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MAANEET SS: THIS IS NOT THE END#2Pt.31&Epi. Pg 117 (Page 60)

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awsome partCry

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Hey Gals! me back again. Going to update next part in 1 hour. m warning u all before only dat m hell nervous for dis one as i had never written such part till nw. so pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it

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balle balle
will be waiting

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Originally posted by aakritisri1111

Hey Gals! me back again. Going to update next part in 1 hour. m warning u all before only dat m hell nervous for dis one as i had never written such part till nw. so pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it
witing dear
u r scaring dear what has this pat that it's making u this much nervous
is it a thriller update or something else

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Hey Gals! me back wid another update to torcher u allLOL. Thanks for ur comment nd likes so far. i m really touched after seeing ur appreciation nd comments. A Big Thanx to all of u. So without making u all wait further m going to update Part 26 of my SS. Hope u all r going to like it. Pls Feel Free to criticise if u all dnt like it.

                                                                        Part 26:

Rahul: oh! Itna bura laga tumhe. Waise wat he's to u? Aisa kya rishta hai tumhara uske saath dat u can't listen a word against him. Scene kya hai Geet? (he said naughtily)

Geet: Mere aur Maan k beech me kya hai wo main tumhe ache se samjha sakti hoon but a cheap person like u who doesn't knows d meaning of true Love cant understand it so its better for u to stay away from me nd my lyf. Got it!


She said nd left from dere by giving a last angry glare to him. Rahul looks at her retreating figure nd smiles evily


Rahul: Not so soon Geet. Till nw I was not knowing anything about u but nw as I find u nd dat too more attractive den before den I wont let u go so easily. Sooner or later u had to cum into my arms by hook or by crook I'll make u mine.


He smiles nd leaves towards his car.




Maan was waiting eagerly for Geet near d car wen he saw her cuming towards him. She was again lost in her own thoughts. He really don't understand dat wats wrong wid her since she saw dat person. God knows who he is, He thought. He knows dat if he'll ask to her directly den she'll not tell him so he has to try any other way. He thought nd in d meanwhile Geet came near him.


Geet: chale Maan!

Maan: hmm.. ya lets go


He said nd dey both headed towards d hotel




Geet was restless throughout d Drive nd for d first tym d reason was not Maan. She was thinking abour her encounter wid Rahul. She has never thought dat she'll cum face to face ever again after dat incident but she met him yet again. She knows if Maan comes to know who he is den Rahul will definitely be dead.


She still remembers d tym wen a guy was just staring at her. At dat tym dey both were not in relationship, dey were just good friends but wen Maan notices dat guy staring at her he had just messed up wid him. Only she knows hw she had handled him nd even last day at jungle wen dose Boys r passing low comments for her; his expressions were like he'll kill dem any minute. So nw if he cum to know dat d person in d Party was Rahul den he's definitely not going to leave him nd dis will affect d Partnership between Ashish nd Rahul nd last thing she wants is to get anyone in trouble due to her. so its better to stay quiet.


Nd anyways she's not going to meet him after dis. next day dey r leaving for Mumbai nd as soon as her project will complete she'll be back to US leaving everything behind nd dere'll be no chance to meet him again. But den suddenly realization hit her dat after going to US dere's no chance to meet Maan again too nd as dis thought crossed in her mind, her mind again diverts towards Preeti nd her own fear; Nd a sudden shiver ran in her veins. She really need to talk someone regarding dis. but to whom? She thought of talking to Armaan regarding dis but den shrug it off because she knows dat if she'll tell anything about it den in no tym he'll be here leaving all important stuffs behind. No, she cant tell him but den wid whom she should discuss it.


"Shilpa" suddenly it struck in her mind. Yes she can talk to Shilpa regarding dis. because in dese kind of Matters Shilpa is much understanding den Armaan. She'll understand her problem nd will definitely help her out. Thinking dis she quickly texts her


"Call me wen u r Free. Need to discuss something very important wid u. Pls dnt forget"


She texts nd takes a sigh of relief nd looks outside d window. D weather was cloudy nd it seems dat it'll rain tonight. She smiles seeing d weather. Dis is something which always takes away all her restlessness. it seems dat Rains takes away all her restlessness nd pain wid it. Maan was noticing her change of expressions for last few mins. nd nw it was getting on his nerves. She was tensed nd worried first nd den it seems dat she's scared of sumthing nd nw she's smiling. Nw he cant wait to try any other way to ask her wats wrong. He'll ask her directly nd she has to answer him. Atleast dis much right he had on her. Thinking dis he stopeed d car in jerk which brings Geet back from her reverie. She looked at him questioningly. Maan looks at her wid some expressions dat Geet couldn't understand


Geet: Wat Happen Maan? Y did u stopped d car?

