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SmileAaj Ka den Mr Neeraj Sachdeva ke Naam!!!!!!!!Smile

With the key people in Geet team falling sick, we have had to deal with filler episodes...and needless to add these fillers have been totally mindless devoid of any humor element though the main thought behind them was comedy!!!
Having sensible parallel tracks has been the greatest challenge in the show...and whenever one of the leads or both fall sick like this week, the audience has been subjected to the torture of mindless episodes...
There are two things you must do...
Bring the passion back in  Maaneet relationship. The passion is totally missing since that MSK has accepted Geet , we need to see his pull and attraction towards his wife...we need to see how he once again falls in love with her, how he cannot resist her. We want to see that journey of falling in love once again. DD and GC are powerful actors when directed give us that passion back.
Devini marriage sage has been the most ludicrous track so far...a girl who wanted to do PHD and never wanted to marry is suddenly so despo that she can't wait for anything. Has anyone opposed her alliance with Dev that she wants to marry him right away?????? Why can't she tell her mother or brother and what is the tearing hurry to marry and that too in MSK's house???Shocked that's ridiculousness at its worst!!!
I know DD and GC are unwell so fillers are inevitable...Why can't you show Nandu finally having second thoughts abt the whole thing. In this melee, not once has she felt guilty about not telling her mother or brother about it, not once we saw a mature convo between her and Dev about this issue. Why was the issue made in a comedy circus at its worst...why couldn't it be a mature episode...what we saw this week lacked vision and was completely uncreative!!!!
First of all, no Devini shaadi!!!!  I have not seen a single mature convo between the 2 so how can they marry???? Dev needs to tell everything to Nandu...we need several scenes with devini mature convo...I dont wanna see their desponess to get married...period!!!!
Devini cannot marry without Geet telling maan about it!! How can Geet hide it from maan. She is in a more delicate situation in her married life and she wants to jeopardize that by hiding from her hubby???? No way!!!!!
Since preeto is back...and lucky married her, we need to know the whole story behind it...why did they marry???? why did they marry decreetly???? Show us Maaneet flashbacks in the meantime...these things will cover a few epsiodes and by that time DD and GC will be back...
Beeji's kids have got spoilt since coming to Delhi...both wanting to have runaway already did and second one has challenged her BFConfused
Can we please have some sanity back in the show??????? A sincere request...
For DD and GC...our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery...take rest, get well and come back with a bang!!!! Your audience misses you a lot but has the patience to wait for you to recover!!!  GELL WELL SOON!!!!! HugHugHugHug Hug

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Message for GC-DD and GHSP CVs

