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MG SS: Silent Suffering (LAST CH, pg.136) sept 28 (Page 104)

meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Wish her all luck to face out and cum out as winner .

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Hey all, my sincere apologies for such a long wait for the update, I realized that the story hasn't been updated since March :O but things have been hard lately but that's life, I guess. Anyhow, thanks a ton for ur kind patience and support, u all are awesomeHug

Please note that this update may not live up to ur expectations after such a long wait Ouchbut here it is anywaySmile


Yash stood outside Pari's apartment door adjusting his tie one last time, sniffed the red roses to check if they were still fresh and ran a hand through his hair before he realized that he had stalled enough. Today was Yash and Pari's first official date and Yash wanted it to be special, really special, he thought as he put a hand on his coat feeling the weight of the small box.

Just then Pari opened the door though Yash hadn't managed to knock yet.

" I don't know if you were ever planning to knock, but I got tired watching you through the peephole.", she said with a easy laugh but even she was nervous.

Yash felt tongue tied as he saw her standing draped in the one shoulder red dress he had gifted her weeks ago, and just as he had thought, it looked even more beautiful on her.

Pari smiled, pleased that all the time she had spent getting ready paid by the dazed out look in her boyfriend's eyes, "Well, aren't you going to compliment me and hand me the flowers saying something like: ' The flowers pale in beauty in front of me but here they are anyway' ?

Yash gave a soft chuckle before he encircled her waist, "Actually, I just needed a moment of silence to appreciate God's unique creation of beauty." He handed her the red roses.

"Ahhh, aren't you smooth Dr.Shergill ? Taken a lot of girls on dates ?", she asked as she turned to go back inside and went to find a vase for the roses.

"Says the girl who knows exactly what a guy is suppose to say when he sees his date.", he said with a teasing tone. He leant against the doorway of the kitchen and watched her as she placed her roses one by one in the water filled vase with a sweet smile on her lips. I should bring flowers more often, he thought.

"Well, you keep your dating secrets and I keep mine, fair bargain.", she suggested handing him the wrap and turned around so he could drape it around her shoulders.

Yash skimmed his fingertips down her bare arms and felt a shiver go through her. He nuzzled his nose along the side of her face before he placed the wrap around her turning her around to face him. "I thought we weren't going to keep secrets anymore, so I am going to tell you mine: I really want to kiss you right now Pari Maltorta.", his tone went from teasing to husky in seconds and Pari found it hard to come back with a witty comeback as he stared her with such intensity, the love evident.  

His hands closed the distance all together as he pulled her ,  he inched his face closer leaving only a breath of air before their lips would unite.

 "I am sorry but you seem to have the dating routine wrong, one is suppose to kiss when the boy comes to drop her off after the date, the girl thanks him for a lovely time, the boy asks her for another date and then if the boy is lucky, only then does the girl let him kiss her.", Pari said with a playful smirk though she stayed exactly where she was: in his arms.

Yash's face transformed from confusion into determination, "I like to do things my way and I doubt any of your dates have been in love with you for the last two years. I really want to kiss you, I have thought about it for the last two years. So if you rather that I don't, you better speak now."

Yash had barely finished his sentence before Pari brushed her lips against his very softly, " Does that tell you anything ?" A shy blush rose to her cheeks but she kept her eyes locked with his as their faces hovered close.

Yash grinned before he connected his lips with hers, kissing her deeply, letting him lose himself as he yearned to for the last two years.


Yash chose a small, cozy Italian bistro for dinner. They stared at one another over the candlelight, laughed together, talked about anything and everything.

Yash cleared his throat getting ready to ask her an important question, "So Pari, I was thinking'."

Pari took a spoonful of her chocolate swirl cheesecake and looked at him to go on, "You were thinking'."

Yash suddenly grew nervous, it seemed like a great idea before but now, he didn't seem to have the same confidence in himself. Pari reached across the table for his hand. "I thought we could talk to each other about anything now." Pari waited patiently, it was rarely that Yash was so uncomfortable with words; the man could literally talk someone's ear off. "Mom really wants to meet, actually the whole family does.", Yash said quickly and braced himself for her reaction.

Pari was quiet for a few moments before she finally said, " Um, you told your mom about us?"

Okay, that was better than he expected. He expected her to bolt towards the door.

"Mom has known about you since the first I saw you and fell in love. I told her about our relationship and she couldn't hold it." He gave a soft chuckle. "She then told the whole family about you. We are one big family and there can't be secrets in the family no matter how hard we try." Yash tried to seem annoyed about how nosy his family but Pari could tell that he loved them all deeply.

"Yash, you know how I am. I have lived my whole life with only my mom; I hardly even know what a family means. I am not the right person--"           

Yash gave her hand a squeeze, "Pari, you are the right girl for me---"

Pari glanced up at Yash apologetically as she heard her ringtone coming from her clutch.

"Go ahead, check it.", Yash said with a smile, unaffected like they weren't trying to have one of the most important conversations in their relationship

"It's Maan." Worry clouded Pari's voice, Maan knew Pari and Yash had a date today, he wouldn't disturb them unless, unless something was wrong.

