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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 117)

ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2014 at 7:40am | IP Logged
I'm really excited... yippie...PartyPartyPartyParty
Will be waiting for the update...

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will wait for update

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thanku sooo much...glad to know that you will definitely come back...we ll waitSmileSmile

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plz update...I am waiting eagerly...Embarrassed

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thanks for the note
will wait

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will be waitingBig smile

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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I know..I know. Reya is a horrible person who just can't keep her word and update her story..So guilty of that..sorry *holding my ears* CryBut my reason was actually to write all the chapters in one go and give them to you all at once so you wouldn't have to wait. But I

This is for "ajenn' who is by far one of the best readers I have the pleasure of having. Thank you so much for your support and for hoarding me to write. You are the best Hug

And if you get to the end of the chapter and want  to kill me..Please don't read it, I rather stay


Chapter 14

"You got away, didn't you ?", Maan reached for her hand. Geet blinked, pulling away from her past. It took her moment to realize she wasn't in the cold storeroom in HP. A shiver went down a spine at the fear she had felt even now at the thought of being trapped back there. To soothe, Geet cupped his cheek and nodded even though they both knew she had managed to escape months ago or she wouldn't be here today in his arms. Geet watched as the tension melted away and he wrapped his arms around her and brought her to his chest. Geet laid her head on his heart and felt it eventually beating steady again.

"I did escape that night. I had decided I would either escape or die trying." Geet felt Maan's arms tighten fractionally but he let her continue. "After Brij left, I had decided to climb down from the storeroom window later that night after everyone was asleep


Geet moved quietly in the dark, afraid the noise or light would wake someone. She stacked heavy boxes high enough that would help her reach the window, and had found rope and old duppattas in a box. She figured she could use them to climb down safely. Now if she would only pull it off. Her heart was beating a frantic pace and her palms consciously grew sweaty. She took a few long breaths to calm herself and folded her hands in a silent prayer to Babaji. Just as she was about to climb the boxes, she heard the storeroom lock turning. Someone was here !

Geet eyed the wooden door and the window above her. If the door opened, it would keep her captive. And the window, which would allow her freedom. Drawing on any strength she had left, she climbed on. She turned back just as the door opened with a slow squeal but couldn't tell who was hovering by the door. But she knew it wasn't Brij, he tended to announce his arrival loudly. She gasped when she saw her Ma and Dolly Bhabhi come into focus under the dim moonlight and they seemed equally surprised when they saw her escape route.

"Geet ! get down, puttar !", her Ma whispered urgently. Geet stubbornly shook her head. Like she had told herself, escape or die trying ! They could call all the relatives if they wanted. Ma and Dolly Bhabhi ran cautiously across the room to pull her down.

"Geet puttar, we are here to help you.", her mother whispered and her grip loosened on the window.

Geet climbed down again and landed onto the ground soundlessly. Wordlessly, the three of them made their way around the dark house hiding behind pillars and nooks of the haveli. They stopped at the corner of the road when her Ma handled her a small bundle of money.

Take this, puttar. Go far away from here.", Her mother drew her into a tight embrace as they began to cry softly. "Never, never come back here !" Geet knew her mother wanted her to be safe and alive and here, the men of the family would kill her in seconds in the name of honor.

After tearful farewells and embraces, Geet walked without looking back once. She knew if she would look back, her resolve would crumble and she would run back into her mother's arms.

"Then you came to Delhi ?", Maan asked.

Geet nodded, "I look the first bus I found that morning, the last stop was Delhi. I got off the bus with the money my Ma gave me and the clothes I had on my body. I spent a week looking over my shoulder thinking Brij Veerji would be there. Then, one night he did find me."

Maan's gut clenched. That night he had found her in the jungle ! "The same night I found you.", he growled.

Geet saw Maan's face cloud over with anger, raw anger that he was fighting to unleash. She took hold of his chin firmly and faced him. As predicted, his eyes softened but she still heard the anger in his voice, "He hurt you, Geet. They tried to kill you !"

"You saved me that night, Maan. They ran away when they heard you coming. Imagine if you hadn't --"

"No Geet ! that's one thing I will never think about. You know, that day I found you was the day my Dadima had passed away. Even after she was gone, she didn't want me to be alone. She sent you for me."

"And you for me, my savior."

Geet suddenly felt drained, the fatigue of all the day catching up, and the sheer relief of putting everything out in the open for Maan. She yawned despite herself and felt her eyes drooping shut as Maan drew her against his chest as they laid down.

