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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 70)

Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 December 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Cascade bahut hogaya
now i want mayur scene
ye kya hai-mmayur alag alag - aur kitna din rehegi
plz aisa maat kar...:( :( :(
reham kar hum par

btw a song for u i mean for API

"You Are The Sunshine Of My Life-STEVIE WONDER "

You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always be around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever you'll stay in my heart

I feel like this is the beginning,
Though I've loved you for a million years,
And if I thought our love was ending,
I'd find myself drowning in my own tears

You are the sunshine of my life,
That's why I'll always stay around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever you'll stay in my heart

You must have known that I was lonely,
Because you came to my rescue,
And I know that this must be heaven,
How could so much love be inside of you?

You are the sunshine of my life, yeah,
That's why I'll always stay around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever you'll stay in my heart

[Background] Love has joined us,
Love has joined us,
Let's think sweet love

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 December 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
edited my comment on pg.71
love u...Hug

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged

Have'tn rplyd to u ..sorry for that

And thanku so much all of u for ur help , thank a lot for suggesting song, it was truly gr8


Auroo…I have turn a fan of hold my hand…its amzing …

@maria..pov over now, hopefully wil see ur comments getting back to there length

@anila…after reading this chapter…do u still feel that mayank's gestures doesn't speaks

@suja n valio…thanks fro zipping as u were the two only who read mayank way before, will need ur elaborated comments at this update

@faru…there is a mayur moment in evry update, it was just the way u all saw it, still in this update in last there is a moment…and in cuming they will share sum more of them…

@diya n palz…now I thing u can comment on this ff..

@all..thnku so much for evry thing…..

@maha…madam it was sumones weding where Nupur was guest and mayank was also, he just saw her like a random it

@roshee…hmm ur too much into Nupur that's y

It's a huge chapter as combined two together

Lov ya enjoy

Edited by drfizaahmed - 10 December 2011 at 11:19am

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged

Chalein mayank ji change keralin …go an freshen up. Ur wife isn't cuming to give u a cup of coffee.

Opening the cupboard I can see sumthing in between ur cloths, n slowly I pulled it out. Nupur kab do gi mjhy, this was the shirt u bought for me, I know. And I actually felt like celebrating it. Yet my heart ached when u didn't gave it to me. I waited that moment, then I waited that night, and I am still waiting

I never knew wht can I do to make u comfortable , I have given u space, freedom, myself. Security I can provide finically and I am doing so. That day when u were busy writing ur thoughts in ur diary, I hate it u know that. Wish u share urself with me rather than this THING. Ok were I was, that day, I went up to u to tell u that ur free to go where evry u want, I want u to go out get back to ur normal life, I to wanna acopmany u and love to yet, I told u very frst day that it's a very new business just 3 months old, it will be needing time, and that too much of. I know the trauma was too big yet even then we have to move on in our life. I felt relax the way u said u will ask wht evr u want ..but ap tu ap hain..days were passing and u wasn't, so I asked chachi for going on shopping , yet my stupid meeting because of wch I asked gunjan to go with u. I knew gunjan will handle u and than u will feel a bit relax. And will shop they way u want.

When I was placing my credit in chachi's hand, I was actually feeling a moment of celebration. For the first time in my life sumone will spend my money, my earned money to buy sumting for herself. I never knew life with such small little things can be so perfect.

U know How I  know  u bought this for me, when I took bags from ur hands, n placed them down it came out n I slipped it back. This color n style I have never wore, wonder how I will look in it. I still spread my hand as it was the first thing u brought n belong to me of urs. It is the most precious one. Back soon nupur, I will sume how make u give it to me. I just can be patient now and I thing u are much better to step further in our relationship

When gunjan told me next day how u were buying thing first for me, I couldn't help but to smile widely, and here cums the teasing session of her..

Gunjan: uff Sharma kya smile hai

Mayank: bekwas mat ker, aur tuny kyun batay , toka kyun us ko kuch laity hoay

Gunjan: yaar mein tu us k teri pasnd se introduce ker rahi thi, k tujhy light colors psnd hai, red bulkily pasand nhi hai, e.g, e.g, aur dekh sab teri pasand k liya us ny

Mayank: per mein tu sab us ki pasand k chahta hoo na…

Gunjan: woh hai na teri pasnad ki, phir, tu zara arma se chal, she will be urs…

I want u to wear dark colors it will suit ur complexion, I hate red on gunjan it never suits on her, but when I saw u in red , I felt maybe I was wrong, dark colours to suit some one and it was u. I want to see u in brightness, colors, vibrance with life all around u the way u were

