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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 18)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Though I am loving the fact tht u all are going on right track n feeling nupur, wht must she must be feeling . the only thing I can say is let story get revealed, u will get ur answers as well as other POVs too..


Chapter: 4

Gunjan is a blessing in his life, such a friend in sum1 life is God's most precocious gift. She is simple, full on masti, yet she has her own moments of dignity, and empowerment.

Plus she is not only helplful to him to me to, today chachi has planned a girls day out

Samrat: pls correct yourself its women day out…none of u are girl

Gunjna: acha really…tumahin kasay pata

Samrat: gunjan..chachi dekho yeah kasay sawal poch rahi hai…american..

Gunjan: aur tum kiya hoo…card nikalo apana..

Samrat: kyun ….

Gunjan: kyun kiya humain shoping jana hai….aj tum sab k card gay…Samrat nikalo

Samrat: mein nhi dayta..

Gunjan: samrattt…tum nhi day rahy..

Samrat: khabi apny paso se bhi shoping kerliya kero…

Gunjan: aur tumhary pasao se kitni baar ki mein ny, woh bechara mera masoom dost wohi kerday ta hai ..magr tum kanjoos..

Nupur: hum …mein bhi jao gi

Gunjna: lo janab apki wajah se tu hum shoping ja rahy hain

Chachi: nupur apni pasand se kuch cheezay lay lo….sab kuch asy hoa k hum tu tumhary liyan kuch lay nhi sakhy…aur han yeah lo, mayank subha office jatay hao day ker gaya tha jab hum nny us ko batay aj hum apko shoping lay jarahy hain

It was his credit card, he gave away, even did asked for wht and how im can spend it, maybe he trust me.

For sure he does, lets see how many times u use me, women are very found of me, ur husband is not at all, never use me almost.

Gunjan: KYA…mayank aur credit card, woh tu buhat kam use kerta hai,

Samrat: hamesha tumhary pass jo hota hai

Gunjan: because we have a joint account, tu obivouly. But yeah us k personal account k hai…kya baat hai aj tu Sharma mehraban hai…nupur limit khatam kerna plss….

I chukled ..n we left

At shoping it was difficult for me to selct anything, a) I was not found of shoping, b) I am not tht so comfortable tht I can say no or yes to Chachi. It seems her insult if I saw no. maybe she guess it so now she left me alone in this shope to selct sum thing for me, but see what I liked. A shirt, hmm it will really suit him…

I was checking it when sum1 tapped my shoulder

Gunjan: tum apny liyan shoping kerny aai hoo na…she asked me putting her hands on waist

Nupur: han woh bus asay hi…I smile

Gunjan: if ur thinking about mayank in it, he will not wear it, us ko white and blue k elwa kisi colour ki shirts wear kerna pasand nhi hai, he hates so.

Nupur: oh ..i did'nt knew it..

Gunjan: obiviouly tum us k sath kaha itna rahi ho, wasy us ko dark colours buhat zayada nhi pasand, tumhain pata hai red tu woh mjhy bhi nhi pehany dayta, im not allowed by him to wear such colours. Pehan kar us k samany aajo tu dobara chnge kera dayta hai

He is very particular about his like n dislike, wht he likes nobody can change it and wht he does'nt nobody can make him do so. Buhat ghusa kerta hai phir..

I was listening to her talks and she was narrating biography of Mayank Sharam, she knew him to well. Everything related to him is known to her. From his biggest achievement to his worse losses. She is in and out world of mayank Sharma. Wao wht a friend  ship it is.

Acha yum dekho mein zara wah dekh kero aao, Samrat asked for a watch nhi lay ker jao gi tu jan laylay ga…

I nooded in yes n she left…

Leaving the black shirt tht I like for him , I found a blue strip shirt but sumhow it was nt tht so good, yet balck n white was…so I took it n hided it in beg.

Why I bought it, n how im gona give it to him, I donot know. I slaped my head wht I have done stupid girl, why u bought it.

We were over shoping and reached home, n found him there to palying with remote n surfing TV, and than he stoped at preimer league match, he knitted his eyesbrows, than gasp, oh freak were his words after I think his team missed the goal. So many epxresiions I saw on his face. Maybe he sncesd my gaze at him, yes I was dreamingly gazing on him, when he turned to see me , n smiled, switch off tv ans came out..

Mayank: agay ap loog….

Gunjan: han aur tumhara sara card kahli..limit kahtam

Mayank : kiyaa…gunjan ki bachi mein ny tumhain nhi diya tha woh…tum ny shoping ki meray card se

Gunjan: mera haq hai Mr. Sharma. Yeah woh haq hai jo koi bhi aur kuch bhi mjhy se nhi lay sakta samhj..tumahray pasay urana is my right….

