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MAANEET SS: THIS IS NOT THE END#2Pt.31&Epi. Pg 117 (Page 76)

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Waiting !!!!! Update soon :)))))

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Hey gals! me back wid another update thank u so much for all ur support nd co-operation so far. i really appreciate ur comments nd likes. so thanx from d core of my heart to all of u. i knw m not able to reply to ur comments but i'll acknowledge each of u at d end of my SS. nw here's d Part 28 of my SS. hope u all r going to like it. Pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it.

Nd ya Aakriti is bit satisfied wid d no. of likes in d prev part though it was a filler but m glad to know dat u all liked itSmile. Pls hit d like button guys. it really means a lot to me.Smile

                                                                          Part 28:

Rahul: dnt worry Geet, nw it seems to be forced but soon u too will enjoy it. Trust me.


He said nd started leaning closer to her lips to kiss her. Geet closed her eyes thinking dat dis is d end. Nw she cant be escaped. Tears welled up in her eyes just by d thought dat she's not able to protect herself anymore. She closed her eyes nd waiting for her death to arrive wen she felt him moving away wid a sudden jerk.


She instantly opens her eyes trying to register wat had immediately wen her eyes fall on d person standing in front of her wid anger in his eyes.


"It was him, he's here. He's here to save me. My saviour is here" she thought.



"Maan" Finally after a long she was able to mutter his name nd hugged him tightly petrified wid d situation




"Maan u are here. I knw, I knw u'll cum to rescue me" she said while hugging him tightly. Maan felt his shirt soaking wet due to her tears nd his own blood boils seeing her in dat condition. He hugged her tightly to calm her nd den slowly pulls her away nd places her duppatta back to its place


Maan: Geet, tum theek to ho Na.


She nodded slowly with tears in her eyes while still shaking wid fear


Maan: Ghabrao Mat Geet, I m here nw. nothing will happen to u.


He said nd slowly wipes d tears away, he himself was panting heavily just by d thought of Geet getting in Danger nd den he looked at Rahul angrily who was lyieng on d road, trying to get up.




When Maan didn't pick d call at d first tym den Geet again dialed his no. nd was waiting for him to respond wen she had her encounter wid Rahul nd forgot to disconnect d call nd it goes on Redialling mode nd finally third tym Maan notices call from Geet so he instantly pick it up but before he could say anything he heard d sound of slap from other side nd after dat dere conversation.


He senses dat Geet is in danger so he quickly excuses himself from dere nd almost runs towards his car while still on call


Maan: Hello Geet! Geet can u hear me


But as at dat moment Geet was busy in saving herself so she didn't noticed dat Maan is on call. Maan heard her shaking voice while she tries to save herself from Rahul nd he got both scared nd Angry at d same tym.


Maan: Geet, dnt worry I m cuming. M cuming rite nw. Ur Maan is coming Geet.


He dnt know whom is he consoling; Geet or himself but he needs to get dere fast. He can't let anything happen to her until he's alive. He knows dat she might be near d Assylum only as dat was d only place she has gone so he quickly drove towards d asylum.


He was searching her madly near d asylum but she was not dere so he quickly follows d road dat leads to Highway because sumwhere his instincts were telling him dat Geet had taken dis path only nd he was rite.


As soon as reach near d spot he heard Geet screaming his name nd wen he reached over dere he saw Rahul leaning closer to her while she was helpless. Rage overtake him nd he instantly gets out nd punches him hard due to which he fell down wid a jerk. Nd dats wen he saw Geet's tear-stricken face nd anger started building in him. Today only God will save him because he will kill him today.




Maan didn't gave him chance to get up nd quickly punched him hard on his face causing him to bleed. Hw dare he lay his lusty eyes on Geet. He'll kill him today nd wont even regret for it. He held his thru his collar nd jerks him towards upward nd punches him hard on his stomach.


Geet was standing aside looking at both of dem in horror. She has never seen dis side of Maan. It seems dat he'll only stop after killing him today. She remembers his words wat he said to her last nite. Dat he'll not let dat person see d next day of his life who'll hurt her in any way. Fear ran down her spine but she didn't have courage to stop him because she knows dat he's unstoppable today. She looked at Maan who was punching nd kicking Rahul continuously causing him to bleed. She quickly Called Deeps telling her d situation in brief nd Deeps assures her dat she'll be dere soon.


