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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shafyyy

update kab karegi... fiza...

2min rukh abhi ker rahin hoon

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged

Hi Guys.

Rplyd to u all…thnks for liking it

Eagerly waiting for ur comments on this update..hope its upto ur expectations….


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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Pardon errors..


It was afternoon when mayank rashed inside the house, calling her name..

Mayank: nupur..nupur…

Checking her at her usual places the kitchen, chahci's room, he entered his own room to find the most adorable sight, he knew chahci and nupur share a beautiful relation she actually fulfilled chachi's wish of having a daughter, lying in chachi's lap they both were enjoying a comedy film laughing out loud…the moment that actually warmed his heart was her laughter that has always put a smile on his face, these giggles wch he was missing so much from so long. He knew with their growth of relation not only he is opening up yet, he is getting her back, the same nupur he loves..

He leaned to the door and folded his arms..

Mayank: hmm tu aj cinema laga hua hai yaha…..he said smiling

Nupur and chachi both looked at him shocked and then to the watch, nupur hurriedly stod up..

Nupur: ap itni jaldi..

Mayank: sorry mein ny ap dono k ladies time spoil kerdiay haina….

Chachi: han woh tu hai…hum maa beti itny mazy ki picture dekh rahy hay thy..kya hai bhi koi kam nhi hai office mein

Mayank: his eyes popped out..chachi…han han..kerlain ap dono enjoy wasy bhi kam se hi aya hoon…nupur I need ut help

Nupur: ji bolain..

Chachi: hmm tu saaf saaf bol chachi pls excuse us..she smirk..mein jati hoon na

Mayank: chachi..pls…

She left closing the door behind and he came forward and so as she

Nupur: ji bolain kiya hau sab thik hai na…

He wasn't out of the moment that he saw when he entered the room, plus he was hating the way her expression changed to be a bit kinda carful in her deeds in front of him..

Sliding his hand on her waist he very softly dragged her near him..

She looked up to him abit surprised and waitng for him to tell her wht he wants to, yet there was strange praise and emotions in his eyes, which were making her heart beat raised, he wasn't saying anything, yet he was tracing her each and evry feature with his eyes…he moved his hand near her forehead to touch her hairs, moving his finger down her cheek, and making their way in her hairs…

She closed her eyes as the warm tht his fingers were making and the blaze which his eyes were penetrating in her was making it difficult for her to be in her sense..

He moved nearer to her, and she clutch him tight, making her throat a bit wet as she knew wht was cuming next,

As he placed his lips on her, she clutched him more tightly and responding to his gesture. But something was different his touch was soft yet demanding, having feeling of longing, affection and much more passion than usual…

As they move away her eyes were still close and his fingers were still caressing her hairs softly, as if were engraving the feeling inside him…

But what came in his mind that actually shocked her

Mayank: nupur

His breathless husky voice made her open her eyes and to look into them..

Are u afraid of me…

His sudden question left her in daze, she doesn't actually had words to answere his this question,

Nupur: Ji? She asked in uter surprise…

Mayank: I felt so…why aren't u the same old Nupur around me, I felt alarmed when I am there….

Nupur: she smiled at him…

Mr Mayank Sharma and his opposite question, wht he means to ask tht she is comfortable and okay with his intimacy, or he is afraid of still imposing it on her, or he is afraid tht she might not liking his silence and is taking it as his stern and rude behavior towards her and tht is actually making her afraid..hay mera pati lakho mein ek hai..she chukled inside

Nupur: nhi mein ap se kyun daro gi, shoro mein darti thi, per ab tu apko jati hoon…

Mayank: so why r u so alarmed when I am here…

Nupur: a naughty smile appeared on her face and after so long she thought of replying in her way….

She lowered her eyes and smiled…

Nupur: ap k kuch pata hi nhi chalta..khabi bhi kahin se kya ajay…so have to be alarmed…she was referring to the kisses and hugs she is getting these days

Mayank: aha….he said locking her more in his arms……so thts wht its is about, so u wasn't expecting me to love u like tht hann.he said continuing the fun tone..

Nupur: nhi I never thought u can be expressive…she said sincerely

Mayank: u called me expressive…nupur ..u think I am expressive…kisi k samnay nhi bolna sab tum ko pagal samjhy gay

Nupur: aray kisi ko kyun bolon…someone said..they donot know u the way I do…she said proudly raising her head a bit…

He giggled…

Mayank: hmm yeahi bhi…

Nupur: ap jaldi kasay agay aj..tabiayt thik hai apki…

Mayank: dekho zara time nhi ha aur ap humian distract ker rahin hoo….meri flight hai 2 ghante mein ..mein do din k liyan dekhi jarah hoon….

