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Fanfic: second chance chap16,17lastchap pg 32,33 (Page 11)

tamannamalik Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 4:56am | IP Logged
chapter 6
Sameer hadnt even stopped the car and I jumped out and ran to the entrance of the hospital.
"Fast, Im searching for my son, his name is Rohan..." I called out of breath.
"piya"called jeh and walked towards me.
"jeh. What has happened? Where is Rohan, is he alright?" I was desperate.
"Come piya, the doc wants to talk to you."
Sameer just arrived and went with us to the room where Rohan lay in.
"Mum!" he called sitting on the bed.
"Oh my god, Rohan. Are you ok, babe? Damn you scared me." I rushed to him and hugged him tight.
"Im ok, mum. Nothing serious, really. Please let me go, I cant breath." he answered.
I cried of relief and let him go.
The doctor came in. He was around 50 years old, with grey hair, blue eyes and glasses.
"Ah, you must be his mother?" he asked as he saw me, misha followed him, I saw that she has been crying which made me nervous.
"Yes doctor. Im piya jaswal, nice to meet you." I offered my hand and he shook it.
"Nice to meet you Mrs. piya. My name is Doctor Smith, can you come with me, please? I need to talk to you." he explained.
"Sure, but please...just a moment." I said and went over to Sameer.
"Thank you, Sameer. And Im really sorry..." but he just shook his head and smiled.
"Its ok, piya. May I call you?"
"But...ok." he smiled at misha and jeh and turned to leave.
"Come on, champ. We look for some ice cream, while mum and aunt misha  talk to the doc." said jeh, shot me a look I couldnt point at and left with Rohan.

Doctor Smith brought us into his office and asked us to take a seat.
"Well Miss. jaiswal. Your son came in here, because he lost conscious while playing soccer, but he luckily wasnt hurt." he explained.
I shot misha a look and she just nodded and looked guilty at her hands.
"Doctor, the way you talk there must be something more. Please, be honest. What is it?" I begged.
He put down his glasses and sighed.
"The fact that he lost conscious is very alarming, as he is only 4 years old. So we decided and made a few tests..."
I cramped inside as I saw the expression on his face. Intuitively I grabbed mishas hand.
"Im sorry Miss. piya, but your son has leukemia."
It hit me like a bullet.
"No, that cant be." I whispered, the tears welling up in my eyes.
"Im really sorry. But your son is a fighter and he has good chances to get well, I mean..." but I didnt listen to him.
My mind was racing and everything was spinning. That couldnt be, not him, not my Rohan, my sunshine, my love, my life.
I already lost my parents and abhay, I just cant loose him also.
misha still held my hand and pressed it soft, she was also crying.
"misha, please tell me thats not true, it cant be." I looked pleading at her.
"Im sorry piya, but I cant." she whispered.
"I think its the best you go home now and let it settle...but not too long, we need to start with the treatments and find a person who can give your son the fitting marrow." said the doc.
I looked at him and nodded slowly.
"Yes, doctor. Thank you." He nodded and got up.
"Ok, Mrs. piya Ill se you. Bye." he led us to the door.
I still couldnt believe this, but I knew I had to be strong for Rohan. So I sighed deep, straightened my shoulders and wiped the tears away.
"Ok, lets go."

We found jeh and Rohan sitting on a bench, each eating an icecream.
The way they looked together was so cute that I could have started to cry again, but I held the tears in.
"Ok, we can go. Its late and young man like you should be in bed for hours."
I said cheerful and smiled at Rohan.
"But mum." he whined. jeh shot me and misha a look as he could see that we have been crying.
"Later..." I whispered, he nodded.
"Ok, lets go champ. You will stay at ours your mum and you." he said and lifted him up.
In teh car we were really calm, Rohan had fallen asleep on my lap and I stroke tenderly his head.
When we arrived at their house, jeh carried him into my former room and lay him down on the bed. I gave him a kiss and put the blanket over him.
"Mum, can uncle jeh and me play soccer tomorrow again?" he asked sleepy.
"Sure, honey, sure. But now sleep, its really late." He nodded.
"I love you mum." The tears welled up in my eyes, again.
"I love you too, I love you too." I whispered and left the room
I went downstairs into the livingroom where misha and jeh waited for me.
"Take a seat, piya and drink this. I think you need this now." said misha and handed me a glas.
"What is it?" I asked irritated.
"Whisky, we all need a glas of that now." she answered.
"So whats the matter?" asked jeh now, I shot misha a look.
"I didnt want to tell him without you." she explained.
"Rohan is ill..." I moved the glas in my hand and stared into it.
"He has leukemia." I said short and drank the whisky in one.
jeh looked shocked at me.
"No, that cant be...not my champ." he whispered.
The tears welled up in my eyes again.
My hands trembled so much, that the glas fell down and crashed on the floor.
"Oh my god Im so sorry." I said and tried to pic the pieces up. While doing that I cut my hand.
"piya, please let it." said misha, rushing to my side.
I looked up at her.
"misha, I cant loose him, not him. I lost so much and I never complained, but I cant loose him, hes my life." I whispered sobbing.
She looked sympathic at me and hugged me.
"Its ok piya. Everything will be ok." she said over and over again, rocking me like a baby.
jeh hugged the both of us, also crying.
"We get this together. You are mishas and my sister, we wont let you down."
I looked with a tearstrained face at him and misha.
"Thank you."

