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MAANEET SS: THIS IS NOT THE END#2Pt.31&Epi. Pg 117 (Page 45)

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waiting for the update :)

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basanti ... glad u r back PartyParty
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Hey everyone me back wid d another update to torcher u all. As my exams r going to start from 2nd nd it'll end on 10th of nov so i decided to give u all a last update before my exam. thanx a ton for ur Love nd Appreciation so far. so nw here's d Part 24 of my SS. hope u all r going to like it. Pls Feel Free to criticise if u all dnt like it

                                                                        Part 24:

She slowly nodded nd dey both moves towards d bed. He slowly make her lay on d bed nd puts d blanket on her. None of dem breaks d eye-lock in between. He goes towards his side of bed nd gets laid over dere facing towards Geet. Geet turns to his side to make sure dat he was dere. Maan smiles nd slowly blinks his eyes gesturing dat "he's dere only, she dnt have to worry nw". Geet felt relieved nd closed her eyes nd soon drifted off to sleep.


Maan: Gud nite Mishti


He said nd kept watching at her sleeping figure nd didn't realize wen he too drifted off to sleep. May be dis was d best sleep he had till nw by having his Angle sleeping beside him ever so peacefully




Next day as d morning rays hit d sky Maan slowly opened his eyes as d sunrays coming thru d window falls on his eyes forcing him to open dem. he opens his eyes slowly nd rubs dem in order to get rid from his sleep.


He streached his one Arm nd tries to get up from d bed wen he felt something heavy on his chest. He frowned nd looks downward nd saw d most beautiful sight he can ever see. Geet was sleeping peacefully by resting her head on his chest, hugging him tightly while his one hand was around her waist holding her close to him. How he'd dreamt of this moment countless times in dese 5 years, how he'd wished for to fall asleep with her in his arms and get up early just so he could grab a chance to watch her sleep peacefully.


Dere was a slight smile on her face while sleeping. He too smiles seeing her smile. He can do anything, can go to any extent just to make her smile; d same smile which he himself washed away from her face just due to his silly mistake 5 years back. But nw he'll leave no stone unturned to fix everything.


He looked at her angelic face; d most beautiful face he had ever seen in his lyf; d same face which has taken his heart away right from d day since he has first saw her nd since den dis is d only face dat has embedded in his heart. He moves his hand towards her face slowly removing d strands dat were blocking his view. He tucked dem behind her ears nd caress her cheeks for sumtym feeling her soft skin nd finally he kissed her forehead nd slowly places her head on d pillow because he knows dat as soon as she'll get up she'll not feel comfortable wid dere position nd dis was d last thing he wanted derefore he placed her head carefully on d pillow making sure dat she didn't get disturbed nd gets up from d bed.


He wears his shirt nd writes a note nd keeps it on d side table nd dtarted heading outside for d Jog. He stopped nd looked at her sleeping figure once more before leaving nd goes out of d room.




Geet got up after a while. She don't know y but suddenly she started feeling uncomfortable like sumthing cozy has been away from her. She felt it all weird dat she was sleeping so peacefully till nw but suddenly she was not feeling comfortable on d same pillow.


She gets up finally nd rubs her eyes to get rid off from her sleep. She looked at her side nd found d other side of her bed empty. She scanned her eyes around whole room to find him but he was nowhere to be seen. Finally her yes fell on d note at d side table. She quickly picks it up nd opens it to read it


"Good Morning Sleeping Beauty. Going for a jog will return soon. U get ready in d mean tym nd after dat we have to go to see d land.




She smiles slightly after reading d note nd gets up from d bed nd goes towards Washroom.


After a while wen Maan came back he found dat Geet is already ready nd was reading a magazine. He coughed to gain her attention. She instantly looked up at him nd smiled.


Geet: Gud Morning!

Maan: Gud Morning! U ready?

Geet: ya nd u also freshen up soon nd I'll order d Breakfast after dat we have to go for d site


She said nd was about to pick d intercom wen Maan came nd interrupted her


Maan: I had already ordered for it while cuming towards Room so dnt worry

Geet (murmers): Haan kiya hoga apna wohi Boring sa continental Breakfast or just Milk nd cornflakes

Maan (narrows his Brows): Kuch kaha tumne?

Geet: Haa.. No I was just saying dat thanx for dat. I think u should go nd freshen up nw

Maan: hhmmm


He was about to go to d washroom wen Geet again stops him


Geet: Maan...