Maan: U tell me wat happen Geet?


Geet understands wat he's trying to ask but she decided not to tell him anything


Geet: I dnt understand wat u r trying to saying?

Maan: u very well understand Geet dat wat m trying to say

Geet: Maan Pls Lets go. We'r getting late.

Maan: M not going to move a inch Geet until u tell me wats d matter is


Geet said nothing nd gets out of d car frustrated wid his questioning. She can't tell him anything abt Rahul or abt wats bothering her. Can't he understand dis simple thing? She was lost in her thoughts wen Maan places his hand on her shoulders. She closed her eyes as she knows dat nw dere's no escape. She has to answer his questions


He slowly turns her towards him only to saw her dipped face.


Maan: Look at me Geet. Please


She slowly looked at him nd wat he saw in her eyes was fear nd restlessness. He cupped her face nd make her look at him


Maan: Wat happen Geet? U knw I cant see u like dis. Y r u so restless? I noticed u throughout d party. Since d tym u saw dat guy u r restless. Tell me Geet wat happen? Wats bothering u? Who was dat person?


Geet looks into his eyes where she saw immense Love for herself. She can't hide anything from him nw. hw can she wen dere was so much Love, so much concern in his eyes.


Maan: Tell me Geet…. who was dat person?

Geet: Rahul!!

Maan: Rahul?


He asked questioningly nt understanding it d first tym but den it srucks him who was he? He's was d one who had broke Geet's heart, after which she has decided not to fall for anyone. He was d one who had insulted her feelings, her emotions. He was d one due to which Geet had changed her college due to which she has to repeat a year again. He was d one who has given his Geet immense pain on past. He looked at Geet who was just looking at him unblinkingly like trying to read his expressions.


Maan: Rahul? Wat is he doing over here?

Geet: he's Ashish's business partner

Maan: Geet, tell me everything. Wat he was saying to u in party? Was he d reason dat u were crying during dance? Tell me Geet if he's d reason for Ur tears I swear I won't leave him

Geet: no it's not like dat. I was not crying due to him. It was sumthing else.

Maan: ok. But tell me wat he was saying to u in d party

Geet: Maan pls leave it Na. it's all over nw

Maan: Geet I asked wat he was saying to u in d party

Geet: Maan please……

Maan (raises his voice): Geet tell me wat he was saying to u?


Geet sighed knowing dat he was nowhere to listen to her. She told him everything whatever he said to her nd hw was his behaviour towards her only to give rise to Maan's anger. His grip on her shoulders gets tightened making her wincing in pain. He quickly leaves her nd started moving towards d car. Geet knows dat it was cuming. She has seen his facial expression while she was telling him about Rahul nd his behaviour. Nw he'll not Leave Rahul. Dats d reason she was not telling him anything. Bt she has to stop him rite nw or else god knows wat he'll do.


Maan was in full rage wen Geet told him about Rahul. It was impossible for him to control his anger rite nw. hw dare he lay his lusty eyes on Geet; on his Geet. how dare he even stand in front of her let alone talk to her. Dere's no way he's going to leave him. He (Rahul) had hurted her before also nd has given enough pain but at dat tym he was not dere in her lyf but nw he have to think twice before hurting her or to do anything which affect Geet emotionally or physically.


He was about to enter in d car wen Geet stopped him by holding his hand. He looked at her nd all dat Geet can see in his face was just Anger nd rage.


Maan: Geet, leave my hand.

Geet: Maan Pls. Where r u going?

Maan: To tell him his actual place.

Geet: Maan Pls u r not going anywhere

Maan: Dnt try to stop me Geet because ur effort will only turn futile.

Geet: Maan pls. Dere's no point of doing all dis


Maan jerked her hand held her close by her shoulders.


