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Aur kitne follow-up MU's baaki hai?? (Page 5)

_Divya_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged

Post updated on page 1.. Tongue

Mahika84 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 6:24am | IP Logged

super like Clap thanks dear...i mentioned bashing coz i'm reading this word quite a lot of times n i think many do get i'll restrict my views to a few posts where i feel it's abs necessary..other than this, i dun wanna lose my friends coz of petty issues Ouch

Thanks Charu ….Smile

If you have read bashing word a lot then you might also know that some people(including me)like your comments so much, so please keep debating.

I know there is nothing against any character, after all this is just a tv serial. Our comments are just to the fictitious characters.

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_Divya_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahika84

Thanks Charu ?.Smile

If you have read bashing word a lot then you might also know that some people(including me)like your comments so much, so please keep debating.

I know there is nothing against any character, after all this is just a tv serial. Our comments are just to the fictitious characters.

Exactly.. Smile
Aclty Charu di k comments toh mai w/o reading hi like kar deti hoon.. Smile

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _charu_

Sari, i can't analyze anything from Akshara's perspective coz i'm very diff. from her...if i step in her shoes, the first thing i'll be thinkin of is "i cannot love my mil, at most respect her" LOL and then, if it's somebody's nature, it's for everyone...we are different with diff. types of ppl. but our basic nature is the if akshara can show patience  with gayitri, nandini and bma , she can show a little bit with naitik also..everybody has their weak moments, many times we get frustrated for no reason and the only ppl. who we take out our frustration on our spouse or kids...i understand she'll be in trouble if she goes either way..idhar kuan udhar khai, mil ki baat maano toh pati naraz and vice versa..that's why i said that both parents must step back and let their children grow up ! let them experience every new thing on their own, devise their own conclusions , let them make mistakes and let them make amendments too ! when parents interfere too much, both the husband and wife r in delimma ab kya karein, n if it's like everyday (like it is in YR...whether it's gayitri or rajshri, doesn't make a difference) then one of them will blow off , saying nasty things to the other and again MU ! they r not spared either which way !  jitne log, utni baatein, utni confusion, utni adjustment, utni frustration...maayka ppl. should not be involved at any stage otherwise unko kuch bhi kehne mein 2 min. lagenge Dead in the past daddaji has done it, baisa and gayitri also...why lower their pride? in their house, everyone is a king, not elsewhere ! 

rajshri has always interfered more than what was required (remember she came to the clinic when akshara went for the check up ShockedLOL)! since the very beginning when akshara got married! so she should also stay in her limit in her daughter's sasural...if there was a problem once , when she gave permission (for going out) , she should ask them to take permission from bma ...naitik will listen to his parents and bma by default but outsider's view is an interference and as i said, it takes 2 mins to put the blame !  due to unfavorable circumstances, she was also blamed for what she never did...the remote control was in bma's hands, but howz naitik supposed to know? 

i agree Sari, it's better said than done..even i can't balance anything..i loved what anji said once "general lack of tact"..that's the case with me..toh i dun let my parents visit my place too often...but i'm helpless coz their jamaisa wants to LOL n then mil insecure..humari respect nahi karta unki karta hai LOLvicious cycle..i never expected maate to balance properly but imbalance bhi kahan hai? it's totally one's always gayitri/rajshri/bma/varsha, basically anyone, even payal or bindiya  but never naitik ! i know she loves naitik and acc. to her gives him ample time and attention , she too loves him and wants him,  then wherez she lacking? in the fixed mindset that she's adjusting too much, doing the needful while naitik is not doing anything ! he just wants everything his way...this attitude is wrong..she's misunderstanding naitik and undermining his emotions for her and for everyone else...whats lacking is that she failed to see how much naitik adjusted, how much he changed and what all he does for her ! she thinks compromises r being made only by me, not by naitik so he should be more  understanding !   

Tumhe difficulty ho raha hai to analyse her tho mujhe kaunsa easy hai...LOL We are on opp ends of the spectrum...LOL 
Yeh "general lack of tact" was my birth right but bahut badal gayi since those days. Ab I wait for the right opportunity but kabhi na kabhi it lurks it's ugly head...LOL

Yes, the compromise has to come from Naitik's end to end this shikayat once & for all. Either he has to get busy or just plain lower his expectations. Be resigned to the fact that this is who she is aur uske saath chain ki zindagi jeeni hai tho compromise karo.

