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Mistis thoughts 16th september 2011 (Page 4)

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by fatssrilanka

Misti,loved your thoughts.Loved yesterday's episode specially because Dev finally woke up & reminded himself about the injustice which has been done to Radhika. I hope he fights for her & gets back her reputation & her position in society.Loved the romantic moments of RaDev. Coming back to Barkha it doesn't seem that she loves Dev,but she wants the power & position of a RPtian. I think she's got an aide in either daai or someone out of PB.Maybe her mom or it could be someone whowants to become an RP himself. Loved the waryness in RaDev when they come to know that Dev & Barkha have to spend the night in a cottage & when daai blesses them that their God bless their jodi. Whatever happens I hope that both RaDev stay together & fight the evil & I'm keeping my fingers crossed for SR.
Thanks fatssrilanka...according to what they showed yesterday it seems that Barkha has an will be interesting if she is only after the property because then it will be a bit different. Anyway lets see what zee has up its sleeves for us.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 November 2009
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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chalhov

By the way if I heard correctly, in the judgment hall that senior RP helped the man two years back to free his wife...well other than the fact that this shows what a big hypocrite this old chap was, I mean he can help some other person but could not help Radhika ...not because he could not but because he did not want to...but the important thing is... did the old chap help this man from his bed, when he was paralyzed and could not write, sit or talk.

another howler by Cvs how can RP help him when he is a paralytic lying on the bed Is it 2 years or 12 years...I was laughing here...makes me wonder who is writing the episodes.

Interesting thoughts MIsti the story is changing and yesterday BH being on the phone talking to someone.

Liked both the Romantic scenes of Radhika and Dev which are different from the earlier ones.Wink and also the thoughtful looks on both their faces on the events happening.liked the thoughtful looks more than the romantic scene...prefered the romantic scene aat the end of the episode because that is something that only Rads will think to do for Dev, since it is birthday. Dev is more Bhola of the two judging people  and trusts BH more who will give him a kick in his face and waiting eagarly to see the conspirators involved in this. they have made him bhola...he was not bhola because he was the one who charaged at Barkha that what is she after? Money or him? beforethe wedding. No doubt money power and Dev has gotten into Bh and she will try to snatch all from Radhika and maybe successful in the short run but she does not comprehend the steely nature of Radhika when Radhika is on the correct path so lets see if these CVs make it interesting track they are trying to rope in viewers by showing the promo or will the viewers compare it to the CB1 marriage fire track and not get attracted  lets see and it also matters what they show in the episode.. Somehow this Dai also may have some agenda this old man seemed to have made many hidden foes for PF .well seeing the way the old chap has treated Radhika and Chaya, he might have treated others the same I will not be durprised if he has hidden foes...
Radhika is not at all pleased with Barkha's SR scheme as all her schemes have landed her into trouble and a bad name for her so she is quite worried (yes...Radhika is wary of Barkha) whereas Dev  has been dumbed down by the Cvs so thinks its good scheme and he will get to spend the night with his Radhika...yes otherwise they cannot show Barkha in the script...I am guessing that until Barkha is there on the screen Dev will be dumbed down.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by instcris

Interesting point of view, Misti, in front of Daima's position on the couple  Radev. Me too it seems strange  her wish addressed to Dev and Barka, seemed premeditated. Didn't even Daima is Barka ally, didn't Daima is  the messenger and the defender to Dadaji's verbal testament to keep clean Rajpuroit name only the union between Dev and Barka? Anyway, I liked how Dev felt as profoundly  was injured Radhika  on hearing Daima's words. He insisted that only his wife Radhika and I think it will struggle to regain their legitimate rights of his wife.

Beautiful poster Cristina...I won't be surprised  if dai wants Barkha to be with Dev ...that as you have said will keep the image of the family clean...and the other option of her being upto something is also there. 

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anukapoor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

 Todays thoughts-

 Misti, very nice post.

Radhika can go to any extent for Dev...She is a bit wary of others seeing her kissing Dev but still does it showing not care attitude for society.

Yes, you are right. Rads can go to any extent for her KK. Though she was little apprehensive that the family members will see her kissing him, she was more concerned for him than abt herself or abt them...Very good to see that they kept her consistent in that regard...I particularly liked Rubina's face expression, when she feels so puzzled at Dev's demand in the kitchen...She was quite good throughout the episode...


Then when Barkha says that you go out and become a RPtian and I will stay at home and be Dev's wife... Radhika is not happy. Later in the main hall when dai blesses Dev and Barkha and says that may they always be a couple, Radhika's heart is broken. She is ok if someone takes RPtian but not her right as his wife. So she was lying all this time when she was forcing Dev and Barkha's marriage (well she kept her eyes down and avoided her eye contact) and Dev's description of the first childhood wedding and that it was the reason behind dada dying, because the old chap understood that the wedding could not be broken did it's work.

Yes, it was quite evident on her face that she did not like Dai to refer Barkha as Dev's w***...It was disgusting...Even Barkha mentioning those lines did not sit well with me...What kind of so called mother is this Dai?? She never cared about Dev, at least not like how his own mother would care...

Later on in the hall when Barkha says her plan...the two people who first reacted are Radhika and Rohan. Radhika is wary of it and later on throws a worried look at Dev when she hears that she has to sneek in. Rohan was reclining with a sneer on his face against a pillar, but when he heard Barkhas's proposal he immediately stood to attention...

