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@Betsy-welcome to the forum!!!TongueHug

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Originally posted by ashwinomathew

[QUOTE=laddoo598]How adorable was today's episode!!Big smile A magical AnYalicious episode after what feels like an eternity..I am still grinning as I write this post..Phangirls, today is our day to rejoice!! Party

Anant's dimag ki ghanti goes "Tung!": We start from where we left off yesterday..Happy Appy and Ritz try to explain to Navya that giving up before she even put up a fight to save her and Anant's relationship is plain old stupid..Ouch Anant perks up at the unexpected support (Poor dude is always being made fun of by the gangLOLLOL) and puts forth some very solid points to Navya..I nodded my head along when he said their respective parents are behaving like angry tantrummy kids, instead of lending a patient ear to what they have to say..So true really, so far we have yet to see the any one of the parents (excluding dukhi aatma senior) having a heart to heart talk with AnYa, giving them a chance to clarify themselves, trying to understand their POV..But then Navya shot back with a reply just as equally solid- Why would the parents allow them to continue their relationship and do as they please?Ouch Anant was still refusing to see things from the parents' POV..He went on about how parents should have faith in their upbringing and its is not fair how parents always assume their kids are up to no good..None of them were wrong, each right in their own way..And then jaali Anant ji ki dimag ke batti!! LOLLOL I was so surprised while I understood that he wasn't planning on proposing all this while..It was while arguing with Navya that he realized that lack of official commitment was probably the biggest pet peeve of the parents..Ermm And so came the idea of trying to talk to Navya's parents to let them know of his honest intentions..Thank heavens majnu realized he ought to ask Navya first..ROFL at Appy's "Pyaar me log pagal ho jate hai suna toh tha lekin aj bhi dekh toh liya" when lover boy was selecting twigs all excitedly..LOLLOL

The Big Question: Anant did not go down on his knees, AnYa weren't at a romantic place, he did not have a solitaire for her, the whole affair wasn't grand, yet for me this proposal couldn't have been any better.. Big smile You know what I LOWED about Anant's proposal? Its that he wasn't cool and confident while popping the question..Poor thing was so awkward and scared at the task of proposing..And it is so natural to be scared..For a 19 year old it is downright daunting to put himself at such a vulnerable situation..The fact that he was surrounded by classmates wasn't helping either..LOL Navya was  worried seeing him get all scared, and frantic like that and told him that his behavior was scaring her out too..And then lover boy told her to shut up and blabbered out "Tum mujhse shaadi karogi Navya" in super sonic speed.. *Phangirls all around the world die and go to AnYa heaven*BlushingBlushing Poor Navya was probably thinking whether she heard him right and right on cue lover boy says "Tumne suna na Navya, kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi?" Haiii this was pure magic! EmbarrassedHeart"My Heart Goes All Dheem Tana" only added to the magical feeling..I was grinning from ear to ear when Anant pulled that ring out of his pocket..Navya's expression were perfect -utter shock at first, to be replaced with joy, tears of happiness!!Embarrassed Haiii they looked shooo cute!! Hahaha loved how the classmates and the gang looked even happier than AnYa..Jumping up and down from canteen tables, cheering on Anant, begging Navya to say yes??LOL BTW the girl in purple who says 'Mera jawab haan hai Anant" is the representative of phangirls..WinkLOL Moving on, Navya forgot all about being the devi incarnate she and melted to a puddle courtesy lover boy's charm..After all who could say no to Majnu Anant Bajpayee??Wink I was shocked to see sharmili Navya saying "Idiot! Bilkul pagal ho tum..Aur isiliye main tumse itna pyaar karti hoon" in a crowded canteen where everyone present was listening to their conversation with baited breaths..The things you do in love, Navya jee being vocal about her feelings in public, the sheer shock!!ShockedLOL The most aww-worthy dialogue of the day had to be Anant's "Tum man jao baki puri duniyao ko main mana lunga" God I love him when he is all tough and comforting like this..Embarrassed After much beating around the bush where Navya shyly says what was the need to ask, Anant knows her answer already, blah blah, she finally had to say "Theek Hai", simple because lover boy would not take anything but a clear and straight "Yes"..LOLLOL And the whole crowd erupted with happiness..Hahaha it was like everyone was a phangirl in that canteen!!Big smileLOL Anant of course and envolped Navya in a bear hug and suddenly Navya the devi took over Anant's Navya..Ouch Although Anant's Navya was still fighting to break through and hence even though she asked for more time, she (for that matter of fact even Anant and the gang too) knew very well her answer would still be yes..Big smile ROFL Anant you tease!! You did not give her that ring so that she says "Yes" just to get the ring at least..LOL