Gurmeet and Drashti get well soon ..take full rest this week and come shining next week once u both r fully fit and fine ...we all r praying for u ...and creatives we r fine with filler but plsss give us a bit of a sensible filler which we can tolerate rather than just a mindless comedy circus ...its just a request
Message for Neeraj Sachdeva regarding our concerns on Geet Show
Since we hv time and again discussed all the blunders that have been made in the show so far from bad choice of parallel tracks to character inconsistency to lack of passion in Maaneet scenes ,this time I will not complain but will only suggest few points to Mr.Neeraj Sachdeva since he is the creative head of our show and will hope that he will look into these points and will try to implement it in the show for some damage control and betterment of the show ..
1)GHSP is neither a RomCom flick nor a comedy show ...its a passionate tale of Maan and Geet where passion and desire hv always played an important role in their relationship and so now when the track is based on Memory loss where once again Maan is about to fall for his wife Geet all over again ,why can't the same passion and desire come back in the show which we witnessed during Kurbaan hua or Wheres the party tonight days ...Please bring that passion back in Maaneet scenes ...
2)We have made a spl FB page where we have given all the reasons of why we want Reduction in Devini scenes and Mama-Lucky completely out of the show as they both r simply wasted in the show ...Plss go through the page as the intention of this page is not to hurt any actor or character but just to make sure that unwanted characters like Jugnu Mama drinking 24/7 or Lucky eating muft ki roti on his brother-in-law ka paisa does not give a wrong picture to the audience who have loved this show for long time and such characters might just make the viewers loose respect not only for the show but also for the channel overall for introducing such characters and glorifying alcohol consumption...
Here is that FB Page
3)People are not against Dev-Nandini track if its been portrayed in a matured way rather than making it look like a silly teen romance where even marriage is made a mockery in the name of challenge Thumbs Down ;Please make Dev confess about his past truth to Nandini which is related to his fake marriage with Geet and then let Nandini take this decision of whether she still wants to marry Dev or not and then people will accept the Devini track with a pinch of salt ...
4)Please avoid Dev-Geet pyaare devar-bhabhi scenes as even though the CVs might hv moved on but we viewers r still left with the scars of what Dev has done to Geet and it pains our heart when we see them as normal Devar-Bhabhi without Dev going through any proper redemption ...
5)Apart from the main leads Maan and Geet ,we see almost everyone from Jugnu Mama to Nandini regularly enjoy new costumes and makeovers ..Why ?? Ouch ;Can we plsss expect a proper makeover for our female lead Geet and can she get rid of those tent like suits and 2.5 meter long dupattas plss ?...Can we expect those old patiyala suits or some sarees on Geet plsss and get her neck wala dupattas plss ...if possible keep her hair open and try to make her look like a 19yr old girl and not some 30+ behenji ...
6)Can we get to see some Hoo-haa Tai-Chi action from Maan plsss where he can get some past flashes of Geet Embarrassed ;Its been a long time we have not seen Maan doing tai-chi and we r missing it a lot Cry ;Its high time that MSK starts getting some past flashes of Geet and so what a better way than show it while he is doing his Tai-Chi sessions Tongue
7)In the present scenario one of the major problems is character inconsistency ...Geet sometimes acts matured and then next episode she is back to her silly and OTT self Ouch ;Even Maan these days acts extra lost and too much subdued Ouch ;These r not the original Maan and Geet we know plss try to maintain their original characteristics in the plot ...Geet is bubbly but also smart and intelligent ,so plss dont make her a bimbo while MSK has a heart of gold but he is always a man with attitude and arrogence plss keep that intact even if he is suffering from Memory loss ...
8)We have been shouting over the rooftops for one passionate rain sequence between Maaneet it so difficult ?? Ermm, plsss can we hv one now to get the passion element back in the show Big smile
9)Can we get some interesting parallel tracks like Adi-Pinky Embarrassed and can NT make a comeback in the show again so that Devini track can generate some interest Ermm ...and plss get rid of rest of the Amritsar crowd from Khurana Mansion as like I said they r not of any use anymore Smile
10)Last but not the least plss increase Maaneet screentime to at least 12-13 minutes daily and rest of the 5-6 minutes can b dedicated to other characters ...also plsss make sure Maaneet scenes in between r not interuppted with Devini saga as then Maaneet scenes looses the impact and so keep Maaneet and Devini scenes separate instead of merging them ...Maaneet r the show's real pillar of strength ,so when actors r fully available plsss use your strength in a better way Embarrassed
In case anyone has a query what is the definition of Passionate Tale here u go ..this is our original Maaneet and this is GHSP:A passionate tale ...this picture says it all Embarrassed..We want this back againSmile

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Mr. Neeraj Sachdeva

I am writing you this message as you are currently credited as the creative Producer of the series Geet-HSP. I am an avid NRI viewer of the show. Infact I shell almost $60 to satellite  just to catch Maan and Geet  on the television. The SO channel is not even offered as ala-carte.

Till date I have not even missed an episode and catch almost every repeat.The point is you can understand how close to my heart this show is.

I had chanced upon the show last June during my vacation to India and was blown away by the taut script and the chemistry of the leads affectionately called Gurti. 

Geet has till date been shown different from every female protagonist in Indian soap..The show offered a girl standing up against the odds and surviving with sheer grit.The hero is unlike any other wimpy lead we have seen in usual saas bahu sagas'He stands for principles and his brother was an anti-thesis to his persona..