Ya this is the same gunjan, who shouted, scold and wht not did to me on our wedding morning. I knew so she will be angry. She was and she has right to . she recognized u the moments she saw u, and it actually slip my mind that I can call u also at so late at night, to be here at my wedding. Everything was so sudden, so unplanned and unbelievable that my brain stopped. And u were so cross, n I was so hurt. As gunjan was the only person who knew how much I was waiting for this day, how much is day means for me. Alteast with her I was expecting to celebrate, yet sigh, even she was so angry with me. It was suthing I wasn't expecting as gunjan thought I betrayed her, how cum in day nupur is in my life, means I hided our relation from her, this was another heart piercing one how cum I can hide things form gunjan

Coming out of the shower, as I lie down. Kya nupur kasi addatein daldi hai tum ny. How can I sleep  without the toxificing stroke of ur soft fragile fingers in my hair. The whole day I look up for the night to feel u so closed to me. The slow caressing of ur fingers in my hairs, ur concern, ur care making me feel relived.

The first time when u did it. I was extremely tired, not only physically yet emotionally to. Yes I was torn as gunjan was leaving to state, leaving everything behind, even the business. She was to angry on me as I took help of her parents, took lone form them rather form bank. Plus know she was angry on Samrat too, as he was the one who told me to do so. Samrat was right at his place and u were at ur, bt both of ur fight put me in to huge trouble, finically , emotionally .

That night I actually needed u, I thought of talking to u n pouring out to u, but that night I found our rooms light close before I enter, so u were a sleep. The only thing I can do to feel u near me was to lye beside u, n  that deliberately I slept a bit near u.

I wish I can speak , I wish I can have words as friendly with me as my silence is, yet mein kya keroon , kuch bhi kerlo asa hi hogaya hoon.

The moment I felt ur hand slightly touching my hairs, I actually was starlet. N moved, n felt ur hand moved away with a jerk, I hold my breath, and clam my nervous, I cursed my self for making this moment go, pls pls god let it cum back.

And slowly when I felt ur fingers cuming the feeling that arose inside me was hard, so hard to hold, the feeling was as sumone is taking away all my pain all my worries my tiredness away, slowly sumone is making my nerves lost ther scnes.

And when everyday u did so to me, sumtimes I feel to grip ur hand n place it on my cheek, hold it near, hold u near. Sumtime I feel to slid my arms n pull u towards me, to engulf u in my arms. And I know it will happen soon pretty soon…

  I wonder were are your friends that where in university , who with u use to have so fun.

I still remember the day when I got to know ur name, u were sting in front of ur department and I was there with my friends, as both of our departments were pretty nearby. I have stole loads of ur glimpse from there many time, absorb u in myself silently and pretty carefully.

The day one of ur friends was teasing u with a biy and I actually felt my heart in my throat.

Friend: yaar pls us ko sekha kasy kapry behnata hai..subha nikal ker aya ker

Nupur: yaar ab kiya kiya dekho…us ko dekho k us ka kapro ko dkeho…u said with dramatic and a blush…and I was shocked..

Chee…mein kyun dekho us champak laal ko…had hai…kya admi hai

U both share hig five and a breath that moment..u were going when ur fried called

Nupur..drink kaun se

White lay lo

And that's how I came to know ur name, nupur I whispered under my breath , n felt it sink inside the deepest cord of my heart. U somhow has lost ur sefl, ur not cuming back to whom u were, I donot know which way I should take yet everything is going weirdly.

Kiya baat hai janab yeah asman aj kal buhat baras raha hai. Hmm n the best rain was the day when gunjan stoped me from going to that meeting..

I was loving it when u were asking me to stay, I was just waitng for ur words when u will say that mayank u cant go. If once u have said that I would have stoped right there, yet u tried to say , but im sorry I was trying to make right words slip from ur mouth.

The moment we speneded on the swing actually the only close moment of our married live. With slow breeze u beside me, chating with u , feeling u, aah was the most amazing thing. I slided down deliberately moving a bit close to u, and felt ur hand moved a bit holding the sheet, a smile appeared on my face, u actually feel sumthing when I get closed. I was determined to move forward that day, I slided my hand near u, and was about to hold it, when gunjan called us. Ahhh…I felt like killing her right there. Ah.

The day when I was so worried about how u will react to all this, the day I got the accident. I was to frustrated I actually was feeling this relation is going away from my hand.

