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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged

One of ur quire will be sort out here


Nupur: ap kahin ja rahy hain

Mayank: han kam hi buhat important

Nupur: per bahra buhat barish horahi hai Mayank….

Mayank: he smiled…I know..i'll be carefull don't worry

Nupur: its better u don't go…

Mayank: I know but I have to…don't worry ..i'll b a bit late, as will drive slow and will be very carefull..thik hai…

He said emphasizing  on evry word

Nupur: hmm….but

Mayank: pls..

I know I said yes but this yes is, I wish I can force him n not allow him to leave home, it raining heavily and he is such a workaholic. God pleas takecare..

As he moved down I proceed with him, he is such in a hurry that is watch , cell, everything is not with him, n he is running..

Nupur: Mayank yeah

Mayank: oops phir bhool gaya …thnks…

Gunjan: tum kaha ko chaly bhi…

Mayank: meeting hai

Gunjan: demgh tumhara karab hai yeah mjhy pata hai….but itna …zara bahr dekho u cant drive Sharma

Mayank: I can lady…

Gunjan: nupur is ki car keys gayab kerlo…shabash take them…donot let him go…..nupurr

I smiled at her, though idea was good but I cant do it..gunjan shock her head..

She came forward and snatch his car keys from him

Mayank: wht is this gunjan its really important…mazak maat kero keys do

Gunjan: tumahri jan se zayada nhi hai …samjhy….ur not going any where….sahraft se aao humary sath cards khelo.

Mayank: gunjan ….stop it yaar….

Gujan: yu no its of no use….

Mayank errr….fine….he left to his room

Gunjan: chukled…..

I wish I can say thanks to her, she did wht I wasn't able to, but he is not in good mood.

Stiting on the swing in terrace he was looking at the showering sky.

Nupur: coffee…

Mayank: hey thank….yeah gunjan bhi na

Nupur: acha kiya…

Mayank: he looked towards me..n pouted like a child …tum bhi…im not a child I can handle….per yeah larki nhi many gi….

Nupur: she cares for u..bus

Mayank: I know she does, but too much care is at time injurious to ko tu kuch suna hi nhi hota…it was really important, warna mein hi jata, tumhary kahny per nhi ruk jata , magar nhi….

There was a peaceful silence between us this moment, it was an amazing moment to was the first time in these almost three months that we were talking about each other to eachother..n now I was enjoying his precsnces beside me, so close.

He slided himself a bit low to rest his head on back, in process he came near to me,

Ouch..ur nails her hurting me…the cushion at the side of swing complain

Relax lady, relax..

The flowers infornt of me winked at me..n yes I blushed..

Awww..just look at him, the wind asked me..

I cant , I'll faint..

Uff uu flimi ur soo much, just look at him, u wont faint, im trying to normalize my beats, wait a min I'll increase them so no chance of brain not getting blood..

Pls control all of u, already im so nervous…

Are u looking at him or I do sumthing u fall in his lap…the swing said inmy ears..n now I have no choice other than looking at him…but the sight infront of me was so peaceful, so amaxzing..

He has his eyes closed with a slight smile playing on his lips, he was looking so peaceful, as if was enjoying these cold breez and the sound of moan earned by kissing droplets of blessing from the nature, he squeeze his eys a bit but not in irritation with reflex of the droplet of raing..k…

Why u stoped in between say it na, I kissed him..

Shut up..blushingly I said….


Mayank: he opened his eyes …..gunjan..fraeaking out he rash out of the room to chk wht has happen to gunjan..n I too joined him

Kiya hua…ur ok…

She giigle…

Gunjan: check ker rahi thi tum naraz ho ya nhi

Mayank: gunjan I'll kill u…deemgh karab hai kiya …had hai….

Gunjan: woh tu hai..chaloo aoo humaray sath khelo..nupur tum bhi is bore k sath rah rah ker bore hojay gi….chalo cum on down…have fun with us..

I smiled n went down with to her, n saw him following me too ..

