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MAANEET SS: THIS IS NOT THE END#2Pt.31&Epi. Pg 117 (Page 27)

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Hi to all my Loely Lovely Readers. m back wid another update to Torcher u all. but before i do dat i just need to Thanx to all of u for ur overwhelming Support so far. i truly Appreciate ur Comments/criticism nd suggestions. dey actually motivates me. keep supporting me like dis only Guys. Ok without making u all wait further m going to update d next part. here's d Part 22 of my SS. here u go

                       Part 22:

Geet felt her world spinning wen she thought of sharing her room wid Maan.


Geet (to herself): Babaji! Savere se jo ho raha tha wo kam tha jo ab mujhe iske saath Room share karna padega.


She thought nd looked at Maan who was looking at her wid equal surprise. God knows wat else their Destiny has stored for both of dem.




Geet pushed Maan aside nd goes towards d Receptionist to deal wid him herself


(me pity on d Poor receptionistConfused)


Geet: Hw can u say dat only room has been booked. Aapko Dikhayi nahi de raha hai yaha pe do log hai. Fir bhi aapne ek hi room book kiya

Receptionist: Mam its not our fault. We have been ordered to book Room by d name Mr. nd Mrs. Khurana

Geet: Den get urself a hearing Aid because u need it. Aapko hum dono married lag rahe hai. Kis Angle se?

Receptionist: But Mam...

Geet: Just shut up. Ek to aap log apna kaam theek tarah se nahi karte fir apni galti ka blame doosron pe daalte hai.


Maan was watching all dis silently nd sumwhere he was enjoying it too. After so many years he was seeing her like dis but he has to save dat poor receptionist from his Sherni. He chuckled wen he thought of dis nd goes towards d reception.


Maan: Geet, kya kar rahi ho

Geet: m just giving him a piece of mind. Hw can dey be so careless

Receptionist: but Mam...

Geet: Just shut up. I didn't asked u to speak (she said while pointing finger on him)

Maan (to receptionist): Sorry (den to her) Geet u be calm first, I guess dere is sum misunderstanding. Let me talk to dem hhhmm


Geet calmed down a bit nd looked other way. Maan smiled nd turned towards d receptionist


Maan: Listen I think u should check one more tym. M sure dere's sum sort of confusion.

Receptionist: No sir, dere's no confusion. U can see urself


He said while showing him d register. Maan checked d register twice nd found his words right but he didn't understand hw all dis happens as he himself has booked two rooms.


Maan: but hws dat possible. I myself has booked d rooms den hw can u say dat I had booked only one room

Receptionist: Wait a sec Sir. Wen did u made Ur booking.

Maan: ummm Last evening sumwhere around 6, ya.

Receptionist: ok actually sir at dat tym I was not at duty. I'll call d one who was at duty dat tym.


He said nd goes from dere to call other receotionist. After a while he returns wid other receptionist nd Maan tells her d whole situation while Geet was just standing next to him nd her eyes fell on d other receptionist 2 who was drooling on Maan wen he was explaining her d whole situation. D sight was unbearable to her. No matter hw much angry she was wid Maan even at dis point of tym also yet she cant see anyone drooling on him. She just wanted to take dat eye balls out from her eyes from which she was gaping at him. She quickly goes near Maan nd stands in d way from which dat receptionist 2 won't get clear view of Maan


Geet: I guess u get d whole situation nw. now tell us hw all dis happened


Receptionist 2 gave her a weird look as she was coming between her nd her dream Man but she cant do anything as she was on duty. She tries to look at Maan behind her but Geet didn't gave her a single chance to do dat.


Geet: We r waiting for ur answer dear.


Receptionist 2 came out from her thoughts nd frowned by not getting any chance.


Receptionist 2: Wo Mam... Actually wen sir called us for booking at dat tym dere was very much disturbance on line due to weather. I was just able to heard few words which were "Room", "Mr. Khurana", "Ms. Or Mrs.", "For 2" dats it. Derefore cant able to make wat actually sir wants to say nd all dis happened (she said while dipping her head)


Maan felt pity on her as it was done unintentionally. He was about to say sumthing wen Geet intervenes.