"You are always saving me." She whispered to him before sleep engulfed her.

I am always going to save you.", He promised her and let himself go as sleep took over him.


At eight, Pari donned her doctor's coat and clipped on her hospital ID on and was draping her stethoscope around her neck when Yash walked in with two cups of coffee. It wasn't the crappy cafeteria Yash knew she hated; it was Starbucks coffee Yash knew she loved. And her sweet boyfriend had made a stop on his way to work. Seeing the residents lounge empty, she took the coffees from his hands and placed them on the bench before she draped her arms around him and kissed him. Though he was shocked, he quickly responded. The kiss was slow, gentle and blissfully sweet...just like their love.

"Wow, that was quite the morning greeting.", Yash said with a grin.

Pari chuckled, "Actually, that was a thank you for the coffee." She reached for her coffee and closed her eyes in sheer pleasure at the first sip. "Yup, definitely for the coffee."

Needing the touch, he wrapped his arms around her loosely as she sipped her coffee. "I should bring coffee everyday then."

Don't push your luck, mister.", she said with a grin. "But you have a late start today ?"

It had been three by the time Yash had dropped Pari home. Pari smiled remembering how wonderfully understanding and loving he had been last night, throughout their date and when they and dealt with Geet at the hospital.

"Couldn't sleep so I called Mom at six to tell we are coming over today."

"What ?" She almost choked on her coffee but managed to get it down. She stepped out of his arms and stared. She now also remembered that she had been so dazed in his love that she had agreed to meet his massive family. "You called your mother at six ?"

He grinned at her even when she was glaring at him. She was nervous but she couldn't tell him that. "No time like the present, sweetheart."

And today ? I need some time to prepare."

He pulled her back into his arms because rather than nervous, she now looked scared. "It's just my family, baby. You don't have to worry."

"Exactly, they are your family, Yash. I want them to like them." Her honesty was heartwarming, that meant he was important to her.

"They will love you just like I do.", he kissed her to tell her just how much he loved her. "And you tell me what day you want and I will call Mom and work things out."

"You are just too good for me, Shergill."

"Back at you, Maltorta.", he said and her pager went off making Yash groan, just when he was in the mood for another kiss. "I hate that blasted thing, has pathetic timing."

Pari chuckled, "Perfect timing for me." She leaned in to peck his cheek but he turned last minute and got his kiss after all.


It was nine before Pari made it to Geet's room. She hadn't gotten any calls from Maan yet so she wanted to check on them. Last night had been rough for them to say the least. She pushed the door open to see Maan and Geet still soundly asleep. Geet's head was on Maan's chest and Maan's arms were protectively wrapped around her. They would make it, Pari smiled. They had each other and no one could pull them apart. Besides, Pari knew her best friend. When he loved, he loved with all his heart.

Hating to disturb their sleep but knowing she had no choice. The day had started and Maan wanted to get the police involved as soon as possible, and plus Geet needed a check up. Pari nudged Maan's lightly on his shoulder and he woke up quickly as doctors usually did, relaxing when saw his best friend.

"Good morning, bestie." Pari whispered. Maan groaned in response wanting to sleep again.

He detangled himself from Geet without waking her. With a kiss to her forehead, he whispered to a sleeping Geet that he would be back. He knew she hated waking up alone.

Maan and Pari went to residents lounge where he freshened up and changed into the clothes he had in his locker he was yet to empty out. Pari and Maan sat down to discuss what they would do next.

"Geet and I talked last night. She told me everything, Pari. She...she has been through so much.." Maan trailed when he felt tears clog up his throat. He cleared it, "She is ready to file complaints against her cousin and husband."

Pari reached for his hand to comfort him, she knew he was trying to be strong. "What can I do ?"

"I want to make the call. Geet has been your patient. The police will take you seriously. I want to be a witness, I will tell them my side of the story."


"I want them behind bars, Pari." And he vowed to himself he would do everything; even use the Khurana name to make it happen. "I need to keep my Payal safe."


The morning and most of the afternoon passed by with the police taking Geet's statement. Maan wanted to hold her hand to comfort while she re-told her brutal past but in the eyes of the law, she was a married woman, albeit an abused married woman but there were boundaries that applied to them in the presence of others. But he had stayed in the room standing close; Pari was present too, holding Geet's hand.

After Geet's statement, an official compliant was filed. Pari gave her statement as the doctor who had treated her. Maan gave his statement, providing all the details as to how he found her. He tried his best to remain objective, and give a report like a detached witness would but he knew his emotions steeped through at the odd look Inspector Singh was giving him.