Samrat: common hum antakshri khel rahy hain, pakro ka sath..wah

I chukled n joined him while mayank glared at them n was by pasiing gunjan, when she griped his hand n stoped him…

Jaiyan ap kaha jay gay. Yeah nazar ult k phir aay gi….

She singed so confidently n she knew its right…he was still nt facing her. She turned towards him n encircled her arms around his neck n pulled him towards her, griping him to her, he shrugged her..

Gunjan: mayank..pls….chalo ab tumhari bari…pls..sorry na..she said like a child

And he turned around n smiled at her..

Mayank: u know I donot play these games, bacho waly…mein walk per ja rahoon…for tht I donot need car…rukh k dekhoo..

He said this n left from there…though he didn't went out of home but went outside in garden….n cant hold my giggles looking at gunjans cute face , n smarat to joined me..

Samrat: bhabi pakray kahaoo..

Gunjan: ab tum tu khel rahi hoon na..ya tumahin bhi walk per jana hai..she said siting beside me…

Samrat: wasy idea bora nhi hai, barish mein romantic walk…hmm

He turned towards me n so as gunjan , both of them from either side were gazing at me

Nupur: Samrat….i wince…

Samrat: ur blushing my GOD, I cant belive woh sadu can make sum1 blush…gunjan hum ny disturb kiya…abhi kuch dair pehly ..

I cant help but to turn beterot…as both of them were loking at me, n hit a coushion at Samrat…

Gunjan: giigle…oops….yaar magr yeah sach mein ghusay mein hai…is k kiya kerain…I know it was dam important meeting ..per kiya kero…yeah zayda ghusay mein tha

Nupur: nhi itny ghusay mein nhi thy…

Gunjan: itny …mtlab thoray thy…

Samrat: jao khud mano im out of it mjhy apni jan buhat pyari hai….

Gunjan: uff bhagwan meri raksha kerna….saying so she left out console him ….


As people find us the most weird couple and wht not, its not us tht has made things look so weird. It's the circumstance tht put us in such a situation that we just cant  find a way to handle it.

You always thought what actually is that made us so far yet so near, today as I have loads of time,, ya he'll be late again , I am gonna narrate u the reality of our relation..

So now im  gona narrate how u meet n how I felt

Yes but to your surprise, or rather not a surprise there is nothing so special about our meeting , I said to the cushion as I placed my diary on it .

Our first meeting was a highly formal and awkward one

God ur story should be name awkwardness at its hight

Shutup are u writng wht I wanna to or I shall change the pen…ok..ok..go on..

So our meeting happen at the day when he came to my house to see me as a result of sum anty ke anty reference of his to my father, ya I don't have a mother. So that day he was sitng in front of me n literately I didn't even looked at him, I did tried to get a glance but it was not a perfect one.


Thn u met again…

Yes we met again and at that moment I was not in my scnce that I can know he is there or not. Its was my dads funeral, after 3 days whn he came to see me. He was also there as a person in crowd but this person will act as my savior I didn't knew that.

My dad funeral was surrounded with the echoing queries of sis n brother that who is gonna take responsibilities of mine, they were dividing days that who, that who is gonna take me when , n when. And I was just hearing , n looking the life and future ahead me

From the crowd of so many,  suddenly all unknow to me , a person arose and stod beside me, claiming that he wants to take the responsibility n that so willingly

He asked my brother that he wants to marry me now, n they said yes so thankfully. Noboday has bothered to ask me about that. No body even wanted to wait , too let me be inmy scnces.

I just kept looking at him, numb, dunbfold..i have no words when I was told I will be own by him from after few hours..

He looked at me intenely as if he was asking my permission, but I have nothing to say.

 So it was aginst ur will…the curtains asked..

I donot have a will tht time, he was an option to me, a mere option.

But y he did tht..

I donot know, maybe he fell pity on me..aur because now I know that he is man of golden heart, he helped me to have my life

He called chachi n asked her to cum to near by mandir , as it was quite late in night so only chachi n chaco was there from his side, that day I got to know he also don't have parents, how whn he lsot it I don't know , I have never asked him.