Nupur: do din k liya…she said almost shouting..

Mayank: he smiled like the way her voices change when he said he is going away this was actually wht was making him abit demanding as it was the firstime he is going away from her,

Mayank: …hmm kam hai kafi important..i have to go..but mein ajao ga do din mein.pakka…tum pls meri packing kerdo as mjhy kuch documents ready kerny hain aur ek presentation bhi….can u..

Nupur: han sure…I will…coffee lao kiya
mayank: pls ..

Pecking her forehead he left to do his work, and she to packed his things but with a strange disappointment in her heart…

She went down after doing his packing to bring some coffee for him

Chachi: tum ny us ko batay nhi…mana kero us ko..

Nupur: chachi important kam hai ..tu

Chachi: tu kiya tum tu na…chalo meray sath class layti hoon

Reaching their room, Mayank was surprised to see Chachi…Nupur place the mug on his study table…

Mayank: ary chachi mein aai raha tha ..woh mein

Chachi: do din k liyan ja raha hoon…nhi jasakty

Mayank: kyun…

Chachi: parso karavachut hai..

Mayank: han tu…he said as matter of fact, completely not realizing he has a wife to now

Chachi: han tu se kiya murad hai apka…nupur k varat kaun kholay ga..

His word were left in his mouth as he looked at nupur, who as a bit of anger, disappointment on her face…as he didn't actually expect anyone doing so for him

Mayank: tum ny mjhy bataya kyun nhi

Nupur: woh apko important kam tha tu…..

Chachi: ab pata chal gaya na tu cancel kero

Mayank: nhi kersata chachi…per mein evening tak ajo ga

Chachi: ji nhi ap evening se pehly wali flight layn samjhy, aur confirm ker k tickets check kera ker jao mjhy…tum bholl jao ga waha ja ker..

Mayank:  nhi bhoolo ga ..Promise….he said with a smile looking at her…..

chachi: chalo, tumhri flight k waqt horaha hai..ajana samjhy….

She left and mayank stod up and came near her

Mayank: bataay kyun nhi…

Nupur: mjhy laga apko yaad hoga

Mayank: mjhy kasay yaad hoga….meri pehli shadi hai…

Nupur: han han mere tu pachvi hain…

Mayank: nupur wasy koi hard and fast rule nhi hai, tum koi zaroorat nhi hai yeah sab kerny gi,

She was amazed with the way he asked her not to fast for him, his affection cuming up is truly so unexpected

Nupur: I want to do so…

Mayank: sure..she nodded in yes…..thanks….mein ready hoker ata hon time to go…

She hit her head "thanks"…and chuckled…Cuming out she gave him his things, and some instructions too

Nupur: zayda coffee maat liyana, aur bahr ka khana bhi dekh ker kahana, delhi mein buhat sardi hoti hoi, so pls be carful

Mayank: he chuckled…okay ma'am..acha suno, mein phir kah raha hoon, soch ker rekhna mosam buhat cloudy hai pata nhi kab chand nikaly ga…kitni dair bhooki raho gi…

Nupur: sab rehaty hain us mien kiya hai, I will mange donot worry..ap aram se jao….

Mayank: okay..dekho lo phir bhi….byee….

He said and was about to turn..

Nupur: mayank..

Mayank: hmm..he turn but was checking something in his cell phone…

She moved forward and kissed him on his cheek…he looked at her with surprised  smiled and hugged her tight…

Nupur: byee…


It was the day of kuravachut, she was super excited, for the first time in these six month she was actually feeling like a bride, a wife..her dress that chachi has given her, the jewelry and her hands, wch were now empty yet she was going down to have henna on them, with his name, with his feelings inside her heart..

Gunjan: aoo aoo bhabi…kasi hoo

Nupur: oho tu ap bhi aai hain..tu varat apk bhi hai kiya hmmm..

Gunjan: yaar pls stop teasing me,

Nupur: kyun tum ny nhi rekha

Gunjan: meri shadi nhi hoi abhi…

Nupur: phir bhi I doubt tum ny rekha hai…

Gunjan: yeah tu kasay kah sakti hoo..

Nupur: tumahri shakal bata rahi hai..aj larki larki se lag rahi hoo

Gunjan: wah kiya style hai tareef ka..wasy yeah top secret hai…tumhary bewaquf dewar k deemgh mein yeah baat aii bhi nhi…idiot..she pouted…

Nupur: koi baat nhi dono ek hi jasay hain…mayank k tu sawal hi mazay ka tha aj karawachut hai tu?