Maan (raising his voice): Ofcourse dere's a point Geet, hw dare he? Hw dare he lays his Lusty Eyes on u? Hw dare he to even look at you? I'll just takes his eyes off from his socket.


His eyes were burning in Anger nd more of it he's burning inside nd Geet could tell dis d way he was holding her without caring dat its hurting her. His Grip on her was strong yet possessive.


Maan: Just make one thing clear in Ur mind Geet; I'll not let anyone mark my words anyone to even stand close to u who had intention to harm u in any way let alone touch u. I'll not let dat person see d next day of his lyf if he brought tears in ur eyes. Even the air in which u breath had to face me first; has to take my permission first before harming u nd no one can stop me. Not even u Geet.



Geet just looks at him lost. She dnt know wat she should say to him. Words r not forming to say anything. She has never seen dis side of his. Yes, he was possessive about her before also, he gets Angry if anyone say or do wrong wid her before also; but wat she's seeing today dat she had never seen before. It seems dese 5 years has increased not only his Love for her but also his Possesiveness for her. She don't know dis Maan. This Maan is new to her who had everything in extreme right from his Love to his Anger to his Possesiveness for her. She dnt know dat if she had seen correct but she has seen fear in his eyes along wid anger. D same fear which she was having few hrs back for him nw reflecting nw in his own eyes. she don't understand whose sound is more loud? D sound of blowing winds; d Sound of her own thudding heart or d volume of his Love? Her trance broken wen he spoke again


Maan: Geet, no matter hw much problems r dere between us, no matter whatever has happened between us, no matter hw much far away we've gone from each other, no matter wats d future of our relationship is but I cant see anyone or anything harming you. I'll kill dat person wid my bare hands who'll even think of harming u emotionally or physically.

Geet (slowly): Y?

Maan: har sawaal ka jawab dena zaroori nahi hota Geet aur na hi har cheez ki koi vajah hoti hai. Kuch cheezein aur kuch sawaal bina wajah aur bina kisi jawab ke hote hai.



                                          Geet's Monologue:


Who's he? I don't know him? yes I dnt know him? he's not d Maan whom I knw. no doubt dat Maan cares for me, concerned for me, was possessive for me but yet he was never dis much serious for me. Nd dis Maan; Dis Maan is new to me who had everything in extreme. His Anger, his Love, his possessiveness everything. Dat Maan had never claimed to kill anyone for me. Dat Maan has never been dis much aggressive. Nd Dis Maan; dis Maan is ready to kill anyone who'll even see me wid d intention of hurting den let alone touch me.


Isn't he d same Maan who himself has hurted me 5 years back nd nw can go to any extent for protecting me from dis evil World? Isnt he d same Maan who himself was d reason for my tears nd now he's ready to kill d person who'll ever bring tears in my eyes? Isn't he d same Maan who was least care for me nd nw can understand even small things which I dnt even say? Isn't he d same Maan who never takes anything seriously nd nw is ready to kill Rahul without any second thought? And most importantly Isn't he d same Maan who had once said me dat dere's was no Love between us but just a mere attraction nd nw head over heels in Love wid me?


I knw if he says dat he'll kill dat person who'll even think of hurting me emotionally or hysically den he mean it. May be 5 years back I can say dat he'll forget all dis as d tym passes but nw I cant even say dat he'll ever forget all dis because I know dat he'll not. He'll not forgive any person who even thinks of hurting me even if it was me myself even if dat person was he himself. Dis Maan is alien to me; his Love is Alien to me. Nd nw m finding myself stuck between Maan of 5 years back nd d Maan who's standing in front of me.


                                       (Geet's Monologue Ends)


A lone tear escaped from her eyes seeing his patience nd unconditional Love for her. Den y its getting difficult for her to go close to him wen each nd every fibre of her body wants to be in his embrace; wen she herself wants to melt in his arms; d arms where she knows dat she'll be safe from d whole world.


Maan's expressions softens seeing her like dat nd he instantly loosen his grip on her nd cradled her face wid his hand nd wipes d tear dat has just escaped from her eyes. dey remain stayed like dat position only lost in each other's eyes god knows for hw long which were speaking in volumes. Dey didn't need words to express wats going in each other's heart; dere eyes conveyed everything to each other.Dey didn't even realize dat it had started raining nd dey r drenching in dat.