Yes, Rohan is very careful and watching her moves. Also he is smart when it comes to reading people...Radhika is not happy with the situation...What would be Rohan's reaction and moves would be interesting to watch...I was never interested in B's character and after she turning full fledged negative character, it would be even more one dimensional to me...But Rohan is another story...I like the actress who plays Padma...she has nice expressions and plays the role of the insecured woman very well...But it was quite silly to see the whole mirchi scene with Dai other day...You are right, we never got closure about Amma and hence I cannot relate to Dai also...even though Gopi Desai is such a good actress...

Dev is in his dream world...he finally realized today via dai the harsh truth in this weird arrangement , that this is not solution and seeing Radhika's downcast eyes tells her that he will give his rights back. In the justice chamber, he is again reminded of the fact that he lied when the path of truth is a different one. Most probably he will never be given the dialogue that he did wrong in fulfilling Radhika' s wishes, because in doing that he has not only harmed the Rajpurohiti but also harmed Radhika more.

yes again, he realized that the path he chose is incorrect...but I too wish this came from self realization...also one thing that is bothering me is, not once has he spoke to himself or to Rads about his mom...wishing his mom was there for that he knows that she is alive ...I hope he is given more meaningful dialogues about what you mentioned yday and also about his mom...

...and now he decides to give up the RP and teach Rohan to do all this stuff and teach him the right way!! (But how can Dev teach Rohan? I mean Rohan was wrong but Dev was also does it make Dev a good teacher to teach Rohan anything regarding responsibilities and Rajpurohiti?   andfew days back he was ignoring Rohan...and now he thinks that Rohan can do all this...why? Oh yes...because how else can Barkha do what she has to do in tmrws episode).

Again Dev is not thinking...making Rohan the RP will not solve...DDjji never wanted Rohan to be RP, that was just false idea that BB had put in everyone's mind...why is Dev holding on to it even now? Also how can he trust him again? This soon? What changes has he seen?? And how can he be a good teacher, when he himself has made a mistake or rather blunder...But yes because of this conv, Barkha madam can plan her things now...

 Anyway, so that is why Radhika had that dialogue regarding Rohan doing all these stuff for his redemption...wonder if Rohan will want to get into Radhika's good books in the future? Or will he really change? Then when Barkha tells the plan regarding 17th, Dev accepts it although Radhika is worried...I am just thinking how much the creatives are going to dumb down Dev for this Barkha track. The guy who was ready to kidnap Radhika to protect her from Rohan needs someone else to tell him that what he did was wrong in protecting his wife's reputation? Who the heck is writing the script? And I am guessing that he will be dumped down more ...well Barkha knows that he is ready to give up Rajpurohiti, she is in the good books of Dev and Dev trusts her (well her consoling Dev and standing up or Dev in front of everyone has done that) what sort of emotional blackmailing is Barkha going to apply here? Is she going to make Dev belief in something that is an illusion...the truth of which will be realized by Radhika (she is the one who is freaked out in the promo and is shocked).or is society going to believe in some illusion and Radhika and Dev will know the truth..Barkha can go to any extent for what she believes in or wants.Yes, Dev trusts her only because she was consoling him and try to argue with rads for him...and more imp because he is under this brahm that Barkha is well wisher and friend...the day the brahm tootega...your bole will become bhum bhum...:) But I think Rohan and to some extent Radhika are wary of this Barkha...Even the Nyay sabha in yday scene, everyone was praising RPian...I think all this is getting to Barkha's head...just like the other day, when that woman was praising RPian and touching her feet...But it wd be interesting to see who will be Barkha's saathi in this whole game...will it her mom or Viraat??? or someone else ?? Only today's episode will tell...




In the main hall...Padma is back to her selfish, insecure self...she is more worried about the image than the truth that Dev pointed out...and she said that one has to do all this. Guess it's her experience talking here...everyone knows that she is nothing but Hari's glorified mistress but no one is saying it out of respect for this she thinks if  she can live like this then why not others?...but what is with dai? She blessed Dev and Barkha as a that honest mistake or is that what she wants? Few days back when all the family members said yes to Dev's proposal and stood behind him, it was only dai and Barkha's mother who stood back and did not join the crowd? I can understand barkha's mother...but dai? Is it because she thinks she is a servant or is it something else? Even today after listening to Barkha's proposal she had a weird look. Also what is with Barkha and badi bahu..the way they go at each other's throat shows either they really hate each other or they are acting to show that they hate each other.

 Dai and Barkha are too goody goody with each other...Don't feel anything for these two... I dont  think BB is with Barkha...

By the way if I heard correctly, in the judgment hall that senior RP helped the man two years back to free his wife...well other than the fact that this shows what a big hypocrite this old chap was, I mean he can help some other person but could not help Radhika ...not because he could not but because he did not want to...but the important thing is... did the old chap help this man from his bed, when he was paralyzed and could not write, sit or talk.

That was so hilarious...the guy who could not move, gave judgement...vah bhai vah...Also the guy who could give justice to his own DIL (Chaya) and now the grand DIL (Rads) ...what nyay that guy would give to stranger's wife??? Who is writing script???


Interesting gifts to Dev from Radhika on his birthday...Kishkanhayeeya written on cake and not Dev, her company and his flute.

 I did not see this edited on the website...:(

As for acting...again for me it was Rubina as Radhika...I was looking for her expression throughout...she is not speaking much but her expressions indicate clearly as to what she is feeling or thinking. Liked Avinash and his scene with Radhika, also liked his expression in the hallway after dai's dialogue and in the judgment hall. ...and liked Rohan and his sneering.

Yes, it was Rubina for me too...

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