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I can't tell u that I LOVE U # 7 (Page 18)

sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nafisa_kazi

nice update...
me liking the issue that u've brought up...

thanx for encouraging dear

minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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congrats on a new thread
now the update
awesome superb

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skdevil Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
nice updates dear 
sorry 4 ythe late comment and likes 
do continue soon 
ty 4 the pm 

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poongs123 IF-Rockerz

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Waiting for next update dear

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sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by poongs123

Waiting for next update dear

work under progress buddy...i need 1 more hour to finish the update

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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sldeeps

Originally posted by poongs123

Waiting for next update dear

work under progress buddy...i need 1 more hour to finish the update

Wow.. am waiting!!!!! for your update!!!!

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anupm04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sldeeps

Originally posted by poongs123

Waiting for next update dear

work under progress buddy...i need 1 more hour to finish the update
will be waiting

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sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged

In the car

Pari: where r we going?

Geet: Pari y don't u adopt a child?

Pari: adoption???

Geet: ha is clear that u cannot carry a child but u can adopt a child to make ur family complete

Pari didn't understand how to react because she didn't expect this from Geet. She is not in a position to speak out her mind because she herself is not sure about adopting a child and she never discussed about adoption with Yash...she doesn't know about Yash's opinion...Pari remained silent lost in her thoughts.

Geet: i know that i am asking u suddenly...u r not in a position to search for a solution... but i don't want u to suffer any more...Pari ...Pari ...r u listening to me

Pari: ya Geet...but i never thought about this and i am not sure whether i would be able become a good mother for an adopted child

Geet: we are going to an orphanage one child who appears close to ur adopting a child u can not only become mother but also give most desirable life to an orphan...i am not forcing u...i want u to think about it...come to the decision only after visiting the orphanage...if u r ready to adopt a child then we will convince Yash for this..i know this is hard for u but i can't see u like this

Pari understood Geet's concern towards her...she thought whatever Geet told appeared to be right she wants to take a chance so she agreed to visit the orphanage.

@ Orphanage

Geet is received by the co-ordinator (Sheetal) who takes care of the adoption procedure.

Geet: namaste i am the one who called u in the morning...Mrs.Geet Khurana

Sheetal : namaste Mrs.Khurana...plz come with me

Sheetal has shown Geet and Pari the kids in the orphanage

There are number of children of different ages from 4 yrs to 15 yrs who belong to different religions and regions.

Sheetal: all these are kids of god...they came here because of different reasons...some kids lost their parents in accidents...some kids don't know who their parents are..some were thrown out of their houses by their relatives...some were brought up here itself from their childhood...some kids are deprived by their mothers who are result of their sins...some kids are from foreign countries who lost their parents in the bomb blasts...there is a sad story behind each and every child but after coming here this orphanage has become their home...they are living on the sympathy of so many kind and socially responsible citizens...every day they pray for food, cloth and shelter... few of them would be lucky if any one come here and adopt them to give them the love which they are craving for

Pari and Geet are looking at the kids who are longing for the love of parents. Geet patted on the cheeks of the kids and looked towards Pari whose eyes became moist. Sheetal has seen them being dumb.. she has seen Arya in Pari's arms

Sheetal to Pari :" ur kid is so cute"

Pari: iska ma mai nahi bacha mera..

Geet stopped Pari by holding her hand

Geet: ye bacha ka maasi hai

"mujhe laga ki ye aap ka bacha hai" said sheetal pulling Arya's cheeks.

Sheetal: who is going to adopt the child?

Geet: i will tell u after deciding... do u have infants in ur orphanage?

Sheetal: yes we have two is of 2 years old and one is of 7 to 8 months old...come with me i will show u

They have seen two infants' one boy (2 years old) who is playing with some other kids and one girl (7 to 8 months old) who is trying to walk with the support of the wall. Geet really felt bad for the infants because they doesn't have mother with them when they need her the most...Pari is looking at the kids without any emotion on her face...Geet observed this and thought of talking with Pari in private.

Geet: excuse us...hum aap se kuch deer baad baat karenge

Sheetal: thik hai...aap baat kijiye...i will be waiting for u in the office room

Geet: thanq

Sheetal left from there giving them the privacy to come to a decision.

Geet placed her hand on Pari's shoulder

Geet: Pari...what do u say?...would u like to adopt any one of these kids? u like any one of these kids

Pari remained silent...Geet doesn't want to stress her

Geet: ok u don't have to answer me... take ur time...wait for me here..i will come within few minutes

Geet went to inform Sheetal that she would inform about their decision after sometime.

Geet: come Pari let's go

They went to a nearby park. Geet placed Arya in the pram and they sat on the park bench. They remained silent for few moments.

Geet: i am sorry if i hurt u...but whatever i have done is to...