"Hello Maan."

"Pari, Pari, you need to come to the hospital right now, G-Geet, I am taking Geet to the hospital." Maan was speaking too fast, his words getting jumbled up.

Pari already stood up and Yash followed suit, signaling for the cheque. "Slow down Maan, just slow down. We are just leaving. What happened to Geet ?"

"Pari, she, she had a panic attack. God, I am so stupid. She had a panic attack because of me. Pari, She stopped breathing, she stopped breathing. And---" Pari stopped Maan from going on because at this moment, he was not calm and composed like she had always known him to be.

Pari and Yash dashed to the car. Yash didn't ask any questions but figured out the situation was serious. "Maan, just breath. We are on our way."

After consoling Maan, Pari hang up and closed her eyes for a brief second. Yash reached over for her hand.

During the drive to the hospital, Pari gave Yash a run down of the little information she had. And though Pari could tell that Yash wanted to pick up their earlier conversation, but instead he was considerate to send to spend the ride in silence.


Pari jumped out as Yash halted the car at the emergency entrance. She clipped her hospital ID on her dress and figured that would have do for the absence on her doctor's coat. Maan was waiting right at reception and rushed towards her as soon as he saw her.

"Pari, thank god you are here. Please go see Geet. I don't know what happened, she just collapsed right in front of my eyes.

"Just relax, I am sure there is a doctor in there with her already. But I will go and see."

"Pari guided Maan towards a chair and took the juice Yash handed to her, "Here Maan, drink this and calm down. I am going to check on her."

"You go, I will give Maan some company." Yash said and she nodded a thanks before heading towards Geet's room.


Pari came out of the room thirty minutes later, Maan stood up immediately.

"She is fine, she is absolutely fine. I started a IV and gave her fluids and some sedatives to sleep for a bit but she is physically fine."

Maan covered his face and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Dr.Shergill, you free to lend a hand ?" a attendant asked from afar as a patient was being wheeled in. Yash knew when a doctor was seen in the ER, they were considered extra hands. Giving a quick nod to the attendant, Yash turned to Maan. "Hang in there man.", giving him a pat on the shoulder.

"Just give me two minutes", Pari said to Maan and walked with Yash a few feet away.

"I am sorry about this, and for earlier, we didn't get to finish our conversation."

Yash reached out for her hands, "Don't worry about it, we will catch up later and pick up the conversation again if you are feeling up to it."

Pari was tempted to fling her arms around her man and hug him tight for being so damn understanding but she couldn't, not here at least. She settled for short, light hug instead but even that warmed her heart.

He leaned in to give Pari a soft kiss on the cheek, "I love you beautiful."

"I know and I have no idea why.", she whispered to herself as Yash walked away.

Shaking away her own thoughts, she went back to Maan. He was sitting there with a saddened expression on his face and she could see the streaks of tears that he was shed earlier.

Is this how love is supposed to be? Maan who was established cardiologist and knew that panic attacks had to pass over time without mediation, and there was no need to rush Geet to the hospital but yet he was unable to think of anything, anything other than Geet's health. Love isn't suppose to be make any sense.

She pulled him into a hug, "She is okay Maan, Stop worrying. You know how panic attacks work, you were suppose to help breathe and calm her nerves down "

" Even before I could even think of that, she just collapsed. She hasn't had any panic attacks before and today she had one, only because of me." Maan felt like punishing himself of what had happened to Geet.

"And why is that ?"

"Because I was stupid enough to ask her about her past."

Flashback ( AN: please note that most of the following scene was in the last chapter but I am placing this here as a reminder to the readers and as Maan narrating the scene to Pari. The part of what happens after Geet tells Maan about her past is included."

"So how was first day back?", Geet asked, before taking the spoon he offered

"It was okay, I quit."

"You what ?", Geet almost choked on the crme brulee. "Why ?"

He shrugged like it was no big deal. "Dr. Maan Singh Khurana. This is serious, you can't just quit like that!"

He was quiet for a few moments, eating his dessert like Geet hadn't even spoken. Geet waited, waited and waited. He sighed, "I couldn't do it anymore."

"You love being a doctor Maan, I know that. You saved a unknown girl from the jungle on a stormy night because your conscious wouldn't have let you live knowing you didn't save someone you could have."

He reached for her hand, " Finding you was fate, we were destined to meet."

"Maan, I know you resigned because of me.", she said slipping her hand out of his and rose to pick up the dishes.

"It's not like that Geet.", he tried to explain but she brushed him off, making her way to the kitchen.

Geet turned on the water and started the dishes as she heard his footsteps coming in the kitchen. "Geet, I can explain."

"You don't need to.", she stated.

It was tension filled silence as he brought the dishes to the kitchen and Geet cleaned up. He didn't say a word knowing she wasn't going to listen.

"Maan, I am not worth the sacrifices you are making.", she told him before she went past him but he stopped me with taking a hold of her wrist.