That night I lay awake, Rohan sleeping peaceful next to me in the bed. My mind was racing and I just couldnt stop thinking.
What if they dont find a person with the fitting marrow, what can I do???

I woke up the next morning, lying in abhays arms. He was still asleep and I just loved to watch him, to see his chest rise and fall and to feel the warmth of his body to mine.
"Hey, you are awake." he had opened his eyes and smiled at me.
"Yes, I just woke up." I answered.
He played with a stride of my hair and looked deep into my eyes.
"Only god knows how much I love you." he whispered.
I kissed him soft.
"I love you too."
Suddenly I sat up, followed by abhays confused eyes.
piya, whats the matter?" he asked unsure.
I sighed and looked out of the window. The rain was over and the sun was shining brightly down on the park.
abhay also sat up and kissed my shoulder.
abhay? How shall this go on?" I asked
"Go on? What do you mean?" He was still confused.
"I mean you and me, us. What shall we do now? Your parents hate me and I cant ask you to turn away from them. I would never forgive me if you..." I explained, but abhay cut me off.
"piya, I love you. Thats all that matters. And about my parents...Ill take care of that." he said and got up.
"What are you up to?" I asked.
"We go to my parent and tell them that we are getting married." he said.
I looked shocked at him.
"What? but..." I said getting up.
"piya, do you love me? Do you really love me?" He asked me, and put his hands on my shoulders.
I nodded.
"Yes abhay, more than my life."
"Than just trust me, I know what I do."

We arrived at his home 1 hour later and rang the bell.
"Where have you been, abhay . Your mother and me were so anxious." said his father as he opened the door.
"And what is she doing here? I thought we have talked about that." he said giving me a mad look.
"Dad, no. You talked about that." answered abhay and went with me into the livingroom.
"Mum, I really love you and dad, but I also love piya. She is the love of my life and I want to marry her." he said, looking cold at his mother. I felt like a trapped animal in that house and all I wanted was to leave, but I had to stay at abhays side.
Mrs. raichand looked cold at me, if looks could kill, I would have fallen to the ground lifeless immediately.
"abhay , please sit down." she patted the free seat next to her.
"piya, could you please leave us for a moment?" she asked sweet.
"Of course I stuttered and walked out of the room."
Outside I could hear their voices, but not what they were saying.
After about half an hour, abhay came out of the room, he looked tired.
"What happened?" I asked and rushed to his side, but he backed up.
"Im sorry piya, but I cant marry you. I was things rushing too fast." he said, not being able to look into my eyes.
"What? But what about last night?" I asked.
"It was ma fault, piya, we should have never..." he stopped in the midsentence.
I looked shocked at him not being able to think clear.
"Im going to marry Sonya . Im sorry." he said and left.
I still stood there staring at the point where he has been standing.
"That cant be." I whispered.
"Yes it is. Im so sorry." Mr. raichand stood in the door, I shot him a mad look.
"Why are you doing this to us?" I asked desperate.
"piya , Im really sorry. Dont get me wrong, I really love you and I would be really happy if you and abhay could get married, but we arranged the wedding many years ago..."
I wasnt able to listen to him, so I turned to the door and walked away...forever
Its been 2 months since we found out about Rohans leukemia and jeh and misha  had convinced me to move in with then, so they could also look for Rohan when I had to work and I had more time for him, too.
Emily had reacted so great, she had offered her help to me and gave me the opportunity to work less. First I wouldnt let them help me, but then I figured out, that I really needed help.
We had explained Rohan what the doctor had said and he was so brave, the only thing he said was:
"Ill get healthy again, promised Mum."

We were sitting together having breakfast when Rohan looked at me couriously.
"Whats up, honey?" I asked smiling at him.
"Mum, who was this?" he asked directly.
"What man do you mean? Sameer?." I stuttered unsure, looking at misha  for help.
"Yes, you date him, right?" I nearly spat my coffe and looked suprised at him.
"Well, if you ask so...yes." I answered.
"Hmm...Im sorry mum, but I dont like him." he concluded.
"But you dont even really know him. Why dont you like him?" asked misha now suprised.
"I dont know, everytime he fetches you, he lookes mad at me."
I shared a look with misha.
"Do you like him?" he asked now.
"I dont know, I think yes." I shrugged.
"Well, thats long as you dont marry him." he continued eating his bread.
"Ok, but now you should hurry up, we need to go to the doctor now."

