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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 29)

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Originally posted by cuteshrishti

Wow dear awesome update.thank u sooo muchSmile Abhiya love is blossoming.It was gud 2 c Abhiya 2gether.glad u liked itSmileAbhay & rohan bond is going strong.yes it isSmileI jst wnt 2 kill sameer.LOLLOLMy Abhiya roxx all the wayEmbarrassed they surely doSmile

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Originally posted by preet111

Aww..Mindblowing... awww . glad u liked itSmile . Abhay n Rohan are bonding well. . yeahSmile
Sameer. . Arrgghh . . I hate him me too
Thanks for the PM..
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Originally posted by Pari-Gupta

Awesome updatethank u sooo muchSmile
Loved itglad u liked itSmile
I hope Sameer exits from their liveshe has to
Continue soon
Thanks for the PM
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Originally posted by shivanirajput

wow that was such an awesome update thank uSmile
i totally loved itglad u liked itSmile
abhay rohan chemistry was gr8thanks
but what is it with this sameerhe is obsessed with piya
i hope abhay will teach him a good lesson
waiting for more abhiya romance there will be lots moreSmile
update soon

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chapter 14
I woke up the next morning, the events of last night still in my mind.
abhay lay next to me still asleep, looking like an angel. How much I loved him. I watched him exactly trying to remember every little bit of his face.
He stirred and opened his eyes.
"Good morning beautiful. Did you sleep well?" he smiled and gave me a little kiss.
"Better than ever before." I giggled and stroke his cheek.
"abhay..." he kissed my hand
"I love you." I said honest and looked deep into his eyes.
He studied my face for a few seconds, then he lay my hand on his heart, it was beating really fast.
"You have no idea how I longed to hear that from you." I smiled and a tear of joy ran down my cheek.
"I love you, piya." he whispered and kissed my tear away.
I dont know why, but I didnt want to let him go, I just wanted to be with him, to be near him, so I hugged him tight.
His hands stroke my back and i felt his warm breath against my cheek.
"You know what happened the last time..." he whispered, I nodded.
"I know..." I kissed him very soft and shy, but he held me tighter and deepened the kiss.
I got lost in his tenderness, just like years ago...
"Good morning!" I smiled brightly at misha as I entered the kitchen.
"Oh, good morning. Did you have a good night?" she asked winking at me which made me blush.
"I think yes." She giggled and I slapped her playfull.
"Shut up..."
"Where is abhay?" she asked now.
"Hes taking a shower and will come downstairs afterwards." I said dreamy.
misha looked lovingly at me and smiled.
"Im so happy for you, piya. You really deserve to be lucky...finally." I hugged her.
"Thank you so much,misha. But without you I would have never made it through all these years."
"Hey, whats up? Oh no! Please, no emotional conversations, ok?" jeh stood grinning in the door, abhay behind him.
"Women are always the same." abhay winked at me.
"Perhaps we should try to go on without them." he added.
"Oh sure, you can try, but whos going to cook for you, tidy up and care for you?" asked misha giggling.
"You are right...thats really a problem..." jeh made a helpless face, but then we burst into laughter.

"Dad, can we play soccer today?" asked abhay after breakfast.
"Im sorry, Rohan. But your mother and me have an important appointment." he explained.
"Thats fine with me, then Ill play with uncle jeh." he answered shrugging his shoulders. I had to giggle.
"It wont dure too long, promised."
We got ready and drove to the police station to make the report, but they couldnt really help us. All the officer could say was that I should be careful, not go out alone or only with Rohan and that I should come back if Sameer shows up again.
"Great! Then its to late!" yelled abhay mad.
"I understand that youre concerned Mr. raichand  but there is nothing we can do." said the officer apologising.

"What did they say?" asked jeh when we came back home.
"Only that they just can help us when its too late." said abhay mad.
"Wonderful, the police your friend and helper." mumbled jeh
"Guys, keep cool. We will get this together, ok?" tried misha to calm both of them down.
"You go with Rohan and play soccer, ok?" I added, they nodded and left.
"Are you ok, piya?" asked misha now, I knew there was no use in lying to her, so I shook my head.
"Not really, Im damn scared." I admitted.
"I can understand you, but try to relax a bit. Everythings gonna be alright." I sighed.
"I hope so."

