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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 82)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Aaj wednesday ho gaya baby!!
lekin tu nahi aayii

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Hello everyone'remember moi ? yup, it's the sadist Reya...back with a update after forever. So sorry to keep you all waiting for this one. And I wasn't able to reply to the comments this time around but I loved reading all of them.

And this update is especially for my DQ and nidz baby'here is the compensation ladies...hope u like it :)

Chapter 7

Pari groaned as there was a knock at her flat door; who could it be ? She half-heartedly lifted herself of the couch making her way towards the door. Yash had just dropped her off and she was hoping to relax for a bit before she went to see her mother. After the long shopping trip, Yash and Pari had made a visit to the Khurana Mansion to drop off the clothes. Pari was happy to see Geet looking much better in just one day though she had been uncomfortable with Yash there. But, as soon as Maan had taken Yash out of the door, she noticed that Geet became visibly more comfortable, smiling easily and talking; very few words but Pari was glad with the progress she had made.

Pari was surprised to see Yash through the peephole flashing his usual goofy smile. She opened to the door and saw Yash holding her bouquet of red roses and a wrapped box.

"Hey beautiful.', he greeted her leaning in to place a soft peck on her cheek.

"Hi, what are you doing here? You just dropped me off a while ago.", she said hoping she didn't sound rude and edgy which was exactly like she was feeling. Here he was, holding her a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a gift, not to mention his goofy smile and tender love in his eyes, and she was being just plain rude.

Yash seemed unaffected with her cold behaviour; or if he noticed, he chose to ignore it. "Why ? I can't come see my girlfriend ?", he asked letting himself in. "And I did come bearing flowers and I am told you can never go wrong with flowers.", he said placing the flowers in her hands.

A smile found it's way to her lips at his sweet gesture, "Of course you can Yash but--", she trailed off unsure how to explain without being honest.

Yash grew serious, something he rarely did, as he looked at Pari's worried face. "But what ? Did I do something wrong in coming here?", he asked placing the wrapped box on the couch before he placed his hands on her shoulders. "Is something wrong, Pari?" He didn't like the silence between them; he knew Pari was an outspoken girl who was never afraid to speak her mind.

"No, I was just surprised to see you, that's it.", she said with a smile plastered on. Yash knew it wasn't real because he had seen the Pari smile and this was not it.

"Pari, I need you to know that honesty is very important in any relationship. I know nothing about your personal life other than the fact that Maan is your best friend but I am not in a rush to know everything about you but I don't want you to lie to me.", he said looking into her eyes, it was important to him for her to see the truth of his words.

"I am sorry, Yash", she whispered, lowering her face as she felt tears gathering in her eyes.

Yash tilted her face to connect their gazes again, wiping her tears away, "Don't be sorry baby. I came here thinking that I could take you out on a date seeing that we both have the rest of the night off but I can understand if you have other plans.", he said without a trace of anger or hurt.

"Yash, I 'I", Pari started to say but unable to go on, she wrapped her arms his torso hoping he would understand her unspoken words through her touch.

"I love you too Maltorta and I understand your need for space.", he said kissing the top of her head and felt her sigh.

'Yash, do you want to come with me to meet someone very special ?", she asked, as she drew back to look at him.

"Of course baby", he said tenderly as he pecked her cute nose.


"You ready for bed Geet ?", I asked as she came out of the washroom in her baby pink pajamas and t-shirt; she looked really so cute in them. She gave me a small sweet smile before she nodded slipping over her covers. " I moved to the bedroom next to you in case you need me at night, okay ?" Again she nodded with a small smile. I wish she would talk more often; she has such a beautiful voice but I am glad for the progress we had made together. 'Lights out", I said reaching out for the switch.

'Wait Maan, can I please get a bedtime story?", she asked softly, hiding most of her face in her blanket but it looked like she was shy of asking me rather than afraid.