Mohan isn't too fond of his pavitrata & GFN Gautam:
Mohan why do your intentions keep swinging back and forth like a pendulum..Confused I am having a hard time trying to decipher whats truly in his mind now..Now he seems eager to have a baby..Thank God Rama has moved on from her lovey dovey mode to jasoos mode..She has no intentions of doing any gutur gu..Usse toh chudail ko dhundna hai..LOLLOLOn the other hand, Gautam is still a cheating creep..No surprises there..Just felt bad for Renu..Very eager to see what exactly plays out between Mohan-Renu now..Ermm

Mrs. Navya Mishra Bajpayee:
Yeah, reading that title gives me the creeps too..Stern Smile But the classroom scene with the two namuniyas pulling Navya's leg was ultra cute..Loved the little aankh micholi between AnYa..Him staring at her unbashedly, and she fully aware of his transfixed gaze..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHaiii shooo shweet!! I loved Appy's naughty expressions when she caught the little gutur gu between the love birds..WinkLOLRitz teasing about Navya's name after marriage was equally as phunny!! LOLAnant's proud and happy expression, and Navya's mortified, shy reaction to Mrs. Navya Mishra Bajpayee was so cute!! Although I am in no hurry to see Balya Vivah in this show, still couldn't help but grin like an idiot while watching the scene..LOLLOL Loved how Anant was trying hard not to laugh at Navya when she got thrown out of the class..I was so expecting him to start beating poodlebir with a book to get thrown out of class too..LOLLOLBut he settled for tempting her with that ring again..I swear I had the mental image of a donkey with  dangling carrot in front of it during this scene.. Maha adorable from start to finish..Big smileLOL

Random Musings:

1)I was in splits seeing Ranbir's expressions today..From the hand clasped over the mouth (so like a girlLOL) when Anant proposes to begging Navya to say yes, hilarious!!ROFL
2)AnYa definitely filled up their quota of PDA..Anant hugged Navya, held her face in front of a room full of people..Wink
3)CVs used all the BG songs today..My heart goes all dheem tana first, followed by Pehla Pyaar Hai, and Muskura do to end things with..Tongue
4)Shaheer was outstanding today, I can't praise him enough..Soumya too complimented him well..Smile

That's all from a happy phangirl's side today, as always likes/comments much appreciated..[/QUOTE] Hey laddoo aka Tanu! just looove reading ur takes on NAVYA. 2 b true , since da day 1 I came across da forum by fluke ,I hv been luking 4ward 2 ur posts on evryday episodes. Though cm across da forum by fluke , Ijoined it just 4 da sheer pleasure of bing surrounded by like minded ppl 4 ANYA. Oh! BTW, am Betsy,  very very new 2 da forum. Man I tell u , dis place is pure heaven 4 ANYA fans,me included obviously. I never in my wildest dreams thought dat there wud b looneys 4 ANYA like me. Frnds at my wrk place think me crazy 4 talking ab't ANYA all da time,my hubby calls it his SOUTANLOL. My son(8yrs old)luvs commenting on my expressions while watching da episodes n really thinks it funny disturbing me during da episode just 2 c me seething in frustration on b-ing disturbed. Inever miss out on da repeats too ,if possible. Evn though am very happily married,I cant stop myself drooling over SHAHEER n I just luv SOUMYA. She's da 1st fmale lead on TV whom Ireally luv 2 watch. Not 2 4get their on n offscreen chemistry ,I 2 pray like all ANYANS dat they really trully fall head over heels in luv(I 1der if all da lovey dovey stuff dey do on screen doesn't leave it's effects offscreen, howzat possible?). Waited 4 ur take on thursday's epi..but found it missing.No complains as u very b-u-t-fully made me happy vid ur post on da last episode. I still can't stop myself smiling like a luvlorn fool vn ever I think of da friday epi.(which is all da time,like NAVYA said). GR8 GOING GAL! 

