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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~Without you babe~Maaneet Os

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hope you like it!:)

Without you babe
   She was staring in to space, trying to understand how she ended up here. Reality seemed like a vivid dream to her, she could still remember the day he had held her so close to his heart. She could still remember the day he had said those three magical words. Today, she lay in this hospital bed lifeless, as if everything had ended.

"Geet beta" Dadi tried calling her for the fifth time.

 When receiving no response, the elderly women hid her face in her palms and cried. Her beautiful family had been ripped apart.  Geet and Maan would never be the same. Dadi recalled the day when the sky ripped open and down came the pouring rain, she could still remember Geet scream as she returned from her mother's house. She was three months pregnant and often she would forget that. Running in to her Dadi, she had taken her blessings and asked about Maan. Dadi had feared telling her that a girl maan had dated had dropped by for a while. When Geet saw the worry look in her eyes, she had dropped everything and ran in to Maan's room. Only to find a girl hugging him, the way he had hugged her a few weeks back. Dadi had ran behind them only to hear the begging of the fight.

"I don't get it Maan, when guys hug me you have a problem with it.Now you are hugging you're EX, someone who may still have feelings for you! I am so tired of making us work Maan, I know you just wanted a child from me! I know you just wanted dadi to feel like you're happy but what about me." She asked controlling her tears. Savtri Devi stood rooted to the ground as she heard the confession.

"L-" Maan tried saying.

"No, you listen. We are done! I can't believe those three words were a lie!You lied to me and now you will hurt my child if I stay here."

Geet please do not do this! Just listen."

"Yea Geet listen to your husband tell you how he has spent seven days with me!" She stopped packing and looked up at Sasha the girl Maan had once dated.

"I-…" She looked up to see her grandmother looking at her worriedly. She looked at Maan who stood there with a blank expression and then she walked out.

 Dadi ran behind her only to see her fall down the stairs and hit her head on the flower vase at the bottom of the staircase.

"GEEETTT" it was the last word she had heard before everything went black.

Savtri devi had come here each day, each day she had tried to talk to her. Yet she had got no reply. Geet had lost the baby that day; she had lost all her senses. It has been two months now, every time her grandson would come in to the hospital room, Geet would just look blankly at him as if nothing made sense.

"Dadi why does it always happen to me, I lose everything precious in my life. I lost my unborn child and slowly I am losing the only women I love." She had come out after a stressed Maan worried he might do something stupid.

"Maan, you did not justify yourself that day!You stood their listening! You stood their listening to Sasha put false accusations.How could you?"

"Dadi if I said something she would kill Geet!Dadi sasha had threatened to kill my only love!She had said that her brother Brij would rape her to death.Dadi Brij lies right beside her parents' house! I was scared; I could not let that happen. You know how fragile she was." He said as Dadi clutched her heart hearing what Maan had said.

"Do not worry I know how to fix this!"


"Sasha, what is her address again?" Dadi asked maan.

 She stepped on to the Kapoor's drive way, slowly making her way to their house. When she rang the bell an old lady had opened the room and had invited her in. When she had asked for Sasha, the old lady had given her a frown and had gone to go get sasha. Dadi looked around the house noticing the different pictures of sasha that hung from the wall. She was brought out of her thoughts when she had felt someone's presence. Dadi was shocked to see the person that was in front of her. Paralyzed from the bottom, she saw a worn out Sasha sitting lifelessly on a wheel chair.

"YOURE bahu, look what her curse did to me!Look what did too mee.It took away all my dreams"Sasha said to Dadi with tears in her eyes.

"Nahi Sasha! Geet asi nahi hai! tumhari halat ke zimidar , sirf aur sirf tum ho. Tumne eik auraat ka ghar ujara, eik Maa ka bacha cheena! Yeh tumhari saza hai!Tumhe kabhi nahi Baghwan maaf kere ga.Tumne kisi ka dil dukhaya sasha!Tumhe eik auraat ho ker,itni giri hui harakat ker sakhti ho yeh mein sooch nahi sakthi."

"Bacha?Aap kiya keh rahein hain?

"doo mahine pehle Geet 3month pregnant thi!Jab tumnhne uske shaaq  ko yaqeen mein badal diya, Sasha jab who stairs se giri thi  na toh sirf usko choote ponchi, magar uska bacha bhi ushe chen gaya!Sasha tumhari waja se aaj Geet abhi tak poori tara hosh mein nahi ayi.Woh Maan se baath nahi kerti.Sasha tumhari eik galti se aaj eik auraat apne bache  ko apne haath mein nahi pakar sakthi.."

"Mujh..e n ahi patha tha who pregnant hai!"

"Faraq kiya parta hai,tumhe jeet gayi Sasha. Magar agar aaj tumhe sakoon nahi  hai, wooh isliye nahi hai kyonki tumne kisi ko dukh pnchaya hai!" She said turning around to leave.