Rains, which always had special connection wid dem nd dere relationship. Which always has witnessed dere special moments. Which has witnessed dere moment of love wen dey first kissed each other; Which has witnessed dere separation; Which has witnessed dere pain of staying away from each other for whole 5 years nd nw d same Rains is witnessing dere pure nd unconditional Love which is oozing from each others eyes nd hearts


Geet comes into her senses wid d sound of thunder nd slowly backs out. She started moving towards d car slowly but it seems that her heart is ripping apart from her body; that someone is snatching away her soul from her. as soon as she reached d car, a Loud voice of Thunder has scared her nd she runs towards Maan who was still standing dere looking at her retreating form nd within no tym she hides herself in his embrace. Maan hugged her instantly nd cocooned her in his arms protecting her from every fears of her.


Dere Protective hug soons turns into a passionate one as dey both hugged each other more close to demselves. His hand started caressing her back while her hold gets tightened on him. lost in each other's embrace dey remained like dat only. Geet had stopped thinking rational long back. she dnt knw wat she's doing; she dnt know y did she hugged him wen she never gets scared from d voice of thunder. All she knows dat she wanted to be in his embrace; all she knows dat she's in d Arms of d person who is head over heels in love wid her nd for whom she means whole world.


After a long dey pulled out from hug but still lost in each other's eyes. Maan looked at her beautiful angelic face which was drenching in rain. D drops of rains was all over on her face which seems like dew drops on a fresh flower. She was totally drenched in rain which were making her curves more visible nd prominent. Her wet locks, her wet lashes everything was making him to lose his senses.


Geet looks into his eyes only to find Desire nd Passion over dere. d same desire nd passion which was dere Deep in her heart too which she herself didn't know exist in her till now. his intense gaze was burning her but she didn't found lust in those gaze instead she found immense love in dat for her.


He slowly removes her wet strands from her face which were blocking his view nd tucked dem behind her ears while his one hand is still holding her from her waist caressing her bare back. His soft warm touch on her cold body was making her loose all her senses. She felt her knees getting weak. One more move of his nd she'll melt rite den nd dere.


His gaze move on her pink luscious lips nd d water droplets on dem which were tempting him badly nd he felt an unknown urge to feel dem, to drink dose droplets from dose petals. He closed his eyes nd bends down towards her lips. She could feel his warm breath on her lips nd she closed her eyes to melt in d moment. Her senses have stopped working long back. She's in no state of think anything rational. Her breathing gets heavied nd she parted her lips. Maan moves his face more close to her nd he was almost touching her lips.


He was about to kiss her wen a loud voice of thunder brokes dere Reverie nd dey came back to dere senses. Geet opens her eyes instantly nd jerked back from him. Maan too came into senses nd realizes wat dey were doing. He pushed back his hairs behind in shock nd looked at Geet who was standing dere all flushed nd shocked covering her mouth wid her hands.


Maan: Geet Wo…..

Geet (intervenes): Mujhe Hotel waapas jana hai Maan.

Maan: hhhmmm


He said nd dey both get seated in d car nd started heading towards hotel.




After half an hour of drive both reached to hotel. Maan took d keys from reception nd dey headed towards dere Room. Throughout d drive dey both are silent. None of dem speaks to each other. Maan was not able to meet her eyes. hw can he lose himself so much? He thought. But dats wat happened wenever she's so close to him. But wat explanation will he give to her wen she ask him about dis wen he himself had no explanation of his act.


Dey both were now in dere Room still not looking at each other. None had courage to speak after wat happened few moments back. Finally Maan decided to break d ice.


Maan: Wo.. U go nd change or else u'll catch cold.


Geet just nodded to his statement. She takes her clothes nd goes inside washroom to change.


Maan too changes himself into dry clothes nd sits on d couch thinking about d event dat had occurred few mins. Back. He still couldn't believe dat he had done all dat. she was scared datsy she hugged him but wats wrong wid him. Y did he done dat? If dat thunder sound didn't occur den dey would end up in kissing. He wonders wat Geet would be feeling rite nw for him. Will she even talk to him after dis? He gets frustrated on himself for loosing control. He was sure dat Geet is not going to forgive him for dis. already dere Relationship is in a very weak phase nd after dis he feared dat she will even look at him. No, he should apologize to her nd he'll apologize if it results into saving d little relationship dey had.




