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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 44)

-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by 18anila1

update it soon...Embarrassed
love u...Hug
it has been just two days
will update soon

API main kya karu meri koi galti nhi...Embarrassed
i cant wait for d next part...Embarrassed
ok!!! will wait...Embarrassed

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Fiza ji.when ll u give us update???i updated my Intezaar...

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--Ruchi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by --Ruchi--

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by --Ruchi--

So nupur finally has decided to leave them.
I am kind of happy for her but I really want her
wish to be I know she will leave house with a torn  heart
if Mayank wd nt stop her.

Anyways nice chapter as always.
Keep updating frequently diEmbarrassed
I m loving it.

thnks dear
hmm iknow all of u must be feeling a little better now...thts was wht i was wanting evry one to wait for
mayank will stop her...ur the only one whos hoping lets see...
PS..janab ap ki singnature na tu laut liya...iqbal aur galib k itna hassen imtizaaj...waoo...
kash yeah galaib ki gazal mjhy pehly yaad ati tu is update k end mein yeah dalta
humnay maana ki taghaful na karogay laykin
khaak ho jayen gay hum, tum ko khabar honay tak

That's coz I know its the bitter truth that a girl always expects her husband to show a lil of care and love whatever be the condition! 

And thanx di...I just listened that gazal so put in sig...sigh!!! I changed itUnhappyEmbarrassed 

P.S. I thought u updated...m so eager to read furtherTongue 
but anyways take ur time..I can waitSmile
hmm so true n so is nupur expecting so...
no prob u chnged actually fan of ur signatures...lov them...
abhi do din hoay hain update kya..sabr kero...hopfully on firday or sat

awwhh thank uSmile I put the lines which I find goodSmile
and fri or sat..okay m waitingEmbarrassed

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maria.

Fiza ji.when ll u give us update???i updated my Intezaar...
han ji humain pata hai
aj update is cuming in few mins to half n hrBig smile

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged


Chapter: 10

Now the only matter that is left is to ask mayank about my exit. God just for 4 days its so difficult to ask him, god know what will happen to me when I 'll ask the freedom from his life. Its paining just to thinking he will happily say yes to me. Somewhere still my heart has a wish he may stop me, hold me tell me he wants…..

He came back from office and as usual I took his things n place at the required place, as he came back after freshen up. I was stealing glance at him, how to tell him, how to start talk, it just so complicated, I was lost in my thought when suddenly his voice broke my chain of thoughts….

Mayank: u want to tell sumthing…

His words again made me lost, really mayank can u read my silence, can u read my pain, my agony. I know it is not ur fault u did wht u thought was the best yet, u did the worse..

Nupur: ji…

He placed his cup aside n turned to me…asking me to continue…his such intently watching eyes always make me so nervous

Mayank: bolo..kya baat hai

Nupur: mayank woh mein kuch dino k liyan ami k yaha jana chati thi…

Mayank: AMI k yaha…akelay …waha tu koi nhi hoga…

Uff arguments were the least thing I was expecting from him, I my feeling so weak than why he is making it more difficult

Nupur: ji woh bhabi bhi arahi hain..aur phir mjhy job k liyan apny documents or laptop bhi chaiy ho

Mayank: agra laptop aur documents ki baat hai tu woh tu hum ja ker bhi la sakty hain…koi aur baat hai kya..

This question was not even the last thing I want him to ask, why he is stopping me to go away, why so much of arguments, cant u just let me out, why u always make things so much difficult ..

Nupur: mein ghar ko miss ker rahi …

Mayank: ohh…ok..tum gai bhi tu nhi hoo na jab se humari shadi hoi hai…hmmm….tum ny kahbi kaha bhi nhi mjh se…lo

Nupur: koi baat nhi..tu kya mein jao..mein kal bhai k sath chali jao gi…aur 3-4 roz mein ajao gi..

Mayank: 3-4 roz mein…u sure about it..

