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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 74)

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...Hellosss to the all the lovely the peoples. Hug Reya is finally back with a update. Firstly, a very happy new year to all of you; may you have great year ahead. And sadly; our beloved Geet has come to a end Cry but i will be writing on them as long as you all want to read. EmbarrassedOnce again, I do apologize for such a long wait; my 10 day holidays were taken up by family and friends though I did have a blast but I didn't get the time to give the update I was hoping. It's five in the morning here and I just finished the update so hopefully there aren't huge errors in it. And once again, I thank all of you for your constant support and love..muahhh..Heart

Onto the update'but I think a recap is needed cause I update after so long'so here is a short recap.


Yash and Pari start their relationship and Yash encourages her to share all her secrets with him but also promises to give her time she needs. Maan stays away from Geet thinking she would be upset to see him after he unknowingly confessed his love to her. Brij Handa, Geet's cousin brother shows up at the hospital and demands to take Geet home. Maan takes geet to his own house when he finds out that she doesn't want to leave with Brij.

Now how will Brij react to that ? And how will the first day go for Geet in Khurana Mansion? Read on to find out.Big smile

Chapter 6

I woke up with an odd feeling; an odd feeling of peace, which was a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw him. He was sleeping awkwardly on the chair resting his head in a way that was clearly uncomfortable but yet there was a faint smile on his lips. It was then realized that our hands were still interlaced together, his grip gentle yet firm even when he was sleeping, he was trying to protecting even in his sleep; maybe that was the reason I hadn't woken up screaming from yet another nightmare that was use to be my life for many years. I had always slept with my face in the pillow every night so my screams wouldn't be heard before I could control them. I couldn't believe how different my life had become; how much Maan had changed it even though I chose to keep him in the dark. I knew I was a horribly selfish person but I couldn't let the demons of my past into the present I was starting to want for the future. All my life; I had done everything asked without a question wanting to make others happy but now, now I wanted to know the feeling of joy.

 Despite of what my heart desired, I knew my past was here to haunt me; Brij Veerji found me and now it was only a matter of time before Maan knew everything with my martial status being the most crucial. Would the truth make him strand me all alone just like everyone in my life had? I don't know why but my heart kept denying it. Unknowingly, I gave his hand a gentle squeeze soothing myself with his touch but unfortunately that quickly woke him. It took him only a second to become aware of his surroundings to find his hand clasped with mine but yet he didn't quickly pull away. If he was embarrassed about it; he didn't let it show at all.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?", he said letting my hand go and right away I started missing the comforting warmth of his touch. He slowly rose from the chair doing his best not to let the stiffness of his body show in his movements. He always spoke to me like he was afraid I wouldn't answer and I knew how much my silence hurt him and tried my best to talk.

"Good morning Maan. I slept very well.", I answered softly not telling him he was the reason I had slept so peacefully.

He smiled in response, "That's great. So you ready for some breakfast?"

I nodded at him because I knew he wouldn't let me get away with skipping a meal.

"So anything you like in particular for breakfast?"

"No, I will have whatever you are having.", I answered. He was already doing so much for me; I couldn't let him spoil me with all the pampering I am sure he would have no problem doing because he had such a kind and pure heart.

"So Spanish omelette sounds good?", he asked.

What? Did he just say Spanish omelette? And here I was thinking he was Indian. Even with eight years of living in Canada, I still couldn't get myself to like continental food even when he use to have it but obviously I couldn't tell Maan that.

"Sounds great.", I lied with a small smile.

Instead of walking out, he walked to the closet instead pulling a shawl out, "Here, just in case you might be chilly. I will be back with your breakfast while you freshened up." I couldn't help the smile that automatically came to my lips. He cared for me more than I deserved.


"Here you go.", he said placing a tray on my lap. I smiled at him briefly before turning my gaze to the plate. The plate was nicely filled with two lightly toasted slices of whole wheat bread, Spanish omelette and a hashbrown. I took a small bite since he was waiting. Oh Babaji, I wouldn't be able eat another bite; the food was so bland but still I forced myself to smile and chew "Sugar in your coffee?"