Geet was in d Washroom sitting at d edge of bath tub still in her wet clothes. She was lost in her own trail of thoughts nd confused on her own actions. Wat has been wrong wid her? Hw can she lose herself? She didn't understand hw nd wen all dat happened. She only remembers d sound of thunder nd her running into his embrace. After dat she had no idea hw all dat happened. All she knows dat she was lost in his embrace nd den everything went automatic.


"But Y?" her mind cried. Y all dis has happened? She was never scared of Thunder sounds den y did she gets scared nw. Was it because she herself wanted to be in his embrace. Because d storm going in her heart was much stronger den d storm going outside. She can't blame Maan because she herself was lost in dat moment.


But y all dis happening nw? Is it really a game of destiny dat dey always landed up in being so close to each other? Really Destiny wants dem to be together again? But if destiny wants dem to be together den y it separates dem at d first place? Or was it she to assume things? Hw will she face Maan nw? on one hand she keeps on saying to him dat nothing can be done between dem like before nd on d other hand she lost herself in him. hw can she be so vulnerable?


She hides her face between her palms nd closed her eyes. but as soon as she closed her eyes d image of her nd Maan so close to each other came in front of her. she opens her eyes instantly nd gulped her saliva. She didn't cared to change herself into dry clothes nd remain seated dere lost in her thoughts until she saw darkness in front of her eyes nd everything went blurred nd den blank.




Maan was still sitting on d couch waiting for Geet to cum out so dat he can apologize to her but she was nowhere to cum out. It's been 30 mins since she was inside nd still dere's no sign of her to cum out. He was getting worried nw. Knowing her he knows dat she'll blame herself for all dis. he feared dat she might end up doing sumthing stupid. He decides to check on her.


He goes towards d Washroom nd knocks d Door couple of tymes but she didn't respond.


Maan: Geet! Geet, u okay?


But still dere was no response from her


Maan: Geet, tum theek ho na? Wat taking u so long?


Saying dis he again knocks couple of tymes but she didn't responded. He was getting worried nw. he dnt understand y is she not responding.


Maan: Geet, tum jawab kyun nahi de rahi? Tum theek to ho Na? Dekho i knw u r upset on me, I m Sorry for wat all had happened but we can talk rite? Open d Door.


But still dere's no response


Maan: Geet, last tym m saying answer me or else I had to come inside


He thought dat dis might work nd she'll respond him but still dere was no response from her. by every passing minute he was getting scared. Her not responding was making him restless nw. Finally having no other option he decided to go inside nd check himself. Though he was not sure whether he should do dis or not but wen it comes to Geet he never thought before deciding anything.


He pushed nd kicked d Door For few mins nd finally it jerked open. He quickly goes inside only to find her petite body lying unconscious on floor. A fear ran thru his spine wen he saw her in dat condition. He quickly goes near her nd noticed dat she's still in her wet clothes. He brings her head on his lap nd started patting her cheeks to bring her back from unconciousness.


Maan: Geet, Geet open ur eyes. Pls open ur eyes.


He patted several tymes nd noticed dat she's having high temperature. He quickly scoops her up in his arms nd brings her out from Washroom.




Maan: Wat Do u Mean dat no Doctor can be available rite nw? My Wife is having such a high temperature nd here giving me lame excuses.

Receptionist: We r extremely Sorry Sir, but its raining heavily outside. No Doctor is able to come in dis heavy rain moreover we dnt have any Doctor in our Hotel also.

Maan: Listen just keep dese excuses to u only. Just make one thing clear in ur mind if anything would happen to my Geet den I swear people will Forget dat dere's any hotel also of xyz name.


He said nd disconnected d call nd throws away her cell in frustration. He looks at Geet who was still lying unconscious on bed. He goes near her nd started rubbing her hand nd feet to get sum response from her but she was still lying lifeless. Her temperature was increasing by every passing minute nd he's not able to do anything. For d first tym in his lyf he was feeling so helpless. He again rubs her hand to pass sum heat on her body


Maan: Geet, pls open ur eyes. I m sorry Geet for wat all had happened. It was my mistake. pls don't punish urself for it. Pls open ur eyes.