The both giggled and she forward her hand to let the girl apply hena, and her cell runged flashing his name…

Gunjan: rukho mein dayti hoon, she place her cell near her ear

Nupur: hello…kasy hain ap

Gunjan: apk bekar kasa honga…

Nupur: gunjan..

Mayank: yeah gunjan kiya ker rahi ho tumhary phone per….

Nupur: woh meray hath mein mehndi hai tu …she said with a smile and tht made him curve his lips to

Mayank:  …mein wasy tu thik hoon, per nupur meri tie kaha hai, aur last wali bag ki pocket ki keys kaha hain

Nupur: woh tie tu mein ny left side per box mein rekhi thi taky apko iron na kerny paray, aur keys sari ek sath hi hain, jo choti wali hai woh last pocket ki hai

Mayank: okay try kerta hon thanks, agali bar tu tum pls khud chalna sath, adha waqt tu asahi guzar jata hai mera..chalo mein rekhta hoon..

Nupur: ji bye..

Gunjan: mayank Sharma, apni cheesay tum se poch raah hai kaha hain….kamal hai..tum janti hoo woh kahbi itna kisi per trust nhi kerta k itna depended hoajy ksis per, hath nhi lagny dayta tha woh apni chesay ko, never , chachi bhi nhi us k wardrobe mein jaskti thi as woh sab khud hi kerlayta tha….per apny tu duniya hi badal dali wah nupur…actually I am so glad to know tht, finally mayank ny kisi ko tu apni zindagi mein itna shamil kiya

She smiled listening to her words, it was true from very first day he let her to be a part of his everyday routine his life, his work, his things. Never ever he asked her to stay away from all this, or have ever discouraged her on doing anything for him…she loved it when he said she wants her to accompany him next time as he cant mange himself without her, in other words he is actually missing her, even performing his daily routine..

Her hands were done and she was looking at them, lovingly siting at her usual place, she was a girl too, a normal girl. Who may not have thought to much about her wedding yet yes she did have some thoughts about it, but never she thought tht her wedding will be such that, wearing hena was far away from the picture, having some feelings about it wasn't there even…

She shrugged of all the thoughts and went to get ready for pooja, as it was almost evening and she want to get ready before mayank;s arrival. Today she wants to appear as his bride in front of him, she actually want to feel the feeling. The thoughts tht what he is gonna say on all this made her blush, she smiled to he gonna say sumthing and went to change..

Dressed in a red sari, with all the shihngar of a married girl, she looked at her for the final time and smiled shyly looking at herself, but than a frown appear on her face, how can she missed the most important thing, sindhoor…

She loked around to find it when she was about to grip the box, the other hand did so, she raised her eyes suddenly to look into his deep, loved filled, speaking volumes eyes, and couldn't made her eyes looked away from them, she actually didn't want to, the look and the confessions she was reading in them, were those she was dreaming of all the time today and when she is having it, it feels even more powerful than her imagination.

His eyes weren't leaving her, she was looking like a bride, how much he always craved to see her like this, he has always dreamed of her being his wife, his bride. It all seems to be so like a dream for him, so much like a dream..

He took the box and opened it, and placed sindhor in her parted hairs, she closed her eyes to feel the moment , actually the moment, moving forward he took her in his embracing, kissing her neck deeply. Making her close more n more…he was feeling strange restlessness in his heart..there was so much today he was already feeling, now looking at her was making him crazy…

Chachi: NUpru beta pooja k waqt horaha hai terrace per ajao aur mayank se bhi kaho ajay….

The broke apart slowly after listening to her instruction wch she gave from outside their room, one last time caressing her cheek and looking at her…

Mayank: tum jao mein 2 min mein arha hoon…..

Moving in shower he made his nerves a bit clam, it was so much tht suddenly has arose in him, so much tht he was afraid he will loss his inhibitions…he never thought that a sight can make him feel such. Mr Sharma was finally losing it ….

Moving on the terrace she went to know all the ritual..pooja was done with silence, she didn't dare to say anything being afraid of her own self, and he was too lost in capturing the moment. Having his dinner he left for his room saying he is a bit tired, she followed him to as chachi asked her to rest to, yet she was feeling awkward he was too much silent..too much

He was standing near the terrace door, when she placed her hand on his shoulder…

Nupur: koi baat hai ..ap itnay chup kyun hain…

Mayank: he turned around and looked at her.. nhi..bus asay hi..

Nupur: asay hi kiya…

The more he was holding on the more she was making difficult for him, her innocent eyes, her concerned question, her look and moreover his love..but then why he was trying to hold on, this question wch his heart asked him he has no answer to, so let me free was the request it hold..

He raised his hand and made his finger touching her cheek like a feather, removing the strains from her cheek, caressing them, making her shiver…

Mayank: nupur…with his husky voice she opend her eyes, finding him looking at her with so much passion and havoc of emotions in them….