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: thanx

Maan: for wat Geet?

Geet: for sleeping at bed wid me last nite

Maan: u dnt have to say thanx for it Geet. Infact I wanted to thank u for let me sleeping wid u at d bed


Geet looks at him in d confusion nd Maan realizes wat he was going to say.


Maan: I mean last nite u escaped me from sleeping at sofa na datsy

Geet: oh ok

Maan: I think I should really go nd freshen up nw otherwise we'll be late.

Geet: hhhmmm


He said nd left for Washroom while Geet continues to read her Magazine wen her cell phone rings. It was from Deeps


Geet: hey Deeps! Wats up?

Deeps: m fine Sweethrt hws u?

Geet: m fine too. BTW wat makes u call at early Morning

Deeps: Wo actually I forgot to tell u d Dress Code for d Party tonight wen we met yesterday so thought of telling u nw before I forget once again

Geet: Dress Code?

Deeps: Ya dress code. Its Red nd Black. Red for Ladies nd Black for Guys

Geet (chuckled): oh ! m not knowing dat we r going to attend School function

Deeps: Excuse me! Dis was my Idea so stop making fun of it

Geet: ok Baba Fine. But dere's one problem

Deeps: Wat?

Geet: m not having any Red Dress. U knw na I had came here for business purpose so...

Deeps: I was knowing it nd dnt worry I had soln. for it too. See me nd Ashish r going to shopping today. So y dnt u nd Maan also join us? I mean m sure he too had to buy sumthing for him like dis way u both will have company also

Geet: But Deeps...

Deeps: C'mon Geet its been so long since we have done shopping together. I dnt want to listen anything. U both have to cum. So r u both cuming?

Geet: u think I had a choice?

Deeps: Gud. So lets meet at xyz shop at 1 pm. M sure till den ur work will also be finished.

Geet: ok.

Deeps: great den see u at 1. Chalo m hanging down nw. I have to prepare lots of things. Ok So Bye.

Geet: Bye.


She said nd cuts d call. In d mean while Room service came wid dere breakfast. He places it in d room nd left.


Geet: Chal Geet! Get ready for his boring nd tasteless continental breakfast.


She said nd opens d Lid of d bowl but as she opens it she was surprised to see d content in it. It was not his continental breakfast but it was her fav. Aaloo Paratha nd other dishes. She was nt able to think dat y Maan has ordered dis breakfast wen he himself never eat anything beyond sprouts. She was standing dere wondering wen Maan came from Washroom nd looked her surpised expression


Maan: Kya hua Geet? y u r watching Breakfast as u had saw any ghost. Kahi wo Movie wala ghost to nahi dikh raha tumhe

Geet (cuming out from her trance): huh... No I was just looking at d breakfast

Maan: Dat m seeing but y r u looking at it like dis?

Geet: u ordered dis?

Maan: ya

Geet (surprised): u Ordered dis?

Maan: ya Geet. but y r u asking like dis

Geet: Since wen u had started eating Parathas. U never eat anything beyond Sprouts

Maan: so... Dat doesn't mean dat I can't eat Parathas

Geet: but Maan u dnt like it

Maan: But u like it Na


Dats it, she couldn't say anything further. He never stops to surprise her wid his Patience nd his unconditional Love. hw much she wished dat dose 5 years would never have been existed between dem den may be today dey both also would be a Happy Married Couple just Like Yash-Meera nd Deeps-Ashish but unfortunately it did nd today they r in d same room but due to circumstances.


Maan saw d change in her expressions nd it took him no tym to register wat she's thinking but he dnt want her to think all dis nw wen dey were almost getting closer derefore he waves his fingers in front of her to bring her back from her thoughts


Maan: Geet, kya soch rahi ho? C'mon lets have Breakfast after dat we have to go to see d land also

Geet: ummm... ya.


Dey starting having dere breakfast wen Suddenly Geet reminded of sumthing


Geet: Maan

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: Wo... Deeps ka call aaya tha. She was saying dat dere's is Dress code in d party derefore she asked both of us to meet for Shopping at 1 at xyz shop.

Maan: ok... Waise bhi we both will get free by den

Geet: Maan, m again saying think once again

Maan: Geet, I think we have done lots of discussion on dis nd waise bhi its just a matter of 1 more day

Geet: ok.


Dey had dere rest of d Breakfast in silence nd after dat dey Left for seeing d Land




It was 1 pm nd both Maan nd Geet reached to d place told by Deeps nd saw her already waiting for dem at d Parking.