He was rubbing her hands nd feets pleading her to open her eyes wen Geet's cellphone started ringing. He cuts d call without even seeing d name nd again patted her cheeks. But d cellphone was ringing continuously irritating him more. Finally his patience gave up nd he answered d call nd without even seeing d number he barked on d caller


Maan: Cant u just stop calling? If a person is taking ur call Everytym den it means dat person can't talk to u rite nw. don't u know dis simple thing?


He takes out all his frustration on d poor caller without even knowing who was on d other side until d caller spoke.


Caller: ummm Geet…


Maan realizes dat it was sum girl on whom he had shouted dis much. He closed his eyes nd clams himself


Maan: Whose it?

Caller: Shilpa! Is it Geet's no.?


Maan tries recalling where he heard dis name before den it strucks him dat Geet has mentioned about her in d evening only. She is Armaan's Fiance.


Maan: Ya, it's her no. only, nd I m.……..

Shilpa (intervenes): Maan, rite?

Maan (confused): tumhe kaise pata?

Shilpa (smiles): Bas pata hai. Anyways, where's Geet?

Maan: Geet is not well

Shilpa: Not Well? But few hrs back she text me to call her nd nw u r saying she's not well. Wat happen to her?

Maan: she's having high Temperature due to drenching in rain. Actually….


He couldn't complete his sentence wen Shilpa intervenes


Shilpa: Wat? She drenched in Rain? Geet pagal hai kya? Hw can she drenched in rain so much?

Maan: Y? Is everything ok?

Shilpa: Don't u knw Geet is having Sinus Problem.

Maan: Sinus Problem?

Shilpa: Ya. A slight cold weather can affect her. She was not supposed to drench in rain so much nd cherry on top it was winter's rain which is more harmful for her. I dnt understand hw can she be so careless. I told her also to take precautions during winters but dis girl never listens to anyone. Maan, had she taken her medicine yet?

Maan: No, Actually she was unconscious wen I saw her.

Shilpa: unconscious? Dis is sumthing new. She has never been unconscious during sinus. its sumthing else apart from sinus. Has she drenched for long?


Maan himself don't know hw long dey were standing over dere drenching in Rain because at dat moment dey both lost the Track of tym derefore dere's no answer wid him of Shilpa's Question


Shilpa: Hello Maan! U dere?

Maan: umm ya… wo she didn't drenched much in rain but she was in her wet clothes for long tym nd she's still in her wet clothes nd unconscious.

Shilpa: O God! Wat should I do wid dis Girl? Maan just check in her bag; dere's must be a medicine for her sinus. Just look in her bag.

Maan: Hhmmm


He said nd start fishing her bag. He searched each nd every corner but he didn't find any medicine


Maan: Shilpa, dere's no medicine in her bag.

Shilpa: oh y I m not surprised? She always runs away from medicines. Ok nw we are left wid only one option.


Maan somehow knows wat is she going to say next but yet to clear his Doubts he asked her because if she's going to say d same thing which he was thinking den he was not sure whether he'll be able to do dat or not


Maan: Which option?

Shilpa: Maan listen carefully wat I m going to say now. Maan now u have to change her clothes nd…..

Maan: No Shilpa I cant do dis. Pls dere's must be any other way also.

Shilpa: Maan, its not right tym to think Rational nd m not only her friend but a Doctor also nd as a Doctor m telling u dat its necessary to change her clothes as soon as possible or else her condition will only gets worse. Till nw she's unconscious nd having temperature but soon she'll started shivering nd her body will get cold nd by every passing minute her condition will only get Worse.

Maan: But Shilpa, Is dere is not any other way?

Shilpa: No Maan u have to do dis. U have to change her in sum Dry clothes. Nd remember give her as much heat as possible. Her body needs heat to gain conscious. Use whichever source u can use; Blankets, fire or even Ur own body heat. But just pass some heat to her body.

Maan: Shilpa I can't…..

Shilpa: Maan, I trust you nd more den me Geet trusts u nd u have to do dis for Geet. Pls.

Maan: ok.

Shilpa: thanx Maan. Call me if dere r any complication. I'll call u again tomorrow. Ok.

Maan: hhhmm

Shilpa: Bye. Take care of Geet.

Maan: Shilpa!