I nodded, "one spoon please." At least it would help wash down the bland breakfast even though I hated the bitter taste of coffee.

"Where's your breakfast?', I asked when I noticed that he wasn't eating at all; only having a cup of that 'bitter' coffee that too without sugar. How could such a sweet person drink that and still be as sweet as he was?

"You are eating it.", he said with a hint of amusement. I looked at him in confusion. He said nothing in return but called out to Nakul Kaka.

"This is your breakfast.", he said placing a new tray with a covered plate on it. I could already smell the wonderful aroma of aloo parathas before I uncovered it but even then my eyes lit with happiness when I saw the mouthwatering parathas. This was heaven after all the hospital food and especially Spanish omelette. He smiled at me silently placing a cup of tea of my tray after stirring a spoon of sugar in.

"How did you know?", I asked quietly and he just shrugged before he started to eat from my plate. I was shocked at his consideration; I have no idea how he figured out what I like. "Wait, you shouldn't eat from someone's plate like that.", I reached out to stop him with my hand.

"But Geet, you are not someone, you are my Payal.", he said simply before putting it in his mouth and my mouth hang open for a few moments before he chuckled and tapped my chin to shut it.

Breakfast seemed to passing in comfortable silence until Maan's phone started ringing and his forehead furrowed immediately worrying me even though he did try to hide it well by smiling at me before he picked it.


Something was said on other end and Maan clenched his hand into a fist; his anger evident. I had a awful feeling about the call knowing what it was about.

"I will there in twenty minutes; call security if need being and be careful", he said before snapping the phone shut.

"Geet----", he started to say.

"See, I told you he would be back; he won't spare me Maan. He will take me away from you.", I said words slipping out as fear accelerated my heart rate as I sought out the comforting touch of his hand.

"Shhh, Shhh, I am here for you.", he soothed me cradling my face gently in his hands forcing me to look into his now strangely calm eyes. Only a few moments ago, his eyes were filled with anger but now; there were so calm. "I promised to protect you; you trust me ?"

I nodded even though he already knew the answer.

"I will take care of everything and be back as soon as I can. Nakul Kaka is always here and there are other servants if you need anything.", he explained and stood up to leave but I still couldn't find it in my heart to let him go. If he went to see Brij Veerji then he would know everything and knowing Brij veerji, he would harm Maan in any way possible.

"But if he tries to hurt you ?", I asked as tears of fear filled my eyes and I still held his hand tightly.

"He won't; you will have to take my word for it.", he replied squeezing my hand before pulling away.


"Where the hell is my sister?", he asked angrily and grabbed me by the collar pinning be against the wall as soon as I walked into the room. Pari yelped in the background and Yash started to rush forward before I shook my head at him needing him to reassure Pari.

"Let. The. Collar. Go. Now. Mr.Handa.", I said slowly with a calm voice but the anger was evident in my eyes. If I could, I would rip this man into shreds because I knew somehow he was responsible for hurting my Payal but being irrational wouldn't get me anywhere with this intolerable man; my first priority was to keep safe her and away from this beast. "Mr. Handa, you will let this collar go and step away before I decide to press charges.". He glared at me but did let the collar go; Pari immediately rushed to my side checking to see if I was okay.

"How the hell? I WILL press charges against you. Where is Geet when you said last night that she wasn't even ready for discharge?", his eyes filled with pure hatred and I could tell he wanted to lunge for my throat again.

"First of all Mr.Handa, you better damn learn to be respectful because I am a doctor of this hospital. Secondly, Geet was discharged last night." He started to open his mouth to interpret me but I kept going knowing what he wanted to say. "And the reason Geet wasn't charged in front of you is because she didn't wish to leave with you."

"What nonsense? Why wouldn't she want to leave with me ? I am her family. I will contact your superiors and I will make sure you are fired."; he spitted at me before he started to march out.

"You would be wasting your time Mr.Handa because as far I know, she is twenty-six year old adult who is legally allowed to make her own decisions.", I explained keeping my business-like tone in check. I couldn't show any emotional attachment towards Geet.

"There is a lot you don't know Dr.Khurana but I will find Geet; I will make sure she pays for her sins.", he declared before he stomped out.


