unnecessarily

Geet: Maan do u think Pari would forget about this if i don't mention anything infront of Maan she is hiding the pain before us...u r telling that i am making her suffer by intervening...but tell me Maan who would think about her if i also stop thinking about her..both Pari and Yash are hurting themselves by suffering instead of trying to search for a solution...if any of the attempts made by me become success by chance then they won't have to suffer any more...i am not trying to interfere or increase their pain but i am trying to reduce their pain

Maan: ur intention might be right...but each and every time u fail in ur attempt to help them it is causing her more it is better not to hurt her more

Geet: that is my bad luck that both the attempts have failed

Maan: it is written that pari has to face this...we can't change this other than giving her the moral support

Geet lowered her gaze

Maan: Geet come with me

He took her and Arya to the bed room...he placed Arya in the cradle and laid on the bed... Geet placed her head on his chest.

Geet: Maan sachme hum kuch bhi nahi kar sakte

Maan: hope some miracle happens in her life...aab so jao

He patted on her back and she closed her eyes...he felt as if he is taking care of two kids and smiled to himself. Though Geet closed her eyes she is still thinking what she could do.

Geet's self thought: what is this ...can't i help her in any way...she said she doesn't want to adopt a child...but from whatever she told she wants to become a is also not able to help her...all the ways are closed test tube baby and artificial insemination are not the solutions for her...but doc mentioned that though Pari can't carry a child she can have her own child through surrogacy

Geet snapped her eyes open

Geet's self thought: yes i didn't think of this...i have dropped this idea  at that time because i thought of how Pari could carry a is clear that she can't carry a baby but if i convince her for surrogacy she can have her own child... Pari i may not be able to fulfill all of ur wishes but i will try my level best so that u could have ur own baby

She felt contended and closed her eyes with a smile on her lips.


Next day

Geet: this gonna be ur first day in the office... All the best Vicky

Vicky: thanq bhabi

Geet: vaise if Maan is not able to teach the things properly i am there to help me if u have any problem there

Maan: as long u stay in the house ... we won't have any problem at the office

Vicky laughed listening to Maan...Geet became furious listening to him...Maan smirked looking at Geet's anger

Maan: Vicky...we are getting late shall we go

Vicky: ok bro

Maan and Vicky left from there...Geet made a pout and said bye to both of them and turned backwards...suddenly Maan hugged her from the back and kissed on her nape.

Maan: bye Demon

Before Geet could say anything Maan left from there...Geet smiled to herself for his mischief.

After few hours

Geet called Pari and she attended the call

Pari(with a drowsy voice): hello

Geet:'s me

Pari: hi Geet

Geet: yar how many times i have to call u...y r u not picking up my call

Pari: actually i am sleeping ... so i didn't attend the calls

Geet: u r sleeping @ 3:00 PM...didn't u go to the office today

Pari: no yar...i am not feeling well..i went to the doctor in the morning and she gave me some tablets because of which i slept like a log

Geet: not feeling well...what happened?

Pari: i couldn't sleep from the past few days...because of the work stress i am feeling tiered and this head ache is killing i went to the doctor

Geet: how r u feeling now?

Pari: feeling better

Geet: ok take some rest...i will call u later bye

Pari: do u want to talk anything important with me?

Geet: nothing important

Pari: ok then bye

Geet hanged up the phone.

Geet's self thought: this time i have to be careful enough not to hurt her...before i speak anything with her i have to get the complete information about surrogacy and the entire procedure that is involved

She gave instructions to the maid to take care of Arya and she sat infront of the Lappy to search for the information regarding surrogacy. Geet asked maid also to be in the study itself so that she could keep an eye on Arya even while working.

"ok first let me find out what this surrogacy exactly refer to?"

She typed the word 'surrogacy' and got so many results but she concentrated on those which she needs.

"as doc said surrogate mother carries the child of a couple who have fertility problems--- done "

While collecting the information about surrogacy and surrogate mother somewhere she came across

commercial surrogacy is illegal in Belgium and Netherlands

she got astonished when she read illegal

"what the hell...commercial surrogacy is illegal?...OMG!!! then y did doc advice about surrogacy?"

she concentrated on finding out whether surrogacy is legal in India or not.

Commercial surrogacy is legal in India, as recognized by the Supreme Court of India in 2002

she found out that surrogacy is legal in India and felt relieved.

She came to know about so many things when she started to find out what does Surrogacy exactly refer to. She sat infront of the lappy for hours together to find out each and every tiny detail of the she went deep into it so many questions raised in her mind and she noted all the things she has to take care of ...then suddenly someone came from behind and closed her eyes.She got startled and soon realised that it is Maan.

Maan entered the study and signalled the maid to leave from there..he went near Geet and closed her eyes.

Geet: Maan u have scared me

Maan removed his hands

Maan: what r u doing seriously?

Geet: nothing searching for some information about surrogacy

Maan: surrogacy? not again...i don't know when u would come out of this

He went near Arya to play with him.

Geet: Maan don't wake him up...he is sleeping

Maan: so what should i do now...i shouldn't disturb u and i can't play with Arya... i came early to spend some time with u but both of u...

Arya opened his eyes..Maan has seen him and took him into his hands.

Maan: learn from Arya...see how he woke up from his sleep to give company to his dad...Arya ur mom doesn't have time for u and me...this is not fair right

Geet: acha...i don't have time for u know that u r coming home early after ages...i am the one who should complain not u

Arya's self thought: oh god...can't they communicate normally? stop it

Geet: let me bring something for u

She arranged dinner for Maan and both of them dined together.

@ Night

Geet: what r u trying to do?

Maan: i am trying to make him sleep...don't talk loudly

Geet leaned on his shoulder until Arya slept.

Maan: thank god!!...he is sleeping peacefully

Maan turned towards Geet and has seen that she is also sleeping.

Maan: this is not fair...Geet how could u?

He got up from the couch and Geet opened her eyes because of the sudden jerk.

Geet: Maan what r u doing?

Maan: wait a minute...i will let u know

He placed the baby in the cradle and came near Geet.

Maan: don't u know that someone is waiting for u

Geet smiled listening to him...she stretched her arms wide open

Geet: Maaan

Maan: ishh Arya will wake up

Geet: make me sleep honey

He lifted her up into his arms and carried her to the bed...he sat beside her touching her forehead.

Maan: i am not here to make u sleep

Geet(whispered): then what r u here for?

Maan: i am here to give company to my tigress

She smiled and kissed on his lips. Maan hugged her and pushed her back gently on the bed...he kissed on her neck and collar bone...she hugged his head and closed her eyes enjoying his mischief. He is on his mission to make love for his tigress and Geet has to bear with the sleepless night because of her starving husband.


PRECAP:  this is not as simple as it  appears to be

P.S: sorry for typos and other mistakes that have crept because of my limited knowledge


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nice update
loved it

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lalitha.. Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged
nice update

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anupm04 IF-Dazzler

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awasome update

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jasraj123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
nice update. love the concern geet has for pari. ohhh arya start crawling. very nice.
maan home earlyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
thanks for pm and pls update soon

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Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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wooow great update dear!!
hope they will find a god solution for pari!!
continue soon!!

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