Mayank: gunjan kuch thik nhi horaha hai, bulky things are getting difficult day by day. I have tried everything. It has been 3 months and I actually can't feel her even a bit at rest near me, evry time I am around her, she covers her self again in the shell. She is completely  different person with chachi smarat and even u

Gunjan: cause ur her husband mayank, she cant get out of this thought, when ever ur around her she will feel shy, she will feel restless, with the kind of person u are, who is so difficult to read, I mean at time tum meray liyan itnay difficult hojatay ho tu us k liyan tu sab new hai..

Mayank: I donot jab us ko sab sach pata chaly ga tu kya hoga , kasay react keray gi, mjhy maaf ker ray gi k bhi nhi, mein us se yeah sab chopha raho , what I feel, how I have thought about her

Gunjan: tu kiya hua, ur doing all this ofr her, if u cant tell her I will

Mayank: nhi I am responsible for all this I will myself

Gunjan: mayank plss…try to speak, her insaan her waqt tumahri khamsohi samhj nhi pay ga

Mayank: per woh kerti hai kahbhi kahbi woh mjhy is baray mein haran ker dayti hai, mjhy kab kya chaiy, mein sir per bar bar hath rekhta hoon tu meray samny automatic coffee ajti hai, giggled ek baar bhi agar ankho ko kam kerty hath lag lo, tu glasses …aur jsi din zroorat se zayda jagny ji try kero tu hot chocolate, indicating u must sleep..

She chuckled..

Gunjan: phir,..shayad woh tumharay dil ki baat bhi samhjti hoo, per step tu tm ko hi layna hoga na, woh larki hai

Mayank: han per, mein , mein apny rights nhi claim kern a chaty gunjan, I want her, I wish that she willingly wants me, and because I just entered in her life as un wanted

Gunjan: ur not unwanted, else woh tumahry liyan itna sab na kerti

 With all that in my mind I left the place, and yes didn't saw the car and it hited me. But u and ur sweetness, diabetes hoajy gi mjhy

Nupur Sharma ur a doctor, checking my file u very well knew I am fine nothing serious yet she were'nt sure, so I need to say it again though I said it before when u griped me and made my lie down, I am fine I said and u looked up into my eyes and close them to assure u and find a bit relaxed u and ur she ur relative, my foot. She is my wife, my life and dare to call her anything else.

Mayank Sharma pls get some sleep 2morow u will see her for sure, I have to else I will loss it.

Uff now whoz this, as if u don't know who it is

Mayank: kiya hai gunjan yeah koi waqt hai

Gunjan: aay hello teri biwi teray pass nhi hai islayn YEAH waqt mei kiya masla hai

Mayank: tujhy sharam nhi ati hai na

Gunjan: acha I have  news…

Mayank: what….really…oh gr8…thank god yaar gunjan…congrats aloot…tu jadli se wapas aay..we will celebrate together..han han..i'll handle that to…mein kal jao ga nupur k pass…

Bye tc..



She is a early raiser I know that so moving towards her home before office is the best idea, as once I enter the office I donot get time, bus kuch din aur, ek bar sab project set hojay than I 'll give u time that im not giving u I know that..

The journey to ur home with u was painful, I can feel ur shivering hands, holding the seat tightly,  I thought of holding them and was about to put my on urs but u took them away in to ur fist, first I was abit shocked yet when I looked up to u n u were looking outside, felt a bit relaxed as if ur weren't that it means u donot like me to come close to u. u know wht  that's why I wasn't sure of ur idea of going home, its certainly a bad idea nupur and that so for four days, and alone there. U first time asked me sumthing I didn't said no yet I even didn't wanted to say yes too.

The moment for the first time I holded u, it should have been a moment of celebration yet, it was painful to see you like such. In all this 3 months today I saw in ur eyes all that cuming back, and ur tears making them there way out, I hold u more tight, I donot know u like it or not yet u didn't complained.

With all my heart asking not to leave u alone right there, I made my feets move away from u. even I asked u to cum back sooner than wht u have planed. Yet ..sigh..

Kher ..lets move inside press the bell, let my eyes see u after that seems so long ..

Nupur: arahin hoon…

I smiled..ajo jadli se..

She opened the door and found a shock waiting for her on the door with a smile, he was looking at her sumwhere lost to, but she was looking more lost shocked , not even in her dreams she thought he will ever wil call her than cuming  to meet her  in these four days was out of her sub conscious imagination even.. she felt a bit dizzy with the all the tired and torn feeling of crying from past two days, he even notice the torn expression on her face that was causing so much pain to his heart.

She moved back a bit to hold herself, yet missed the step, and he griped her..holding her from shoulder

NUPUR…he help her stand at her place, and the moment he touched her, she felt it was reality he was really standing infornt of her, holding her so close, she can directly look in to his eyes, and even can see her reflection in them, her heart stopped at the moment.yet her mind remiands her its just a reflection nothing else.