"Hw Dare u? Hw dare u to touch my Geet wid ur filthy hands? Hw dare u to just even look at her. I m gonna kill u today" he said while holding his throat tight in his grip, suffocating him. Finally he was able to push Maan away from him causing him stumbles backwards. Rahul tries punching him few tymes but Maan just held his hand in d mid way nd twisted his hand at d back.


"Inhi haathon se chua tha na tumne meri Geet ko. Today m going to break dis part from Ur body." he said nd twisted dat part harshly causing him to wince in pain nd then throws him on d ground.


He fell on d ground almost unconscious. Maan left him nd goes towards Geet who was standing over dere scared. He cups her face, wiping away her tears.


Maan: Geet, u fine Na. Dnt get scared, m here nw. I'll not let anything happen to u.

Geet: Maan thank God u came on tym. I thought dat today he'll...


She couldn't said anything further as Maan puts his finger on her lips stopping her to talk further


Maan: Chup! Bilkul Chup! Hw couldn't I be here Geet. I promised u dat I'll never let anyone or anything harm u. den hw can I not be here to save u today.



                                         Geet's Monologue:  


I just look at him in awe. Hw can he still love me so unconditionally even after knowing dat i can never go back to him. My fears, my insecurities r not letting me to go to him but it seems he didn't care for all dis. All he cares about is me, my happiness. So, am I doing a mistake? Am I doing wrong in pushing him away from me? He loves me so much, he was always dere wen I needed him. Dat day he saved me from dose goons, last nite he saved me from dyeing. Hw difficult it would be for him to control his desires, to control himself but yet he controlled just for me, just for my trust. His Love overcomes his desire just for me. Nd today again he saves me wen even I had no hope of getting saved from dis Monster but he's here, he's here to save me yet again.


So are dese a sign of destiny? Am I ignoring d signals given by destiny? Even I can see dat he's completely a changed man now dat too just for me nd even m falling everyday for dis new Maan den y I m stopping myself from going to him due to pain given by old Maan?


                                      (Geet's Monologue ends)


Both were looking at each other lost nd forgetting d track of tym wen Rahul gains himself nd saw dem. 

he searches for something nd finally found a sharp object nearby. Blinded wid Rage he took dat object nd walks towards Maan to kill him. He was almost behind him nd was about to hit him wen Geet saw him cuming nd her eyes widenes in fear.


"MAAN LOOK BACK" she instantly screamed nd Maan turned around to look due to which Rahul misses his shot nd nd it hits at Maan's upper Arm causing him to wince in pain. Rahul finds it opportunity nd he punches Maan hard causing him to loose his balance nd his head hits on d nearby tree.


"MAAN" Geet screamed in horror. She was scared to death seeing Maan like dat. She tries stopping Rahul but he just pushed her away harshly nd headed towards Maan. He was about to hit him wid dat Sharp object wen Maan hold his hand nd twisted it in air causing d object to fall. He pushed him away nd runs towards Geet to make her stand up nd den again goes to him.


He pulled him up nd started punching him hard on his face. He clutches his collar nd hits his head in d tree nd den started kicking him mercilessly. Maan's eyes r red due to rage nd Anger. His wounds were paining a lot but dat Pain was nothing in comparison wid d pain he felt seeing Geet in dat petrified Condition. As Geet's tear stricken nd scared face came in front of his eyes his anger shot up to another Level nd he punches him wid all his strength.


Rahul had left no energy left nw to fight further. He was almost dead but Maan didn't stop beating him. He will kill him today even if he has to face any punishment by law. But he'll not stop today not until he takes away his last breath from him. Rahul was lyieng on Ground unconscious but he was still beating him continously. Geet gets terrified wid his Act. Rahul's Condition has got Worse nd he seems to be even dead but Maan was continuously kicking him mercilessly. She could see Anger burning in his eyes. She needs to stop him or else he himself can be into great Trouble.


Geet: Maan!!!! Maan leave him. He's almost dead. Leave him Maan


She said while holding his hand trying to stop him but he was nowhere to listen


Geet: Leave him Maan! wo mar jayega

Maan: No I'll not leave him. I'll drain d single drop of blood from his body. Hw dare he to touch u.  Hw dare he to even look at u. I'wont leave him alive today.


He said while continuously kicking him mercilessly. Though Rahul's condition was like he was dead but Maan was not stopping a while. He wanted to take away all his Anger, all his pain like dis dat he felt seeing Geet in dat condition. Geet was continuously pleading him to stop but he didn't budge an inch.