"You okay Pari?", I asked as soon as Brij left.

"I am fine Maan. I paged Yash as soon as he started created a fuss. But this man, he scares me; it looked like he was going to attack me.", she said and I felt her shudder as a  shiver went through her. Pari is a strong girl who had learnt to stand up own at a very early age but even Brij made her afraid; I couldn't think of what he possibly may have done to Geet that she was so afraid of him. Could it be that he was responsible for the scars and bruises on her? My blood boiled as the thought crossed my mind. Unfortunately, only Geet had the answer and she wasn't ready to let me in.

"Thanks Yash for taking care of my best friend.", I said giving him a affectionate pat on the shoulder.

"No need for thanks dude, I was just looking out for my girl.", he said to me but was staring into Pari's eyes with pure love. I hoped that Pari would trust him enough to let him all the way; to let him see the dark patches of her life but just like Geet; she too was afraid to let someone in.

"I think you should take some time off from the hospital; Geet needs you with her.", Pari suggested and I nodded in agreement thinking along the same lines.

"Do me a favour, can you go shopping for her? I mean, I could go but I wouldn't even know what to get so maybe you could drop by later if you get a chance.", she nodded at me with a smile and I handed her my credit card. "I need to get a leave approved and  make a stop at Khurana Constructions and fill Adi in before he kills me."

Pari laughed openly, "That he will.", she said with a evil smirk and I had a abominable feeling about how much she had told him.


"Are you sure you are okay?", Yash asked for the millionth time since the Brij incident but still Pari wasn't annoyed because she could see the love behind the repeated question; the love she had craved for from her father who she never saw, the love Maan showed her as a brother and friend and the love she never thought she would get from another man.

"Yes Yash, I am perfectly fine now.", she said giving his waist a squeeze.

They were roaming around at the mall trying to shop for Geet. Yash had decided to come along with Pari since they rarely got to spend time together but for this time he had taken on an extra shift from another doctor in the ER but Yash knew it was worth it for a few hours with his girl. They entered a boutique shop and Pari started looking at salwar suits for Geet as Yash stayed next to her playing with the fingers of her hand as she asked for his opinion. Suddenly, Yash's eyes fell on a break-taking red dress; it was a one- shoulder long dress going all the way to the ankles with a red and sliver sequin rose on the shoulder and a thin sliver sparkling waist chain. It was a simple dress but Yash thought it would so beautiful on his Pari. He walked towards it while Pari was distracted with her own shopping and it only looked prettier up close. He wished he could gift Pari this dress and take her to a romantic candlelight dinner; well, that sounded like a pretty idea seeing that they were both free for the rest for the day.

"Can I help you sir ?", a saleswoman came up him.

"Err, yes you can, you see that girl?", he asked pointing to Pari and the saleswoman nodded, "Can you pack this dress in her size?"

"Of course Sir.", she said picking the right size and walked off to the counter.

"That's great, I will pick it up later.", he said after he quickly paid for it before Pari saw him.


Khurana Constructions was always the same with and employees stood up and greeted me. I still found it very strange to be treated like their boss when I was only connected to the company with name but I knew Adi made sure that was I was still the owner despite by best efforts to hand over the whole company to him.

"Good morning Mr.Khurana.", Pinky, Adi's personal secretary stood up as soon as she saw me. She was cute bubbly girl who was always smiling and honestly I thought Adi had feelings for her but I hadn't the time to investigate yet.

"Good morning Pinky. So is your boss very busy today ?", I grinned at her and she smiled sweetly. My best friend was usually a very easy going but not when he was in his strict 'business man' mode.

"He is probably very busy seeing that he is a workalcoholic.", she whispered at the very end coming closer to my ear. I chuckled at her antics. "But, he isn't with clients right now but he did say that he didn't want to be disturbed until it was time for his meeting." 

"Clearly that didn't include me so I will just brag in then.", I said winking at her.

"Hello Hello Mr.Khanna.", I chirped as I walked in to see my best friend sitting on his chair dressed in a formal suit topped off with classy specs typing away on his laptop making him look like the businessman he was.