The next few weeks were pure horror. I was so concerned about Rohan and abhay that I stopped eating and lost weight. Although Sameer havent called since the day he had tried to fetch Rohan I was scared to death.
"piya, I need to talk to you." chand Uncle had called me.
"Um...sure, Ill be right over, ok?" I said with a strange feeling.
About 1 hour later I arrived at his house.
"Im so happy you are here." He said and hugged me tight.
"Good to see you, too. How are you?" I asked. We settled down in the livingroom and although I was so lucky with abhay now, I didnt like this room at all.
"So, what can I do for you?" I asked, looking courious at him.
"Yes, I asked you to come here because I have to talk to you about your relationship with abhay..." he began scratching his forehad. I couldnt help but getting nervous.
"Its do I say this?" I felt my blood rushing from my face.
"Whatever it is, just say it." I looked pleading at him, he shot me a look.
"Oh my god, no! No, dont be concerned. Its just, that you and abhay you are together for quiet a while and I was asking myself when you thought of getting married." I sighed in relieve.
"Oh, ok...uhm, actually we havent thought about it till now. You know because of the problems with Sameer and all. And he hasnt proposed to me till now." I explained with a little smile on my lips.
"But you love him?"
"More than my life. abhay and Rohan are everything to me." I answered honest.
chand Uncle stroke my cheek and smiled proud at me.
"You are such a good child." I smiled thankful.

I left chand Uncles house with a good feeling, I was so happy that he accepted me and that he wanted to push things forward between abhay and me.
He was really sweet and he absolutely adored Rohan. I have to admit, for me he was the perfect granfather.
"Where have you been?" asked jeh as I came back home in the evening.
"I visited chand Uncle." I answered smiling.
"It must have been good the way you are smiling." he concluded.
"Yes, it was. He asked me..."

"PIYA!" misha came running towards me, she seemed to be in panic.
"Whats up, misha, what has happened?" I asked alarmed.
She had to lean against the door to get some air.
"abhay...Sameer..." she stuttered.
"misha, talk to me! What is with them?!" I shook her at her shoulders.
"They are...fighting, outside." she managed to say.
I didnt even wait, I just ran outside and saw abhay and Sameer fighting on the street.
"Stop it!!!" I screamed, but they didnt listen. I wanted to seperate them, but jeh pulled me back on my arm.
"No piya, its too dangerous." he called. I looked up at him and saw an expression on his face I have never seen before. He still held my arm and he watched Sameer and abhay, it seemed like he was about to explode. His eyes were red and he breathed hard, his vein pulsed so hard I could see it under the skin of his neck.
"Ok, you stay here and dont move, ok...?" he looked at me in a way that made me shiver.
"But jeh..." but he cut me off.
"No piya. You stay here, got that? Its too dangerous." I just nodded.
He ran over to abhay and Sameer and encroached in the fight. abhay and him were stronger than Sameer and just when he was about to fall down, he pulled out a knife.

"Oh my god! Be careful!" screamed misha, who had reached me.
abhay and jeh jumped back.
"Please, be careful guys." I called frightened.
Sameer slowly got up and laughed dirty.
"How sweet how you try to stand in for this little s**t, but you have no chance. Shes all mine and I will take her with me. You got that? You can keep that little bas***d." He looked at me and grinned.
"Come here piya. Come to me, you know I love you." I shot him a mad look.
"Leave it, Sameer. I will never come to you. I dont love you." I called.
Sameer looked suprised at me.
"Are you sure about that? You know that I can make your life to hell." he glanced at me.
"Give up Sameer, she doesnt want you." said abhay now, trying to calm him down.
"What do you want from me? Im the one with the knife and I dont see why I should give up. I can take her with me and you cant do anything." he smiled to himself.
We heard the police coming and Sameer jumped.
"You called the police you little snake?" he looked at me.
"No, not piya, I called them." said misha brave.
"You? I knew it. You little..."
"Sameer. Let it, its lost. Leave it. I dont love you and I never did." I said now moving forward to him.
"piya, I told you to stay there!" called jeh, but I didnt listen I just continued walking.
"I knew you would come to me." he laughed, confident he has won.
"No, Sameer. I will never come to you." I looked directly at him. I had almost reached him.
"Give me the knife, please." I talked in a soft voice to him and it effected him, the grip around the knife loosened. When I had almost reached him I heard Rohans voice, he stood in the door.
"Mum?" I turned around to him.
"Stay there, honey. Its ok." I called, but Sameer took advantage and attacked me. He was too fast for me to realize what was happening. I closed my eyes, ready to feel the pain from the knife, but I felt nothing. I only crashed the floor, jeh lay on top of me.
Now everything was just like I watched it from somewhere else but my own body. I looked at jeh and his eyes were full of pain, I held him in my arms and saw the knife sticking in his stomach.
"Oh my god, jeh Shh...its ok..." I tried to calm him down, he tried to smile at me, but then he
fell uncouncious.