After all the formalities had been completed, and Maan had made a private call to the Police Commissioner who had been a close friend of father's who had assured him that Geet's case was top priority and an arrest warrant had been issued for both Brij Handa and Vikram.

"I want a call as soon a arrest is made, Commissioner Uncle.", Maan said on the phone as he took the call outside the room.  When he had been assured he would informed with all the updates, Maan hang up. He let out a sigh of relief, though their battle was far from over, at least they had taken steps towards it. His Payal would be safe, she would be able to breathe freely.

He walked to see Geet toying with the food on her tray. Maan chuckled, seeing the grim expression on her face.

"Are you going to eat that or just going to stare at it ?", he asked as he came to sit next to her on the bed. It was the first time in the entire day they had the chance to be alone. Maan just wanted to hold her for a moment and breathe in her scent. He settled a hand on her back and leaned in to rest his head on her shoulder. She didn't flinch or tense up. She was relaxed.

Geet grimaced but she bravely took a spoonful of tasteless soup. Maan chuckled and picked up the tray putting it to the side. He pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair feeling complete. Her sigh told him she too felt the same. 

"Okay ?', he asked once they settled comfortably against each other.

"Okay.  Except I am starving." The day had been so stressful with the police that they hadn't much of a chance to eat and plus Geet hated the bland hospital food.

"Why don't we ask Pari for a discharge and I will treat to whatever your heart desires on the way home."

"Nope, sorry. No discharge today.", Pari said from the doorway and Geet's face fell. She really wanted to go home. Pari walked in and was happy to see the couple with their arms still around each other. "I need to run some tests on Geet and I want her to stay the night."

"The night ?" Geet knew it was useless to plead with Pari, the woman could be like Hilter at times so she turned to Maan, hoping he would convince Pari. "Maan", she whispered and turned her pleading eyes to his and he understood.

He opened his mouth but Pari beat him to it, "No Maan, I need my patient to stay the night so there will be no discharge today." Geet huffed and crossed her arms deciding to be angry with both of them.

Pari chuckled before she bent down to give Geet a tight hug, "Your temper tantrums might work with your Maan, who by the way believes you are the reason the sun shines everyday, but not moi."

Geet gave up and hugged Pari back. Soon, Pari left as her pager sounded.

"Maan, I don't want to stay the night. I want to go home with you." Home, her home was with Maan.

Maan sighed, "I know, Payal. But you heard the doc, and trust me, even I don't take Maltorta on."

Geet gave up, "But I am still hungry and I refuse to eat this bland food you doctors call food."

"Why don't you eat some fruits while I run out to grab some food ?" Maan stood up and grabbed his cellphone off the table and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Aloo parathas ?"

"And ice cream", Geet added and was rewarded with a chuckle.

"Of course, anything else my girl desires?"

His girl, just hearing it made her eyes fill. Today had been a horrible day, she had relived every horrific moment of her past that still made her skin crawl, made her want to hide forever but look at what she got at the end of the day : Maan. He was her heaven after eight years of hell.

"Hurry back to me." She whispered and his arms came around her.

"I will always come back to you. You know why? Because I love you. I love you so much that I can't even fathom the idea of living without you."


Maan pulled into the Indian restaurant close to the hospital so he could hurry back to Geet. He had a nagging feeling he was being followed but whenever he looked back, he didn't see anyone. Maan placed the food order and checked in with security head, Romeo who had assured him everything around the mansion was good. There were guards posted at the gate and guards were patrolling the ground surrounding the mansion. But despite that Maan could feel something was wrong, the feeling wouldn't go away.

He called Geet on her cellphone and she had assured him Pari was with her, keeping her company. At last, the food was ready. Maan paid. He stopped next to grab Geet's favorite chocolate ice cream. Halfway to the hospital, Maan's car sputtered to a stop. What now ?  

Maan got out to see the one of the back tires flat. He crouched down to see that the tire wasn't just flat; someone had slashed the tire to create a rip. Maan cursed, he had to get back to Geet. Maan decided to call a taxi rather than a mechanic. Geet was waiting for him. Just as he ended the call, he felt a hard hit on his head. His steps flattened and he saw stars before his vision blurred. Then it was all black. 


Oh man, this girl is LOL

Next chapter: soonish..i hope Embarrassed

Love, love, love

Reya <3

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nyc story 
read it in one go
very well described
waiting fr next

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