Finally Deeps came at d spot along wid Police nd dey handles Maan nd took him away from Rahul. Police immediately called Ambulance seeing Rahul's condition nd den had taken Dere statement. Geet told dem wat he was going to do wid her nd if Maan didn't came on tym den he'll be succeeded in his inyentions. Deeps felt Disgusted at Rahul nd curses d moment wen he had became d Partner of dere company.


She consoled Geet nd Asked dem to cum to d hospital as well seeing Maan's wounds which were bleeding badly but Maan didn't wanted to go anywhere. He was still in rage nd anger. Hw badly he wished dat police haven't came on tym so dat he could kill dat Rahul today for laying his eyes on his Geet but he couldn't. Geet sensed wats going in his mind so she said Deeps to not to worry she'll handle him. Dey stayed over dere for next 25 mins to complete all d formalities nd den after dat both Geet nd Maan headed towards d Hotel.



(P.S. Pls listen to d song to get d feel)


Soniyo.. O Soniyo..
Tumhein Dekhta Hoon To Sohcta Hoon Bas Yehi
Tum Jo.. Mera Saath Do..
Sare Gum Bhola Ke, Jee Lu Muskuraake Zindagi
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath

Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath

Maan was sitting on d couch looking at Geet admirely who was
cleaning his wound wid utmost care. Her eyes welled up in tears seeing his
blood. She slowly wipes away his blood from his Arm nd forehead nd few other
places holding back her tears. Maan looked at her smiling adoring her each nd
every act.


                                       Maan's Monologue:


Oo Tujh Mein Hi Dekha Hai, Mene Manzil Ko
Tujh Mein Dhadkan Mili Is Dil Ko..

Oo Tujh Mein Hi Dekha Hai, Mene Manzil Ko
Tujh Mein Dhadkan Mili Is Dil Ko..

Bin Tere Kadmon Tale
Raahe Nahi Hai Tujhe Mein Kahi Hai, Meri Zameen
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath

Dis girl never fails to surprise me. On one hand she kept on
saying to me dat I didn't matter to her anymore nd on d other hand she had
immense Love for me in her heart. She cannot see me in pain, She always looks
upto me wen she gets into any sort of trouble, inspite of everything she still
trust me sumwhere, she always melts herself in my Arms. Den y is she stopping


O Sun Le Yaa Padh Le Tu, Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat Teri Saanson Jaise..
O Sun Le Yaa Padh Le Tu, Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat Teri Saanson Jaise..

Tujh Se Hi Sab Kuch Mila..
Ek Tu Nahi To Mera Yahan Kuch Bhi Nahi
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath

Mera Saath Mera Saath
Mera Saath Mera Saath
Mera Saath Mera Saath

She loved me from d core of her heart nd she still does, I had seen dat in her eyes nd I also knows dat sumwhere she too had accepted this fact den y is she pushing me away from her? Is her fear, her insecurities r so strong dat it had overpowered our Love? Geet, I'll do everything for Ur Happiness, I'll be Ur shadow in d Darkness but pls dnt push me away from u. I can't stay away from u anymore nw Geet. I'll die without u.


U are as essential to me as breath. Without u my each day is a death. Pls Geet, Pls come back to my arms like before, shower all Ur Love to me like before. Dis Maan is incomplete without u Geet. Only u can complete him. Pls dnt go away from me Geet.


                                       (Maan's Monologue ends)


Maan winces in pain as Geet puts d Tincture on his Wound causing Geet to shiver in pain.


Geet: Sorry, Bahut Dard ho raha hai?


He just nodded his head in negative nd smiled seeing her futile attempt of holding back her tears. She slowly blowed at d wound to reduce d Sensation of pain nd bandaged his Arm. She did d same procedure for his forehead too. She hesitated a little wen she was going to apply tincture on his chest near d heart. Even Maan didn't realized wen did he got Hurt over dere but senseing her hesitation he decided not to bother her


Maan: I'll do it

Geet: No it's ok. I'll do dat.


He sighed knowing dat she won't listen to anyone wen it comes to him, so he let her do whatever she was doing. She dipped d cotton in d tincture nd slowly applied it on his wound, slowly blowing on it. Her Warm breath falling on his chest was making him loose his self control creating a havoc in his heart nd body. He tried his best to control himself but being her so close to him makes him lose all his senses. At dat moment he just wanted to hug her tight in his embrace where she could stay forever, he just wanted to shower all his love on her so dat it removes all her insecurities nd fear. He closed his eyes to have control on himself but it didn't help him as some part of him dnt want to be in control today. He had even raised his Arms also wen he felt her tears falling on him. He snapped open his eyes to look at her nd found her crying.