"Yes, you are. You are the most important to me. I love you. You are worth everything."

She angrily pulled her wrist out of his hold, "No, I am not !", she snapped. "How can you say when you don't even know anything ?"

"How the hell I am suppose to know anything when you won't tell me ?", his voice rose slightly.

"You want the truth ?", she asked but didn't wait for his answer. "I will tell you the truth. You making all this sacrifices for a married woman, I am married to a man who abused me sexually, physically and emotionally for eight long years. And now the man, my own cousin, you are protecting me from wants to kill me for dishonoring the family, for trying to leave him! ", She yelled through my sobs.

The room was filled with a eerily silence, except for Geet's soft sobs Maan stood there, shell shocked as Geet sobbed harder and harder, her body trembling. He was torn between wanting to embrace her or wanting to scream. He sank down onto, taking in her words. She was married to man who abused her, that too for eight long years. And her own family wanted to kill her, how could a kin even be so cruel?

Maan looked up as he suddenly heard Geet's breathing hitched. She looked like she was having trouble breathing. He rushed over to her and was about to place a hand of her shoulder when he remembered her words: "I am married". Instead he stood close to her and called out to her, "Geet, Are you okay?"

But Geet couldn't say a word, breathing heavy, as if she was choking, clutching her chest and throat. Before Maan could fully figure out that Geet was indeed having a panic attack, her body seem to shut down and she collapsed right into Maan's arms.'

"Geet !"

Flashback end.

Pari sat in silence for a few moments unable to find words. They didn't  have any details of the eight years she spent with her abusing husband but yet it sent a  chill down Pari's spine. "Oh my God, I can't believe it. Geet is married, that too a man who abused her." Pari ached for the poor girl, she had been through far too much in her short life

"And what's worse, her own cousin is after her life." Maan said with a sneer. He was going to find Brij Handa, and when he did, he was going to kill him with his bare hands. And her husband of hers, he was going to kill both of them.

 "Can I go see her?"

'Yeah, go see her. I had shifted to the second floor. But Maan, we need to talk about Geet. I am thinking of her getting a psyc consult. Maybe she has panic attacks before. I wanted to run some tests on her anyway so i want to keep her here for a day or two. Eight years of abuse have probably scarred her in ways you and I can't even think of." Just thinking of what Geet's life could have been in the past sent shivers down Pari's spine.

"I will talk to Geet. Enough of this waiting and being patient, it's time that Geet gets justice.", With those words of determination, Maan walked away.

Pari was unsure of the storm that her friend was throwing himself into, but she knew that his love for Geet could get them both through anything.


He knew it ! He had known it since the day Geet miraculously vanished from the hospital, he had known it was no one other than the bas***d Khurana had helped her. That shameless girl, throwing herself at another man when she was still married. He was ashamed to think of her as his cousin sister.

Brij had been able to find Dr.Khurana's address and camped close by for days, waiting, just waiting for confirm his suspicions. There hadn't been much movement over the past ten days , as if there was no one living there. Brij had almost given up but just this morning, he had seen Khurana and his friend Pari. Brij chuckled to himself remembering the scare he had given her at the hospital. Brij was tempted to run inside and strangle Geet with his bare hands but he knew the security wouldn't let him through and the bas***d Khurana would be alerted before he had even done anything.

 But earlier tonight, what he had seen made up for all the ten days of waiting. There was no mistaking the limp body he had seen through the binoculars was indeed Geet. After he followed them to the hospital, he was able to see Khurana holding Geet's rushing her in.

It had taken a lot of effort to track her to Delhi from HP, but he had done it. He had almost ended her life for being the sinful person that she was, but she had narrowly escaped that fateful night. But good things come to those who wait. And now the wait was over.

Brij pulled his phone out of his pocket dialing a number and waited for the phone to be picked. The groggy hello on the other side meant he was yet to wake up for the day.

"Hey, I knew it was too early to call but I couldn't wait to give you the good news.", Brij grinned.

'What ? Did you finally find her again?"

"I found her, I know exactly where she is."

"Finally ! Make sure you keep an eye on her, we can't let her get away this time. Give me two days, I will be in India."

Brij snapped the phone close and eyed the hospital. Geet was in there and he would make sure he would kill her before she could make it back to the hospital.

So how was it ? Leave ur comments and likesSmile

IMP Note: kindly add the ID 'ReyaPM' for future PMs, please don't add the 'maankigeet4ever', I won't be sending PMs from that anymore.


Reya <3

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

what u doing here DQQQ ????? huggsssHug
meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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Hope u r doing well and thanks for update .Loved it and geet past was so painful and  heartwrenching .pari thoughts really so was true na . love makes u so weak and fragile for ur loved ones .Being a cardiologist ,he was hell lot of scared when she passed out . Really so touchy .continue soon .

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emotional update. brij came to know abt geet...

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so many villains...feeling sad to see two tortured soulsCry

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It was awesum!
Loved pari n yash!
how they ran living their 1st date 2 help maan!
Maan pareshan!
Brij the git!
Plz update sun!

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