Geet: I knew it. I knew it dat u all were at fault. U knw wat instead of paying attention to others if u pay attention to Ur work den it would be better (she said giving her a glare)

Receptionist 2: Sorry Mam. Sorry Sir

Maan: it's ok. Now book 2 different rooms.

Receptionist 1: Sorry Sir we cant do dat

Geet: y?

Receptionist 1: Actually Mam all d rooms of dis hotel r already booked nd only dis room is left. Derefore we cant book another room

Geet: Wat d hell? U guys r getting on my nerves nw. first u all made mistake nd nw all dis nonsense


Maan takes Geet aside seeing her anger. he knew dey cant do anything rite nw nd moreover He needs to calm her down first den only he'll able to make it up to her.


Maan: Geet listen to me. See we dnt have any other option

Geet: Ofcourse we have Maan. We can go to any other hotel.

Maan: ok but wat if dere also we dnt get room, den we'll lose dis one also. just think about it once

Geet: But Maan hw can we share one room

Maan: Y Geet? Dnt u trust me?


Geet looked at his eyes instantly hearing his question. She knows dat dis questions has deep meaning in it. It's not just a question but more den dat to which she has to give an answer nd instantly she said which she haven't thought dat she'll say dat again to him


"I Trust u" Dis is wat she said at dat tym looking at his eyes. She don't know wat she has said, y she has said dat but she said wat she had wat was dere in her heart. Wat was she feeling at dat tym.


A smile formed on Maan's face wen he heard her saying dis. he much he had waited for dis moment wen she says to him dat she trust him. He reminds d incident of 5 years back wen she walks out from his lyf by saying "I can't trust u anymore" nd today here after 5 years she was saying him dat "I Trust u". He can't tell dat hw much it gives relieved to his aching heart, hw much her words sooths d pain dat he was carrying in dese 5 years. Those 3 words meant whole world for him


Geet too didn't realize dat she has said nw has left such an impact on him, has relieved him so much nd wen she realize she knows dat she cant back out from her words nw neither she has courage to hurt him derefore she quickly looked away. Maan understands her uncomfortableness derefore decided not to speak further


Maan: So shall we go nw

Geet: hhmmm


Dey both headed towards d reception to get d key for their room


Maan: We r taking d Room

Receptionist 1: ok sir. Here's d key for ur room

Maan: thanx

Receptionist 1: our pleasure sir. Have a nice stay


He just nodded nd headed towards their Room. Wen dey were out if sight den receptionist 1 make a call to sumone


Receptionist 1: Savitri ji aapka kaam ho gaya. Humne theek waisa hi kaha jaisa aapne bola tha

Savitri Devi: Gud. Unhe shak to nahi hua

Receptionist 1: Not at all Mam. But Mam it seems dat ur Daughter-in-law is very much angry from ur Grandson. I mean she's not ready to accept dat dey both r Married

Savitri Devi: I knw. Wo is baar jhagda kuch zyada hi bada ho gaya datsy I asked for ur help. thanx for dat. u'll get ur reward

Receptionist 1: thanx Mam. Have a gud day.


Nd d call cuts. Savitri Devi smiles imagining d sight over dere. she wished dat she could see their faces at dat moment.


Savitri Devi (To herself): Dekhte hai ki ek hi chat k neeche rehte hue ye dodno kab take k doosre se Door reh pate hai.




Waiter shows Maaneet dere room nd goes from dere leaving dem alone. Geet was finding it difficult to stay wid him in one room, but den she thought dat its just d matter of few hrs. Once dey see d land dey will go back to Mumbai derefore dere's nothing to worry nd moreover she's not wid a stranger she's wid Maan. Her trail of thoughts has been broken wen she heard Maan's voice


Maan: ummm Geet... Wo u get freshen up in d mean tym I call d broker of d land


She just nodded nd left for washroom. After a while wen she comes back she saw dat Maan was still on call. She sighed nd sits on d bed to take some rest. It was really a tiring day for her till nw. So many events has happened till nw. first dere accident den dat Goons nd den dere fight.


As soon as she reminded of dere fight she reminded wat she said to him in d forest nd hw his facial expression changes. Has she been mean to him? He has saved her nd in return

She has hurted him but he too hurted her. But he was angry at dat tym so wat no matter hw much angry he was still he shouldn't have said dose words. O God! She'll definitely get mad if she keep thinking all dis. jher thoughts broken wen she heard her cell phone ringing she looked at d name nd it flashes "Shilpa" over dere. She smiled nd instantly picked it up


Geet: hi Shilpa!