(Oh! Did I told u dey liked d Land nd dey have to stay till next afternoon for legal formalities)


Deeps: Dere u both cumes. Not bad exact 1 pm ha.

Geet: u knw me. I never get late

Deeps: I knw but dis tym Maan is too on tym ha


Geet said nothing but smiles weakly


Ashish: ok agar tum dono ka chat show khatam ho Gaya ho den can we go nd Shop. Waise bhi u gals take a lifetym to select one dress

Deeps: o really? U think dat we gals take tym

Ashish: Correction I dnt think, I knw dis. Rite Maan?


Before Maan could say anything Geet intervenes


Geet: guys Stop it! its ur Anniversary for god sake. Stop fighting today atleast. Deeps Lets go

Deeps: not nw

Geet: y?

Deeps: Because today I want to see hw much dese guys knows us

Maan: Wat do u mean Deeps?

Deeps: its so simple Maan. Today u guys will do Shopping for us. I mean u guys will buy dresses nd accessories for us nd me nd Geet will Shop for u both. Simple

Geet: But Deeps...

Deeps: C'mon Geet. inhe bhi to pata chale dat hw much difficult for we girls to choose a dress for us

Ashish: oh to ye Baat hai? U girls think dat we cant select dress for u.

Deeps: Correction, I dnt think so. I knew it

Ashish: o really Dekhna tumse pehle hum dress select karke le aayenge

Deeps: dat we'll see.

Ashish: Ok Lets Go Maan. Aaj inhe dikha hi dete hai dat we guys r best rite?

Maan: Rite. Nd dekhna we guys will prove dat we r beter den u.


He said while giving hi5 to him


Geet (Dropping her jaw): O really u think u guys r d best.

Maan: Well, I dnt have any doubts in dat

Geet: u think it'll be easy

Maan: I know its easy

Geet: Fine Mr. Khurana den lets see pehle kiski shopping khatam hoti hai. Jiski bhi shopping pehle khatam hogi dat Person will be d best

Maan: ok Challenge accepted Ms. Handa

Ashish: yes.. nd dekhna only we r going to win

Deeps: we'll see dat nd d person who was done wid dere shopping first will meet in d parking lot

Ashish: ok.

Deeps: fine. Lets Go Geet

Geet: ya.


Both d couples (ok if u call Maan nd Geet a couple yet) gives wach other a challenging look nd headed inside d Shop




Its been Half an hour since dey r doing shopping. Maan nd Ashish r in Ladies Section while Geet nd Deeps r in Men's Section nd none of dem couldn't able to find a suitable Dress for anyone


Ladies Section:


It was a challenge For Ashish to select a Dress for Deeps but for Maan it's an opportunity to Select Dress for his Lady Love but still d Problem is same he's not able to select any suitable dress for him


Ashish: Yaar its Been an hour since we doing shopping yet we r not able to find any gud dress for d Girls

Maan: ya. No wonder y dey take so much tym in shopping.

Ashish: But we have to make it fast or else dey'll win d challenge

Maan: hhmmm

Ashish: Ek kaam karte hai u look at over dere nd I look at dis side

Maan: ok.


He said nd dey both headed to different directions


At D same Tym Mens' section:


Deeps: Geet, unhe challenge to kar diya but ab lag raha hai dat we r going to Lose it

Geet: Aisa nahi hai Deeps. M sure abhi tak wo log bhi kuch select nahi kar paye honge

Deeps: hw can u be so sure

Geet: Becoz I knw Maan agar usne abhi tak koi Dress select kar li hoti to Call kar-kar ke aafat kar di hoti. So dnt worry we still have tym

Deeps: Great Yaar. Tum to Maan ko kafi Ache Se jaanti ho. I Wish Main bhi Ashish ko itna Deeply Jaan Sakti


Geet said nothing but smiled weakly


Deeps: Ok Lets Do one thing. I'll look dis side while u look to dat one may be our Search ends soon.

Geet: ok.




Ladies' Section:


Maan was wandering at Indian Wear Section while Ashish was at Western wear one. Maan knows its useless to search anything for Geet in d Western Section. Not dat it'll not look Gud on her, infact she looks Gud in every thing but it was he who wants to see her in Indian wear which just adds Glow to her beauty. He knows dat she dnt belive in materialistic thing datsy he select Indian wear for her.