Pari: i know Geet...nobody would think about me as much u do...i know y u r doing this

Geet: plz speak out ur heart with me...tell me what is bothering u...why r u not talking anything?...u can share anything with me..u can show ur anger on me if u doesn't like my suggestion ...u can cry before me if u want to enlighten ur heart...u can scold me if i have done anything wrong...plz say something

Pari: i don't know how i should tell u...after visiting the kids in the orphanage i remember my childhood when my parents left me in the hostel...i have also grown up like these kids without the guidance of parents..the only difference is my funds are sent by my parents and here the funds are given by the citizens of the society...i can just show sympathy on them...but i can't love them...i could never become a good mother for them...i can help them and show pity on them as others do but i can't accept any one of them as my kid...I know u r surprised listening to me... I am sorry...but this is the fact

Geet didn't understand what Pari is trying to tell her.

Geet: u told that u remember ur childhood looking at them..but still u r not ready to accept them

Pari stood up facing her back towards Geet

Pari: yes Geet...i want to become a mother not a guardian

Geet stood beside her and she is listening to her keenly as Pari is opening up before her.

Pari: yes i want to become a mother...i want to feel the happiness of carrying a baby in my womb...i want to feel the kick of the baby in my womb..i want to feel the pleasure of carrying my husband's baby...i want to hold her in my arms and kiss her on her cheeks when she opens her eyes for the first time and says hi to me...i want to teach her how to crawl...i want to teach her how to speak...i want to teach her how to walk...i want to play along with her like a baby...i want to feed her with my hands...i want to teach her what is good and what is bad...i want to feel the responsibility of being a loving and caring mother...i want to be ..a good mother...i want to... experience... all these

Tears are rolling down her cheeks without her knowledge and she collapsed on to the bench. Geet didn't know when she started crying along with Pari...she sat beside Geet recollecting whatever she said...she could completely understand her anguish and felt heartbroken as her dreams can never be realised by any means.

Arya started crying and this brought them to their senses...Pari wiped off her tears and bent down on her knees infront of the pram before Geet could react

Pari: Arya...y r u crying baby?...Geet we didn't realise that Arya might be feeling hungry...see he is crying now...r u feeling hungry..Arya plz don't cry

She took the milk bottle from Geet's hand bag and placed it near his lips...Arya started sipping the milk

Pari: ok baby now have the milk

Geet is looking at Pari and her concern towards Arya...she also went on her knees and sat beside Pari.

Geet: who said that u cannot become a good mother...look at the love u have for Arya...then y r u cheating urself saying that u cannot show love on any kid other than urs

Pari got stunned listening to Geet.

Pari: what do u mean by that could u compare Arya with those kids...i have only two important persons in my life Yash and Geet...u r more than a sister for me...and Arya is my sister's could i resist myself from loving ur kid Geet...i am his maasi...i can love Arya because he is related to me...but how could i shower the same amount of love on someone who is not related to me in anyway

Geet felt that she is looking at the new side of she got to know what exactly a relation meant for Pari and how much importance she has in her life.

Geet: Pari u r more than a maasi for Arya... he is very lucky he has two mothers in his life

Pari smiled and Geet hugged her.


Next day Pari went to the same orphanage along with Yash and donated an amount of 1Lakh Rupees to the orphanage...she felt contended as she was able to help those kids within what she has.

Geet understood that she could never fulfill Pari's dream, so she thought of not troubling her more by persuading her do the things which she doesn't want to. Pari used to be normal infront of Geet , as days passed Geet thought Pari accepted her fate and she is trying to be happy with what she is blessed with...but often Geet noticed the sadness on Pari's face whenever she plays with Arya...the fact is Pari is acting infornt of Geet but without her knowledge she is expressing her pain in her eyes whenever she is alone with Arya which deosn't go unnoticed by Geet...Geet doesn't want to talk about the loss in Pari's life any more as she has failed twice in her attempt to make Pari she thought not to disturb her unnecessarily.


After 3 months during the mid night

Geet woke up when she heard that Arya is crying in the midnight...she quickly got off the bed and took Arya into her hands...she slowly closed the bedroom's so that she won't disturb Maan's sleep.

Geet : i know that u r unable to sleep...ur timings of sleep has changed u r sleeping peacefully during the day and crying during the nights...what it is this Arya papa will get disturbed if u cry during the midnight...common let's play with these toys

She sat on the floor and made him sit in her lap...she dumped all the toys infront of him.

Geet: see how the car is u like this about this elephant...see how the monkey is beating the drums

Arya stopped crying as Geet is entertaining him with the toys...he took a toy into his hand threw it away..he started crying after throwing away the toy..Geet placed her on the floor and went to bring the toy.

Geet: lo milgaye

She turned back after picking up the toy...she got surprised looking at Arya and smiled out of happiness.

PRECAP: i may not be able to fulfill all of ur wishes but i will try my level best so that u could have ur own baby

P.S: sorry for typos and other mistakes that have crept because of my limited knowledge


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