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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 119)

kabslocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2014 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
awesome update, thanks for updating

caller123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2014 at 1:34am | IP Logged
Read all parts in one go. Very nice story dear!
Hope Geet get Justice and want to see Vickram and Brij behind bars and Maaneet safe..Of course Pari and Yash too.
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 July 2014 at 3:19am | IP Logged
part 14
poor Geet...
and Maan has taken the steps to catch hold of those creeps...
OMG who did that?
cont soon dear...
_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Trouble knocks the paradise !!!
Nice ..

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ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2014 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
oh Reya ,you made a post. And my bad luck I just realise it now. Confused
Must say Geet was really brave despite being brutally bullied and abused. She choose to ran away rather than being locked in the dark room.
She poured out her past to Maan and he was there to hide her in his arm. Glad she had filled complain against Vikram and Brij, they need to be punished..
Loved the cute little moments between Yash-Pari and Maan-Geet...
Oh now trouble again. Someone attacked MaanOuch 
Waiting for another update...Big smile

ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2014 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
ErmmBroken HeartDisapprove
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2014 at 8:49pm | IP Logged

Oh Babaji, I can't believe I am saying this but here it, THE LAST CHAPTER of silent suffering ( This is me a little excited and a whole lot sad) In many ways, I know I could not give Geet's story what it deserved but I tried. Since I will be no longer writing on Maaneet after this, I take this opportunity to thank GHSP for introducing me to Indiaforums, a place that gave me amazing friendships that go beyond the show, and amazing readers who have encouraged and given me support even when I have been MIA.

So THANK YOU, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Geet waited. And waited rather impatiently for the first fifteen minutes after Maan had called and informed her that he was taking a taxi back to the hospital due to a flat tire. But when the fifteen minutes turned painfully slowly into two whole hours, Geet wasn't just worried; she was frantic with it. Geet paced back and forth as she repeatedly dialed Maan's number and got the voicemail every time. Worried and scared out of her wits, she didn't know what to do. What if something had happened to her Maan ? NO ! NO !

"Maan, please pick up your phone. I need to hear your voice."

Defeated, she slumped on the bed. Pari came in and saw a dejected Geet.

"No luck ?", Pari asked and Geet shook her head, wiping her tears. Pari came over and pulled her into her arms. "Don't cry, Geet. We will find him." But despite her own reassuring words, she too was worried. It was probably time to contact the police, even though a person has to be missing for twenty-four hours to file a report, but not when he is a Khurana.

"What if something happened to him ?"

Pari shook her head, "I think we need to call the police. Yash went out looking for him but he only found his car nearby."

Geet agreed and Pari went to make the call. Just then, her cellphone flashing Maan's name. Flooded with relief, she quickly picked it up, "Maan, Thank God you are okay ! Where are you ? Maan ?"

When only silence came from the other side, Geet checked the phone and it was stilled connected. "Maan ?"

A harsh laugh responded and Geet froze. Brij !

"Don't hurt him, Brij Veerji. Please don't hurt him." She pleaded and Brij mocked her plight, laughing again

"Oh I can't make any promises."

"Please, Please.", she clutched the phone tighter, "Don't hurt him, I will do anything you ask."

"Then come and get your Maan." Brij gave her the directions to a warehouse and Geet quickly scribbled them down, wiping her tears to clear her vision.

 "And come alone." With that, Brij abruptly hang up.

Geet hurried to change quickly and grabbed her cellphone. She had to leave before Pari came back. And because it was nearing five in the morning, she knew shift changes were happening for doctors and nurses and she had a decent chance of escaping unnoticed.  


"Geet" , Pari came back to the room to find the room empty with Geet nowhere in sight. She had made the call to the police and an inspector was due any second.

"Geet, Geet.", Pari called out as she checked the en-suite bathroom but found it empty. She was about to close the door when her eyes caught Geet's hospital gown on the railing. Geet's gown, the gown she was wearing. Where the hell is the girl ?

Pari quickly paged the nurse station and the nurse in charge of Geet just finished her shift and left and the new nurse was due to start now. Oh bloody fudge sauce, Geet left the hospital, that too by herself !

