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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 19)

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Originally posted by preet111

nice update i loved it next time pm me please thank u sooo muchSmile 

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chapter 9
I froze and looked unsure at abhay
"What do you mean?" I asked nervous.
"Well, the day in the park, when we met and you had to get that phonecall, remember?" I nodded beginning to sweat.
"Well, you asked if everything was ok with Rohan...And I just wondered who he was. Is he your...your husband?" he looked serious at me.
What should I tell him? The truth? No, I just cant tell him that he has a son.
"No, hes not my husband." I explained. abhay  sighed in relieve.
"Well, who is he then?"
I looked at the flowers in my hand and smiled to myself.
"Hes my life." I whispered.
abhay looked disappointed at me and sighed.
"Oh, surely you have a boyfriend. Im sorry I asked...Listen, I have to go now. It was really nice to see you..." he got up and walked towards me.
"And thank you for letting me in." I was confused by his reaction, could it be that he was sad?
"Yes, you should go...your wife is will wonder where you are. And thank you for the visit." I answered, he only nodded and left the shop.
I dont know why, but I felt a slight heartache to see him leaving like that.

"misha, piya!!! Come down, honeys. Dinner is ready!" called aunty from downstairs.
"Lets go, piya. Im hungry." said misha standing in the door.
"Gosh, I already feel like a wale, how can I eat and get fatter?" I whined and tried to get up.
"Come on you wale. Ill help you." she giggled and helped me to get up.
"Ouch." I help my belly.
"What?" asked misha concerned.
"It kicked. Well, I have no idea if its a girl or a boy, but the way it kicks its a boy." I joked.
We walked downstairs.
"Ah, there you are. Sit down." ordered aunty and put the food on our plates.
"Aunty please, Im not hungry." I said.
"What? No way, young lady. Youll be giving birth to a baby in a few days, you need to eat to get through this." she told me off, but uncle stopped her.
"Are you ok, my child? You are so pale." misha giggled.
"You exchanged the roles. It should me Ma being sensitive and you being complaining." I also had to giggle, but cramped under another kick.
"Is he klicking again?" asked misha now, I nodded.
Uncle walked over to me and lay his hand on my stomach.
"Wow, hes really strong. I think its going to be a boy."
"Yes, I think so too, uncle. Aunty, dont be mad, but Ill go upstairs and lay down a bit. Im not feeling too well." I excused myself and walked back into my room.
This night I really couldnt sleep, all the time the baby was kicking and wouldnt let me rest properly. In the early morning I felt something wet on my blanket.
"misha! misha!!!!" I called.
"What?!" she stormed into my room.
"I think we should go to the hospital." I said and cramped under another labour pain.
"Ok ok, piya. Keep cool, just dont panic. First of all...MOM!!!!!!!!!!!" she called so confused that I had to giggle.
"I think you shouldnt panic."
"Whats up?" asked aunty sleepy.
"We need to go to the hospital!" Called misha.
And then it went really fast. We drove to the hospital and a few hours later I gave birth to a wonderful little boy.

"Ah, where is my nephew?" asked misha coming in with aunty and uncle.
"May I introduce? Thats Rohan abhay jaiswal." I smiled proud.
"Wow, misha. Hes perfect." misha had misty eyes and hugged me careful.
"Thank you, aunt misha." We giggled.
Aunty and Uncle stood in the door looking proud at us.
"Do you want to hold your grandson?" I asked Uncle.
He came to the bad and took Rohan really careful, he held him like he could break or something else.
"Hes really prefect, piya." He also had misty eyes and beamed at me.

