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ARHI Luv Stry-Arnav gets back into shell-pg 65 (Page 45)

FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 July 2010
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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 4:39pm | IP Logged
Hey Sarala!
Fab update hun. I really loved was so sweet and real.
You've captured Khushi's excitement and Arnav's reactions perfectly.
Thanks for the PM hun!!

littlemoi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 August 2011
Posts: 4241

Posted: 04 October 2011 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
awww.. that was soo sweet .. arnav just wanted to be a part of her journey real work!!
he is the best!!
awesome update!!
..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 November 2010
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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
That was super adorable
i love these two
i can't wait for the next update
thanks for the pm
dbr_kmichi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 4:41am | IP Logged
hey read two updates at a time..!!  nice... now just waitin for arnav n khushi to fall in loveSmile
k_sarala Goldie

Joined: 30 January 2008
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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 5:21am | IP Logged

Well guys that was a light episode which is now going to be followed by a heavy episode. Both in terms of emotions and length also. 


Sub Title : ARHI break Fake shadi!!!!


Kushi and Arnav reach Lucknow she thanks him.  They get in a taxi and he tells the driver the name of Hotel. Kushi says she will get down at her parent's place. Arnav says its late and that he shall leave her in the morning.

They check in a five star suite room.

She says it is bigger than their house. She feels excited about coming to Lucknow and Arnav can see the happiness on her face. She says "Do U know Arnavji- I feel as if my breath has come back with the hawa of Lucknow- I can't wait to go home"

She asks him if he feels the same. He says it is the reverse for him as it brings back all old memories. He says forget it and asks her to get fresh as he has ordered for dinner.

They have dinner and he asks her to sleep on the bed and that he will use the front room. He leaves and she gets on the bed thinking "I should maa Bauji tomorrow that Iam staying in the hotel which we used to admire form outside only"

In between her sleep she wakes up and finds the light is glowing in front room – thinks of switching off as he must have slept and goes there. She finds him working on his laptop.

Kushi says "U have not slept till now"

Arnav says "Actually Iam not feeling sleepy- so I thought I will work for sometime"

Kushi says "Ur memories are haunting isn't it- U want to run away from them isn't it"

Arnav looks at her with pain in his eyes.

Kushi comes and sits beside him and says "Arnavji – If U don't mind sharing pls do tell me what has made U so pitted against life".

He looks at her without saying a word.

Kushi says "Iam sorry- I know U don't like to talk about it" and gets up to leave.

Arnav says "Kushi please sit for sometime – Iam really feeling lonely"

Kushi silently comes back. He comes and sits beside her and plays with the PC mouse and says "My mom was very good U know. I loved her so much- we were so happy"

He puts down the mouse and takes kushi's hand and says "I was prankster and Di always saved me from getting a beating. We were not close to my father as he was always busy with his business. He used to take care of his brother's family also. My dad and mom were so much in love and my father used to take us to tours whenever he had free time. Di's marriage was settled. We were all happy and I was 15 then. When my Sis' marriage was happening we got news that my Father has committed suicide as he suffered huge losses and cannot fulfill the marriage obligations. Hearing this my mother committed suicide in front of all us"

Tears are rolling down Arnav's eyes and Kushi hold his hand tight and wipes his tears.

Seeing such a vulnerable Arnav she pulls him close to her and he hugs her and cries out. Tears are rolling down Kushi's eyes.

After sometime Arnav comes back to normality and withdraws and says sorry. He continues saying after that the marriage was cancelled. Our uncle who has been living on my father's earnings has only killed him. We came to know that there was no loss and my Uncle has backstabbed my father. When My Father came to know the truth of his brother, he has killed him and created evidence that he has committed suicide because of losses. He pushed us out of the house. At that time Nani has taken us with her to Delhi. My only aim was to become big and teach my uncle a lesson. Because of the emotional bonding of our family it took me lot of time to come out of the trauma. I have decided then only that there is no place for love in my life as I have lost two people whom I love the most. I thought I would see to it that my Sis is happy for ever and she is my only companion in life. I have become successful and have bought back my haveli of my father. I don't know If U remember I was holding the first fashion show of my company in Lucknow and it was very prestigious for me and we bumped into each other. I came to know that somebody was trying to create a mishap and mistook U to be that person."

Kushi remembers her first meeting with Arnav and looks back at him.

Arnav says "That's why whenever I come back to Lucknow I get back my memories of 15 years old Arnav"

Kushi again holds his hands and says "Arnavji- One day U will overcome all of this- Iam sure"

Arnav says "OMG it is already 3 am- Go and sleep- tomorrow U would be going to yr place"

Kushi says fine and asks him also to sleep.


Kushi enters her house and all are very surprised and happy. Just then Arnav enters and everyone welcome him. He sits for some time and gets up to leave. They ask him to come for lunch but he refuses saying he has some work and that he is leaving that day evening.

Kushi goes to leave him till the gate. She asks him to come for lunch. He looks at her and says he will try. He asks her to take care and goes away and tells her to think again once if she has to tell the truth so fast.

Kushi enters the house with a sigh wondering how to disclose the truth.

All are very happy that she has come etc. Her mom asks what Arnav likes in lunch and Kushi says that he may not come if he is busy. Her mom doesn't listen and they prepare many dishes and Kushi gets a flashback of how little Arnav eats.

They ask her to call him and she says let us wait for some ore time and they can call.

Arnav doesn't come yet and her mom asks her to call him.

Kushi calls him and he doesn't pick up and while cutting it off he picks it up and asks her to be on line and talks to someone. She guesses he is with someone. After a moment he says "Ha Kushi "

Kushi says "Mom has asked me to call as U have not yet come for lunch"

Arnav says "kushi actually …"

Kushi says "Mom is eagerly waiting"

He says OK.