"Pari, the police inspector is here.", she heard Yash's voice after a brisk knock. 

Keeping herself composed when in reality, she was freaking out, she walked out of the bathroom. The police would have to look for not one missing person but two now !

"Yash, Geet is gone !"

"What ? where did she go ?"

Pari relayed to the police that she had left thirty minutes ago to call the police and came back to find Geet gone.

"What if Geet went to look for Mr.Khurana herself ?" Inspector Singh asked, he was also handling the case Geet flied this morning against Brij and Vikram.

Pari shook her head, " No. Geet would never leave like that. She doesn't know Delhi that well." Unless... she has a valid reason !

Pari rushed back into the bathroom and picked up Geet's discarded gown searching the pockets. She pulled out a scrap of paper and saw a name of a warehouse scribbled.

"Geet had a reason to leave, I think her husband or cousin contacted her. But she left us a clue.", she gave the paper to the inspector.

"This is on the outskirts of Delhi, maybe we can get there before Geet."


The auto took to the outskirts of Delhi where she saw mostly warehouses and factories in the slowly brightening day. Geet folded and pleaded with Babaji. Whispering over and over again to keep Maan save. If he died because of her ! Her throat constricted just the thought of it. She would never forgive herself.

The driver dropped her off, telling her the address was at the end of the street. Geet thanked him and paid him. Clutching her duppatta and all the courage she could build up, she walked briskly towards the warehouse praying her legs wouldn't give out on her.

She pushed the metal door hard and entered. And saw nothing, just darkness. Then her pupils dilated, adjusting to the dim light. And she immediately saw him. A whimper escaped her lips.

Tied to a metal chair, his arms and legs bound, his head was hanging limply. As if he was dead ! "Maan !" she rushed to him taking his face in her hands, shaking him.

"Maan ! Maan!" She breathed a little when she heard a soft moan from him. He's okay, Thank you Babaji.

Before she could relive in that, she was yanked painfully by her hair. She cried out in pain but she knew who it was it. Brij

"Well, look who is here to see us, Vikram ?" Dread like no other filled her when she heard his name. Vikram ! NO NO NO, he can't be here.  No matter how many she chanted that in her head, she was still thrown against him. His arms didn't come around her to steady her, he just let her fall to the cement ground.

She hissed in pain and than screamed when Vikram striked her against her face with his palm. And leaning down, he pulled her hair and breathed right in her face.

"How dare you, B***h ? How dare you try to leave you ? When I did nothing but love and care for you ? love and care for me ? Oh for the sake of my sanity, how delusional can he be ?

Instead she turned to Brij, "I am here like you asked. Now let Maan go."

Brij and Vikram laughed mocking her. "Let him go. Oh, we will let him go alright. Send him all the way up." They shared another laugh and Geet had the urge to kill them !

She unsteadily rose to her feet, "No. Let Maan go from here. Alive."

Even when she prepared for the hit, it still knocked her off her feet when Vikram slapped her with full force, "You s**t. There I have been worried sick for you and you are busy smooching it up with other men. Shameless b***h" And just for good measure, he hit her again and this time, Geet felt blood in her mouth.

"Here is the deal, Geet. First we are going to kill your Maan in front of your eyes and then we will kill you," Brij informed her as a matter of fact with venom in her voice. And in his eyes ! He meant it ! he was going to kill both of them. He drew two guns and threw one to Vikram and kept one for himself

Drawing on any strength she had left, she lunged for Vikram, knocking the gun out of his hand to the ground. She scrambled for it until she felt the foreign cold metal in her hands. She held it with both of her shaking hands as she pointed the gun at the duo.

"Drop your gun ! I said drop your gun, Brij !", she yelled at them as fear clawed at her. She was sweating profusely and hurting in so many places right now but she tried to stand firm.

Brij pretended to look scared for a second before he took a step towards her. "Stand back ! or babaji's swear, I will kill you !"

Brij lowered his gun to a certain point before he threw it at Vikram who caught it. And aimed it right on Maan's forehead !

