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Arnav and Shyam: food for thought (Page 3)

napstermonster Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by poppy2009

I wish the creatives handle the entire love triangle between Arnav, Khushi and Lavanya, without turning La into a vamp! The onus of guilt in this case should rest more or less on Arnav's shoulder and it should not be Khushi who should be blamed for creating a rift betwen Arnav and La!
And most importantly, La shouldn't be made a scapegoat to justify Arnav and Khushi's relationship! I just hope, they show a logical and sensitive track, where Arnav realizes his feelings for Khushi (and vice versa) and explains things to La, rather than just have a knee-jerk reaction!
On the other hand, to simplify things, the creatives can show that La herself is not sure about what she feels for Arnav and when he refuses to marry her, realizes that this is not what she needs from her life and breaks off from him!

So glad someone else pointed this  particular love "triangle" out, as its been bugging me for a while. I dont actually think La will suddenly realize that she doesnt have Arnav's heart and step back with a "thats okay," in fact, I would have a hard time buying the idea of her character backing off so easily. There are excellent reasons for her to be furious with Arnav and with Khushi as well. Arnav has not made the commitment of marriage with her, but this is no ordinary live in situation either between the two of them. This bringing her into his household  is a commitment as well, certainly their relationship is deeper right now than when they were dating and hanging out at the office and her own place.

She is living with his extended family, in my joint family-style house. They are not by themselves in a private place. She is being treated like a prospective spouse by everyone, Nani is mad at her because she isnt good enough to be a WIFE, not a girlfriend. i is teaching her what she needs to fit in as a wife, not just as a girlfriend. She is even changing herself, however much she might hate it, and learning all this to become marriage material.

 She has every right to assume that her relationship with ASR is a serious one, which might very well lead to marriage if he just changes his mind, and if she changes sufficiently to please Nani. In all of this, Khushi is a complete shocker. Arnav hopefully, has known La for a while, he prefers her, cares for her as far as she knows. They have had a physical relationship for a while, long enough for her to feel comfortable going to his room at night.

Also, I think we can all see, however reluctantly, that La really loves him, wants to please him, and doesn't want to upset him in any way. She is not the guilty party here, even if she is being mean to Khushi and is clearly an idiot, Arnav has CHOSEN her for himself, and known her to be exactly like this. He cannot choose to do so much with La, and then drop her because another woman haunts his mind without paying for it in some way. I think La being a vamp  and a future antagonist would be a justified development, and there is no real hope of Khushi and La being friends even for a short while. No girlfriend will remain oblivious to her man's obsession with another woman permanently, everyone isn't Anjali !!  

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ShellJA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
@Angelina and others - great post and replies.  A  lot of different perspectives have been written and not much else left to say so I will keep this short (ok will try).

I find that Arnav hasn't actually been all that honest and clear about his feelings and intentions.  When Lavanya put him on the spot and asked do you love me he said he did. It is clear that he doesn't and we can see he is lying.  He knows he doesn't feel anything for her, she is a complete convenience for him.  He is using her to keep his family at bay.  He doesn't want to get married and have naani bring a barrage of women for him to "see" so what does he do...he brings LA home to keep the family busy, so that he can continue to do whatever  he wants.  When she cries and complains he has no time for her.  When people say he has been honest about his feelings I find that he hasn't.  Only thing he has been honest about is the fact that he doesn't want to get married.  So as far as La is concerned she thinks he is committed to her and has given her everything except the wedding ceremony.  But we know and Arnav knows he has given her nothing of himself.

I have nothing new to say about Shyam as I am disappointed in the way his character is being developed and destroyed.

Final word on why Arnav is liked and Shyam is hated.  The main reason for this isn't just the men and their characters, it has a lot to do with the women they want as well.  Angalie is an angel she can do no wrong so it is easier to hate on her behalf.  Because she is so good people can't stand her being deceived.  Meanwhile LA is not a likable character so it is easy not like her and disregard her feelings.  Khushi is the protagonist and a good character so of course everyone wants to root for her.