Aur kuch nahi ho saktha coz although she acknowledged it's her fault it wasn't convincing; it was more of yeh bhi mein hi karungi...Dead She doesn't think it's her fault. She feels she has done enough compromises, adjustments to please his family. Ab uski baari hai,,,.Confused He should be the one understanding her situation...LOL

She doesn't want to compromise on pleasing the in-laws/elders partDead She is human, she cannot do it all. Tho she wants Naitik to do at least that much, understand her and be less demanding. Aur woh karega bhi...LOL But I seriously don't want to watch this issue anymore, it's beating the dead horseDeadLOL Things never change; either doesn't show maturity. Baar baar wohi bathe, ab tho viewers ne bhi compromise kiya hai, MU ke bina YR adhura haiLOL There are so many things they can show with this pregnancy track, bus MU dikhana haiDead

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahika84

Excellent post sari Clap'.surely you hit the nail'.now  I felt like pen down my thoughts.

This show is one of my most favourites. I truly adore this show and I'm fond of the actors and actresses in this show as well.

With that being assessed, I cannot deny that there is something that does bother me about this show.

One thing that bothers me about this show that what they actually want to show is it love after marriage? I don't think so they want to show us' Misunderstandings after marriage..Being married I also know that marriages are not always bed of roses but then again it's not always saga of misunderstandings, i feel. Relationships don't build up or ruin in a days' time, it needs time, emotions, bonding and so much more! Life becomes more meaningful only with solid relations.

And I guess in healthy relationship couples should support each other no matter what. When we do something wrong unintentionally, that's when it hurts the most. And in that dark hour, we need our loved one to stand with us no matter what. They may or may not agree with our decision or our action, but their stand should be with us always. That's true love. 

From the beginning of their marriage track, there is ONLY one issue,one is saying something and the other is opposing and then MU Unhappy

 In the beginning I didn't like naitik's behavior it was immature but now we can see lots of growth'But how about Akshi?? Why are the CVs showing Akshara like this... In the beginning of this show I thought she's intelligent & brave & can deal with situations accordingly... I never thought I would be complaining about Akshara one dayLOL she never understood what naitik is feeling and why?...becuase she's too engrossed in other work which she loves to do Angry

 I know akshara is not totally at fault..but she has always had issues understanding his point of view and his feelings Dead.  Even now when he's trying to be open with her and express himself all she does is taking his words totally wrong way Shocked. .  i agree to the words naitik said friday...both are not wrong..but actually for akshi...Agar gayatri ne kuch keh diya toh she can keep mum but not for naitik Ermm...why its always like that? Her heart might be in the right place, her mind is clearly not. She rushed into making decisions and jumping to conclusions Cry. Naitik is venting his frustration and i can sympathies . Naitik's reaction is not a wrong, he is trying to make Akshara understand, Yes but the way is saying is a bit too wrong. But the situation is like that. There are times, he did support Akshi and stood against the family

@charu'.i always like to read your postBig smile & I don't think its bashing, we can call its criticizing & that too of CVS Thumbs Down nothing against characters as i said CVs showing extremes in characters but never balance.

Thanks Mahi, Lovely post! You opened some old wounds, ab meri pitayi hogi... ROFL

Love after marriage? Yeh kya hota hai YR mein? For all the YR statisticians, pls do the math for me. How many pyaar bhara scenes vs MU scenes aaya hai ab tak in YR? Without thinking I can say it's the latter, hands down! PS:Don't count the half hearted hugs they throw in  to please the romantic bhikaari's...ROFL Oh yes, how can I forget this one? Pyaar is limited to surprises! Hur baath ke liye surprise & surprise guests humesha, Mohit & friends! 

