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Gar Mujh Ko yaqeen hota .MN link2 next thread 145 (Page 104)

-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 1:11am | IP Logged
lovely update fiza ...nice one ...waiting for next one...

-Samira- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 6:41am | IP Logged
                       Plzzz Fiza update sooon sis
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 9:25am | IP Logged
will be updating today at...11:30 pSt///if the light and net will be in my favour...surly will update today..
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 10:57am | IP Logged

So here is the next part…for those who wait late till night as I am a late night updater, pls either u can pm me or scrap me to ask, I certainly donot like making u all wait and devoid of sleep….ur free to interact with me…I wont mind..thnks for loving this ff so much

Rplyd to u all…..

Thanks for liking the previous part..

Okay for those who didn't got it, last update the moments tht were shown were not over night if u look closely they were of random days

Hope u like this too

Lov ya fiza




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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged


Gunjan: yeah lo, tumhar lawyer day ker gay a hai

Mayank: kya hai

Gunjan: yeah dekh…

She forward a file and he opened the file with a suspious frown and that change into a grin…

Mayank: oye waoo…finally yeah transfer hogay..

Gunjan: ji..hogaya…ab ja aur celebrate ker…

Mayank: this means a lot gunjan..i know that….thank GOD…

Gunjan: chal mein bus yeah dayny aai thi…byee….

Taking the file in his hand and he moved out of the office towards his home


Nupur: hum kaha jarahy hain

Mayank: ek kam hai ….he said calmly

Nupur: tu mein kyun jarahi hooo…

Mayank: kyun I want to…

Nupur: mayankkk….

Mayank: ji…

Nupur: ap nhi batay ga…

Mayank: nhi…

Nupur: fine…

Yeah tu…her face expression changed from frown to shock and than she looked at him questionably

Mayank: bahar aoo

Nupur: per hum yaha kyun aay hain….

It was nupur's house , her dad's one

Mayank: he opened her side of door and took her hand, aao tu bata hoon….nupur sabash aao..

Nupur: per kyun…

Encircling his arm around her he took her inside the house, opening the door

Nupur: hum yaha kyun aay hain

Mayank: nupur tumhara ghar hai nhi asakti kiya….

The tears tht she was in fear will cum out made there way at the term her house, that she so knew is now not her's

Standing in the corridor she was looking all around it was same …

Nupur: it's sold na…ap akhiri baar dekhny layin hain ..hai na…

Mayank: nhi…owner ko yeah ghar dayny laya hoon..

Nupur: matlab woh bhi yaha hai….tu pls mjhy nhi rehna yaha…

Mayank: nupurrr….yeah ghar aj se ap k naam per hai, han I know 5 months bad wedding gift k koi logic nhi but…I am sorry I am always late…he said crsoing his arms as a matter of fact

Took sumtime to her to register and than believe his words, is he really saying tht she….but how cum

Nupur: JI,,,

Was the only shivering word escaped from her mouth as a question

Mayank: its urs , u owe it ….legally too…

Her eyes widen and the only thing she can thought of doing is to run towards him an fall in his open arms ,embrace him and that's exactly she did…he smiled and enclosed her in his arms tightly and feel her sobs, and breaking in to tear…holding her tightly he let her make her heart feel light..yet he was hating her tears and wht he can say to stop them he just donot know

Mayank: shh…bus nupur….

But her sobs increase…

Mayank: pls ….

He broke a bit away to have glimpse of her, cupping her face he wipes of her tears..and she again hugged tht only thing he thought was better to let her be like this….he kept rubbing her back and she was crying her heart out after so long or maybe the frist time after all that has happened

Nupur: u donot know wht this house means to me….

He was just kept caressing her hairs…holding her tight

Nupur: bhai said there just mere walls, kya farak parta hai…dad and mom did so much for this house…so much..u wont belive how much they did to make a home for all of us…each n evry little thing mom did it herself, even they painted the walls by themselves with the workers, each corner was decor with a thought of there life, everything has them…there not just mere walls..

She moved abit and he again wiped her tears signaling her not to cry

Nupur: thanku…thanku so much..she said with smile between her tears

Mayank: I did for myself nupur… I wasn't able to do it for mine but I can do it for urs, I know how it feels …

Nupur: apka ghar…

Mayank: choro…..abhi apna ghar dekho…and check koi cheezay missing na hoo…specially in ur room..

Nupur: mein ghoom ker ati hoon..