"A bedtime story ? But I don't have any story books; maybe some novels in the study but not any children books.", I was baffled at her odd request.

"Then just make one up. Do you know ? When I was young, Ma always use to --- ", she suddenly trailed off, the smile slipping off her lips.

I reached out for her hand instantly, "You can share anything with me Geet, and you should always remember the happy days. I still remember my childhood days with my Dadi Ma, she raised me with all the love never letting me miss my parents." I wanted her to know that I was willingly to share so she could too.

"What happened to your parents ?", she asked

"My mom and dad passed away in a car accident when I was only three, my Dadi Ma took me under her wing and raised me to become a man my parents would be proud of. Honestly, she has been both my mother and father until the day she died." I couldn't help but feel the ache in my heart that came with the words I uttered.

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze, "I am sorry you lost all your loved ones Maan."

"Of course not, I still have you.", I said with a easy smile and she tore her gaze from me. "You know that I love you Payal; and I am not afraid to tell you that I love you. Like I said before; I am here forever.", I said honestly holding her chin to bring her hazel eyes to face me again.

 "And you know, my Dadi Ma always the best chocolate cake in the world; I haven't had chocolate cake that could beat hers.", I told her changing the subject. "Do you want to share your childhood memory with me ?", I probed gently.

She nodded smiling once again with a faraway look on her face. "When I was young, Ma and I use to make up stories every night at bedtime and they were always happy endings." Tears began to glisten her eyes but she kept a rein on them. I realized that tears were actually happy tears, ones I had never shed before.

"Okay, I guess I can give it a shot.", I gave in reluctantly and she clapped and grinned happily like a little child with her eyes lighting up. It was a first time i had seen her so open with her emotions and I was surprised to see the usual serious Geet acting childish but I loved seeing the happiness on her face.

I leaned back in my chair after I tucked her blanket properly around her. She waited with a smile on her face. Her smile was totally going to be worth it. I started with 'once upon a time' story going on and on watching her eyes slowly drift close. I stopped before the 'happily ever after'. I couldn't help but fall in love with even more with every passing day. Today, she had shown me a different 'Geet' that I had come to love as well and I wanted to see more of her. I leaned in to brush a soft peck on her forehead and happy to see that the smile stayed even after the contact.


Days passed by a bit too fast for my liking because half of my leave was already done. Everyday seemed better than the one before. Geet and I seem to have developed a routine having all our meals together, sometimes in comfortable silence or sometimes with conversation. Geet seem more relaxed, smiling more easily and talking more often. She shared many of her childhood memories with me; but only the happy ones. I now knew that she had a sister Rajji who was younger than to her by two years, she loved her Rajji the most and they had been like best friends. I knew that she lived in small village called HP until she had turned eighteen. I had small patches of information but I never pushed for more. I listened intently when she talked and changed the topic when she grew silent; a sign that she no longer wanted to talk about the past.

"Maan, what's in this room?", she asked stopping at closed door pulling me out of thoughts. We were touring the mansion to today because I wanted to familiarize herself, feeling free to move around as she pleased.

"This is the music room; one of my favourite places.", I opened the door with a smile. As I took in the sight of the room; sweet memories flooded in. The room was vast with huge glass windows letting bright sunlight pour in.

"Why is that ?", she asked.

"Huh ?", I turned to face her again but I had no idea what she was asking about. I had been so lost in my own thoughts.

"Umm, why is this room your favourite ?",she asked hesitantly, as her eyes roomed around the room.

"Ohh, because of this.", I said taking her hand and pulling her to sit on the long stool in front of the black piano. "I spent a lot of my time here with my Dadi Ma; she taught me how to play the piano when I was eight." I started running my fingers across the keys playing a C-major scale as my fingers began to move on their own.

"But I haven't seen you play in all these days I have been here."

I stood up needing to be away from the piano, walking to the window staring out to the garden.

