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ARHI Luv Stry-Arnav gets back into shell-pg 65 (Page 49)

k_rocks Groupbie

Joined: 24 August 2008
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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
U made me cry on Dasami day but I must say I loved it. PLSSS update fast

k_sarala Goldie

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged

Thankyou guys for your support. I know it is very painful to see them separate but guys they are separating only to be together for ever.

ARHI are meant for each other. Like it is said every sorrow is followed by merry. So let's wait for the happy days to come back to ARHI life. I also want the jhalliphulli Kushi back and not the serious Kushi which she is now. So it is an attempt of mine to bring them together.

Do enjoy..


Sub Title: Payash Engaged


The story continues after Kushi telling Arnav that she will come to Raizada mansion the next day to meet everyone for the final time.


The next day Arnav sends the vehicle for Kushi and Buaji curses him that he has sent the vehicle .. Kushi says "How many times should I tell U Buaji it is not his fault"

Kushi takes a bag full of things and takes Payal with her for emotional support.

Akash opens the door and Payash eye lock and Payal breaks it and looks away. She doesn't even wish him like always.

Kushi as usual gives a smile.

Nani who is in the hall looks at Kushi who is without any sindhoor or mangal sutra feels sad.

She comes to Nani and takes her blessings. Nani  asks Kushi to forgive her on behalf of her family. She says its OK. Kushi meets everyone.

Kushi tells she will get her bag and she goes up to get her bag. Mamai taunts saysing that she is bothered about her things more. Kushi gives a deaf ear and goes up. She takes out all the sarees and dresses and the necklace gifted by Anjali and keeps aside. She takes the mangal sutra box and takes it to Arnav's room. She feels relived that he is not there and leaves the box and her mobile on his table.

She goes to the plants and touches them and feels emotional.

She hears Arnav's voice from behind "So U don't want to keep any memory - is it"

She looks back and looks at the box and mobile in his hand. He looks at the plants she is holding and says "Knowing that U have sent those plants on behalf of La also I kept them and have not returned back"

Kushi says "But U have relieved my bangle from karza isn't it. That means these plants are bought by U"

Arnav says "Oh. Then U will talk only business is it. Ok let it be like that"

Kushi says "Nahi Arnavji. I cannot speak like that because I cannot repay for what U have done to support my family but these things remind me of the past which I would like to forget"

Arnav doesn't say anything and Kushi says she is going down.

She looks around the room and gets flashback of all scenes associated with the room. She gives a sad look and turns to go away and Arnav calls her from behind


She stops and slowly looks back. He comes beside her and tells "Kushi - Iam thankful for whatever U have done for our family.  I feel ashamed at my behavior with U."

Kushi says "Arnavji it's alright."

Arnav says "Kushi Payalji ke shadi ka karcha will be borne by me only- So please tell Ur family not to hesitate in finalizing a good match for her"

Kushi says "I don't know if my papa will accept now"

Arnav says "I will talk your father"

Kushi nods and before going she says "Arnavji take care of your self"

Arnav gives a deep look into her eyes and smiles slowly and says "Same with you"  and says "Kushi now that we are friends I want U to take this mobile back"

Kushi looks at him and slowly takes it and thanks him.

She tells him "Dekhiye Arnavji- One day will come when Ur life will be filled with love and U can't escape from it"

Arnav looks at her smiling face.


She goes down and returns Anjali gold set, sarees and dresses given by Anjali.

Nani says that she can keep them but she refuses them.

Kushi tells to Nani that her parents are trying for a match for her Di and she will come soon to give the wedding card.

Anjali looks at Payal and Akash who is staring at Payal with a sad face.

Kushi and Payal take leave and go.

Kushi is wiping her tears as she is coming out and she looks back and looks at Arnav who is on the stairs looking at her. They have an eyelock. Arnav turns to go back and Kushi leaves with her sister


Few days pass and at Raizada mansion everyone feels the absence of Kushi.

Anjali senses that Arnav is also not very happy. She confronts him but he brushes off saying that everything is back to normal.

Arnav goes to the office but feels restless. He wonders why is feeling Kushi's absence so much.

He tries to busy himself with work. He thinks of calling but again withdraws thinking Kushi might not be interested to call.

Kushi on otherside finds it very difficult to forget her memories of Raizada mansion and moreover of Arnav. She thinks of calling but again thinks "He must have already forgotten- they are such busy people" She calls Anjali. They have aheart to heart talk.

In the evening duting tea time Anjali tells to Nani that Kushi has called and her parents have come and a few matches are ready and they are about finalise a good match for Payal.

Nani says –"Achcha hai"

Anjali tells that Akash likes Payal and if Mami agrees then they can send the proposal to their house.

Nani first objects saying chote ka shadi nahi hua but Anjali says if we delay further we would be losing a good girl for Akash.

Nani says she will talk to her son.