"Good morning! Have you been here all night long?" asked Emily confused when she entered the shop.
"Good morning, Emily. Seems like. I needed some time to think." I answered.
"Is everything ok? You seem to be so confused." she lay her hand on my arm and shot me a concerned look.
"Yes, Im fine. Its just...Im fine." I smiled at her.
"Well, I dont believe you, but youll tell me when you are ready." I smiled thankful at her.
"Wow, piya. Like I see you are done with the order. Great work. Ok, you take the car and drive to Mrs. Taylor to arrange everything and I get the work here done, ok?"
"Ok, I think Ill need about 1 or 2 hours to get everything done."
So I drove to Mrs. Taylor to deliver the order.
"piya, you are an anger, I was just about to call you to tell you that we need the flowers earlier." greeted Mrs. Taylor me with a big hug.
"And here I am. So, where are you going to celebrate?" I asked smiling.
She showed me the location and I began with my work.
"Wow! It looks amazing!" called a young woman as she entered.
"Ah, honey. There you are. Its great, isnt it? piya was so good to do this all in one day. Come I want you to meet her...piya?" Mrs. Taylor stood with the young woman in front of me.
"That is my niece, the lucky bride. This is piya, my florist." I smiled at her and offered my hand to her.
"Nice to meet you and congratulations."
"Nice to meet you, too. Thank you. Youre really doing a good job. And thank you for doing it so fast, I know how my aunt can be." we giggled.
Mrs. Taylors niece sonya was a really beautiful woman, she was about my age, maybe a bit younger and had beautiful dark brown eyes."
"Im happy you like it."
"Oh, you have to come to my party tonight." she called excited.
"I dont know if I have time. But thank you for the invitation." I hesitated.
"You have to come. Please!!!!!" she looked pleading at me.
"I really dont know, I have to look after my son..."
"Oh yes, honey. piya has a son and he had leukemia. She has to care for him as he is just recovering."
"Im really sorry. I hope he is ok." I nodded smiling.
"Yes, hes fine, thank you."
"Ok, you look for your son, but if you want to come you are invited, ok?" she smiled at me and gave me an invitation.
"Sure, thank you again."
when I came back into the shop, Emily sent me home to get some sleep and to visit Rohan as I have been working the whole night.

"Mum!!! I missed you" called Rohan as he saw me.
"Aw, I missed you too, honey. How are you?" I hugged him tight.
"Im great. Uncle jeh and aunt misha have been here and we had so much fun together..." he told me excited.
"And grandpa has visited me, but I dont know. He seems to be sad. Do you know why?" he looked with big eyes at me.
"No, honey. I dont know." I stroke his head.
"Grandpa promised me to come back this evening!!!" he called excited.
Right then chand uncle came in.
"piya, you are here?" he asked suprised.
"Yes, I had to work the whole night on a order, so Emily gave me the rest of the day off." I explained.
"Oh, then Ill come back later..." He turned to leave.
"chand uncle. Please wait. May I talk to you?" I called after him, he looked at me and nodded.
"Well be right back, honey." I said to Rohan.
chanduncle and me took a walk in the park, enjoying the fresh air.
"chand  uncle?"
"Hm?" He looked at his feet.
"You seem to try to get out of my way in the last time. If I did something to upset you or to make you mad Im really sorry." chand uncle stopped and held me at my wrist.
"You did nothing wrong, really. Its just...piya, what do you feel for this Sameer?" I looked suprised at him.
"What do you mean?"
"I you love him?" I thought for a moment.
"Hes a good guy and he loves me..." I thought loud.
"But do you love him?" he asked again, I smiled.
"You know the answer, so why do you ask?"
With that I walked back to Rohan.
"Mum, what is that?" asked Rohan holding the invitation to the engagement party in his hands.
"Oh that...Its an invitation to a engagement party." I explained, taking the invitation from him.
"And when is this party?" he asked courious.
"Its tonight, but I wont go, as I have to play till I fall down with you." I tickled him.
"But I want you to go, Mum. You need to go out and have fun. We can play tomorrow." he said serious.
"But I havent been with you, yesterday because of my work..." I began, but he cut me off.
"Yes, but I want you to go." I shot him a suprised look.
"You are far too adult for your age, young man." I looked loving at him and stroke his cheek.
"Please, Mum. I really mean it. You have been with me day and night in the last months. Please, go out and have fun. You can even go with that Sameer." the tears welled up in my eyes.
"Are you sure you are only 4 years old, young man?"
"Im almost 5! Its my birthday next month!" he called grinning.
I hugged him tight and kissed his head.
"Will you go?" he asked.
"Yes, honey. Ill go."
"Cool, then grandpa can stay with me!!!!" he called so excited that I had to giggle.
"I knew there was something on your mind."
"Ok, you go and Rohan and me will have the time of our lives." chand uncle stood grinning in the door.
"I see its time for me to leave." I said, got up, kissed Rohan again and hugged chand uncle.
"Thank you." I whispered.
"Go and have fun." he smiled warm at me.