"Because I haven't been in here ever since Dadi Ma passed away; this room has so many sweet memories of her that I didn't have the courage to face them. I miss her so much; she was everything to me. She took me under her wing when my parents were killed and I was too young to understand my loss. 3She taught all the lessons of life including the one, that times one has no control over destiny. And now, destiny cheated me again and took her away too. " My voice hitched at the end as my voice cracked as I felt my eyes welling with salty tears.

I hadn't cried thinking about her ever since the day she had died; maybe because I refused to talk to anyone about her. But today; I wanted to share my sorrow with her.

She said nothing to me; no clichd 'I am so sorry line', as she came to stand behind me. I think she knew the need to let the tears flow when it became too much to hold it all in. Instead, she wrapped her arms around my waist tightly, settling her head on my upper back and simply waited. I closed my eyes letting the tears stream down my cheeks. I turned around and my hands somehow found their way around her shoulders taking in the comfort and warmth she offered.  

We stood close together, with our bodies entangled in a comfortable embrace. I don't know how long I cried holding her close; I don't know how long she just held me but at some point, my tears had ran out. She lifted her head to look at me but kept her arms around me. I let my hands slide down from her shoulders to her waist so I could still hold her loosely.

"You okay now?", she asked and I nodded. She reached up to wipe the last of my tears away with her thumb pads; I was surprised at her action but I welcomed it.

"Thank you", I whispered resting my forehead against hers. "I didn't know how much I needed to do."

"No need for thanks; you have held too many times as I cried my eyes out, it was time I returned the favour.", she said with a soft smile.

"Do you think you could teach me how to play the piano? I always wanted to learn it.", she asked turning towards the piano. I knew she was trying to give me time to gather myself together.

"Of course I can." I said delighted at the idea.

I took her by the hand again to go back to the stool. "So, piano language is pretty easy, it only has seven letters: A-G. So to find C, Dadi Ma use to say ' Find the groups of two and three, to the left is letter C.", I explained touched the black two keys and then the three black keywords before I placed my finger on the C. She followed my lead to find another C on another octave. I smiled at her in encouragement when she found the right letter.

"So it goes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B and then back to C.", I told her fingering the easiest scale of C-major scale.

"Can I try?", she asked and I nodded her at her. She started playing but stopped when her pinky touched the G key unsure of where to go. "This is what you do, play till the E with your three finger and cross over to play F with your thumb to finish the other letters.", I instructed and demonstrated. She watched and then followed suit playing it perfectly.

"That's awesome.", I complimented and she grinned with her eyes twinkling.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the music room as I taught Geet the piano basics and we both enjoyed every minute of it. Geet decided that we would spend time in the music room everyday so I could teach it;  I was pretty sure she would learn quickly and wouldn't even need my guidance but I enjoyed the idea of spending time with her doing a activity we would liked.


 "Did you pick a movie yet, Geet ?", I hollered from the kitchen as I made popcorn. Geet had been spending a lot of time in the music lately, even after dinnertime, with or without me. She played really well, sounding much more advanced than a beginner should. But today, I had pulled her out, suggesting we watch a movie instead. And like I had predicted, her face lit up and she had the child-like grin I loved on her but rarely saw. She told me she loved Bollywood movies but she never was allowed to watch them in her hometown.

I stopped in the doorway of the entertainment room as she pondered over the two DVDs she was holding in her hands. She was looking from one to other, biting her lower lip, trying very hard to decide which one to pick. She was so engrossed in her selection that I am sure she didn't even hear me.

"What's the dilemna?", I asked walking in and announcing my arrival so she couldn't know that I was secretly watching her.

"Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ?", she asked holding them out for me to choose.

I chuckled at her confused face; she looked absolutely adorable that I wanted to see more of it. "You choose."

She flopped down on the leather sofa next to me and pouted, "That's the problem, I can't choose. They both are my favorites, they both have a great love story and they both have SRK being so romantic, hayeee.", she sighed looking like she was dazed out.