Nani has a word with her son and he agrees but Mami doesn't agree. But they call Akash and ask his opinion. He says he likes her and tells his mom to agree. She reluctantly agrees.

Arnav is informed and he feels surprised and also feels happy. HE thinks good because knowing Kushi she wont accept any favour.   

Anjali tells that they will go to their house tomorrow and propose.Arnav goes to his room and thinks of informing to Kushi but again thinks let it be a surprise to them.

Next day Anjali goes with Nani to Kushi's house. Everybody is surprised and as Nani has come for the first time they welcome her with all maryada.

They are shocked at the proposal. Kushi is excited but Kushi's father says he will think and tell.

Anjali and Nani ask them to take time and Nani asks Kushi to come home sometime.

Kushi wants to ask how Arnav is but she hesitates to ask.

After Anjali and Nani leave Kushi's father tries to object saying that after the pain Kushi had from the family.

Kushi convinces her papa how good Akash is and how happy Payal would be in their house.

He says however he has to talk in detail and he would be going to their house the enxt day along with Buaji and his wife.

Kushi is happy and goes to inform Anjali.


Anjali doesn't pick up the phone and Kushi clals on the land line. Arnav whi is passingby lifts the phone and says "Hello"

Hearing Arnav;s voice after a long time Kushi's heartbeat increases. She doesn't speak for a moment and Arnav again says Hello and Kushi answers "It;s me"

Arnav's face expressions soft down and say "How R U"

Kushi replies "Iam fine - How are you"

Arnav escapes the question and asks if everything is OK. She informs she wanted to talk to Anjali to inform her parents are coming to talk about Payal's rishta the next day. He says he will inform her Sis as she is not at home.

Kushi says "Arnavji Iam very happy that Nani and Anjaliji have come home with the proposal. I know Jiji will be very happy with Akash"

Arnav says "Yes- Good to hear you so happy"

Kushi keeps down the phone and Arnav thinks when she can become so normal and her usual self why is it that Iam not able to forget her. Kushi on the otherside keeps the phone down and closes her eyes for a moment to reduce the heartbeat.

Finally the marriage of Payal and Akash's is fixed. As per the request of Kushi's father the marriage is going to be simple. But Manorama objects saying it her only son's marriagewa and it has to be grand. Arnav ensures to her it will be grand.

Anjali feels bad for her brother that his marriage is not happening and how long will he be alone.


On the the engagement day Kushi gets ready and asks her parents to go to the hall directly and she will go to Raizada Mansion as Anjali has asked her to come once.

She leaves in the vehicle sent by Anjali but stuck in the traffic. She goes late and Anjali is waiting for her and says "Kushi I have become very late – We are just leaving.  I wanted U to select the set from a few sorted ones to be presented to yr SIS. U will know her choice na. They are there in my room on the bed. U select one and keep the remaining in the almirah and lock the almirah. Chote has not yet come from the office. He called saying he is just coming. Shyamji has already left - I will take the vehicle U have come- So pelase come with Chote. I have kept Chote's clothes on his bed- Ask him to wear them."

Even before Kushi tries to say something Anjali will leave and she will say "Om Prakash also left to the function hall. So please lock the house and come"

Kushi wonders what Musibath she has fallen into.

She goes to Anjali's room and finds all the sets beautiful. Finally she selects one wich will look good on her Jiji. She will keep the remaining in Anjali's almirah and take the oneselected and comes down. She looks at the watch and thinks "Aaj bhi isko Offfice janatha- Mai kaha phas gayi- Jiji mere liye wait karthi hogi"       

The bell rings and she thinks good he has come and opens it.

Arnav keeps looking at Kushi without uttering a word. She is looking beautiful in the pink ghagr and he keeps looking at her. They have an eye lock. He slowly asks "How are you". She nods and observes he is looking tired.

She slowly moves and says "U R looking tired. Is everything OK"

Arnav says "Iam fine" Kushi informs him about what Anjali has said and tells him she will wait down and requests him to come fast.

He says OK. She thinks ofmaking tea in the meanwhile and goes to the kitchen. She puts the kettle on the stove and sees Arnav has come down in the same suit. He comes to her and says "Shall we leave" Kushi says "But U have not changed"

Arnav angrily says "Di knows I don't like to wear traditional dresses but gain she kept the same."

Kushi says "Pehle App chai peelijiye" and give shim acup of tea.

She slowly says "Arnavji – there are certain things which we have to do for others. Like the Satyanarayan Puja we had done and U have worn Kurta Paijama isn't it"

Arnav says "That was different"

Kushi says "Yes and now U have a beter reason- It is yr bro's engagement and all will be happy if U appear happy- So U have to pretend sometimes to give happiness to others"

Arnav looks at her and gives her the empty cup and goes back to his room. He comes down in a few minutes wearing the dress chosen by Anjali. He looks very good and she says " U R looking very good"

Arnav lifts his eyes and she corrects saying "When compared to that suit this dress is much better"

They leave together in the same vehicle and Kushi keeps talking on the wayhow happy she is for her sister.