Nupur: ji chachi se mein ny poch liya hai

Mayank: thik hai..but mein khud chor ker aao ga tumhain..pls..

He didn't gave me chance to protest as he left the place. But I took a deep breath , a breath of relief..

Ur leaving us all…the wind chime groans

And I I am not leaving u all, when I will go away from here forever, I will took u with me..

N…n me…

OMG …pls guys ..u all donot make things difficult for me, already its not easy to leave the person u …sigh…and u all who are more than just support for me, u have been my companions, pls give me strength rather than making me weak

We wont , we wont ever make u weak,

N n we will tell u how he felt when u left…his favt flower…its young n sweet maybe that's y it still hold hopes..

I shock my head and glared at all others, who were again scolding him and he was bowing down in fear and embarrassment…


The night was sleepless for me, I was looking at him, doing what I enjoy the most, caressing his hairs. After sach tiring day he always sleep like a child, and so he donot notice a single time my hands in his hairs. A deep breath as feeling of not able to feel his touch for 4 days is sinking me, no wonder how im gonna live for alife time, cant I just sumhow stop life here, cant I just stop everything, or cant I just make thig reverse, to the day whn he asked me to get married and I shall have said no…

But than if it would have happened I would have not experience the worlds best feeling..

Good nite I whispered n he caressed his cheeks more on the pillow..

The journey to my house was in silent, but for me it was dreadful, it wasn't a good choice but yet again I have no other choice left. The more my house was nearing the more all the memories where flashing infront f me. I took my hand n place it near my heart squeezing it with the other, trying to hold my self..

Reaching out side the house I was not finding my feets able to move out the car, he opened my door, n asked me to cum out

A sudden warmth, a current ran through my spine as he holded my hand in his. But thanks to him , his holding is un intentionally giving me strength to walk inside the house, from where I was thrown out. Yet this hold is even nt for evr, it was a mere moment

The voice of my brothers were echoing in my ears, but wao my fate im back here, with the same situation, with same misery but this time its way too much, as I not only lost my hopes of future life, I almost lost my feeling to live. I have no urge for that I just want to live as I am breathing…

He took keys from my hand and opened the door, and s place my feet trembling inside, the tears wch I was holding from past 3 months rash from eyes, and I looked at my house fanatically. Just wished from sumwhere papa came from, holding me in his arms, telling me loved to see me back here, this where I belong and he will hold me forever..

Mayank: nupur..tum thik hona…

His concern voice brought me to earth, how I can be weak now, its too late for that, actually its no use to be weak, I have to stand up for myself, else I'll be ruined, crashed under fates decision..

Nupur: ji…

Mayank: papa tumhain asay dekhnain ga tu kasa lagy ga..rotay nhi hai..pls…

I looked at him n smile, I thank God tht dad cant see me like this, as so true he would have collapse right here..his sweet heart is wishing her breath to stop, his princes has lost all that can make her live

I nooded my head teling him I am fine..

Mayank: bhabi kaha hain..

Nupur: I fumbled as I lied no body will be here, I want to be alone as I have to live why not to strt the journey from today

Nupur: woh dair se uth thi hain soo rahi hongi

Mayank: ek baar check kerlo k woh hain k nhi

Nupur: nhi un k msg tu raat ko hi agay tha woh hain…ap jay …

Mayank: sure na..

Nupur: ji..bye

Mayank: bye..takecare..he said placing his hand on my cheek…I close my eyes not just to assure him yet to hold this warmth for eternity might be the last time we r meeting with sum hopes between each other…with a slight curtain of unsaid reality ….he said n left but stoped at the door..

Nupur agar jaldi any k dil keray tu just give me a call..ok

Nupur: hmm…I was looking at him taking step away from me, away from my life n than

He left n I closed the door n dropped myself on floor..this was it…this was it, I lost him completely. The feeling he is gonne from mylife ..oh GOD this pain is not toleratable..its killing me, its just killing me to death.