She said nearing him looking straight in his eyes, with stern n proud look. I shrugged all the thoughts tht were cuming in my mind…

Mayank: u need to payoff, n tht so with intrest..

I saw a smirk on his face when he was rplying to her, n she winked and left inside, he shocked his head n took bags from my hand, my heart stop, if he got to know I brought sumhting for him, wht he is gonna think.

Pls pls god, he should not, I donot want him to think im claming him or proofing my any of wifey right on him.

Samrat: sab tum ny hi layliya ya jis ko ap log kuch dilny gay tu us ny bhi kuch liya…

Gunjan: is ko tu hum ny zabardasti dilaya hai. Wasy she wasn't enjoying our company

Samrat: obiviouly, isi company

Mayankk: han jaha kisi ko sirf apni shoping ki parva ho aur jis kam se gao usi ko bhool jao

Gunjan: mayank how dare u

Mayank: wht how dare i..i so know ur shoping style, what u went to shope, us ko tu bhool jati hoo aur baqi sab kuch shop ker k layati hoo

Samrat:wasy bhi aj mayank ko jana chaiy tha

Chachi: that so time it on u mayank

Mayank: ji..

Gunjan: kyun hum kyun nhi …..wasy tu kal hi chalty hain

Nupur: KAL…it sumhow sliped from my mouth n uter suprirse

Samrat: kyun bhabi…dekh itna bora company diay tum logo ny

Nupur: nhi its not like tht..woh humain shoping zayada pasan nhi hai

KYA…this was in course I heard, woman n man in uter surprise look at me , n thn I saw mayank smiling and Samrat fall ..

Gunjan: nupur…tum larkiyoon k naam per dark spot ho…unbleivable…

Mayank: yeah kis k hai..

Gunjna: mera hai..

Mayank: red…he asked with a stern look on his face, as if he didn't like her disobevying him, as if it is his right to order her not or do wht he wants…

Gunjna: friend k liyan liya hai…she said fumblingly and a shy smile playing on her face, as if she was signaling him tht there r many people around us, and somehow proud that the way each n evrythng related to her has an affect on him

I saw wining smile playing on his face, as he looked away not to make things awkward…

Mayank: woa yeah acha hai…nice…he picked up a pink dress I bought for me..chachi k hai

Nupur: nhi ..woh mein ny liya hai

Mayank: itna light colour…tum tu dark bhi wear kero gi tu acha lagy ga….

His cell rung n he stod up from there..

Uffoo…hello im pink sumthing so red is appearing there…ahha…some1 wanan se sum1 in dark colours…oho…

 I thnk God as mayank was siting right beside me, n he said to me in so low tone tht nobody heard it, else the warmth I feeling raidting on my cheeks, wouls have turned into sumthing scarlet….


At night I hided the shirt in my side of closeat in between my dresses…I donot want to give it to him now, or maybe never


He is working in his laptop n was rubing his eyes, he look around but than showed an expression of irrataion.

Why I am being switched on when sumone is not so interested in watching me, I gave a glance to the complaing television,

I have a better sight to watch..

Hehe..i heard that.. giglly remote, hey it ticlkles

Wht…I asked

Ur caressing me conituely with ue fingers, it tickle..i my not ur husband as hand..

I somehow bluched as I was watching him, dreaming him…but he is so such a child, cant ask wht he wants, I moved out of the couch n went to his study table, taking wht he was looking here n there, I went to the bed n forward it to him

He looked at me , n smilied sheepishly I forward his clases to him..

He knew he get headaches working with out his reading glases on lappy, but still he is so tired tht he doent want to move away from the bed..

He  never ask anything from any1, wonder why he is like this, either so much in himself, or rather away from evry one…


So MRs shrama whts the plan, he will get headache , he is tired wht ur gonna do know,

I am goona make him sleep

Huh..evry thng in the room looked at me with surprise..

I didn't mean liking slepping with…..ur people are..

Thy all laugh as they always make me blush , batameez…

I went down n brough sum hot chochlate for myself n him too..

Mayank: hot chochlate…mein soo jao ga

Nupur: islayn..ur too tired…

He rested his back on back of bed, sigh

Mayank: ya I am, but I have no other way…I am almost done..

Nupur: cant it be done in morning…I requested him

N he looked at me for flick of second, his ceel runged n he strt talking..his smile told it was gunjan..

I moved away, there business talk go on n on..

Mayank: acha na…im almost done , n going for sleep…'am …as u wished…..huh…acha yaar as u order…ab thik hai…good night

Saying so he put the phone away, saved his things n drink the milk…he was hungry too, I know, he stretch his arms, man now this is irrestible, he has sauch a manly build

Obviously he is a man…the cup said n I galred at it…

Getting himself changed in tracks, he lied down on bed, n than rised his head

Mayank: tum nhi so rahin..