He chukled ..han sure…

They had their diner here. the way she was looking and checking everything and talking about all he definitely donot want her to go from here until she doesn't wants to…she was roaming around taken him with her…. Telling him story of each corner…..he may not speak too much , but he was enjoying this side of her after so long, this was the Nupur he use to see at her university, smiling nah laughing enjoying and talking n talking

Nupur: apko pata hai..

Mayank: nhi…he said teasingly

Nupur: mayank…ap bore tu nhi horahy na

Mayank: bulkily nhi…..

Nupur: han tu mein kiya kah rahi thi…u know wht u jhoola mein ny papa se kitna zid ker k lagwaya tha..i even didn't took food for a day….yeah mjhy itna pasand hai na..she swing on that

Mayank: jab hi ap apny room mein bhi jhooly per hi milti hain hamesha…

These are all ur creditenials…..she stod up from the swing and came near the wall with loads of pictures and certificates

Nupur: no its all of us….hum sab k hain yeah…per haan zayda meray  hain..she said proudly

Mayank: aur yeah shimla ki hai na…itni dhand thi nupur aur apko phr se ice cream. Aur woh bhi do ek sath

It was the moment when mayank saw her in shimla..and he was smiling at her that moment..though in picture she has only one of the ice creams in hand

Nupur: han tu itna maza ata hai….she was grinning and then turned into shock and mayank was now worried….mar gay was only thing tht he got say

Per apko kasay pata….k yeah shimla aur hum waha per….

Mayank: nupur…woh actually sigh…kuch hai jo tumko nhi pata humaray baray mein….

Nupur: kya….she asked worriedly

Mayank: acha chalo bhait ker baat kertay hain….

He makes her sit on the sofa and set close to her…

Mayank: dekho pehly meri pori baat suna..plss…don't assume thing first…mein ny tumko islyan initially kuch bataya k tum pata nhi kiya socho gi

Nupur: mayank ap kiya bol rahin hai…asi kiya baat hai….

Mayank: nupur I know u way back….when u must be 14 or sum

Nupur: KYA>>>asa kasy hosakta hai

Mayank: nupur pls let me speak first….he said pleadingly

It was like way back in 1999, july, it was someone's wedding reception, u were in black..that was the first  time I saw u…

Nupur: july…she was thinking though her senses were not at all responding to her…he knows her but she doesn't remember him at all…how cum….

.woh tu bhaiya..per ap kyun thy waha…

Mayank: he smiled…I don't know, gunjan was invited, I don't know why , I just went to pick her up…tht was the day I saw u for the first time, I won't say I fall for u tht very day….but u did left an impact on me…quite an impact,

He wasn't looking at her narrating the story yet he was looking aimlessly at a point, as if he has all those moments running in front of him like a movie, but his expressions took her breath away, the glint in his eyes, the slight smile on his face, they way he was telling each an everything though quite plainly, yet his eyes has so much, so much seems like he was describing his the most beautiful dream…as if each an every memory about her was the most precious, the most beautiful

Mayank: than it doesn't stopped there, me Samrat and gunjan went for holidays to shimla and their u and ur father n mom were enjoying, and u as usual was busy eating ice cream in winter, he shocked his head, and smile that's how I know u like wch flavor

Ur and mine department at university is nearby, we use the same canteen tht u all do, so I do get to know ur name from there, and now and then did get to see u,

U were quite different person those day, free flying, fun and loads of leg pulling, he chuckled though he wasn't looking still at her and she smiled..

And then Chachi asked me to visit ur house though I didn't know its urs, yet she made me go and see a girl, somehow I did though I hate doing it and I was so irratated..and the moment I saw u…

I was left in daze, never in my thoughts I ever knew u will be there right ther infront of me he said this with so much excitement in his voice like literally he just saw the best sight

Mayank: …and so in such way…I never asked for u, nevr though I can

"Such way" she smiled again…can't say I am proposing u …

Mayank: and I certainly do not want this chance to go away, so I told chachi that I agree..

And here starts my leg pulling….but things went differently, and his smile vanished and strange rage appears in his eyes..she was simply watching his expression with tears in her eyes….

What she thought and what is the truth are two different poles of reality, he married her cause he wants her, anyone can see love in his eyes they way he is telling this all, who is tht stupid to enchant a girls image in his heart from more than 10 years of life, how can some one be so unconditionally in love with her, how much he loved her always..alwys…

Mayank: I was there at uncles funeral, chachi was too, but I over heard ur brothers talk and I certainly donot want u to believe u have no one or u need to live with them, maybe I use the situation , and took advantage of ur vulnerable side, but he looked at her, nupur certainly this was not the reason…I ..i just want…I just donot want all this …I mean I wanted u to took charge of ur life…not others, mera tumhain dhokay se shadi kerny k koi irada nhi tha..