I couldn't contain my laughter in any longer so I burst with it, hooting with laughter. She pouted once again.

"What's so funny ?", she asked crossing her arms over her chest glaring at me.

I took deep breaths to calm myself, " okay, okay, I am sorry but you look so damn adorable trying to decide which SRK to drool over", I admitted flicking her nose and she smacked my arm with one of the DVD cases.

"Fine, I don't want to watch with you anyway.", she said looking annoyed, getting up. I pulled her back with a gentle tug on her hand.

"Okay, I am sorry, no more making fun of you.", I gave her my best puppy face that Pari claimed worked every time with her.

She looked at me with a serious expression before her face finally broke into a small smile. "So which SRK are we watching then ?"

"Hmm", I said picking up both the cases. "Close your eyes, I will scuffle the both the cases and you pick one."

She closed her eyes and I moved one case from one hand to other a few times, "Okay, pick one."

She picked the case in my left hand and opened her eyes, "DDLJ, yay.", she grinned, walked over to the DVD player to play the movie.

She smiled as we both settled side by side on the sofa. I placed a blanket over her legs and the popcorn bowl in her lap. She smiled from a second before she turned her attention to the movie.

It was fair to say that I wasn't watching the movie at all; I was actually watching the girl beside me. She, herself, was so entertaining with all the face expressions that she made and was eating popcorn at the same time. She wasn't paying attention to me though; she was drawn to the movie like she was watching it for the first time. Seeing her this happy and relaxed brought a satisfied smile to my face.

"You know Maan, you could try watching the movie too.", she commented as she kept her eyes on the screen. I turned my eyes to the screen, embarrassed, hearing a soft chuckle from her.

The rest of the movie, I made sure not to even look at her even once. I didn't want to get caught again. Near the end of the movie, I felt my left side growing heavy with weight. I glanced over to see her fast asleep with her head slowly dropping to my side. I moved closer so she could rest her head on my shoulder. She unconsciously moved closer to me hugging around the waist as she settled her head on my shoulder. I moved the blanket higher to cover her shoulders.

"Maan", she said with a sigh and for a moment, I thought she was awake. But she was still sleeping peacefully with a serene smile on her lips. It was then I realized that she recognized my touch even in her sleep. She looked so beautiful, so angelic, sleeping peacefully that I wanted to watch her all night.

I decided to let her sleep on the sofa for the night; if I moved her then she would probably wake up. The problem was how was I going to lie her down when she was hugging me to herself. I laid down pulling her next to me, she barely moved but when she did, it was to put one arm on my waist while the other settle right over my heart. Okay, this is definitely harder than I thought. I waited for a few minutes as she drifted back into deep sleep. I attempted to pull away but she tugged on my shirt.

"Don't leave me, Maan.", she whispered and my heart melted at her sweet words even she was saying them unknowingly.

I traced the smooth texture of her soft cheek, tugging the strand the hair behind her ear.I sighed. I could give myself the pleasure of having the love of my life in my arms for just one night. I will make sure and get up earlier then she will. With that thought, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Hmmm'so how was it ? I didn't come out as well as I would have liked but hopefully you were about to see the development in Maaneet's relationship that was trying to show.Embarrassed

Love, love, love

Reya <3

next ch:

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i lubss you too TQHugHugHug
chalo me offf ti sleep...u go to class..

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

i lubss you too TQHugHugHug
chalo me offf ti sleep...u go to class..
me going now babes...
love u Hug,,,,sleep tight..NP dreams 

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awesome part
loved yash pari's conversation
n maaneet getting close to each other
awesomely written

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Thanks for updating dear...
though u do it once a while but it is such a lovely story that it is worth a wait
Please if possible do update sooner

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awsome part reya...loved it... hope she wakes up n finds herself in his embraceDay Dreaming...continue soon Smile

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just wow
beautiful update

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