Geet can't hold back her tears anymore nw. her own heart cried seeing him like dat. seeing him in so much pain was sumthing dat she can't bear. His wounds were paining him more den it did to him. She blames herself for all dis. if she let Maan cum wid her asylum today den may be all dis can be avoided. May be Rahul wont even dare to approach to her den but it all turned upside down nd Maan had to bear so much pain just because of her. But least she knows dat her tears r causing more pain to him den his own wounds.


Maan can tolerate everything in dis world but her tears r sumthing dat he can't stand no matter for whatever reason it was. He knows dat she's crying because of seeing him hurt but still he can't see her in dat state. He quickly cupped her face nd looked staraight into her eyes which were filled wid tears.


Maan: Geet... Geet dnt cry. See m fine nw, Pls dnt cry. I can't see u in tears Geet.


But instead of stopping she cried more wid hiccups. Maan quickly hides her face in his chest to sooth her nd Geet instantly hugged him back nd cried bitterly. Maan slowly patted her back to calm her but soon dat hug becomes d passionate one nd Geet melts herself in his embrace.Maan closes his eyes to feel dis moment. Her crying has become reduced nw but she still continues sniffing. Finally she brokes out from d hug bringing Maan back from his reverie nd looked at his wounds.


Geet: Yeh Sab Meri wajah se hua hai. Neither I would have gone there without u nor he would dare to come to me nor u'll cum to rescue me nd nor u would have got all dese wounds. It's all because of me.

Maan: Bas Geet! nw u'll not say a word. It's not ur mistake at all. Stop blaming urself.

Geet: no, it's my mistake because of me he hurted u. Dekho kitni chot lagi hai tumhe.

Maan: Geet d pain m bearing due to dese wounds r nothing in front of d pain I felt wen I saw u in dat condition; d pain m feeling seeing ur tears. I would have killed him Geet for touching u, for laying his dirty eyes on u.

Geet: But Wat if he had killed u today? U knw hw much scared I was wen I saw dat sharp object in his hand.

Maan: if he had killed me also today even den also I would have make sure dat I die after killing him.

Geet: Maan pls.

Maan: Geet, I'll not let any trouble reach u until m alive. Every trouble has to face Maan Singh Khurana first before reaching to u. ek Rahul to kya agar aise 10 Rahul bhi aa jaye to bhi tum tak pahuchane se pehle unhe Maan Singh Khurana ka saamna karna padega. Tum meri ho Geet, sirf Meri nd I'll kill dat person who'll touch u lustfully, who'll look at u wid his dirty eyes


Geet was not able to concentrate wat he was saying further as her mind nd heart both wanders only on dose 6 words "Tum meri ho Geet, Sirf meri" her mind nd heart stops rite den nd dere. hw easily he had confessed his feelings for her. Yes she was his Geet, just his nd she too knew dis fact but hearing it from his mouth gave him immense satisfaction nd pleasure. She looked at him lost nd he continues




He said while boaring his eyes into hers Nd den Geet does sumthing which even she didn't expected dat she'll ever do. Lost in his words she raises her hand nd slowly caress his cheek. Maan closes his eyes feeling her touch nd slowly holds her hand bringing it close to his lips nd kissed her palm. Dis is wen Geet realizes wat she was doing. 

She quickly removes her hand nd gets up from d couch to go other side but Maan holds her wrist stopping her to go. She just stood dere rooted nd closes her eyes while he comes close to her from behind. Today he can't let her go like dis. he dnt know y but today he want to close every distance between dem; Today he want to bridge dat Gap dat has been created between dem.


Maan: Kab tak mujhse door bhagogi Geet aur kyun? Nd most importantly from whom u are running away; me or urself?

Geet: Maan pls let me go

Maan: Not today Geet. I let u go dat day wen I said dat I dnt Love u nd I lost ur trust, ur love which u had for me; I let u go dat day wen I confessed u my true feelings nd u had gone away from me for whole 5 years but nw... nw I cant let u go away from me Geet.


He left her wrist nd slowly placed his hand around her waist nd tucked her back wid him leaving no gap between dem. d skin of his touched to hers nd she closed her eyes controlling d heat wave dat had already started running in her body.