"misha, jeh Im home!!!!" I called when I came back.
"Hey, whats going on with you, you seem to be in such a good mood." said misha laughing coming out of the kitchen.
"My son gave me the evening off and Im going to a engagement party, I already called Sameer, hell fetch me later." I beamed at her.
"Wow, really? We are also going to an engagement party, one of jehs colleagues is getting married."
"Could it be that the brides aunt is called Mrs. Taylor?" I asked thinking loud.
"Yes, she is." misha shot me a suprised look.
"Ha, thats the same engagement party!" I called.
"But why are you invited? Do you know the bride?"
"No, I made the decoration for Mrs. Taylor, and I met her niece today when I worked at her house. Shes really nice and she invited me." I told her.
"Wow, so we can go out together! But wait, who will look for Rohan?" she hesitated.
"No problem, chand uncle looks after him."
"Ok, then lets get ready!" misha grinned wide and we burst into laughter.
"Whats that noise here?" asked jeh coming home.
"Darling, piya is also going to that party tonight and Sameer will come with us."
"Wow, thats wonderful." He smiled at me.
"Yes, I also think that and thats why we are going upstairs now and get ready..."
"Which means I have to stay our, right?" he finished mishas sentence grinning.
"EXACTLY!" we called in unison and ran upstairs.

1 hour later we were done. misha had borrowed me on of her Saris.
"Ladies, Sameer is here! Are you ready?!" called jeh from downstairs.
"Were coming!!!!" we grabbed our stuff and walked down to the guys.
"Wow, you both look breathtaking." gapsed Sameer as he saw us.
I blushed and looked at my feet.
"Thank you."
"Lets go."
We drove to Mrs. Taylor.

"Ah, you are here! Im so happy you made it." called a man as he saw jeh and hugged him.
"Congratulations Mohan). May I introduce, thats my lovely wife, misha. And thats her sister piya and Sameer...This is Mohan, the groom." He introduced us.
We said all Hi
"I have to say, you really have beautiful women around you." said Mohan charming.
"Yes, I know. But sorry man, you are taken!" We giggled.
"Yes, he is. And I wont let him go, even if he wanted to!" said Mrs. Taylors niece hugging her fiancee.
"Ah, there you are, honey. May I introduce..." he began, but she hugged me, as she saw me.
"piya, Im happy you made it!"
"You know each other?" asked Mohan now confused.
"Yes, honey. piya is the florist who made the decoration for us. I met her this morning and invited her for tonight...I hope your son is fine." I smiled and nodded.
"Yes, thank you. And its really a wonderful party."
"Wow, the world is really small. These are jeh, his wife misha and Sameer."
introduced Mohan now.
"The colleague, right?" asked the bride.
"Yes, nice to meet you. You have to know. piya is mishas sister." he smiled.
"Wow, the world is really small. Nice to meet you all. My name is Sonya."