Shilpa: Hey my cutie Pie! Hws u?

Geet: m fine

Shilpa: But ur voice is saying dat u r not at all Fine. Nw tell me wats d problem

Geet: u knw wat its really dangerous to talk to a doctor

Shilpa: I knw nw tell me wats d matter

Geet: Nothing Shilpa, wo I was just tired. U tell hws everything going over dere

Shilpa (slowly): everything is fine

Geet: Really I dnt think so. Tell me wats d matter?

Shilpa: haven't Armaan told u?

Geet: No

Shilpa: C'mon Geet dnt lie to me atleast. I knw first of all he has told to u only

Geet: ok I get caught. Ya he told me

Shilpa: so u knw everything

Geet: ya. But Shilpa I seriously think dat u shouldn't have shout on him. I mean I knw he was disturbing u but shouting like dis he would have felt bad.

Shilpa: Wat do u think Geet dat I was happy shouting at him.

Geet: I haven't said dat Shilpa

Shilpa: I knw wat u mean Geet but u only think ki us waqt mujhe kya karna chahiye tha. I was in emergency nd he came without even informing nd asking me to go out wid him continuously. Agar main us waqt us par shout nahi karti den definitely koi senior Doctor uspe shout karta to kya wo acha lagta

Geet: ...

Shilpa: Geet may be d set of words dat I used was wrong but dat doesn't mean my intentions were wrong too. Geet hum naraz bhi to unhi pe hote hai na jinse hum bahut pyar karte hai. Nd if I was angry on Armaan den dat was for his Good only. Agar mere saamne koi aur use kuch kehta to wo na to mujhe acha lagta aur na hi Armaan ko.

Geet: u r rite Shilpa but fir bhi...

Shilpa: Geet ek doosre se pyar karne ka ye matlab to nahi hai na dat we should always talks sugary nd Lovey-Dovey talks. Sumtymes we have to be harsh also for our Partner's good den it doesn't mean dat we dnt care for him/her. Acha tell me one thing kya Armaan mujhpe kabhi nahi shout karta jab main kuch galat kar rahi hoti hoon, karta hai na to iska matlab ye to nahi na dat he doesn't understand me; same case is wid me. If I had shouted on him dat doesn't mean dat I dnt understand him. Humare Parents bhi to humpe naraaz hote hai jab hum galat hote hai but it was all for our own gud dat doesn't mean dat our parents doesn't understand me. If we can apply dis thing in d case of our parents den y not in d case of lovers? Nd if we shout on our Partner den it only signifies dat we have right to do dis. itni si baat tumhare dost ko samajh nahi aati


Geet didn't said anything but gets Lost in Shilpa's word for sumtym. Watever she was saying was leaving impact on her nd she reminded of Forest incidence. D way Maan was shouting on her was just d way to show his right on her den y she was angry on him. her trail of thoughts has been broken again by Shilpa's voice.


Shilpa: Hello Geet! u dere?

Geet: ummm ya Shilpa m here only

Shilpa: o really? Where u have been gone den?

Geet: Nowhere. Shilpa, I need to ask u sumthing

Shilpa: So should I give invitation for it? go ahead

Geet: Wo... Shilpa actually dere's a problem not mine but one of my coulligue nd she asked suggestion from me. Actually hua ye hai ki (nd she narrates d whole incidence right from Accident to d forest nd her yelling at Maan) nd now she's confused as she don't know whether she has to said all dat or not

Shilpa: See ur friend is also doing d same mistake wat Armaan is doing. Geet agar uska partner uspe naraaz hua tha to ye bhi to dekho ki naraaz kyun hua tha? He was hell scared at dat moment; he was scared dat he might lose her, dat she can be in d vulnerable state if he haven't came on tym. Nd dat girl inspite of being warned by him also she stepped out of car, reason jo bhi ho but d fact is dat she can be in a big trouble if he wouldn't have came on tym nd cherry on d top dose dirty comments any partner can get angry Geet. Ya I admit dat may be he has gone too far in his anger nd has chosen wrong set of words but dat doesn't mean dat he didn't care for her or didn't understand her. Acha just keep urself in his place nd den think was he wrong at dat tym? M sure u'll also feel d same thing dat m feeling. Geet wo ladki bhi to kabhi na kabhi uspe naraaz hoti hogi just for his good sake den y cant he? In my view dat girl shouldn't have said dat "u can never understand me". Haven't she seen d fear in his eyes at dat moment nd if u concentrate on his words den he haven't said once about himself; he was just worried for her only. U understand na wat m saying?