He comes for lunch and her mom and dad feed him so much that he gives a help me look to Kushi. She laughs and tells them that he eats very little.

After Lunch he says he is going to his house as an architect will come to examine the house for the renovation of the house. He asks Kushi if she is interested in seeing the house. He looks at him and says she will come in a few minutes.


Arnav takes Kushi around his home and shows her every room and she can feel his pain when he explains how much fun they used to have there.

The Architect comes and she asks him to go ahead and she will wait. She will go around the room and goes to the hall where there is a picture of Arnav's parents. She keeps looking at that when Arnav says from behind "Kushi U remember U said my eyes are like my mom's eyes. My father always used to say that and he used to tell my mom that when he wanted to hit me for my natkat things he would look into my eyes which remind him of my mom and he would melt away. I would escape his thrashing but my ma used to give me a good banging and Di used to save me.  After hitting she again would pamper me with lot of sweets. Di says because I ate so many sweets in childhood I got Diabetes.

Kushi laughs.

Arnav says it's time to leave for his flight. He would drop her and go to Airport.

Kushi says "Why don't you stay for a day or two more"

Arnav says "Kyu"

Kushi has no answer.

Arnav drops her at home and says "After you come back give me a ring. I will come and pick U or send the driver"

She nods and looks at him going away. She gives a big sigh.



Everybody in Kushi's house are shocked after hearing the whole truth about SHyam and their fake marriage from Kushi.

Kushi's father asks "Kushi such a big sacrifice for my sake. U have not told all this even to me. How could U hide such a big thing from all of us?"

Kushi's mom is crying and saying "How bad of us. U were acting there and staying in a unknown house and we all were happy thinking U R married"

Buaji says "Hey Sanka devi- Have U not thought of anything else- do U know what affect this can be on U"

Kushi father says "Now stop everyone- Come here beta" He hugs her daughter and says "From now onwards no one will talk about it to Kushi. Anyways no one knows in Lucknow na - So let it be like that only. Anyways good riddens of bad days.

Kushi convinces them how well she was taken care. Inspire of all they feel that it is because of their family only she had to suffer.

She even tells them that Shyam has changed and that's why she decided to tell the truth to her parents.

Payal is angry on Kushi and it takes a long time for Kushi to manaofy Payal.

Kushi teases her saying that anyway she is getting married- so she will forget her na.

Kushi observes Payal is not very happy at the mention of her marriage.


Raizada Mansion

Shyam tells the total truth about himself to Anjali. Anjali is shocked and cannot come to terms with it for some time. Slowly she comes to terms and feels she has to meet Kushi .

Anjali asks Arnav when Kushi will come and he asks her why. Anjali says Shyam has told her everything and  she is feeling very bad for her.

Anjali says "Arnav- Now I understand why U have married her so urgently. Thank you Arnav for at least U being considerate to her"

Arnav is feeling guilty and Arnav says "No Di I have forced her into an agreement of marriage"

Anjali is shocked and Arnav explains the deal he has with Kushi. He tells her that by this time she would have told her parents also. Now that since jijaji has told U the truth even I feel there is no need to hide it.

Anjali goes away crying.

Arnav feels bad.

Everybody at the dinner table and Arnav goes there and sits.

Nani says "I did not know that so many things were going on in the house"

Arnav says "Nani please forgive me" and leaves from there.

Anjali says "Nani kyu na ham indono ka shadi sach me karde"

Nani says "No Anajli – I think we have already played a lot with that girl's life. I don't want her to sacrifice further by marrying her to a stone like Arnav"

Buaji says "Phir tye tye Fish- Hamara Akash bitua ka brahmachari ka toh packa hai"

Nani looks at her seriously and she goes away.

Anjali is with a sad face in her room.

Shyam is equally shocked that ARHI have been faking their marriage.

Shyam says "Rani Sahiba- I somehow feel Arnav definitely has some feelings for Kushi"

Anajli says "Nahi Arnavji- If he had any he would have married her only- he would not have a deal with her"

Shyam feels sorry and says "Its because of me all of this happened – so let me think about what to do"


Kushi, Payal return back to Delhi along with Buaji. Their parents say they will look for a few more proposals for Payal and then give a call for them to come to Lucknow.

Kushi thinks she has to look for a job seriously now.

She thinks it has been ten days that she has come and not once Arnav has called her. She thinks of calling but again she withdraws.

Payal tells her not to go Raizada Mansion any more.

Kushi is busy cleaning the house and the land line rings. Kushi lifts it up and finds Arnav on the line. He asks her if they cam that day. She says how does he know. He says he has been calling on her land line everyday. She says he could have called on her mobile and he doesn't answer.

Kushi ask if all are fine. Arnav says everybody knows the truth of Shyam as well their fake marriage. Kushi is shocked and asks about their reactions.

Arnav says they are Ok but are still angry on him and feel bad about her.

Anav asks her if there was any other solution at that time other than the step they had taken.

Kushi says "leave it Arnavji- Now that both the families know it things are clear- Iam also relieved"

Arnav says "I will come to take U today evening"

Kushi says "what for"

Arnav realizes that Kushi need not come and stay in his house anymore.

He remains silent.

Kushi says "I will come tomorrow morning and meet the family once finally"

Arnav says "Fine" and keeps the phone


So guys that was the long long update. I know it is emotional but I wantes the story to move on

This is the foundation for their feelings to come out

I want the day to come to light when Arnav will realize that he cannot live without Kushi..
What say...

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.infinite. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 5:36am | IP Logged
why are they separating...Cry
please don't make them separateCry
update soon
MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 5:58am | IP Logged
awsum update yar..!!
Luved it! Finally d truth is out...!!! cnt wa8 for their romance to kick off..!
thnx for d pm!

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged
superb update sarala.. thanks for the PM

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