Hey betsy, Welcome to d Navya Forum, Good hear ki u r a addict of anya...

Hope u will enjoy in this forum...Tongue
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@All- THANX A TON ,GUYS. DIS 4RUM JUST ROCKSSS. BTW, was it only me or sm1 else also noticed da green Tshirt guy in da last epi.,walking 4m da opp.side wen NAVYA was b-ing sent out of da class? Dat spikey guy was actually sitting in front of NAVYA during da teasing session. I 1der how he got 2 cm out of da class while our majnuboy couldn't? Any takes?

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Originally posted by ashwinomathew

@All- THANX A TON ,GUYS. DIS 4RUM JUST ROCKSSS. BTW, was it only me or sm1 else also noticed da green Tshirt guy in da last epi.,walking 4m da opp.side wen NAVYA was b-ing sent out of da class? Dat spikey guy was actually sitting in front of NAVYA during da teasing session. I 1der how he got 2 cm out of da class while our majnuboy couldn't? Any takes?

There is a spread thread which provide this info...Wink

btw than fr reminding about it...
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Firstly welcome Betsy to the forum, I am sure you'll have a whale of a time like rest of us fellow AnYans.

@ Tanu & Asha, about JD, felt totally sorry for Shaheer. Using my comments from another post...

Firstly, the song sucked, then the choreography sucked and finally the costume sucked the most Angry

The judges were looking cofused during the performance trying to figure out what the story was, like me LOL

I wish they had chosen a lively number with proper dance steps, and not jumping around like monkeys all over the stage. Abhash's performance was also very mediocre. Shaheer actually performed quite well given all these drawbacks. He would have performed far better had it been a proper dance routine and not this outlandish theme. Even Farah commented that this is the first time she has seen such a theme in a not so flattering way. So that says something about the story...

Poor Shaheer, he was really stuck in a bad situation and could do nothing about it, felt really sorry for him. I hope he gets another chance soon to prove once again that he is a great dancer after all.

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Hey Betsy...Welcome to the forum..
I am sure you will have a great time we all are one crazy group of ANYA fans...
@Geeta..I agree ,Shaheer did a good jod considering all th other factors you mentioned...the costume was so uncomfortable..I am sure he would have been great in a peppy number for sure.even Aabash didntdo that well to be true...
I am sure he will get much more chances to provwe himself dear..he is a rising star of the TV he will soon be invited in all such shows and events ...just waiting to see more from him now...
@All..looks like we dont have any spoilers this week(pls PM me if I am missing something)...actually we have some scenes left from the last spoiler and also the annagiri hs beenrevealed, so i guess this should be enough for this week..
Had a free weekend, actually kept it easy just to relax before i start my clsses from tomorrow, and i went over most of the the epi's from  the engegment track to the i love you( i know it sounds crazy)..just enjoyed reliving the momments..and really i fell in love with our ANYA all over again...ANYA Rocks...
hoping to see more good epi's this week...

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love all ur post and as u said the episode was super adorable and thanx for a wonderful post
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Hi Betsy...

a big big n warm welcome to the forum..Clapu have come here at one of the most happy anyalicious momentsEmbarrassed...n hope u will make regular posts...u know an episode here cannot be considered complete without coming to the forum, reading tanu;'s takes n the posts of many pther amazing writers out here...its the first time that me too is so crazy abt a romantic story on tv... thats bcoz ananth-navya r simply the best n the most realistic couple so far n their innocent love touches u so times the ANYA fever gets so strong that u wud not even be able to sleep without thinking of them...n all this is only because of the lovely chemistry that Shaheer n Soumya have...touch wood ...kissi ki nazar na it is we have lots of ppl like rama n sagun waiting to make an entry to shake Anya world...see u soon sharing lots n lots of anya moments out here with al teh amazing ppl in this forum...u have a lot to catch up here...shayaari, pics, fun segments, n diary pages...try to get to read them all n ull love the forum as much as u love Anya!!

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