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MAANEET SS: THIS IS NOT THE END#2Pt.31&Epi. Pg 117 (Page 87)

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waiting dear please update soon

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Hey gals! me back wid another update thank u so much for all ur support nd co-operation so far. i really appreciate ur comments nd likes. thank u so much for ur warm wishes nd Love. i really feel great wen i read all ur comments after Aastha's Notes. so thanx from d core of my heart to all of u. So here as a Gratitude m going to update d next part just for u all. nw here's d Part 29 of my SS. hope u all r going to like it. Pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it. But before i update dere's an important announcent for u all

Important Note:

Guys! many of u r in doubt dat whether i will comtinue my FFs or not if Geet ends. just wanted to say to u all guys to Be Relax. i wont stop any of my Fictions. i'll keep on writing as dis is d only medium which can keep Maaneet in our heart. i write for u guys nd i wont stop writing until u guys ask me to stop. i wont stop writing until my brain is out of any ideas. my fictions wont be able to posted on Geet's Forum but i'll keep on posting dem at FF's Forum. So i just wanted to request to u all guy dat dnt stop reading my fictions after Geet ends like i wont stop writing nd keep me supporting like dis only in my other ventures also.

nw here's ur update. Luv u all

Part 29:

He looked into her eyes nd den to her lips which were slightly parted listening to his confession provoking him to claim dem; to show his Love to her.


He closed his eyes nd moved ahead to feel her; to feel her Love nd finally d moment came wen he touched his lips wid hers. Geet was too tired emotionally to resist nd after his confession it was impossible for her to protest derefore she closed her eyes in anticipation of wat cuming next nd before she can understand he had started kissing her. D moment dere lips met dey both feel complete nd contended. Maan was gently kissing her rose petals as if afraid to crush dem. he dnt want to be harsh on her so he keep on kissing her softly nd gently. He took her lower lip between his lips nd sucked it slowly. D Rage of Harmones in dere body increased due to dis, d rate of andrelin increased in dere bodies as he kissed her.


He dnt want to stop neither did she as both of dem knows it in d back of dere mind dat wat dey r doing is right nd nothing could be more perfect in dis moment. Today d ice dat had been between dem has been broken, d wall of pain nd agony between hearts seems to b diminishing away. It seems dat Love had broken every ice, every boundaries between dem nd all wat left between dem at dat moment was just dere pure unconditional nd undyieng Love for each other.




The Kiss dat has started as d gentle one has become an Aggressive one as Maan increases d fervour of d Kiss. As d hurtful memories came in his mind his Kiss become a demanding one. He clutched her back nd bring her more close to him if possible from his one hand nd wid other he clutched her hair keeping her face fixed to him. It seems like he wanted to compensate all his faults through his kiss. He sucked, nibbled her lower lip showing all his Love to her.


The passion running thru his veins has infuriated Geet's senses too as without her own knowledge she started responding to his kiss. Her hands have dere own will as dey encircled around his neck to deepen d kiss. D sense of right nd Wrong has gone long back from her mind. All she could think at dis moment is dat nothing could be more perfect den dis being in d arms of d person who loves her like no one had ever loved her nd who had just confessed his true feeling to her. Maan bit her lower lip making her gasp.


"Maan.." she moaned into his mouth as his toungue gained entry in her mouth exploring each nd every corner of her mouth. Geet clutched his back piercing her nails over dere while her other hand makes way to his hairs clutching dem over dere


"Geet..." he moaned pulling her closer to him. Their toungues have dere story of dere own as dey r twirling nd twisting in each other's mouth exploring every secret of dem. Both were lost, lost in d moment. Dey were kissing each other like dere is no tomorrow.


D kiss had expressed every emotion running in dere hearts right nw. Pain, Agony, loneliness, love each nd every emotion has been expressed through dat kiss. D passionate nd demanding kiss has seemed to break every wall dat has been drawn between dem due to fate. He repaired each nd ever damage dat he caused to their relationship nd unknown to herself she too expressed her Long lost Love to her. She too told him wat he's to her; how deeply she's in Love wid him no matter wat he done to her. Dey kissed each other like dey did never before; dey Loved, dey felt each other like dey did never before.