I jumped when I heard that name again i realised tat abhay was also married to one sonya.
"Sonya, what a nice name." said jeh now.
misha shot me a shocked look as she remembered me telling her, that the girl, abhays parents had picked for him was called Sonya.
"Ok, I hope you have a good time. Grab some food and just enjoy yourself." said Mohan now and walked to some other guests.
We searched a free table and took a seat. jeh took care of the drinks and Sameer got something to eat for us.
"piya, are you ok?" asked misha now.
"Why?" I asked, pretending not to know why she asked.
"I mean because of Sonya. Could it be that she is..." but I cut her harsh off.
"Dont be stupid, misha. She has nothing to do with that Sonya." I looked around and saw Sonya and Mohan talking to Mrs. Taylor. They looked so happy.
"And here are the drinks." jeh brought me back to reality.
"...and the food." added Sameer.

"May I ask for this dance?" asked Sameer later, I accepted smiling.
We began to sway to the music.
"Do you know how wonderful you look tonight?" he asked in a soft voice.
"Thank you, Sameer." I looked at him and smiled.
"Lets go and get some fresh air." he pulled me outside.
"What a beautiful night..." I said outside and looked at the stars.
"But not as beautiful as you, piya." the way he looked at me somehow made me nervous.
"Ah, piya  Ive been searching for you, my dear." called Mrs. Taylor and hugged me.
"I hope I dont disturb, but I have to tell you that you did such a great job, everybody loves the decoration!" I dont know why, but I was relieved that she disturbed us.
"Thank you, Mrs. Taylor. Im so happy for your niece...Oh, by the way, that is Samer Khanna, my..."
"Oh, nice to meet you, Mr. Khanna." she offered her hand.
"Nice to meet you to, Mrs. Taylor." he took it and kissed it soft.
"Such a charming young man. You made such a good choice with your husband..."
"Oh no, Sameer is not my husband." I corrected her blushing.
"Not? Oh, but he can be in the future." she winked at Sameer, who grinned.
"You never told me that your niece has such a sweet name." I changed the topic.
"Yes, Sonya is really a sweet name and shes all my proud. Im so happy that she finally found her love." she said in thoughts.
"Finally?" I asked suprised.
"Yes, she was engaged a few years ago. It was an arranged marriage, but his parents break it off..." I began to feel uncomfortable.
"Oh, really? Well, but I think shes happy now. I think we should go back to our friends." I said nervous.
"He would have been so good for her. Educated, good looking and Sonyas and hisparents had arranged it in their childhood. Yes, Sonya could have been part of the big raichand family..." I froze. My biggest nightmare was coming true right now.
"Are you ok, Darling? You are so pale." asked Mrs. Taylor concerned.
"No, Im fine, Mrs. Taylor. Just a bit tired. Sameer, can call me a taxi, please?"

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chapter 10
Are you really ok, piya? You are so quiet." Sammer reached for my hand, but I pulled it away.
"Im fine, really." I answered short and looked out of the window. We were on the way back home in the taxi. I had told misha and jeh that I felt tired and even though they wanted to bring me home I managed to convince them that Im really fine and that they shall enjoy the party.
"Here we are." said the taxi driver and stopped the car.
"Thank you, how much?" I asked, and reached for my bag.
"Let me." said Sameer and paid for me.
I got out of the car and walked to the door.
"piya, what is with you?" asked Sameer as he reached me.
"You are so strange? What did Mrs. Taylor say that made you so upset. I really dont understand you." he seemed to be really confused.
"Im so sorry, Sameer. You really dont deserve that. But I just cant tell you. Im really sorry but I think its better we..." I tried to explain, but he hit his fist on the door right next to my head.
"We what? Break up? Is that what youre trying to say?!" he yelled.
"Sameer, what it with you? Please stopp, you scare me." I whispered shocked.
"Oh, I scare you? You know what? I f... dont mind if I scare you, piya. You treat me like dirt and I dont deserve that. Always is something more imporant than me. First its misha and jeh, than your bloody son and now..."
WHAM! I slapped him right across the face.
"Dont dare to talk like that about my family." I glanced at him.
"Wow, you know how to slap." he said and held his cheek.
"Im so sorry, Sameer...its just..." But now he grabbed me, turned me around and held my arm on my back.
"Sameer, youre hurting me, let me go." I called.
"No, piya. You are mine, you got that?!" He kissed my neck and held me at my waist.
"Sameer, let me go! Please!" I called now in panic and tried to get rid of him, but he only held me even tighter.
"piya, please. I love you, I want you, you cant leave me..."
"Sameer let me go." I called over and over again.
Suddenly I heard a car stopp and jeh and misha screamed like mad.
"Sameer, let her go!" jeh pulled Sameer away from me and began to fight with him.