Geet: ya. To Shilpa ab us ladki ko kya karna chahiye

Shilpa: Well, she just have to go to him nd makes up to him dats it nd if he truly loves dat girl den he'll definitely forgive her

Geet: he loves her a lot (she said absent mindedly as she was lost in thoughts of Maan)  

Shilpa: Excuse me...

Geet (Cuming out from her thoughts): Ummm... I mean she told me dat her partner loves a lot. thanx Shilpa.

Shilpa: Anytym yaar. Acha I have to go nw. had some emergency. Catch u later. Ok

Geet: ok bye. Tc nd ya patch wid dat stupid soon

Shilpa: ya ofcourse. Bye


She said nd cuts d call. Geet keeps d cell phone aside nd kept thinking wat Shilpa has said to her nd she found her words right. Maan haven't mentioned anything about him once. Continuously he was just worried about her only; her safety, her lyf. May be he has said a bit lot dat tym but still she shouldn't have said dat "he can never understand her" but d fact is he's trying his level best to keep everything normal between dem, it was only she who's making everything Difficult between dem. she herself has decided dat till d tym she'll stay here she'll not do anything which will hurt him because in return it'll hurt her only nd yet today she hurts him. she can still remembers his face; hw hurt he was wen she said him all dis


Ya, he too hurts her but as Shilpa said dat it was unintentionally. He may have chosen wrong sets of words but d fact is his intentions were never wrong it was only her who didn't understand it dat tym. Nd if she can shout on him for using Bluetooth, for not concentrating on driving den y cant he? No matter hw much dey r far away from each other, hw much dey considers as d opposite ends of shores but no one can change d fact dat dey still care for each other, dat dey still Love each other. Den y its getting difficult for her to make verything like before? Well she dnt want to think of it right nw. right nw all she wanted to think is dat hw she'll make it up to him nd will he forgive him? she was lost in all dis thoughts nd didn't realized wen she drifted off into deep sleep.




After a while Maan came to her nd found her in deep sleep. he came few minutes before also to tell her dat dey have to stay one more day as dey were late today nd Broker has gone to attend sum important work derefore he called dem d next day but found her talking on call. It seems dat she's in deep discussion on sumthing derefore he didn't wanted to disturb her nd he left from dere to take some official calls nd has gone so much engrossed in dem dat lost d track of tym nd wen he returned back he saw her sleeping peacefully.


She looks so beautiful while sleeping just like an innocent child. He smiled seeing her angelic face. he noticed her posture. She was just half lyieng on bed. Her head was rested on d bed post nd her legs were out of d bed. He smiles nd slowly goes towards her. He slowly places her legs on d bed nd pulled her a bit downwards to lay her properly. After dat he sits near her on his knees at d floor nd watched her. She was sleeping so peacefully dat he didn't have courage to disturb her. Dey had faced lot of things in dese few hrs nd may be she was too much stressed for all dat.


He remembers wat she said to him in d forest nd his heart filled wid pain wen he reminds of dat but soon dat pain gets replaced wen he reminds of wat she said just few mins back "she trust him" dese 3 words were enough to remove every painful memory of dere relationship from his heart. He gets up from d bed nd sits beside her. He slowly removes d hair strands from her face nd holds her face from one side nd keep looking at her for sumtym lovingly. His Angel, his Lyf was sleeping so peacefully in front of him. Though it was still difficult for her to give him another chance but he knows dat one day she'll cum back to him forgetting whatever dey faced in dere past. Afterall she is his Geet who no matter hw much angry on him but at d end just melt herself in his Arms


He removes his hand from her face nd takes her hand in his.