KYUNNN…was the only scream I could make….wch turned in to whispers of this question again n again as I cant hear any anwers, the only sound I can hear was the of my heart that was shattering, screaming, aching…


It was an hectic another one, yah another hell tring day at office. And agin im too late form my work..i opened my rooms door very slowly as I donot want her to wake up. I know today is an exception she is asleep , as I didn't find her rooms light opened today ,which always get closed when my car reached..

Chukled she is too innocent..


I entered the room n threw his bag on sofa….looking around I  didn't knew ..but he found sumthing different today….geting a hot bath after such a tiring n hectic day….he found his muscles a bit relax……

Its hard to say wht im feeling today….it was a long day for me…first Gunjan 's sacry call and thn to console her…chukled…is whole load of work I tell u…sumtime I wonder how can she pull out a new from inside….but she is she…n  I love her like tht….but now I want a good nioght sleep…

But than moving inside room I got to know, and realization struck my mind, she is not home..gunjan went away to meat her parents..n now im here all alone….

Changing my self I lied down myself on the bed..

These three months have changed my life completely I full on complete. But I want to sleep right now, in peace, in uter peace. as already I have so much on my head these, I wonder when I can have a moment of myself

I was moving turing my side restlessly, I wasn't finding peace, not at all, and I hate it. GOD im so tired yet why I cant sleep, wht cant sleep move inside my eyes..

I closed my eyes still yet sleep isn't engulfing me, wht has happened yaar, why like this…

I turned to her side and looked at the empty place..

U know wht nupur u have made my whole life up side down, and sometime I find myself so helpless as this was my own descion..but wht ever it is..


She screamed loud and woke up with a jerk. sweating n breathing heavily…sumhting inside her was choking and she was I fear …fear of and unknow 2morow….



Koonche ko tere chhodkar Jogi hi ban jaaye magar...
Jungle tere, parbat tere Basti teri, sahera tera...






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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
DR.Fiza Ahmed
mil gayi apki tasalli...
nups ko dukh deka r accha laag raha hai na???
actually i wonder what u r trying to do???
if u want to separate mayur then why u brought nups in maynks life...
whats the reason behind this marriage?????
shy only nups will goes thro such pain?????
wah wah what a relief mayank sharma..u r expecting a peaceful sleep becoz nups was not there. wah wah -maan gaye ji..pher tell me why r u missing her?? why r u feeling emptiness wtht her?? whats wrong with u?????? kya ho raha hai apki life mai??.. something is really very fishy cascade... i failed to understd mayank here
and what ---at the end he  said he  hate her... why???

GOSH i dont know how to react
just waiting for next part
cascade ur update was brilliant as usual

keep it up jaan

Edited by -Faria- - 19 November 2011 at 12:09pm

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
at last mil hi gaya...
pata hain API aj toh na jane kitni baar chakkar laga chuki main yeha...

ye apne kya kiya?????????
mujhe laga woh sab Nupur ka sapna tha...CryCryCry
abhi malum chala ke woh sach tha????????CryCryCry
kya sach mein??????
woh i hate u wala line Mayank ne bola??????????
ya woh Nupur ka bura sapna tha?????
plzzz kehdo ye sapna hain!!!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry
pata nhi sab mere Nupur ke sath hi kyun galat karte hain...
1st part mein pehli baar i like d concern of Mayank for Nupur...
bt phir apne ye kya kar diya?????
m feeling super sad...UnhappyCryUnhappy

so agar mujhe khush karna hain agli part jaldi update karna plzzzUnhappy
bt plzzz yeh sab kya bura sapna nhi ho sakta?????????Unhappy

love API...HugHugHug

Edited by 18anila1 - 19 November 2011 at 12:28pm

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
fiza what is u trying to do? mayank hate nupur? this is last thing I want to read. pm karo mujhe

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