"Oh my god, piya! Are you ok?" misha rushed to my side and hugged me as my whole body trembled.
"Yes, I think so. Im so happy you are here."
Meanwhile jeh managed to throw Sameer to the ground.
"Stay away from her and dont dare to ever come near here again." He called mad. Sameer got up and shot me a hateful look.
"Its not over, piya. You know that." With that he walked to his car and drove off.
"piya, are you alright?" asked jeh, I nodded.
"But what about you? Are you ok?" I asked concerned, but he only grinned.
"Sure, he had no chance."
"Thank you so much, but why..." I began.
"Why we are here? piya, you are my sister and I know when something is wrong. Not to mention that I thought a bit more about Sameer since Rohan has told us that he doesnt like him. And I came to the conclusion that he is right, so I got nervous when he offered to bring you home..." Explained misha as we settled down in the livingroom.
"Here, put that on your wrist." jeh handed me a package of icecubes.
"Such an... Im going to kill him." he mumbled mad.
"Its ok, Nikhil." I smiled brave at him, though I just wanted to cry.
"Ok and now I want to know why you left the party so fast?" asked misha giving me a look that just accepted the truth.
"I wanted to leave because Mrs. Taylor told me that..." I sighed.
"Sonya is abhay's ex-fiancee." I stared into two cofused and shocked faces.
"You mean he didnt marry?" asked jeh now, I shrugged.
"I dont know. He didnt marry Sonya, but perhaps he married someone else."
I looked at my wrist, it hurt really bad and it started to show bruises.
"And what are you going to do now?" misha  put a hand on my shoulder.
"I have no idea. Its just...everything is so complicated and...and...I dont know. All I want is to live my life and Rohan to be healthy and lucky." I sobbed. misha hugged and comforted me.
"Sh, its ok. Everythings gonna be ok."
"Do you love abhay?" asked jeh now, I shot him a look. He stared at the table in front of him.
"What?" He looke up and I could see that he was absolutely honest and kind of sad.
"Do you still love him?" I thought for a while.
"I dont know, I really dont. So much has happened in the last time." he nodded.
"But you still have feelings for him." he concluded and I nodded.
We sat in silence for a while.
"Ill go to bed now, Im tired." I got up, hugged both of them and walked upstairs.
"Good night." they said.
This night I slept really bad, I cried really much and if I was sleeping, I had horrible nightmares. My wrist was still aching and it was now swollen and blue.
My mind was racing and my emotions felt like in a rollercoast. In the early morning I decided to get up and make some breakfast for misha and jeh. I wanted to suprise them and give them a day off from me, as I wanted to visit Rohan.
"What are you doing here?" asked jeh sleepy, as he entered the kitchen, I jumped.
"Hey, keep cool. Its just me, ok?" He was still in his pyjamas, as it was really early.
"What are you doing here? Its the weekend and you can sleep longer." I asked now.
"I know, I just wanted to get a glas of water and then go back into bed." I smiled at him, fetched a glas and handed it to him.
"Here, good night." But he sat down on the kitchen table and looked concerned at me.
"piya, whats up?" he simply asked, but I just got on, doing the breakfast.
"Nothing. I just wanted to make breakfast for you before I go to Rohan." I explained nervous.
"And you are destroying the suprise now." I added smiling, but he doesnt seem to be convinced.
"Ok, you now sit down here and talk to me." he patted the chair next to his.
I sighed and took a seat, as I knew it was useless to try to lie to him.
"So?" he asked now, but I stared at the table and remained quiet.
piya, please talk to me. Im really concerned about you and..."
"I dont want you to be concerned about me." I said serious and looked at him.
"jeh, you and misha are my best friends, my family and you are always there for me, no matter what. I really love both of you, but I dont want you to care about me anymore." he looked shocked at me.
"What are you talking about?" he asked confused.
"I mean, that in the last months...I...I just have been a burden for you. You helped me and Rohan in such a wonderful way and words cant say how thankful I am, but I just cant take this any longer. You have your own, you are married and you should just live that life without hesitation. I know nobody else than the 2 of you, who deserve to be lucky and to live their lives in happyness like you..." The tears welled up in my eyes.
"Ive made a descision. Im going to search for a flat for Rohan and me, we will live there when hes healthy again..."jeh, who had remained quiet all through my speech now hit his hand on the table.
"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked mad.
"Did you only think for one moment about misha and me while making this descision? I mean really think about us?" I looked shocked at him.
"First of all, you will never be a burden for us, how can you? You are mishas sister and also mine and for Rohan...hes such a wonderful boy and I really love him. Hes like my own son and..." the tears welled up in his eyes.
"You were really scared when we got the diagnosis, right?" I asked soft and put my hand on his shoulder, he nodded.
"piya, please. Dont ever think again that you are a burden for anybody and please dont go and take Rohan from us again. Since the both of you moved into our house its so full of live, so happy. Its just"
"In the past." misha stood in the door and watched us lovingly.
"misha, we didnt want to wake you up." I looked apologizing at her, but she only smiled.
"jeh is right, since you and Rohan moved in with us, I have the feeling that our family is complete again." She now stood right next to me.
"Please, dont go. I already lost my parents, I dont want to loose my sister, again." she whispered with misty eyes. I got up and sympathic at her.
"Im so sorry, misha. I didnt know, that you missed me so much." we hugged.
"Ill stay, if you let me." I said now, looking down at jeh, he also got up and hugged us.
"Thank you, piya. And now we only have to sort this abhay-thing out." he said grinning, we had to giggle.