She was looking at him in complete disbelieve, a complete disbelieve, is this was the betrayal he was talking to gunjan that day, gosh is he mad or what, this is a betrayal,  is this a betrayal….her silence and his not completely letting out words that he loves her thts why took the step , all was making him worried more n more, does his fear tht she didn't understand all that were right…

Mayank: nupur us waqt nhi bataya cause mein nhi chahta tha k tum mjhy koi sardak per gharay laraky ki tarha samjho jo ati jati larkyoon ko dekh ker proposal dayta hai …asi baat nhi hai…I respect u too much….

It was getting hard for her to control her emotions, her guilt at the top and his cutest fears, ya she finds his fears and hesitations cute now, he always thing he might have hurt her, he might have took advantage, he may have betrayed her, and wht will happen if he will get to know the person whom he said he respect the most is the person who said he is bloody cheap person who used girls and threw them away….ans just sympathize with them

She couldn't look into his eyes , there was shame and guilt in them and even couldn't let him see her expression, tears fall from her eyes and he was hell angry on himself now…

Mayank: nupur plss…

And the next moment she hugged him, he didn't hugged her back, though he definitely has an urge to, and stop her from crying, but some how he still doesn't know does he still have tht right or not..

Mayank: nupur tum ghusa hoo, I donot want to hurt u bus, us waqt mjhy nhi samhj aya k tumhain kya baatao…

Sigh..stupid ullu, bewaquf, khud tu boltay nhi mjhy se poray confession chaiy, she smiled inside thinking , he still cant guess, why will she hug him if she is angry, god he is one in a billion..not even million

Nupur: mein ap se naraz kyun hongi….u did all this for me and mein hi ap se ghussa hojao gi…mayank ap bhi na….but u still doesn't told me why u get married to me, she said hiding more in him, blushingly …

If u can't say it by urself, I will make u, huh …she really wanted to hear what his heart is holding for her, she has been a dam expressive person always said bluntly whatever she thought and here she got an husband who even donot speak wht needs to be said than confession was far away from his thought, so if he can't she can make his say

And with this question she found his arms encircled around her and he placed his chin on her head, and breath in relief….

Mayank: hmm apko nhi pata….he smiled

She nodded in no…

Mayank: u know it nupur……I have to say it? ..typical woman…

She nodded in yes,

Mayank: cause I love you Mrs Nupur Mayank Sharma…

She hugged him more tight and he too pulled her close, but again found his shoulder getting wet…

Mayank: nupur roh kyun rahi hoo …hurt nhi hoi ho tu…pls..

He broke apart and cupped her face

Nupur: u gave me more than ever I thought in my dreams… u love me way more than I deserve mayank,

Mayank: chup..ainda na suno..he said authorizing pulling her into hug….

Staying like this, he felt his heart relaxed after so long he isn't keeping anyting inside from her, no lies now he has from her, though her mind was now and then cursing her yet she shrug those feelings, she definitely donot want to ruined her today in guilt of yesterday, but yes she might never tell him all tht she though now, she even cant take risk of doing so, wht exactly he will react as, she donot know…she even didn't want to think slightly moving away, she looked at him

Nupur: ghar chalein…she said with a smile…

Mayank: sure?...

She placed her head again on his shoulder and cuddle more…

Nupur: hmm…chalein  she moved away and looked at him with smile, and he return the smile placed his hand on her cheek and peck her forehead…

Mayank: chalo…slightly rubbing his thumb on her skin he said so with a smile


Tere haath se meray haath tak, Wo jo haath bhar ka tha fasla
Kai musamon main badal gaya
Isey napty isey kaatey, Mera sara waqat nikal gaya


PS: readers n writers my like is at time working at times sorry for tht

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Fiz ji...power cut hone se pehle update ker dain...:)

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maria.

Fiz ji...power cut hone se pehle update ker dain...:)
lay ji kerdiya...
hope u enjoy itSmile

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by Maria.

Fiz ji...power cut hone se pehle update ker dain...:)
lay ji kerdiya...
hope u enjoy itSmile
P.S...kisi ka bhi Like button work nahi ker raha..ll press later n ll comment too...Embarrassed

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