Shilpa: ya

Maan: m sorry for yelling at u dat tym. Actually I …..

Shilpa: its ok Maan u dnt have to say sorry because I knw dat dere r only 2 persons who can be so much concerned for her dat dey forget rest of d World; one is Armaan nd d other person is Maan so I didn't feel bad. Just take care of Geet.

Maan: ya bye.


He said nd disconnected d call nd looked at Geet who was lying on d bed ns shilpa's words echoed in her mind.


"Maan now u have to change her clothes"


He dnt know wat he should do nw, hw should he do dis? Wat if Geet don't trust him wen she gain conscious? Ok for once he can believe dat Geet will trust him, she'll understand him wen he'll tell her d situation but he's doubting himself nw; his intentions. Because he's not a God; he's a simple Man who too had desires to be close to d person who is his lyf. Wat if he won't be able to control himself. He closed his eyes nd moment dey spend wid each other few hrs back has flashed in his mind nd he snapped his eyes open. Wen her mere presence affect him so much den hw can he'll be able to control himself at dis moment. Wat if he crosses his limits? He pushed his hairs back in frustration nd again reminded of Shilpa's Words.


"Maan, its not right tym to think Rational"


"Its necessary to change her clothes as soon as possible or else her condition will only get worse."


"Till nw she's unconscious nd having temperature but soon she'll started shivering nd her body will get cold nd by every passing minute her condition will only get Worse"


"Wat if anything happens to her" he thought. D only thought itself has made him Die 100 deaths. No he can't let anything happen to her. He himself had promised her few hrs back dat he'll not let anyone harm her even if dat person was he himself so he'll stick to his promise. He don't care hw will he control himself. He don't care wat Geet will think or say to him wen she'll wake up. He can take her hatred, her accusations but rite nw he has to do it. He'll use each nd every fibre of his body to control himself but he'll not let anything happen to her.


Determining this he moves his steps towards her. With each nd every step he has trying hard to control himself. He looked around for her clothes dat she has taken for change nd realize the clothes dat she has taken to change has been wet too due to falling in d bath tub. Nw only one option left wid him nd anyhow he had to do dat. he covered her wid blanket till her neck nd switched off d lights nd slowly brings her in his embrace.


His hands shivered while opening the Dori of her blouse. It was much more difficult den he thought. he's facing a tough war between his Love nd his Desire for her nd by every passing minute his Desire is overcoming him over his Love. He was loosing himself by every passing second. Just den Shilpa's words ring in his mind


"Maan, I trust you nd more den me Geet trusts u"


No he won't do anything which will break her trust. Inspite of everything dat happened so far she trusted him last nite to let him sleep wid her. She trusted him enough to stay wid him in d same room so now he can't do anything which will break her trust. He would rather die before doing anything which will break her trust. He closed his eyes to get control on passion arousing in him wid her being so close to him.


He slowly slid her pallu along wid d sleeves of her blouse off her shoulders nd den took it off from her body. She was still in his embrace nd her upper body is all bare. A chill ran down his spine wen his hand came in contact wid her bare back. He clenched his jaw tight in order to control himself from loosing.


He slowly made his hand towards her waist nd release her Saree from d skirt nd den took off d skirt. It took all his strength to get control on himself. Her proximity, her scent was just making him forget all his rationality. He himself could feel his hardening. Its not dat he lusts her; no dat feeling never existed between dem but he loves her madly nd his body, his soul needed her. He hugged her tightly nd placed kisses on her bare shoulders nd neck. He slowly nibbled her neck nd nuzzled in her hairs. He was almost on verge of loosing wen her words rang in his ears which she said to him last day wen dey came to hotel


"I Trust you" nd he snapped his eyes open. Those 3 words were enough for him to get control on himself. No matter hw much his body craved for her, no matter hw much his soul needed her yet he cant do anything which she regrets later. Thinking dis he took off her remaining clothes nd wrapped d blanket around her securely making sure it covered her petite body properly.


He gently laid her down nd switched on d lights. He looks at her pale face nd her body wrapped in blanket which was actually tempting him to touch her, to feel her. he quickly whacks himself in mind nd looked other way nd dis is wen he felt her shivering badly. He quickly turned to look at her nd saw her lips were trembling nd her body was getting cold nw. he quickly rubs her palm nd feet to make her feel better


Maan: Geet, Geet r u alright? Open ur eyes Geet.


