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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 84)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
yup just give me two mins

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

Hey guys..

Sorry I have rplyed to only sum of u….sorry for if i would have it would have delayed update...thnku so much for ur feedback regarding the ffs...means a lot...

n ya if ur all r finding PVs long...i will try to make them less from next update
Sorry abt this chpt if it isn't up to mark…as I am pretty sick..will update now when I will recover…so can be late

Thanks for all the love and support of urs..



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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
The giggles that can be heard not only birds voice yet, the wind chime was dancing with the rhythm of wind, the curtains were not allowing any one to enter the room, thought it was a slight gesture of affection yet it opened all the locked doors all that was at a moment thought impossible..

As slightly rub of sunlight he felt on his eyes, he felt something knew entangled with him, he rubed his eyes and opened them, and after so long that were two days he found his wife sleeping so near him, but what actually made him smile and glittered in his eyes, was the hold in which his hand was still…

She was holding his hand in her, tightly, and was placed it near her face almost touching her cheeks…he slowly and reluctantly moved his hand out of her grip. But his eyes weren't leaving her face..his hands move automatically to her face, slightly brushing his fingers he felt her hairs, soft and velvety, his lips curved more as he felt a slight shiver in her..he moved forward yet than moved abit away..

Mayank: thinking ..our first kiss..i cant be mean..though I am being ..i want to feel how u will feel it..his smile widen with his wish in his heart..

Ufff..why he just cant to that…the wind chime complained

And why the hell these curtains move , I wanan se why u all are smiling like idiots….the flwers complained…

Haha I am not goanna move away..this is private moment no body is allowed to see…close ur eyes

Ya ya n ur so much alloed to see wht ever u want hai na….

Ya it isn't my fault I donot have hand how cum I can close my eyes…the curtaisn chukeld…

I am so good at my character even u mr curtain cant stop me, and here goes u all lovely flowers lets welcum there such beautiful morning with u fragnces around them…the wind said and entered with all the wishes of each flower taking them and spreading then on them.

He looked up to feel sumthing fresh and amazing in this air, and with a content smile move out of the bed…without making any noise..turing back taking a glimpse of her again….

She moved to the other side and with wind the curtains move a bit away, making the sunlight cares her eyes to welcum a new morning a new beginning..

She opened her eyes and found her hand resting on his pillow, a blushing smile grace her lips as she remembered all that she felt last night all that God has given her..moving her eyes around she figured out he has gone to freshen up…moving out from the bed she made it and then went to put out his things, his accessories on dressing …

 Ahem ahem sumone is blushing and that way too much….the mirror reflected…

Wch made her blush more..

The door knob clutch and she felt something strange inside her, it felt like she is newly wedded bride and it's the first time she is facing her husband…but true it was she was actually faceing him as hers the very first time…

Nupur: woh mein ny apki chesay nikal di hai…mein nashta banti hoon…

Mayank: he smiled faintly thanks…nupur nhi mein late horaha hoon….nashta rahny do pls…….nupur tumhara office kab se start horaha hai….

Nupur: ji abhi hum ny kuch decide ker k bataya nhi hai…

Mayank: matlab…job kerny k mood nhi hai kiya….its upto u nupur..what u want to do..ghar ki fikar nhi kerna..sab hijay ga….agar tum apan career set kerna chati hoo tu zaroor kero…

Nupur: hmm….

He smiled…take ur time..he pated her cheeks and mein chalta hoon..bye….

She went out touching her cheeks….


It was almost afternoon, nupur has done all that was required for the pooja, making the place, calling the pandit, arranging things,…making arrangement ofr cloths and food dor poor..

At 1:30 she heard his car horn to open door…he move in the hall and found everything arranged perfectly, a relief grace his face as it was the first time he let anyone else other than him to do and arrange for pooja..

Nupur: ap change kerlain ….sab hogaya hai..

Mayank: mein bus 5 min ata hoon..tum taiyar hoo…

Nupur: mein ….

Mayank:  han tum bhi sath bhaito ki meray…mein ata hoon….

With this he rushed to change and she looked at him…he always want her to stay right there with him, in evry little or biggest moment of his life…

As he came down he asked the pandit to start to the pooja..he sat down n called nupur….she hesitantly sat next to him..and chachi was pretty surprised with this..a smile appear on her face with this….