Now coming to the point ...I am sure u are aware of the feedbacks  on the FB-Geet wall, Star One GHSP wall and various phone calls and forums'

1.        Dev and Nandini are leaving a bitter taste in our mouth. The victim Geet even if she has forgiven him as per creative license...we are unable to connect with her supporting the clandestine marriage of her sister and her abuser. Imagine the women who watch the show'many who might have been unable to have punished their RL abusers, how can they watch it.

The worst thing is Geet being pally with Dev and hiding the truth about Dev-Geet past. We can't even comprehend if Nandini is aware of their past. We want Dev to confess which would make his redemption believable.

2.        Nandini'Her character was introduced as an educated, shrewd, smart woman who preferred gaining knowledge at the varsity'pursue PhD and better her life rather than marry'Now last couple of weeks'she has been reduced from a poised young woman to make up toting, forever combing, dress crazy teenager (if u want it straight a bimbo ). Why this 180 degree turn in her character? Can't she be shown visiting library or college or at least read a book to show she is an aspiring student? And what is the rush to get her married? That too with a guy who keeps changing women..NT, Geet , Meera and now Nandini.

3.        Why are the women in the show Geet (19), Nandini (18) or Preeto (18) married off so soon to men who by their work experience must be 30-35 yr grp' It would have been different if the men had encouraged them to study or do jobs rather than tied to kitchen and play dress up.

4.        Geet and her clothes'This issue has been ongoing request forever.Why is Geet dressed up so matronly..Even 30+ women do not wear such clothes now a days-More fitting clothes like she wore during initial office days is preferable.

5.        The actor playing Lucky is good.I just wish Lucky takes his life seriously and proves himself by taking some responsibilities with Adi at KC'His screen time is reduced to mollycoddling alcoholic Mamaji...A good actor is being wasted.

6.        Mamaji might be comic relief. But You are advocating alcoholism.  Drinking at puja's and infront of Daadi.It was not funny sir.Please educate the audience the perils of excess drinking and rehab. Your audience will applaud you. You can even have mama find a companion in old age during his comic adventures. Senior citizens also can find partners in life. A social message to inspire audience.

7.        Maneet passion and intensity is what kept us glued to the show while rest of the tracks kept falling like dominoes.They are married for heaven sake. They can kick it up a notch.Even cartoons and nickelodeon channels show more spice.

8.        Ad-Pinky are fan favorites and they are adorable.Please show their scenes as fillers in case of leads absence.Audience will lap it up.
I am attaching you a link of a page that has many echoing my sentiments'This page has 220+ likes in less than 24 hours it was put up..Please read when you have time.
Thank you in advance for listening. Hoping the  fans wishes are taken seriously.


GC - DD get well soon...Hug   Praying for your quick recovery Smile


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Dear Mr Neeraj Sachdeva

Your assests - Maaneet
                Great starcast
                Loyal audience
                Lots of story to come

Your liabilities (I decided to describe them in detail LOL)

I am one of the die-hard fans of the show. My sister got me watching this show when she came to visit me and now she watches the show because of me. LOL

I love Maan and Geet but the characters of Maaneet have been butchered beyond recognition. I would like to lay all the blame at Mahesh Pandey's door, but the truth of the matter is he is not alone to blame for this mess.

The show was going great until GC went down with dengue. The show never recoveredCry just because the creatives and the makers made several major mistakes. Even at that point both leads were ill. We see the same situation being repeated a year later and this shows you have learned nothing. Ouch Cry Angry

Lack of banks
 You did not have a bank of episodes. We all have back up cash for emergencies and a plan in case something goes wrong. Why did you not have a bank of episodes.

Development of parallel tracks
Development of parallel tracks has always been a problem with this show. The Devini track was rife with possibilities but you chose the worst one. If you had done a track wherein Dev wanted to confess his love but is held back by his past and helplessly watches Nano being attracted to her friend, it would have been a great track. She could have come to Dev for advice and decided in the end (on her own) that her studies are too important at this juncture.