Ur looking like a bride…he said with so much praise in his eyes

That actually made her blush and smile..he moved near to her and she felt her heart thumbing rapidly against her chest…

Cupping her face, softly caressing her skin, the love she was feeling diffusing from his eyes to her skin, warming her each cell…moving forward he kissed her forehead, and placed his other hand on her waist pulling her close, her hands crawled to his shoulder for support..

Diping his head in her neck he gave trail of kisses on her neck down to her shoulder..a sigh escaped from her mouth as she digged her nails on his neck… holding her tightly he moved to the other side to explore it…and  felt her lips on his neck too..

He moved a bit away to look at her…who has her eyes shuted

Mayank: you won't regret…I am losing it nupur…he said breathlessly..almost in a whisper…

She opened her eyes..and looked at him, there was still a bit hesitation in them with so much love in them for her, how can u regret being his…she smiled slightly and moving forward placed her lips on his, kissing him passionately ..pulling her more near he returned the passion and love to her..

Taking her in his arms, he placed her in the mid of the bed...lying beside her, he kissed her again, moving his lips down to her neck and throat, while his hand was exploring her..Showering his love and passion on her, he finally made her his, with most softest and loving manner…

Hugging her from back, he was wide awake holding her one hand placing it on his lips, he was actually taking in the fragrance of henna, her fragrance.. turning around in his arms, she hugged him tightly hiding her face in his torso, kissing the skin beneath her cheek…feeling the heaven of his love and warmth..



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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update API...
i loved it...i loved it lodsss...
i loved it to d coreee...By God!!!!
ap na ainvay hi tension karti hoon...
so listen to me very carefully in writing abt "Feelings" no one..."NO ONE" can BEAT my API...Approve By God!!!
it was such an heavenly part...
i jst loved it a lottt...
it was Beautiful...
from first to d last line...Embarrassed
it was a very Adorable,cute n LOVE FILLED update!!!
i love Chachi here...she is a sweetheart.
love Nupur-Chachi's bond a lottt...
it was an adorable sight...
n Mayank toh Mayank hain...LOL
Thank God!!! ke Nupur now understands his not-so direct meanings of his lines...
i loved d LOVE here...hayyyDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
i loved Chachi's scolding n teasing here...Embarrassed
n uff!!! yeh ladka naShockedOuchShocked...ek bar toh mujhe bhi gussa aya ke Karvachaut hain toh!!!ShockedLOLROFL
bt den awww...
he cares n loves her sooo much...sigh!!!
i loved it...Day DreamingHeartDay Dreaming
n den!!!!!! mashALLAH!!! d way u wrote abt Nupur's feelings of being a Bride is jst AWESOME...
Main ase hi thori na kehti hoon ke without much intimacy u make d feelings to be felt like as if U R ACTUALLY feeling all d Beautiful feelings here itself...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
it was Awesome...
i loved d lil teasing part...
n Mr.Sharma missing his Mrs.Sharma...WinkEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
By God!!!!!! it was utterly Beautiful n Adorable...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
n phir!!!!!!! YA ALLAH!!! yeh apne kya kiya API!!!ShockedShockedShocked
U made me rmmbr d "IntezaaR" seq. all over again...sigh!!! n han it evn made me emotional n missing my "MayUr" again...Unhappy
Bt U WROTE IT BEAUTIFULLY!!!! MashALLAH!!! MashALLAH!!! SubhanALLAH!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
hw much i adore Mayank for alwaysss thinking abt his Wife's Feelings first rather dan jst imposing anything on her...sigh!!!Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
n Ahem!!!BlushingAhem!!!Blushing Finally!!!!!Day Dreaming
MAYANK n Nupur of "GMYH" became ONE...sigh!!!Day DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming
i loved it...Embarrassed
i loved it lodsss API...Day DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming
n yet again U Proved my Point dat no one can write wid Dis Beauty n Feeling of Solace in such kind of intimate part...Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
loved it to d coreee API...Day Dreaming
love U lodsss API...Hug
Thank u sooo mcuh for d update...Embarrassed
waiting eagerly for d morning part...Day Dreaming
love u lodsss API...HugHugHug

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged
awsm yarr jst too gd i don't hv wrds fr describing it
Lvd it itzzz too too gd

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Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
very very lovely.. ans amazing.. update..
very beautifully you have described their union

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kheya-mayur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
it was so smooth ...
just love the way this part has ended .

mayanks loves ,his feelings everything was very beautifully expressed .
and the way he approached ...just made me breathless

awsom fiza

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daniella05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
beautiful part...
loved it...
continue soon

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