Maan moves his hands underneath her kameez to her waist squeezing it nd den moving upwards. Geet felt his raw touch on her skin nd dis is wen realization hits her. She realized wat she was doing? She was letting him kiss her nd even worse she too was kissing him back As soon as d realization hits her she quickly pushed him back who was still kissing her intensely.


D sudden act of Geet surprises Maan. He looked at Geet who was standing dere wid her hands on her lips nd fresh tears welled up in her eyes. He looked at her confusingly as if trying to figure out wat had suddenly gone wrong wid her but den it struck him nd he realizes wat did he just done.


"Geet….." he was about to say further wen he saw her running towards d Washroom closing d door behind her. He runs his fingers in his hairs in frustration nd bangs his fist in d wall.


"Damn! I yet again hurted her" he thought nd goes towards d Washroom closing d Door behind her.




Geet was sitting against d Door crying wen she heard Maan knocking d Door. She knows her action confuses Maan nd more den Maan it confuses to Geet herself.


Maan: Geet, Geet pls open the Door.


He tried knocking d door. He could hear her sobs clearly nd it just teared his heart apart. Already he had given her so many tears nw he cant be d reason of her tears yet again.


Maan: Geet, Pls open d door for once. Just listen to me once. Pls. open d Door Geet.


But Geet was in no mood to liten to him. She was too much frustrated on herself. She needs sometime wid her alone


Geet: Maan just go from here Pls.

Maan: Geet I…….



She said raising her voice leaving Maan stunned. Geet had never behaved wid him like dat. ya she had yelled at him many tymes but dis was different. Dis side of her anger she had never shown to him. He understands dat she needs sometym for herself so he quietly leaves from dere taking his shirt.


Geet heard d Sound close indicating dat he has gone. As soon as she heard d sound of door close she burst out in d tears. hw can she do dis? hw can she lost control on herself? In d daze of his confession she has done sumthing dat she don't have to do. But it seems so perfect at dat moment den y it seems wrong nw. she was mad; she was frustrated not on him but on herself. Hw can she let him do dat? She didn't protest once; infact she herself was responding to his kiss. Wat d hell has gone wrong wid her? She touched her Lips which were nw swollen due to his kiss nd tears escaped from her eyes. She shouldn't had let dis happen. She was supposed to stop him but didn't realize wen she herself gets lost in d moment. She closed her eyes tight only to get flashes of dere Kiss. She cried out Loud to take out all her frustration


Geet: y? Y did I done dat? hw can I do dis? Dere's nothing between us den hw can I lost myself in d daze of his confession. Y I was not able to control myself? No whatever happened was wrong; utterly wrong. Kaise kar diya Maine ye? KYUN????


She cried out loud nd broke into tears. She sat over dere for sumtym nd den finally gathers herself nd came out from d washroom. She looked around d whole Room which were only witnessing dere close moments with each other. She shuts her eyes tight to get rid of all dis. Maan was not dere but still she can feel his presence over dere.




At US:


Armaan was fishing something in his drawer wen his eyes Fall on d Photo frame keeping on d side table. It was his nd Geet's Pic. He picked it up nd looked at it smiling. He dnt know y but he was missing Geet like hell dis tym. His heart was urging him to talk to her as he felt dat his Kiddo needs him right nw. like she was in a big state of confusion sumwhere. Well dats wat we called a true Friendship. He was 1000 miles away from her yet he can feel her reslessness.


He was looking at d pic wen Shilpa entered to his room nd found him looking at his nd Geet's Photo. She smiled seeing him like dis. if any other girl would be dere in her place den may be she would be jealous or insecure due to Geet. But Shilpa was different. She knew d warmth of Relation of Armaan nd his Kiddo. She knows no one can ever take place of Geet in his heart nd his life. Geet was his special friend for whom he can leave d whole world but he'll not leave her even if she's wrong. She goes to him nd keeps her hand on his shoulders. Dis is wen Armaan feels her presence in his Room nd turned around to see Shilpa.


Armaan: Shilpa! Tum kab aayi?