Maan: Geet, I m Sorry. I m sorry for hurting u 5 years back also nd nw also. But trust me Geet; I never wanted to hurt u neither 5 years back nor nw. I dnt know y Everytym I landed up to hurt u but trust me Geet it was always unintentionally. Nd today wen I saw u at dat cond nd listened dose dirty comments from dem I couldn't able to control my anger nd in vain I hurted u yet again. I always understands u Geet may be I was not able to do dis 5 years back but staying away from u for 5 years has taught me wat u mean to me, wat place u had in my lyf nd den only I understand hw much u must have gone thru because of me. I m sorry for everything Geet. Pls cum back to me. Ur Maan is waiting for u Geet; for his Lyf, his angel nd I'll wait for u till eternity nd I know one day u'll definitely forgive me.


He said nd slowly Kissed d back of her palm. He comes closer to her nd caress her head for sumtym nd after dat kisses her forehead. She was in so much deep sleep dat couldn't able to understand any of his actions. He smiled nd puts d blanket on her nd rests her head on d bed post to take some rest while holding her hand nd dozes off to sleep.




It was 7 in d evening wen Geet finally wakes up. She slowly sits nd rubs her eyes to get rid from her sleep. She looked towards d direction where Maan was talking on call but didn't find him over dere. She felt amuzed nd den picks up her cell phone to see d tym. Her eyes gets wide opened wen she looked at d tym. It was 7 pm. Means she was sleeping from last 7 hrs. She wondered from where did she get dis much sleep dat she lost d track of tym. Nd y Maan haven't woke her up. Dey have to go to see d site nd he was letting her sleep. She scanned her eyes around d whole room to find him but he was nowhere to seen. She got up from d bed nd looked at d balcony but he was not dere also. She came inside nd takes her cell phone to call him.


She was about to call him wen she heard d sound of opening of Door knob nd before she could understand anything she saw him Shirtless coming out from d Shower just had his jeans on his body nd towel wrapped around his neck from which he was wiping his wet hairs. Her jaw dropped down seeing him like dat. For D First Tym she was seeing him bare body. His well toned Body nd six packs were making him look extremely hot. The wet hairs falling on his forehead was making him look irresistible. He was just looking like a Greek God. She wanted to look away but couldn't able to infact looking at him like dat was giving rise to forbidden desires in her heart. She quickly shrug off all her thoughts nd tried to say sumthing but it seems dat her throat went dry. Maan noticed someone's presence nd turned to look beside him nd find her standing over dere gaping at him


He knows dat she was checking him without even blinking her eyes. He slightly smirks seeing her like dat. He knows his effect on her nd today he was seeing it also. While she was staring at him, he started moving towards her. Geet came back into her senses wen she saw him coming towards her nd as a reflex action she started moving backward wid his every step towards her. Her leg hits d side of d couch nd she fells on d couch. He leans more close to her by keeping his hands either side of her.


Geet was getting nervous by being so close to him. His closeness was tickling her senses. She looked at his face which still has droplets of water on his forehead. She lowered her lashes but den again rises up to look into his eyes which were looking at her intensely. She couldn't able to takes her eyes away from it nd gets lost at dem. Maan was watching d change of expressions on her face nd was actually enjoying it. he looked into her eyes from one to another. Hiz gaze moves towards her lips nd she blushed knowing exactly where he was looking


He starts to lean more close to her. Dere faces were mere inches away. She closed her eyes feeling him so close to her. His warm breath was fanning her lips. Her breath started to get heavy nd lips trembled. She was not able to think straight as she was too lost in his scent. He paused for a while looking at her face nd smirks seeing her like dat. he moves his face closer to her ear inhaling her scent. She gasped as she felt his warm breath on her neck now which was only teasing her senses. Unknowingly she puts her hand on his shoulders nd holds it tight. He smiles nd finally whispers in her ears


Maan (whispers): Good Evening... My Sleeping beauty.


He said while slowly brushing his lips on her ears nd draws his face back taking his shirt which was dere at d couch. She opens her eyes after a while feeling him not close to her anymore. She looked at him nd saw him standing over dere holding his shirt. It took Geet few minutes to Register wat happened just now. She felt both embarrassed nd blushed. She didn't have courage to look at Maan now thinking dat he can easily read her expressions nd eyes. Maan smirks seeing dat pink colour on her cheeks. He shakes his head nd turns to wear his shirt. Geet takes a deep breath to regain her senses. Finally she feels better nd she turned towards Maan


Geet: Wo... Maan


He instantly turned listening to her sweet voice.