"Dadi mujhe Geet se milna hai!" She said and dadi had turned around to give her a slight nod.

"Geet mujhe patha hai ke tumhe koi ehsaas mehsoos nahi ho rahi.Magar geet aaj mein kuch tumhe batana chati hoon" Sasha said as she held her hand and told her what had really happened.

When Geet had heard the word that Maan had done nothing with Sasha, her heart started to beat again. She felt stupid for blaming him, but then her body ached for her husband.

"Maan..Maan" Maan who had heard Geet screaming ran inside with Dadi in toe.

"Geet what happened are you okay?Sasha what did you do?" He said as he scooped his wife in his arms. He was glaring at Sasha as he tried to calm Geet down, but he was surprised to hear Geet say "sorry."  He stopped and looked at his wife and heard her say sorry a few times. Yes he had married Geet because he wanted his Dadi to know that he was happy, but as Geet had walked in to his life he had changed. He had made love to her that magical evening after the client meeting, not because he needed too, but because he wanted too. Their love had blossomed and that night he had told her he had loved her!He was so happy, his princess was even more energetic after that day. Bringing food to the office for him, massaging his head when he was tired, he had become so attached to her.  Yet when sasha had declared she loved him, he was scared. He knew he was possessive and when he had told her he was married she had brought forward the threat.

"I love you Maan!I still do I am sorry please do not ever leave me." He had hugged her so tightly that she had chuckled at his reaction. A few days later he had walked in to see Sasha and Geet talking. He had stood rooted because he felt like she would separate them again.

"Hey Maan I never knew you used to wear pink shirts!" Geet said lightly giggling with Sasha.

"What are you doing here Sasha!" he said.

"Maan, it's okay!She apologized and you know what she has changed a lot." Geet said softly.

"Geet you do not know this girl yo-" He said but was cut off.

"I know Maan, but it's not her fault you are so sexy hmm" He hit his hand on his head at Geet's innocence.

"Maan,  I know it is late to ask but can we be friends?"


"Maan I know I hurt you guys, but I am paying for my doings! I will not bug you guys again! I am moving to Australia in three months.I promise just forgive me."

"If Geet has forgiven you, then no need to ask." He said as Geet's eyes filled up with tears.

"Thank you Maan, I will meet you tomorrow Geet!" She said before her maid took her away.

"Wait! Sasha."

"Yes Geet, my  devar is a doctor in Australia!I have talked to him about you're case.He said there are chances you can walk! I want you to go see him okay?" She said too sasha who was nearly in tears. She felt in even worse for what she did.

" Do it for me?Do it for me and you will know you are forgiven!" geet said as Maan watched his wife with pride.

"I will!" She said as she left.

"Mr Khurana you are way too far way for my liking. I haven't felt my husbads sexy muscles for two months! Oh the pain." She said as Maan rolled his eyes and went to his wife.

"Hey Mr khurana!When are you wearing a pink shirt for me!" She said as Maan started to tickle her.

"Okay okay..Wait till my kids here this st-" She stopped as reality sunk in. Maan saw the change and put his hand on her stomach.

"Wait until my children hear how their mother used to think that shahruk khan was gonna marry her!" Maan said as Geet pouted and Maan hugged her.

5 years later..

"Muskaan ki bachi idher aao!" She said running after a chubby three year old.

"Daddy.Daddy" She said running away from her mother who was trying to give her a bath.

"Ahh.My princess! What's wrong baby!" He said taking off his glasses and putting the newspaper on the side table.

"Dada. Mama bathe cold cold cold!" She said quickly.

"Okay then we will bathe with warm water,but you have to let you're mommy bathe you okay sweety?"He said kissing her as his daughter hid in his chest from her mother.

"Maan your daughter is a hand full! Do you know how hard it is to try to run with a big belly?"Geet said pointing to her stomach, Geet was pregnant with twins this time and Maan was over joyed.Dadi had went to Australia for a year, as Vicky, Maan's younger brother was having a hard time trying to manage his pregnant wife.

"Mama why you yell at my dada"Muskaan said standing up on Maan's lap so she was Geet's level. Her hands rested on her small waist as she fumed with anger.

"Haan Geet!It's not my fault that you look so sexy that I have to seduce you!"

Sedooce? What is that Daddy." Muskaan asked.

"Oh-Oh.Geet I promise I won't say it again." Maan said as eet threw things his way.

"Oh brotha, my mommy and daddy really know how to sedooce each other." Muskaan said escaping from her parents.

The end

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loved it...
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awesome os dear
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that was like mega cute<3
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awww...all is well that ends well...that's what i thought of by the end of this OS...happy to know Maan and geet had their happy ending...loved it :)

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very cute oneshot, loved it! Keep writing more please!Smile
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awsome yaar ...just loved it !!! 
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that was a really nice os
muskaan was really cute
do write more

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