'Yeh meri patni hai'

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Stealing Kesar's line and Jzee's YT video title directly...we shall begin re-analysing another integral cog to the GK lowe ishtory!

Aaj ka first video:

After the ogling session, we see Kesar, Gulaal, Barbie and the other 3 women at the mandir. You know what the first thing I noticed? How cleaned up and fresh KGT actually looked! If you compare their looks from then to how they became, there is a huge difference.

Back to the scene...

Erm so wasn't it obvious to everyone that the puja is to be performed by the married couple? So can someone tell me who whispered in Barbie's ear that she should put her hand on Kesars?!Confused Like why did she have to do that?? Gulaal the fool (a phrase I used commonly back then) is always willing to allow Talli come between her and Kesar but I was glad that she didn't say anything this time when panditji told Barbie to back off as this ritual is for husband and wife only. MOST interesting part was of course Kesar's expression! Even though he puts that angry facade back on again, he has no shame in admitting that Gulaal is his wife. In fact before this angst and pain, we saw how he proudly he used to claim that Gulaal is his.

The one thing I didn't approve in this scene was the importance Talli's thobra was given when I'd rather have seen more close-ups of Kesar and Gulaal.

Not much to analyse about the dishum dishum. Ermm Someone tell me why there is always a white patti used around the head no matter how small or big the injury is. It's like a trademark especially for Kesar! Confession scene mein bhi he didn't have any bandage anywhere else  Tongue

Scene two

It starts off with PB caressing Kesar's head (Oh how I missed her in the final weeks :( ). What I loved about this scene is the strength of character Gulaal shows in front of the family when in reality she is very vulnerable from within. She can give consolation to PB but as soon as she leaves, you see her own emotions coming out. There was a moment when Gulaal is adjusting Kesar's head and she looks at him with so much affection. It's such a shame that she can't do all this when he's conscious :(  There was so much warmth to the way she held his hand (I wish I could hold NB's hand...haila phankagiri comingEmbarrassed). The tears kept falling on his hand (MP looks really beautiful while shedding tears) and they trigger flashbacks of the attack which eventually make him fully conscious. For a moment, it seemed like he was trying to comprehend the genuineness of Gulaal's feelings but the Durgesh flashback took over again and as a result he removes his hand from hers :( 

You know it hurt to see Kesar smile at Talli when he was treating Gulaal like that. Though understandable, you really feel the silent  pain Gulaal was going through. Worst part was when she left the room because she ended up feeling like the odd one out (Even though we all know that Talli was the haddi!!)

P.S. Jzee and Nur for the lateness. I'm so all over the place Ermm I didn't know what I was writing half the time so please excuse me.

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Originally posted by *Reemz*

Someone tell me why there is always a white patti used around the head no matter how small or big the injury is. It's like a trademark especially for Kesar! Confession scene mein bhi he didn't have any bandage anywhere else  Tongue

LOL so trueee! I was also thinking how often we've seen that standard white patti on his head...injury chaahe koi bhi hoLOLLOL

Lovely post, Reemz!

Ok, will blab more later...reserving for now...will post caps tonight :-)


Caps batch 1:

The pooja

Kesar gets attacked...and who wins the race to reach her Kesuda first? Galool ofcourseLOL

Gulaal tends to Kesar

I found this bit very poignant the way she took his hand

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Okie doke, me here, and starting off without digressing babbles.

Scene 1:

So i know the worst way to start and any post analysis is with Talli - but I just have to ask a crucial doubt I have about this 'Barbie' *bang on Reemz LOL * - does she have identity crisis? Or like split personality issue? Or just basic trouble distinguishing the sound of her name - Talli - from other names (read: Gulaal). Servant comes rushing and announces Gulaal ji aapne jo saaman mangwaya tha wo agaya - Talli jumps half a foot in the air and lands on Kesar's arm to drag him out to the courtyard Confused Daiba says during puja Gulaal haath aage bada - and madam ka haath moves forward of its own accord Stern Smile Direly in need of getting her basics right - that's what! 

