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I can't tell u that I LOVE U # 7

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sldeeps IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 11:22pm | IP Logged

Warning : 18 +

"ha Maan when r u coming?"

"2 more days...Maan this is not fair...ha that's ok"

"i will be waiting for u"

"Arya is playing with Pari"

"bye honey"

Geet hanged up the phone and went near Pari who is playing with Arya. Pari didn't notice Geet's presence beside her.

Pari: Arya look at me...maasi bolo...maa... si...bolo arya maa..

She stopped saying "maa" Pari knows that 2 months old baby can't speak but still she is trying to make him speak...Arya is smiling at her gestures. Pari smiled and kissed him. Geet has seen the pain in her eyes...Geet never spoke about Pari's infertility problem...she thought she might hurt her if she discusses anything about her problem...but when she had seen her talking with Arya and trying to hide her tears she thought of consoling her.

Geet's self thought: i thought i might hurt u Pari...but i can't see u suffering...i have to discuss this with long will try to hide ur pain by wearing the mask of smile infront of me... i have to find a solution for this... u have to speak with me today

Geet placed her hand on Pari's shoulder..Pari wiped off the tears which are trying to escape from the edge of her eyes.

Geet: how long will u act before me

Pari got surprised listening to Geet..she cleared her throat and said

Pari:  acting?

Geet: aur nahi toh kya...Pari did i hide anything from u?...i have shared each and everything with u...u told me that i am ur sister then y r u hiding ur pain from u think i can't understand anything

Pari: Geet there is nothing like that...there is nothing to share...this is a never ending pain which doesn't have any solution

Geet: no Pari...u will definitely become a mother...we will meet the doc and...

Pari: we have consulted so many doc's but all of them said the same thing

Geet: u have consulted the doctor to find out u have the problem or not...but u didn't ask them whether u can conceive or not... through ...through artificial means

Pari: Geet we have asked them but ...wait what did u say?...artificial means?

Geet: yes...i want to u take advantage of the improved technology in science...i mean test tube baby

Pari : test tube baby?...have u gone mad... i am not ready for any sort of experiments

Geet: it's not an experiment ...someone already used this technique and they are proud parents of a test tube baby...they have done this so many years back itself and now the technology has developed comparatively more...

Pari: Geet i am not ready for this...and Yash won't agree...

Geet: Pari first let us meet the doctor and find out what this Test Tube baby exactly refers to...and is there any other way other than test tube baby that would help u...i am not asking u to do it...we will just find out if there is any possibility

Pari: i am not sure whether this is going to work

Geet: that's ok...but we have to take a chance before coming to conclusions right...plz tell me that u r coming with me...just to find out if it is possible or not...plz Pari..for my sake...if it is possible then ur problem will be plz listen to me

Pari agreed with Geet reluctantly.


@ Hospital

Geet went to the hospital and called Pari.

Geet: Pari where r u?

Pari: i am at the hospital...did u come...i am at the reception

Geet: ya i am coming there

They met each other and Pari took Arya from Geet...whenever Pari and Geet are together Pari takes care of Arya.

Doctor studied Pari's reports

Doctor: may i know who is Pari?

Par: that's me doctor

Doctor is looking at the child in Pari's arms

Pari: he is my friend's child...

Said Pari pointing towards Geet

Doctor: as per the reports u cannot conceive

Geet: doctor... can we use the method of Test Tube Baby?

Doctor: first let me explain what exactly Test Tube Baby refers to... "The baby developed from an egg that was fertilized outside the woman's body and then implanted in the uterus of the biological or surrogate mother is nothing but a Test Tube Baby" and technically we call this process as In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) this process the woman's ova are removed and mixed with sperm in a culture medium say a test tube

But in this case the female's uterus doesn't support the baby's growth so the fertilized egg cannot be implanted into the female's womb...IVF doesn't help in this case

Geet felt disappointed listening to the doc...she has a rough idea of Test Tube Baby, artificial insemination, surrogate mother terms but she doesn't know the exact methodology and process involved... she wanted to clear all her doubts so she started showering questions on the doctor.

Geet: then how about artificial insemination?

Doctor smiled looking at Geet's curiosity

Doctor: Artificial Insemination (AI) this process the sperm is placed into the reproductive tract of a female for the purpose of impregnating the female by using means other than sexual intercourse or natural insemination in some cases. In humans, it is used as assisted reproductive technology, using either sperm from Woman's male partner or sperm from a sperm cases where the male partner produces no sperm or the woman has no male partner..i.e single woman and lesbians

Again this is not apt for this case...ur male partner doesn't have any problem the problem is with the this doesn't help u

Geet has seen that Pari's face turned pale listening to the doc and she placed her hand on Pari's hand to console her.

