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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 114)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

With so many request of updating the ff, I just can came up with this, I m so not sure about it, but yes I cant jump to THE part of there life in very next, so its kind a filler maybe….

I haven't rplyed to u all as update was demanded, but thanku so much for ur lovly comments, so so thanku, glad to see u all loved the pervious one….

Hope u enjoy this too

Lov ya


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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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The rain was drenching them, yet they were completely drenched with the passion and love they hold for each other, who has started to find expressions and is giving a bliss feeling…

They were lost in there world, with all their fellows witnessing the beautiful moment. She was feeling so good being in his arms, it wasn't the first time but the feeling was new. For him its… sigh, feeling of completeness, satisfaction and a strange happiness engulfing him..

Standing there now he didn't even realize that they were fully drench, and something is buzing..and buzing and buzing..he got it now, who the hell it is..he donot want to move his hands off making his one hand off he pulled his cell out.

Collecting his breath, and making his heart a bit stable…

Mayank: hello..

Samrat: oye hello, kya ker raha hai tu

Mayank: mein..kya kuch nhi

Samrat: tu meray bhai darwaza khol na…kitni dair se bell bacha raha hoon….pata nhi kaha ghum hai….

A smile appeared on his face..

Mayank: acha kholta hoon..wait…

He brooked a bit away from her, and found red crept on her cheeks, her eyes were lowered and she was unnecessarily correcting her hairs..

Mayank: oh god..

Nupur: kya hua…

Mayank: ur all drench nupur…tum change kero foran, Samrat aya mein door open ker k ata hoo

Nupur rashed inside and went in her room, controlling her heart beat and her breath, the moment was Cuming again and again infornt of her eyes..she was standing backing the close door and was making herself come in today

Mayank looked himself in the mirror in corridor, correcting his hairs he run towards the door and opened it to find Samrat n gunjun there,he opened it and turned around to come back inside, or moreover not to face them, he could hide his expression that were automatically coming on his face, for the first time his controlled expression r getting out of control.

Samrat: kya bhai 15 mins door bell baja rahy hain, 5 min se call ker rahy hain..

Mayank: kya yahin tu tha…woh back garden mein tha,.tu awaz nhi aai shayd

Gunjan: she came near, hmm woh tu dekh raha hai k office k kapray bhi change nhi kiyay, aur all wet han..she raised her yes brows

Mayank: han tu …

Gunjan: nupur kaha hain….she asked with a smrik

Mayank: uper hain change ker rahi hai

Gunjan: kyun

Mayank: ab yeah kyun kiya matlab hai….beeg gai thi tu gai hai…

Samrat: tum dono bheeg gay tha….ohhooo..

Mayank: kay problem hai tum logo ko…mein jarahoo fresh hony..darwaza kholny aao ga tu bheego ka nhi kiya

Samrat: itnaaa…itna tu hum bhar tera wait kertay nhi bheegay

Gunjan: bulkl nhi..abhi humri inspection pori nhi hoi hai…

15 min tak tu ko bell ki awaz nhi suani di..

Samrat: point no 2, mayank  barish mein bheeg gaya

Gunjan: point 3, aur us ko kuch sunai nhi day raha tha…

Mayank was holding his smile, and touched his his forehead to hide his slight shyness of almost being caught, he hasn't came out f the moment yet, plus at this moment he wants to see her, not this teasing session

Gunjan: woh bhi bhabi k sath…

Samrat: aur sab se bari baat, he is hiding his smile..

Mayank: kay masla hai bhi tum dono k, mjhy change tu kernay do…

Gunjan: kuch tu hoa hai ..kuch hogaya hai….

He was climbing the stirs and was smiling at the song she was singing

Samrat: ap kaha jarahi hain itny romantic mosam mein..he griped her hand and pulled her near

Gunjan: Samrat….kya hai….


Entering the room he found her drying her hairs coming out of the washroom, but the most beautiful thing was the smile that was on her face, and the lost eyes that seem to be still there in the moment. Moving his feet towards her, he move inside. She felt him coming near her and felt her heart beat out of control.

He came there and just stod there infront of her, without speaking and without moving his eyes off her, but certainly was making her blush more and that he loves to….

Nupur: ap change keralin..kaun aya hai..

Mayank: gunjan hai Samrat k sath….

She was finding something in her cupboard and that so unnecessarily…when her eyes went to the shirt she brought way back and somehow forget about it..a smile appear on her face

He smile looking at her and though he wanted to say something or stay with her , he felt its better not to make thing be more awkward, but before leaving from there, he moved his step back, and sofly pecked her cheeks, it was so sudden for her that she dropped the shirt she was looking at, and that was the time he want to caught her…

Mayank: yeah shirt..meri tu nhi hai…he said asking her ….