Wrong social messages
Most women do not like Dev they hate Dev. But you are being influenced by a few fans who are fans of the actor to show bullshit (forgive the expression but I call it like I see it). My mother stopped watching the show saying it is insulting to women.  Shocked
                 You started with a great social message but that has gone to the dogs and you are propagating all kinds of nonsense on the show now. You are giving wrong social messages to the audience.
Drinking: Mama does not care where he drinks and in front of whom he drinks. He drinks in front of daadi showing disrespect for an elder and he also drinks in poojas. This is totally unacceptable. Drinking destroys families and I cannot believe that you are actually promoting that on your show. Shocked Ouch
Women's Education: Showing Nano getting an edcucation would have been a great social message to send out when people still look down upon girls getting an education. Instead you are choosing to get women married at 18 and 19. After that instead of showing them pursuing an education, you show them in the kitchen. Pathetic. Thumbs Down. Show Geet doing on interior decorator's class or something.
Love story of a rapist: This is disgusting, nauseating and a complete turn off. It is downright filthy. Angry Thumbs Down. First you did not show a rapist being punished. Next you showed him being paly with his victim Thumbs Down. Third you showed him pursuing the victim's sister. Thumbs Down The unkindest cut of all is Geet is actually excited for her sister marrying him and now he will tell Nano nothing and Geet will tell Maan nothing. Ouch Thumbs Down This is so revolting I am running out of words to describe how immoral and sick this is.Dead

Hiding things from your spouse/sister/brother: This is the worst. How can Geet hide things from Maan and worse how can Dev marry Nano without telling her the truth Dead. Geet hiding this from Nano turns my stomach. Dead

Butchering of main characters
The character of Geet has been butchered beyond recognition to the point that many of us have a hard time linking her current avtaar to what she was last year. This needs to stop. If you get new writers, they need to have a boot camp to bring them up to speed. The writers need guidance and supervision. The supervisor cannot sleep on the job.

Costumes of the leads especially Geet are horrendous
Who is the female lead of your show? I think it is Nandini which is why she gets all the great clothes and which is also why people hate her. GEET IS THE NAME OF YOUR SHOW, SHE IS THE TITLE CHARACTER AND SHE SHOULD GET TOP BILLING. Please stop making excuses and get her some nice clothes to wear.

The drop in production values
The production values and attention to details have been affected massively. These need to improve. The sets and costumes for the leads look cheap and leave a lot to be desired. Please get your act together.

Lack of passion in Maaneet scenes
Please go see the Maaneet scenes from six months ago. They had a passion in them that was simply mesmerizing. Where is all that. You still have the same lead actors who are still committed to the show. So they are not the issue. The issue is the writing which is just not doing justice to your leads and instead is concentrating on side actors who do not have the capacity to carry a show on their shoulders.


Thank you for your time and patience.
Jhanavi S

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Message for Mr Neeraj Sachdeva

Hello Mr Sachdeva,

I'm a huge fan of Geet hui Sab Se Parayi. There are some issues about the show which I would like to bring to your notice since I think the quality of the show has gone down in the recent past due these.

1) Dev who was Geet's culprit is being portrayed as a saint. He has not yet served punishment for the crime he committed!! His so called redemption has been only a hogwash to accept him in a positive light. To make things worse now he is being married off to Geet's sister and Geet is happily accepting this. Sir, we find this completely sickening that a girl embraces her own culprit as her brother in law. Its a mockery of a woman's struggles and her misery!! Moreover neither Dev nor Geet have told Nandini (Geet's sister) about Dev's past. Such trivialization of such an important social issue is in very bad taste. We don't expect you to run a documentary on social issues here but a little bit of sensitivity will be highly appreciated!!!

2) Dev has never fully taken responsibility for his actions. He has very conveniently placed the entire blame on his wife Nayantara and the rest of his family has happily projected her as the evil witch who led their innocent son astray. This has angered the viewers even more since Dev is as much  if not more responsible for what happened with Geet and while Nayantara has paid for her crimes, Dev is being pampered by one and all and is being hailed as a saint!!! And now he's being rewarded for his ''good deeds'' with a marriage to the sister of the very girl who he had cheated!!!

3) Geet's behaviour with Dev is also one issue which is being handled poorly. She may have forgiven Dev for what he did with her but any woman would be wary of the man who cheated her. We are perplexed with the way she behaves with him as if nothing horrifying transpired between them ever!!! 