"Ah, good morning, Miss. piya." said the doc smiling as he saw us.
"Good morning, doc."
"How is our little fighter today?" he asked beginning to check on Rohan.
"Ok, were done, Rohan. Would you please go with Kathy for a minute?" he asked. Rohan nodded and left with the nurse the room.
"Well Miss piya ..." he sighed.
"Whats up doctor?" I asked anxious.
"It looks worse than we thought. The leukemia is very aggressive and we need to try other treatments on him. That means he has to stay here in the hospital." he explained.
"Does he have a chance?" I asked, afraid of the answer that might come.
The doctor sighed again and rubbed his forehead.
"Well if we dont find someone with the fitting marrow, soon..." I put a hand on my mouth.
"What about his father? Is he still alive?" he asked now.
"Yes, but I dont know where he is." I answered a bit too fast. The doc shot me a look.
"Ok, miss piya But Rohan really needs help...ok, I let a bed getting prepared for Rohan." he said and got up.

I sat on a bench in the park of the hospital, thinking about what was happening here. It was just like a dream, but I knew that I wouldnt wake up.
My mobile brought me back to reality.
"Hello?" I asked tired.
"Hey honey. How are you?" I heard a cheerfull voice.
"Hey Sameer. Good to hear you?"
"Where are you? Ive been trying to reach you all day long."
"Im in the hospital. Rohan has to stay here, as his condition isnt that well." I explained.
"Well I guess no date tonight." he sad a bit mad.
"Im so sorry, Sameer. But I cant. He needs me now."
"And I dont need you?" he called so loud that I jumped.
"Rohan is my son and he is ill..."
"Great, but I love you and what about that? Doesnt that count for you?" he was really mad now.
"Of course, but Rohan is more important now."
"Ok, then bye." The line went dead.
I sighed and went back to Rohan.

A few days later, I sat at Rohans bed.
"Hey, where is my little boy?" called Emily cheerfull.
"Granny!!!" called Rohan excited.
"Its so good to see you." she hugged the little boy and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Do you have something for me?" he asked now.
"Of course, honey. Here, this is for you." she handed him a small car.
"For me? Thank you!" It was good to see him laugh like that.
"How are you?" asked Emily now and hugged me tight.
"Im ok. And sorry that I cant work at the moment..." I tried to apologize, but Emily looked at me approachful.
"No word about that, ok? You have other things on your mind now. But Mrs. Taylor really misses your great work." she joked.
"Aw, I also miss her horrible orders." I giggled.
"Rohan, what do you think about that? I stay with you for a while and your mum goes home, refreshes and enjoyes the afternoon?" she asked Rohan now.
"Thats really a good idea, Granny. She needs to relax a bit." he said serious.
"Ok, deal. Bye mum." she said grinning and waved at me.
"But..." I tried to protest.
"No but, mum. You go. Granny and me will get this." he called.
So I just grabbed my stuff.
"Ok, if you say so I go. But call me if anything is." I told Emily.
"Sure I will. Now go."

I drove home and took a nice and long shower. I felt like I havent taken a shower for weeks.
After that I went downstairs to grab some food and decided to go for a long walk. It was nice and pretty warm for this time of the year.
Suddenly I found myself in the park in front of the tree where abhay had kissed me the first.
Again the memories came to my mind of the lucky times with him. A single tear ran down my cheek.
I heard steps coming nearer, wiped fast the tear away and turned to leave.
"piya?" I heard a familiar voice and turned shocked to him.
abhay stood in front of me...

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:02am | IP Logged
wow. waiting to know why abhay ditched pia and hoping to see them trying to save rohan again.

Edited by abhayfan_dishu - 17 September 2011 at 6:30am
ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:02am | IP Logged
wow!!!!!!!abhiya r finally going to meet but i am so sorry for rohan he is really a brave boy!and that sameer he i now showing his true colors...but i hate what abhay did to pia why did he got low infront of his parents...

Edited by ilove99 - 17 September 2011 at 5:24am
snitchseeker IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Rohan Leikamia .No plz no. Abhiya r gonna come together bcoz of him yay.
prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Awesome Update...SmileLoved it..Heart.I thought that Sameer will support her.But no. He's so selfish!AngryNow Abhay will help her.Right?Continue soon.Good Luck!! Thumbs Up

Edited by prerna26 - 17 September 2011 at 5:24am
Selinapiya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Awesome...That Sameer is so bad...AngryAngry
Wow..Abhiya meeting...plzz update soon..can't wait...
adnilover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged
OMG. The story is going amazing. Wonder what abhay's parents said to him to change his mind. Hope abhay didnt get married. Please please do continue soon.
Dying to read the next update!!!
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 6:53am | IP Logged
wow dear awesome update.I m eager 2 know Y Abhay did tht & finally v'll get 2 c Abhiya 2gether.I loved ur FF dear.Thnx 4 PMEmbarrassed

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