Anyway - HIGH point of the scene has to be Kesar's ye meri patni hai - title of the post and scene for the reason! While he pulls on that curt look while saying the exact words, there is a momentary preceding second, when Pandit asks Talli if she is the wife, where Kesar looks, no not offended exactly, but definitely has a flickering of the what are you saying expression in his eyes. Its pretty interesting to me, how even through the worst of his phase with Gulaal - in fact, in essence, even in his decade of keeping distance, and of course from the time of being that kid tied in a DV, Kesar has always stood confident on the claim - ye meri patni hai! Arre this is a guy who accused his dear darling Vasant Bha of 'stealing' his girl - even asked Raman Bha if Vasant and him couldn't do lagan with the same girl?! LOL Child marriage ka to koi locha hi ni hai bande ko ROFL But seriously, even if he doesn't show it in tone or expression - I like to believe there is almost a tinge of indignant and dare I say possessive (in an unusual sense of the word) FYI manner about the way he corrects the pandit. MEGA like to that nuance! Mega like also, to the CVs bringing out the distinction and growth between this puja scene and the Rohan puja only morning before - between then and now technically things have only, if changed, for the worse - Kesar has taken his 24 hours to gauge her and get more nasty. Gulaal has taken a huge step back into the vintage shell and is being wary and vigilant like a soldier at war, striving to not overstep all this brand new boundaries that seem to have cropped between Kesar and her - and of course, both have cried countless tears in the night in between - of pain, loneliness, and agony at estrangement! 
But in the puja scene itself - the bond actually shows signs of step forward. Kesar's correction of 'claiming' his wife - while in the prayer day before, he had chosen to be the silent spectator. On Gulaal's end too - unlike the Rohan's puja where she asked for Talli to be allowed as well - she just quietly moves in to take her place - with Talli too taking her place - behind these two, and blobbed out of the scene in my imaginary version of the sceneOuch And of course, Kesar does not 'shrug' away from her touch this time. No, he's not warming up; and she in fact might have only become more wary than yesterday - but this isn't the first time doing it now, and even if its stiff, and perhaps the rift itself wider, but even if its only by an iota, they are more comfortable than the day before about being a 'couple' in this ritual, a strange strange couple at that - say like a hubby and wife, who have their own unresolved issues, but put it aside, because they know it cannot be used as pretext or excuse to disrupt the more important things, like couple puja - they play their part - and in essence there and then, they are in the same strange way, somehow accepting of the entire husband and wife idea. Not just for pretense - there is a different kind of acceptance in it. This is like a couple who have differences to sort out, but that (as per an unspoken agreement between the two) is what they alone of have to fix, and is their business alone. So even in this 'at odds' point of their relationship - they are really being a couple in a sense - to my perception. 


Scene 2:

This scene is poignant and charged -and Reemz really says it all here. Gulaal being the poise strength for everyone, until she gets that moment of solitude with Kesar alone - and really, TO BE MARKED - her first moment to be able to shower her emotions/affections/concern on him (ignoring the very first seconds of the first glimpse of each other, which doesn't count because they were too overwhelmed to be consciously so aware of how freely they are expressing their emotions, as she is now!) Here, she lets go of the wary hold back he has forced her to upkeep - and just simply feels the pain inside of her, in his injury. And to me also, this is not an image of Gulaal the elder shedding tears over the pain of Kesar the ward - no! In fact, that it is not like that becomes evident from the way it stands in difference from the PB-Kesar bit the precedes it (the reason why I included it in the clip hence) and I like how that distinction stands out! When PB is caressing Kesar, and when Gulaal holds onto his hands and her tears fall to it - and even Kesar's reactions to both the touches - the difference is so obvious! Gulaal is the wife. PB is the mother. And sorry Talli, but you just seem like a silly younger sister LOL Even best friends have a different air about them - Talli doesn't project that image, she did it far more when she was a kid - I think she's so confused within her own head, about her relationship with this guy, that she ends up portraying not a single nuance right - dramatic sigh! 

Kesar waking up to Gulaal's tears and the Duggu FB - his momentary vulnerability at the sight of Gulaal's tears, and her heart wrenching concern, and then the flickering of the conflict between his Gulaal vision that he can see, and the betraying Gulaal version of his FB - and he turns away from her. Unhappy Ditto you Reemz - about how sad it feels when she exits the scene feeling like the third. But kudos to Neil to bring out even that second of reaction, plainly with the play of his eye expressions - when Talli asks him how the food is, and just before answering, he gives her a look to 'give them privacy'... the why are you still here look - very hurting, and intentionally - but how well done by Neil Clap Not to forget the flickering of emotion in his eye, when Talli says how worried they all got, haina Gulaal?  Okay, 1 point to Talli again, to always, inevitably bring Gulaal to the fore. She's loyal to the core - I just can't take that away from her. 