Doctor: I can suggest u one thing u can become mother for ur child but can't carry the baby in ur womb.

Geet: matlab

Doctor: the best option is u can opt for surrogate mother...let me explain... in this process the embryo is transferred to the womb of the surrogate woman via IVF make it more clear ur baby grows in the womb of surrogate mother

Geet: u mean to say that Pari can never carry a child in her womb

Doctor: yes

Geet felt disheartened and thought of leaving from there as she doesn't want to hurt Pari any more

Geet: thanx for making everything clear...we will meet u after deciding

Doctor: ya sure

Geet took Arya from Pari and placed him in the baby pram and placed her hand on Pari's shoulder

Geet: Pari i am sorry...i should have listened to u...i am sorry for hurting u...i just thought of...

Pari hugged Geet and started crying...Geet hugged her back and patted on her back.

Geet: i am sry...plz forgive me..i didn't mean to..

Pari: no's not written in my fate..i could never have a parents ignored me...i thought of giving a loving and caring life to my kids...but ...but i am not lucky enough

Geet: no Pari...plz don't say that...plz don't...

Geet couldn't speak anything because the doctor told them clearly that even the advanced technology cannot help Pari...she felt very bad and defeated...she wants to make her dream come true...but how could she do it?...the question HOW is ringing in her ears.


After few days

Early Morning @ Khurana Mansion

Maan is reading the newspaper...Geet brought the coffee for him

Geet: Maan have ur black coffee

Maan: ya it on the table

Said Maan without looking at Geet

Geet: it gets cold

Maan: ha...i will drink it, place it there

Geet: Maan

Maan: ha Geet

She got irritated as he is not answering looking at her. She removed the paper in his hands and sat on his lap...she took his left hand and placed it around her waist...she took the paper into her left hand and the coffee cup into her right hand...she brought the cup near his lips.

Geet: ab chup chap coffee peelo

Maan is looking at her seriously

Maan: what r u doing?

Geet: helping u to drink ur coffee when u reading the paper

Maan remained silent staring at her

Geet: Maan coffee

Maan: ok

He sipped the coffee while reading the paper...he smiled to himself looking at the way Geet is struggling holding the paper and the cup. He finished the coffee...she placed the cup aside and hugged him.

Maan: what's the matter?

Geet: nothing

Maan lifted her chin with his hand

Maan: kya baat hai Geet...what's bothering u?

Geet: Pari

Maan: Pari?

Geet: we went to the hospital few days told us that nothing could help Pari..test tube baby , artificial insemination...nothing...she could never carry a baby in her womb

Maan: how is she feeling now?

Geet: Maan voh hamse chupane ki koshish kar rahi hai...but whenever she plays with Arya i could see the pain in her eyes...i can't see her suffering like this...i am feeling sorry for her

Maan: Geet if the doc said it is impossible don't make her feel the loss that she is having in her life..give her the moral support and don't talk with her about this frequently...i mean avoid such matters infront of her

Geet remained silent

Maan: Geet did u understand what i said?...don't bother her unnecessarily

Geet: ok


Geet is lost in her thoughts of how to make her happy..she is still searching ways to see her a  woman and being mother of a child she knows the sweetness of being a she could understand her pain and she knows that it is not easy to cope up with the pain...she has decided something and called Pari.

After few hours

Pari: Geet y did u call me here?

Geet: come with me

Geet made Pari sit in the car and gave instructions to the driver where they have to go

In the car

Pari: where r we going?

Geet: Pari y don't u adopt a child?

Pari: adoption???

PRECAP: I am sorry...but this is the fact

P.S: sorry for typos and other mistakes that have crept because of my limited knowledge


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for making this happen...yuppie likes crossed 200 and the number is 222 ...i am literally dancingDancing...yes i have done it i have reached my targetParty...u guyz r really awesome for being with me and supporting me...i think this is going to be the last thread for this FF...thanx a lot for ur prompt feed back, likes, suggestions and help dearies...luv u allHug

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congrats on new thread

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Originally posted by priya.shilpa

congrats on new thread

thanq dearStar
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  Blow Kiss A thousand congo for ur new thread Deeps...

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congrats on new thread!! SmileSmile
update soon dear

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Congrats for the new threadParty
waiting for update

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