He was searching through many Dresses wen one thing caught his Attention. He saw a Red Saree at d Display. He immediately goes towards it to have a close look. It was Red net Saree nd was really looking beautiful. He ran a hand on it imagining Geet in dat.


He remembers d first tym he saw Geet. She was wearing Red Dress only nd was looking stunning in dat nd dere's no Doubt dat she'll look gud in dis too rather den any other dress. So without any second thought he asked shopkeeper to pack dat nd later on had selected Matching jewelleries for it too


Men's section:


Geet was searching thru sum Men's suits wen one suit at d dummy caught his attention. It was black Armani suit nd she had no doubt dat it'll look gud on Maan's well Toned body. she always wanted to see him in dat but unfortunately haven't got chance so today dere's no doubt dat she'll buy dis for him. She smiles remembering d first tym wen she saw Maan. Ok she dnt deny dat he was looking Extremely Hot nd for once she too gets Lost in his Physical Features but thanx to his Flirting she quickly came back to her senses


At dat tym she haven't thought dat dey can become couple afterwards. Well she haven't thought for dere present condition either. She frowned realizing d current status of dere relationship but soon regains herself realzing dat this id nt d tym to think all dis.


She purchases d suit for Maan making sure 10 tymes dat it look gud on him.




Both Guys nd Girls reached d Parking Lot at d same tym running nd panting heavily. Wen dey reach at d spot dey looked at each other faces for sumtym nd started laughing


Ashish: ok we agree dat it's really difficult for u gals to select a dress. Rite Maan?

Maan: Absolutely

Deeps: Even we think d same so as for dis challenge none of us lose. Rite Geet?

Geet: ya

Ashish: So tell me wat u guys has purchased for us

Deeps: not nw

Maan: y?

Deeps: I mean let's make it interesting. Ashish, Maan give me Ur Packets nd Geet u too


Everyone gives dere shopping bags to her giving a confused look. She takes dem nd goes inside d shop nd return after sumtym empty hands only to get confusing look from everyone


Deeps: Wat?

Geet: wat was dat?

Deeps: oh dat see I want to make it a suspence. I had given dat dresses at d counter nd asks dem to deliver at our respective places in d evening nd den only we'll cum to know wat we had brought for each other

Maan: But y?

Deeps: Because dere's a fun in getting restless especially den wen it was due to d person u love. I want us to be eager to know wat d other person has brought for us nd hw well dey know us

Geet: u r crazy

Deeps: I knw dat.


Geet said nothing but rolled her eyes


Maan: I think we should leave nw. u both also have to see many preparations.

Ashish: I guess u r rite. Lets go den


He said nd dey all headed towards dere respective places




It as 6 pm nd Geet was pacing restlessly in d room. She was really eager to knw wat Maan has selected for her but she has to wait until her dress arrives She was continuously cursing Deeps for her stupid idea which was making her wait dis much.


Maan was sitting on d couch working on d Laptop. He was watching Geet from d corner of his eyes nd was enjoying his restlessness. Even he was eager to know wat Geet has selected for him but he had hidden it behind his work but poor Geet where will she go. She tried to ask Maan many tymes but he pretended dat he was engrossed in work least she knows dat he was each nd every bit of restlessness. she decided to ask him one more tym


Geet: Maan

Maan (looking at Laptop): ummm

Geet: I need to ask u sumthing

Maan: ya ask

Geet: Wo Dress...


She couldn't able to speak further as her cellphone rang. Initially she cursed d tyming of caller but den her face instantly lit up seeing d name of d caller. It was Armaan's


Geet: hey Hi! Thank god u called

Armaan: oho! Sumone is missing me badly

Geet: to be honest ya. Ya m missing u so much

Armaan: I knw my Kiddo must be missing me datsy I called u. u see intuition

Geet: ya ya liar

Armaan: ya insaan apne dil ki baat kehta hai to wo liar hi lagta hai

Geet (giggles): Shut up! tum thakte nahi cheesy lines bol bol kar

She didn't realized dat her conversations were gaining Maan's attention who was again getting restless to know about d caller whom she's talking so freely. For one thing he was sure dat he was d same caller who called last day also but he didn't know who he was


Armaan: Acha leave all dat. chal bata hws u?