Shilpa: bas tabhi jab tum Geet ko yaad kar rahe the.


He said nothing but looked at d pic once again smiling.

Shilpa: U r missing Geet rite?

Armaan: a Lot. U remember dis Pic?

Shilpa: ofcourse I remember. I had only taken dis pic on my B'day Party.

Armaan: ya dat was d first tym Kiddo has gone out anywhere since she came to US nd dat too after so much pestering by u.

Shilpa: nd u remember hw much hesitant she was wen I dressed her up in western. It was her first tym to try such things

Armaan: ya. U did complete make-over of her nd probably dat was d first tym I had seen her smiling so much since she came to US. All thanx to u.

Shilpa: C'mon Armaan! Geet is my friend too. U dnt have to say thanx to me.

Armaan: thanx Shilpa. U knw if dere was anyother girl in Ur place den may be she won't understand my relationship wid my Kiddo but u r different. M blessed to have u in my lyf.

Shilpa: Geet se baat Hui tumhari?

Armaan: we talked for few mins yesterday but dnt knw hw d call went dead may be network problem. I dnt knw y but m remembering her so much today. It seems like she needs me.


Shilpa went thoughtful listening to Armaan wen he mentioned yesterday. She has completely forgot to call Maan or Geet after dat Last nite incidence due to her duties neither she told anything to Armaan yet about her Conversation wid Maan.


Shilpa (to herself): Should I tell to Armaan about my Conversation wid Maan nd d situation dat was over dere last note. No, I can't tell him anything rite nw. God knows hw he'll react. I need to talk to Maan or Geet first to know wat happened after dat den only I can talk to Armaan.


Seeing Shilpa lost in her thoughts Armaan waved his hands in front of her to bring her back in present.


Armaan: Hello Madam! Where r u lost?

Shilpa: nowhere Armaan just thinking about Geet.

Armaan: Hhmmm meri kiddo hai hi aisi. U knw wen she was born I was just 4 years old nd I dnt know y since den only I had been so much protective towards her. I won't even let any other boy or girl of my age to touch her as I feared dat she may get hurt. U knw Dad use to call me her Bodyguard nd since den I was always dere by her side to make sure dat nothing goes wrong wid her nd she also tells each nd every small nd big thing of her lyf; her every fear to me only first of all. She had always trusted me so much dat sumtym I feared wat if someday I m not able to keep up wid her trust.


Shilpa said nothing but just smiled listening to him


Armaan: u knw Shilpa y I use to call her kiddo? Because she's like dat only. No matter hw much she grows up but she's still a kid from heart. Use har waqt koi Na koi chahiye baatein samjhane ke liye. Sumtymes she even ignore her own heart's desire if she is confused on any situation just like kids use to do. Datsy I always use to worry for her because she thinks dat she's big enough to take right decisions but sumtymes she takes wrong decision in hassle nd later regrets so I always make sure dat I m dere to show her right way. Nd I…….


He couldn't say further as his cellphone started ringing. He looked at d caller ID nd smiled seeing "Geet's" name


Armaan: Lo it's her call only


He said nd answers d call. Shilpa decides to go from over dere but he stops her nd keeps on talking to Geet.


Armaan: hey Kiddo! Wats up? U wont believe, me nd Shilpa were talking about u only just nw. u knw I was missing u very much today.

Geet (while sobbing): Ar….maan….


Armaan heard her chocking voice nd could easily sense dat she's crying but wat he couldn't guess is dat y is she crying


Armaan: Kiddo, wat happen? Y r u crying? Is everything ok? Pls Tell me wat happen Kiddo?


He asked her being anxious nd restless. The one thing dat he can't bear was Geet's tears. Shilpa looked at his worried face nd got tensed thinking of d situation over dere


Geet: Armaan… Armaan… I….. I…….


She couldn't say anything nd cries bitterly which make Armaan more anxious


Armaan: Kiddo dnt cry, Pls Kiddo. Acha I am coming. M cuming from d very next flight. Pls Dnt cry ok. Hello Kiddo! Kiddo u dere….. Hello!