4) Nandini's behaviour is perplexing too. The girl is plunging into matrimony without a care for her family. What happened to the the traditional values instilled in her by her mother? How can one behave so irresponsibly!!!!

5) The portrayal of Jugnu mama is highly objectionable. Alcoholism is being glorified in the name of comedy. He has been shown drinking during the auspicious occasion of satyanarayan pooja too!! This is not only crass but also hurts the sentiments of many!!!

6) The characters from Amritsar are not being utilized well at all. Their scenes are sketched out just for the sake of comedy which most of the times is not even funny. Lucky was brought to Delhi with the purpose of him learning some office work under the guidance of Maan. But instead of focusing on this he has been shown mindlessly fooling around with Jugnu mama.

7) Last but most important. The focus from the lead pair..Maan & Geet has been dwindling away with each passing episode while the side characters are being given prominence. Maan & Geet is your USP. The viewers watch this show only for them. The side characters are tolerated because we are aware that in a daily show there's a need for other tracks but this should not come at the cost of the lead pair. Maan & Geet's chemistry, their passion is what drives this show. This is what makes this show different from others. Please capitalize on the fantastic chemistry the lead actors share on screen.

Sir, kindly look into these issues. This show is loved by many and the number of online fans is a testament to that and it pains us to see this show reduced to this. There's still a lot of scope left in the story and your lead pair Gurmeet Chuadhary and Drashti Dhami can work wonders with the right script. Only a little bit of imagination and creativity is needed from your creative team!!


Wishing Gc & DD a speedy recovery!! Please take good rest and come back to shoot only when you are fully fit. Missing you on screen...Embarrassed

Message from Shali to Mr Neeraj Sachdeva

dear mr Neeraj,


what to tell and what to ask...

let me start with my GHSP journey...

I started watching this serial cause off the storyline and DD... who I loved as Muskaan in DMG... a few epi's later came GC.. I wasn't impress but he became one of my favorite actors... but still DD and her portraying Geet was so beautiful...her acting was amazing... and the story was so touching and strong... I spend day's watching DD expressions... her hurt and pain... as a woman I could feel eyes were filled with tears...


Due to the pain off a woman who got betrayed... then I saw her strength to fight her family, to fight for the life off her unborn, to fight against her culprit and above all to fight against society. She was an example for others...she was a woman who I as a woman would look up to...


BUT... BUT...

A year later what is left off that girl...nothing... her character is butchered..I can't related to her anymore...just because she is friends with her culprit and allowing her own kin to marry her culprit...this  can't happen... how could the channel and PH show this...


Yes,  every person who committed an mistake/sin has the  right to repent... but not at the cost off the victim... forgiveness is important for the victim, so she can move on with her life... but again...her becoming friends and making her own sister marry the person due  to which she lost everything in life (her izzat, her, family and  her trust) is so not believable or acceptable...


What MSG are you giving now...what example are you setting... is this the Geet which you promoted...her character turned out to be a big slap in every woman face who have been through that trauma off fake marriage and rape (according to law and emotional)...

so what I am asking:

Coming to the story...

It was good till the Amritsar track was dragged to much... plus what was the  story it was more an circus...everyone was just fooling around...but we viewers couldn't enjoy...and now again the same thing is happening...who are those jokers...

What are you trying to show us... is that really entertainment... and track is started but it's lacks off's cut off... and leaves you wondering what was the purpose to show that...

Give us an story with a good flow... and if actors are sick...try to give it a meaningful filler... not the nonsense which airs now...


Lucky came to delhi with the intention to become someone...get an become serious...and then he could settle down with his love...but till date all he did was hoovering free food...and showed us to be an Kaamchor... now not only did he eloped but comes to his sisters sasural with his bride... what does that say about him...and above this what is his part in the current track...give him a decent track or shift him off..

Jugnu... I like his explanation off RUM... but that's all...he is becoming so annoying.. and it's not funny to see a drunken man in his daughters sasural... so please shift him off...

Dev... SS is a very talented actor... I saw him in 2 off his previous shows... but he is the best in portraying a grey character... and his talent is wasted as the Saint dev. Oke leaving that aside... why isn't dev working... all he does is roaming around the house... doing nothing or ogling nandini...