After a big breakfast, the three of us drove to Rohan.
"Mum! Uncle jeh! Aunt misha! Im so happy you are here!" he called excited as he saw us.
"Hey, champ! How are you?" asked jeh and boxed playfull with him.
"Mum, the doc wants to talk to you." said Rohan short and got on with jeh.
Me and misha went to his office and knocked.
"Come in!" called a voice from inside.
"Good morning, Dr. Smith." We greeted smiling.
"You wanted to talk to me?"
"Ah, miss piya Yes, take a seat. But...whats that?" he asked, looking at my wrist.
"Oh, nothing, just..." I tried to answer.
"Thats not nothing. Wait..." he took a look at the wrist.
"Its not broken but sprained. Ill make a bandage...Fine thats done. But now to Rohan..." I jumped a bit.
"What is with him???" I asked alarmed, but he shook smiling his head.
"No, everything is ok. Hes doing quiet well and I think you can take him home with you today." misha and me looked suprised at each other, then we screamed of joy.
"Oh my god, are you serious?! Thank you, Doc!" I beamed at him.
"Wowowowo...calm down. He can go home, yes. But you have still to come to the checkups, ok?"
"Of course we will come."
"Good, Ill fill in the papers and you get him ready." 
misha and me hurried out of the office.
"Rohan?" I asked grinning, when arrived at his room
"Not now, Mum. Im playing with uncle jeh." he said angry.
"Oh, then you dont want to come home with us?" I answered grinning at misha
"Yes, I think you are right, if hes so busy..."
"I can go home? Today? Yeah!!!" he called excited and jumped on my arm.
jeh grinned wide at me.
"Look, the first problem is sorted out." I had to laugh.