Geet: Wo... y didn't u wake me up.

Maan: u were sleeping so peacefully nd moreover u were tired too. Datsy I didn't disturbed u.

Geet: But we have to go to see d land na.

Maan: wo Geet I talked to d Broker he said dat we were late nd he has to attend sum important work derefore he asks us to see d land tomorrow.

Geet: Tomorrow? Dat means we have to stay here whole night.

Maan: Well I guess tomorrow only comes after passing of night

Geet: No I mean we both have to share dis room whole night

Maan: So? We'll share like we r sharing nw


She couldn't understand where he was referring to. D moments dey shared few mins back or sumthing else. Maan understands her confusion at smiles inwardly on her Plight


Maan: I mean to say we r sharing dis Room since morning in d same way we'll share it whole night also.


Geet: Oh! I thought...

Maan: Wat have u thought Geet...

Geet: Nothing. Aisa kuch bhi nahi socha tha.


Maan shakes his head nd goes towards d dresser nd started brushing his hairs. Geet decides to apologize to Maan for whatever she said to him at d forest


Geet: Maan...

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: wo... I need to say sumthing to u.


He put d brush down nd goes towards her. She was standing dere dipping her head down. Maan raises her face thru her chin to make her look at him


Maan: Wat happen Geet? Is everything ok?

Geet: ya. Wo... I wanted to say Sorry to u.

Maan: Sorry? For wat?

Geet: Wo' for whatever I said u in d forest. I mean u were shouting at me for my mistake nd instead of understanding it I accused u for not understanding me. M sorry I knw I was wrong nd...

Maan (putting his fingers on her lips): Chup! Bilkul Chup! Never ever say dat u r wrong. Geet u can never be wrong. Infact m sorry. I should have been consoling u at dat tym nd I was shouting at u like a maniac. M sorry for dat.

Geet: Maan I...

Maan: Geet at dat moment neither u r wrong nor I was wrong. Agar kuch galat tha to wo the haalaat. Now forget about every thing. Ok.


She slowly nodded her head while he just smiled.


Maan: Geet... u go nd freshen up. After dat we'll go outside to have Dinner. U didn't had Ur Lunch also

Geet: Did u have?

Maan: ya I had my Lunch.

Geet: Jhooth. I know u too didn't have Ur Lunch. Dnt lie to me Maan.


He looked other way clearly indicating dat he has been caught.


Geet: Give me 10 mins. I'll quickly freshen up nd den we'll go for Dinner.


He just nodded nd she goes to Washroom to fresehen up giving him last look while going.




It was 8 PM nd Maaneet r sitting in one of d restaurant waiting for their Order. Suddenly Geet notices a Couple sitting at d table across theirs. It seems dat Girl was angry on sumthing from d guy nd he was trying every darn thing to manofy her. She smiles seeing all dis nd it reminds her of her nd Maan. Dey were also like dat. No matter hw much she gets angry on him but he always pacify her. Maan noticed d smile on her face nd looked at d direction she was looking to see wat makes her smiling like dis. He too notices d couple nd smiles remembering d sweet memories of their Relationship.


Finally he turns his head nd looks at Geet, she too looks at him. Both didn't sad anything to each other. It was just their eyes which were talking. Asking each other dat where dose Golden days have been lost? But none of dem has d answer of it. Dere eye lock session breaks wen Geet's cellphone rangs. She looked at d no. nd saw Armaan's name flashing over dere. dis tym she didn't want to talk in front of Maan remembering wat he did last tym. She excused herself nd goes to a side to attend d call


Geet: Hi! Hws u?

Armaan: 100% no 200% fine.

Geet: hhmmm Lagta hai Patch up ho gaya rite?

Armaan: Ya. O god Kiddo! I cant tell u hw much happy I m.

Geet: I can understand. Waise kaise manaya use?

Armaan: wo.. I asked her to meet me nd dere we talked to each other nd sort out whole matter.

Geet: Gud. Thank God u haven't done any stupidity.

Armaan: ya. Acha Kiddo I'll talk to u later ok. Have sum urgent work.

Geet: ok Bye.