Btw - I included that last KT bit to the clip as well - cause I wanted to point out, how uninterested Kesar is in Talli bak bak, even though while Gulaal was in the room he was focusing so much attention on her. This is not the cliche case of hero trying to invoke envy in his lady love - nor is it technically working like that - but he's making such a point of showing Gulaal down, proving to her that she's last on his list - he doesn't even care about his reactions and responses to Talli when its just them! LOL As I said the other day, he's using Talli - albeit unintentionally - to bait Gulaal. Simple as that. 

phew - okie, me done too for today, and might crash shortly after getting to ogle over Nur's caps if she's done them by now... 

Jump right in everyone! 

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Nice post Reemz! :) Agree about that bit when shes caressing his head and takes his hand...that's her being ever so affectionate with him..and  also like you said it was lovely to see her strong in front of PB but then she's not holding back her emotions in that private moment..

I shouldn't be bothered about Talli 'worrying' about Kesar...but her random ganga jamuna baha-ing was too much..

My main question regarding the pooja moment is why did Kesar not have any surprise at Talli wanting to be a part of the ritual?...I mean he too knew that it was only for a husband-wife thing...but I guess we'll have to give him the benefit of doubt cos his mind was too pre-occupied with Gulaal and his 101 ways to piss her

@the food Talli offers him...the look he gives Gulaal is one where he surely knows it's Gulaal who would have suggested it..and bechara was just ate quietly..

@JZ..nice titles for these vids!..especially the dard bhi tum and dawa bhi..haye...poor Kesar Broken Heart..

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nice post. ya even kesar's pain is understandable it's paining to see how he is rude to gulaal. really kesar is such a this way treating ur loved ones u care most watever issues u ve. ya even issues are they we handle diff.know with our loved ones that are spl to us. gulaal really sweet heart Heart she cares for loved ones even they ill treated n hurt her so much that she thought everything for her even not herself.she forgave she has a big heart. Heart

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Updated my post above. 

Also, here are links to the chota Kesar drinking Bhaang and creating hangama at the haveli scenes from pre-leap time. I did them for VJ, cause she hadn't seen the sequence and couldn't find it - but I'm posting them here for anyone else who's interested too Smile


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Caps updated in the post above:

Batch 2:

And the tears fall

This entire bit with him waking up after he feels her tears falling on his hand and the way it was interpresed with him getting FBs of the attack, of Durgesh was just very well edited...perfect timing of everything...tear falls, Kesar stirs, he's just regaining consciousness, sees Gulaal and gets the Durgesh FB and THEN his eyes fully snap open and ultimately he turns away bitterly

The bit when he knows that Gulaal must have asked for daal dhokli to be made

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Originally posted by Maz.

My main question regarding the pooja moment is why did Kesar not have any surprise at Talli wanting to be a part of the ritual?...I mean he too knew that it was only for a husband-wife thing...but I guess we'll have to give him the benefit of doubt cos his mind was too pre-occupied with Gulaal and his 101 ways to piss her

I think Kesar was almost indifferent to all of Talli's fawning around...and he probably wasn't thinking about the technicalities of the rituals until the pandit brought it up...he was just going through the motions otherwise...honestly this was just the this point, Kesar wasn't much on claiming Gulaal as his wife or whatever rituals etc. it involved...this is the very first time he verbalizes the statement..."Yeh meri patni hai" and here on many factors come into play...there is always JK on the side pushing this thought into Kesar's head and reminding him that Gulaal is his wife...he hears it more around him in his surroundings too now that he's back in the village where him and Gulaal were publicly bound in the DV ritual. I don't think that in the early days when Kesar had just gotten back, this was playing in his mind much...He was too busy trying to keep the cold mask in place and it was Gulaal as an INDIVIDUAL before anything else that he had naraazgi with...the WIFE label came into play and solidified more as the story moved along.

@Jzee: Actually when I watched the scene, the first sense I got was that Kesar almost BIT OUT that "yeh meri patni hai"...there was a grudging tone to it as if he wasn't too happy about pointing it out but had to...pata nahin kyun but that's how I sensed felt like Kesar's anger was still too much on the surface there for him to really be in the mood to think about their husband-wife technicality of a relationship...I feel like in all the years they were apart, it wasn't Kesar thinking I was seperated from my WIFE Gulaal...he was just mad at HIS Gulaal, period...all these wife wagairah labels only started to come into play when he came back and ppl started talking in rituals etc.

I know he said at the mandap that he grew up with this thought in his head...and I understand what he means...but I'd say at this point, all these thoughts had been pushed into a corner of his mind and the focus was just on the hurt of Gulaal's betrayal...HIS Gulaal.

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