He looked up with an annoyed expression until he saw me, his face broke into a grin. "Maan !", he came over and gave me a warm hug. We rarely got to see each other seeing that we both chose such demanding professions but whenever we met, it was like we saw each other everyday. "Saal, kutta, kamani", he started cursing at me as he put me in headlock.

"Adi, Adi, come on man; let go.", I whined even though I knew why he was cursing.

"You call me your best friend and you haven't even told me jack about your life.", he said in mock anger walking away to sit in his chair looking away.

Oh Pari, I knew that brat was up to something. I am so going to get her back for this.

"Why ? What did Pari tell you?", I asked sitting across of him.

"Nothing, just told me that my best friend should be telling me things.", emphasizing the 'should' with air quotes and this time he did look hurt.

"Sorry dude, life has just been crazy lately.", I apologized. "But do you want the story now ?, I asked knowing he wouldn't be able to stay mad for long.

"Hell yeah", he said with a child-like grin.

 I started telling him how life changed since the night Dadi Ma had died.

"Dude !!! ARE YOU FUDDGING KIDDING ME ?? You are IN LOVE !! And you BOUGHT HER HOME !! And that KAMINI ATTACKED YOU !!, he said in a dramatic way with his eyes wide shocked at latest developments.

"Yeah man, I can't explain it but I just have this need to protect her, to shield her away from her past and obviously her cousin brother harmed her somehow.", I said anger flowing through my veins as I thought of the bas***d Brij Handa.

"Don't worry, I can arrange for extra security outside the mansion and a guard for you."

"No, no, I don't need a guard and plus I am planning to stay home for a few days but get the security increased outside the house in case he gets that close."

"Let me make a call.", he said dialing a number putting it on speaker 

 "Good morning Mr.Khanna." Romeo, our head of security greeted him. At times like this, I was thankful for being who I was and even with the choice of profession I chose for myself, at the end of the day; I was still Maan Singh Khurana who still owned one the most successful companies in India but I was even more thankful for friends like Adi and Pari who cared so much for me.

"Morning Romeo. I need you to increase the security outside the Khurana Mansion. No one, and I mean no one is allowed passed the gates other than family members and servants. If there is anyone who wants to see Mr.Khurana then you are to get security to call Mr.Khurana. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, I will get it done right away.", he said before we hang up.

"There we go, at least that will keep the house safer for her in case he somehow discovers that you did indeed bring her home.", he said with a easy smile.

"Thanks man."

"Don't you dare Maan Singh Khurana, I better not hear 'thanks' from you again and now get going, I have a meeting in ten minutes.", he said coming over to hug me before he shoved me out the door.

"Later dude", I said with a chuckle walking away.


I walked through the door as Nakul kaka opened it. My nerves were relaxed for now; I had gotten a leave approved for fifteen days and Adi had increased the security around Khurana Mansion; so I was in good spirits . "How is Geet, Nakul Kaka?", I asked seeing that her room door was closed.

"I don't know Baba, she locked herself in the door since you left. I knocked many times, but every time she answered by saying that she wanted to be left alone.", she explained sadly.

"WHAT ?", already making my way to her room "Geet, Geet, are you in there?", I asked but there was no reply; my heart started sinking. I knocked at her door. "Payal, It's Maan. Please open the door Payal.", but yet there wasn't a response and I was having a full fledged panic attack. I cursed myself mentally; I should have never left her alone. "Nakul Kaka, please get the keys to this door.", I requested. "PAYAL, please say something.", I said knocking at the door praying she would say something and my heart would stop trying to beating out of my chest.

Nakul Kaka came back with the keys within minutes but those few minutes felt like hours. I shoved the key into the keyhole quickly throwing the door open. I frantically looked around in the empty bedroom but she was nowhere in sight. Oh crap, I was so going to kill myself. What if she had tried to hurt herself? My heart started beating even faster at that thought.

 "Geet, Geet.", I called thinking she would answer as I looked around from anywhere in the closets to under the bed.  I stopped at the washroom door; this was the only place left. "Geet?', I knocked softly and I heard a soft whimper. I almost cried out in relief at that soft sound. "Payal, it's Maan. I am going to come in now; I just want to know if you are okay.", I explained before I slowly turned the doorknob giving her time to refuse if need being. 