Geet was so choked in her tears dat she couldn't speak further nd cuts d call. Armaan looked at d Phone while rubbing his temples


Shilpa: Wat Happen Armaan? Kya kaha Geet ne?

Armaan: God Knows Shilpa! Kiddo was crying bitterly on phone. Dere's Definitely Sumthing Wrong happened over dere. Nd if my Kiddo was crying due to Maan again den I swear m not gonna Leave him dis tym.


Shilpa said nothing nd keeps on thinking about the Situation which could have lead to Geet crying like this.

Shilpa (To herself): is it because of Last nite's incidence. I was not able to Talk Maan or Geet about it. May be Geet misunderstood Maan nd all dis has happened. O God! I need to clear her everything before dere comes more Problems. Before Armaan Do sumthing Stupid, I need to make everything crystal clear. But before dat I need to talk to Geet first.


She thought nd Looked at Armaan who was packing his Stuff nd talking on call


Armaan: Listen George, Book a ticket for d very next flight for India. I dnt care hw r u gonna do dis but I need to reach India as soon as Possible. Got it!!


He said nd cuts d call nd started leaving d Room wen Shilpa stops her


Shilpa: Armaan Wait!!! I'll also cum wid u

Armaan: dont be silly Shilpa. U stay here only. I'll go to India

Shilpa: Armaan Pls Dnt Argue dis tym atleast. See we both dnt knw wat had happened over dere. May be Geet needs me too. Pls let me cum wid u.


Armaan thought for sumtym nd realizes that Shilpa is right. May be dere's sumthing which Geet want to Share wid Shilpa only derefore he agreed.


Armaan: I think u r rite. Let's Go den. George will meet us at airport only. Nd ya dnt tell anything to anyone at home.

Shilpa: hhmmm


She said nd dey both headed towards d Airport giving a brief explanation to Armaan's Mom dat dere's a Business emergency came in India derefore dey r leaving all of a sudden.



Back to India:


Maan was walking aimleely on a Road thinking about the incidence dat happened few moments ago. Everything happened so fast dat he himself couldn't understand. It was just a trail of incidents happened back to back. His expressing of Love, her outburst, his confession nd den dat Kiss. It seems like everything went automatically. But whatever it was he still shouldn't have done wat he did over dere.


He just closed his eyes in frustration only to see Geet's tear stricken face in front of him. The pain in her eyes, the accusation, the guilt all were dere in her eyes after d kiss. He snaped his eyes open nd bangs his fist in d nearby Tree.


Hw could he lose himself like dis. he had controlled himself last nite wen d situation was more vulnerable den Dis den y not today. Hw could he just flow in d moment. Hw can he do dis, dat too wid Geet. if she didnt pushed him back at dat tym den may be dey can go too far den kissing. She must be feeling so low of dere relationship. Dere Relationship was too much beyond den just Physical satisfaction. It was pure nd divine just like her heart nd he just spoiled it. He knows dat she must be blaming herself only for all dis as she too responded his Kiss; as she didn't protested for it once. D guilt in her eyes said it all to him. 


Maan (to himself): No, I shouldn't have done dis. wat she must be thinking? She must be thinking dat m trying to force myself on her. Nd anyone would have thought like dis only. But den y did she responded to my Kiss. May be she was emotionally Wrecked at dat tym but wats wrong wid me. Y I was not able to control myself. No it shouldn't have happened in dis way. I mean I just confessed my Love for her; I just told her wat she mean to me nd den all dis. We should have talked for sumtym first; dere are so many things to clear yet nd I just…. I just spoiled everything. No, I can't let things go out of hands dis tym. I can't lose her again. I'll talk to her; bring her out from her insecurities; will make her believe dat dis tym she's not doing any mistake in believeing her heart. Yes, i'll talk to her nd den everything will be allright.


Determining dis he takes a deep breath nd headed back towards the Hotel.




After 25 mins of walk he reached to his Room. He didn't have courage to go inside nd face Geet but he has to. Thinking dis he opened d Door nd slowly stepped inside. But as soon as he stepped inside he felt a strange emptiness in d Room. Like sumthing very important is missing from d room. He looked around d whole Room to find Geet but she was nowhere to be seen. He goes towards d washroom thinking dat may be she's still dere.