Down with pooja….he was about to go to his room….

Nupur: mayank..ap woh bhar sab ko cheezay tu dain day…

Mayank: tum kerlo plss…mera dil nhi hai…..he said with so much pled and tiredness she nooded in yes and he left to his room…

It was evening she was doen with all the things for the day…..

She was moving up to her room when chachi called her…she spread her hand on her face…

Chachi: janti ho aj yeah pehli bar hai jab bhai sahib ki barsi ki taiyari mayank ny kisi aur ko kerny di….aur pooja mein bhi us ko shariq rekha….nupur tum ny woh kiya hai jo in 15 saalo mein hum mein se koi nhi ker paya..mayank ny sab ko …sab ko khud se..khud ki persahniyoon se hamesha buhat door rekh hai…per jis tarha woh tum ko her cheez mein shareek rekhta hai….thnku beta…he needs u…thnku for cuming in his life…

She smiled at chahci ..climbing up the stairs she was thinking about chachi words, sumthing warmth inside her, she holds him as nobody has ever..

Entering her room, it was dark all around, she looked around to find him any where and found him at ther usual place…he was siting in terrace looking at aimless point, holding sumthing in his hand..she moved toward him and as picture cleared he had a picture frame holding two picture.. in his hand one of a new born baby in hand of a beautiful couple, and other was a boy 13 to 14 years old hugging form back a handsome man…

He was tracing the picture softly..sumthing pierced inside her, she wanted to knew all, she want him to pore it all, say it whtevr he has in him, but she knew no matter how he tried he always cant say it clearly…but if he cant can she make him speak…

Collecting herself she sat beside him, closer enough to look at the picture in his hand..he was taken a back with her sudden appearance that so so close to him, almost brushing herself with him….she didn't looked at him so that neither of them should feel any awkwardness….finding her eyes in the picture he return back his sight to picture…

Nupur: is that u in picture..she said with a smile…

Mayank: hmm…

Nupur: u born to fat….

He chuckled…

Mayank: ya chachi said I was a pretty fat boy till I was 10, than I got typhoid lost sum weight..

Nupur: some….i think quite weight…thst u in other too..right….pretty much looking like a cool boy

Mayank: wht do u mean looking like a cool boy…I am handsome…he said teasingly

Nupur: aha really ….such an over estimation …

They shared a slight giggle…but again there was silence

Nupur: she is ur mom…she was beautiful…

Mayank: yup she is ..a smile appear on his face…n he paused for a min…..but than sumthing made him to speak further….

Dad use to say mom was very fun loving, very livly…they were neighbours..and that's how they get along..u know dad use to say he hates mom's brother yet he has to do friendship for mom's sake…else larki pati nhi…he chukled n she joined him…

Nupur: u don't rememner anything about mom….

He looked at her..

Mayank: no I don't know…mom died when I was 4 days…this is the only picture of us together…whtever I know about mom is wht dad has said or chachi at times told me…nothing eles I know….

She couldn't helped and her hand automatically made her way to his shoulder, as his voice was abit shaking….

He didn't speak further as he didn't want to become weak, this strength he has maintain from so long how can he let it go so easily, no matter how much he wanted to break all the barrier, he cant…

But today his wife was prtty much admant of making him say it all, she now knew it inst trust that lack between them, it's the words that he isn't familiar with…

Nupur: and dad…she kept her hand on his shoulder slightly pressing n caressing there, it was indeed helping him, to let his self over power anything….

Mayank: dad was my best friend, my bestest friend, I never needed anyone aprt form him to hold me, gunjan was there always, as gunjan's dad n my dad where business partners…so on trips abroad at time in vactions and all along we use to hang out together..but still wht dad n me were was sumthing difrrent…

We use to play have fun, he use to make me study, we use to play pranks….and tht to much

Nupur: pranks n u..she giggled

Mayank:  ya pranks n me..i was very naughty….u there was time whn I was so naughty ..i was in 5 stnadard..and there was a girl who trouble gunjan a lot..gunjan had curly she use to tease her that..tumharay baal tu chirya k ghosla hai…n gunjan use to cry all the time..

One day I was  hell angry on that…I took siccer n very quietly in break time cuted that girls a perfect zig zag way…

Nupur: han….