My heart sunk at the sight in front of me as soon as she raised her panicked  gaze to look at me. She was sitting on the floor against the bath tub; her entire body soaked, her wet dripping hair and clothes clinged to her skin and it looked like she had wore them over her wet body; her entire body shaking with sobs as her eyes were puffy and red for crying. "Geet, it's just me; Your Maan.", I said slowly taking baby steps towards her in case she was frightened.

"Maan.", she whispered as she went on her knees to wrap her arms around my neck pressing her body against mine before she pulled me down. I was startled for a second at the sudden contact before I managed our weight settling us on the floor of the bathroom as she clinged to me with all her might.

"Payal, it's okay now..Shh...Shh, I am right here.", I soothed her running my fingers through her hair and patted her back with the other. She refused to be consoled as she kept crying and whispering ' I am scared' over and over again.

When I attempted to pull away to look at her and talk; she gripped me even tighter, "Please, please, don't leave me.", she whispered against my ear.

I wanted to cry because even when I thought I was helping her; I actually wasn't. She was still scared of her past. I am in love with her yet I couldn't do anything to soothe away her pain and fear. I closed my eyes letting a few tears slip out. I sat there quietly holding her close; stroking her hair until her sobs quieted down to soft whimpers. Without another word; I stood up with her arms still around me and she automatically wrapped her legs around my waist refusing to let go; well, not like I was planning on letting her go. I balanced her weight as she buried her face in the crook of my neck. I carried her over to the bed gently placing her on it before I tried to pull away to look her and this time she let me. She had face lowered looking at her lap. I gripped one of her hands and tilted her chin with the other. Her tear-filled eyes and wet imprints of tears on cheeks made me want to cry all over again. I reached out to wipe her tears away tenderly.

"What's wrong Geet?", I asked softly but she remained silent as she looked into my eyes. "Please, talk to me Payal; I can't bear this agonizing silence.", I whispered leaning in to rest my forehead against hers. "Please, let me help you."

"But if I tell you then you will leave.", she whispered so quietly that I barely heard her but as soon as I did, I pulled back to look straight into her eyes.

"Just this morning, you said you trust me and you will have to trust me when I say I will never leave you Geet; there is no truth in this world that will make me love you any less," I vowed hoping she could see the truth in my eyes. "I am here forever; and I will give you all the time you need to let me in.", I said brushing a tender kiss on her forehead; she held my waist in response which made me incredibly happy. I lost myself in the pools of her hazel eyes as she was staring at me with an intense look of love; well, I looked like love to me but I doubt she is in love with me.

"Maan baba, Pari beti is here.", Nakul kaka called from the other side of the closed door and the  moment was broken.

"Are you going to okay to see Pari for a while ?", I asked resting a hand against her cheek and she slowly nodded. "Are you sure?", and she nodded again. "Quickly get changed then.", I said lifting myself off the bed and planted a kiss on the top of her head before walking towards the door

"And Geet,", I started to say turning around to face her when suddenly I realized how the wet clothes made her body look; unbelievably sexy. I quickly averted my gaze to look into her eyes  before she noticed why I was staring. "Please don't ever scare me like that by hiding. I promise not to ask any questions but please never ever do this again.", I requested and walked out giving her time to compose herself.

So here it is, I did try to make it longer than usual length so I really hope you all enjoyed it.Smile

Do leave your thoughts and likesEmbarrassed

Love, love, love,

Reya <3

next ch:

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first of all happy new year dear...coming to the update it was awsome as always... i hate pari for coming at the wrong time...hope she ll reveal  her past to him soon...continue soon plssSmile

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Nice update
Loved it
Continue soon

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awesome update love it can't wait for her past to unfold bridg think he is a simple doctor so stupid geet is married love the update their bonging is so sweet thanks for the pm

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superb update. poor geet. waiting for her past to unfold. like button is not working.

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awesome update
cant wait 4 next
thanks 4 pm
update soon

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wow...such a long and loving new year giftSmile
Geet is married...Ouch...waiting for her past to unfold...complications ahead?

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Omg geet is married?
Any update was awesme.plz cntinue soon

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