"Geet are u inside?" He asked while knocking d Door but was confused to see dat the Door was open. He stepped inside d Washroom to look for her but she was not dere too. He got worried now thinking dat if Geet is not dere in d Washroom den where she could be. He quickly came out nd again looked around d Whole Room


Maan: Geet!!! Geet, where r u?


He said nd den rushed towards Balcony hoping dat he would find her over dere but to his Disappointment she was not dere too. He ran a hand in his hairs in helplessness.


"I shouldn't have left her alone. God knows where she had gone. She can do anything in dis state. She said me to go nd I had gone from here knowing her very well. Wat if she does anything wrong wid her. No I have to find her" he thought while panicking nd quickly started heading outside wen his eyes fell on d note at the Side Table. He quickly rushes towards it nd picked it up only to find a note written by Geet


"I m Going Back To Mumbai




"Geet…." he mumbled wid heavy heart nd clutched d note tight to control d pain dat his heart is bearing. Once again she had gone without listening to him. Once gain she didn't gave him chance to explain himself.


"No Geet dis tym I won't let u go like dis. Dis tym u have to face every fear of urs." He thought nd quickly packs his stuff nd headed outside.




He searched her madly at d Bus Station but was disappointed to know that Last Bus For Mumbai has left just 1/2 an hour ago. He bangs his fist hard on d roof of d Car nd takes out his Cell to call Geet but it was cuming switched off. Without wasting anytym he gets into his Car nd drove towards Mumbai.


He was driving very fast almost crushing d car dat came in his way just to reach to Geet as soon as Possible. In between he tried calling her many tymes but Everytym her cell cumes switched off. He silently prayed to God dat she's Fine nd wont do anything stupid wid her. He immediately called Yash to tell him d Whole Situation but as he was at Meeting so he leave d msg to his Secretary to reach to Geet's House wid Meera as soon as Possible.


On the Other hand Geet reached to Mumbai nd absent mindely she took d cab for her Home nd headed towards her flat. She closed her eyes thinking about the events dat happened today. His closeness, her outburst, his confession nd den dat Kiss. Everything was so sudden that she herself didn't realize y nd wen she lost herself in his arms nd eneded up in kissing. She never wanted to happen it like dis way. She never wanted Maan to know about d emotions dat has been bottyled up inside her from so many years but it seems dat her fate wants sumthing else.


She can't even able to stay even a minute in dat Room as it was just witnessing dere closeness so unable to stay over dere she packs her stuff nd came back to Mumbai. She knows Maan must be worried for her wen he'll find out that she has left to Mumbai without telling him anything. But she needs to get out from dere because longer she would stay over dere d more she feel Guilty for losing herself like dis. so it's better if she stay alone for sumtym.


The Taxi break gave halt to her thoughts nd she realizes dat she reached to her apartment. She quietly paid to d Driver nd headed towards her flat.




Geet opens d Door of her flat nd takes a Deep breath before entering to it. she was about to close d Door wen she felt a jerk causing her to stumble backwards nd before she could understand anything she felt a grip of strong hands around her forming an embrace. She dnt have to see who it was. She can feel him by his Breath; by his Scent. It was none other den Maan.

Wen Maan reached to her apartment he saw her going inside nd he felt an extreme relief nd happiness to see her safe nd sound nd without wasting a minute he goes behind her nd seeing her in front of her all safe he cant resist himself from hugging her tight.


"Y had u came like Dis? Do u have slightest Idea hw much worried I was? Ek baar bhi mere bare me nahi socha; Bas chali aayi? Huh Geet." he said while Hugging her tight to himself almost suffocating her. Geet left her hands on her either side. She's not in d state to hug him back neither she had courage to push him away from her especially den wen he was so much worried for her.


She was standing over dere comfused wen Maan frees her from his embrace nd cups her face between his hands nd look into her eyes.


Geet: y r u here Maan?


She said while trying her best to show the coldness in her voice but she can't deny dat its impossible to behave cold anymore


Maan: Wat kind of Question is Dis Geet? U came back without even informing me, without even giving me any chance to say anything. U knw how much worruied I was nd nw u r asking me y am I here?