They reach the venue and Arnav says "Iam sure it will be a little inconvenient to you bec a few people know about us"

Kushi says "She doesn't mind it as it is a big day for her a it is her Jiji's engagement"

She asks her to go ahead and he will park and come.

She goes and gives thejewelry set to Anjali and she looks for Arnav. Kushi tells her that he has gone to park the vehicle.

Kushi goes near her parents.

Anjali feels very happy seeing Arnav that he has worn the dress chosen by her.

Engagement ceremony goes on and Anjali observes that Arnav's eyes are following Kushi. She thinks that she is not wrong and she feels happy.

Nnai feels abd and tells to Anjali "I want to see this day in Chote's life also"

Anjali says "Nani don't worry- Iam sure that day will come"

Orchestra is one and Kushi dances and Anjali slowly goes besides Arnav and says "Chote – Everyone is so happy na khaskarke Kushi"

Arnav looking at Kushi says "Ha Di"

Anjali says "Chote Iam thinking after what we have done to her we should only look for some good proposal to her and ger her married"

Arnav has changed expressions and doesn't answer.

Anjali provokes him saying to think ifnay suitable amtch known to him is there for Kushi.

He goes away without talking. Anjali smiles thinking "Chote- I know U- Let me see how many days can u run away from your feelings.

Anjali thinks she has to first know Kushi's mind because there should be no hadbadi in this matter.

Akash and Payal are very happy. Kushi teases them both that they have turned chupe rustum.

Dinner is being served and Kushi is asking the guests to have dinenr. Arnav overhears somebody speaking of Kushi as a beautiful sanskari girl and saying "Hame Raizada pariwar se puchna hai iske details- She would be good match to out son"

Arnav wonders why he is not feeling happy hearing that. He brushes off and leaves.

Kushi is going with an icecream cup and sees Arnav and asks if he will have icecream. He just gives her a look and she says "Iam sorry U R diabetic na." and about to go when he pulls the cup from her hand angrily and starts eating.

Arnav sasy "Just because Iam a diabetic doesn not mean I should not eat anything."

Kushi relaises he got angry and says "Arnavji Iam sorry I did not mean that way"

Arnav says "Its Ok. I have seen U seem to be having a gala time. Any ways every one is leaving. Iam going – R U coming with me"

Kushi looks at him and says "No- I will be going with my parents na"

Arnav realizes what he said and says 'Yeah – I meant U want any drop- I shall drop U guys"

Kushi says "Its oK – the taxi is there"

Arnav leaves and Kushi looks at him going away with a puzzling look.


Well Guys that was the frustration of Arnav – "Mohabbat pas nahi aane detha"

What say…


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Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 3:36am | IP Logged
Oh Arnav is sooo in luuuv with Khushi! I love dhow you showed Khushi's familiarity in the house; Anjali entrusting her with the jewels and the house, Khushi making tea for him...when she does return back to the house it will be so natural for her!!!

And Payash...! I always knew they'd be the first to get married!!!!
FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 July 2010
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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 3:50am | IP Logged
Fab update Sarala!!
I really like the way you've written about Arnav and Khushi's feelings. The restlessness and yearning for each other is so apparent!
I'm glad Payal and Akash got engaged. I look forward to Arnav and Khushi's relationship developing further over the wedding functions!!
Thanks for the PM!!
..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 09 September 2010
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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
wow!! wow!! wow!! just a big WOW!!!!HugHug
man this was damn amazing! payal and aksh got engaged aww so sweet!Dancing..and aww khushi and arnav together-together went to the venueDay Dreaming like couples hayeEmbarrassed that was so awesomeHeart and aww anjali knows about it!Dancing..and aww arnav didnt feel good hearing khushi's marriage thingUnhappyLOL dont worry arnav our writer will make everything alrightWinkLOL i am just loving it so muchHeartHug
pls continue soon..i just cant wait for it!!Big smile

RadhaKrishan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2009
Posts: 12468

Posted: 07 October 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Awesome part, Loved the way Arnav is realizing his feelings but still he is pretending that it doesn't matter much to him, Waiting for the next part...Please continue soon and Thanks for the PM!!!
arhi-fan Goldie

Joined: 15 July 2011
Posts: 1953

Posted: 07 October 2011 at 3:53am | IP Logged
The way the story is proceeding i dnt think the day is far away when arnav will realise his true love for khushi. It was a awesome update especially the way emotions were conveyed. And thanx for pm. Thumbs Up
shaheerdiwani Senior Member

Joined: 04 July 2011
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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 4:06am | IP Logged

Awesum update Sarala ... am glad with Payash engagement ...v have lot many eyelocks n rabba ve moments to luk fwd too ... am luving ARHI restlessness too ...gr8 work n thanks for d pm Big smile

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