Final final word.  I like the tabla music/melody that plays when Shyam looks at Khushi.  They haven't played it in a while but it is really nice. 


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aura9 Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angelina23

Hi Guys,
I am a huge fan of IPKKND and do not miss an episode. Arnav and Khushi seriously have great chemistry and cannot wait till the track moves forward.
However, there is something that has been bothering me and not sure if anyone else feels the same way. To start off, don't get me wrong, I hate Shyam with a passion and hope he gets caught soon, but having said that, I wonder if our hatred towards Shyam and love for Arnav is somewhat biased due to the way the CVs play with the minds of the audience. Let me explain...
Everytime we see Shyam staring at or lusting over Khushi, we all jump to express our disgust and rightly so, because of the lying, cheating jerk that Shyam is. He has a wife who loves him very much and has made a commitment by marrying her, and yet he has the audacity to look at another woman and literally dream of her and of being with her. Now we recently found out that Shyam has married Anjali only for money and who knows, he probably has some other motive or enmity with Arnav for which he wants revenge. Hence, his marriage to Anjali was all part of a scheme and the one who he really has feelings for is Khushi. But let's not forget that we only found that out recently. the CVs have been successful in breeding hatred in our minds for Shyam long before this became apparent. The simple fact that he is married makes him looking at Khushi absolutely wrong, and I agree with that.
But let's look at Arnav for a moment. We are all waiting for the day that him and Khushi unite. Every eyelock between them, every sequence where Arnav is shown to be thinking about Khushi is adored and cherished by the audience. But is Arnav also not committed to someone else? Does he also not have a girlfriend who he claims to love? Now it can be argued that he really doesn't love Lavanya and only thinks he likes her or has feelings for her because she is the only one who does not challenge him. But the same argument can be made for Shyam. He does not love Anjali and is only with her because she has money. They are both with their significant others for reasons other than love, but the fact remains that they are both committed to someone else. Then why is it that we spew out our hatred for Shyam but encourage Arnav at every step? How do we legitimize Arnav's feelings for Khushi when we cannot stand the thought of Shyam even looking at her? Are they not doing the same thing in principle? Are we somehow inclined to encourage Arnav's feelings simply because it is ingrained in our psyche that Arnav is the protagonist? or is the melodious music that plays in the background when Arnav is thinking of Khushi versus the unpleasant tunes that play when Shyam is on screen?
Just so you know, I am not against Arnav nor am I justfiying Shyam's actions. But it is just a thought and wanted to share hoping that it would trigger an interesting discussion. :)
What you have said is TRUE. But, it wont be right to compare Shyam to Arnav. Shyam is a lierand a cheater. He pretends like the most eligible bachelor infront of Khushi and her family on the other side he acts like the best husband a woman can get. He truly is an imposter and his intentions cant be justified in any way. He is loves neither Khushi nor Anjali because if it was love he wouldn't have lied to them. On the other side if we talk about Arnav the best part about him is that he is not an imposter.He never pretends to be what he is not and never minds appearing ugly to the world. He going through a conflict of emotions, he is trying very hard to fight his emotions (though at the end we know he won't suceed) because he has no intention to hurt Lavanya. So, we can say Arnav's emotions for Khushi is not right but on the other side Shyam's intentions are not right. I have nothing to say against Lavanya because however worse she may be,but she atleast loves Arnav, that is the only reason she is trying so hard to adjust with his family and his family members(especially naniji)