Kabhi kabhi pyaar jatake, bade dialogues bolke surprise karoLOL Yeh hai YR ka definition for love. Pura ME mein romance dikhao, uske pehle MU aur uske baad bhi MU. Oh yes, like all of you'll I fell for it too when I wasn't clear headed. Isn't that why I'm discussing it here...ROFL

You brought up healthy relationship! Itne saare MU's hogaye, ab tak tho the relationship should have been hatta katta?Wink The Sneha wali baath was such a big deal, Akshara tho went for months w/her golgappa faceDead Humne Ram aur Sita ki jodi bhi dekhi, kitna accha patchup bhi dikhaya. Hum sabne milke maaf bhi kiya for all those torturous rehearsals they showed usDead You would think they both learned their lesson. Why are we here?Confused  Akshara learns lessons on all the MU's & corrects herself when it comes to in-laws but not NaitikConfused Result of most MU's - she sucks up to G3 even more! LOL

Braveness ki baath karo tho hum sabka BP badegaLOL Kabhi bhi braveness dikhaya hai other than maybe the freak locker/jail incidents? Naitik ne ghar liya as a gift. Let's agree, he was wrong coz shadi ka paisa tha, whatever the reasons. Couldn't she at least stand by him? Himmat nahi hai tho chup raho but don't distance yourselfDead Kabhi kabhi lagtha hai maybe Naitik sahi hai, sabke wah, wah sunne ke liye she just doesn't have her own opinion or she doesn't want to stand up for anything...Confused Apni saare feelings, armaanon ko dabaake rakhoConfused Isse na woh khush rahegi nahi NaitikOuch

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by divi4u

First of all.. CONGO Ashi.. Big smile Big smile Angry Ab plzzz baba k jaise cool down hone k lie tips mat dena.. LOL
Sari di.. maine kaha tha na k mai online hou tabhi post update karna.. Cry but aap nahi maane.. aur fir se Ashi first ho gayi.. Angry Angry LOL  Aur esp. mujhe mess karke bhi bataya k Sari di ne post update kar diya.. LOL Ab plz daatna mat.. Ouch LOL
Now finally coming back to the post.. ROFL
As usual very nice post di.. Clap  Superrr Duperrr Like.. Thumbs Up
Ye sab baat pe i cpmpletely agree wid u..
  • She made his shikayat look petty. She adjusted to her new home, dil se. Aapne kya kiya hai? LOL 
  • Woh tujhe aur tere nakhro aur aasuno ko bardaasht kar raha hai.. Ouch kabhi bhi uske lie no time.. Ouch

  • If she were talking to BM/G3, he wouldn't have a problem. Naitik ka chehra dekne laayak thaLOL
  • Haan pure epi mei i was like.. poor naitik.. Cry But agar naitik ko prob. hota hai toh wo Bma n Gma k samne bhi ho jata hai.. LOL

  • There was emotional blackmailing tooWink with the galti meri hai, mein acchi beti/patni nahi ban sakiCryLOL
  • Bechara naitik once again.. LOL sach kitna emotional atyachaar karti hai aksh uspe.. Ouch

  • She had all the punch lines - woh meri ma hai Naitik'Clap & naitik just stood there with no defenseLOL Actually I felt sorry for himUnhappy
  • Haan di i also felt sorry for him.. Unhappy Bechara does so much for maate n usko kadar hi nhai hai.. Ouch

    Akshara is Naitik's weaknessWinkLOL Her emotions, uske aansoo start hote hi Naitik ki bolthi bandh...ROFL
    Akshara k aansu.. Cry As ashi said Aksh ka Bhramastra hi hai.. LOL
    N sabse jyada.. Naitik aap nahi samajhte.. Cry  Ye line sunte hi bechara naitik kisi soch mei doob jata hai.. ROFL Ye soch k ki maine aisa bhi kya nahi samjha.. D'ohROFL

    Wow, I'm impressed DiviClap Aaj sab sawal ka sahi jawabLOL Usually it's only sawal. Kya peeke aayi thi?Confused

    Ab no mazak, sach mein sahi jawab diya hai aur woh atyachar wali baath tho million dollar ka tha, I mean crores ka tha….ClapROFL Sach mein tumhe tho KBC mein hona tha. Oops, sorry I forgot tum tho aanewali ho. Bhulna muth, phone a friend….Wink

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