Nupur: woh actually, mein…

Mayank: mein kiya

Nupur: mein apk liyan lay thi per..gunjan ny bataya tha k ap yeah colours nhi pehnaty so…

Mayank: he came close to her and placed his hand on cheek….nupur tum meray liyan kiya layti ho kiya kerti ho, woh sahi hai ya nhi, is k baray mein tumhain kisi aur se pochny ki zaroorat nhi, its just between me and u, agar nhi pehnta tu zaroori tu nhi ab bhi nhi pehno ga….tum mein aur sab mein farak hai…tum sab mein se nhi hoo….lao

Nupur: ji..she was so lost in his words, his claim of her being above all, the appreciation of maybe simple gesture that even she didn't realize can be soo special for him, that she even forget to answer him back


Mayank: u donot want me to wear it

He forward his hand asking her to give the shirt to her, and she was just looking at him with a smile…

Mayank: he returned the smile….thanku..apni shopping mein bhi sab se pehly meray baray mein sochny k liyan…thanku he said slightly rubbing this thumb on her skin…and she hold her hand on her cheek…

Nupur: apko …pata…tha…

Mayank: he smirk..ji…yeah mein ny apko ushi din choptay hoay dekh li thi, but I want u to give it to me…so thanku…

Nupur: ur welcome…

Mayank: acha lagta hai Nupur jab koi apk baray mein sochta hai…

Nupur: ab pls  ek aur thanku nhi….mera dil that u mein ny lay liya

Mayank: chukled…aur diya gunjan k kahny per nhi…

Nupur: apko bora laga

Mayank: han..nhi bhi…actually us din shayd mein ny yeah khabi kisi se na tu expect kiya na hi kisi ny kiya, tu when u bougth it for me, tu I really want to have it..bus islayn wait ker raha tha…per mjhy nhi pata tha k tum ny islayn nhi diya….mjhy khud ki nazar se dekho gi tu samhj aao ga, warna shayd hi kisi ny mjhy asa dekha hai jasay tum dekhti hoo…

Nupur: thanku for letting me see u.

Mayank: yeah exchange program chal raha hai

Nupur: she chukled…array ab pls change keralin mjhy tu nhi apko sardi zaroor lag jay gi…

Mayank: han aur tum neechy jao..per zara carefull

Nupur: kyun….kya hua

Mayank: he touched his hairs…woh dono full on teasing mood mein hai…actually they were calling me per I didnt heard the…

A red crept on her cheek and she smiled nooded her head in yes, but he was looking so cute being a bit shy, abit hesitant, yet sayin it all to her…awww she loves it.. she went down but yes before that she tried to get out of the moment…

Nupur: hey gunjan..sorry mein change ker rhi thi

Gunjan: nhi nhi its okay, aj wasy bhi tumhara pati subha se kafi romantic se mood mein hai…so carry on …

Nupur: gunjaaan…mein tu tum ko thora time day rahi thi…bechara Samrat tum tu us se milti bhi nhi hoo…so mein ny socha kahma ka tumdono ki privacy mein invade kero….she said innocently

Gunjan: wah wah…mayank ko kuch asa kaha ti woh tu smile kerny laga ya tu ulta scene hai…tum mjhy hi tease ker rahi hoo…

Yeah suraj aj paka kahin aur se nikla hai…her eys were wide..

Mayank: ab kiya hua….

Gunjan: kiya hua…tum ny yeah colour pehan liya…my God mayank ek tu tum shock per shcok day rahy hoo

Samrat: hum khatay thy tu khabi nhi pehna

Mayank: tum log meri biwi nhi ho…

Gunjan: ayy hayyy….kiya baat hai….

Nupur who was witnessing all this with a smile on her face, was feeling so so happy, yes she is his wife, so things are certainly specially for her..


She was chatting with chachi and was preparing things and learning about an occasions cuming up when the name flashing on her cell made her frown

Nupur: mayank…..

Chachi: chukled…tu asi kyun shakal bana rahi hoo…yaad arhi hogi us ko

Nupur: chachi ap bhi

Chachi: array sach kah rahi hoon…kero baat mein zara kahan dekhti hoo

Nupur: hello…kya hua kahirayat…

Mayank: kyun mein tumahin call nhi ker sakt kiya…

Nupur: nhi apny khabi kiya nhi tu ..i was just asking…

Mayank: kya ker rahi hoo

Nupur was certainly taken a back for his so causal way of talk, as he do talk to her like that yet from office, seem as if really he has called to talk to her only

Nupur: kuch nhi chachi k sath baat ker rahi thi…..