Geet: m perfectly fine nd after talking to u m feeling so gud

Armaan: I knw I knw mera charm hi kuch aisa hai. Acha I forgot to tell u wat happen last nite between me nd Shilpa


Nd he kept on telling hw he pacify her, hw dey talked nd hw dey finally able to sort out dere problems. Geet was smiling listening to his talks, sumtymes giggles nd sumtymes seems to be lost in his words thinking about d tymes of her nd Maan. Maan was noticing it all dis nd his jealousy nd restlessness knows no bounds. He decides to listen to dere conversation to get an idea to whom is she talking


Geet: Maine tumse kaha tha Na. everything will be fine

Armaan: I knw my Kiddo's Prediction never gets wrong. Anyways u tell hws everything going over dere? Back to Mumbai?

Geet: no m still at Lonavala

Armaan: y?

Geet: wo... had sum work stuck up datsy

Armaan: Work or wanted to spend tym wid sumone (he teases)

Geet: ya ofcourse

Armaan: NAHI!!!!!!!!!!!! wid whom?

Geet: u. if u would be here den I wpould love to lost wid u in dis beautiful sight so i thought of dreaming only wid u


She giggles softly


Armaan: yaar tu to mera shaadi se pehle divorce karayegi

Geet: y u dnt have trust on ur Love

Armaan: ofcourse I have but still sumtymes it creates problem after Marriage

Geet: ya sumtymes after Marriage it creates problem. But dnt worry it wont happen in our case


Ok dats it Maan couldn't able to take it anymore. Last day she was saying I Love you nd today dey r talking about marriage nd all. Wat d hell r dey to each other. He quickly goes to her


Armaan: ya ya I knw nd I dnt have to worry also as she trust our friendship

Geet: I knw nd even I trust on u b...


She was about to say both but couldn't complete as Maan snatches d phone nd cuts d call in frustration. Geet looks at him in both anger nd confusion. It is d second tym he did dat while Maan looked other side


Armaan feels d line disconnected. He looks at d phone in confusion


Armaan (to himself): Phir cut ho Gaya? Yaar ye Aajkal Network problem kitni ho rahi hai. Wenever me nd Kiddo talk to each other it always disconnects. Like someone dnt want us to communicate. I'll ask kiddo to switch to another network. Atleast we'll be able to talk peacefully den


He said nd goes back to his work



Back at India:


Geet was still giving angry glare to Maan while Maan didn't care. He keeps d phone other side nd goes back to couch to continue his work but dis tym Geet needs an explanation for his weird behaviour. She goes to him nd pokes him


Geet: Maan

Maan: ummm

Geet: Wat was Dat?

Maan: Wat?

Geet: y did u cut my call? Dis is d second tym u done dis

Maan: I was getting disturbed

Geet: oh just cut d crap Maan. From last day u r behaving so weird, last day u cut my call saying dat u r nt able to concentrate on Driving nd today u saying dat it was disturbing ur work. Just tell me sumthing y it disturbs u at dat tym only wen I talk to Armaan?

Maan: Geet, its not lyk dat. I was just... (he paused for a second realizing wat did she just said) Wat did u just said? Armaan? U were talking to Armaan?

Geet: Yes, m talking to him only; yesterday also nd today also wen u cut d call both d tym.

Maan: but u were saying Luv u to him yesterday

Geet: Did u let myself complete yesterday? I was about to say I Love you too Paro

Maan: Paro? Y?

Geet: because he use to call me Devdas because I proposed him once. I told u about dat remember?

Maan: ya I remember? But u were talking about Marriage?


He said in a low voice confusingly


Geet: o God Maan, it was about his nd Shilpa's relationship

Maan: Shilpa?

Geet: ya, Armaann's fianc. Wo dey had a fight which has been sorted out nw. we were talking about dat only. Nd in dat vain only we talked about d Protection. U knw how close me nd Armaan r so we were just talking dat though Armaan has trust on Shilpa dat she's not having any Problem wid it nd neither will have after dere Marriage too. So we were talking about Armaan's nd Shilpa's Marriage not "MINE ND ARMAAN'S"


she said while giving stress to last 3 words



Maan can't tell hw much relieved he was to know dat Geet was talking to Armaan all dese tymes. He was really a fool to think dat Geet is in relationship wid sumone else. Hw can she Love someone else wen only he's dere in her heart. wen in dese 5 years he cant stop Loving her den hw can she? He smiled at his own foolishness nd sumwhere felt bad too as even for a fraction of second only he suspected her; though it was out of jealousy but dat doesn't mean he should suspect her especially den wen he knows dat she Loves him more den anything


He came out from her thoughts wen Geet spoke again


Geet: By d way wat did u thought? Whom u thought m talking to?