Nupur: ji bus ati hoon…

Mayank: so jao..its to late..thanku…he smiled…n than I saw him closing his eyes…

I slowly proceed to bed, n he switched of the lilights, I can still feel my heart bumoing loud, resting my self on bed N yes this is the frst time we r accopymanying each other on bed almost together…

And than I almost got scared with the voice..

Mayank: good night..

Nupur: good night…collecting my breath I said…



Kaise Kahen Kya Hai Sitam, Sochte Hai Abb Yeh Hum
Koi Kaise Kahen Woh Hai Ya Nahi Humare
Karte To Hai Saath Safar, Fasle Hain Phir Bhi Magar
Jaise Milte Nahi Kisi Dariya Ke Do Kinare

Pass Hain Phir Bhi Paas Nahi, Humko Yeh Gum Raas Nahi
Seeshe Ki Ek Diware Hai Jaise Darmiyan

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Pls donot reserve as im not sure whn im gonna update

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--Ruchi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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For Nupur it is really tough,though I am waiting.
Nice update.

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
ok!!!!!!!!!! First of all...
nice update...Stern Smile
i loved MayUr lil moments...Embarrassed
it was cute...Embarrassed
n i love dat TV,remote n pink dress...Big smile
dey were too adorable...Embarrassed
bt wht d hell...Angry
whts wrong wid dis Gunjan...AngryAngryAngry
awww my Nupur is sooo bholi bhali here...Unhappy
d dat idiot Gunjan i hate her to d core...AngryAngryAngry
no matter hw devine der so called "Frnd  Ship" is...AngryStern SmileAngry
bt i jst hate it...AngryAngryAngry
now she is getting into my nerves...AngryAngryAngry
i mean why she alwaysss "Interfere" between MayUr...AngryStern SmileAngry
usski problem kya hain yaar...uffAngryAngryAngry
n wht was dat...ShockedAngryShocked
why she smiled shyly??????????AngryShockedAngry
uska BF hain kya????????AngryAngryAngry AngryAngryAngry AngryAngryAngry
i jst wanna kill her ri8 den!!!!!!!!!AngryAngryAngry AngryAngryAngry AngryAngryAngry
n Nupur...ya ALLAHDisapproveDisapprove
main iss ladki ka kya karu!!!!!!!Unhappy
woh baas sare khayal apne demag se nikal rahi hain...Shocked
main hoti na toh pehle toh Mayank ko ek jor ka thappar deti...Angry
n den uss churel Gunjan ki bacchi ko 2 lagati khicke...n dhakke de kar ghar se bahar nikal deti...AngryAngryAngry
kya ho raha hain yeh sab!!!!!!!! extra marital affair hain kya!!!!!!uffAngryDeadAngry
why everything related to her affect Mayank...AngryDisapproveAngry
n why dey were behaving like dat...AngryAngryAngry
wht was mean by ke sab dekh rahe hain!!!!!!!!!uffShockedShocked AngryAngryAngry ShockedShocked
goddd...m gonna b mad 4 sure!!!!!DeadWackoDead
yeh Gunjan na kuch jyada hi tang lada rahi hain...AngryAngryAngry
Mayank ke ghar mein uski WIFE hain...Angry
toh usse Mayank ko phn karke sone ke liye kehne ki koi jaroorat nhi thi...AngryStern SmileAngry
mera baas chalta na toh tabhi main phn mein usse acche se suna deti...AngryAngryAngry
bt Nupur...uffD'oh
meri bechari Nupur ka kya hoga??????UnhappyDisapproveUnhappy
n accha kiya Nupur ne jo woh Shirt kharid liya...
kyun sunegi woh uss Gunjan ki baat...
who is she to tell her wht she shud bought 4 her HUBBY...hmphAngryAngryAngry
main hoti na toh ho har chiz karti jo woh mana karti...AngryEvil SmileAngry
waiting eagerly for d next part...Stern Smile
i know u will make things good soon!!!!!hain na!!!Unhappy
bt plzzz iss Gunjan ko thora dur nhi rakh sakte thori time ke liye plzzz koi accha sa MayUr moment hi de do bina iss Gunjan ke interference ke plzzz
love u lodsss API...HugHugHug

ps: API plzzz ans d comments dis time ok!!!!!
    u know i loved it sooo  much wen u ans our query...Embarrassed

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Lovely part
I really Liked Mayur cute scenes 
But really cant be able To able understand Majan relation
is any thing is cooking between them thats not Good
thanks For pm

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Angels_Ring Goldie

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
nice part...
it was just too good...
will wait for next part...

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
nice updt fiza
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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