Mayank:  okay..acha ek kam kero…sham mein there is a party by our client, couples invitee hai tu ur coming with me…koi aur plan tu nhi hai

Nupur: han..sure…dress code kiya hai….

Mayank: aray woh tu mein ny bhi nhi dekha, wasy mera thu black formal hi hoga, let me check phir tumhain text kerta hoon…..but tum ready hojana mein tu hardly 10 min loga tu aker hojao ga….

Nupur: acha tu ap k kayal hai mein ek ghata lagny wali hoon, abhi se shoro hojao kiya

Mayank: tumahri shadi nhi hai , business party hai, zayda taiyar hony ki koi zaroorat nhi hai ….aur wasy bhi mjhy kiya pata tum kitna time layti hoo, mein tu general rule follow ker raha hoon…

Nupur: thik ab tu ap ajay phir hi taiyar hogi..nupur bhushan ko challenge

Mayank: if ur forgetting wife ,,tu name is Sharma……

Nupur: han tu agay lagrahi thi na Sharma, nupur bhushn Sharma nhi hosakta kiya…

Mayank: nhi …nupur Mayank Sharma better hai, I'll be there at around 6 7 as 8 k time hai..bye…

The hanging tone was ringing in her ear, but his little word of correction of her words made her day, how much she has strted to love her new name only she knew, and how much he made it sooo special by saying that he loves it more when she is been addressed as his, made her day…

The text received saying only color has been written on it , and its black..she rushed to her room to check her wardrobe having anything formal to wear, she curse her self for not being so girly and having so limited collection in her wardrobe..

Chachi: nupur beta kahan kah lo…

Nupur: chachi..yaha aay na pls…

Chachi: kiya hua….

Nupur: woh mayank k office mein party hai, black wear kerna hai, kya pehno..

Chachi: agr tum mayank ki pasand poch rahi ho tu bara msukil sawal hai yeah beta….

Nupur: per yeah pehno k yeah, she forward a balck drees, a dinner gown and a sari to chose…

Chachi: usk anay do us se hi poch layna , acha hai pata chal jay ga….wht say..

She smiled and nodded in yes, getting ready all her three dress, her accessories she was waiting for him it was 6: 30, she chuckled never on time, just than she was thinking of reminding him he has to go somewhere he entered the room ..

Mayank: hey…oh tu tum paka challenge kerny k mood mein hoo..

Nupur: nahi actually…mjhy thori help chahiy thi..

He frowned thinking how he can help her…

Woh in teen mein se kiya wear kero..

He looked at all three of the dress…

Mayank: kcuh bhi pehnlo…I have no choice in it….

Nupur: she feels like throwing the pillow on his face, nhi hai tu ab choice kerlo…..

Tu kya hua, abhi dekh ker batein na…

Mayank: dinner gown donot, baki..indono mein se…

Nupur: she put the dress infront, yeah pehn lo

Mayank: wasy sari bhi wear kersakti hoo dekho lo, and ur time starts now..

He left to freshup, and she shocked her head, seedha seedha sari nhi bool sakty, God in k kuch nhi hosakta…

Mayank came out after taking the shower, in his tracks, to take his cloths and his eyes stoped at the sight infornt of him, dressed in a black shaffon sari, with similar embellishment, she was looking absotuley beautiful, she was gracing her eyes with khol..and he was watching her, smilingly he came at stod at back f her..but his blaze was penetrating inside her

Nupur: kya hua….

Crawaling his hand around her wasit she gasped as his hand come in contact with her bare skin,

Mayank: nupur…he called her name as she wasn't looking at him, she raised her eyes to looked at him…..

Nupur: ji…

Mayank: tighting his grip he said looking intently at her… mein meray sath rehna…

Her lips curve into a smile and was reflected on his face too, realizing that he praised her and yes she can understand his weird ways of expression, the line wch he said in high possessiveness completely made her understand he donot want anyone else to have a look of her….dipping his face, he kissed her shoulder and she clutch his hand tightly…moving his lips to her ear, he whispered

Am I  clear…she nodded shyly in yes, and he left her, and went to take his cloth….


Reaching the venue he offered her his hand, and she encircle her arms around it, holding her he entered the party, and his expression change to soft to a typical classy professional..