"Leave me Maan" she said, trying to keep calm in her voice which had already started shaking due to dere proximity.


"I can't Geet" he whispered while brushing his lips on her ears. His warm breath was ticking her ears making her to loose all her self control. His hand started caressing her belly while nudging his nose on her nape. She closed her eyes feeling his warm breath, his scent which was intoxicating her. Each stroke of his was making her melt in his arms.


Physical satisfaction only can never be a part of true relationship but wen u love someone whole-heartedly den after a moment of tym ur heart desire to touch, to feel d person wid whom u r head over heels in love wid


Maan nd Geet both are going thru dis phase. Dey loved each other truly; dere souls need each other badly but as a natural Feeling dey both wanted to feel each other; to feel d Love dat dey both had for each other. Maan slowly frees her hairs which were tied in a pony tail nd nuzzles in her hairs.


The aroma of her silky hairs, her faint perfume has Blocked Maan's all senses to think wat he was doing or may be he knew. She was his, just his nd today he wanted to shower all his Love on her to let her overcome from her fears, her insecurities. He dnt know from where did he get dis much strength to do wat he's doing rite nw; may be d incident dat had taken place today. Only he knows hw much scared he was wen he heard her shaking voice on phone. He dnt want to even think about d consequence dat could happen if he didn't reached on tym. May be dat fear had given him dis much strength rite nw to show her his Love. He wanted his Love back in his Life. He wanted his Geet back in his life who always loved him beyond limits.


"Maan Pls." she pleaded which came out as a moan as he continued stroking his finger from her arm to her shoulder to her nape making her senses paralyzed.


"Sshhh! U never listen to me" he said while replacing his finger by his kisses

"U didn't gave me any gud reason for it" she tried her best to show complaint in her voice which was getting impossible due to his poisoning touch. He was poisoning her each nd every sense; making her drunk wid d alcohol of his Love


"I Love you. Wasn't dis reason is enough for u" he says while placing a soft kiss on her neck moving towards her earlobe. She gasped as she feels his lips on her skin. It was getting impossible for her to control herself. His touch was burning her, arousing d desires in her. unknowingly she rested her head on his shoulders giving him more room to access. Her mind is continuously asking her to stop him; to move away from him but her heart was craving for his touch; asking her to not to stop. He moved her hairs to one side of her shoulder nd kissed d exposed part of her back.


Geet can't take it anymore. She quickly removes his hand nd goes towards d window to gain sum control on herself. Her breath was getting heavied by every passing second due to his closeness. 

Maan came towards her nd placed his hand on her shoulder. 

Geet closes her eyes to gain sum confidence nd den turned back to look at him but her throat went dry wen she looked into his eyes which were full of Love, desire, and passion.


Maan: Geet...

Geet (intervenes): Pls stop. Don't do dis

Maan: y?

Geet: because dis can never happen. We can never be together like before


Maan knows wat she was saying was an utter lie. He knows dat she's melting. Her raising heartbeats, her heaving chest, her uneven breaths had told him d sensation going in her.


Maan: Par tumhari saanse to kuch aur keh rahi hai Geet. Ur eyes r not reflecting d words said by u. Ur raising heartbeats are not saying d same story dat is told by u.


He said while cuming more close to her


Geet: Maan pls.

Maan: y u r saying pls Geet? So dat I don't cum close to u or I dont say wat I wanted to?

Geet: all dese things doesn't matter anymore nw Maan.

Maan: it matters Geet. It matters a lot. Y are u pushing me away from u Geet?

Geet: I dnt know wat u r saying?

Maan: u knw Geet nd infact only u knw wat m saying


Geet said nothing but looked other way. Maan gently places his hand on her cheek nd made her face towards him.


Maan: Bolo Geet! Y are u pushing me away from u wen both of us know dat it can't be possible? Kyun rok rahi ho apne aap ko Geet? Geet ye mujhe bhi pata hai aur tumhe bhi dat u too get affected by my presence, u too feel d same way like I feel for u.

Geet: it's not true


She said looking away not sure to whom is she lyieng to him or herself? But Maan was not ready to let go her so easily today. Today he wanted to clear all d distances between dem.


Maan: so according to u wat I m saying is wrong.