He was looking into so many questions in her eyes, there was pain, sum tears, and loads of question right there, yet whtevr was there , there was his reflection to and that matters the most to him, feeling her so close holding her so near , he had an urge arousing in side him to embrace her in his arms tightly securely. He hold himself, yet placing his hand around her shoulder securing her he made her sat down on a couch


So finally with all ur patience , the POV part of this ff cums to end, now whatever will be, will be in between them. For all those who wants it to be a happy ending, yaar mera track record kya kahta hai. U know I hate giving a sad ending.  Aur whenever I have done so in OS u all have made me make it a happy so. Donot worry about the ending enjoy the journey.

As u all have had this update highly quick, I will now delay it a bit not to much, as will concentrate on birthday thread.

Take care lov ya for all the patience and being part of this ff the way I wanted let me write it like that ..those who haven't read the note pls do


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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Awesome update API...
again d bestest part of dis ff till now...
uff!!! Ya ALLAH!!!
kya kya kahu n kya na kahu main iss update ke bare mein...
hw can dis man love dis lady to bits like dis...mashALLAH!!!
bt still i know from his side he had shown her his gestures...
bt still...hw will Nupur understand all dese gestures...
as per as her seemed a toral different thing ri8!!!
i mean sometimes u need to say it out...rather dan jst showing ur gestures...sigh!!!
i sooo loved dis part API...
i love u lodsss for dis part...Hug
OMG!!! he evn knew abt d shirt n d head stroking thing...
still he is nt reacting or realising anything...Shocked
kya karu main iss bande ka uff!!! Khuda kher...
n ohh...dats why Gunjan was angry wid him...
for me it was d main confusing thing...
n another thing was Gunjan trying to interrupt in all matter of MayUr...
as in woh Shirt lene ke mamle mein n den woh balcony se niche bulane ke time...n her song n act...uff!!!
i know frnd hain n bhttt close frnd hain bt i agree wid Mayank ke usne Nupur ko toka kyun??? ok!!! let it b...main toh issi mein khush hoon ke Mayank only loves his Nupur n evn Gunjan also want dem together...Embarrassed
n han in dis part...der r sooo may lines whc i wanna mention bt agr asa kiya toh already itni bari cmnt ek longgg OS ban jayegi...LOL
bt still...wen Mayank said abt his feeling ke he wanna hold her hand n all in dat head stroking part dat was AWESOMESTTT...
n den d DOC. wala part...
By God!!! i was total fidaa over dos "LIFE"...hayyy...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
main wari jawah...kisi ki nazar na lage na Mayank ko na hi meri API ko...Embarrassed
By God!!!
kya likha hain apne...mashALLAH...
i jst loved it to d core...
i sooo wish ke Mayank dis time plzz kuch toh boley...kuch toh asa karein plzzz taki Nupur usse samjhe...
i loved der clg part...
want to know abt it all...Embarrassed
n d last part...
i was smiling like anything for him...
bt still i was feeling bad for Nupur...
i hope iss bar Mayank plzzz usse apne sath hi le jaye...
loved it lodsss...
cant wait for d next part...
want an update soon...
love u lodsss API...HugHugHug

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 18anila1

aj no reply...
bt its ok...
atleast update toh milega...By God!!!
love u API...Hug

n han dis is my comment no.1000...Dancing
i completed 1000 comments...Embarrassed
matlab 1000 bar bak bak karke sabko pakaya...LOL

wah wah goldie
congrats...yeah meray ff k naseeb ap ny yeah kitaab yaha hasil kiya
congrats jani
i have rply in one line most

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
heyy nice update but u don't send PM ths time wht hppnd???

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by 18anila1

aj no reply...
bt its ok...
atleast update toh milega...By God!!!
love u API...Hug

n han dis is my comment no.1000...Dancing
i completed 1000 comments...Embarrassed
matlab 1000 bar bak bak karke sabko pakaya...LOL

wah wah goldie
congrats...yeah meray ff k naseeb ap ny yeah khitaab yaha hasil kiya
congrats jani
i have rply in one line most

thank u API...
yeh apka nhi mera naseeb hain apki aur mere baki fav APIs/Sis ki wajah se hi toh now i hv turned a goldie...Embarrassed
so thank u all for writing such Beautiful ffs...
u know API...i actually felt good as jab maine 500no comment kiya dat i did in  MEHAK API's ff as u know i love her lodss...n den now dis 1000 no. comment i was actually waiting to comment it here in ur ff...dats why...
love u lodsss API...dil se...HugHugHug

Edited by 18anila1 - 10 December 2011 at 11:59am

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