"Now drop the gun, Geet.", Vikram said softly as a he grinned.

She wasn't going to throw the gun though. Instead, he aimed it at Vikram and decided to pull the trigger.

Her eyes squeezed shut at the sound boom of the gunshot. She opened her eyes slowly to see Vikram staring wide-eyed at her. His clothes seeped in blood before he fell. She looked from him to the gun. Had she shot him ? Oh Babaji.

Brij looked bewildered looking at Vikram and then at her. He looked like he couldn't believe she had done it. Neither could she.

Moments later, heavy footsteps thundered as the police filled the place and handcuffed Brij. Inspector Singh, Pari and Yash came in view and Geet realized that the nightmare was over.

She fell to her knees as her body gave out on her. Pari and Yash rushed over to her. Pari drew her into a right embrace. "You are okay, baby girl."

Inspector Singh came and crouched down to her level, You didn't fight that gunshot, Geet. I did, you understand ?" No she didn't understand, she knew she had killed Vikram, she had even seen the smoke of the gun after she fired it. "NO GEET. Your husband was threatening your life and I fired the shot to save you." He gently took the gun she was still clutching onto.

"I shot your husband and he died on the spot, understand ?" She understood now. He was saving her. She mutely nodded at him.

Maan ! she realized she still didn't know If he was okay. She drew to her feet, rushing to him. He had been untied and was slowly coming to consciousness. Sitting on her knees, she cradled his face as he fluttered his eyes open.

"Oh Maan !" she sighed in relief leaning forward until their foreheads touched. "I am so sorry, Maan. I""

"Shhh", he groaned as if speaking had cost him pain.

"Just don't talk, okay ? we still need to get you to the hospital." Leaning back, she kissed his forehead. He was okay. She was okay. They were going to be okay. Reality was finally sinking in. They were going to be okay !

He drew her into the hug and she leaned in, breathing him in.

"I love you, Maan. I have loved for a long time now but now, I can say it." She sat in his lap and looked deep into his eyes. I have fallen in love with the man who saved me, who healed him and who loves me despite it all. And I want to have forever, with you. Will you give forever with you, our forever ?

There, she had said it all. She had asked him for the rest of his life. She barely registered the flock of policemen surrounding them, or the distant siren of the ambulance or the wide grins of Pari and Yash.

She just heard the soft whisper; "Yes, I will give you everything. " and their lips came to find each other softly.


Pari came back to the hospital room 209, which had become Geet's almost permanent residence over the last few months. Evening had fallen and most the day had gone with dealing with the police and getting Maan and Geet treated at the hospital. Thankfully, Geet was cleared of any charges. Inspector Singh had done all the paperwork claiming he had to take a shot to protect Geet. Brij, was arrested and would hopefully spend a lifetime in jail.

Maan and Geet had suffered minor physical injuries and massive mental trauma but Pari had faith that they would heal each other over time. She pushed the door open and saw Maan and Geet sitting with their arms around each other as Yash , her adorable boyfriend sat on a chair nearby and cheered them up with his hilarious stories. Pari's heart filled with warmth as she saw the wide smiles on Maan and Geet's faces. And her Shergill, she be damned if she didn't come to love her man more everyday.

She drew attention to herself as she came into the room. She first leaned to hug her friends. It was still sinking in that everyone was truly okay.

Maan and Geet were staying overnight but she wasn't their doctor. She was off-duty and so was Yash. So what she was about to do was unprofessional. She went in his arms as he stood to greet her. He embraced her tightly, gently and she knew she could never let him go.

"Bestie, close your eyes. You have been warned !", She didn't wait to see if Maan actually listened. She just leaned in to kiss Yash, deeply, softly and with all the love she had for him.

"Damn", Yash whispered as he grinned down at her.

"So can I open my eyes now ?" Maan asked with a chuckle. He was sitting covering his and Geet's eyes.

"Nah man, I am going for round 2.", Yash teased with a chuckle as he leaned in.

Pari smothered a laugh as she covered his mouth with her palm. "Open your eyes and your ears too, for that matter. You are about to witness history in the making.", she turned to see Maan watching her with understanding.