Mayank: ya..n than I made so much fun of her…resultant…..principal call dad n I was rusticated for two days..n I was celebrating two days off from skoll..waoo….dad knew I must be celebrating so he punished me n locked me in my play room

Nupur: play room…kay punishment hai

Mayaank: dad knew I was scared of dark…and he loved me to much to give me any harsh punishment…but I was I …I knew the lock was'nt working properly with ruler and a pin I opened it..and went to my room as I was bored of playing all the toys there..need my video game..

Nupur: mayank ap …asay

Mayank: han I was such……than dad came opend the door n didn't found me ther…he search me all over..but by the time I took my game n went agin to my play area…

U wont believe that day the whole city was hunting for me I I was enjoying my video game..hearing my chuckles dad againg open the door and rushed n hugged me…he cried that moment…n I was just looking at him all surprised…

Dad loved me with all his love, I was the last possession of moms love to him, he always use to say I am the only reason to give strength to live….but he forgot that he was my strength too….he was actually the only person  I use to talk, laugh enjoy..never needed anyone around me…other than him….

Nupur: than…her own words were cuming pretty he can easily read a slight shake in his voice as he was lowering it more n more…

Mayank: dad went abroad for a meeting..he was cuming home back….there was a pause…and than he took her hand that was on his shoulder in to his hand, holding it tightly…she placed her othered on his ..he looked at her..n she signal him to continue….

Dad..plane got crashed…there were survivor too…I was that time in my 12 standard…n I was preparing a surprise for dad I toped…chacho didn't told me anything but I can clearly see the panic in the house…chachi was sobbing …chccho was trying to find about dad….

They told them that there are bodies and only his heir can take them with chacho has to tell me…wht he was saying I just cant register anything in my mind the only thing that I understood was..we need to go n get dad's body…

The only thing that chacho kept repeating whole way was that I need to be strng…and that some how rooted inside me….so much

Entering the morgue I had to find dad in many…

He was caressing his father picture..and nupur couldn't hold her tears to flow…she placed her other hand on his arm and hold it tighly….n he holded it with his hand…

Mayank: I looked for dad..n 5th body was of dad…five time I felt I died and finally seeing dad I lost everything….everything…

There was not a single tear in his eyes, and that was actually paiing her more, he has actually made himself rock solid…she even cant thing wht he must have flet doing all this…n than live afterwards….she pretty well know wht mean losing parents..but that so at young age she didn't knew…

She kept siting there holding hims tighly, n can feel her hand been squeezed by him…silenece was againg for so much time….but than she knew she has to act strong the way he holded her when she need the most ….

Moving a bit away..she tried to moved away from his hold…feeling that he is gonna lose it again..some thing panicked inside him so much tht he couldn't hold himself to do so…he pulled her close suddenly …..sliding his arm around her tighly hold her…hiding himself in her..he hugged her tight….

Mayank: dont plss…stay here

As soon as she found sumthing crawling her back…She was numb at shivers, her whole body was getting cold and flashes of warmth was spreading inside her…shee couldn't felt herself breath…as she can feel his breath caressing her neck..making her loss her all senses…..yet she followed her heart the way he did this moment…

Making her hands way to his back she touched him slowly and felt his arms more tighten with her acceptation of this gesture..

He felt his whole pain getting out, disappearing in thin air, it was a feeling when he find his soul at peace..after so long he found some one to hold in his dreadful days…

He can felt a bit shiver in her body yet the slow rubbing on his back made him pulled more n more close to her…..n he kept himself in her arms..holding her in his arms…for as long as he can.





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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
it was awesom update Fiza ji
Loved the way you are showing development in Mayur's relationship.
i i loved their first hugEmbarrassed
loved it

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-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 12:58pm | IP Logged

Thumbs Up
mind blowing update ..tumhare update pe main wari jaun...

loved the seen between mayur when mayank sharing his pain to nupur...true he needs someone who can understand him...

lovely yar dil khushkita ...jao is baat par ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

bus aise hi mindblowing update dete raho fiza jiii...

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heyittsme Newbie

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
very nice

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
awsm yarr really very sad & touchy 
thanx fr PM

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arjunratirocks Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
so nice and beautiful  update
really feeling bad for mayank
but also feeling gud that he shared his past to nupur

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