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chapter 15
I still was in shock, my body was trembling but it felt numb. It felt like it has all been a dream and I would wake up the next second, but I knew I wouldnt wake up.
jeh  has laid on my lap all the time till the police has overpowered Sameer. He hadnt moved and only had stared at jeh.
"Oh my god, I didnt mean to..." he whispered shocked. abhay hugged misha and tried to calm her down. Finally the ambulance arrived and jeh was rushed into the hospital. They took me with them, too as they werent sure if I was hurt, abhay and misha followed us in the car.

And now we were waiting, just waiting. It was horrible, to me I had the feeling that we waited for an eternity. I didnt dare to look at misha, who stared motionless out of the window. I felt so guilty, it has all been my fault.
abhay tried to care for us, he offered us coffe, tea, something to eat, but we refused all his offers.
The doctor had only told us that jeh was hurt very bad and that he had to have an operation. He wanted to send us home, but we wanted to stay.
Another rush of shaking went through my body, I tried to control myself but I just couldnt.
"piya, what is with you?" asked abhay concerned, but I only shook my head.
"Its ok abhay. Im fine." misha still stared out of the window, she seemed to be in a different world.
I tried to get up and go over to her, but my legs were too shaky, so I almost fell down. abhay caught me right in time.
"piya!" I saw that he was really concerned. Now misha seemed to come back to reality and looked suprised at me.
"Oh my god, piya. What are you doing?" she rushed to my side, but I pushed abhay and her away.
"No, let me. Im not worth it!" I called mad, they looked shocked at me.
"What are you talking about?" asked abhay now.
I looked desperate at misha and broke down crying.
"Im so sorry, misha. Im so sorry!!!!! It was all my fault, if Sameer wouldnt have..."
She slapped me right across the face and looked mad at me.
"What do you think you are talking about?!" I looked shocked at her and held my cheek, the tears still streamed down my face.
"It was nobodys fault than Sameers ok? Only Sameers."
"You must hate me for doing all this to you, I mean...jeh is your husband and I..." I whispered.
"And you are my sister, got that? piya,  I could never hate you and believe me, it wasnt your fault, really. We have always went through everything together and we will get this too." The tears welled up in her eyes.
"I know we get this, but I will need your help, ok?" I got up and hugged her tight.
"Im here, misha, Im here! We get this." I said soft, I felt her body ease a bit, she began to sob. I knew I had to be strong for jeh, misha and the baby, so I held her as tight as I could and comforted her.
watched the scene with misty eyes, I knew how he felt. jeh was his best friend and he also reproached himself for not being able to stopp Sameer. I looked loving at him and held out my hand to him, he grabbed it hesitantly and he hugged the both of us.