He patted her cheeks several tym but her condition was only getting worse. By every passing minute he was getting worried for her. he rubs her palms several tymes but its of no use nd dis is wen it struck him wat Shilpa has said to him.


"Give her as much heat as possible. Her body needs heat to gain conscious."


"Heat" he mumbled nd quickly goes to fireplace to lit d fire. He warms his hands in front of Fire nd den rubs dem against her cheeks nd palm but its nt affecting her. Finally he laid a matteress near fire nd places her on it nd sits beside her nd rubs her hand. Her body gets warm a bit but her shivering didn't stopped. He noticed her lips trembling nd her breathing nw cuming in hiccups. Dis is not a Good Sign. He needs to do something fast or else he might loose her forever. But he had already done everything which was in his hand. Nw wat else he can do.


"Use whichever source u can use; Blankets, fire or even Ur own body heat."


He gulped his saliva as dis thought crosses his mind. He already used Blanket nd Fire but dey r having least affect on her so now only one option left wid him


"Y God is testing my patience by every passing minute" he thought. But den he looked at Geet nd her condition nd her own heart cried seeing her like dat. he was in severe Diallema rite nw. Dey says its easy to choose between Right nd Wrong but its impossible to choose between Right nd Right. Maan was going through same condition. Maan knows dat Geet's body needs heat nd d only source he was left nw was his own body heat but he feared dat wat if he ends up loosing d ounce of self control he had on him.


But dere's no tym to think all dis. he can't loose Geet due to his diallema between Right nd Right. She needs him right nw nd dere's no way dat he's going to leave her in dat condition. No Matter hw difficult it would be for him to control his desire, no Matter hw much he burn in d passion overflowing in him, no Matter hw much it would be tormenting for him; he'll bear everything for her but he'll not let anything happen to her.


So making a Decision he took off his clothes, wrapped himself in another blanket nd laid beside her hugging her tightly. He closed his eyes as his hand stroke her exposed back. He could feel her body getting warm so he hugged her more tightly against himself. D heat emerging from his body as making her warm nd her breathing was now getting normal. After sumtym he felt her moving a bit nd he smiles knowing dat she's getting normal nw.


"Maan" he saw her mumbling his name continuously nd he hugged her more securely to him


Maan: Geet, m here only wid u. I'll not go anywhere. Just open Ur eyes.


She opens her eyes slowly nd looks at him wid her drowsy eyes. A smile crept on her face seeing him wid her so close. She was still not fully conscious to make out wats happening but she could see his worried nd tensed face though she still couldn't make out y is he so worried nd she is too oblivious about everything.


Maan: Geet, tum theek ho Na?


She didn't answered instead she wrapped her arms around him nd held him tightly; close to herself.


He smiled seeing her submission nd hugged her closer to him. Though he knows dat it was due to her sub-conscious state nd wen she'll wake up in d morning den he had to face many questions nd accusations from her but he's ready to take all dat if it costs for being in each other arms although for few hrs only. But dese moments r going to be d golden moments for his whole lyftym where d love of his lyf is safe nd sound in his arms.


Wat will be Geet's ReactionShocked.

Socho! Socho!Wink

Ok So Dis is it guys! hope u all r going to like dis part. m hell nervous for dis one as i told u before also i havent written such kind of stuff so far. Dis is d first tym i had written all dis. it took me whole 2 days to write post Rain sequence nd god knows hw i written dis. So if u all dnt like dis den forgive me considering it as a first tym.

Dis Part is Dedicated to my Sherni Ameena(kriyanshlover). she has requested me to have dis sequence long back. i dnt know hw far m succeded to live up to her nd rest of urs expectations but i hope i didnt disappoint u all much

Pls hit d like button if u all like it nd dnt forget to leave ur Comment/criticism. its necessary. nd ya dis SS is going to end in next 3-4 Parts. so give me loads of Likes nd comments. dey motivates me.

Luv AakritiSmileSmile


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lovely, amazing n pretty awesome part!!!!!!!

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awesome update
looking forwrd 2 n nxt 1...nt sure hw geet will react Confused

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awesome dear
all the after rain scene were explained perfectly
continue soon

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