She said nd cuts d call. She started goes back towards her seat wen she bumped to someone. She was about to yell at d person but suddenly stopped seeing him


Person: Geet.

Geet: Ashish. OMG I couldn't believe dis m watching u after so many years.

Ashish: Same here swtheart nahi janu no no darling sorry in sab naamo se nahi bulana hai. Ok same here dear. Ya dis is fine.


Geet laughs seeing his condition to which he too smiles.


Ashish: Hey, u changed a lot yaar. I mean ur appearance nd all. I mean where is dat chui-mui Geet (he said while looking behind her)

Geet (hitting his Shoulders): Ashish... u'll never stop teasing me rite?

Ashish: hey C'mon yaar itne tym Baad mila hoon wont u hug me?

Geet: ofcourse


She said nd gives him a friendly hug to which he too responded. Both didn't know dat someone was watching both of dem from aside. It was none other den Maan who was burning in jealousy seeing dem like dat.




Wen Geet was talking on call at dat tym only Waiter comes wid their order. He cant start without her derefore he got up from his table nd goes towards d direction where Geet has Gone. He saw her cuming back from d distance. He was about to turn back nd go wen he saw her bumping into sumone. He thought of going dere before any kind of scene is created but bfore he go dere he saw Geet talking to d person very friendly nd smiling. He couldn't able to see d face of d guy as he had turned his back towards him. He was wondering who he was? Is he d same guy to whom Geet is talking in d Morning? He thought of checking out wen he saw Geet hugging him. his jealousy knew no bounds seeing both of dem hugged like dat nd instantly he goes towards dem as fast as he can




Ashish: its gud to see u after so many years yaar

Geet: Same here. Acha tell me have u find any girl yet or still running after dem

Ashish: Wo Actually...


He couldn't complete as Maan came over dere to interrupt dem


Maan: Geet wat r u doing over here? Our order has came lets go.


He didn't even once looked at d guy


Ashish: Geet, introduce nahi karayogi?

Geet: Ofcourse. Maan he's Ashish remember my classmate

Maan (muttered): oh! So he's d one who use to call her wid dat weird names. Cheopo! wat is he doing over here wid my Geet

Geet: nd Ashish he's is...

Ashish: Maan Singh Khurana. Right?

Geet: hey tumhe kaise pata?

Ashish: inhe kaun nahi jaanta. He's d king of construction business. Nd moreover I knw u know each other before he came into dis business. Glad meeting u Maan (he said while extending his hand)

Maan (shaking his hand half-heartedly): thanx. Same here. Chale Geet, Otherwise food will get cold.

Geet:  chalti hoon Maan let me talk Afterall we r meeting after so many years. Rite?

Ashish: Rite Darl... (he was about to say darling but stops seeing Maan's angry glare) I mean dear


Dere conversation has been broken wen dey heard d voice of a lady.


Lady: Ashish where were u? I've been waiting for u at table (suddenly her eyes fell on Geet nd she smiles widely recognizing her) Geet

Geet: Deepz.


Geet smiles nd dey both hugs each other instantly. Only she knows hw much she had missed dis group of hers


Deepz: OMG I cant belive dis. m seeing u after so many years.

Geet: same here. BTW r u both together I mean...

Ashish: Well let me introduce. She's my Darling, lovable Wife Deepika Rathod not Singhaniya anymore ha. Nd we r officially married from last 2 years nd soon going to be 3 years.


Maan felt a sigh of relief wen he heard dat Ashish is actually married. He dnt have to worry den. He laughs thinking hw much he feel jealous of other peoples now-a-days


Geet: OMG! U both r married? Kab? kaise? Nd is it Love or Arranged?

Deeps (blushing): Love Marriage

Geet: Wat? Wen?

Ashish: Well, I use to like Deeps from d very first day of our college but she was always surrounded by u guys derefore I befriends wid u all to be close to her. datsy I use to call everyone of u wid dat weird names so dat Deeps wont get suspected of anything.