She didn't say anything which gives Maan more curage to do wat he was going to do. He slowly came closer to her leaving no gap between dem. Geet shuddered wid his sudden proximity. She tried to move backwards but she realizes dat she's stuck between Maan nd window. She lowered her eyes not able to look at his intense nd piercing gaze. He slowly raised his hands nd engulfed it in her hairs slowly caressing it over dere making her gasp. 

He slowly brings his fingers towards her lips nd stroked her lower lip wid his thumb. Geet closed her eyes nd parted her lips in anticipation nd Maan could feel her chest heaving up nd down. He stroked his finger from her face to her lips to her neck slowly moving downwards. 

He brings his face closer to her nd slowly placed a soft kiss on her neck slowly making his way towards her clollarbone.


"Maan Pls." unknowingly she moaned his name as he continues tormenting her senses. Maan raises his face nd looked at her closed eyes. She was quivering wid his touch. He knew dat she's melting.


"Geet" he whispered ever so slowly making her to open her eyes. She opened her eyes nd looked at him. He was just merely inches away from her. Their nose was touching eact nd dere Lips were just inches away from each other. There was no sound in d room except their uneven breathings nd beating heats.


Maan: nw still u'll say dat my presence, my closeness doesn't affect u anymore Geet?


Geet casted her eyes down not sure wat to reply nd he continues


Maan: if it's true Geet den y u always gets melt in my arms? Y u always shiver wid my touch? Y Ur heartbeats get raised wen I m dis much close to u? Y Ur breathing gets uneven wen kiss u? y were u crying wen u saw me in pain? Bolo Geet! Jawab Do.


Geet couldn't answer any of his questions as she had no answers for it. Its true dat she gets affected by his touch, by his closeness. She did want to melt in his arms forever because she knows dat she belonged over dere only.


Maan: Geet sach to ye hai dat u did get affected. No matter hw much u deny dis but u too feel d way I do. U too wanted tym to stood still wen we r so close to each other. u too wanted to show ur love to me Geet. To fir kyun ye dooriyan Geet? Kyun rok rahi hi khud ko? Kyun nahi keh deti Jo tumhare dil me hain? Kyun nahi humare ateet ko bhula ke ek nayi shuruwat kar sakti ho?


Nw Geet can't take it anymore. His questions were forcing her to open up her heart, to tell her wats dere in her heart; to tell him y cant she start a new beginning wid him


Geet: u wanted to know y I m stopping myself? Y I can't start a fresh beginning wid u? Den d reason is u urself Mr. Maan Singh Khurana


D sudden change in her voice surprises Maan. Dere was no more quivering or shivering in it infact it was now full of Pain nd anger. He looked at her in surprise trying to figure out wat is she trying to say


Geet: "I realized that I don't love you. It was just an Attraction which I had towards you." Yahi kaha tha Na tumne Maan us din. Kabhi socha hai hw did I felt at dat moment. Hw was I able to control myself at dat tym. Hw did I able to stop myself from breaking down in front of u. no u haven't thought once, u just said it without realizing hw it'll affect me. I didn't cried in front of u Maan but dat doesn't mean dat it didn't hurt me. It hurts Maan it hurts a lot wen d person to whom u love d most says to u one day dat I don't Love u. Everytym wen I try to take a step towards u ur words rang in my mind nd I took my step back, I feared to get another heart-break from u.


Maan slowly moves backwards listening to her accusations. He knows dat he had hurted her a lot but he was not knowing dat she had dis much pain inside her


Geet: I always believed whatever u said to me Maan. Since d day u came in my lyf I always believed on everything u say or did. I believed dat moment also wen u said dat u love me; I believed u den also wen u asked me to trust u, wen u said dat u'll never leave me; I believed den also wen u gave me excuses for not meeting me; I believed u den also wen u yell at me unnecessarily nd later on cover it up by saying dat it was due to stress of study; I believed u den also wen u said dat u dnt Love me but nw I dnt have courage left Maan to believe u anymore; to get hurt by u once again.


Tears started rolling down her face; d pain, d agony dat she had bottled up in her heart for all dese years had finally burst out. Maan closed her eyes in pain. He himself could feel d corner of his eyes burning. He had never imagined dat his small small things had given so much pain to Geet. till nw he was thinking dat he gave her pain by saying dat he dnt love her but today he realized dat he was giving her pain much more before dat but she was silently bearing it just for him.