A few days later I was working in the shop again, as Emily had a flue and had to stay in bed.
"Hey piya!" greeted Sonya smiling.
"Sonya! What are you doing here?" I asked suprised.
"Wow, what a nice Hello" she joked.
"Oh, sorry. How are you?"
"Im here to order the things for the wedding." she explained and we talked about what she wanted to have.
"Wonderful. I know that it will be perfect." she said excited.
"I hope so. You deserve it."
She shot me a look.
"piya, I would need to talk to you in private. Do you have time now?" I took a look at my watch.
"Um...yes...the shop was supposed to close half an hour ago...So just let me get the things ready, ok?"
"Ok, Ill wait."
15 minutes later I was ready and locked the shop.
"Lets go for a drink, ok?" offered Sonya.
So we drove to abhays and mine Caf.

"Wow, what a good choice." I said a bit nervous.
"Do you know this one? I really love it." she said smiling and looked for a free table.
"Ms. piya! You are here! I knew you would come back again!" called Tom grinning as he saw me.
"Hey Tom! How are you?" Sonya shot me a suprised look.
"You seem to be here quite often." But I shook my head.
"No, I used to but that was ages ago. That was before Rohan was born."
"Oh, by the way? How is he?"
I told her about him and that he was much better.
"Thats wonderful, do you have a photo?"
"No, not with me at the moment." I lied as I knew she would see whos son Rohan is.
"piya, dont lie to me. I know who you are." she said silent and looked at me.
"So, here are your drinks, ladies." served Tom us, but I wasnt able to say anything to him.
" know?" I asked unsure.
"Yes, you are abhays big love and Rohan is his son, right?" she said smiling.
All I could do was to nod my head.
"Yes, Rohan is abhays son, but believe me he doesnt know and..." I began to apologize, but she lay her hand on my arm to calm me down.
"Dont apologize, piya. Its ok. Do you know why we didnt get married?" she asked now.
"No, I even just know it because your aunt told me about it at the engagement party." I answered still shocked.
"I see, thats the reason you vanished so fast...Ok, Ill tell you what happened.
You have to know, we just were engaged because our parents had decided it years ago and allthough I knew I should marry abhay I never met him till the day off you breakup. When I first saw him I immediately fell in love with him, he was so kind, so educated and goodlooking, but his eyes showed sorrow. Over the time we became friends and he told me about you and how much he loved you, but he had to give in to his mothers last wish..." I nodded.
"I know, chand Uncle has told me about that."
"Yes, I know. I really wanted to marry abhay, but I knew that he would never be happpy with me because he only thought of you and nobody else. So I talked to his mother and we finally decided together that its better that we break the engagement off. Sure, my parents werent too keen about that, but they wanted me to be happy and I just couldnt be happy with a man who doesnt love me. 1 year later I met Mohan and you see, hes my great love."
"But, when you broke it off. Why did he never come back to me?" I asked clueless.
"He wanted to, he really wanted, but he always said that he isnt worth it and that you would never take him back after what he has done to you."
The tears welled up in my eyes.
"Is he married now?" I asked, trying to be calm, but she shook her head.
"No, he said hell never be able to love anybody else but you."
Now I was breaking down.
"Oh god? Why?" I sobbed.
Sonya comforted me and stroke my back.
"I know that these last years must have been really hard for you, but give him a chance."

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Selinapiya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
wow..Awesome... Piya got to know that Abhay isn't married...DancingParty
hurray..Sonia..Hugthank u..
Thanks for the PM...
prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Awesome update!!!Smile So he never got married...Wow nice!Big smile So now Pia will tell him about Rohan or she'll hide this fact from him that Rohan is his son ? Thanks for PM.Continue soon.Good Luck!!! Thumbs Up
shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
awesome updateClapClap
u really lived upto our expectations
pia boke up with sameer and abhay isn't marriedDancing
hope they will be soon together
please update soon
can't wait to read the next update

..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
yay! finally confusions sorted out. Big smile
rosamale IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
first of all a big hug from me for the wonderful updatesHugHugit was superb. rohan is soo sweet like abhay. Abhay is not married. yahoooBig smileDancingParty

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