"Mrs. khurana?" the doctor came into the room and we parted.
"Yes, thats me. What is with my husband? Please tell me what it is." She looked pleading at him.
"Uhm...I want to talk to you in private, please." he said, looking at abhay and me.
"No, they are family. Thats my sister and my brother in law. You can talk to me, here." she said looking hard at him.
"Ok. When your husband was rushed in, it seemed really bad for him, the knife has hurt the spleen and almost destroyed the liver..." he began to explain.
misha sighed in shock and grabbed intuitevly my hand.
"Is he?" she whispered.
"No, hes alive, but hes in a bad condition. Im sorry, but Mr khurana is comatose.
The three of us jumped and misha had to sit down, otherwise she would have fainted.
"What does this exactly mean?" asked abhay now.
"It means that Mr.khurana is alive, but we cant say if he will recover properly or..." he hesitated to end the sentence.
"Or?" I asked frightened.
"Or if he will wake up ever again." he looked apologising at misha
"Can I see him?" she asked, trying to not break down.
"Im sorry, not today. You have to come back tomorrow." She nodded and we left.
We were still shocked when we came back home.
"You are back! How is he?" asked Emily and chand Uncle rushing to us, they had stayed at home to look for Rohan.
"Come in, take a seat. Ill make a strong coffee for you." said Emily and headed to the kitchen.
"Where is Rohan?" I asked alarmed as I couldnt see him anywhere.
"Shh...hes sleeping. We managed to bring him to bed." calmed chand Uncle me down, I sighed relieved.
"jeh is comatose. The knife hurt the spleen and nearly destroyed the lever. They told us to go home as we couldnt do anything for him at the moment." explained abhay, still shocked.
chand Uncle jumped and we heard a big bang from the door. Emily stood there, a broken tray on the floor.
"Emily, whats up?" I rushed to her, but she only stared at misha who hadnt said a word till now. Slowly she walked over to her, pulled her up and hugged her tight.
"Im so sorry, Honey." she whispered. And suddenly all the tension seemed to fall from her, she began to tremble and the tears began to fall from her eyes.
"He cant die! I need him! We need him! My baby cant grow up without a father!" she sobbed.
"Sh, jeh wont die. I know it." tried Emily to calm misha down.
I stood a bit away from both of them and looked with misty eyes at the scene.
"misha, you are not alone. We are there for you, no matter what. Im here, chandji, abhay and most of all... piya is here. Never forget this, ok?" she spoke soft to misha.
misha nodded, parted from Emily and looked still crying at me, we needed no words, everything was told without talking.
My love for misha was overwhelming at that moment, all my memories with her came to my mind, everything we have went through together, all the happy and all the sad times and that she had always been there for me.
Now it was my turn to be there for her, now I had to be the strong one that stands in for her sister.
Slowly I walked over to where she stood and opened my arms.
"I love you, sister." I whispered with a trembling voice.
We hugged tight and long. "I lover you, too." she sobbed.
"We get this together, promised." I stroke her hair and looked at Emily,  chand Uncle and abhay, who nodded proud.
"Mum?" Rohan stood sleepy at the stairs.
"Yes, Rohan. Come here." I said still crying. He walked over to us and I lifted him up.
"How is Uncle jeh? Is he hurt?" asked the little man serious. midha stroke lovingly his cheek and smiled.
"Yes, champ. Hes hurt, but hell recover, promise." she explained.
"Thats good. We need to play soccer again. Sure, Dad can also play but its more fun when Uncle jeh is with us." he said, also smiling and kissed mishas cheek.
We sat down again and talked a bit more, as each of us knew that we werent able to find proper sleep.
Rohan sat on abhays lap and had fallen asleep. I watched them tenderly.
"Im so happy that abhay is with you." said misha and also looked at them.
I shot her a suprised look.
"How do you do that? How are you able to bear that?"
"Bear what? piyai, you are my sister and you suffered for 5 years, how can I not be happy for you? And about jeh I know that he will recover." She lay down on the couch and put her head on my lap. I stroke her hair and soon she was asleep.
"misha..." began Emily, but I "shh" her.
"Shes asleep." I whispered. Emily nodded and brought a blanket.
"Could you bring Rohan to bed?" I asked abhay, but he shook his head.
"I think its better if we stay here aswell and hes already asleep." I nodded.