Now going back to his past... why is he putting all the blame on NT... has she been holding his hands when he slept with Geet and impregnated her... he enjoyed his evil deeds as well... NT never forced him to committed such a sin... she was only doing things to get her hubby out of trouble... so why is NT the only bali ka bakra here...

Yes the guy showed remorse for his sins... and yes, he can play the second lead and have a love story but NOT with the victim's sister... take a girl outside the the Handa clan...

Nandini... her character started off as a gutsy young woman... who was willing to marry a guy,  off her family choice but ended up with a broken heart???... now she comes to delhi start living in her jiju's house...and works at his office... oke... but what happened to her PHD... what happened to her wish not to get married... what happened to her right to know the truth...

Give us that... if she still marries the's her choice...

Maan geet ... they are the main characters... so why are we getting just a few's like the hole circus are taking over this show... and they are reduced to extra's...

We the die-hard fans love to see them and their chemistry...this combined with a good storyline...these 2 actors are gold...use them wisely...


Last but least: I demand decent clothes for the main lead... Geet not nandini... geet is a millionaires wife... make her wear something decent...not those blankets...DD is an beautiful it...


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Get Well Soon GC&DDWishing yu 2&me a speedy recoveryHug

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Message from Arpita to Mr Neeraj Sachdeva

Last three days episodes are evidence and enough to make anyone understand that in the absentia of good, connecting and logical parallel track where a show could end up.


GHSP has been suffering and struggling this since November, be it anne-arjun, track, be it A'sar track and now be it A'sar track that extended to KM. Every time first week kick off of the track was good and then the viewer's started feeling that they were watching two shows at the same time.  The water is under the bridge now, one cannot correct what had happened in the past, but current situation can be fixed. The illogical, no sense comedy can be avoided, if the characters are used properly

1: First and THE MOST IMPORTANT is leads of the show needed to be treated as LEAD and not the supporting actors.  PARALLEL TRACK means the story should be focused on the leads and supporting actors should be helping hands of the PLOT.

 2:  What is lacking in current scenario is:  connectivity and acceptable story, for example until today viewers are unknown what cock and bull story NT sold to MSK, what was the use of ranbir to come to India?? If Biji has fixed his marriage then how come nothing was shown about it, how come this fact was not disclosed to nandini.  The worst is nandin's shot gun wedding. She should have questioned dev about his past first, but since wedding gonna happen, it can be shown she does want to know what went between him and NT.  What past was he indicating in his letter.Before Dev talks to her a self talk of his is needed.

After his self thought dev needs to tell Nandini everything about his past. Everything means everything starting from the beginning that how he spoiled, cheated geet for money and ran away to Canda abandoning her at the airport. How NT tried to convince Geet to abort the baby, when she did not she tried to kill geet too twice.  How he and N was both partner in the crime. 

Nandini after knowing this should be shown repenting for her fast food fashioned selection of groom. She should be remorseful for jumping on the gun to have shot gun wedding. She should tell dev that it is her foolishness that she did not ask him about his past or did not pay attention when didi asked me to check with you the day NT came back to KM. Then she needs to be shown talking to geet in this respect.

Later on she can tell dev that she wants to focus on her education, wants to finish her PhD and does not want to have any relation with him, may be he has redemptive, geet did has forgiven him, but she will never ever forgive him and she will also pay for her mistake of  rushing to get marry with him with out checking facts. To do this she gonna leave him to live seperately and shape her life. This might at least do karmic justice to geet and dev will kinda get punishment with out getting punish. 

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Finally a week with exams are over. PhewwwLOL 
thank god my exams were going on in all this crap of devini. Thank god i didnt watched the show(except maneet ofcourse)  But seriously, i read yesterdays episode update and i was really shocked that is this really our show, is this really a show of Maneet. The whole episode was garbage. I really wish that they both come back on shoot and save all us from this torture.
Todays episode was same as yesterdays. I have nothing to say, just want Gurti to get well soon.
But jo bhi ho, in all this i just love adi. He is just the best!! His expressions are mindblowingLOL

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