Geet: I left the note over dere Maan nd moreover u don't have to concern for me whether I m okay or not.


She said nd turns to move other side wen Maan holds her Arm nd jerks her towards himself. Geet can say it by looking into his eyes dat he was both angry nd hurt by her words but dis tym she dnt want to think of any of these.


Maan: I dnt have to be concern for u, den who d hell have to be concern for u Damn it! Wats Wrong wid u?

Geet: Leave my hand Maan.

Maan: not today Geet. Everytym u take Ur own decision without listening to me. U can't take any Decision alone in our relationship, Geet We both have equal right to take the Decisions in our Relationship.

Geet: Our Relationship? If u had forgetten den let me Remind u Mr. Maan Singh Khurana dat dis relationship has been broken 5 yrs back by u only. So nw I can take any decision according to my will.


She said nd jerks his hand away nd moves to other side but Maan blocks her way nd stands right in front of her. Today he dnt want to leave things abruptly between dem. Today either everything will be fine between dem or everything will be over.


Maan: y d hell r u trying to make everything difficult between us Geet?

Geet: dere's nothing to make difficult between us Maan.


Maan was feeling helpless at Geet's stubbornness. He dnt knw hw to make her understand that her fears nd insecurities are useless nw.


Maan: y r u doing this Geet? Dnt u trust on wat I said to u at hotel. I Love you Geet. I won't hurt u again. Trust me Geet.

Geet: it doesn't matter to me anymore Maan. I said u before also d Geet dat had immense Love nd Trust for u had died dat day only wen u said u dnt love her. Nd dis Geet doesn't love u anymore, doesn't trust u anymore.


She said while looking away. Because sumwhere in her heart she knows dat d last sentence was nothing but a mere lie. But at dat tym she was too much blinded by self-frustration. Maan jerked her towards himself to make her look at him.


Maan: Wat did u just said? U dnt love me anymore, u dnt trust me anymore. If dis is true Geet den look into my eyes nd den say Geet.


She looked into his eyes nd was about to say sumthing but couldn't able to utter a word wen she looked into those deep honeyed eyes, which shows so many emotions in it. Maan smiled slyly knowing dat she still cant lie looking into his eyes.


Maan: Wat happen y did u stopped? Say dat u dnt love me anymore, say dat u cant trust me anymore. (He paused for a while nd den continue)  u cant say, u knw y because u still Love me; because u still trust me.

Geet: it's not true.

Maan: o really? Den y u always gets melt in my Arms if u dnt love me? Y u always shiver wid my touch, if u dnt love me. Because acc to u if u dnt love me den it shouldn't have made any difference to u. y u always cry wen u see me in pain? Y u care for me more den urself if u dnt Love me? Y u always look up to me only if u r in any sort of problem?


Geet looks away nd goes to other side wen Maan holds her nd pinned her against a wall. his eyes were spitting fire nw but more den anger dere was hurt in dem. Geet tries to wriggle under his grip but he was way too strong for her.


Maan: I m not finished yet Geet. Tell me y u share one room wid me if u dnt trust me anymore? Y u asked me to sleep on d same bed if u dnt trust me? Y did u believed me wen I said dat last nite nothing of dat sort happened between us, dat I haven't crossed my limits wid u? Answer me Damn it!

Geet: I dnt find necessary to give any answers of urs. Leave me!


She said while Wriggling but Maan has increased his Grip more hard on her arms


Maan: u dnt find necessary or u dnt have any answers. Geet sach to ye hai dat u still Love me, dat u still trust me aur kahin na kahin ye tumne bhi maan lia hai. Den y r u stopping urself?

Geet: it's not true!! Got it, it's not true!!!


She said while Raising her voice thinking dat may be it affects Maan but least she knows dat Maan had no affect of her words on her as he knows dat wat is she saying was a mere Lie


Maan: U cannot change d Truth by raising Ur Voice Geet. Aur Sach to ye hai dat u too love me in d same way I love you.