Deeps: nd finally he proposes me at our college farewell

Ashish: nd I was not knowing dat Deeps too have equal liking for me. So dis is our story


Maan was listening to dere convo. So he use to call Geet wid dose weird names due to deeps nd he was so silly to think of him as a flirt nd was getting insecured of him. Suddenly Deeps eyes fell on Maan


Deepz: OMG Maan u r also here. nice to see u too

Maan: thanx same here

Deepz: So u guys r still together ha. Preeti was right u both r Made for Each other types. So u guys still dating each other


Before Maan could say anything Geet intervenes


Geet: No we r not dating each other


Deeps knotted her eyebrows nd looked at both of dem confusingly


Maan: She means to say dat we r going to be Married very soon so wats d need of dating nw.


Geet gives a glare to Maan which he just ignores

Deeps: oh! U guys scared me. Anyways acha hua Geet dat u r here. Tomorrow is our 3rd Marriage Anniversary nd u nd Maan both have to cum.

Geet: Wo... Deeps m sorry but dat wouldn't be possible. Actually me nd Maan has came here for sum Land issues nd will return tomorrow noon only after dat so...

Deeps: Very Good Geet. u'll be here till noon but cant able to cum at eve in d party. Dats really unfair.

Geet: its not like dat Deeps...

Deeps: I dnt care. U r cuming tomorrow nd dats final. Maan tum kaho na Geet se

Maan: Geet, I think we should go to d party. I mean u both met after so many years. Dnt break her heart

Geet: But Maan...

Maan: Dnt worry about d work swtheart. We'll leave for Mumbai day after tomorrow. Adi will handle everything till den.

Deeps: See, ab to Maan ne bhi bol diya. Nw u both have to cum.

Maan (putting his hand around her waist): ofcourse we'll cum


Geet looked at Maan wen she felt his hand around her but he pretended like nothing happened. She knows dat its useless to try to free herself as her grip is too strong derefore she left it like dat nd looked upwards


Geet: Babaji! Subah se Jo Roller coaster Ride chal rahi thi wok am thi. Now I have to spend 1 day nd 2 nights wid him in d same room. O god! Wat else has u stored for both of us

Ok Guys so dis is it. Hope u all r going to Like dis Part. dis part is specially Dedicated to my Panchshakti (Rachana, Abinash, Gabbar, lovemyangel nd Kinju) nd ofcourse my sherni Amina (Kriyanshlover). thanx for being wid me in my tough tymes. So i hope u all will like dis part. i typed d whole part overnite just for u all. So better leave Long comments nd hit d like button if u all like it nd do leave ur Comment/criticism. its necessary

Luv AakritiSmileSmile

                                                Next - Part 23

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Originally posted by abinash079

Originally posted by anuandavi

Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by abinash079

Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by anuandavi

Originally posted by mons_mb

waise anyone with me
to spamLOLLOL
until she updateLOLLOL
Count me in.
hello new partner in crimeLOLLOL
welcome to our spamming worldLOLLOL

so hat r we all waiting for let's start our businessWink

ya right u were at dreams thread while i was waiting for u hereAngry
Thanks for the warm welcome. Lets start spamming.

welcome to the gang of spammer LOL
omg mujhe to kisi ne pucha bhi nahi aur gang bana diShocked
aur mujhe usme include bhi kar diyaLOL
faint thudOuch

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Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by anuandavi

Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by abinash079

Originally posted by mons_mb

Originally posted by anuandavi

Originally posted by mons_mb

waise anyone with me
to spamLOLLOL
until she updateLOLLOL
Count me in.
hello new partner in crimeLOLLOL
welcome to our spamming worldLOLLOL

so hat r we all waiting for let's start our businessWink

ya right u were at dreams thread while i was waiting for u hereAngry
Thanks for the warm welcome. Lets start spamming.
Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Wah yaar, spamming k pehle hi update mil gaya.Smile Cool na. Will surely join you the next time. Meet you all in the Maitri thread after this.Smile

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Thanks for the update. Will comment after reading it. Now have to go to pick up my kid from the school.

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Lovely Update darling...

The best part was jealousy...haha...bechara Maan being jealous from ashish..

N bechair Geet being jealous from that receptionist...

Good shilpa and Geet had that talk and Geet apologized...

Poor Geet her heart beats a million times when maan is near her...heheLOL

Naughty maan...taking all chances...haha...we are going to get why dating..and he holds her waist...and now two nites in one room instead of 1...


n best part was


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Edited by Water. - 21 September 2011 at 12:39am

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DIs is for u.

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awesome update...loved the way shilpa explained to geet...

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