So u even didn't waited for the morning, it was done right there…

Yes it was, no body has time to waste on me, So that's how the two completely stranger , tight the knot of a lifetime, neither of love nor of faith , a mere destiny it is.

But for me he has been an angle decent from the heaven above, a sviour who hold me whn nobody was there to. For him wht I am n wht made him do this is unknown. But yes he did what even my own relations deny to that. But he did n I am thankful to him.

As the time is passing, the more I am getting to know him the more respect he is gaing.

Ur falling for him…

hmm maybe mayb not , but I love the way things are, I love doing small things for him, I love handling evry necessities of his, I love to wait for him,  I love the feeling of proudnes tht arose inside whn I read his silence perfectly, I love the feeling of satisfaction around me , believing that sum1 is there to guard me to stod beside me. No matter wht and how he is, he has never neither cross his limit, never impose anything on me, but he has sumhow has hold me.


That his car, let me ly down n pretend to b sleep, he hates tht I kept awake n waitng for him, but some how no matter how much a try I just get sleep until I am sure he is back safe n sound.

Just a whispere of door opening, he slowly  enter the room n went to FRESHEN UP??...he is never like this , he always sit for sumtime , thn place his all belongs at place, don't throw it like that n than go to freshen up.

He is back, so quick..i heard his foot step, n slowly he lyed down. I hope evrythng Is fine, maybe he is too tired.

Very soon I can feel his breath deepen, he has drift to sleep, as  turn back to see him I saw him lying facing my side. Sumthing strted to race  inside me, I saw him so closed for the frist time. But wht I saw next was a deep frown on his face, he was in deep but restless sleep.

He look so tired and sweet like this, today I have so much to ponder over it. I just wish right now that I can remove these lines. Can I, should i.

As my hands start to move shakeingly towards his forehead, I kept them away n near, like million time.

Cum on u have right to, pls ma'am kept me have the pleasure of expressing the touch of your fingers pls…

With closing my eys and thn opening I slightly placed my hand in his hairs n remove, as I saw his frown deeper..

It just he felt sumthing thts why go on…just go more time..

Ok. Placing my finger this time deep inside his hairs, I felt my breath stoped after a moment , my cheeks turn warm, n my shivers increased, I was sumhow hyperventilating…

Oh god girl, u have just touched his hairs, n ur feeling so dramtic.

I glared at his pillow, I touched him, fr the first time I touched him. Somehow I am feelng to weak to even look at him, but I did to make him feel relax, I need to be clam him .

 As I strt slowly caressing his scalp, I saw his frown disappear to a feeling of clamnes, his face diged more in side the pillow, as now he was feeling good, I hope so…its an amazing feeling I tell u. to do sumthing for him, and than he felt it the way I want him to. It was not just his feeling of calmness but his calmness was transferring me arousing a warmth inside me. His cheeks slight careesd the pillow n he move more to near edge towards me..i cant take it any more I am moving away, else I will die with bradycardia.

No no, u know no body dies of such estrogen oriented bradycardia, don't teach me medicine, lived it girl, pata nhi kal ho na ho….

I know my brain knows it too well, he has studied medicine with me, gosh. Doing my blissful work when I drifted to sleep I didn't knew..


Slowly I opened my eys finding my hand resting at his side of pilloe, but to my surprise he wasn't there..i looked at the clock its need to get up, it's a good moring

As I move out of bed I saw him standing in balcony with his head down n holding railing tighly, sumthing ached inside me to look at him like this, sumthing is surely very wrong I never saw him like this before. I need to know.

I saw him taking out his cell n dialing sum1 no in same position, whn I reached ther I heard..

Mayank: pls mat jao, I know tu sab sun rahi ho, sirf mera phone nhi utha rahin, per pls maat jao, tumhain pata hain insab mein mera koi kasur nhi, halat..he took a deep breath. Tumhary liyan yeah buhat muskil hai, per mjhy samhjny wali sirf tum ho, meray liyan yeah is se bhi zayda muskil hain….Gunjan pls don't leave, I need u..