Geet frees herself from him nd turns to other side wen Maan again holds her nd jerk her towards himself crushing her into his hard chest


Maan: U can't run away from d Reality anymore Geet. Maan kyun nahi leti dat u too Love me. Jaise ki main maan raha hoon ki main tumse pyaar karta hoon. I LOVE YOU Geet.

Geet: I Don't Love you. Did u listen I don't Love you.

Maan: if u dnt love me den wat was dat dat has happened between us few hrs back. I agree I kissed u without ur consent but didn't u too responded to it. didn't u kissed me back? y didn't u protested once? Y didn't u resist it? u knw y, because u Love me Geet. datsy u kissed me back; because dat tym all wat was dere between us was only Love and nothing else.

Geet: NO ITS NOT!!!


She finally frees herself from him nd screamed a loud


Geet: it was not Love. it was just a weak moment. I was emotionally wrecked at dat tym nd derefore I got carried away, dats it!! it was not Love Maan. It was not.


She said it loud more den Maan to convince her own heart who was crying out its Love for Maan.


"Geet…." he muttered slowly listening to her outburst. He walks a step towards her but stopped instantly listening to her next set of words


Geet: now u got all Ur answers. Yes I responded back to Ur kiss but it was just because I got carried away. Nothing else matter to me anymore. Tum jeeyo ya maro, I least care. Mera bas chale to main tumhari shakal bhi Dobara Na Dekhoon.


Dat did it! Maan's every hope; every Dream has been shattered by listening to Geet's statement. He slowly takes a step back not believeing wat he was hearing. His Geet doenst care if he dies or stay alive; she doesn't wanted to see his face again. Geet looks at Maan nd she felt like her heart has been squeezed out seeing his pained face. Dis was d last thing dat she wanted. She never wanted to hurt him. But she was too blinded by her guilt, insecurities, fears nd self-frustration nd in vain she said whatever came into her mind nd by d tym she realizes it was too late.


She saw tears in his eyes, may be for d first tym but she can't do anything to wipe dem off nw. it was too late to do anything nw. Maan looked at her wid Painful expression. An awkward silence prevailed in d Room as both of dem doesn't have anything to say to each other nw. His heart still not able to believe wat Geet has just said. The Girl who never wanted to see him in pain; who never wanted anything happen bad to him even den also wen she's not dere wid him is nw doesn't care if he dies or stay alive. But he had promised himself dat he'll do everything for her happiness nw nd if she wants him to go away from her lyf den he'll go away from her nd will never show his face to her. He slowly wipes away d tear dat has been formed at d corner of his eyes nd goes near her


Maan: Theek hai Geet, if u wanted dis only den I'll never cum back in Ur lyf again. U'll never see my face again Geet. I'll go far away from u nd Ur lyf. But just wanted to say one last thing to you; agar Kisi se koi galti ho to usse roothna theek hai par manane wale se itna bhi nahi roothna chahiye ki manane wala khud rooth jaye. Bye Geet nd I'll always Love You.


He said it nd one last tym looked at her to savour her angelic face in hia mind for forever nd goes out from dere, far from her nd from her lyf just like d way she wanted. Hw can he not do anything which gives her happiness. If her happiness lies in it den he'll never cum back to her lyf again.


Geet saw his retreating figure nd her heart cried seeing him going like dat. she wanted to stop him but cant able to do anything. Nd as she saw him getting disappeared she thumped on d Floor nd cried her heart out. She never wanted dis, she never wanted to hurt him like dis. she just said those words in anger nd dat anger was she had for herself, she didn't mean dat words but by the tym she realizes it was too late. His well-being matters to her d most, his happiness matters to her d most but now everything has been in a great mess nd she don't know any way to sort dat mess. She was still crying wen she heard someone's voice behind her


"Y are u crying now? U should be happy; Afterall Maan will no longer be here to disturb you"


She turned around to look at d person nd found Meera standing behind her. Anger was much evident form her eyes nd Yash was calming her down but today she was nowhere to stop. Meera nd Yash had witnessed d last part of dere conversation nd as she saw Maan's painful face nd retreating form of his lifeless body she cant help herself anymore nw.