Good evening mr shrma…thanks for gracing the party with your presence..

Mayank: thnaku MR khurana….Nupur he is our client, she is my wife…

Khurana: kya baat hai MRs shrama, aj tu ap ny kamal kerdiya apk pati ghar se bahr nikalny k zayada interested nhi hai, n I can see why is that so, he said teasingly looking towards her….

Mayank: its not like that you no I m not found of parties, shall we…

He said a bit sternly he hates such remarks and that so passed infront of him on his wife, cheap, he just couldn't hold his tone to be harsh

Nupur: hmm tu elzam mjhy per k mein jany nhi dayti, ap kyun nhi jata parties mein

Mayank: yaar I hate parties so much …plus yeah social gatherings its so much fake aur mjhy se nhi hota yeah sab…

Nupur: aray gunjan

Mayank: tu itna khush kyun horahi ho, woh business partner hai janab us k bhi client hain…but ap meray sath ai hain..samjhi..ya ap meri company mein bore horahi hain

Nupur: chukled…nhi baba…ap bhi na…

Gunjan: hello guys is boring party mein kcuh tu acha mila…

Nupur: hey gunjan….

Mayank: chalo we will have seat quick

Gunjan: kyun bhi itni jadli kiya hai…..

Pooja: hello MR Sharma..a seductive voice came from his behind and he closed his eyes in uter frustration, gunjan giggled and nupur raised her eyes brow

Mayank: is lyan….errr…

Hey pooja….nupur she is pooja a collogue, pooja she is my Wife, he said that pulling her close and emphasizing  on word much that even nupur looked at him in surprise…

Pooja: how mean mayank, so wife mein mayank k sath college se hoon….

Nupur: oh really good…

Pooja: han mein mayank ko tab se janti hoon jabse tum thi bhi nhi…

Mayank: kisamt karab ho tu yeah bhi hojata hai

Nupur: wasy I doubt pooja, mayank tu mjhy almost 13 years se janty hain..she said proudly

She said with a smirk and gunjan hold her giggles and mayank looked at her with a smile,

Pooja: kya….

Mayank: ji…excuse us…stupid …

Nupur: she was giggling…

Mayank: tum kyun hass rahi hoo..he said as they settle down…

Nupur: larkay larko se irratat hon yeah tu dekha hai ap larki se..kya mayank

Gunjan: ary is k solid reason hai,,yeah pooja college se mayank k pechay hai aur newyork mein tu is k kapray bhi is ahady bhi nhi hotay thay…aur phir pooja k pyar jatana

Mayank: gunjannn….he was hating gunjan for doing this

Gunjan: u wont believe is ny Valentines day per pori class k samany, mic per mayank ko propose kiya tha …..

Nupur: kya….waoo…tu apny man kyun kerdiya achi kahsi tu hai….u must had fun…

Gunjan and nupur laughed…

Mayank: acha..biwiyan aksar asi larkiyoon se door rehnay ko kahti hain aur app ulta…

Nupur: woh islayn k inko yaqeen nhi hota, that there husband not even for a second will look at other with such thoughts, nevr it can be….

She said looking at him with so much love and truth that actually made him an aww of her trust, he moved forward and kissed her forehead..and smile…

Mayank: I am cuming…

Gunjan who was drinking spit it out…

Nupur: gunjan ur okay…she passed a napkin

Gunjan: MAYAN NY TUMHAIN 2000 Logo k SAMNAY KISSS KIYA>>>>>she was shocked hell shocked and Nupur blushed….mayank Sharma and public mein affection, nupur I just cant belive it OMG…