He said as his voiced broke, but deep inside my heart, I heard sumthing broken too…

Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Duniya mein yunhi hota hai
Yeh jo gehre sannate hain
Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain


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aysha1989 Goldie

Joined: 02 December 2010
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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Its ok dear eagerly waiting for the chapter


Thank you so much for giving us those Mayur moments...
Loved the chapter though the last bit was heart breaking but its ok will wait to know the story ahead. Take care Hug

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
ShockedShockedShocked ShockedShockedShockedYA ALLAH...ShockedShockedShocked ShockedShockedShocked
itne acche update ka asa end...
ya Khuda...ShockedShockedShocked
yeh sab kya tha...
uff i jst hate dis Gunjan to d coreee...
hw dare she to sing dat song dat too holding his hand n going so close to him...
i dont like it...
hw can Nupur tolerate all dis...
main hoti toh pata nhi kya karti...arhhh
pehle toh usne itne acche MayUr moment ki band bajwadi...
i was sooo happy dat after sooo long we got such a cute moment between MayUr...
i sooo loved dat was so cute na!!!
i wish it wud hv done wht it said...hehe
bt pura atmosphere uss Gunjan ki bacchi ne bigaar diya...
woh chahti hi nhi ke MayUr ek sath waqt bitaye...
himmat toh dekho uske patni ke samne uske sath ase harkatein karti hain...
mujhe yeh sab bilkul nhi pasand...
so MayUr ki shadi ase huyi thi...
bt dis is nt done...
he cant feel pity on Nupur...
if he liked sm1 else den he shud hv nvr married her...
awww...d head stroking part was soo cute...
bt d last part made me shattered...
m too shocked now...
n feeling sooo heart broken...CryCryCry
wht did he mean by telling dat Gunjan dat he need her n its also difficult for him too...
whts dat suppose to mean...
did he like her???no no no!!!!!!plzzz!!!!!!!
m feeling so sad for my Nupur...
waiting eagerly for d next part...
plzzz continue asap...
love u lodsss API...HugHugHug

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
i dont understand, if he has feelings for gunjan then why did he marry nupur? though this is an assumption but if he really had feelings for gujan then he just destroyed nupurs life by marrying her and he certainly didnt have the authority to decide upon nupurs life.i believe pity is the last thing someone deserves. if you cant love someone, fine, but you dont have the right to pity someone. cuz death is much preferable than a life whose base is pity.

i love this poem by imraan!
                                                     thoda gam hain sabka kissa
                                                     thodi dhup hian sabka hissa

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

Fiza, very nice update.

awesome ... u know, why i said it awesome ...coz of ur writing ... it was beautifully written that no can think beyond wordsLOL

mayank is such a bhulakkar ...kitna kuch bhulta rehta hai ...agar nupur nahi hota to pata nahi wo kya kartaTongueLOL

i loved mayur moment on swing Day Dreaming... bahut kuch hai ussme .Embarrassed... maine dekh liya haiTongue

i love that scene where nupur secretly admire mayankDay Dreaming ... it was so WOWDay Dreaming

loved it.Big smile

u knw, i just loved that flower, swing, curtain  talking Day Dreaming... it was so nice Big u.Big smile

ohh ...that was nupur's past behind their marriageOuch ... so painful.Ouch

feel sorry for her.Ouch

but she was happy for this marriage.Big smile

i loved mayur moment on bedroom Day Dreaming... nupur was so shy even look at him.Embarrassed

aur ye bradycardia kya hai???? Confused

ohho ... to mayank was sad k gunjan leaving??? but why???

i hope everything ll  alright soon.Smile

continue soon.Smile

love uHug

ps: can u give me the link of the beauty and the beast???

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
OMG majan is couple?

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by palz_ArTi4ever

Allah reham
mein ny kuch nhi kiya
im truly waiting

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
beautiful update dear
But end was so heart threatening in some where in my mind I think There is something different which we cant see yet
waiting for story to move ahead 
thanks for pm

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