Geet: I never complained to u Maan wenever u yell at me, wen u started behaving odd wid me, wen u started distancing urself from me. U knw y? Because I had trust on my love; on our love. I thought dat whatever problem is dere in our relationship it'll be sorted out soon. I silently beared all Ur ill treatment; I behaved wid u as normally as I use to do before just in d hope dat one day u too will realize dat our relationship is getting worse, u too will realize dat we r going far away from each other. I hoped dat my love will change u; dat my Love will bring d beauty of our love Love back nd we'll again be happy like we were before but u shattered all my hopes d day u said dat u dnt love me. U knw wat Deeps said to me wen I told her dat I accepted u whole-heartedly; she said me to beware as Maan is a playboy, she even asked me to have a loyalty test on u to get confirmed dat Ur feelings r true. I fought wid her just because of u DAMN IT!! I didn't believed my friend who had no reasons wid her to misguide me because I believed u nd ur love but u believed ur friends who said dat Maan d feeling u had for Geet was just attraction. Nd dat day u shattered my trust Maan. Dat day u killed dat Geet who had immense Love for u; who blindly trusted u.


She said while shaking his arm. Maan just stood dere numb. He was not having a single reason for d explanation of his behaviour. Yes he had repented everyday for his deeds but today he realizes dat he deserve much more den he got. Unknowingly he was causing damage to dere relationship nd haven't even realize it. He look at her only to find her crying bitterly. D accusations, d pain in her eyes was unbearable to him.


"Geet" he whispered in pain. He could feel his own voice getting choked but he was not sure wat to say further. Did he have any words to clarify his actions? He raised his hand to wipe away her tears but she just stops him.


Geet: y u had done dis to me Maan? Y had u betrayed me? Y had u left me? Y had u break my heart? Y had u break my Trust? Wat was my fault? Wat sin I had commited Maan to get dis punishment from u? Was my sin is to love u unconditionally even after having d bitter experience from my past? Was my sin is to trust u blindly dat u'll never leave me in d mid-way? Nw u wanted me to believe u, to give our relationship one more chance because u have changed; because nw u love me truly because dis new Maan will never me alone in d mid-way but can u give me guarantee Maan dat dis new Maan will not break my trust once again? Can u assure dis heart-broken Geet dat Dis new Maan will not break her heart once again? U think it was easy for me to stay away from d person who was my lyf for whole 5 years especially after knowing dat he too loves u d same way u do. No obsolutely not, I died every day without u Maan. But U had broken dis Geet so much Maan dat nw she's afraid of trusting herself den forget about trusting anyone else. I wanted to believe dis new Maan; I wanted to believe dat dis Maan will not break my heart, dat dis Maan will not break my trust but my heart is fearing to believe dis new Maan. Y Maan y? Y u had done all dat? Y had u made things between us so difficult? Everything was going fine between us Na? Den y had u spoiled everything? Y? Y? Y?


She said nd broke down completely while continuously hitting her fist in his chest. Maan can't take dis anymore. He can't see her in dis broken state especially wen he knows dat it's just because of him. He wiped away dat smile from her face which always took away his heart. He broke her heart, her trust badly nd didn't have any idea from hw long. He quickly held her by her shoulders nd hides her in his embrace. Geet had no courage left to fight anymore so she gave in nd remains in his embrace.


Maan could feel his chest getting wet due to her tears nd he himself was crying seeing her condition. D volcano dat she had suppressed in her heart from so many years had finally burst out nd d Lava came out from it was burning him like hell. Only if he could turn back d tym, den he would correct all d wrong doings doner by him due to his immature behaviour. Only if he could realize all dis before saying dat he dnt love her den today dey wont be at dis point where dey r nw. but only if he could...  He could feel her pain, feel her agony more nw as d same pain, same agony is going in her heart too.


"I m sorry Geet... I m so Sorry." He whispered in her hairs hugging her close to him trying to take away all d pain dat has been given by him. he could feel her still crying bitterly in his embrace nd he cant do anything to stop her from crying all he can do is to repent over his mistakes.


Maan: I m Sorry Geet, I m sorry for hurting u. I didn't even realize to which extent m hurting u nd from hw long. U didn't said anything to me nd neither I realize about d pain m giving u. today I realize dat hw much damage I caused to our blissful relationship. Today I realize dat d pain I gave u was much more den I had imagined. But trust me Geet I dnt want to give u pain, I dnt want to hurt u in anyway. I dnt know y I behaved so immaturely wid u? but it's a saying na dat u don't realize d importance of a person until dat person is close to u but u'll realize it wen dat person goes far away from u nd I too realize wat our relationship, wat u r to me is wen u r not wid me nd den I realize wat I lost. I m sorry Geet... I m so sorry, Pls forgive me. I m really sorry.