misha didnt sleep very well, she dreamed alot and spoke in her sleep, but I managed to calm her down everytime she began to cry in her sleep.
She woke up when the sun was already rising. I still sat like hours before, I hadnt even moved a bit.
piya? Where am I?" she asked confused when she opened her eyes.
"You are in teh livingroom. You fell asleep on my lap." I explained smiling.
"Really? But why didnt you wake me up and go to bed? Did you sleep at all?" I shook my head.
"I was happy that you were able to get some sleep and me, I couldnt sleep anyway."
"Thank you. Ill take a shower and then Ill drive to the hospital." she said and got up.
"But not without breakfast." I said and went into the kitchen.
We were having breakfast all together when the phone rang. I answered it.
"Hello, piya jaiswal."
"Ms. jaiswal, this is officer Cornell. We need you to come to the station today to make the report about Sameer Patel." said a male voice. I felt my muscels tighten and sighed.
"I will be there." I simply said and hung up.
"Who was it?" asked chand Uncle who sensed my uncomfortness.
"The police. They want me to come to make my report." I explained.
"Ill go with you if you want to." offered abhay but I shook my head.
"No, thank you. But I have to do this alone and I know that you wont be able to controll yourself." he just nodded.
"But you could join misha." I added.
"Sure, we can go together." he said to misha.

Half an hour later we all got ready. misha and piya drove to the hospital and I made my way to the police station.
"Hello, my name is piya jaiswal, officer Cornell called me earlier." I said at the desk.
"Ms. jaiswal?" I heard a voice behind me, as I turned around I saw a goodlooking man in uniform, just a few years older than me.
"Im officer cornell. We spoke on earlier." He offered his hand to me.
"Nice to meet you, officer." I shook it.
"Lets go into my office." We walked along the floor into a small office.
"Sit down please." he said showing at a chair. I sat down.
"First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am for what has happened, we couldnt..." he began but I looked mad at him and cut him off.
"You couldnt what? Sorry officer, but you are talking bullshit. I came here to get your help after Sameer had begun to threatened me and you did nothing, he even tried to kidnap my son. You know, my husband was right when he said that you only do something when somebody is dead. Because of you, my brother-in-law is hurt and we dont know if he will survive. You could have prevented this but you did nothing." I sad mad without even thinking of what officer Cornell would think about me.
"I can understand that you are mad Mrs. jaiswal but you have to believe me that we really did what we could to help you." he tried to defend himself, but I was too mad to give a damn about what he said.
"Do you have any idea how it is to see your husband in that hospitalcroom, comatous? How would you feel if you were pregnant and your husband might die?" I looked hateful at him. Officer Cornell looked guilty at me.
"So your sister is pregnant?" he asked careful, I nodded.
"Lets just make that report and make sure Sameer will never be able to come near me or my family." I sighed and made the report.

"Ok, thank you Mrs.  piya  I think with your report we do alot to keep Mr. Patel from you." He said, after I had told him everything about Sameer.
"I really hope so, Officer Cornell." I said and got up.
"Thank you for your help and you are really a strong woman Miss piya" He said and offered his hand. I shot him a suprised look.
"Yes, you are. Its not very often that somebody tells a police officer that hes talking bullshit." He winked and smiled.
"Im sorry, but I meant it." I shook his hand and left.

The days passed by, but jeh wouldnt wake up. We visited him every day and misha even stayed there over night, but nothing happened. I was really concerned about misha, she was pale and had lost weight, she spoke very rare and could barely sleep.
"abhay, I have to do something." I said one day as abhay and me took a walk in the hospital park.
"piya, there is nothing we can do. We can just wait, hope and pray." he answered.
"No, abhay There is something we can do. I cant sit around all day long and see how misha is suffering all this time. She needs to eat, to sleep and she needs jeh." I said desperately.
abhay hugged me and kissed my forehead.
"I know how you feel piya, but we cant help but wait." I sighed and nodded.
"You are right. What do you think? Should we allow Rohan to visit jeh?" I asked now. abhay shot me a suprised look.
"You ask me?" I nodded.
"Sure, Rohan is as much your son as hes my son." He hugged me even tighter.
"Thank you. Thats the first time you ask my opinion about Rohan."

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wow awesome update.I really feel bad 4 mish hope jeh get well soon.Wnt 2 c Abhiya,jisha happy & Abhiya marriage alsoEmbarrassed

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awesome update i loved it  nothing will happen to jeh sameer such a cruel & hatred person i will kill sameer. waiting 4 next ch . thnx for pm  

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