Holding onto Yash hand, Pari went down on one knee and felt Yash go extremely still, "Yash Shergill, you loved me for years, without reason. You have loved me when you knew I was holding back. You still love me, flaws and all. And today I realized how damn short life can be so without wasting another second, I want to tell you that we are getting married as soon as possible. So you might as well say yes."

"But you didn't ask me.", he whispered playfully but she saw tears in his eyes.

"Oh heck, do I have to do everything first in our relationship ?", she asked with a wink reminding him all the times she had been the first to take a step. Their confession. Their first kiss and now their proposal. "So what's it gonna be, Shergill ?"

Yash chuckled and scratched his chin as if in thought. "Let me guess. Heck yeah, Maltorta.", he said with a full fledged grin. He went down on his knees and cradled her face and she held onto his hands. They were both crying and smiling at the same time as applause broke out with Maan and Geet clapping.

"Now would be time to close your eyes, children.", Yash called out before he kissed his girl like knowing they would have lifetimes of kisses.


"We girls have to do everything, Pari", Geet teased the both as they had settled down to make wedding plans. Pari and Yash's wedding was going to a grand affair as Yash's massive family wouldn't have it any other way. Maan and Geet's on the other hand would be simple.

"I know, imagine how many girls are the ones to propose to their guys.", Pari chuckled.

"Our girls.", Yash and Maan said un unison.

Maan left his seat and stood next to Yash as he regarded him seriously, "Totally on a bestie and brotherly note, you better keep my Pari happy or my fist and you are gonna have a problem." Maan sounded like he was teasing but Pari knew, the man was serious.

Yash nodded solemnly, "Understood, and same goes for you, bro." He gestured towards Geet. "You treat my sister like the princess she is." Geet's eyes filled and Yash went to the bed to hug her.

You have a veer, Geet. You have me", he whispered to her and hugged her.

"Group hug.", Pari called out because everyone was so damn happy.


"Geet, you sleeping ?" Maan whispered to her. They were suppose to be staying overnight at the hospital sharing the room but not the beds. But they were suppose to be get married anyway.

They had snuggled together on the small bed just needing the touch.

"No", she whispered and reached for his hand. She was scared if she slept, the nightmares would come. The torture of the night would replay and she didn't think she could bear it.

"Sleep, Payal. I won't let anything hurt you now. " He whispered to her as he ran his fingers through her hair. "I am here and we are both together. "

"That's all that matters." She whispered back, settling her head on his chest. She found peace in the steady beat of his heart echoing against her ear.

Her silent suffering had ended and now she could be free. Free to love. Just be Free.

There it is, Geet's silent suffering ends. I thank you all for taking this journey with me. And all Maaneet readers, please delete my PM ID as I will no longer writing on Maaneet, or just comment here and I can delete your ID.

For the last time on silent suffering: love, love, love

Reya <3

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ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2014 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Oh great. the happy me, reading it nowLOLClap

Glad everything comes to and end. Geet was really brave, she had the power to knock off Vikram and grab the gun. When the police runs in, I thought maybe they did the gunshot, but looking the way the Inspector patiently explain to her, yes she really did trigger the bullet. Bravo!!! 
Glad the Inspector going to claim that he did the shot just to save her from all the mess. Geet run towards Maan and confess her unyielding love for him. 
Hospital scene was really beautiful. Pari and Yash's confession was really cute. It's always Pari first in their relationship. And Geet found a brother in Yash to support her throughout. 
Both Maaneet sharing a single bed in hospital, just to make sure they are together with each other. Poor Geet she still have the trauma haunting, but with Maan's love she will overcome it. 
Perfect ending for a beautiful story. 

Finally Reya, the waiting is over. It's mix of feelings. Thou I'm happy it ended all of, but pretty sad such a lovely story came to an end. Every story needs an ending anyhow. 
I wish you have written few more parts and more Maaneet story, but looking and the "Likes" and "response", I truly understand... Moreover its' your final Maaneet story.
Wishing you all the love and support for your future writing dear. All the best and happy always, Remember that and Remember me Wink

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