He said almost whispering to her but it was enough for Geet to hear wat he was saying. Maan could hear her crying fading slowly but she was still sobbing. He slowly pulled her out from his embrace nd cupped her face between his hands nd looked at her teary eyes which was just reflecting d pain given by him.


He moves forward nd slowly kisses her forehead. Geet closed her eyes as tears started to roll down. He moves downward nd kissed ear eyes from one to another. He saw tears rolling from her eyes, he slowly kissed away from her cheeks before it touched d ground. He kissed all her face by continuously whispering "I m Sorry, I m sorry".


"Geet" he said ever so slowly to make her look at him. Geet opens her eyes slowly feeling d pain in his voice nd looked at him only to find d same pain dat was dere in her eyes too.


"I Love you Geet, I love u a lot" he said almost whispering to her. Geet was just looking at him lost nd he continues


Maan: I love u Geet. I love u since d day I first saw u; I Love since d day u came to my lyf; I Love you since d day I realize dat m in Love wid u; I Love since d day I came to know wats d true meaning of Love is; I Love you since d day I realize ur importance in my life; I Love you since d day I realize wat u r to me nd I Love u even more wen u r not in my lyf; I Love u even more wen u walk out from my lyf by saying dat u dnt trust me anymore; in dese 5 years d intensity of my Love for u had just increased; I just keep Loving u everyday, ever minute, ever second Geet. I LOVE YOU. I STILL LOVE YOU. I REALY REALLY LOVE YOU.


He said it all wats their in his heart to her by looking in her eyes. Dere was a day wen he said to her dat he dnt Love her at dat tym he didn't look into her eyes once but today he had no regret in saying dat he loves her Truly Madly nd deeply nd he can say each nd every thing by looking straight in her eyes because today he realizes wat damage he caused to dere relationship in true sense nd he'll do everything to mend it.


He looked ointo her eyes nd den to her lips which were slightly parted listening to his confession provoking him to claim dem; to show his Love to her.


He closed his eyes nd moved ahead to feel her; to feel her Love nd finally d moment came wen he touched his lips wid hers. Geet was too tired emotionally to resist nd after his confession it was impossible for her to protest derefore she closed her eyes in anticipation of wat cuming next nd before she can understand he had started kissing her. D moment dere lips met dey both feel complete nd contended. Maan was gently kissing her rose petals as if afraid to crush dem. he dnt want to be harsh on her so he keep on kissing her softly nd gently. He took her lower lip between his lips nd sucked it slowly. D Rage of Harmones in dere body increased due to dis, d rate of andrelin increased in dere bodies as he kissed her.


He dnt want to stop neither did she as both of dem knows it in d back of dere mind dat wat dey r doing is right nd nothing could be more perfect in dis moment. Today d ice dat had been between dem has been broken, d wall of pain nd agony between hearts seems to b diminishing away. it seems dat Love had broken every ice, every boundaries between dem nd all wat left between dem at dat moment was just dere pure unconditional nd undyieng Love for each other.

Ok so dis is it guys! hope i did justice wid dis part nd u all r going to like dis. Pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it. nd ya pls hit d like button nd leave ur comment/criticism. its necessary.

P.S. will include d Pics nd send PMs later have to rush sumwhere urgently so pls check d update once again wen i send u all PM for Pics.

Credit of d Pics goes to:

Shruti Di nd her creation

Truly Magical Maaneet Land

Guys Do check dis Post. its awesome

Luv AakritiSmileSmile

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yippee me first to comment  but always late  

wow awesome update yaar   wow tat rhal deserve tat  
awwe so much love in both of them  maan is tryin to sooth her .. but now oly came to knw her full pain by her outburst  poor geet so much she has suffered   awesome dear plz continue soon ... 

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awesome partClap
i loved itSmile
wow rahul ki maan ne kya band bajayi.he deserve dat onlyAngry
hoping dat geet will forgive maan
continue soon

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amazing update
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its ws a emotional ride... i got lost in it... shaking my head to come in reality... too too lovable update...Clap
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too good...
me crying...Cry
very emotional part..
loved it very much...Smile
awesome confession by both...
thank u for this beautiful update...

lalitha.. Goldie

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lovely update

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