Nupur: gunjaan..ur mad…..the both laughed and enjoyed the party together



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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Awesome update API...Hug
i loved it lodsss...Heart
i loved it to d coreee...HeartHeart
i loved it to BITS...HeartHeartHeart
it was such an heavenly part...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
i was jst lost in dis part...Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
n i loved dis filler part a lottt...Embarrassed
n i m loving dis changed Mayank...Day Dreaming
n his reply to Samrat jst reminded me of "WWU" wala Mayank...sigh!!!!!
loved d Heavenly moment between dem...
it was Enchanting...i was feeling Solace in dat moment of der silence...Day Dreaming
n den SaJan's teasing was too cute...i was actually Grinning a BIG ONE...Big smile
Mayank is sooo damn cute n adorable na!!!
hw can he love her like dis...sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Day Dreaming
He is jst amazing...Embarrassed
i love him less dan my "WWU" wala Mayank...WinkEmbarrassed
i sooo loved dis part n sooo many lines of dis update like..."tum mein aur sab mein farak hai'tum sab mein se nhi hoon"
i love dis lineee...its so simple yet sooo spcl...Embarrassed
den...his reply to SaJan..."tum log meri biwi nhi ho" 
me too love dis name more dan anything...Nupur Mayank Sharma...sigh!!!Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
phir mirror ke samne...wen he expressed his possessiveness for HIS wife...Embarrassed "party mein meray sath rehna" m i clear!!!" ...i loved dis line n his dis Possessiveness...SIGH!!!!!!!!
n den party mein me too hate dos kind of men yuckkk...
n Pooja...LOLROFLLOL i loved Nupur's Reply..."waise I doubt pooja, mayank toh mujhe almost 13 years se janty hain..she said proudly" so she became like her usual self here like B4..Day DreamingEmbarrassedDay Dreaminghayyy!!!!!! ROFLROFLROFL
n Mayank's confirmation..."ji...excuse us...stupid!!!"...ROFLLOLROFL
n den GunUr's Teasing...hay!!!
it was sooo cuteee...i was laughing like anything...ROFL
bt wht Nupur's dis line make me worried like hell..."woh issliyen ke inko yaqeen nhi hota, that there husband not even for a second will look at other with such thoughts, never it can be..." my Heart was almost caught in a fist wid a though dat wht will happen wen Nupur will say Mayank abt her Doubt on him!!!OuchBroken HeartOuch
i know m thinking too!!!!!!!
i hope all alwaysss go well like dis...
n OMG!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.Mayank Sharma actually kissed her in d party infront of so many ppl..ShockedEmbarrassedShocked
evn me too cant blv it...Day DreamingLOLDay Dreaming
loved it lodsss...
loved it to d coreee...
love u API...HugHugHug
Thanks for updating...Hug
i was dying to read it...Embarrassed
will b waiting eagerly for d next part...Day Dreaming

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Auroni.92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Dii what a wonderful part...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
I wanna give u a BIGG BIGG hug for updating such a LONG part and also for making it romantic...I really ws upset yesterday and wanted something that can make my mood better...
And u came like a life saver...I ws feeling so content after reading this and went to bed with a light heart, ws feeling that everything will be fine like MayUr here...

I laughed so hard that Mayank dint realize that his phn is buzzing, bell is ringing that too for 15 mins...hayee nupur ka asar toh ache se dikh raha hai...
And then the teasing part ws so funny...specially this 'tum dono bheeg gay the….ohhooo..'..I can surely imagine samrat's face here...And Mayank hayee he looks soo cute while blushing.Day Dreaming..I can remember his expression in MJHT when shilpa aunty used to tease him...hayee mera Mayu...

The aftermath of kiss ws beautifully written.
ClapClap.the feeling of being in love, feeling of first kiss, the shyness, the lost sense all wr portrayed beautifully...I myself ws lost dii toh un dono ka kya haal hua hoga...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Loved Mayank's possessive self...aur kya tareeka hai tareef karne ka wah...LOL

ShockedShocked..kaunsi channel pe aa rahi hai yeh news..LOL.goshh i ws shocked...Mayank and expressing his feelings that too publically...Pata nahi suraj kaha se nikla...LOL

Loved this filler update dii...All wr so beautiful and tension free...
Now waiting for the big moment...u can guess main kiski baat kar rahi hoon..
So cont soon dii..
Love ya loads...Hug

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Thank u so much Fiza for updating it *hugs*
it was beautiful update as usual...
i loved Mayank irritation recieving Samrat
i could imagine his face when Samrat and Gunjan unexpected arrival broke their beautiful moment..Loved teasing session and the last part...
BTW i was dreaming for something else..Day DreamingWink
lagta hai agli update tak intezaar kerna ho ga...
loved it n plzzz this time continue soon

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maria.

Thank u so much Fiza for updating it *hugs*
it was beautiful update as usual...
i loved Mayank irritation recieving Samrat
i could imagine his face when Samrat and Gunjan unexpected arrival broke their beautiful moment..Loved teasing session and the last part...
BTW i was dreaming for something else..Day DreamingWink
lagta hai agli update tak intezaar kerna ho ga...
loved it n plzzz this time continue soon

thnsk dear for liking it ...
i know, actually myself i havent thought of that moment yet, so i donot know wch update its cuming up..but ya within next two

will try n cont soon

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
awsm update lvd it yarr 
thax fr Pm

plzzz start CSI 3 plzzz plzzz

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daniella05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2012 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
awesome n romantic part...
continue soon

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