Maan: nothing Geet. I haven't thought anything of dat sort

Geet: no, dere's sumthing. Waut a sec. u were thinking dat m talking to someone special like my Boyfriend

Maan: Absolutely not Geet... I seriously haven't thought anything of dat sort (he said while trying to hide his insecureness)

Geet: No u were thinking dat only datsy u cut d call both d tymes

Maan: Geet its not like...


He couldn't complete as dey heard d knock on dere Door. Maan really thanked to d person whoever it was for his tyming as he was his saviour at dis tym


Maan: Main dekhta hoon


He said nd goes to open d Door. It was delivery boy who came to deliver dere dresses. Maan takes it nd goes towards Geet who was still standing wid a golgappa face


Maan: Wo... Dresses r here


He said while giving it to her. She almost snatched it from him nd goes towards Washroom to freshen up. Maan just smiles seeing her anger. Ufff hw much he had missed all dis in dese 5 years. He looked at the packet in his hand nd realizes dat clothes inside it was selected by Geet. he opens d Packet nd smiles looking at her choice. He knows dat she has d best taste in everything nd wen it cumes to him she'll always choose d best like she did now.


He takes d suit nd goes to change




Geet in d washroom continuously cursing Maan for his immature behaviour. God knows wats Wrong wid him, y did he did dat. den she reminds of his questions dat he asked from her nd reaklization struck her.


"O God! Was he jealous? He thought dat I was talking to my Boyfriend" she thought


She smiles at his possessiveness. He is still d same, Still possessive about her. She looked at d packet nd opened it as fast s she camn to look wat he had bought for her nd she was dumbstruck to kook at d Dress. It was beautiful Red Saree. She ran a hand over it to feel it. Her eyes become moist seeing his choice. It was d most beautiful gift she ever got.


Geet: thanx Maan.


She said slowly nd went to change




Maan was pacing restlessly in d Lobby nd watching his watch by every now nd den. God knows wats taking her so much tym. He was eagerly waiting to see her in d dress he chose for her. he again looks at d door which was still closed.


He sighes nd decided to go inside to check himself wen suddenly d door opens nd he saw d most beautiful sight of his whole Lyf. His Angel standing over dere in d Red Saree looking as stunning as always. His heart missed several Beats seeing her in Saree. Dis was d first tym he saw her in Saree nd he was happy dat he choses right dress for her. she was looking breathtaking nd she had definitely took his breath away. It was impossible for him to remove his gaze from her. he was so lost in her dat he didn't realize wen he started moving towards her.


Geet was standing over dere feeling shy due to his intence gaze on her. dis was not d forst tym he was seeing her wid his intense gaze but still she was feeling Butterflies running in her stomach like d very first tym dey came close to each other. She was never in Saree before him nd today she was feeling nervous wen she saw herself in d mirror nd now Maan's gaze as making her more nervous. By d tym she compose herself she saw Maan standing front of her so close looking at her intently



She was smiling at Deeps words wen suddenly she saw a person standing at d corner of d bar. Her eyes widened due to shock nd unknowingly she tightens her grip on Maan's Arms. Maan looks at Geet who was looking tensed nd den to d direction where she was looking or to d person who has made her so tense.

Important Note:

So dis is it For today guys i knw its a kind of Abrupt ending moreover i dnt think dat update was upto d Mark too. Sorry to disaapoint u again guys but as i told before my Exams r going to start 4m 2nd Nov nd it'll end on 10th of nov so i dnt want u guys to wait for so long so i decided to give d update before it nd updated wat i had written till nw. i dnt know wat i wrote in nervousness but after Exams i'll be tension free so i'll give u a rocking update after exams. dats a Promise.

Moreover its going to end in next 5-6 parts so i wanted to give upto d Mark updates which wont disappoint u all.

Hopefully my next update will be on 11th Nov. i.e. on my B'day as a B'day treat for u all. so till den u guys enjoy dis update nd give me loads of nd loads of Comments nd likes nd pls Miss me guysCry

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Atiffa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 July 2010
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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
awesome update
storytellerm IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 December 2008
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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
loved it
maan and geet  so cute

Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 March 2011
Posts: 6303

Posted: 27 October 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Oh dear!!! I am so happy to see ur update!!! dress selection was so lovely and possessive Maan looks cute!!!
Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 September 2010
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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
superb update...loved it
Chandlerbing1 Goldie

Joined: 13 July 2011
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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
awesome update dear
the dress selection part was really good
pls cont soon
and advance happy birthday

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