Meera: Answer me Geet. Y r u crying nw? U should celebrate Na. C'mon Yash lets bring d champaigne nw. Afterall Geet gets wat she wanted from so long; A rid from Maan

Geet: Meera, Pls….

Meera: Kyun Geet? Maine kuch galat kaha kya? Yahi to tum chahti thi, hai na? nd See nw Maan has gone so we should celebrate right? nd dnt worry Geet Maan will never come back to ur lyf nw as he's man of his words. if he said dat he'll go far away from ur lyf den he'll Geet


She said sarcastically but Geet could sense pain nd anger from her voice very well.


Yash: Babu Pls... Calm down

Meera: Not today Yash. I was quiet till now becoz u asked me to but not today. Because Aaj Geet se uski Best friend nahi infact Maan ki behen baat kar rahi hai who wanted to know d reason dat y is she not believeing on my Brother's Love for her? y is she not giving their relationship one more chance? Y it doesn't matter to her if my Brother dies or stay alive

Geet: Meera Pls... It's not like dat.

Meera: o really Geet? den tell me wat it is like? U want to punish Maan rite den u have to punish to me also as I was d one who convienced u in d past dat Maan has truly fallen for u. so if he deserved a punishment den I too deserve a Punishment nd dat too worse den Maan. U should not have to worry for my living or dead too.

Geet: Meera Pls… Dnt say like dat. u dnt know anything?

Meera: I know everything Geet. I even know dat also which u dnt know?


Yash knows where dis conversation heading to nd he needs to stop Meera before she says anything further to Geet.


Yash: Meera Stop. Dnt say anything. Remember we promised him.

Meera: I don't care anymore nw Yash. Because today I wanted to show d reality to Geet nd if or dat I had to break my promise also den I wont hesitate.


Geet knotted her brows in confusion thinking about which reality she is talking.


Meera: So Ms. Geet Handa u think u know everything rite? If u think so den let me tell u dat u r utterly wrong. Do u know wat happened behind u in dese 5 years? Do u knw wat changes have came to d lives of Ur Loved ones in dese 5 years? No, rite? Den get ready Geet becoz today I m going to tell u dat for which u dnt have even slightest idea. Come with me


She said nd literally dragged Geet out of her flat towards her car followed by Yash who was praying silently for d avoidance of Storm which is yet to come now.



A Big Twist

Ok So dis is it guys! nw before u throw jutis nd chappals on me for dis update let me request u just one thing dat pls pls pls dnt bash dis part. i knw u all must be very annoyed wid Geet's behaviour but i just wanted to say to all of u dat pls wait until i update d next part. nd pls dnt be angry on meConfusedConfused. dis is all i can say for nw. m damn nervous for dis partConfused so let me know hw u all find it. Hit d Like button if u all like it nd Do Leave ur Comment/Criticism. Its necessary

Luv AakritiSmileSmile

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Break.The.Code IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged

I'm first fr d frst tym in lyf!!!! Big smile

Coming 2 d part AMAZING wud b an understatement..
The emotions..the pain..the love ..the anger..every single thing was just perfect nd proportionate d way it had to be..

If I had to feel sad fr sum1 it had to b Maan Cry why can't geet giv him a chance? Cry
Thnk god yash nd meera came at d rite moment..or else who knows Wat geet/Maan wud hav done Shocked
I wish Armaan nd Shilpa reach Mumbai too ASAP...

Well abt d Precap...I was lyk.. Dead
I just hope Maan doesn't meet wid an accident..I don't want him 2 get married to some1 else either..

But I'll always b a fan of ur FF whatever u do.. Smile
Take care..wid regards nd loads of luv,


Edited by SallyAmanda - 12 December 2011 at 7:54am

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Aakriti.. well come back.. and u did that with a bang.. waiting for the truth now..

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged
super duper update

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aditi_2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:57am | IP Logged
this was a gr8 update... could feel maan's pain. i will be waiting for the next update...

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged
loved it

finally waiting for meera wordings

update next part soon

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 December 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged
awesome update aakriti
what geet told maa n not only broke maan's hert my yes were also wet
plz update the next part soon cant wait for the next part

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