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Peace67 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Nice topic.
I agree with @lovtv that Arnav has not really been honest with his feelings. He does not feel anything for La and i suspect he knows it. But she is a convenience that he is not ready to get rid off. Hence he does not break it off with her. With Khushi, he does not know what is happening and is questioning himself so there he has been ok so far. The only time he has been honest withLa is when she asked him whether no one is important other than his sister. At that point he remembers khushi and says no one else is. This of course is a clear hint to La, but she is also not willing to see the signs. I am sure she will turn negative.
angelina23 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
hey everyone,
thanks so much for your useful input. I see all points of view very clearly, but I agree with the last couple of posts on Arnav's feelings for La. Although I don't think he is dishonest, he certainly leaves me utterly confused about his treatment towards La. Let's take Khushi out of the picture for a second. I am not sure how Lavanya finds her relationship with Arnav the least bit satisfying. He is always talking down to her, almost to the point of being abusive (remember that one scene where he grabbed her elbow and yelled at her simply because she interrupted him).  There is not the slightest affection towards her when he speaks to her. When she calls him all worried, he says, "I am busy". He clearly has no feelings for which makes me wonder why he is with her in the first place. I am not sure why Lavanya is giving her 100% to make this relationship work when he doesn't even speak to her with love or affection. Is she with him for the money? for his name? I jus don't see a foundation for their relationship. They never hang out, talk on the phone, let alone get physical. I just find it strange...

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Hi Angelina ... good post and good arguments.
Why do we hate Shyam and want Arnav with Khushi? I think the fact that Shyam has based his entire presence in Khushi's household on lies, puts him completely in the wrong straightaway. I am willing to accept that a married man can stray, that he can fall in love with another woman ... we don't know the circumstances under which Shyam and Anjali got married, we just found out that he apparently only married her for her money ... but even if he had married Anjali for love, and fell out of love with her and in love with Khushi ... well, it makes him an adulterer, but people do fall in and out of love, that's why divorces happen. But to my mind, he has lost all sympathy not just because he's a married man, but because his entire story is based on lies ... right from the start. And he has lied not just by omission, but by intent ... Buaji asked him about his family, he mentioned mother and father but not wife, and while he had a full family living in Delhi, he said he had no place to stay. A relationship based completely on deceit and lies can't be sympathised with at all ... And now of course, he is apparently in love with Khushi, but not enough to leave his relationship with Anjali ... he wants to have his cake and eat it too. If he was in love with Khushi enough to leave Anjali, one might sympathise with him, but not now.

On the other hand, Arnav is exactly what he is ... there is no deceit in him at all. Even with La he has been frank, he doesn't want marriage, he doesn't believe in marriage, he has made her no false promises ... it's his family and now Khushi who are pushing him towards marriage, but he has always made his feelings very clear. And the reason we want Arnav with Khushi is the age old 'the love of a good woman reforming the angst-ridden hero" . Besides, live-in relationship is not as much of a committment as marriage, and the very fact that people choose to live in rather than marry, is because they don't WANT to commit to each other for life ... either because they don't believe in making that committment, or because they don't believe in the relationship enough.

Hope I made some sense!

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.Euphoria. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
This is such an awesome topic!  I was actually wanting to start one on the same topic...'what is considered as cheating?'

We know that Shyam is just plain deceitful and two-timing...keeping Anjali for money whilst lusting over Khushi.  He knows and has acknowledged the fact that he is doing so and is finding nothing wrong with that.  In addition, he is going out of his way to pursue Khushi whilst having no intention of telling Anjali that he wants to leave her.

We then have Arnav, he seems quite happy and content in his relationship- no wedding, no fuss, no emotions.  This is perfect for him but he is unaware of the true extent of Lavanya's feelings...She absolutely adores him and is going through so much personal change for him.  Now he is beginning to soften towards Khushi...they both have accidental moments of innocent physical contact...but when he realises that he actually enjoys Khushi's presence and these moments will he think about Lavanya and feel guilty and try to avoid such situations...

And vice versa with Khushi...her and Lavanya have become will she feel when she realises she is in love with Arnav...will she try to back off and forget about him? Will Lavanya blame her for her and Arnav's imminent break up?

Does Shyam want Khushi for her beauty or her personality?
Does Lavanya only idolise Arnav?
Does Arnav see Lavanya as more of a friend or equal?
Do Arnav and Khushi understand why they are inexplicably attracted to each other?

Really, Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?
-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged

Thanks Doods, B and others...

i had forgotten i had even written something here and had not come back to see the replies

i am reading all the responses and will reply with additional points if i do find any..

i am sure there is not pressure!!

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